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#did someone ask for an essay lol

I’m glad you think I’m part of the few. I can see how a lot of cc skews for female sims. I can’t tell you why creators don’t often make things for men. Could be they don’t want to. Or the variety for female sims must be really interesting, just like in real life. However, I agree. I think it can be done. That said, I am grateful for the stuff we do have from the community. And tbh… EA had no excuse lol.

Men have a smaller pool to play in but the small differences and the different types of styles out there are really interesting and personally something I’d like to see!
Of course right now, I’m trying to get some era/decade clothing in my game (and hopefully yours soon) since the stuff pack was lackluster. I’ve not yet learned to mesh very well, and it’s not something that really interests me right now; so I usually just do some EA mish-mashing to get something workable from the stuff they did give us. We need some of that 70s clothing too! I’d really like to tackle the bold print shirts and form-fitting flared pants.

Athletic, goth, punk, casual, business casual, loungewear, tech, tuxes, etc. Granted, that we get the bare minimum from these catagories so it’d be nice to see something that’s also stylish. Also with a handful of celebrities wearing more feminine clothing, it’s something I’d love to see translated in game. Maybe even more culture-specific clothing!

I know there’s a lot of male cc for ts4, but the polycount just isn’t worth it for me. decimating the mesh and all that takes a specific patience I don’t have anymore lmao

So to all the people that converty s4 stuff and try their darndest to make it look good, I salute you. That shit is NOT easy.

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