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#dick grayson x you
idyllicmei · 2 months ago
Selina: What it's your perfect crime?
Y/n: I break into Tiffany's at midnight.
Jason: Do you go for the vault?
Y/n: No, I go for the chandelier. It's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night.
Dick: Lies
Y/n: In the morning, the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the cold.
Damian: You hate the cold
Y/n: Thirty years later, I get a postcard. I have a son and he's the chief of police.
Tim: I don't think it's your kid but okay
Y/n: This is where the story gets interesting. I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for me all these years. She's never taken another lover.
Bruce: Are you sure?
Y/n: I don't care. I don't show up. I go to Berlin. That's where I stashed the chandelier.
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cipheress-to-k-pop · 3 months ago
Bruce Wayne when his Future child comes to the Present
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson Ver. | Jason Todd Ver. | Tim Drake Ver. | Damian Wayne Ver.
Conner Kent Ver. |  Wally West Ver.
A/N: This is the longest one yet. God it’s so damn long. I techincally am still not taking requests but @honey-im-emotional​ put the idea in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I wrote it. Also the ending is unrealistic and but like this whole thing is unrealistic so.
We all know very well that Bruce is BatDad™️
Has been since he was 28 and adopted a certain Flying Grayson
So, it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that another kid would find his or her way into the Wayne family
Let me set the scene for you
Bruce and the others were at the Manor
Dick and Jason were visiting and Alfred insisted that they stay the night
It was nearly sunrise and everyone was fast asleep
Little sleeping beauties
Bruce was asleep in his giant rich man bed
Underneath thick rich man covers
In silk rich man pyjamas
He hears another breath in the room vaguely before he feels tiny palms on him
And his eyes immediately snap open
Batman instincts, you know
I don’t doubt that he would’ve immediately gotten into an attacking position
Full defence tactics on
And what he sees freaks him out a little
A moving lump underneath his covers
At first, he thinks it’s Ace or any of the other animals but it’s too small to be Titus and too big to be Alfred
The cat not the person
A part of him is like immobilize the lump before you check it out
But he remembered the tiny palms and then thinks against it
He peels back the covers to see a tiny human
A little boy with black hair
And big beautiful blue eyes
Staring up at him in wonder
As soon as he noticed that Bruce was looking at him, he started giggling
And now he’s thinking that Dick, Jason, Tim or Damian or even Alfred has accidently regressed their age
Why does everyone look so damn similar?
Come to think of it, it could be Cass too
“Hi daddy!”
The kid was still smiling widely at him, in the childlike manner that all of his kids have
Bruce isn’t that surprised
Let’s be honest, this isn’t the weirdest thing that happened to him
He goes around town as a giant bat each night, fighting crime
Dick likes to swing on chandeliers
Jason came back to life
Tim figured out he was Batman before he even hit puberty
And Damian, well everything about Damian was weird
So, he picks up the small boy
Who immediately grinned and snuggled into him
ngl his heart skipped a beat
And he’s thinking he’ll check everyone’s beds until he can determine just who turned into a baby
He goes to everyone’s room, waking them up in progress
It was like the whisper game except everyone’s too tired for this shit
And by the time he gets to Jason’s bedroom, everyone is wide awake and knows what’s going on
And Jason just wakes up to see his family, and a baby in Bruce hands and rolls his eyes
“I thought you said Demon boy would be the last one.”
And instead of having breakfast, everyone is wondering who this baby is
“So, a random baby got through your security fences to have nap time with you?”
“Could be a past version of one of us.”
“Then let’s get a DNA test and sort out the problem.”
And that’s exactly what they do
They put the boy in the TV room with some breakfast (Cereal à la Dick)
And just when they were about to leave
“Where are you going, daddy?”
Bruce’s, THE Batman’s, mind kinda just goes blank
“We’ll be back in a few minutes, champ.”
The young boy, so obedient and well-behaved, just nodded his head
And they slip out quickly
And they compare the DNA to each and every one of them
Only problem is that the results come out only half Bruce Wayne and half someone else
And don’t match Damian
“Another secret child Bruce? You really need to keep it in your pants.”
“I agree.”
Bruce is so goddamn tired
Why does he have another blood son who he had no memory of making?
“That doesn’t explain how he got inside the manor. Or why he thinks I’m his dad.”
It was quiet for a second, while everyone was thinking
And then Dick spoke up
“Well, why don’t we just ask him?”
“Because....I don’t know.”
And Dick was already on his way back to the screening room, with the others at his heels
“Hey buddy!” He said when he got the kids eyes on him
Immediately he lit up, grinning sweetly at him
Now that surprised him
Dick sat next to him, scooping him up in his arms and placing him in his lap
“You wanna play a game, bud?”
He nodded excitedly
“Let’s pretend as if we’re meeting each other for the first time.”
“Great! I’ll go first. Hi, my name’s Dick Grayson, what’s your name?”
“I’m Calvin Wayne!”
“Hi Calvin! How old are you bud?”
“I’m four years old!”
“Wow, you’re so smart, Calvin! Okay one more question, do you know which year you were born?”
“Two, zero, two, three.”
Now, either this kid was confused or he knew exactly what he was talking about
Dick’s mind was whirring, as was everyone else’s who was hiding behind the door
“Dickie, can we play a different game? This one is boring.”
Dick laughed, “It was a little boring, right?”
“Yeah, let’s play circus!”
“No can do, little guy, you just ate breakfast. Maybe later.”
“Mmm Okay!”
And Dick just saunters out of the room
And everyone is just staring at him in awe
“How did you do that?”
“Please, I tamed Damian, a little angel like him is a piece of cake.”
And no one can deny that
So, now they’ve all understood that this kid is supposedly Bruce Wayne’s future son that he had with some woman
Not that surprising
And he came from the future
A little bit surprising
“Daddy?” Calvin asks coming out of the TV room, “Where’s mommy?”
A lot bit surprising
“Um, come again?”
“Where’s mommy? I miss her.”
Bruce looked like he was going to have an aneurysm
No offense, but his kids had a history of not having mothers
Okay, so maybe he co-parents
That makes sense
And everyone is kinda floundering because this adorable kid is staring up at them
With such wide and innocent eyes
Genuinely asking where his mother was because he missed her
And Bruce had to tread very lightly
“Um, your mom isn’t here, buddy.”
“Why? Where did she go?”
Hoping to distract him, Bruce just comes up with a cover story
“She went to the store; do you want ice cream?”
His eyes lit up, “Okay! But mommy doesn’t like it when we have ice cream in the morning. Where is mommy? We should ask her.”
And suddenly he wanted his mother again
“Um, I already asked her and she said we can have one bowl of ice cream.”
“Really?! Yay!! We should wait for mommy to get home and share with her!”
Oh, for the love of god
Why was this kid so attached to his mother?
Tim seemed to notice Bruce was flustered and couldn’t think of anything
“Hey, bud, you wanna have a fun brother’s day with all of us today?”
“Great! But it can only be your brothers today. No girls allowed.”
“What about Cassie?”
“Cassie won’t come. It’s only boys today.”
“And Cassie will go on a girl’s day with mommy, right? Where is mommy?”
For fucks sake
And then Jason finally steps up, picking up the kid and throwing him over his shoulders
Calvin was laughing happily and everyone suddenly felt better
“Off to the arcade we go!”
And then the Batboys go to the arcade
All in their pyjamas
And Bruce is left behind so he can figure out just what the hell they were going to do with his supposed son
There were a lot of gaps when he came to think about it
His son hasn’t been conceived yet so he figures that he sleeps with a woman, gets her pregnant
Been there, done that
Surprised it’s only happened once
Meanwhile at the arcade
The boys are having a wonderful time with Calvin
The teams are split with Dick, Jason and Calvin against Damian and Tim
Because Dick and Jason are the only ones tall enough to carry Calvin to throw the basketballs
Tim tries to throw the game for the kid
But Damian is super competitive
So, both teams are almost tied
Mainly because when Calvin isn’t looking, Jason makes a lot of shots for him
Dick (or Dickie as Calvin likes to call him) is over the moon because hello? More brothers means more love
Means more babies to take care of and nurture
And Dick couldn’t be a better role model
Damian gets kinda jealous that all his attention is on Calvin now
Jason (or Jay-jay) kinda thought he was going to be a brat
But Calvin is such a well-mannered kid
Albeit a little attached and clingy but that just means that Bruce and his mother were raising him right and with a lot of love
Calvin is a smart kid and Jason’s kinda impressed
But tbh anyone looks like an upgrade after they’ve seen Damian
Tim (or Timmy or Timtim which he assumes is supposed to be a pun on Tintin) thinks the kid is cute
He’s kind of awkward with kids though
But he hasn’t tried to kill him yet so he already has a better first impression than Damian
Damian (or Dami) thinks he’s kind of annoying
Not only is he not the youngest brother anymore
He’s also not the only blood son
Doesn’t like it at all
But Calvin kind of looks up to him
Every time he made a shot, Calvin complimented him
“Wow....I want Dami to teach me how to shoot!”
After a couple of hours, the kid got hungry
So, after food, they all decided to go home 
Because even though Calvin said he wanted to keep playing
They all noticed the way he kept rubbing his eyes and yawning
So, Dick just scooped him up in his arms
He fell asleep before they even left the arcade
And once they got home, they tucked him in nice and toasty
Inside Bruce’s room
Bruce protested but was quickly shut down
“You want him to wake up in some room he doesn’t recognize and be all alone?”
Bruce so far has been avoiding this kid
Because he doesn’t know what he should be doing
He has no idea who this kid’s mother is and has no idea how to get him back to his own time
And then he comes into his room before he has to leave for patrol
And he sees Calvin’s tiny body underneath the think duvet
He still has a bad habit of sucking his thumb while he’s asleep
But it looks so adorable and innocent to Bruce
His heart honestly sings seeing this adorable baby who is so innocently sleeping
Without a care in the world
And so vulnerable
Like he trusts Bruce with his life
And he feels safe inside his bed
And that’s when Bruce starts to think that maybe this could be his son
Even though he doesn’t know how Calvin got here
He was going to try and make sure that he was still this happy little ball of sunshine
They wake him up after a quick nap though
Because otherwise he wouldn’t sleep through the night
And Bruce spends the rest of the night with him
He absolutely loves when Calvin calls him ‘Daddy’
Because even though he has so many kids
He was never with them since infancy
He was so young and small
And had yet to see all the cruelty of the world
They watched movies and played together
Until he got tired again and Bruce had to leave for patrol
The next morning unfortunately Bruce has a meeting to go to
But he entrusts his sons to look after their youngest brother
He still has an hour before the meeting starts when Dick comes in with Calvin squirming in his arms and ice cream on Calvin’s face
As soon as he sees Bruce, he squirms out his hands and runs to him
And starts crying into his chest
Getting snot and tears and saliva and chocolate ice cream on his shirt
“What happened, champ?”
“No one’s telling me where mommy is!”
Bruce takes a while to calm him down
Puts some cartoons on his designated work laptop
God bless his recommended for the next few weeks
And quickly tells his secretary that he needs a new shirt
After a while, Calvin says he needs to go to the bathroom so Dick takes him
And his secretary comes into his office
“Hey, I got a shirt from Ralph Lauren and a couple of ties that go with it.”
And there was you
The best secretary he’d ever had in his entire life
You’re damn good at your job
And you look damn good while doing it
But you’re not just his secretary, you’re like his best friend
His home away from home
Because his home was crazy and you felt safe and normal
And he’ll never tell you because he treasures you but he’s been in love with you for like 2 years
Teenage shit
Which he’s quite embarrassed about but he doesn’t know how to deal with normal people
And he doesn’t want to just sleep with you and have a relationship like the others
He feels like he can have honest and weird talks with you
4 am talks when you both are kind of tipsy and have no filters
He didn’t just want a relationship with you
He wanted a life with you
And all his desires were way too heavy for his heart to handle
He wanted something so normal
The feeling was foreign to him
So, in the meantime, he was just fine having you in his life
You come inside, holding up the shirt to his body just to check if it’s the correct size
When you hear the door open
And a tiny body came crashing into you and you went crashing into Bruce
Who was sturdy enough not to fall
You were so close to Bruce that you could smell his cologne
His eyes were so blue and pretty
He was so much more handsome up close
And your face got damn red until you realized the hand on your ass was way too tiny to be his
When you look down, the cutest, most adorable little baby boy was staring up at you with a wide smile
“I missed you mommy!”
And your maternal instincts just go through the roof
You squat down to his eye level
In stilettos may I add
Bruce is Batman but even he can’t manage that
“Sweetheart, I’m not your mom, but don’t worry, we’re going to find her as soon as possible.”
He looks kind of devasted
Which you understand
But your heart still kind of breaks
His eyes fill up with tears
Again, understandable
But you still panic
“Daddy, I want mommy!” He starts wailing and runs into Bruce’s arms
“You adopted another kid?!”
But oops his meeting has to start now so Bruce has to leave
And Dick gets a red alert from the precinct
So now you have to babysit Calvin
Yes, I know this is an amazing sequence of coincidences
But it’s my work so boohoo you
Bruce is constantly apologizing
But you’re his secretary and you get paid to make his life easier
So, you’re just like don’t worry about it I’ll take care of the little man for now
Ignoring the fact that he literally just called you mom
And cried his eyes out when he realized you weren’t
The two of you were watching cartoons in the office
Calvin crawled into your lap and you were holding him tightly
It was these types of moments that made you want to be a mom in the future
Suddenly there’s a bright light in the middle of the room
You shield your eyes but forget to cover Calvin’s
And then you hear
When you open your eyes, there’s a woman who looks just like you and Bruce Wayne in a Batman costume
Future you scoops him up in your arms and peppers his face in a bunch of kisses
“Ugh I love you, I love you, I love you so much my precious baby.”
You make out the giant diamond on her finger and the wedding ring as well
When Calvin is finally sated and cradled between both his parents, future you notices you staring
“Thanks for taking care of him.”
You just nod, unable to say anything
“Your life is going to completely change from today, (Y/N). Just make me one promise.”
“The next question Bruce asks you; you have to say yes.”
“What’s he going to—”
“Just say yes, alright? It changes your life forever.”
You’re pretty sure he’s going to ask you out
And just the thought has your heart racing
Today, the man who you have been in love with for years was finally going to ask you on a date
You wave bye to Calvin and they leave
Not even a minute later
Bruce comes into the office and is surprised to see Calvin missing
“Batman picked him up,” You explain, a shy smile coming on your face, “His wife too.”
He was so relieved
Albeit a little disappointed that he didn’t get to say goodbye
And now a little stressed because now you know his secret
“You don’t have to explain anything to me. I’m okay with just going with the flow.”
And he let’s out a relieved sigh
Letting out all his stress is one breath
“Marry me.”
You were not expecting that
A laugh of disbelief left you and there were so many things rushing through your head
He probably didn’t mean it and it was just a offhanded comment that he made
But you wanted to
It obviously ended well
And you promised
He blinked, eyes widening when he heard you, “Okay? Seriously? Because I’ll get someone to get a diamond ring right now.”
You laughed tearfully, “I’m your secretary, you loser, I’m the only one who does errands for you.”
“Even better, you can pick out your favourite.”
You didn’t realize you were crying, “Now I love you even more.”
“I love you, (Y/N).”
“I love you too, Bruce.”
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Baby Bird
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous X2
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @phoenix-fire-fangirl @itsgirl17321
Fandom: Titans
Relationship: Married; Dick Grayson x Pregnant!Reader
Summary: Every time the Reader tries to tell Dick that she’s pregnant, they’re interrupted. The truth finally comes out after a small confrontation.
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: None.
Tumblr media
You knew Dick for a long time. You knew him as Robin and you married him while the two of you were still in Gotham and when he told you that he wanted to leave Gotham behind and start a new life away from Batman and his darkness, you couldn’t say no, so you moved with your husband to Detroit.
The two of you weren’t in Detroit long when Rachel Roth came along and sent both your lives in to chaos. Dick wanted you to stay home and let him deal with Rachel; but, you had spent a large portion of your life on the side lines and you weren’t going to continue like that. After all, you were staring a new life by moving to Detroit, and, well, Dick couldn’t exactly argue with you.
So, you and Dick set off to find Rachel. You certainly weren’t expecting finding Rachel to turn into finding reuniting with Dawn, Hank and Donna, and meeting Gar, Kory and Jason. But, c’est la vie, you kept saying. It’s life.
With all the drama with Rachel and her father, the constant attacks and such, it completely slipped your mind that you were late. It didn’t click that your period was nearly a month late until you and Dick were on a grocery run and you passed the tampons aisle.
“Oh shit.” You whispered to yourself and pulled out your phone. You were nearly a month late. You were never that late. Ever.
You quickly made your way down to the pregnancy tests and got three different brands. You took them as soon as you got home and every single one came back positive.
“Fuck.” You whispered.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have a baby with Dick. You loved Dick with all your heart and you would love to start a family with him. It was just bad timing because of all the drama going on with Rachel.
You knew that Dick loved Rachel and would do anything for her and he was so stressed about everything going on, so you decided to keep the baby a secret. You figured you’d just wait a week or two for things to settle down a bit so that you could tell Dick; but, things didn’t settle, they got worse.
Before you knew it, you were in your second trimester and Dick still didn’t know about the baby. You tried to tell him a few times in the last week; but every time you were interrupted.
The first time you tried to tell him, Kory knocked on the door to talk about the latest plan.
The second time you tried to tell him, Gar interrupted, wanting to know what was happening for dinner.
The third time you tried to tell him, you both heard Rachel scream followed by a crash. Both of you ran to her, believing that she was being attacked, but it was just a spider.
You were getting frustrated and emotional, which wasn’t a good mix. Entering your second trimester, your emotions were all out of whack. One second you could be happy, then you were sad, then you were angry. You were a mess.
And Dick was stressed and over tired with everything happening with Rachel which led to him being grumpy.
You knewthat he wasn’t grumpy at you or anything, just that he was over tired. But your emotions were all over the place, so when Dick raised his voice at you just a little bit. You couldn’t help the rage that flashed in your eyes and you promptly told Dick to fuck off before walking off to your room and slamming the door.
“What the fuck?” Dick asked himself, surprised and very confused. You never did anything like that.
Dick quickly walked over to your room and knocked on the door. “Babe? What’s wrong?”
“Go away.” You told him weakly. As soon as you slammed the door, tears started to roll and you cursed the mood swings that came with pregnancy.
“I’m not going anywhere. I know you’re crying, just let me in and let’s talk about it. I’m sorry for raising my voice.” Dick said softly.
You wiped your eyes and opened the door. Dick stepped in and closed the door behind him before pulling you into a hug. “Talk to me, (Y/N).”
“I have to tell you something.” You whispered against his chest.
Dick nodded. “Okay.”
You pulled back from the hug and walked over to your purse where you kept all the used pregnancy tests. You didn’t want to throw them out because you didn’t want Dick to find them. You grabbed one of them and walked over to him and handed it to him, not able to verbally tell him you were pregnant.
Dick’s eyes widened in realization of what he was holding. “Holy shit…”
You nodded. “I think I’m about thirteen weeks.”
“Holy shit.” Dick repeated.
You nodded. “I tried to tell you a few times but we kept getting interrupted. I’m sorry I told you to fuck off, my emotions have been… all over. Stupid mood swings…”
Dick placed the test on the nearby dressed and pulled you into a hug. “That’s incredible!”
You giggled a little, your sour mood leaving.
Dick kissed the top of your head. “I mean, it’s shit timing, but it’s amazing!”
You wrapped your arms around his waist and nodded against him. “I’m so glad you’re happy. I was scared…”
Dick pulled back from you and gave you a smile. “Scared? Of what? That I wouldn’t want to have a cute little baby with my beautiful wife that I love so much?”
You shrugged. “It’s stupid, I know. I still was though…”
Dick leaned forwards to press a kiss to your lips before pulling back. “Well, you don’t have to be because I am so happy about this, okay?”
You nodded, a smile crawling up your own lips. “Okay, Dickie. I love you.”
Dick’s smile widened and he pulled you back into a tight hug. “I love you, too, Princess.”
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winterwolf0916 · 2 years ago
Dick: *in the batcave doing upside-down sit-ups* Twenty one...Twenty two... Twenty thre-
Y/N: *walks in the batcave*
Dick: Three thousand and five...three thousand and six...three thousand and seven...
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fandomneeds · a year ago
Jason: *holding baby Y/n* My little sister! My little sister! Yes you are! You're my baby sister!
Dick: Hey Jason can I hold---
Jason: Go the fuck away Dick! Can't you see I'm doing something?!
Dick: *walks out of the room with a sad expression on his face* But I want to hold Y/n too.
Damian: *walking past Dick while holding a katana*
Dick: Where are you going with that?
Damian: It's my turn to hold the baby but I know Todd won't just give her to me so I'm taking her by force.
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silverdecepticon93 · a year ago
Can I get headcanons for the Robins reactions to their s/o showering them with compliments and affections?
Dick Grayson:
Tumblr media
He would literally have no problem with it, like, at all.
Like, if you wrap your arms around his waist and kiss him on the cheek if he was working on the Batcave computer or something, he’d simply smile at you.
“Hey, (Y/n),” He beamed, craning his head to the side a little so you could nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck.
As for the compliments, Dick isn’t egotistical, by any means, but it would somewhat feed his ego just a little bit.
How could it not? His s/o makes him feel like he can take on the world.
“You know, I really hate it when you do that.” Wally shivered, Robin had just reappeared after disappearing again.
“(Y/n) doesn’t mind it.” Robin shrugged, only to check the holographic screen on his wrist.
Would definitely use his sneaking skills to tackle you and smother you with kisses and cuddles, just to thank you for your affection today.
Jason Todd:
Tumblr media
Jason sorta has a tough-guy reputation he likes to keep up so if you were to just suddenly become affectionate with him out of nowhere, he would get flustered.
Might even get a little grumpy, he wouldn’t snap or yell at you, just...push you off and grumble a little.
“(Y/n), not in front of Dick!” He muttered, gently pushing you off as you tried to kiss him.
You frowned a little and sadly walked away, your head hung low.
“You know, I don’t really mind.” Dick mused, making Jason’s eyes widened before trying to look for you.
Being in public is a different story than being in private because he is pretty affectionate when it’s just you two.
“Thanks for putting up with me,” He hummed as he nuzzled into your neck. You giggled softly before cuddling closer to him, “Of course, Jason, I love you more than anything in the world.”
Tim Drake:
Tumblr media
He’d get super flustered, like he would be like Jason where he gets a little huffy, but he’d just get super timid.
Like, if you kissed his cheek in public, he’d suddenly forget everything from what he was doing to who he was.
“Uh...Tim, the mission?” Jaime frowned, furrowing his brows. Tim blinked a little, “What day is today?”
As for your compliments, they actually help Tim out a lot.
He does his best to be the best Robin he could be since it’s a pretty big title in his book, so having someone who notices he’s doing is best is helpful.
“Woah! Nice job, Tim!” You beamed when he fought managed to flip Dick over his shoulder. He smiled brightly at you and blushed a little until Dick took advantage of the moment.
You winced in pain when he managed to grab your boyfriend by the shoulder and throw him into the ground.
Damian Wayne:
Tumblr media
Doesn’t even care about PDA, if anything, it just merely proves to other that you belong to him.
He’s not a coward like Drake or Todd, he’d actually show you affection no matter the situation.
“So, today’s mission will include-” He was cut off when you kissed his cheek and he kissed your cheek before you left, “I love you, too. Anyways, back to the mission-”
You’d think that your compliments would only feed into his ego but it does the opposite, it makes him more humble.
The reason he acts out is because he secretly feels like he’ll never be able to match up to his predecessors.
 So having someone complimenting him and assuring him he’s just as good as any Robin would help.
So if you’re going to shower him with love and affection, he’s ready for whatever you have to throw at him, and will return it to you sevenfold.
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anothertimdrakestan · a year ago
Tim: day 89 of convincing Damian that Alfred is a robot: i've got Jay and Kon with me and we've told Damian that Alfred is programmed into the house
Jason: Alfred can you open the window in my bedroom?
Alfred, in the kitchen: Yes master Jason
Conner: *opens the window then hides*
Damian: :O
Tim: Alfred can you prepare some coffee for me?
Alfred: Of course Master Tim though i must remind you caffine is not the best for your mental state at 9pm - but i shall start it right away
Jason, hiding in the cabinet: *presses the coffee button*
Damian: *confused screeches*
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fandomneeds · a year ago
Y/N: Hey, do you know where Damian is? I can’t find him in this crowd.
Dick: Yeah, hold on, I got this. *clears throat* DAMIAN! JASON IS BULLYING Y/N!!!
Jason: Wait, what?!
Damian: *tackles Jason to the ground* TODD!
Jason: GAAHH!!!
Y/N: Um... Thanks...
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wordsfromthesol · a year ago
Author: @wordsfromthesol Pairing: Batsis Summary: You catch Dick and Jason explaining how you were found to your younger brothers Tim and Damian. Warnings: Language, violence Word Count: 505
Figuring you needed a pick me up before patrol that night, you headed towards the kitchen. You stopped short upon hearing your brothers and carefully gazed around the corner. You pulled back, stifling a laugh as you saw Tim and Damian looking up at their older brothers with curiosity.
“Come on Dick, just tell us!” Tim yelled, clearly exasperated from the whole situation.
“Y/L/N is the only origin story we don’t know. It is not fair.”
“Alright Dami, we give up. We’ll tell you, but if Y/N finds out I’m sending her to you!”
You held back laughter, it’s not like it was some big secret, but you figured Dick and Jason were just tormenting their younger brothers.
“It happened about a year after I passed the gauntlet. Well, I guess I technically passed, though it definitely did not go to plan. That was the first night me and Dickiebird, here, teamed up.”
“We don’t care about your gauntlet story!” Tim whined.
Dick laughed and continued where his brother left off, “So me and Jay would patrol together every now and then…after all, we all know how Bruce can get. One night, we were on a nearby rooftop and we watched as a little girl was being cornered into an alley…”
“So we get closer, right, but she’s carrying something, so we keep a little distance. Then we hear…” Jason burst into laughter, unable to continue.
“We hear her tell them, ‘Watch out, I’m armed with a can-do attitude and a bunch of fucking bricks.’” Now it was Dick’s turn to laugh.
“These three giant men just snicker at her and continue pressing her into the alley. So we are about to jump down and save the girl when she screams, ‘Let’s riot!’ and starts swinging!”
“So this girl manages to knock the closest one out cold, and definitely gives some nasty bruises to the other two before they run away in terror!”
Now both Dick and Jason are having trouble remaining composed, so you round the corner.
“Then these two idiots in their costumes jump down, I land a few good hits on them before they disarm me.” You smirked at the sight of the surprised looks that donned Tim and Damian’s faces. “They tried to explain who they were and asking why I was alone. My parents were killed by the Maroni’s for refusing to pay the bogus protection fee a few years before that. I’d been managing since then. Their soft little hearts broke, and I ended up Bruce Wayne’s newest adoptee.”
Dick turned to you, finally able to keep a straight face, “Hey I still have a scar from one of those bricks!”
“Maybe don’t scare a little girl armed with bricks shitless then.” You retorted, sticking your tongue out towards your eldest brother.
“That’s alright, this lovable pain in the ass was worth the scratches that night.” Jason pulled you in close and tousled your hair with his hand.
“Damn straight.”
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peeterparkr · a year ago
Not smut but potentially one with Dick where him and the reader are keeping their relationship a secret and she stays over at his (😉) and in the morning they’re off to brunch with friends so try and enter the place at different times etc to not give it away that they came together and they think they’re safe until one of the gang says “hey! Isn’t that Dicks sweatshirt y/n?” And she gets all red and flustered - lol idk but that would be hella cute!
oh but there’ll be smut bc I combined it with this one, this is filth with some angst and then some fluff and it’s a rollercoaster
Tumblr media
warnings: smut, swearing, 18+
word count: like 2,5k 
Tumblr media
Love can be too complicated. Relationships are complicated. Dick Grayson was complicated. So much so that you preferred to keep it a secret.
Easier than having to explain to the world that in reality the feelings you had always had for him were never negative, they had always been awe and sometimes a little contempt, but you supposed that it was given to the fact that Dick was someone you thought you couldn’t have.
You hated that he was so perfect. It was a compliment to hate him, now you knew. He was always there with his perfect eyes that could kill you with just one look. That smile that could manipulate you. Make a fool out of you. 
We are talking about Dick Grayson, who really has got a bunch of problems, with the lack of love he had when growing up and the big abandonment issues, thanks, Batman. Always wanting to be alone.
Neither of you wanted to explain to the world that your whole act of hating the other was nothing more than a façade for the crush you both had towards the other and how much it frustrated that you couldn’t have the other. The nerves you would get whenever you saw him, all flustered, maybe that was why it was easier to insult him so that he would let you believe that you hated him and make you believe that you were not deeply in love with him.
How did you both reach that conclusion? How did you both realize that you were both desperately in love with each other? Being alone, what that can be. One thing led to another and as the big drama queens you both were, you’d both searched for the other in a stormy night just to end up making out with your clothes on the floor.
But you needed to keep that a secret, mostly because neither of you could understand how you could be so fond of someone who’d constantly make you lose your temper. Because you’re so alike, stubborn and incredibly bossy. 
Add to all of that, it’s Dick Grayson who we are talking about. He loves to make a big deal out of everything. But of course that’s only because he cares enough. Too much sometimes for your own convenience. 
There were still a lot of things you despised about him. Like whenever he would always be wrong, even when he is right. Or the way he’d make you smile even if you had basically ended an argument. 
The fact that at the end of the day, he was still a sweetheart.
But you had to hide it. Because you loved him. And who in this world understands love? You didn’t want anyone trying to explain it to you. You liked to figure it out on your own.
Besides hiding made it way much more interesting. It was a challenge. Even spiced things up in the relationship. You still hated him, to everyone else. And he still hated you. And sometimes you knew you both did hate each other, not pretending. So annoyed by each other’s presence because you’re both so equal yet so different. 
And you were very good at hiding it. Even when you couldn’t quite keep your hands to yourself. You’d manage to keep up the hating relationship to a certain level where they wouldn’t even think you’d ever be in the same room alone.
Sometimes the arguments would go a bit too far, but you’d end up apologizing and making it up in bed.
Just like you probably were going to, now. Rachel was there, watching you both make an argument about how stupid having brunch and inviting Jason Todd, whom you were pushing to get into the group. He was a nice addition.
Rachel was sitting with her feet up on the couch, as she was watching some videos on her phone, ignoring you both. However, truth to be told, you had almost forgotten that Rachel was there and it had kind of turned into a real fight. 
“I don’t want anything to do with Bruce Wayne, and Jason—Jason still has everything to do with him!” Dick yelled. 
You closed your eyes, “Oh my God, Dick, you’re not— this is what all of this is about?” 
Dick rolled his eyes. “No, but I… I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation. This is stupid–I…I am going home. Fuck Batman.”
You knew why this was happening, he saw himself in Jason Todd, he saw it too badly. But he saw a lot of things he never had had with Bruce and that bothered him, and that made Dick despise him even more. 
And you were home, and you were supposed to stay at home. Sleepover with young Rachel, you guys loved those, they meant fun nights.
You watched Dick storm off and slam the door. You wondered if it was part of the act or if he really meant it. Dick didn’t know Rachel knew. You knew she knew.
You squeezed your eyes shut. 
“You guys really hate each other don’t you?” Rachel asked you, she was going to stay the night. 
“You’ve no idea.” 
“But he didn’t mind about the brunch.”
You shrugged. “Thought he didn’t. But now he’s angry we are all spending it together like a big happy family.”
“Go, fix it, I’ll start the movie and you can come back later.” 
Rachel, you knew, was probably very aware of the real situation, not because you’d told her but you couldn’t possibly lie to her, but she hid it from everyone else, knowing  damn well you’d been hiding it for a reason.But you had never adressed it, and she had never asked about it. Maybe she didn’t know. You both were very convincing when it came to making everyone believe you hated each other. 
So you did as she said, you followed after him to his car. You hopped in.
“I’m leaving.”
“I know,” you said. “You can start driving, I’m coming with you.” Dick stared at you. You pointed at the road.
He clenched his jaw but started the car.
“Go to Wayne Manor,” you ordered.
“Batcave, more specifically,” you added. He stared at you. You smirked, running your hand through his thgh, and you could easily see a bulge forming in his pants. “Fuck Batman, right?”
He started driving as fast as he could and you let your fingers walk down his leg. 
“I’m not in the mood,” he snarled, but you looked down at the growing length.
“Seems like you are, though,” you pointed out, and you chuckled, leaning over to peck his cheek. He cleared his throat. But drove fast enough, you’d tease him, running your fingers through his arm, to his chest and to his leg, nowhere close, but enough to get him flustered. 
The Batcave, it gave you such a challenge. It was incredibly hot, to think you were sneaking there. As soon as he hit the brakes, he turned to you and unbuttoned your blouse, as he jumped over you, kissing your lips and trailing his way down to your neck, you moaned closing your eyes. The way he kissed you was always a new experience. 
“Wait– Dick,” you managed to say as he was already grinding against you, his hands pressing your breasts. He was sucking on your collarbone as you let out a soft gasp. “Want to piss off Batman more?” 
His eyes, filled with fire turned to you, as he just shot an eyebrow up. 
“Let’s go to the Batmobile,” and there’s a sound in your voice that made you sound even more into it than you actually were. If we were honest, you feared getting caught but, of course, it would make it a thousand per cent even more interesting. 
And in no time, he picked you up and opened up the doors to it, setting you down. It’s smaller than Dick’s but it doesn’t matter, because with no further ado, Dick pulled down your underwear and he’s set between your tighs. He kept kissing you and his fingers pinched your breasts, you could feel his hot breath as he pulled the seat down, making it easier for both of you. The reducted space pulled you even closer. Your legs were snaking around him as he kissed from the space between your breasts to your stomach. You looked up and took off his shirt, clawing your nails into his back as you pulled him down to your lips.  His own hands were caressing your legs, his fingers toying with you. 
Your lips were focused on his neck now, trailing wet kisses over it, and your hands were going down to knead his ass, as he was grinding into you, causing friction to your core, as the bulge on his pants kept growing.
“Oh my god,” you moaned, as you were unbuckling his belt with desperation. You were in such an ecstasy as you accidentally hit a button. The car announced ‘error’ but you were too busy as his cock had popped out. His fingers grazed over your wetness as his tip teased your clit. He loved teasing you. 
“Dickie, I–” 
“Say it,” he ordered. 
“I need you, now,” you pleaded and he finally thrust into you. He started panting as he started to move inside, finding a slow soothing rhythm. A smug smirk upon his face as you’re moaning his name. He was cursing profanities and then yelling your name. You see the car windows blurring up, as you try to keep yourself comfortable. Your hand found the window but you pulled it back down, leaving a mark of your fingers all over it. 
He was fast and his fingers are all over you, edging you close each time he drew circles on your clit. And he loved seeing your face as you’re at your bliss, and he began slowing down his pace as his own back was arching. But he started to thrust even deeper, as your toes start to curl. You came first, but that was the cue he needed for his own high.his hot breath deep on your neck. He yelled your name in pleasure and then found your neck with his lips, peppering kisses all over it, just as he pulled out from you. Your chest was pounding as you watched him.
“I love you, y/n,” he whispered, causing a  short laugh from you, catching your breath. 
“For what? For helping you break the rules?” You grinned looking up at him, and he kissed your lips again. 
“Making everything fun,” he laughed. “Did… did… you push any buttons?” 
You turned to look at the board, embarrassed. “Maybe, a thing or two.” 
And both of you heard footsteps.“Shit, shit, shit,” Dick pulled up his pants and buttoned your shirt back on, you both quickly ran out of the car and you hid on Dick’s backseat, as he tried to make himself presentable, but the sweat and his panting were not easy to hide.
It was Alfred. “Master didn’t know you were coming.”
Dick cleared his throat. “I was—“ he ran a hand through his hair. “I was just—going to check on some information regarding the—uh, case with Mikron O’Jeneus.”
Alfred stared at Dick’s car where you were holding your breath, praying to all known deities that he wouldn’t catch you.
“Alright ” Alfred nodded. “Whenever you get the chance, please send my regards to Miss Y/N, you and her seem to be close lately.”
Dick blushed and gulped. “We are—working together on the case, that’s all,” He assured him.
Alfred nodded. “Alright, master Grayson.” 
When Alfred was gone, you both laughed in the car. He went to his place where round two happened, nothing wild, it was simpler and more romantic. Dick had managed to now make it more soothing, apologizing for his bitching attitude and smiling each time he kissed you. And that was the sweetheart you knew, it was fun, the vigilante and the dark Dick but then turning him into the beautiful thing he was. You loved him for both, both ‘Dicks’ were fun, and you knew you needed his lips, and you knew he meant it every time he said he loved you, because each time it was different and like hearing it for the first time. 
And the morning had consisted of him peppering you with new kisses, he’d invent one each morning. It was a routine, making each kiss special each time you woke up by his side. As he managed to take your breath away with that smile that was reserved only for you. And you were lucky because he truly never smiled the way he did to you. And you were sure that nobody truly saw hi the way you did, as the blinds would let in the light so the sunlight bathed him and only him. 
He had pecked all over your face, tickling you as he did. “You’re an idiot,” you stated, which was your way of telling him you loved him. 
“I know,” he grinned, that was the way he said it back. 
And he agreed to the brunch, at the end. But you both had to be careful, so when you arrived he dropped you a block away from it, the price you had to pay for wanting to keep your relationship private. He walked into the place first, and you found a place beside Kori. 
You grinned as you said hello to everyone, and then you turned stiff when your eyes landed on Dick. “Grayson.” 
“Y/L/N,” He didn’t even look up. 
Jason Todd watched you both, “Please act decent,” he pleaded. “Don’t fight here.” 
“Yeah, yeah, you guys are so annoying,” Gar pointed out. 
Dick rolled his eyes. “We are adults, at least I’ll act like one, don’t worry.” 
You flipped him off, rolling your eyes, as you stole from Kori’s mimosa, taking a sip. 
“That’s mine,” she complained but ignored. 
Rachel stared at you. “Hey, y/n, why didn’t you come back home last night?” She asked. 
You almost spat your drink. “I did! You didn’t hear me and I woke up early for a run,” you lied. 
“Are you sure?” Kori pushed. “Because Alfred told me he saw you and Dick at the manor.” 
Dick laughed, nervously.  “Why would I be with her at the manor?”
“I dunno,” Kori smirked. “Same reason as to why she’s wearing your sweatshirt?” 
Both you and Dick froze.You stared down at your clothes, and you were indeed wearing a sweatshirt of his. 
“Busted,” all of them said. 
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jay-todds-bae · 2 years ago
Bruce: Good morning.
Damian: Good morning.
Dick: Good morning.
(Y/N): You all sound like robots, "Good morning, good morning" spice it up a bit!
Jason: Hey, motherfuckers!
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peeterparkr · a year ago
How about Dick and reader used to date but Dick broke it off because she deserved better or some BS! Titans don’t know and they’re all drinking and playing never have I ever to get Dick drunk by saying “never have I been in the bay cave” or “never have I driven the batmobile” but reader keeps drinking too then they say “never have I waltzed” and both dick and reader drink and she admits dick taught her and they have to dance to prove it and it’s angsty/cute as they’re clearly in love still!!!
warnings: drinking, swearing
word count: 2.3k 
Still Burning. Dick Grayson x Reader
Tumblr media
Nobody can really answer how to heal a broken heart. Had you known, you wouldn’t be trapped in such a mess. But you chose to hide it. That’s the best one does sometimes. Where do they go? Our feelings, the broken hearts? They remain there, silently making you remember and stabbing with memories that will make you hold on forever.
Dick was one of those stories you liked to keep to yourself. He did, too. Sometimes it’s difficult to admit it. Maybe it was for the best. But sometimes, you liked to remember that smile, which you barely saw anymore.
It was difficult. But it was for the best.
It truly was. Especially because both of you had decided to, for sometime, keep away from each other. You had your reasons. He said he had become too much like someone he once admired. He said you deserved better, but did you?
You were both made out of the same piece, but carved with a different sight. But it hurt to know that you were only someone he would ignore, that he wouldn’t talk about anymore. And it hurt to think that you could still taste his lips on the tip of your tongue. And it would’ve been easier to move on had he not searched for you to help him. Donna had warned you he’d come. Dawn, too. Everyone warned you he’d come back. But he didn’t come they way you expected him to.
And he eventually did come and ask for help, because that’s what you were supposed to do, always. Help each other. Because that’s who you were first and foremost. Friends who helped each other. Even after all the fights. Even after he broke your heart. He didn’t come to fix your broken heart.
Dick said his biggest talent involved leaving. You said it was coming up with bullshit to leave.
But you still remembered your teenage years, escaping together and rushing everywhere. Lifting your hands up in the air while he blasted your favorite music. You remembered your first kiss and the way he had blushed after it. You remembered the fights and the good times. But you also remembered how he broke up with you on your 21st birthday, breaking your heart as you were left with a dozen roses on your hands but a million tears coming from your eyes.
But there you were now, with a beer on your hand, as you had your legs crossed. You needed time to relax, you barely did that anymore. It was always helping out someone, or taking someone down. But Dick and you barely talked about the past. You used to work with each other, that was the statement.
You stared at him, he was relaxed. You hadn’t done this in a while, just sit down and have a beer. Kory brought up a tequila bottle, too. The younger ones were too busy eating flaming hot Cheetos.
“You guys are boring,” commented Jason Todd, watching as you were sipping from your beer. You listened to the faint music playing on the background.
“Are we?” Kory asked. The music sounded glitched.
“Very,” Gar agreed. “You just drink.”
You let out a soft laugh. “Adults do that, we just have enough trouble already that we just… drink it.”
“No need to make stupid excuses like when we were young, no beer pong, no card games,” Dick continued. “Just…drinking.”
“Hm,” Rachel laughed before taking a bite of her waffle. “I think we should play never have I ever.”
You laughed, “haven’t played that one in a while.”
Dick frowned. “Those games end up on trying to get only someone in particular drunk.”
To which Jason smirked, he poured a glass of soda for him, Rachel and Gar. Rachel and Gar joined you at the table.
Jason brought shot glasses for Dick, Kory and you. Kory and you gave each other a glance.
“No, not doing this.” Dick rolled his eyes.
“Oh come on, Dick, relax a little,” Kory chuckled, “don’t you remember doing this kind of stuff in your teenage years? Stupid games?”
You stared at him, remembering all the times you used to have that kind of fun.
“Didn’t you have any fun?” Pushed Jason. “Is that why you’re always so grumpy?”
“I had fun,” Dick cleared his throat, quickly glancing at you.
You chuckled. “Fine, fill it up.”
Jason poured the three of you tequila, and then changed the song, a familiar guitar sounded. Let it Rock by The Rolling Stones started playing.
“Fine, Let’s start with something…. Rach? You wanna start?” Jason suggested.
Rachel chuckled, and rolled her eyes. “Never…”she gave it a thought. “Never have I ever eaten dog or cat food.”
“Am I supposed to—do something if I have?” Gar asked. He drank from his soda.
“Oh my god!” You laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”
Gar laughed. “Well, well, it’s my turn now… never have I ever… met Batman.”
“Oh, come on,” Dick rolled his eyes.
“Bottoms up, Grayson,” Jason said as he took a sip and Dick drank from his shot. You took a sip as well.
“You’ve met Batman?” Asked Kory.
You winked. “Yeah, we were on a first name basis and everything,” you chuckled, Dick looked away. “But yeah. I once worked with Batman.”
“Worked?” Jason blinked. “With?”
You took a sip from your beer. “Oh sorry, you felt special?”
Jason nodded. “Well I kind of did.”
Dick rolled his eyes. “Keep up with it.”
Maybe you were meant to be just as damaged as Dick was, but you had decided to move on. You never wanted to be bossed around.
“Never have I ever…” Kory started. “Driven the batmobile.”
Jason laughed as he shook his head. “He never let me.”
Dick took another shot, you took another one, too.
Rach raised her eyebrow at you. “What?”
You just winked at her.
“No, wait I wanna know why!” Jason laughed.
“Oh—“you laughed. Dick turned red. “I—well, you know, Gotham had —this thing, and Batman—or maybe it was—This other thing and when it happened I—I drove it.”
You were such a bad liar. But they didn’t push it. And you only stared at Dick, who took a deep breath.
You were taken back to that one time. Where Dick let you drive it, you were sitting on his lap and you remembered how fast it went, only seeing the lights passing through. You remembered screaming with pure joy and excitement and adrenaline. You remembered how you felt his hands on yours while you were crossing Gotham city, and how your stomach was filled with butterflies, and how his head was on your shoulder. And maybe this exact song was playing, or something familiar to it, because piano was trembling in your ears.
“Never have I ever… been in the bat cave,” laughed Gar.
Jason laughed. “I’m so glad this is Dr. Pepper.”
Dick scoffed and took another shot. “Ha ha.” He rolled his eyes.
You took a shot, too. How many times hadn’t you sneaked on to the Batcave, and done stupid childish stuff. Like playing 80’s music and dancing to it. ‘I think we’re alone now’ was one you remembered the most. It was fun. Neither of you were good dancers but it was worth it.
And they said some others.
And you continued. It seemed to be innocent enough. Start me up was now playing in the background.
The game was a constant throwing at everyone, making sure Dick was getting completely wasted. Problem was, some, if not most of them dragged you with them as well, you had spent so much time with him.
And you were both wasted, and your giggling had started. He had loosened up, too, and somehow you both ended up with your feet on the couch, trying to avoid
“Ah, come on, come on,” Dick pushed. “Can we stop making fun of my life?”
“Mr. Millionaire, we are soooorry Master Grayson,” Kory mocked, slightly drunk herself. You laughed, watching Dick. You hadn’t been this close since your breakup.
But you knew you were still smitten with him, he could tell,you guessed. He still knew you, perfectly. And he knew that even the way he was holding his cold beer had you thinking. How cruel was it that you had to avoid even staring at him when he once loved you.
“Never have I ever—waltzed,” Gar smirked, the music had finally stopped.
Dick chuckled. “Fuck off, man,” he rolled his eyes, before taking a sip.
You looked down at your drink and then took a sip.
“You’ve waltzed?” Kory laughed. “What have you been hiding from us? I didn’t know you had that many things in common with Grayson?”
Maybe it was the alcohol speaking for itself but you stared at Dick. “Yeah, he—he,” you shrugged. “He actually taught me how to waltz.”
Dick took a deep breath, running his hand through his face.
“He did?” Rach questioned.
You shrugged. “Yeah, he’s a great dancer.”
“Show us, I don’t quite believe it,” sassed Kory.
Dick rolled his eyes. “I think we’ve had enough.” He stood up, nervously. It seemed like every time you had both had a shot, he was getting more and more nervous, like someone was stabbing him each time with more memories. But you didn’t understand why he was angry, he was the one who blew things off. 
You shook your head. “You’ll have to take my word for it.” 
“I really don’t believe it,” Rach pushed. 
You shrugged. “I wouldn’t either.” 
“C’mon, show us!” Kory pushed. 
“Yes, what could you lose? I want to see the amazing Richard Grayson waltzing, and I want to see how great a teacher he was,“said Garfield. 
Dick blushed slightly. “No, it’s alright,” Dick grinned. “Let’s… let’s see if they can learn a thing or two.” 
You shook your head. “You don’t have to do this.”
Dick smiled at you, standing up. “No, no, you know they won’t shut up if we don’t do it,” he was drunk, you could tell by his raspy voice as he offered you a hand. You laughed, shaking your head but he pleaded again. “Please?” 
“Fine,” you gave him your hand as he helped you stand up. 
Dick watched them. “It’s not that complicated to waltz,” Dick explained. “Not really,” he continued as he placed himself in front of you. “The lady places herself slightly to the left of the leading gentleman,” he informed as he moved just a bit to your  right. You stared at his eyes and then at his lips, you saw him gulp. “Six basic steps, and… you’re good.” 
“Should we bring in a candle?” you chuckled. And he grinned. 
“Ah, yes, yes,” Dick laughed. “Bring in a candle, that’s a good idea since we’re both wasted.” 
You sighed. “But it wouldn’t matter if you’re with…” 
“The perfect partner,” He finished your sentence,  a faint smile forming. “Yeah.”
“What’s that about?” Questioned Kory. 
“Well, you see… They use a… a candle, it’s the true test, one has to be as swift, and perfect and so delicate and so smooth, but the candle flame will not be extinguished in the hand of the leading partner,” he explained. 
“Let’s bring in a candle!” Jason ordered. “Let’s put them to the test.”
Kory laughed to herself. “You’re joking, right?” 
But Jason had brought in a candle already, they lit it up and Dick picked it up. He placed it within your hands and he took a deep breath. 
“We might… um we might need some music,” he asked, while not taking his eyes off of yours. “Waltz number two by Dmitri Shostakovich,” said Dick and Rachel played it on the stereo. 
His hand was finally placed on your back, and you gently posed yours on his shoulder as soon as the first notes started to play. You felt like all the alcohol had been sucked out of your body. But he smoothly started to dance around the room. You knew they were staring as he kept leading you as you danced, and it felt like the old times. But it felt like you were both trying to prove something to each other, as if you were both dancing away from the memories or as if you both were trying to hide from everyone else. As if you were both accusing each other with the dance, having a conversation each time you stepped, he was trying to apologize and you were trying to beg him to come just slightly closer. His eyes were fierce and dark and he wouldn’t take them off you, but you would turn away sometimes.
And the world was spinning around you, and the flame had not extinguished, it had remained firing. And you felt like burning but it wasn’t the candle, it was another type of flame growing in within. And your heart had started to spin. And you had forgotten you weren’t at the manor anymore, and you weren’t wearing that red dress you’d worn that time. But you’d forgotten it, you were back there where there was a constant smile on his face and where you didn’t even worry about everyone else noticing that tinge of redness on your cheeks. Because it was mutual. 
The song stopped abruptly and you saw the candle. 
It was still burning. 
You then saw him, as you hadn’t seen him in years. He stepped back still holding the candle and you got your hands off of him. 
Everyone stayed quiet, as you awkwardly stepped back. 
“Oh, look the… the candle is still burning,” Gar commented as to distract everyone from the clear elephant in the room. 
You smiled at Dick. 
He blushed. “Yeah, it still is.” 
part two
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Four Years Later, Part 2: My Girl
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous X4
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @phoenix-fire-fangirl
Fandom: Titans
Relationship: Post-Established; Dick Grayson x Reader
Summary: Jason tries to pull some moves with Dick’s ex and Dick really doesn’t like that.
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: None.
Comments: You don’t need to read Part 1 for understand this. This could stand as its own fic!
Link to Part 1
Tumblr media
Dick had had it with Jason. He was done with the world and the people who were after them (well, Rachel, but still), and then he found that he had been replaced and locked out of all of Bruce’s safe houses and technology. And his replacement was a little angry but enthusiastic puppy that gave him a headache. So yeah, Dick had had it with Jason. And that was putting things kindly.
But Dick had to put up with little Jason, even if he really didn’t want to because Jason wouldn’t leave. He flat out refused to go like gum stuck to the bottom of Dick’s shoe. It annoyed Dick, but he had bigger fish to fry than Jason, so he didn’t dedicate that much energy into making him leave. For now.
Instead, Dick called you and told you to bring Rachel and the others to his location where it would be safer. He left out the information about Jason, but you knew Dick. The two of you had been together for years before both of you broke it off four years ago. When everything started to go down with Rachel, Dick went to Dawn, your best friend for help, but ended up getting tangled up with the mess. When Dawn got hurt and Rachel got taken, you knew you had to help and Dick knew he could trust you and that you were more than capable of handling this kind of situation, so it worked out pretty well. You just didn’t know that the three of you would soon become five with the additions of Kory and Gar, and later six with the addition of Jason.  
But, as you said, you knew Dick and while he didn’t mention Jason or anything like that, you knew that he was hiding something that was bothering him. You could hear it in his voice. But, you didn’t say anything. You knew Dick and you knew that if you asked him about it over the phone, he would hang up. Honestly, you expected the thing to be bothering him to be something about Bruce and it be relatively small. The last thing you expected was to walk into a safe house to find another, new Robin.
You knew, of course, that there was another, new Robin since you operated out of Gotham. You just didn’t know who he was, and you certainly never expected to get involved him with. After Dick, you swore off Robins…
The moment you found out that Jason was the new Robin: Dick’s replacement, you knew how messy things would become and just how distraught Dick would be over the matter. The was the main reason you stayed silent, choosing only to spare a quick glance in Dick’s direction during the conversation. You and Dick had joked while the two of you were together that you knew Dick better than Dick knew himself and you knew that Dick had a really hard time vocalizing his emotions and that sometimes talking about things broke the dam in an uncontrollable way. And right now none of you could afford to have Dick’s emotions get control of him. So, you didn’t ask.
But Jason was still there. And Jason was cute. Not an “you’re attractive” cute, but a “you’re just so small and adorable” cute. But he was the new Robin. The fact that he was the new Robin drew you to Jason so you kept looking at him. You could only explain it in the scenario of imaging you were standing in a silent room and then you heard a sound. You would turn to the sound to see what was there. That was what it was like with Jason.
But Jason had a different idea about why you kept looking at him that couldn’t be further from the truth.
You had your back turned to Jason while you were talking with Rachel and Gar while Dick and Kory were in the bathroom with Anderson when Jason leaned onto the table to your right with a small smirk on his lips. You stopped your conversation with Rachel and Gar and turned to look at Jason, resting your hip into the table in the process. “Can I help you?”
Jason’s lips twitched a little more before he unabashedly ran his eyes up and down your body, his beer still in hand. You couldn’t help but cock your eyebrow at his action.
“I’ve noticed you’ve been checking me out since you got here and I haven’t had the chance to come introduce myself to you personally yet. I’m Jason, but you can call me any time you’d like.” Jason flirted with you and you felt your lips twitch a little over how cute you thought it was that he believed you were interested in him and that he had a chance with you.
“Okay, Jason.” You replied with a nod of your head, moving to go back to your conversation with Rachel and Gar when Jason grabbed your arm and stopped you.
“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” Jason asked with a lazy smile that you had seen on Dick’s lips so many times, a learned trait from Bruce no doubt.
You decided to play into his little game and shook your head. “No, I don’t know think anyone has. Why?”
Jason’s eyes darkened a bit and you forced yourself to hold in the laughter you so desperately wanted to let out. “I could show you.”
You tilted your chin a bit and raised an eyebrow. “You could, huh?”
Jason nodded his head and stepped towards you, placing his beer on the table. “Yeah, I could.”
And Dick took that exact moment to reenter the room to see Jason, not subtly at all, trying to pull some moves with you and you lettinghim. It was like you could feel Dick’s blood pressure rising.
“No.” Dick said sternly, pointing at Jason before gesturing to back off. Jason, unsurprisingly didn’t listen.
“I said no.” Dick repeated, walking across the room to grab Jason by his hoodie and pull him away from you, leaving Kory in the entryway of the room. “You already took Robin you are not taking her. Not to mention she is way out of your league.”
You raised an eyebrow at Dick, not that he could see you.
“Just stay away.” Dick said giving Jason another shove before glancing back to you and walking out of the room to “get some air.”
Kory followed after him, despite his many attempts to get her to leave him alone.
“You should tell her you still love her.” Kory said to him.
“It’s not that simple.” Dick replied, still trying to get her to go away.
“And what if it is, Dick?” Kory asked softly causing Dick to stop in his tracks. “What if you just tell her you love her and everything gets better?”
Dick was quiet for a moment before he tightened his lips and buried his emotions under a slab of concrete. “We don’t live in a fantasy world. Nothing’s that simple, Kory.”
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