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arjunamky · 2 minutes ago
Boom! | Sketch for the day 10 | Digital Painting Time-lapse | Photoshop ...
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kerenobara · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Marketing refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying and selling of a product or service (Twin 2020). Digital Marketing (Barone 2020) is the use of the internet, technology, mobile devices, search engines and social media to reach consumers. The field of digital marketing is broad, acclaimed by the industry, digital marketing has become a necessary aspect of business within a world beginning to resemble a pre-template of a cyberpunk or blade runner aesthetically run society. With applied science evolving faster than it has ever, data science, artificial intelligence and high tech have already been incorporated into various marketing schemes. There are two parties within the parlance of digital marketing. Producers who are referred to as sources and consumers who are referred to as receivers (Sreemoyee 2020). Communication is a huge part of digital marketing. In order to be successful while carrying out campaigns, it is important for practitioners to correlate their IMC endeavours with two things:
The message delivered.
This is done via the process of serving, encoding, delivering the message, receiving, decoding, responding + feedback. Complimentary to this, a process that follows awareness, alignment, engagement and action (Rose 2010) is necessary in order to carry out effective and real communication. 
Marketing is and has always been about reaching and connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time (Alexander 2020). Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time, which is on the internet. Internet marketing channels include website marketing, pay per click, content, email, social media and affiliate marketing (Barone 2020). Google owns the largest market share of the search engine market, dominating at 92.47% as of January 2021 ( In most start up companies, the SEO team is an essential among the few others such as sales, finance, management and PR etc. One thing that all these teams have in common is that they are all focused on helping the company grow as fast as possible, this is done by enabling more data and new opportunities. Website traffic and online presence is one thing that helps businesses grow. How big the company is influences the ratio of SEO marketing to sales. If the company is small, paid advertising is to be utilised in order to inject keyword searches with information about the company. Therefore, the goal is to use different ways to increase SEO traffic. Due to algorithms, google can tell a good website from an irrelevant one. Therefore, outreach strategies are important, this is so because reaching out to prospects is more than only creating a connection. One has to continuously work on keeping your prospects engaged and actively nurturing their leads where content will be shared and a link provided. Outreach strategies include automated outreach, link building and keyword search. 
With email automation software and tools, sending emails manually, which could prove to be time consuming, is streamlined. Sending emails and follow ups is an important part of digital marketing. Through automated outreach, twice the number of responses and twice the number of prospects can be reached. 
Examples of link building strategies include technical, on page and off page. Keyword research is  normally the starting point of any on-page SEO activity. It is useful to find which keywords people are using to find out what they need to search. Keyword research is performed using specialist industry tools which are mostly paid. Some examples of such tools are Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, SEO monitor, SEO clarity etc. While most industry popular SEO tools are paid, these are free online tools such as Google Trends.  To build natural links, top quality content with a high shareability element is the number one driving force. After this, backlink strategies, in app advertising, paid ads and keyword searches come into play. SEO in digital marketing builds brand identity by maintaining a strong online presence. Below are the steps taken to yield proper returns, responses and traffic via Google driven SEO’s.
Create a simple and well structured URL.
Create consistent and relevant content.
Create attractive SEO titles.
A proper length of SEO title.
Avoid using special characters within the content of the website.
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©Keren Obara Mar 2021
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nadmindia · 4 minutes ago
Some Types Of Keywords Every Digital Marketer Should Know
Short Tail Keywords-
Head keywords, also referred to as generic key terms, are popular, wide search phrases that have an extremely substantial volume of traffic. These phrases are usually a couple of words, and they’re extremely aggressive to rank for.
For Example- Digital Marketing
Mid Tail Keywords-
Mid-tail keywords fall involving between short-tail keywords, which include a higher volume of visitors but are highly competitive, and long-tail keyword phrases, which include a tiny volume of visitors but with significantly less competition and greater conversion prices. These phrases are generally two to three words and therefore are somewhat more descriptive than normal head keywords.
For Example- Best Digital Marketing Courses
Long-Tail Keywords-
Long-tail keywords would be the longest search phrases and therefore are extremely targeted to a particular subject or audience. These phrases typically have reduced search traffic and therefore are low-competition keywords, making them easier to rank for. Since they’re more particular, they typically have higher conversion rates than thoughts and mid-tail keyword phrases.
For Example- best digital marketing training in Lucknow
Kinds of On-Site Keywords
On-site content keywords refer to the kinds of keywords in SEO that are utilized to make articles such as a new blog article or landing page. These kinds of keywords are:
Main or Primary keywords
LSI keywords
Main Keywords
A key keyword is that the principal term you aim at a page. Every page of SEO articles must have one main keyword delegated to it. The webpage should follow keyword optimization best methods to deliver clear signals to search engines and subscribers the webpage is all about that keyword. After these best practices will help improve your search traffic and rank for this keyword and content.
For Example- men’s sneakers
Related Keyword or LSI Keywords
Associated search phrases or LSI keywords (latent semantic keywords ) are phrases or terms which are semantically related with, or variations, or synonyms of, a key keyword. They’re utilized to encourage the main keyword in a sheet of content. Each page ought to be assigned one main keyword and three to four associated key terms that provide additional context into the webpage, which can help search engines better and understand the position of the webpage.
For Example- men’s shoes
If anyone wants to learn from SEO, then NADM (National Academy of Digital Marketing) is the best Institute in Lucknow. Not only SEO, but NADM also Provides Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow that includes, SEO, SMO, Google Ads, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Designing, Affiliate Marketing, and much more.
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rawr-ception · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Happy Mother's Day! 🌻
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theshortlist-blog · 7 minutes ago
China's Digital Yuan Smart Card to Feature Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanning – Bitcoin News
China’s Digital Yuan Smart Card to Feature Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanning – Bitcoin News
The People’s Bank of China’s upcoming digital yuan card will feature IDEX Biometrics and fingerprint scanning, according to regional reports. China’s “Digital Currency Electronic Payment” or DCEP is getting closer toward launch by the day. Last week, smart card manufacturer Chutian Dragon and IDEX Biometrics announced the companies are working on a digital yuan payments card. China’s DCEP Will…
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crimsonfireboltart · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
An OC for my first mermay! Please meet Marie! A mermaid swordsman ✊
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gnyv · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
my oc katsumi after being redesigned for the millionth time
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btcnix · 8 minutes ago
Market Analysis Demonstrates Bitcoin Price Is Nowhere Near Top Of Run
Market Analysis Demonstrates Bitcoin Price Is Nowhere Near Top Of Run
Market Analysis Demonstrates Bitcoin Price Is Nowhere Near Top Of Run A deeper dive into bitcoin’s fundamentals and recent market trends shows that the price bull run is nowhere near its top. Bitcoin has been consolidating around the $1 trillion market capitalization threshold for almost three months, which is a very healthy development during a bitcoin bull market. So, what’s happening behind…
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btcnix · 9 minutes ago
Edward Snowden Knocks Alex Gladstein’s Crypto Critique- ‘Worst Part of Dragon-Level Wealth Is People Devolve Into Dragons Themselves’
Edward Snowden Knocks Alex Gladstein’s Crypto Critique- ‘Worst Part of Dragon-Level Wealth Is People Devolve Into Dragons Themselves’
Edward Snowden Knocks Alex Gladstein’s Crypto Critique- ‘Worst Part of Dragon-Level Wealth Is People Devolve Into Dragons Themselves’ On Saturday evening, the privacy advocate and well known whistleblower, Edward Snowden, spoke out against some criticism stemming from the Human Rights Foundation’s Alex Gladstein. Snowden attacked the tribalism taking place in the crypto space and said that some…
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thegamingraptorchicken · 9 minutes ago
Animation meme i made my mom for mothers day with all six of her ferrets and one of my ocs at the end
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