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#did i sing along to it
alkeila4 months ago
Tumblr media
Don't Have the Time (Lisa ver.)
Soo I wanted to make arts to every Star Academy song.. Decided to start with this one, although this song isn't first in SA games.
Just wanted to do something with Lisa, and this song somehow associates with her mostly. Aaand i really like the mood of this one! Suits her well.
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ishipeverything338 months ago
*Bakugou and Midoriya were put on time out until they apologize to each other after having a fight*
Bakugou and Midoriya: *both sitting next to each other grumpily and facing away from each other*
*Random song starts playing on the radio*
Bakugou and Midoriya: *both sing along without screwing up a single word and in perfect sync*
*When the song is over they both continue to look away from eachother grumpily and act like nothing happened*
Everyone in the room who witnessed: s h o o k
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xadoheandterraa month ago
I've had A Brand New Day on my mind and couldn't for thr LIFE OF ME remember the show it was from. But I knew it was Neil Patrick Harris so I looked it up and.
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the-mcu-is-amazing4 months ago
Loki fans, y鈥檃ll need to be more chill
bEeEEEeee mOreE cHiLlllLlllllllLlLLLL
okay but seriously shippers calm down ship who you want to ship with Loki and don鈥檛 go tagging the other ship if you are going to talk shit about it. Tag 鈥渁nti-sylki鈥 or 鈥渁nti-lokius鈥 or whatever.
okay? Okay.
Thank you for your time and have a nice day
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tj-crochets4 months ago
The full version of Lost in the Woods (to the tune of What a Wonderful World), first verse from this post聽the rest by me! @extransient here you go
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stardew-saloon10 months ago
Hi! Can I request Sam with a farmer that was really into musical theater and Broadway and is always sings those kinds of songs to themselves when they work
Sure! This one might be a little short, sorry! Just wanted to get somethin鈥 out :)
Also pls ignore the title i had no clue what to call this
Sam with a Farmer that was really into Broadway
The first time Sam catches you singing, it鈥檚 a rainy afternoon. You didn鈥檛 need to water the crops, but you wanted to check on them regardless. You were singing along to something he鈥檇 never heard, so he was already interested.
Sam didn鈥檛 want to interrupt, though. He listened from a distance, not wanting to catch you off guard and make you stop singing. Your voice, no matter how awful or amazing it sounded, was the best thing he鈥檇 ever heard. Maybe you should be the singer for his band!
After that, Sam doesn鈥檛 bring it up. But every so often, he still catches you singing. One day, he looks up the lyrics and listens to the entire musical that it鈥檚 from. He memorizes every single word just so he could sing with you.
The next time he hears you singing, it鈥檚 a sunny day. You鈥檙e checking the animals, playing with your pet and feeding the chickens. Sam enters the chicken coop, joining in and belting out the words.
It scares the shit out of you! But it鈥檚 Sam! And he鈥檚 singing your favorite song like his life depends on it. So you forget about the situation and sing along with him, trying to be as overdramatic as him. You start dancing around together (trying not to step on the chickens) and he twirls you around, even dipping you down at some point.
It鈥檚 adorable seeing Sam so excited over something you think he wouldn鈥檛 be interested in. He never struck you as the theater nerd type, but now that he鈥檚 singing with you, singing every word correctly like he鈥檚 heard it a thousand times, you can鈥檛 help but be reminded about how much you love him.
After the song ends, Sam scoops you up in a hug. He鈥檚 ecstatic, happy he could share a moment like this with you. You ask where he learned that from, and he admits that he only looked it up because he heard you singing it one day.
It鈥檚 incredibly sweet either way. You two have many more singing sessions after that and little dance parties. Abigail is invited over a few times, since she鈥檚 really into a few different musicals, so you guys get to sing and dance together! It鈥檚 a lot of fun. Sebastian is invited over too, but he always mopes on the couch rather than joining in.
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i-miss-cedar-point2 months ago
/affectionately remembers that time Ranboo, after saying multiple times that he would never sing anything, sang The Ultimate Showdown on Karl's karaoke stream several months ago
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