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tatzelwyrm · a year ago
didthedevilturnup replied to your post: das ist komisch, ich hab grad geschaut und es ist...
Bei mir funktioniert es übrigens auch nicht. Hab mich auch schon gewundert :/
Danke, obwohl mir das echt Leid tut.
Ich dachte schon ich wär bekloppt, dabei ist es Netflix, das bekloppt ist.
Wieso können nur manche Menschen die Serie sehen?
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tatzelwyrm · 5 months ago
I DO NOT IN FACT HAVE ANY COLBERT-RELATED DVD BOX SETS and i see now that this is a grievous oversight on my part.
But... but... how can you live like this? ;___;
While moving to a new flat this fall the Indecision 2004 box set fell into my hands again and I was overcome by nostalgia. Remember when people thought George Bush jr. was the worst US politics had to offer? It has some nice commentary on the episodes + clips not related to Indecision.
If you have not already seen it, you also definitely need the Colbert Christmas special (A Colbert Christmas) bc it’s a musical!
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captain-flint · a year ago
i want you to know i started watching 911 because of you and now i'm on ep 3 and already invested
aaaahhhhhh i’m so happy to hear that!! HAVE FUN!!
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yg-drag · 5 years ago
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currently-without · 6 years ago
for the ship meme: Tokio/Tamao, IN GREAT DETAIL PLEASE :)))
Ohhhhh I love those two, I will never be over those two NEVER EVER.
Tokio/Tamao (Crows Zero)
who takes longer showers?
I wanted to say Tokio because he looks the most prim and proper of the whole bunch, but then I remembered Tamao's impeccable coiffure in the first film, so I guess he spends an incredible amount of time in the bathroom while Tokio puts on a nice white shirt and is basically a model. That is until the second movie rolls around and Tamao is so zen and chill that he spends exactly zero time on his looks.  
who picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive?
They always go together to the bar anyway, so they probably take turns in being the designated driver. (Although I'm guessing that Tokio - being on meds and all - gets the short end of the stick more often than not xD).
how do they make up after a fight?
Well, Tokio's usual tactic would be "my ex-boyfriend comes back and is all overly dramatic" or "getting a brain tumor and never actually adressing that you are maybe jealous of my ex and other problems we might have and should really really talk about". Since that isn't an option and since Tamao doesn't allow Tokio to get hit anymore, he really is at a loss as how to deal with that. But curiously enough, Tamao seems to be even more easy-going and way calmer than before - and there isn't that much they disagree about in the first place, so they don't really fight anymore.  
who prefers rain and who prefers sun?
Tokio prefers the sun because sunsets and Tamao prefers the rain because he loves taking his umbrella collection for a stroll (but he likes it when the rain stops just before the sunset so  he can watch it together with Tokio and breathe in the fresh, cold air, while Tokio leans into him only the slightest bit).
what’s their favorite place to go together?
The rooftop. There are just so many memories there etched in both their minds and - very palpable - sometimes written in black all across the walls They watch the sunsets almost every day from there too and I am sure they would never give that place up for anyone (Genji would probably have to pry it from their cold dead hands, but I don't think he took the "top of the Suzuran" thing quite that literally or serious anyway).  
do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.?
I think they do. Maybe just the big stuff like birthdays, which usually ends up in Tokio paying for everything when they are planning a party for Tamao. They party at the school or at Tamao's favourite hangout, aka that one run down and abandoned old gas station and there is food, there is music, and Tamao gets presents (mostly more food. No, really, one time Tokaji tried to give him really nice sunglasses and Tamao almost hit him in the head). For Tokio's birthday, they meet early in the morning and drive down to the beach, where they spent the whole day swimming, layzing around and just... being together. And when they come back in the evening, the twins are probably running mad like confused puppies in fear of abandonment and then it's...    
who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke?
... karaoke all night long. They are both into singing so there is no pressuring going on, and it's mostly the twins anyway who are trying to pester Tamao into singing the most stupid heartfelt Enka-songs. And then it's Tokio who takes the mic from him and just belts out the most perfect lyrics and the wrongest tunes.
what’s their nightly routine?
Sunsets. Always. They watch the sunset together, they talk and laugh and then they drive around the city (they change places these days, because Tamao finally learned how to drive and sometimes he just needs to make sure ), looking for a bar, and not going home until they have to (they usually sleep at Tokio's place where it isn't as cramped as Tamao's).    
who’s more likely to burn dinner?
Tokio. But that's just because Tamao actually does some cooking in his down time. It doesn't matter that he only grills some sausages on a makeshift barbeque fashioned out of half a barrel and the bent and broken parts of an old shopping cart. It's food no matter what and it's selfmade and it's ... home, Tokio realizes with a start, as Tamao puts another half burnt sausage on his plate and the twins are falling all over each other to slather ketchup everywhere, his plate, his hands, his shirt and Tamao slaps them away, growls at them...Tokio smiles and digs in.  
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redrosesinc · 6 years ago
For the AU thing: Lannert/Bootz, 22.
I can't send it to you to beta it because I wrote it for you so uh
Let me just say that it's one of the weirdest things I've ever written.
22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
Natürlich wird man immer gerade dann zu Hochzeiten eingeladen, wenn man selbst gerade verlassen wurde. Das Universum hat einen merkwürdigen Sinn für Humor, denkt Sebastian, und trinkt einen weitern Schluck Sekt - das einzige alkoholische Getränk, das er bei diesem Empfang bestellen konnte, obwohl er eigentlich etwas sehr viel Stärkeres gebraucht hätte."Mann, Sebastian, jetzt entspann mal", sagt Nika neben ihm und stupst ihn an, doch er starrt weiterhin trübsinning von der Terrasse. "Ist es wegen Julia oder was?"Er gibt keine Antwort. Nika seufzt. "Warte mal", sagt sie, und verschwindet in den Innenbereich.Sebastian starrt ihr nach und beginnt, sich zu fragen, wieso alle ihn verlassen, als sie schon mit einem verwirrt aussehenden Mann im Schlepptau wieder auftaucht. "Ich geh kurz zu Emilia. Unterhaltet euch", fordert sie, und dann ist sie auch schon wieder weg.Sebastian wirft dem Mann einen kurzen Blick zu."Hi", sagt er schließlich, und streckt ihm seine Hand hin. "Sebastian", sagt er."Thorsten", sagt der Mann, schüttelt die Hand und lächelt.Sebastian nickt und blickt dann wieder in die graue Landschaft."Sieht nach Regen aus", sagt der Mann, Thorsten, und lehnt sich neben ihn ans Geländer. "Und sie sehen nicht so aus, als würden sie besonders Spaß haben", fährt er fort.Sebastian zuckt mit den Schultern. "Würden sie Spaß bei einer Hochzeit haben, wenn sie gerade verlassen worden wären?", fragt er.Jetzt zuckt auch Thorsten mit den Schultern. "Keine Ahnung", meint er. "Aber vielleicht lernen sie ja jemanden kennen. Bei Hochzeiten sind alle lockerer und romantischer gestimmt..." Er deutet etwas hilflos in Richtung der Menschenmenge, die am Kuchenbuffet steht.Aus irgendeinem Grund muss Sebastian doch ein bisschen lachen. "Sie schlagen vor, dass ich eine Brautjungfer aufreiße, oder was?", fragt er.Thorsten schaut ihn ernst an. "Muss ja nicht unbedingt eine Brautjungfer sein".Sebastian grinst, doch anstatt tatsächlich nach einer Brautjungfer zu suchen, bleibt er neben Thorsten stehen, der inzwischen auch dazu übergegangen ist, ins Tal zu blicken."Sind sie eigentlich auch bei Hochzeiten lockerer und romantischer?", fragt er irgendwann.Thorsten blickt etwas überrascht auf, doch dann lächelt er. "Vielleicht."
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spacerhapsody · 7 days ago
@mscalifornication tagged me to share my lockscreen, last song listened to and last image saved – thanks! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a) my lockscreen is so dark and grey lmao, but i needed a contrast to my home screen (also, i love this picture!)
b) end of day softness?
c) the one and only carrd you'll ever get from me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
tagging (if you want to!): @hazelestelle, @didthedevilturnup, @anotherobsessedfangirl, @occhi-verdi-come-il-mare
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black-cat-aoife · 4 years ago
BUNDESLÄNDER ASK MEME!!! Rheinland-Pfalz aus Lokalpatriotismus natürlich.
Rheinland-Pfalz: Liebstes deftig-deutsches Gericht?
Ich wollte jetzt fast Braten mit Knödeln sagen aber wenn Knödel dann bitte Mamas Böhmische Semmelknödel und die sind ja dann wenig Deutsch :P (wobei Serviertenknödel auch noch akzeptabel sind...aber die sind ja dann Österreichisch oder? Mit deutschen Kartoffelknödeln kann ich jedenfalls wenig anfangen).
Also..ehem. Bratwurst. Fränkische Bratwurst. Drei im Weckle. 
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