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betterfitlifea day ago
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Something to think about ...
PERFECTION GUARANTEES FAILURE. Perfection is not a target, it's an excuse we tell ourselves to stay the way we are. By making the choice to eat perfectly or poorly, you'll always choose poorly because you know you can't hit perfection. Perfection is not a real standard, it's setting you up for failure. And then you make one bad choice during the day and you think the day is ruined and you may as well start again tomorrow because today wasn't perfect.
PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. Focus on making small improvements. Make the goal one step ahead of where you are now, and then when you hit that move it one step further again. You'll start to build momentum and soon enough you'll be living the life that you dream of...
鉁匱ag a friend who needs to see this! 馃憖馃憞馃憞
Credit: by @default_thinking .
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sameoldhabitsa day ago
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"i'm gonna start tomorrow" yeah sure...
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pr3ttyd3ad2 days ago
I got on the scale today and I am the heaviest I鈥檝e ever been馃槄 so today I鈥檓 gonna start this diet
Starting weight: 261.2lbs
Current weight: 255.6lbs (will be updated)
Checkpoint weight: 200lbs
Goal weight: 130lbs
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alone--with--anaa day ago
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She wrote in her post : "maybe someone will find it helpful :33"
She answered me : "why do you feel the need to comment and make fun of my post? anyone can be thinspo, why isn鈥檛 she a valid one? anorexia isn鈥檛 cool, but not everyone can recover without help and support."
"not everyone can recover without help" but she encourages them to identify with Effy with this :
"Effy smokes a lot, chews gum, doesn't seem to eat much. She has a nice thigh gap and is generally very beautiful."
And telling them to fast or eat about 300 calories a day.
She says : "it鈥檚 not my responsibility that some young girls will see this"
It's your responsibility.
Some people are too sick, easily influenced to be responsible for their actions here.
And you make them see that by using tags to be found by them.
Don't make excuses, of course you are responsible, but it's better to say it's not so you don't feel guilty, right?
That goes for everyone who does the same thing.
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rachelelizaandana10 hours ago
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I love her arms sm
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nycnomada day ago
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Tumblr media
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Hello, everyone, it鈥檚 me. I know you don鈥檛 recognize me, because I made a GOOD DECISION.
J and I went to dinner on Friday night with two of our friends, and it was a Mediterranean restaurant where giant, fluffy pitas were served with every plate. Everyone told me they were the best pitas they鈥檝e ever had.
But I ordered falafel with tahini, chicken shawarma with hummus (above), two glasses of sparkling wine, and a cup of espresso. No pita! I didn鈥檛 even have a bite.
And then J and I had a 5-mile walk home across the Brooklyn Bridge, so we decided to each get a pint of low-carb, low-calorie Halo Top to eat along the way. We stopped into a few bodegas in Greenwich Village, but they only had carby ice creams.
We finally found one that had several flavors of Halo Top, and of course there was no price tag because NYC, but Halo Top is usually 6 or 7 dollars here, so whatever. But it turns out each pint was TEN DOLLARS. Ha! But as we were checking out, I noticed that the cashier and J were wearing the exact same shirt from Express.
I pointed it out, and the guy laughed, and J said, 鈥淟ooking good!鈥
So that cute bodega experience was worth the six extra dollars.
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lightasonefeather2a day ago
Kpop inspo #6
Luna from f(x) and her idol diet water
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Recipe I use:
- Water 1/2L
- Green tea 1 bag
- Lemon
Mix, cool and drink
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losing2anaagain4 months ago
Me: diet culture is toxic
Also me: *starves myself*
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betterfitlife2 days ago
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Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up.聽
Your day will come.聽
-Weight is just a number, it's important for size !!! It's not easy but it's worth changing!-Don't wait for the opportunity, start right away.
Credit: Unknown
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abitmucha month ago
Reminder to myself
The food wasn鈥檛 worth it. Eating this much was not worth the set back. I feel huge and uncomfortable. Each day I should be getting closer to my goal not further from it. My calorie limit is there for a reason and I don鈥檛 need any more. Practice control.
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pr3ttyd3ad21 hours ago
Just finished my first fast in a while at 50.6 hours
I could have went longer but I started to feel a little sick because I started my period and wasn鈥檛 eating but I鈥檓 proud of how far I made it馃槑
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justcatpostsa month ago
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鈥淚鈥檓 so proud of my baby for losing weight! I put him on a vet recommended diet and look at him鈥 馃ズ聽
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lesssness3 months ago
my body is begging me to eat something but i won't bc i've been begging this bitch to be skinny for years and she has always been saying to fuck off
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thenatsdorfa year ago
鈥淗e鈥檚 on a diet but he pretends to eat what his owner eats.鈥
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