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#dig a grave to dig out a ghost
luci-in-trenchcoats · 3 years ago
Forgetful Dean
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dean x reader
A/N: Written for my 7K Follower Gif Drabble Celebration!
“Ouch,” said Dean, waking up in the back of Baby sooner than you were expecting. “What the...Y/N!”
“You alright?” you asked, dropping the shovel nearby, walking over to the backseat and squatting down. 
“I’d be better if I wasn’t handcuffed,” groaned Dean, blinking his eyes at you. “What’s going on? Why didn’t you cut me loose?”
“You don’t remember who knocked you out in the first place?” you asked, Dean shaking his head. “Well, thanks for the bruised knuckles. You sort of tried to kill me about ten minutes ago.”
“No I didn’t,” he said, trying to sit up, your hand pushing him back down. “Y/N, seriously?”
“If I wanted to tie you up for fun, it wouldn’t have been like this,” you said, Dean focusing his eyes on the pile of dirt behind you.
“Please tell me you aren’t digging my grave,” he said.
“No! It’s a salt and burn. Ghost possession, babe. We’re working a case, remember? I got to keep you tucked away until I get rid of the sucker in case you try something again,” you said, Dean sighing as he tried to sit up again, getting shoved back once more. “If you don’t stay still, I’ll knock you out again.”
“Well, hurry it up because that second time wasn’t me,” said Dean. You quickly closed the door on him, getting back to digging up the bones and setting them aflame. Dean was more relaxed when you went back to Baby, cracking his jaw when you released him.
“Sorry. I think there’s ice in the cooler,” you said, Dean smirking as he reached down into the footwell for it.
“You always did have a killer right hook,” he teased, grabbing one of the icepacks and holding it to his face. “Cold, cold, cold.”
“Here,” you said, fishing into his pocket and pulling out his handkerchief, wrapping it around the pack and pressing it to his face. “Better?”
“Yeah. You want to drive home? I would but I have a concussion,” he said with a smile.
“You want me to drive. You’re definitely concussed, Dean,” you said, helping him get into the front seat. “So next time I say wait for me to go in the haunted house...”
“I’m never going to hear the end of this, are I?”
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project-love-girls · 7 days ago
hey there! may I request sakura nanamine and yashiro nene with a ghost s/o who is constantly trying to ressurect themselves yet constantly failing?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nene x fem!ghost!reader
genre: fluff/drabble
warnings: death, mentions of killing, cold hands.
Tumblr media
“hey… you don’t have to do that y’know..?”
nene stared down at her ghost girlfriend, who was currently trying to dig up her own grave.
“it’s not MY fault someone decided to kill me and bury me in the school garden! all i’m doing is-“
“hey, what are you doing?!”
nene jumped, a teacher approached the spot, where the ghost were still digging
“this was the resting place of some poor girl, be more respectful of the dead.”
nene was terrified, what if she got kicked out of the garden? what if she was never allowed in again?!
“ah, i-i’m so- wait.. what do you mean by.. was?”
nene made sure (f/n) was listening, pulling on her uniform slightly to make her look up.
“yes, we can’t have a dead body buried on school grounds, now remember school closes in about an hour!”
and with that slap in the face of information, he left the girl and the ghost to dwell on their options.
“i.. i guess this wasn’t the right way…”
“hey… (f/n)..”
nene leaned down and took your dirty cold transparent hand, it felt like she was holding a gust of wind in her palm, nonetheless, she still felt (f/n).
“you don’t have to be human for me to love you. i’ll always love you.”
nene gave her her sweet but rare smile, the smile (f/n) tells her is cute, but she doesn’t believe it.
“there’s only one thing left to do…”
(f/n) said in a serious tone
“NO, (f/n) HE’LL KILL YOU!-“
Tumblr media
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