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#digital artwork

Extremely nervous about posting this, especially as I just could not find the good ref of Vik’s eye colour, but hey. I finished my little portrait…thing…of him. I love his character so much I kinda zoned out when drawing his arms.

His face took alot of trial and error, as I wanted to get the details as exact as possible, wanting to properly show stuff like rougher patches of skin or little scars. And I think it turned out okay in the end.

Have at it, my (semi-successful, if that’s ok to say) Viktor attempt:


Basically stole an in game screenshot from my library for the background, then added the lighting onto the portrait/piece itself. I just felt like Vik deserved more than a plain white background.

I think it looks pretty good. Fairly happy with how this turned out, especially as I never draw men, and its even rarer that I draw canon characters.

Here is the (heavily condensed due to trial and error) process:


Thank fuck for the pngs of his tattoos, or I would have lost my sanity halfway through this piece. I love our Ripperdoc, but he’s kinda tough to draw. Was more difficult to draw him than I imagined, and I’m not entirely sure why, but hey.

Particularly proud of his arms and the little details, like his earring, necklace, and shirt buttons. Yes I left his shirt undone. We can have a bit of exposed skin/vest top. As a treat.

Here’s the colouring timelapse (warning for brief flashes of colour):

As you’ll see, getting the skin right did take a fair amount of trial and error. I am always very conscious of getting things as accurate as possible, something I should try to relax for some fun pieces in the future.

Still, I had alot of fun with this. Thinking of doing some other characters next, if this Vik piece goes down well.

Detail closeups coming in a reblog of this post.

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Haven’t posted in a while so here’s my part of an art trade, character belongs to my friend Shadøe Eclipse

Oh and yeah, I’m doing art trades, feel free to dm me if interested!

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So I decided to finish this sketch to experiment with my style a little! Finally, an artwork that isn’t full of add layers and doesn’t burn my eyes. :’)

Grumpy Jonah gives me life and I stand by that. 😤 

Process gif under the cut~

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Every time I want to feel something I come back to drawing 💕them💕 and so far it’s working

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Here  is a quick tutorial, how I shade the hair. I hope this helped you.

If you don’t understand how I draw thin lines on the hair (step 3) you can fint a video on this post —>

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