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#digital art

Here’s a little spoiler!! I’m making a meme about all my OC’s. 

Scroll Sans and Frisk are going to be featured as well ^^ 

Another character is (Hylian) Skull kid from my Zelda Fanfic ^^ 

Anyway this is Emily the human version of Emyra (yep my yt channel name, it’s the name of a demon in one of my stories) 

Anyway have a nice day/night!!

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“You never age out of art” - I saw @Loisvb ’s draw it in your own style challenge in relation to DeviantArt’s 20th anniversary and decided to give it a try. Especially since I, back in the day, used DeviantArt myself. In later years though, it’s become a site I have forgotten. But since it just had 20th anniversary, happy birthday Deviant Art. I was 10 years old when you started out.
I wanted to make an older version of Loish’s drawing, especially since I, as a struggling artist, feel very old at the age of 30, so as a reminder to myself, I hope I am like the old lady I drew here when I get old. Content and happy creating. I hope you all like it (:

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Sometimes rainy days are not so bad…

To be honest, I don’t know where all of this came from, I simply thought that Roy could be cute while watching Riza with this look 😊 Sorry for the messy lines, it was a fast sketch 😅

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i’m thrilled to be working with @guulabjamuns​ to make a tarot deck in the style of her novella The Moon Siever

if you haven’t seen her masterpiece of a WIP, check out The Moon Siever here. you can also read chapter one here! 

“It was a rainy day in New Andhera when I received the last case of my life.”

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Meadows and Moonlight <3
Smol Gift For @moomoomeadows of her precious babs Charolette And Butterscotch!! .///////.
I love these two so much,they’re too adorable for this world confound it <3
This be also a smol thank you for your kind words and comments and just- you deserve so much loove!!
truly bless you so much it brightens meh day-!
If you haven’t already i highly suggest you go and support this talented m’lady!! Trust me you shall not regret such,their art be most bloomin adorable sight! And their babs be juuust as brilliant!!q///q

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