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#diego hargreeves
you know how everybody just assumes Klaus was homeless before season 1? like it was never said but thats what everybody uses as his backstory
well i think it would be really funny if that was completely wrong.
i can imagine like at the age of 18 Klaus somehow managed to bluff his way into becoming friends with some other druggie whos got this really classic, modern, decked out expensive penthouse. like he only pretended to befriend him to get free drugs but then he accidentally saved his life or something so how hes in this dudes will to receive everything he owns once he dies
and like Klaus just completely forgets about this and goes on with his life until like 6 months later when he gets cornered on the street by some lawyer whos like 'yeah they died a couple days ago, everythings yours'
so now he just has all this stuff, and this massive house, and hes just like 'oh cool'
but because its Klaus, i feel like everything would be the same as in most other pre season 1 aus. like hes still on the streets most of the time just because hes too high to get home and cant be bothered.
he still keeps running into Diego whos just begrudgingly trying to keep who he ASSUMES is his homeless brother alive, and it never comes up in conversation so Klaus just doesn't mention it
then finally one day he does find out because he runs into Klaus drunk or something and is like 'ok lets get you back to my place' and Klaus is like 'oh no no no, lets go to MY place' and leads him to this fancy as fuck building and takes him to the penthouse at the top and Diegos like ??????
Klaus explains it so now Diego just kinda half lives at Klaus place purely out of spite of the fact that his junkie brother has a better home than him. like Diego seems to sleep there more than Klaus does, to the point where Diegos just straight up stole Klaus bedroom. when Klaus comes home he sleeps on the couch.
basically i just want a roommate comedy fic of Diego, the pissed off brother whos stolen Klaus house and is now begrudgingly trying to take care of him, and Klaus, whos legit only going back to the penthouse at night now because when he doesn't Diego gets his fuckin cop friends to drag his ass home like a tired mother.
it would be even funnier if the building Klaus penthouse is in, also has one of Allison's luxurious apartments that she owns in the city for when she visits. and neither Diego nor Klaus want to explain/deal with Allison knowing about where they live, so whenever shes in the city for a while they have to fucking sneak around their own building for fear of getting caught.
the rest of the residents in the building know about the situation and have a soft spot for the two, so they all help cover for them.
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tua-said-this · 2 days ago
Klaus: Maybe next time you should listen to what I say!
Diego: How was I supposed to know you were telling the truth when you said a guy was dressing up as spongebob and killing people?!? That sounds like a complete lie!
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axemanhargreeves · 22 hours ago
Ben: Okay, now observe.
Klaus: EVERYONE, The floor is lava!
Allison: *helps Vanya onto the counter*
Diego: *pushes Luther off the sofa*
Ben: As you can see, there are two types of people–
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nikky-the-writer · 2 days ago
The LittleThings
Tumblr media
Five!Platonic x Reader
A/N: I haven’t been writing fanfiction for a long while so....I’0m a little bit out of my element......I hope you guys enjoy it!
Summary: AU! Domestic little oneshot
Warning: It’s really short
It was the little things. It was something which many would have never noticed at least in a normal world and under ordinary circumstances. It was something natural and common. The actions could be perceived as an act of care and love, two things which shouldn’t be considered as strange, yet everyone who has witnesses the tinny actions, could not believe their eyes. The most unusual things weren’t plainly just your actions but the reactions towards them of someone who was seemed as a cold person.
At first every single sign of care was unwanted; however with time it seemed as if nothing changed however a small smile would always replace the frown on the boy’s face. The smile was never there for anyone to witness, but the lack of complains were. The remarks and comments turned into silence, and even into quiet words of gratitude.
It has only been a few months since all of the siblings have met you, of course except Diego, with whom you had been for a long time and were even raising a little girl together. That on its own was a surprise to everyone however it didn’t take long before they grew to like you however not everyone. There was one person who kept distance from you for a long time and was never the one to approach you.
Five was reluctant in getting to know you or to accept you into their dysfunctional family because of it you thought that he hated you. Diego told you things about him and how hard it must have been for Five to live on his own and now to be back. You couldn’t completely understand it, but soon you realized something. Whenever Five would blankly stare at you as if he wanted for you to vanish, you were almost never alone. Almost every time you were either taking care of your daughter or of those around you. And then it hit you; Five never got to experience anything like that. He never truly had a mother to take care of him unconditionally or to just simply have someone there who could make you comfortable and make you feel safe.
So with baby steps, your thoughts were soon put into actions. You no longer treated Five the way everyone was telling you as you truly didn’t see a fifty year old man but a lost kid who needed somebody in his life. And with that mindset those glares were just a sign of Five being a grumpy teenager. But all of that change rapidly on one unexpected day.
It was an early morning and with everyone staying at the old house just like you, there were only a few moments of silence ever in that house. At least it was enough time for you to prepare breakfast for everyone. However, just as usually, only a few of them showed up. At least Klaus was munching on his toast while making your daughter laugh. And everything was normal until you had done something that made Klaus’ jaw drop.
His eyes moved from you to Five and back to you until they finally settled on what surprised him. He kept staring at the toast which was placed in front of five. The toast was void of crust which had been cut prior to placing it on the table.
You were aware that Five wasn't fond of crust so you removed it without a second thought. But as the silence grew after the small gesture your eyes locked on Klaus who motioned towards the still untouched plate.
“What?” you questioned as you couldn’t notice any problem. 
“You c-” Klaus stopped abruptly as instead of complaining or leaving Five actually accepted the food. “Did I smoke too much yesterday?” Klaus let out not believing what he was witnessing.
“What is going on with you?” you questioned staring at Klaus. 
“You will catch flies if you don't close your mouth!” Five stated before turning to his breakfast. 
"What?! Aren't you going to react?” Klaus pointed out. 
“Oh...” Five let out before turning to you. “Thank you!” He said just like he would every other morning. However his gratitude wasn't expected by Klaus whose eyes only grew wider. 
“I'm not buying from that dude ever again!” Klaus stated blaming it all onto what he used to feed his addiction. He stepped away from the table not wanting to be in the presence of what to him was the strangest scene he had ever seen although he is able to see ghosts. He was more than sure that if Ben were there that he as well wouldn't be able to comprehend the situation. Hopefully, he was just having a strange morning and that was all, however somehow it just continued to get even weirder. From the morning to evening he had finally noticed all the little things which he ha somehow missed during the whole time since you had been introduced. 
It wasn't just breakfast with which you had helped Five. Klaus had seen the way you had helped Five when he couldn't reach for something from a high shelf or the way you brought him something special after you came back from doing groceries. It was strange for him to see you, the one who was actually with one of his brothers to treat another brother as if he were your son. He could understand it from your side, but he couldn't understand how you had enough strength and patience to deal with Five who was known to be moody and who wanted everyone to just leave him alone. Yet somehow you were always there for Five and with time Klaus came to understand why his brother stopped complaining and saying no to you.
Five had been alone since he was thirteen years old and also never had anyone who truly took care of him. It was saddening how actually none of them had someone who truly cared for them. 
Klaus became grateful for your behavior. However, he wasn’t able to see it as something normal. Every little thing that he has witnessed was somehow weird. He did learn to live with it and somehow also grew jealous towards it. But luckily, you had noticed the change in Klaus’ behavior and subtly you started to take care of him as well.
 A/N: Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!
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black-coffee-beats · 16 hours ago
Y/N: The best revenge, really, is being nice.
Diego, in the distance: Or murder.
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flecket · 2 days ago
a softer lila pitts
Tumblr media
with apologies to e horne and j comeau
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wheeoya · 2 days ago
tua headcanons;
on long roadtrips (on a van)
vanya drives because luther can't fit in the driver's seat, five is too young (physically) so he sits beside her on the passenger seat, klaus are prohibited, diego would rather just watch from the side, ben has no experience and if he did he'd probably the slowest driver ever and alisson has to babysit diego, klaus and ben + luther, checking up on him every while in the back
they take turns in playing their playlist on the radio
tbh none of them really wears their seatbelts because, it's vanya who's driving
ben brings his books along the trip, reading them in the car even if the car is moving
resulting him in getting nauseous... and then yelling out, "stop the car!" making vanya have no choice but to pull over on a near gas station (they haven't even got that far—)
because of that, they find a near restaurant or drive thru to get ben something to eat and including themselves because of leaving early at 3am with empty stomaches
they also make stops because so that luther can go stretch his limbs from being cramped in the back
klaus and alisson sings along to little mix - love (sweet love)
five skips the time whenever they reach a stop or traffic
- wheeoya
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christopher-the-cube · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i can’t believe loki works for the commission now
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sad3girl · 9 months ago
the only show that is allowed to have its characters call each other 'sis' and 'bro' is the umbrella academy because not a single hargreeves knows how families work
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beif0ngs · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
excluding Ben, the Hargreeves boys all collectively share one braincell and it’s Five’s
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