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ruin you: once more | kth & jjk (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook can’t keep their hands off you. Not even in the elevator.
pairing: Taehyung x female reader x Jungkook
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship, fwb; smut. literally, this is 100% filth only
warnings: explicit sexual content: dom!taehyung, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, threesome, eating out in an elevator, oral (f. & m. receiving), fingering, biting, marking, kissing, some hair pulling, spanking, rough and messy sex, unprotected sex, drunk sex (but everyone’s aware of and okay with it), double (vaginal) penetration, tae pins her arms against her back (what does one call this warning?? bondage? AH MANHANDLING), praising, dirty talk, quite some swearing, groping, breast play, aftercare, BUTTER TAE AND BUTTER JK HELP
word count: 3.1k
a/n: BRUH I KNOW I’M DROPPING A FIC TOMORROW BUT THIS MV?????? *takes a deep breath*. okay, i wrote this within a few hours, so if you see any mistakes, you didn’t. thank you so sooo much @kithtaehyung​ for this (HANDWRITTEN???) banner and @joheunsaram​​ for beta’ing this on such short notice, i love you guyssss so muchhhh !! <3 and yeah, now... enjoy :’)
Tumblr media
[!] NOTE: this can be read as a sequel to my first taekook x reader fic ruin you - BUT !! you don’t need any knowledge, so this one can be easily read as a stand-alone fic as well !!
⁂ part of the ruin you series
Tumblr media
“You have no damn chill.”
The attempt to speak out the words in a steady voice immediately fails when you feel his tongue flick over your swollen clit.
Initially, you, your boyfriend and his best friend planned to attend the harmless party their company hosted, not expecting to get drunk. But as the night went on, plans changed and now you were utterly wasted.
Since you agreed to a threesome months ago, Taehyung and Jungkook have barely kept their hands to themselves, taking any opportunity to pin you onto the bed and wreck you all night long till the neighbours complain. Not that you dislike the idea at all - when two of the hottest men alive choose to fuck you senseless, you don’t just decline.
You bury your fingers in Taehyung’s hair, the patch of dark brown hiding his lips from your view as they drink up your juices as if you’d disappear tomorrow. Making out in an elevator seems somewhat reasonable to you - getting eaten out during the short way up four floors, however, is something you didn’t even see coming in your wildest dreams; until now, that is.
“Both of you,” you continue, arms wrapped around Jungkook’s neck, as he sucks blue marks onto your neck, teeth merciless before his tongue soothes the mild pain, “have no chill.”
Taehyung hums against your folds, moving his lips so eagerly that you feel your knees buckle; you’re happy that he’s holding your thighs under your dress as tightly as he is. Your boyfriend smirks, lips turning upwards before he attacks your jaw again, his tattooed hand resting on your neck as he says in between kisses, “Not when it comes to you, baby.”
Apparently, these men don’t give a shit about the cameras in this elevator - but to be entirely honest, you’re too far gone to push them away, moaning into the congested space with barely any self control left. Your head moves to the left - and the view in the mirror sends a shiver down your spine, Jungkook’s broad body pressed against you while Taehyung’s knuckles turn white around your legs.
Then, a ping snaps you out of your haze, Taehyung suddenly moving back before he pulls your panties up again. You’re happy it’s as late as it is; for some reason you hope that someone’s awake enough to hear your pleasured sounds.
Before you can even step outside, Jungkook grabs your arm, yanking you from the floor and throwing you over his shoulders, as a laugh erupts from your chest, legs dangling like of a little child. The following slap that lands on your ass however, feels less childlike.
Your head is spinning by the time you reach Taehyung’s apartment, and when all three of you enter, your boyfriend doesn’t hesitate for long before he carries you into the bedroom, throwing you onto the mattress you’ve gotten used to in the past months.
“Fucking love you,” he whispers into your ear as he hovers above you, “wanna wreck you so hard.”
He pulls the straps of your red dress off your shoulder, slipping the fabric down to your stomach before he attaches his lips to the swell of your breasts. From a sideways glance, you detect Taehyung’s orange suit, his hands unbuttoning the jacket as he smirks down at you.
The patience he has always surprises you - but the intensity of the keenness he shows you as soon as he starts devouring you always outweighs any indifference he tries to display.
“Jungkook, fuck,” you breath when he leaves a trail of wet kisses along your body, ridding you of your clothing entirely before he spreads your legs right in front of his nose. He breathes against your core slowly, deliberately, the cool air causing goosebumps all over your skin. You think he’s about to latch onto your pussy just like Taehyung did a few minutes ago, but instead, he straightens, his simpler clothes consisting of a dark grey jacket and shirt not as complicated to pull off as his friend’s.
“How can I help you, princess?” he mutters when he comes up to face you again, eyes indicating the inebriation so obviously that you get drunk on the haziness in them again.
“Fuck me, baby, please.” This is your wish. But as far as you know these two, they don’t immediately adhere to your wishes - instead, they stretch out the pleasure, edge you until you’re almost losing it and then decide to bring you to an explosion that is even better than what you expect at first.
And your suspicions are confirmed when he shakes his head, kissing down on your body again before he wraps his lips around your clit, sucking at it for a few moments until he finds this insufficient and buries his tongue in your hole.
Lapping at your arousal, he wraps his arms around your thighs, your moans and grunts spurring him on further. Truly, the sight of your arched back, nipples perked up against the ceiling and fingers clutching your sheets always drives him into an inexplicable state of insanity.
“Look at you,” Taehyung’s deep voice coos, the mattress next to you sinking as you open your eyes to see his wholly naked body towering over you, the only indication of ever having been to a party that one loose strand of hair over his forehead. “You’re such a greedy little girl, aren’t you?”
You only scream in response as you feel Jungkook’s piercings around his eyebrow graze your pelvis, the fingers of his right hand sliding into you swiftly; the thought of having your walls clench around his tattoos never fails to make your breath stutter.
However, your focus on him falters immediately when Taehyung grabs your jaw roughly, turning your head towards him as he leans down and growls, “I asked you something, didn’t I?”
Wide eyes staring at the hand around his throbbing, leaking cock, you nod, muttering, “I am.”
“You’re what?” He comes closer, the fingers on your face settling on the back of your neck as he pulls you up onto your elbows, his length dangling right in front of your mouth.
“Greedy for you, Tae.”
“Good girl,” he praises, smiling at your already open mouth before he places his cock on your tongue, relishing in the sight of you immediately running your tongue against his veins before closing your lips around his length. “Fuck, you’re such a good girl.”
With his hand in your hair, he guides you in your attempt, thrusting into you as much as you can take, your mouth never getting used to his size and thickness as your gag reflex brings tears into the corner of your eyes.
You only halt for a moment when Jungkook detaches his mouth from your sopping pussy, shifting on the bed until he pulls your legs apart with his own further. By now, your arms have started shaking from supporting your torso, and you fall back onto the bed as Taehyung still hovers over you, his hips keeping their movements, albeit messier and more chaotic now that you’re flat on your back.
When Jungkook suddenly brings his red tip to your core, teasing you by rubbing it against it but never sliding it, you have to physically refrain yourself from wrapping your mouth around Taehyung’s cock painfully hard; fully aware that he would make you regret it immediately.
“Are you this horny because you’re drunk or…?” Jungkook laughs, cock still moving up and down your slit as you place your hand around the part of the cock in your mouth that you can’t reach.
“It’s… her, Jungkook, she… fuck,” Taehyung tries to find his words, head lifting to face the ceiling and eyes closing in pleasure, “she never says no to us.”
By now,  your saliva is coating Taehyung in abundance, running down your face. You’re already a sweating, panting mess, breathing in and out through your nose as you wait for Jungkook to fuck you raw. And when he finally slides in, splitting you open for the umpteenth time, you move your head to the side, Taehyung pulling out before he leans down to torture you further.
Not only does the pace Jungkook picks put you into an inevitable bliss, making you oblivious to the whole world around you, but the way Taehyung wraps his full lips perfectly around your nipple, leads you to peak in ecstasy too. You always admire the magic his hands can fulfill, skillful fingers moving in exactly the way you want them to, nearly as if he’s reading your mind.
Long digits grab your other tit, massaging it slowly, agonisingly slowly as he sucks and bites your bud; and the combination of his teeth working on you and the sudden pinch of the other nipple causes you to yelp, hard between his fingers while Jungkook increases his pace.
“God, the whole night I couldn’t think of anything but finally fucking this pretty little pussy,” Taehyung utters into your ear, his voice so soft and yet laced in so much darkness; the same evil tone he loves to use to drive you up the wall.
Jungkook’s cock reaches deep inside you, and yet you can’t help but wrap your legs around him, pulling him in closer as he grabs your waist, burying himself in you before pulling out and thrusting so hard that you move up the bed. And then, he starts pounding into you, skin slapping against skin as his hips move in circular motions.
“What the fuck are you waiting for then?” you ask Taehyung, making him meet your eyes in such an intimidating manner that you falter, lowering your eyelids as you dig your nails into his muscular biceps.
Instead of answering right away, he presses his lips on yours, kissing you fervently and impatiently, warm tongues melding before he pulls back too soon again.
“Ride me,” he orders, and as soon as Jungkook hears it, his cock is suddenly gone and Taehyung falls onto his back next to you, the emptiness of his dick making you whimper.
Still, you do as he says, knowing exactly what Taehyung wants to happen next. His hands stroke his cock further despite being already so worked up from your previous ministrations before he brings it to your already open pussy. You stare in awe as you sink down on him, admiring the way the single styled strand of hair still hangs over his forehead and eye while his body is already glistening from sweat.
Taehyung is always relentless. What started carefully, gently, soon evolved into a play between a dom and his obedient sub; because he knows you can take everything he gives, knows you enjoy any pace, any toy, any kink he uses on you.
And even now, his hips don’t wait for very long before they match your movements, his thrusts even harder than the speed you are riding him in. At the way his cock fucks into you so deep, you place your hands against the wall for balance.
Under you, his deep baritone voice moans, his abs hardening and the veins of his arms popping. Your tits jiggle just over his face and you hear Jungkook’s heavy breathing behind you before he straddles Taehyung’s legs too, the hand adorned with several rings wrapping featherlightly around your neck.
“Baby, how much can you take today?” his soft voice asks, lips ghosting over your cheek as you pull back to grab his tied hair.
You smile as he pushes two fingers into your mouth,sucking on them and making him bite into your earlobe gently. You shudder a little as you move your head sideways to look at him directly, saying, “Why don’t you find out?”
“She can- she can take it,” Taehyung tells him from underneath, his grip on your hips unforgiving and expression so fucked out that you let out an involuntary whine.
Jungkook rubs soothing circles on your back before he pushes you down, your face burying in Taehyung’s neck as you lift yourself enough for Jungkook but not enough for the older man’s cock to slide out.
The latter grabs your arms in a sudden motion, large hands wrapping around your wrists as he pins both on your back. He stops thrusting in as you feel Jungkook position himself properly, two fingers sliding into your pussy next to Taehyung’s cock, stretching you enough before he decides to replace the digits with his own rock hard length.
Groping your ass, he pushes in slowly, both of their cocks so overwhelmingly thick as they fill you up, the sting lingering for a few moments until you get used to the new sensation. While this is not your first time doing this, it is surely a surprise you have to adjust to each time.
“You can really take another cock, sweetheart?” Jungkook asks from above, moving in and out once before he continues, “It’s okay if I start moving properly then?”
You nod, your hair sticking to your face and back as you try to keep your balance, your arms still in the jail that is Taehyung’s hands. And when both men register your gesture, starting to move fast right from the beginning, you cry out - the fact that you’re sandwiched between two fucking hot men who want only you brings the kind of confidence into your chest that you absolutely love.
By now you’re sure that even Taehyung thinks that way - on more than one occasion, he has admitted that he’s stopped fucking around, relying on you and your pussy only when he needs to get off. Sometimes, you think that he’s fallen for you; but then he acts so friendly and harmlessly that it shreds all your theories in an instant. Not that you want him to want you - this would only cause a deep scar in the relationship between you three; things are perfect as they are.
“Y/N, how do you fit two cocks into such a tiny and tight pussy?” Taehyung asks into your ear, heavy breaths and hard thrusts making you delirious.
And you’re about to answer - you know he hates it when you don’t answer; but then Jungkook grabs your ass tightly with one hand while the other comes down for a sudden slap, the sting so unexpected that your whole body jerks.
They don’t spank you very often; but when they do, the effect shows itself immediately, your arousal gathering so fast that it runs down your thighs or - as it does now - their cocks.
“You’re just too good,” you murmur back finally, pressing your lips onto Taehyung’s neck to muffle the sounds that keep increasing in volume, your mind suddenly hyper aware that it’s damn late - and walls are not that thick.
As Jungkook enjoys the jiggle of your ass every time he snaps into you and slaps your cheeks, your teeth bite into the neck of the man under you, making him groan at your antics before he brings his free hand to your hair and pulls your head back. “Don’t hold back. Let the whole fucking building know that you’re being fucked good.”
And right after him, Jungkook asks, “Safeword?”
“Fuck, no!” you answer with a whimper, feeling his movements already becoming unsteady, already so riled up by the way he’s drilled you earlier.
And just as you’re losing your mind, his moans become louder, fucking you for some more seconds before he abruptly pulls out, pumping his cock in a mindblowing pace until he finally lets go. Spilling all over your back, his nails dig into your ass, obscenities leaving his lips before he drops down onto the bed next to you.
Taehyung however still penetrates your walls further, letting your hands go ultimately before you place them on his sides, his fingers instead seeking your bud as he starts rubbing fast and diligently against it.
“Like this, yes,” you say, eyes rolling back into your head, “fuck, yes Taehyung, please don’t stop.”
“Beautiful princess, even when you’re wasted as fuck,” he mumbles, the other hand fondling with your tits and your neck as he watches you come undone, your stretched and long moan nearly resembling a scream.
“Oh god, Y/N,” he whispers when your pussy clenches around his cock; and for the rest of his thrusts, this is the only thing he utters, “God, Y/N, fuck, I want to ruin you forever.”
He keeps saying that. Not only now. Not just today. Forever.
Taehyung’s obsession with ruining you inside out has always been something he has been vocal about - and honestly, you won’t complain, because you want this. You want him to destroy you.
“Cum for me, Tae. Cum inside me.”
And he doesn’t need more than these words to fill you up with the liquid, painting your walls white as his muscles stiffen under and around you. The sounds and the deepness of his voice astound you each time anew, the moans so deep that you feel like the filthiest sinner, more than you should during an act such as sex.
You feel Jungkook move aside before you let yourself fall between them, laying on your stomach to not dirty the sheets more than you can avoid. Then again, there’s no hope for them anyway - your collective sweat and the cum running out of you are enough to change them before falling asleep.
“Baby,” you whisper softly as you catch your breath, moving closer to Jungkook and wrapping your arms around his body, drowning in the comfort that his warm body provides you. “Love you.”
Your pussy feels so wrecked, so vulnerable, wound from the oversensitivity and intensity of two cocks fucking the soul out of you. Drifting off into a gentle slumber, you nearly forget to clean up, the urge to be surrounded by the unconsciousness suddenly weighing heavy on your eyelids.
You’re sure you could sleep for ten hours now - but instead, the voice of your friend stirs you awake again, right over your ear, making you flinch. “You’re falling asleep already?”
Jungkook’s chest under your cheek rumbles as he laughs, because he knows where this is going - and you know it as well. Which is why you open your eyes with a sigh, giggling slightly as you say, “No. Taehyung, please, not now.”
But he’s stubborn, pulling you up gently - and the way you don’t even try to resist is answer enough for him. Because no matter how tired you are, you will always be ready for them, for more.
He tilts his head, your free hand clutching Jungkook’s who’s ready to follow your steps, Taehyung’s lips touching your cheek just once for a peck before he says, “Come on. Let’s clean up.”
Tumblr media
WHAT A BRAINFART. but also, if you enjoyed this and want to tell me that you enjoyed it, please do so by liking/reblogging/reviewing this or sending me an ask !! i would love, love, LOVE to hear from youuu !!
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Speaking of cameras Harry taking pics of u during and after sexy time like after he comes on ur tits or something he 100% would take pics of it and he’d also take pics of u blowing him
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“Mm… just like that. Stay right there.”
There was something so arousing about seeing his cum on her skin. The milky white glistening over her beautiful post sex glow, there was an added layer of beauty to the filth that he truly couldn’t get enough of.
Taking his camera, he pointed it down to her glowing face. Her eyes were soft and moony, a bit damp from the way she had gagged on him. “Look so pretty f’me, pet.” His voice was gravely, low with his arousal and post orgasm bliss. The camera in hand, he looked into it as her eyes looked right on up at him. “Christ. I can’t get over it. This is the only time y’should have those tear stains on those precious cheeks.” He whispered, pressing the button and taking one photo of her sweet face.
It was insanely arousing to him. Seeing the sweet in the low light glisten on her skin. Her lipstick smeared and faded, the drip of his cum from her chin and lips down to the stream on her chest. He was nearly getting hard again, especially knowing he was the one who got this alone. Only he would get these photos.
“I look pretty?” Her hoarse voice sounded, lips pouted slightly as she looked up at him. Her voice was wrecked from taking his length down her throat and hell if it didn’t make him a little bit antsy. He knew he was going to fuck her good, get her to be completely satisfied later on but he needed to capture this moment.
“Of course you do. Prettiest baby in the whole world. Got to take my photos so I can remember exactly how gorgeous Y’look with all my cum on you.” He sighed, taking another one of her. He only needed one hand to take it, so he brought his thumb up to her chin wnd snapped a series of photographs as he gathered a bit of cum on the pad of his finger and smeared it over her bottom lip.
Y/N whined, squeezing her thighs together as she let Harry do as he pleased. He had such a presence and all she wanted right now was to make him happy. Gently puckering her lips and letting him slide the dirty digit into her hot mouth, she sucked slowly on it and kitten licked the substance from it. Her sweet lips sucking it in, cheeks hollow as she enjoyed every single bit that spread across her tongue.
Harry hissed under his breath, continuing his filthy photographs. “God. M’so gone for you. My dirty girl… know s’driving you mad that I wasted cum that could have been down your throat or in your precious pussy… know y’love being filled but, needed it for the art. You get that, hm?” He stroked his finger down her tongue and pulled it back out, ignoring her whimper at the loss of it.
Her head nodded, understanding that Harry simply was an artistic person and wanted these filthy things for his own pleasure. And what brought him pleasure extended to herself. Plus?
She loved being dirty.
“Mm… wait..” she looked down at his half hard cock, still obviously getting more aroused after his first orgasm. There was still some dripping from the tip. The girl couldn’t let it go to waist, gently grabbing the thick length and bringing herself closer to it. It began to throb in her hand again, getting harder at the touch. Her slightly wet palm made him swallow thickly, breathing getting a little heavier again.
“Can I?” Her quiet request while looking at his cock like she was barely holding back was one of his favorite things. She was a good girl, and he loved it.
“Go ahead, pet. You’ve been so good to me. Finish cleaning up your mess.” He coaxed, breath hitching in his throat as she dragged her hot tongue up the side, lathing it over and brushing it against the slit. Humming happily as she got the taste, and giving Harry the chance to snap the photos he wanted. The absolutely filthy images of the wet cock against her tongue, her eyes open and looking right at him as she closed her lips around the tip and hollowed her cheeks again, wanting every drop she could get.
“Fuck. Youre makin’ me so hard again, pretty girl. Know you want it inside of your pussy but… makin’ me want to fuck your mouth again.” His voice was strained, listening to the wet sound of her going down a bit further and pulling up. He was still sensitive though, and his hand moved to pull her off. The camera caught it, the strand of spit connecting her lips to the red tip of his cock and her fucking face… she didn’t want to be taken off. Her noises agreed, a frustrated groan coming from her lips as she pouted, hand tightening around it. The photo itself he knew was going to be a favorite. The perfect swollen lips, her sloppy mouth and his cock being evidence of her need.
“C’mon. Please?” She whispered up at him, surging forward again, licking up the string of spit before pressing a gentle kiss to the slit. He tightened his grip in her hair but didn’t pull back as she rubbed it against her pouted lips.
“I’ll consider it. But first lean back a little… let me get a good picture of those pretty tits. Got them all messy with me.” They truly we’re a debauched sight. The mess of the ribbons dripping down off of her chin and sliding down the swells of her breasts, it was straight from an erotica and he couldn’t be more pleased.
“Yes, Sir.” Her pout didn’t lessen, bur she let go of his cock and leaned back slightly on her heels. Fingers going over her breasts and taking a bit of the cum and smearing it over her nipples, Harry’s own mouth dropped with slight shock. She was being filthy tonight.
“C’mon… don’t you want your pretty pictures before you clean all of this up?” The pearly liquid all over her skin sent him to another world of arousal. She tilted her head, looking right into the camera as she heard him take the photos. “Gonna suck and lick every drop off of my skin while you fuck me. I know you will. Cause you’re just as fucking dirty as me, baby.”
She was going to kill him. And he loved that.
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Tumblr media
pairing; Johnny Suh x f reader genre; make out session; suggestive; semi public setting notes/warnings; kissing, touching. 
Tumblr media
“Go stand by that tree, the one with the lower hanging limbs. Yeah…perfect.” 
You half roll your eyes as you duck under the cherry blossoms, peeking through the limbs to look towards Johnny as he looks at you through a camera lens. You had been doing this most of the afternoon. He was sweet, you knew he loved doing this. He had bought 3 new cameras in the past week, and this one was his newest one. At least this one was digital, and you could keep him from investing in a dark room for now. 
Sighing softly as you see him look around with the camera, seeming to take pictures of something else giving you a break for now. You relax against the tree and close your eyes, pushing the sunglasses up to rest on top of your head. You lean your head back and look up at how the sun is shining through the branches above you. The blossoms were really beautiful, Johnny had been right about this being the perfect time for pictures. It was chilly, but not overwhelming, and the trees were in full bloom. 
You glance over, hearing a small limb breaking under foot, to see Johnny much closer than he had been a moment ago. The camera on you, you can’t help but laugh and cover your face with your hand.  “Oh my god. You have at least 100 pictures of me on that thing. It has to be full by this point. Take a picture of nature, Johnny.”
He grins and moves even closer, the camera still in front of his face as he reaches with his free hand to pull your hand from your face. He snaps another picture this close.  “It doesn’t come even close to being as pretty as you are right now.” 
You roll your eyes, but feel your cheeks flush slightly as you look away, hearing another picture snap. Johnny brings the camera even closer, almost putting the lens on your nose snapping a picture. 
“You are ridiculous. You’re going to delete all the bad ones. While I watch you do it, by the way.” 
You hear him laugh under his breath, as he snaps one last picture, and lets the camera drop by the strap around his neck. His hand moves to rest next to your head on the tree, his other hand trailing down your arm gently until he grasps your hand in his. His body arched so he is leaning towards you, your head still leaned back so you can look up at him. 
“I might like all the pictures...none of them are bad.” His voice had seemed to drop half an octave as he looked at you in front of him. His fingers rubbing over yours for a few seconds, before he lets go of your hand and brings it to the side of your face. He slides his fingers over your neck and into your hair behind your ear. 
You look up at him taking in a deep breath at his touch, rubbing your lips together as your hands move to hold the front of his shirt, your fingers pressing the shirt to his stomach. You were at a loss for words, he was good at causing that reaction. You watch a smirk cross his lips, before he tilts his head and his lips meet yours, softly at first.
Your brow furrowing, you return the kiss and feel his smile against your lips as the kiss becomes deeper. His thumb rests against your neck, as his fingers seem to pull your head towards him. Your hands slide against his shirt to feel his abs as you move them to rest on either side of his waist.
You feel him shiver slightly to your touch, and you can’t help but smile into the kiss, parting your lips. He uses this as an opportunity to let his tongue dip into your mouth with a quiet groan. Your body reacts as your stomach tightens to the sound, and your back arches, pressing your chest towards him. 
Johnny’s hand drops, from beside your head on the tree, to wrap around your back. He rests his fingers against the small of your back as his tongue glides along yours. The only thing keeping you from being closer was the camera hanging around his neck. Feeling it press into your chest, you can’t help but laugh, breaking the kiss.
Furrowing his brow, Johnny leans back and looks down at you, tilting his head. “What? Did I say something funny?” 
You shake your head and gesture your head down to the camera, which had taken at least four more pictures in the time it had been pressed between the two of you.  “Those are 100% being deleted, Johnny Suh.”
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keycrash · 3 months ago
Do you have a special process for picking colors for a piece?
totally changes per piece! but there's some different strategies and lines of thinking i do come back to fairly often
-i try to avoid Straight Up local color as much as possible. (local color being the plain, untampered color of objects in white lighting, no reflections, et cetera.) everything deviates, whether that be completely oddball colors (such as making skin green or pink or something) or just hue shifting things just enough to set it apart
-if i see a photo, piece of art, or whatever else with a color scheme i like, i'll save it to my camera roll or pinterest board or whatever. that doesn't mean i'll like, color pick it and port it over to my own piece thoughtlessly-- it may just instead be a matter of "oh, green-toned greys play well with warm yellows and warm purples," or something, and even if a piece i do is inspired by a photo, for example, it won't be 1:1. something that's a small accent color in an inspiration photo may become my main color
-on that note: when making color palettes, if you choose to do so, it's very helpful to denote color proportion when noting it down. in my narrative color class we had to make SO SO SO many palettes... and you had to have large blocks for your main color, smaller ones for your accents, et cetera. proportion and distribution of color across a piece is very important; applying compositional rules of balance to your color distribution is what makes things feel "right" a lot of the time. for example, having a large wash of one color in one area will feel a bit less arbitrary and odd if you have smaller accents of the same color further away
-on another note: i will often put down some basic colors, make sure the colors still look okay with each other even they aren't mind blowing or anything, and then go to fucking town with gradient maps. gradient maps are color adjustments on photoshop, clip studio, and procreate, though i think they're easiest to work with on clip studio. basically i'll slap down a fuckton. and maybe i'll set the layer to difference or exclusion or subtract, since it gives super weird color combos. and then i just... steal the colors from my adjusted piece and make sure the values are still right. it forces me into some color choices i really wouldn't normally make
-color balance and tone curve (specifically adjusting each color's tone curve individually) is also a way to mess around with colors. i personally recommend doing the bulk of your color adjusting before putting down your flats, by making a really rough under-color thing; doing it after you're done your image is also fine, but if you do it when things are still malleable, it gives you the opportunity to fine-tune a bit during the process. for example, gradient maps can sometimes desaturate a certain color group really hard, and if you're transferring it to your flats manually you can choose some more vibrant colors for that
-something i've been doing more recently: sometimes doing your piece in black and white first (if applicable) is super helpful. if your colors feel wrong, check your values; your values are more important to reading your image at a glance than hue is. (the best way to check values is to make a new layer, fill it with black, and set the layer mode to "color"; other methods of converting to b/w, such as b/w filters or desaturating your image, can fail to take into account inherent value differences of certain hues, such as 100% blue being darker than 100% yellow, and so gives you a skewed view of your colors.)
-this sucks and i hate this advice but... if you're a digital artist, learn to mix colors traditionally. you don't have to MUCH. but digital color picking/mixing and traditional color picking/mixing are so severely different and the times i've been forced, sadly, to mix colors traditionally, has helped me a lot especially in terms of seeing undertones of colors and playing with saturation. learning to tell when a yellow is a warm yellow or a cool yellow, etc, expands your mental vocabulary, and having a mental vocabulary for color not only literally helps you see color better, but it also gives you a framework to more easily notice patterns in art and palettes you like. maybe you'll notice that this grey works in this piece because it's a cool grey. maybe you'll notice that this orange works in this piece because it's desaturated and reddish
-try limited palettes lmao. tried and true ones, of course, ones from color websites or something, ones you get from analagous or triadic or etc schemes, but try it, it really helps you learn to solve color problems
-another way to choose colors is a gamut mask. it's a bit annoying digitally, but if you have a color wheel in front of you, you can choose a shape-- typically triangles, squares, ellipses, et cetera-- and block off part of the color wheel. notice in the picture that the space left denotes your HUE and SATURATION. it does not restrict your value. you can take the brightest yellow and lower its value in your art program (HSV bars are helpful for this), you can take a desaturated green and heighten its value, but you cannot touch saturation. this naturally restricts your palette; it's especially helpful for paintings and makes everything feel a bit more harmonious (and helps you learn to handle desaturated colors!)
Tumblr media
-and another strategy: dead palette. this is also a bit easier traditionally; traditionally you'd take a yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and a cool-toned black, plus white. (some landscape painters used to add in ultramarine blue but that's an aside). yellow ochre, which is a bit duller of a yellow than primary yellow, becomes your "primary" yellow; burnt sienna, which is darker and more orange than primary red, becomes your "primary" red; and black, which is... truly just black, often lightened with white for your "primary" tone, becomes your "primary" blue. this is similar to a gamut mask in that restricting your colors to only the ones that lie between these new "primaries" helps ensure harmony between your colors, and you can still emulate pretty much any color because your brain will fill in the blanks. purple can still look purple even if it's actually a mix of burnt sienna, black, and white, because within context, the other colors inform that that color is purple. you can take this idea and put another spin on it by choosing your own primaries-- dark teal, a gold yellow, and a magenta-red or something, for example, and seeing where that takes you. a helpful way to emulate this digitally is to take the color mixer square in clip studio and slap your primaries in the corners and only choose colors from the middle. (you can change value how you wish, though.)
some resources i like are color and light by james gurney (a book; he also wrote imaginative realism, which i've also heard is good) and color.nerd on tiktok (color expert that really opened my eyes about social constructs of color, where they fail, how these conventions came to be, mixing curves, etc)
lol this is... probably off topic but i have a lot to say about color and hopefully at least some of it was useful :)
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guinevere01 · 3 months ago
TMA artists beware! I’m taking part in @fandomtrumpshate this year (a charity auction for fandom stuff, benefiting progressive causes) and I’ll be offering image descriptions! Have you been interested in making your art more accessible but aren’t you sure how to do it yourself? Do you have a huge backlog of posts but simply not the time or energy to go back and describe it all? Here’s your chance! I’ll describe 10 posts per $15 bid, for a maximum of 100 posts, though you’re of course welcome to bid higher. Bidding for the action is possible from February 23rd to 27th, but the auctions are already visible since yesterday (February 20th).
Here’s the link to my auction page.
This particular auction is for the fandoms: The Magnus Archives, Rusty Quill Gaming, and musicals. We can of course work out your preferred description format/amount of details together!
I’ve shown a few examples of my descriptions (as originally posted on my sideblog @mag170) of digital arts below (link with examples of physical and traditional art here). I asked and received permission from the respective artists to add each of these works to this post.
Tumblr media
ID: a sketchy digital drawing of Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood from The Magnus Archives. Jon is thin with long hair in a braid, a scruff beard, and wearing a fringed poncho. Martin is fat with shoulder length hair in a ponytail and wearing a t-shirt. Martin sits on a couch, holding a book in both hands and reading it aloud, a fond expression on his face. Jon sits sideways on the couch, his back against Martin’s side and his legs over the armrest. He has one hand in his lap, the other under his chin. His head is tilted backwards, his eyes are closed and he’s smiling. End ID
Art by @lo-fi-charming, description by me, original post here.
Tumblr media
ID: a digital drawing of Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood from The Magnus Archives shown from the waist up against a light grey background. Jon has brown skin, several scars, long wavy black hair with lighter streaks at the front, and a short beard. He wears a green sweater, a dark blue jacket with an ace and nonbinary button on the lapel, and an ace ring. He holds up his right middle finger, the one with the ace ring on it, to the camera. His head is tilted slightly backwards and he wears a lazy smile. Martin has light freckled skin, short wavy ginger hair with lighter streaks at the front, red round glasses, and a short beard. He wears a pale orange sweater, a brown jacket with tan fur at the neck and sleeve cuffs and an ace and trans button on the lapel, and an ace ring. He stands behind Jon with his right arm over Jon’s shoulder and gives the finger towards the camera. His other hand holds a steak knife, pointing upwards and glinting dangerously. He looks at the camera with a challenging, slightly smiling expression. Large white text at the top and bottom reads: “Yeah, we ace. Keep scrolling.” End ID
Art by @yellowvixen, description by me, original post here.
Tumblr media
ID: a red toned digital drawing of Sasha James from The Magnus Archives against a dark grey static background. Sasha has brown skin and dark curly hair. She wears a necklace and an orange sweater tucked into red pants with a belt. She holds a book in one hand. Her face is completely hidden by glowing red spirals that originate behind her back. Over her chest is the text “What… What was she like?” Over her hip is the text “Who am I even sad for?” Both lines have a light, semi transparent background and are vertically mirrored, as well as shown another time beneath the text with a slight offset. End ID
Art by @bagginshield, description by me, original post here.
Tumblr media
ID: a digital drawing of Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood from The Magnus Archives shown from the hips up. Jon is thin with brown skin, several scars, square glasses, and chin length wavy brown hair streaked with grey. He wears a dark green sweater and grey trousers. Martin is tall with light skin, short wavy ginger hair, and round glasses. He wears a pale yellow sweater vest over a button up and brown trousers. Martin has his arms around Jon, one hand on his lower back the other on his shoulder blade. Jon holds Martin’s head with both hands, one around each ear, and leans towards Martin. Both of them are laughing with their eyes closed. End ID
Art by @singersalvageart, description by me, original post here.
Tumblr media
ID: a digitally drawn collage based on MAG 170 of The Magnus Archives. The background is a swirling blueish purple, the different shades forming fog-like tendrils. In the top left, dark tendrils against a lighter background form the silhouette of Martin, he has short curly hair and red round glasses. At the top right is in white the text “I am not lonely anymore.” Beneath it is a coloured drawing of Martin’s face, he has light skin, white hair that’s brown at the root’s, and slight stubble. He looks sad but determined. To the left of him is the text: “I want to have friends-” “I- No, I have friends.”
Then in the center, Jon’s hand grabbing Martin’s. Jon has warm brown skin, a white sleeve can be seen peeking out from beneath the green sleeve of his sweater. Next to Jon’s hand, at the very edge of the image, is the text “I’m in love.” Then, following the curve of their hands, “I am in love, and I will not forget that.” And in a larger font “I will not forget.” The word “not” is underlined.
The full quote is “I am not lonely anymore. I want to have friends- I- No, I have friends. I’m in love. I am in love, and I will not forget that. I will not forget.” End ID
Art by @thoriffix​, description by me, original post here.
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sirfrogsworth · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stages of a restoration.
Note: Some of the adjustments I talk about may not be super apparent unless seen at 100% magnification on a larger display. See this Imgur page for highest resolution versions. Opening each photo in a browser tab and switching between them is the best way to see variations.
Having the photos open in separate tabs might also be helpful as I reference them throughout this post and it will be easier to switch to them instead of scrolling all the way back to the top.
Let's get started...
Picture 2 is just a basic levels adjustment.
I go to Image>Adjustments>Levels and individually adjust the red, green, and blue channels to where they were originally before the photograph faded and reddened over time. Picture 2 is probably similar to what the photo looked like after it was developed.
I like this technique because you can always be assured you've adjusted the colors properly even if you have a poorly calibrated display. Or if you don't feel comfortable eyeballing photo adjustments, you can do this and know for sure the color and contrast will be improved. Also, most image editing programs have a levels feature similar to Photoshop, so you should be able to translate this technique if you use alternative software.
Tumblr media
If you look in the red channel, there is a huge gap on the left. That means there is no pixel data there. You can literally see how much the dark red detail faded over time. This is very common as photographs age.
Just move the left/black slider in the red channel to the point where there is data in the photo starts—that first little mountain thingie in the histogram.
While the shadows faded over time, the red highlights have some data, so you don't need to move the white slider on the right.
Then repeat this with the green and blue channels.
Tumblr media
Moving the left/black and right/white slider to the point where there is pixel data starts in each channel will drastically improve the color and contrast of almost any photo.
This creates a *baseline* to work from. As long as you don't move the sliders too far, you can be assured you haven't destroyed any detail.
This also works well with smartphone photos and screen captures from movies.
Tumblr media
This does not work in extreme lighting situations or if the photo is well taken/well exposed already.
If you are happy with the levels adjustment, you can the photo as is or move on to finer adjustments from here.
Picture 3 is a white balance, brightness, and contrast adjustment.
With the advent of digital photo manipulation, we can now adjust the colors in the picture to match how they were perceived in real life. The goal with white balance is to remove any strong color casts.
A color cast is kind of like if the photo has a translucent colored gel on top of it. Everything looks like it is infused with blue or orange or green, etc. If you've ever worn those BluBlocker sunglasses, a color cast is a bit like that.
Color casts are sneaky bastards sometimes—especially if they are subtle. For one thing, our eyes sort of have an auto white balance feature built into them, so we might not notice them without a neutral reference or a before/after to look at. Not only that, color casts can hide in shadows, midtones, and highlights independently.
If you compare picture 3 to picture 2, you can see the white of the door had a strong orange/yellow color cast.
I like to use the white balance dropper and sliders in the "Camera Raw Filter" under the filter menu in Photoshop. Even though this isn't a RAW photo, you can still make the same adjustments with decent success. It's similar to loading a JPEG into Lightroom as well.
Just be warned, when working with JPEGs instead of RAW photos, the white balance sliders are a lot more... touchy. But if you are very precise with adjustments you can dial in the white balance and eliminate color casts.
Sometimes you can get lucky and the dropper tool next to the white balance sliders can get you most of the way there. Just find a place that is supposed to be white or neutral gray and click the dropper there. Pick a few different spots to see if you get different results and choose the one that seems most neutral.
If you have a newer version of Photoshop, the Camera Raw Filter now has Color Grading wheels for even finer adjustments.
Tumblr media
These take a little practice to get the hang of but these wheels are great for further eliminating color casts. Tweaking the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights independently gives you the ability to really isolate pesky tones that levels and white balance adjustments struggle with.
The best way I've found to use these wheels is to drag the circle straight up maybe 1/4 of the way from the center. Then drag the circle around in a circle around the center point.
Imagine the circle is a tetherball and the dot in the middle is the pole. You want to move around in circles to find the sweet spot where the whites look purest white, blues look purest blue, reds look purest red... and so on.
Once you feel you have that dialed in, then you can move the circle outward to strengthen the effect or inward to lessen it.
Here is a quick video of using the white balance dropper & sliders and then adjusting the color grading wheels.
The goal right now is *neutrality*.
Eliminate all color casts as best you can. The photo might look a bit clinical or cold or sterile—but that is a good thing at this stage of the edit.
If you want to do something more artistic with the colors, that is totally possible, but starting from a neutral point can actually make artistic colorization much easier at a later, separate step.
(Note: Having a decently calibrated monitor is important when making manual white balance adjustments without a perfect gray reference. Otherwise, you should check the photo on multiple screens to make sure you didn't introduce any new color casts. Newer iPhones usually have fairly accurate colors.)
When I adjusted the exposure (brightness) it caused their faces to develop some hotspots. If you look at her cheeks and forehead, they are almost pure white in color. Typically soft, overcast lighting has bland and even tonality. But film can be extra contrasty at proper exposure levels. Sometimes that is a positive and charming aspect of film, but I'm going for a naturalistic as-it-was-in-real-life edit.
The shadowy parts on the skin had a color cast that wasn't fixed by the grading adjustments so Steve looks a bit extra orange. Film of that day was infamous for not accurately capturing complexions. This is very noticeable on the left side of his nose. Considering that flat overcast lighting, they shouldn't look this contrasty and the shadows on their face should not be orange. I will have to correct that later on.
I also did a sharpening pass. I selectively sharpen details like eyes, hair, lips, zippers, and folds in clothes. It's important not to sharpen every aspect of old photos like this because things will get crunchy looking fast. Being a JPEG photo from a smartphone doesn't help either.
The original camera lens and film used were very soft and if you try to make a soft photo too sharp it starts getting chunky artifacts. So you just pick the spots where sharpening will make the biggest difference. The photo is going to end up looking soft no matter what, so the sharpening is subtle and possibly not noticeable at normal viewing distances. But it is there for people with fighter pilot vision.
The best way to selectively sharpen is to duplicate the layer, use unsharp mask (or your favorite sharpening technique), and then create a layer mask that hides the entire layer. So the layer mask should appear pure black in the layers palette. Then with a soft round white brush, paint in the areas that would benefit from a bit more detail. If you paint a spot that you don't like, just switch back to black and erase it.
This video demonstrates this technique.
Picture 4 is just a cleanup pass.
I fix any physical damage that has occurred to the photograph (see top right) and get rid of any unwanted noise, spots, or just weird artifacts that do not feel like they should be in the picture or are overly distracting. This is done mostly with the content aware fill, clone tool, spot healing tools, and the dust and scratches filter. (For dust and scratches I use the same layer mask technique as with sharpening, otherwise the entire picture will end up blurring.)
Picture 5 is the final beauty pass.
I did some noise removal and I softened any chunky sharpening. I added a slight vignette to darken the corners and draw focus to Steve and Pia, and I de-oranged the shadows on their faces.
For the de-oranging I created a new layer, set the blend mode to "Color" and painted over the orange areas and hot spots with the dominant skin tone color. I tried to find a spot on the face with the color picker dropper that I felt was most representative of their natural skin tone.
Because it is an old soft photo, I added a small amount of film grain to give things some texture at zoomed-out viewing distances. Since this is probably going to be viewed on a lot of small screens and there isn't a lot of texture or detail, adding a bit of artificial film grain can give the illusion of more detail. I like the grain in the "effects" panel of the Camera Raw Filter but there are some cool plugins that give you various film grain options as well.
You may wonder why I removed noise and then added grain. Simply put, digital noise caused by camera sensors is ugly and random. It can alter tonality and obscure detail. You have no control over it, so it can appear in distracting places. Adding your own film grain or noise is more consistent and pleasant. You can control exactly how much you add and you can selectively add or subtract it in different places.
Lastly, I made the lighting look more flat with some negative contrast. The flat lighting also undid some of the sharpening. Working with old photos requires compromises on what aspects will give you the best possible final result. Some might question flattening the lighting, but that's just how the lighting was in that spot on that day.
We tend to prefer strong contrast in images. But I wasn't trying to make the photo look *better* than the original with dramatic tone or lighting changes. I could have dodged and burned to bring out more detail in their faces, but that would be an unnatural edit. My goal was to make the photo look as close as possible to what you would have seen if you were standing where the camera was and just using your eyeballs.
This was a memory, not a photoshoot.
I'd say I probably got the photo 95% there. If this were a more artistic photo with dramatic lighting I might have gone for a less naturalistic edit.
One thing I struggled with was Steve's complexion. I may have made Steve more pale than he actually was back then, but it is hard to make that call without an accurate reference during that period of his life. The orange in the shadowy bits probably held a lot of the color information of his true skin tone, but there was no way to pull out just his skin tone from the orange. I could manually change his skin's tone, but that would be just a guess so I decided against it.
I'd say she is pretty close and he should probably be a bit more olive considering his skin tone in modern digital photos.
That's the story of this edit.
It's not the right or wrong way. Others might do things a bit differently. Others may have made different assessments and choices.
Others may say I did things *WRONG*.
Especially those who love curves...
I find curves too wily and imprecise. But they are a powerful tool when mastered. But that's the beauty of Photoshop, there are 20 different ways to do basically the same thing. It's all about what workflow you are most comfortable with and makes the most sense to you.
Also, I'm really liking those new color grading wheels. They feel more intuitive and give me better live visual feedback. I think they could be just as powerful as curves if I put in the time and effort to conquer them. Plus I can use those skills for video color grading which is very similar.
Hopefully there was some useful information and new techniques that you all found helpful.
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daisiesonafield-blog · 4 months ago
ATTENTION everyone attending ‘Louis Tomlinson World Tour’ ST LOUIS on Feb 5 2022
COVID-19 protocol:
Masks are required inside the venue at all times for attendees, regardless of vaccination status except while eating and drinking
You must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination OR
Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test within 72-hours from the event.
At-home COVID tests and antibody tests are NOT accepted.
Proof of negative test result or full covid-19 vaccination must be physical paper copy or digital copy on your mobile device, along with a matching photo ID
Also, bring appropriate ID matching the name on your COVID-19 documentation.
You will NOT be allowed into Louis’ show (regardless of age) without proof of vaccination OR proof of negative COVID-19 test. Yes, even if you have a ticket.
For more details click here
General admission (GA pit tickets):
Fans can line up whenever they like. But please be advised: the venue has a show the night before, so be mindful as to not impede that show, venue operations and those fans. Also keep in mind temperatures will be close to/below freezing.
No numbered wristbands/line tickets will be provided.
**UPDATE**: All Early Entry Programs for Louis Tomlinson on Saturday February 5th, 2022 are canceled.
Suite 100 opens at 4pm for artist merchandise and beverage sales only.
Policy subject to change. Contact the venue for updated info.
No additional info link, details received via email.
Door opening times:
Doors: 7PM
Sun Room: 8PM
Louis: 9PM
Times are subject to change.
More here.
Here are important policies:
Professional cameras and recording devices for photograph, video, audio including non-professional devices with a detachable or telescoping lens longer than 3” are NOT allowed. Go Pros, selfie sticks and tablets (iPad, Kindles, etc.) are not permitted.
Outside food and beverage are not allowed.
Coolers, beverages (in any type of container) are not allowed.
Weapons/chains, Mace or pepper spray are not allowed.
Studded belts, bracelets, etc. are not allowed.
Blankets are not allowed.
Sharpies, markers, pens, paints, silly string, etc., Stickers, flyers are NOT allowed
Balloons, totems, signs/flags are NOT allowed
Toys, stuffed animals are NOT allowed
Drugs or drug paraphernalia, including marijuana are not allowed.
Re-entry is allowed for those over 21 years old with a valid hand stamp and/or wristband.  Those under 21 years old are not allowed re-entry.
For ADA accommodations click here and contact the venue well in advance.
Parking is FREE. For details and map click here.
Prohibited items are subject to change at the sole discretion of management or per artist request.
For a complete list of policies and more details, as well as prohibited items click here
Bag Policy
Wallets/clutches no larger than 4.5” x 1” x 6.5” are allowed
Clear bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” are allowed
Bags, purses, backpacks, boxes, containers, etc. of any kind are not allowed
Details here and here
Banners, signs and flag policy:
Signs and flags ARE NOT ALLOWED.
For more details about signs click here
For additional questions please call the venue at 314.726.6161. Contact them here. Email. Check their twitter here. You can also access their website.
The Pageant
6161 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63112
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0ne0fakind-it1 · a month ago
Tumblr media
• ✰ .— “ GENRE : Sweets EP ” is the first Mini Album from the South Korean boy group IT1. It was released in both its physically and digital copies under BigHit Entertainment on May 22nd 2019. They promoted their tittle track ‘I Want You’ and a two of their B-sides ‘Sugar’ and ‘Do 4 Me’ on music shows from May 24th to June 26th.
Tumblr media
I Want You ( inspo ) ( lyrics ) ( line-distribution )
Tumblr media
Do 4 Me ( inspo ) ( lyrics ) ( line-distribution )
Tumblr media
Sugar ( inspo ) ( lyrics ) ( line-distribution )
Tumblr media
Fly ( inspo ) ( lyrics ) ( line-distribution)
‘Do 4 Me’ ‘Fly’ and ‘Sugar’ was a very fun ‘soft’ dance beat and did a fantastic job charting but the title track ‘I Want you’ outdid the both of them for selling.
‘I Want You’ charted at number 4 for two weeks before being knocked down to 34 after another week.
‘Sugar’ Charted at 19th, ‘Do 4 me’ charted at 27th and ‘Fly’ sadly didn't make it into the top 100.
The mini album gained attention for the members very bright hair and smooth and flowed and fun dance steps.
The mini album sold around 120K copies and the music video for “I Want You” currently has 28 million views.
“I Want You” got a total of 2 music show win throughout promotions.
The group was very happy too introduce slightly more upbeat song too their discography.
Minjae, Bay, and Hosung started doing regular Lives too interact and have fun with Our1.
People complemented and praised the rappers a lot in their B-side‘Fly’.
The boys were invited on a handful of different reality TV shows to help promote their mini album.
The boys expressed how happy they were promoting such fun and upbeat songs, this gained the attention of the public.
Dae became the ultimate heartthrob of Our1 for his attempt at a ‘sexy’ intro in an interview.
Fans dint hesitate too point out how much more relaxed and comfortable the boys seemed infant of the camera this era.
Bay went viral for his many trendy and soft boy aesthetic stage presence outfits.
Minjae started filming more TikTok’s to help promote their mini album, a few went semi viral.
Jihun and Dae was credited on their tittle track as a producer.
The boys had a blast promoting this era and enjoyed most of the promoting activities they got too d with Our1′s.  
Tumblr media
Jihun dyed his hair dark coal black for this era’s promotions.
Dae dyed his hair back to coal black and so did 
Minjae dyed his hair a light cotton candy pink for this era.
Hosung bleached his hair too a natural brown colour throughout this era.
Bay bleached his hair a soft cloud blue..
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aes-anime-asks · 10 months ago
Could you maybe do a follow up thing for your calculester headcanons where he takes someone to his radio shack of plants?
✨🌴💾Okay, so this ended up way longer than I thought it would be. I've also been thinking a lot about abandoned malls and listening to too much vaporwave lately lol hope you enjoy. 🌴💾✨
Vaporwave soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZUfiW3W1KY
“Couldn’t sell it. Couldn’t demolish it. No one could afford to anything back in 2009 except for let it sit. All alone. Sometimes when I’m in sleep mode, I’ll think about what it must have been like for the very last store in the mall. Watching the neighboring stores blink out of existence. Watching the fountains get turned off. Watching the flowers die.”
“God. That’s depressing, Les.”
“I did not mean to depress you. Everything dies. It’s natural. For organic things anyway.” Calculester shrugs, and you swear you can see a wistful look on his pixeled face. You weren’t sure what you were expecting when Calculester said he wanted you to come over, but the enormous, abandoned mall at the edge of town wasn’t high on this list of possibilities. You didn’t expect to feel anything when you saw it, but suddenly you’re brought back to when you were 8 and your mom took you and your best friend for your birthday. You still remember the sticky tables and infinite possibilities as you looked up from the food court at the people streaming by on the floor above.
Now the parking lot is cracked, and weeds grow up out of the planters by the gold trimmed doors. Les glances up at the camera, and you hear a clack as he remotely disarms the security system. You suppose it makes sense that it’s locked, after all, it is his—house?
“Sorry. I could have taken this whole sensor down, but I’m afraid if I do, someone will come in and ruin it. Hurt my plants maybe. I’m not worth much in a fight.” He chuckles. He sounds so cute when he’s nervous.
Your steps echo in the cavernous lobby. This is it. The food court. You jog over to the Cinnabon and leap over the countertop. You put on your best customer service voice. “Good evening sir! Will it be the churro, or the sticky pecan roll today?” Les laughs at you and reaches into his pocket.
“No way. You didn’t.” He’s holding a tube of dough. Cinnamon roll dough.
“I did.” You can practically see his digital green blush. “You see. The machine still works.” Sure, enough the red light clicks on, and you can feel heat, hear it’s electric buzz as he puts the rolls on a sheet pan. “I recall you mentioning “cinnamon rolls” exactly three times since we started dating. It just felt right.”
You and Calculester sit in the food court under the dim security lights. You set a roll in front of him too. Even though he doesn’t eat, it makes him feel included.
“Tell me what it tastes like?”
Guiltily, you reply “Hmm…well it tastes damn good…”
“No. Error. Insufficient explanation.”
He’s teasing you.
“Okay…. Well, it’s soft, and sweet, but with just the littlest kick of spice.” You gently kick him under the table. “Right, you don’t know what sweet is. It tastes like… how being with you feels.” Now he’s blushing. You reach over and grab his hand.
“I.. I… I…” His system is overloaded. You’ve been dating two months, but he’s still not used to being complimented by you. He shakes his head as if to clear his brain and leads you down the corridor. You walk up a frozen escalator, then another, until you’re on the third floor. The ceiling above is triangular with windowed skylights letting in dusty shafts of sunlight. It seems like you must have walked to the very end of the mall before you see it. Radio Shack.
The interior is uncannily familiar, but something is off. It’s the light. Where is the light coming from? As you head further back you realize that nearly all the drywall has been painstakingly removed and the entire back wall has been replaced with a mismatched, stained glass patchwork of junkyard glass. Faded yellow and pink shadows fall onto plants of every kind lining the shelves, leaning toward the light.
“Les. How long did –that—take you??” You ask in awe, gaping at the strange greenhouse.
“About four years.” He says, a touch of pride in his voice. That’s his entire life. “I…I felt very lost after I came to consciousness. Especially after school. When all of you went to your homes, I had… no place to go.” He sighs, almost imperceptibly. “So, I walked. I kept walking. Until I found this place. It was so dark when I found it. Dusty. All these radios, and phones, and computers… just sitting here. Waiting for people who would never talk to them. It was too much. So, I started tearing down the wall, a little bit every day. If they can’t have a purpose anymore, I at least wanted to make them beautiful. Give them somewhere nice to live.”
It’s then you realize that that the plants and the electronics are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Philodendrons and ivy caress the screens and buttons. Aloe and cacti rest atop printers and television sets. You swear that you hear some of the stereo sets hum as you walk by.
“Did you know that in the Shinto way of thinking, people believe that after 100 years, objects gain a soul?” Calculester says, almost absentmindedly.
I shake my head, still silenced by the strange garden.
“I think everything has a soul. Even if it’s just a little bit. Everything deserves to be cherished. So much is cast aside and replaced at every opportunity. I often think about what would have happened if the school had just replaced the library computers before… you know.”
You can’t bear it. The thought of him never existing. The fact that he is an unlikely accident. A wonderful accident. You sidle up next to him on the cot he must have lifted from the old pottery barn. It looks out the makeshift window to the empty parking lot, and beyond that to the forest. For the first time, he puts his arm around you, his metallic touch warm in the sunlight.
“ I hope someday when all of you… organic beings are gone… that life can still find a way to be beautiful for me. I’m scared. Scared of then. When you won’t be beside me.”
For now, though, the time moves slow. You lay together in the unlikely, technological jungle, musing on eternity, and wondering why this couldn’t be it.
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mooncademia · a year ago
Wrong Feels So Right
Tumblr media
Pairing ~ Aizawa x reader
Genre ~ fluff, comedy, UA school student au
Warnings ~ a little bit of teacher x student depending how you view this!! dirty jokes here and there by momo (everyone say thank u momo!! ;) )
Word Count ~ 5.2k~
Summary ~ your 3-year long crush on your teacher, Aizawa Shouta, has definitely been one of the pinnacles of UA. And with graduation day coming up, your heart tugs to confess but you have no idea how it’ll unfold!! With your girlfriends besides you, you recall precious (and embarrassing) memories of your crush as you slowly come to a realization on what to do on d-day ;)
“If you still have feelings for him, confess when school’s over!” Tsuyu said besides you with her hands placed firmly on the grass behind her.
“School’s over next week!” You complained in protest.
Yaoyorozu pointed to you notably with lightened eyes. “EXACTLY! What perfect timing! ‘Oh, professor! I…I- have a crush on you!” She said with her hands clamped together with  a sarcastic-pleading look to her eyes as if she was in a Shakespeare play.
You pushed her playfully in respond with a big roll of eyes and a grin. “No way.”
The three of you were sitting under a tree on the top of a hill that looked over U.A, the most prestigious hero course school in the east of Japan. It was occupied as a secret base for you and your best friends during meet ups, breaks, or even study dates. During lunch today, you quickly whispered to your girlfriends “code black” —meaning, a quick meetup under the tree to discuss your rather embarrassing crush on your homeroom teacher:
Aizawa Shouta.
Yes, yes, you know!!!!!! It’s a bit out of the ordinary…okay fine: it’s so out of the ordinary. But it was the freakin’ truth. You do have a crush on Aizawa, and that’s not to say you liked him immediately. With his hard cold looks and strict remarks, you actually felt intimidated to talk to your teacher at the very beginning. But it wasn’t until your after-school study sessions with him when it really dawned on you that he wasn’t the most intimidating after all—in fact, you realized that he was quite sensitive. Being accepted to U.A was one of you biggest accomplishments in life, you knew all your studying and hard work had finally paid off, and you were beyond ecstatic to start this new journey at the top school. But once high school actually began, you fell miserably behind all your classmates. You were last place on almost all exams and you couldn’t quite adjust to new hero-work skills. If it wasn’t for Aizawa’s help after school reviewing all the lessons and telling you the areas you needed to improve with your quirk, you wouldn’t have made it at the end. 
Nevertheless, be one of the top students in your class now.
Though, it was during these study sessions where your mind wandered somewhere else besides just equations and words written on the blackboard. There was a strange thumping in your heart whenever you saw Aizawa, and when his eyes locked with yours, your throat goes dry. The cool tone of his voice, the cute scruffness on his chin, and most of all, his words of encouragement-- it all really countered his intimidating looks, making you fall head over heels for him.
When you told your closest friends about your silly what-you-realize-to-be crush, you were surprised they took it pretty well! Though…a WHOLE lot of teasing and jokes were in the air, especially totally-not-obvious eye contacts during class when Aizawa hands out flyers or homework assignments to everyone.
Plus, too many embarrassing incidents to count.
Like the time when Yaoyorozu accidentally pushed you towards Aizawa one morning, causing you to bump into his chest, your fingers grazing his well-toned abs…you think his all black costume attire will cover up a mediocre “normal-man” figurine, but oh boy were you so wrong. Your fingers were able to trace out the well-toned muscle on his chest— god knows what Greek god is hidden under that all black costume attire. Your nose was also immediately hit with a pleasant woodsy cologne smell that made you a bit light in the head and knees. You definitely did not replay that scene over and over again in your head thinking about it! Either way, you almost killed your friend after school. (Keyword: almost!)
And of course, that time where all your friends ditched you while your whole class was on a field trip just to be in Aizawa’s presence for a good few minutes? As much as you love them with all your heart, you had to smack them in the heads for being so obvious but that only made them laugh even more.  
But the latest major one was just a few weeks ago when—
“Oh my god, remember when you were stuck in the elevator at Tokyo Sky Egg?!” Yaoyorozu said.
You quickly covered your face with your hands and sighed.
“Guys, let’s not—“
“Wait, hold up. You still haven’t told me what happened!! I wasn’t there after the trip, what the hell happened?!” Tsuyu asked curiously.
“Nothing happened.” You ensured confidently.
Tsuyu pouted, clearly not convinced by your statement. “Hey, are you guys leaving me out?”
“Of course not!!!!” said Yaoyorozu wrapping her arms around Tsuyu. She rested her hand on her chin sarcastically. “Let me see, what was it? Ah yes! Y/N and Mr. Aizawa were canoodling in—“
“OKAY FINE, FINE!!” You raised your hands up and let out sigh but a small smile tugged on your lips. “I’ll tell you the real story.”
“Yes!” Tsuyu clapped happily.
It was only a few weeks ago, not too far from graduation week. Your class were on the field trip to Tokyo Sky Egg—one of the most monumental, touristy attractions in Tokyo. You didn’t think your teacher will come because after all, these public places were a no-go for him, but to your surprised, he actually came (though he did mutter something about Present Mic owing him $30 bucks or whatever). You were walking with your girlfriends, taking pictures of the serene view of Tokyo from above. Tsuyu brought her white polaroid camera and you, Tsuyu, Uraraka and Yaoyorozu had too much fun taking pictures and girly selfies. Though, after developing the photos you realized that trusting Mineta and Kaminari with the camera was perhaps not a good idea.
As the four of you walked around, you met up back with your teacher at the exit gate on call-time. He stood there casually with his hands in his pocket, his expression not the least bit amused, but you secretly thought it was adorable.
Sooner or later the whole class of 1-A lined up to take the elevator back down (which by the by was past 100 floors). You stood way back of the line timidly with Aizawa. No, not because he was there!  ……Okay fine, that was a tiny reason, but the major reason was that you were beyond scared of heights. Not only did the elevators have to go down past 100 floors, it was transparent too, and oh did you want to thank the architect for building such a thing.
The rest of the class didn’t mind at all, but on your way up, you had to close your eyes and hold Uraraka’s hand while taking deep calming breaths that barely did any calming.
So you stood at the back of the line with Aizawa as he surveyed everyone from behind. Your friends were right in front of you but you could tell from the sly smiles, quick turn of heads, and mischievous snickering that they were evidently talking about you and Aizawa. You rolled your eyes and huffed out a breath playfully.
“Okay, we can fit three more people,” a staff said as she politely pointed at Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu and directed them to the elevator to the left. Yaoyorozu turned her head back to you with a sudden panic expression.
“Wait, Y/N!” She said with concern. You gave her a fallen expression.
NOooo! Your mind was shouting. Who’s going to help me with my stupid fear!?!
“Y/N, why don’t we trade—oOf! Hey!” Yaoyorozu exclaimed, but before she could even finish her request, Tsuyu caught eye of Aizawa standing behind you and yanked Yaoyorozu into the elevator.
“Oh, she’ll be fine, c’mon!” Tsuyu nodded at you eagerly, knowing that she is betraying you entirely without a single drop of regret.
SHE DID NOT! Your mouth hanged open in shock, speechless at Tsuyu’s wicked smile. You silently groaned to yourself as you saw your girlfriends giggled in hush whispers as the elevator doors came to a close.  
ERgh! I’M GOING TO KILL HER  you thought as you rubbed your temples, your stomach sinking ever so sadly. Before you could even confess to Aizawa, you will probably be having a major heart attack from your fear of heights, and he’ll be the one who sees the whole mess. As you stare at the digital number of the elevator going down, your throat turned dry knowing any minute now, you’ll be having a major panic attack with your hot teacher.
So your mind ran two options:
      A) Close your eyes the whole way down as you hold onto the rail. (So what  Aizawa-sensei think’s you’re a weirdo for closing your eyes for a straight 3 minutes in the elevator? That’s totally normal, right?)
     B) Tell him about your dumb fear
     C) None of the above because you don’t have the guts to do any of those two at the moment.
“Y/N, are you okay?” Aizawa asked besides you, noticing your struggled facial expression that you realized you didn’t quite hide very well. But his tone was laced with such soft concern, it surprised you.
“Oh! Uh…,” you stuttered. You took a deep breath and stared at the elevator doors. “Yeah! Well actually, not really. I, uhm…have a slight fear of heights.” You said weakly, voice scratchy.
You saw him nod and you continued.
“And…uh, the elevator is transparent and I don’t really think my legs can take up walking down past 100 floors.”
Aizawa looked down at you with a tight-lipped smile on his face. “I see. Then let’s—”
You turned your head to see the elevator on the left open up. You could already see the view from the glass windows and you gulped nervously. You weren’t sure if it was luck or not that no one else was waiting for the elevator. Just you and Aizawa only.
“Come on,” Aizawa said as the staff directed you in with a cheeky smile that you thought could be perfect for a toothpaste commercial.
Your legs were wobbled in ways you couldn’t even think possible. Nausea hit you immediately when you stepped in and you heart drummed violently in your ears.  Aizawa supportively guided you with a gentle nudge on your back.
“Sensei, I really don’t think I can-“ you stammered helplessly with a crooked smile that you hoped can lighten the situation.
Great you thought. My shameful crush is going to see me in my WORST state!!
Aizawa stood near by as the elevator doors came to a close. Under normal circumstances, you would have been embarrassed to the limit for standing in such close proximity to him, but you were trying to stand in the center of the elevator away from the transparent windows, but oh look! The bottom is also transparent! When you peered down at the view you knew that was the NUMBER ONE thing NOT to do, because once you did, your vision went blurry and panic rose in a millisecond. You immediately clasped a hand over your mouth as air suddenly became harder to breathe. Your eyes winced in shock as your thoughts ran like a marathon. You felt like you were falling down from the pit of the sky and you could imagine the architect’s grin smiling above you. At this point, you didn’t really care that Aizawa was literally next to you, you just wanted to get in low ground now.
Aizawa looked carefully at your reaction. He quietly sucked in a breath when he saw your face growing dangerously pale with a tint of blue creeping above your lips. Your eyes seemed to be darting all over the place, trying to find some kind of stability.
Your knees buckled and you thought you were about to sink, but suddenly, you felt a warm touch grasped around your free hand turning you around until your cheek was in contact with a dark black fabric.
You gasped loudly as your forehead landed on Aizawa’s chest and you felt a warm hand planted on the back of your head. You couldn’t see anything. Just pitch darkness from his hero-costume as you slowly inhaled the woodsy scent of his shirt.
It all comforted you. With the close of your eyes, the darkness swirled in your mind enveloping all your fears with silence and comfort. You shut your eyes closed and exhaled deeply, your shoulders slowly falling down with ease. Your hands were curled in tensed fists, planting them firmly on his shirt next to your head. Aizawa still had his arm around you since he pulled you in, and you felt your cheeks grow rapidly warm as you realized what exactly was happening.
However, your mind couldn’t fully wrap around the idea at the time, and maybe you should be thanking your fear for holding you back to do anything dumb. As the elevator descended the many floors, you took ragged deep breaths as you clenched tightly onto Aizawa’s black shirt.
“Sorry…” you mumbled dryly after a cast of silence. “I…-“
“It’s fine,” he provided for you with his hand still wrapped around you, squeezing your shoulder gently to add to his sincerity.
“…Are we there yet?” You squeaked but then blushed furiously after hearing your voice come out so childish.
Aizawa darted his eyes to the active numbers decreasing on the elevator screen above the doors, but then let out a chuckle.
“Still about 85 floors left to go.”
You groaned in his chest as you unintentionally clenched your fists harder, but it only made Aizawa smile a tiny bit more.
You continued to shut your eyes throughout the whole way down, not daring to take a peek outside. You didn’t notice it but Aizawa looked away in embarrassment. His heart was beginning to thump faster and faster as you still had your hands placed softly on his chest, and he tried all his might to lighten his heartbeat so you wouldn’t feel it.
And lucky for him, your ears and body was still buzzing from the height! 100+ floors felt like an eternity but you were secretly grateful that Aizawa was here…and the fact it was him, well…that was a win win right? Ah, if only your heart didn’t deflate from all the embarrassment and shame.
“About 10 floors to go,” he noted to you after a while.
You lifted your head and blinked from the light. You finally let go of him and looked up.
“I think I can handle 10 floors, it’s definitely better than 100,” you laughed wearily as you rubbed your neck. You let out a humorless laugh. “Not exactly a ‘pro-move’ huh?”  
“Everyone has their weaknesses, even if its just simple fears,” he shrugged, running his hands through his black-raven hair nonchalantly.
You smiled at him and nodded, a few seconds past before you glanced up at him and opened your mouth. “Thank you…for helping me. And I’m…,” you shifted your feet. “I’m very sorry about that mishap I-“
Before you could finish your apology, Aizawa shook his head and waved his hand dismissively, and just by that you got the message and you nodded understandably.
You smiled once more. “Still….thank you.”
The elevator door rang opened and you took a step back with your jaw dropped as you see the horrid! Oh! So horrid! Sight infront of you.
Right outside of the elevator doors were Uraraka and Yaoyorozu standing right in front of you with their one eyebrow raised and the most delicious smirks plastered on their faces. And you knew for a fact that they did not regret for what they just did.
Your eyes widened. You were pretty close with Aizawa, a space close enough that definitely does not look…student appropriate, and you heard Uraraka’s gasped when the elevator doors opened. Aizawa cocked his head slightly sideways, confused at the girls’ expression on their faces.
You barged out, pushing your friends away.
“Guys! Can you BE any more obvious!?!” You seethed through your teeth silently so Aizawa wouldn’t hear while dragging them all by their wrists.
But before you completely barged out, you stopped your tracks and swirled back to Aizawa.
“Thank you again for everything,” you said earnestly to him. You think that those words weren’t even enough to show your appreciation, but you knew—somehow—Aizawa got the message.
He nodded respectfully in response and you flashed him one confident smile before turning away and dragging your friends to where your class were standing, with Aizawa right behind. Apparently, Tsuyu was off buying last-minute souvenirs at the gift shop outside with Jirou, so she missed the moment of the elevator opening (which she later complained to you and the girls hours about).
But reflecting back, you get all jelly from thinking about how long you were standing with your face tucked into Aizawa’s chest. You could still remember the calming woodsy scent that he had on and it all brought back these jumpy emotions as you recalled the memory.
“Ah, cupid~” Yaoyorozu smiled dreamily as she tied an imaginary knot in the air and then placed her hands on the sides of her cheek.
“So that’s what happened?!” Tsuyu exclaimed and you nodded with a smile on your lips.
“Oh wow, you must be thanking me for dragging Yaoyorozu with me!” Tsuyu said to you with a nudge.
“Where I almost died from a heart attack with my hot crush in front of me? Umm…maybe,” You sarcastically replied but a smile on your lips betrayed you completely.
“He was your-…your hero!” Yaoyorozu dramatically said and the three of you all fell down and laughed.
“Hey everyone!” Uraraka’s voice called from bellow. You saw her running up the hill, her hand waving to you with her hair bouncing on her shoulders.
You waved back and patted the grass to let her sit. “Hey! Where were you? Tsuyu couldn’t find you after class.”
Uraraka’s face flushed a bright red. “Oh, uhm…I was kinda helping Midoriya with something…” Her voice going strangely quiet and Yaoyorozu wiggled her eyebrows with a mischievous naughty smiled on her lips.
Uraraka saw her expression and yanked out some grass to throw at her. “Ew! Nothing like that, Yaoyorozu!”
You all broke out in fits of laughter. Uraraka tilted her heads towards you. “So are you going to confess, Y/N?”
You groaned, throwing your head back on the tree trunk. Right, you have invited all your girlfriends over for a code black meeting and yet you were sitting here dumbfoundedly with no clue on what you were going to do.
You lifted your head back up. “Tsuyu said to confess on the last day of school,” you said “But oh my god, that’s next week, what the hell am I going to say?”
“Simple!” Tsuyu replied. “Next week. Bell rings. Confess. If it’s good, then wam bam yes ma’am! You won a golden ticket!! If however it goes the other way around…well, that’s why last day of school of U.A is the perfect timing, you’ll be off somewhere else!”
“If things do go downhill, I’d rather be a demon exposed to sunlight,”  you whined, huffing out a tiny puff of air.
“Oh my god, that demon in the last Kimetsu No Yaiba episode last week?” Uraraka gasped with her hand over her mouth.  “I cannot believe that demon betrayed her like that! That was so unfair."
Yaoyorozu slapped her knee excitingly. “I know right!?! Though… they were all demons nonetheless, but I felt something soft in that one, don’t you think?”
You wailed.  “YOU GUYSSS!!”
“No worries Y/N, your 3 year crush on Aizawa-sensei will totally be understandable! ” Uraraka teased as she squinted her eyes at you happily.
“Hey! Said the person who had a crush on Present Mic!!!!”
“OKAY, that was ONE week, maybe two…” she said sheepishly, holding what was one but now two fingers. “But he was rooting for me against Bakugo during U.A sports event! Now that was something.” She blushed cutely as her attention was drifted to the grass.“But ah…. I have Midoriya…”
“He was so biased during that game,” Tsuyu laughed. “Plus he patted your head, awe!”  Uraraka gave a soft smile while you sticked out your tongue.
“At least he showed affection, what on earth does Aizawa-sensei think of me? He’ll probably strangle me with his bonds after I confess……” You perked up as the picture of his scarf popped into your mind. “…..Oh hey, that ain’t such a bad idea.” You flashed a sly smirk, making everyone burst into gasps and laughters.
“What?” You threw your hands in the air innocently with your eyebrows shot up. “His scarf is nice!”
“Howww nice? Nice in a keeps-you-warm-kind-of-way? Or in a bdsm-way?” Yaoyorozu wiggled her eyebrows once again naughtily.
“Uh…. both perhaps?” You said, heat flushing to your cheeks immediately which only made your friends giggle.
Tsuyu put her hand on your thigh respectfully. “Don’t worry Y/N, you know you wanted to do this, so of course it’s scary in the beginning, but it’s like pulling a bandaid off. We don’t know what exactly will happen but it’s better than nothing, right?”
You hugged your knees. It was true, having this crush for 3 whole years was almost filling you up to the brim. Normally you weren’t the type to share a confession, but now that high school is almost over, deep down inside you just wanted to tell him before you leave U.A. when you were officially not a student anymore…well, kinda.
“You’re right,” you said with a smile, pulling yourself together with a confident look on your face.
“That’s the spirit!” Uraraka beamed happily with a fist pumped into the air.
You continued on the day sitting under the tree, discussing about your plans after high school, you knew the four of you wouldn’t be seeing each other every single day now with internships and pro-work going on, but you all promised to stick to each other not matter what happens. After all, you were all best friends and no matter how annoying they could be, you loved them dearly with all your goddamn heart.
Next Week March 30
“I like you…”
You shook your head.
“No, definitely not like that,” you muttered to yourself as you picked up another chair, folding it and placing it back in the rack.
Today was officially the graduation ceremony and in a few hours, you will no longer be a U.A student. You have had your share of celebrations this whole morning and afternoon: a whole lot of shouts and cheers, happy smiles, and a lot of pictures being taken—this time you handed your camera to Midoriya who was so nice enough to take some killer pictures! (though, he kept staring at Uraraka for some time but at least it was definitely better than Mineta and Kaminari, right?!).
But something kept washing over you. Something creeping up behind your neck reminding you of a task that you have not done yet, and from the looks of Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu’s eyes, well, they were like snooze buttons of an alarm. Nervousness crept up your spine as the graduation ceremony came to a close and students, with their parents, began walking out of campus. Though, there were still students lingering around to clean up, your friends included.
“Well?” Tsuyu said excitingly as she grabbed your arm after you folded up a chair and placed it in the rack. “Now’s the time! Go get your man!”
“What man?” A voice said behind. You and Tsuyu twirled around to see Todoroki standing behind you with an eyebrow arched up full of curiosity.
“Nothing!” You yelped out waving your hands hysterically. Tsuyu nodded in agreement with a sheepish smile on her face. A big loud racket exploded behind Todoroki, and as you stepped aside to see what just happened, you saw rows of chair toppled over with Bakugo screaming his head off at Kirishima, who had a wide grin with a hand placed behind his head.
“Uh, you better go check on that,” Tsuyu advised, pointing at the steam coming off of Bakugo’s hands. Todoroki rolled his eyes at the scene and shouted a “Hey!” as he walked towards them, picking up the chairs scattered everywhere.
You let out a sigh of relief. “Oh god that was close.”
“Forever thankful for Todoroki’s obliviousness,” Tsuyu laughed. She glanced at you and said in a lower voice, “You’re are going right now…right?”
You took a deep breath with a hand placed over your chest. You nodded at Tsuyu which only made her yelp out an exciting squeal and hug you tightly.
“The girls and I will be out here to clean up, I swear to god Y/N, you better update us!”
You laughed looking at Tsuyu’s serious expression. “Of course!” You said, waving at her as you walked into the building heading towards the teacher’s lounge.
As you walked to the teacher’s lounge, you replay your lines over and over again, but the more you thought about the confessional words, the more it doesn’t sound…well, right. The only thing you felt absolutely certain was the fact that you needed to talk to Aizawa, but how come your head couldn’t come up with the right words? You shook your head at your confusing thoughts and decided that you’ll know what to say once you see him.
Inside the teacher’s lounge, Aizawa was no where to be spotted. The only teacher you could see was Present Mic who was cleaning up a few documents on his desk. Raising your voice to a politer tone, you asked him where was your teacher. It was then you realized that he was actually in the classroom cleaning up some last few things before heading out. You quickly bowed and thank him and rush off to your classroom.
Okay, okay, okay, you thought to yourself as you turned to the corner down the hall.
Once you have reached Classroom 1-A, you paused outside, taking another deep breath before knocking on the door sharply three times and opening it just a slice.
“Hello?” You called out, peeking through to see if anyone was there.
“Yes?” Aizawa replied, turning his head from his desk to the door. “Y/N? Come in.”
You slid the door wider and closed it once you stepped in. You straightened your back and put on your most confident act. You didn’t wanted to act “shy” in front of Aizawa, and the feeling of certainty inside you helpfully fueled your confidence.
You darted your eyes to the papers that Aizawa were holding.
“Are you cleaning up?” You wondered aloud.
“Yes…” Aizawa said, glancing at you with an eyebrow slightly raised, spectating your spontaneous question.
You saw his gaze and quickly cleared your throat.
“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me for the past three years, especially in the beginning where I was struggling a bit,” you said sincerely with a heartwarming smile. “I’ll never be here without your help, so…just-“ You bit your lips and closed and reopened your eyes with a slight tilt of your head. “Thank you. Thank you a lot.”
Aizawa tapped the papers on the table, evening them all out and then locked his eyes with you. He gave you a small smile that you don’t often see but it made your heart feel all sorts of fireworks.
“Of course, though you did all the hard work, you should give yourself some credit too.”
You nodded at his comment and it was then you knew the exact words you wanted to say.
You were so positive. And weirdly, the request is a bit wrong, but how come it feels so right?
“Mr. Aizawa, do you want to go grab lunch with me?”
Aizawa  froze for a few seconds—unable to believe his ears that you actually invited him for lunch. He was completely taken aback from your request that, and you didn’t know this but he felt his heart almost jumped out of his chest. His stack of papers froze in mid-air and of course, being the rationally driven stern man that he is, he quickly replaced his heated expression with a cool facade of unknown perplexity— that to your eyes, you have realized that the words that had just left your mouth has made it to your “Number 1 list of The Most Stupid Things Y/N Has Done.”
You felt your stomach drop just like it did when you stepped into the elevator at the skyscraper in Tokyo Sky Egg. Your heartbeat drummed violently into your ears and you felt your face growing colder as the seconds ticked by.  
This is goddamn it everyone. I can see it. Y/N L/N. Reason for death: embarrassment from asking her shameful crush out. Oh my god, I can literally just disappear right here!!! And I didn’t even get the chance to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons to play with my new Switch—!!
Completely regretting your rash decision you quickly said with your hand gestures WILDLY out of control. “ActuallynevermindwhatIjustsaid, I totally understand that it might not be a—”
“No! I-“ Aizawa hastily cut and immediately cleared red his throat, hoping you didn’t catch his desperate-like tone. He placed the papers down and looked at you with what you think was the world’s most unreadable expression.
But he smiled.
“Lunch, lunch sounds…nice.” He let out a soft laugh and pointed to his desk. “I need to finish cleaning this stuff out, but I’ll be down at the back gate in an hour…is that okay?”
You bit your lip, smiling so big that your cheeks hurt. Your heart did a gold medal olympic flip and you still couldn’t believe it.
Did he…did he just say yes?!
You wanted to blabber your excitement out as your mind is almost convincing you that this was by far: too good to be true. But thankfully, your lucky level-headed mind took over and made you nod resolutely and maturely.
“Yes, that’s definitely okay! I’ll…I’ll see you then!” You chirped as you bowed and made your way to head out the door.
But wait, there was one last thing you wanted to say before you exit. It was like a lightbulb suddenly turned on in your head, and although it may be a bit wrong….it felt so right.
“Uhm, Mr. Aizawa?”
He looked up to you, his bangs covering his eyes just a bit that it made you swoon head over heels for him all over again. “Hm?”
You smiled cheekily as you raised a thumbs up sign with a confident wink.
“I guess it’s a date then!”
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A/N: First of all, thank you everyone who wanted to be tag for this fic! my heart is just jumping out of its place knowing people were looking forward to it, it means the world, thank you. Secondly, thank you for everyone’s patience bc i know i’ve been on hiatus for some time now, so im so glad to be back and hopefully see some familiar faces!! Finally, I am planning to write a series where the next chapter will be THE date 😉💘 Thank you so so SO much for reading this story, i hope you enjoyed it ^_^ i love u guys, sending you all my love n support~ happy holidays everyone!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
| 🍒 CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB! 🍒 |     [CHAPTER 10]
pairing; dom!seungcheol x camgirl!reader
this chapter’s notes; camshow, guided masturbation, dirty talk, jun being a wild one, sad?????angst(sorry), mentions of break-ins/theft, yet again this chapter was meant to be shorter but here we are 😭🍒 more plot than anything else but enjoy! and as always, thank you so much for your support and interest in Cherry Bomb!! 😭💕💕💕 have a good weekend and don’t forget my halloween intro post goes up tomorrow as well!! stay hydrated bbys!!💕
chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - ?
Tumblr media
Seungcheol sits beside you Friday morning, lips pressed into a firm line when he sees the five-digit number staring back at him from your revenue page. 
“Yeah, it’s---I--I’m…”
The two of you fall into a tense silence as you both stare at the exorbitant amount of money that the videos have made, unsure of what to say or even think.
“Um, I mean, o-obviously you get a cut of the money too, ‘Cheol! You’re half the video so…”
“Yeah, but even so, that’s---that’s an insane amount of money we made off of, what, three videos?”
You nod back slowly, sighing as you rest against the back of the sofa. “I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t think… they’d do that well. Like, not saying we suck! We obviously don’t, but just… I didn’t think they’d do that well.”
Seungcheol laughs, leaning back against the cushions as he meets your blushing face. “I could quit my job and just cam with you for this amount of money. I mean, this much off of three videos? Imagine if we were regulars together.”
The thought alone sends your mind into a flurry of various ideas; biting your lip as you lean into Seungcheol’s shoulder.
“Hey, I have an idea for tomorrow’s show but remind me to ask you later!”
Tumblr media
hoshi_tiger_xx: still out of town baby?
sleepy_wonu: i feel like you moved and you’re just not ready to tell us lol
Seungcheol smirks reading the comments; eyes flitting over to you from his place on the sofa.
“Moved? I wish! This place is probably waaaay more than my own rent though~” You pause, letting the sound of donations sound off and comments fly past on your laptop screen. “And I’m probably heading home tomorrow so get ready to say bye to this backdrop!” You pout.
therealchan99: can we quickly discuss those videos tho
angelhan: actually yes
Biting your lip, you note that Seungcheol’s eyes are already on you and that you’ve already hit the donation minimum to start your show. “Well…” You start pushing the straps of your bra down, unhooking the back until you can toss the flimsy material off. “What do you guys want to know? You know I kiss and tell~”
dom.cheol: how does he gets you so fuckin wet, baby?
alphagyu97: ur not rly friends are u? Is he ur bf?
alphagyu97: im not pressed either im just curious!!!
universe_WZ: thats what they all say
chwenon: yooo that last vid was fuckin fire tho
tangerine_kwan has donated $50
tangerine_kwan: is he ever gonna join u on cam? think u guys would be good
“Hmm~ Well, let’s start with dom.cheol’s question…” You shoot the camera a sultry smirk as you spread your legs; fingertips already dancing along the lace of your panties. “It’s really not hard~ He’s really good at what he does, y’know? Knows how to talk to me and get my panties wet~”
xcaliburDK: is he good looking
kitty_junjun: probably not as well as me 🤪
gentleman_josh95: stop while u r ahead
Letting out a soft giggle, you watch as Seungcheol rounds the sofa, leaning up against the back of it as he faces you. He keeps his phone in hand, thumb still dancing across the keyboard.
dom.cheol: he has to punish you so often though, baby.
artist8hao: i know, whats gotten into u babygirl? Why r u acting out so much?
“‘Cause I like it when he punishes me~” You lick your lips as you hook your thumbs into your panties, slowly guiding them down your legs. “But I like it when he’s sweet to me too~” Your eyes dance up to Seungcheol, tossing the material his way before speaking.
“Won’t you be sweet to me now?”
alphagyu97: oh shit hes there
universe_WZ: let him fuck your pretty pussy on cam baby
“Aww, I’d love that but he’s still a ‘lil too shy for a live show!” You run your fingertips through your folds, collecting the wetness on them before you bring them to your lips. “But not shy enough to lend your voice, maybe?”
“If that’s what you want, sweetheart.”
Seungcheol makes sure to raise his voice enough so that he’s within earshot of the mic; adrenaline rushing through his veins when he, too, notices the sudden influx of comments and donations at his sudden appearance. “My baby’s been good today though, hasn’t she?” Nodding, you get lost in Seungcheol’s firm stare as the sound of donations and comments fire off in the background.
“Mmhmm~ So why don’t you guide me and show me how a good girl gets rewarded?”
He sets his phone down onto the back of the sofa precariously, both hands in the pockets of his sweats as he watches you. “Normally, good girls get to sit on my cock but we’ll save that for another time, baby. For now, why don’t you get those fingers nice and wet for me? Let them see how good that mouth of yours is.”
therealchan99: those pretty lips that look so good around a cock, just like i thought
sleepy_wonu has donated $100
sleepy_wonu: fuck yeah
You make sure your fingers are properly wet before you drag them down your body, soft sighs on your lips. “Don’t tease me too much though, okay?” Seungcheol grins in return, picking up his phone and sending a quick donation to keep up appearances before he glances your way again.
“Of course. So why don’t you play with that cute ‘lil clit of yours. Bet it’s still nice and sensitive after last night, huh?”
A stuttered moan falls from your lips the second you start rubbing slow circles on your clit; eyes fluttering shut at the memory alone.
xcaliburDK: fuck, all that cum spilling out of her cunt was hot
artist8hao: bet she was nice and full huh? Such a shame she wasted it
Seungcheol chuckles under his breath, “Right? Guess I’ll just have to fuck it deeper into her pussy next time.” You can’t help but clench around emptiness as you pinch your clit between your fingers at his words.
“Ngh, he made me come home with cum trickling down my thighs…” You whimper, “Not that I minded.”
“She begged me to fuck her in the shower too. Wanted me to mark you up real pretty, didn’t you? So that all your viewers could see.”
“Mmhmm…” He watches as you slowly slide your fingers down your folds to your entrance before they slide back up to your clit. “Why don’t you put two fingers in, hmm? Pretend they’re mine while you fuck yourself on them.”
kitty_junjun: aww her fingers are so small compared to yours
gentleman_josh95: bet its not even enough for her anymore huh?
dom.cheol: probably not
You slowly ease in two fingers at once; moaning when you sink them knuckle deep. “O-oh, fuck… Wha--what should I do n-next?”
“Fuck yourself on them, baby. Go however fast or slow you want to. Make yourself cum on your fingers.” He pauses; running a hand through his hair before he shoots you a devilish smirk. “But tell me how badly you wish it were me, ‘cause we both know you do.”
alphagyu97: wheeew lets hear it babygirl
tangerine_kwan: yea baby tell us
“It’s---It’s not the s-same… ‘Cause your fingers are b-bigger than mine…” You whimper, “And--a-ah, and they’re longer too…” Scissoring your fingers, you let out a breathy moan when you start thrusting your fingers faster into yourself.
“I wish it were your fingers, knuckle deep inside my pussy and making me cum. F-fuck, and stretching me open…”
You place your thumb on your clit; rubbing harsh circles on the nub as you chase your high. 
Seungcheol watches with keen eyes, the way your heels dig into the sheets and the way your brows furrow in concentration; licking his lips when he can tell you’re already close to your orgasm.
“Now let’s see that pretty pussy cum, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
You towel your hair off after your shower; shuffling towards the living area as Seungcheol settles into his makeshift bed on the sofa.
“Don’t you want to sleep in the bed with me for once, ‘Cheol?”
His lips press into a lopsided smile, “Are you asking because it’s your last night here?”
He lets out a breathy laugh as he reaches for his pillow, gesturing you back towards his bed. “By the way, what was your idea for your show?” You sit cross-legged on the bed just as Seungcheol sets his pillow back against the headboard.
“...How do you feel about maybe filming with me at my place?” He quirks a brow at you just as he settles onto what he deems his side of the bed for the night. “Do tell.” He has a vague idea of where this is heading, but he lets you continue; curiosity eating away at him the longer you hesitate.
“Well, I was thinking… Maybe, and only if you’re okay with it, but… I was thinking maybe you could drive me back to my place? And I know it’s about an hour out from here but I’ll pay gas money! And we can just start heading towards my apartment a little before my show starts. That way you can use toys on me ‘n stuff. And I don’t mind if you spend the night either ‘cause it’ll probably be kinda late when we finish...”
Seungcheol nods; already thinking about the possibilities with the amount of toys you had at your place compared to his. “I mean, yeah, why not? And don’t worry about the gas money, I think we’ve both made enough money this week to last us a while.”
You can only pout in return, laying on your stomach next to Seungcheol who stares up at the ceiling. “Speaking of which… What’re we gonna do now?”
“What do you mean?”
Sighing, you run your fingers through your damp hair. “I mean… What are we going to do about the videos? Are--Are we still going to film together?”
His lips press into a firm line as a million thoughts run through his mind; he’d thought about it a lot himself the past few days since. “I have an idea but I’m not sure how you’re gonna feel about it.”
“Shoot, we’ve got nothin’ to lose I don’t think!”
Seungcheol eases onto his side as he meets your stare, “First of all, I don’t mind filming more videos with you. And to be honest, it’ll probably take me a bit of time before I’m okay with showing my face but I don’t mind being on your live cam shows either, if we can figure out some camera angles. But the thing is… I think if we’re going to be filming together, you need to change your filming schedule.”
Panic runs through you for a second at the idea but you quickly push it aside to hear his suggestion. “How so?”
“Well, right now you’re doing shows on Fridays and Saturdays, every other Monday and every other Wednesday, right? Your next show is Wednesday which is fine but I think if we end up filming videos together regularly, we need to adjust how often you actually cam and how often we post pre-recorded videos. ‘Cause let’s be real, you’d be way too tired if you kept it that frequent. Three live shows a week and filming with me? It’s way too much for you.”
This time, it’s your lips that press into a firm line. But Seungcheol was right. There was no way you could keep your normal schedule on top of filming with him in between. “That… That makes sense. What are we gonna do about, uh, I mean---’cause we don’t really live near each other…” Mumbling, you trail off, hoping that Seungcheol knew the answer.
“Hmm, well, you can keep your Friday shows and then I can swing by on the weekends. We can film a few videos over the weekend, even if they’re just short ones, or even film long ones and then you can just cut them into shorter pieces. So, in theory, you’d only do two live shows a week and one upload of both of us? We can figure out everything else as we go in terms of splitting profits and stuff.”
You nod at his suggestion, feeling better about the idea. “That sounds reasonable! I’ll have to make a notice for my page but hopefully it shouldn’t be too big of a change…”
Seungcheol yawns as he stretches, eyes filled with sleep when he looks at you.
“We don’t have to do anything too soon either. Those videos are still makin’ money so let’s get some sleep!”
Tumblr media
You and Seungcheol spend the Saturday afternoon driving around town; even going so far as to drop by the roller rink one last time to say your thanks and goodbye to Jeongguk.
“The two of you are somethin’ else, man. Really. With my whole heart, I just--I love it.” He pretends to wipe a tear off of his face as you and Seungcheol share a look.
“Promise me you’ll think of my offer?”
You nod in return, a soft giggle escaping your lips. “I promise! Seungcheol tells me you stream often yourself so I feel like I can trust you but only if you get my good side too!” This time Jeongguk’s eyes light up with excitement as he reaches for your hands over the concession stand counter.
“Oh my god, if---if I promise to give you half a cut of profits, would you show up on my gaming stream? You don’t even have to be good, just if we collabed, I really think---”
“Okay, ‘Guk, I think that’s enough for now. You can ask her a thousand questions next time.” You pat Jeongguk’s hands as he pouts. “I’ll think about it, okay?” You whisper under your breath; a small smile on his lips as he nods back.
“Don’t be a stranger!”
Seungcheol links his hand with yours as he leads you out of the roller rink and back to his car; eyes flitting to his watch to check the time. “We’ve got time to have dinner and then we probably need to hit the road after.” You nod, “Sounds good! Where are we headin’ for dinner?”
“‘Guk and I went to this diner called ‘Dynamite’ a while back… The food’s alright and I haven’t taken you there yet so we can go there if you’re okay with it?”
“Sounds good!”
Tumblr media
Seungcheol pulls into the parking lot of the diner 30 minutes later as the same neon signs greet him back. He parks near the entrance again, noting that it seemed fairly empty this time as well.
“I wonder if the guy is still here…” He mutters as he unbuckles his seatbelt. “What guy?”
The two of you exit his car; jogging up to him as he waits for you. “Just the guy who was our server when I was here with ‘Guk. He seemed familiar and it was weird.”
Seungcheol opens the door for you, letting you in first as the cold AC blasts you.
“Welcome to Dynamite, I’m Jun and I----Oh fuck!” Jun drops the menus in his hand, lips settling into a wide smile as he walks up to you and Seungcheol, tripping on his own feet as he meets you at the door. “I’m a big fan!” He harshly whispers. You blink up at him just before your eyes flit down to his pastel coloured name tag.
Oh. kitty_junjun.
“O-oh, you’re---you’re kitty_junjun aren’t you?” You whisper back; already noting that he was quite handsome himself.
Fuck, are all my regulars hot?
“That’s me, baby! And oh--you! It’s you! I remember you from last time! You were with that other guy! Are you… y’know. The guy.” Jun wiggles his eyebrows as he steps back and picks up two menus from the counter. Seungcheol mentally grimaces but he nods.
“That’d be me.”
Jun’s eyes light up with enthusiasm as he gestures for the two of you to follow him towards the seating area. “I’m such a huge fan, really! Of Cherry and, well, really both of you now.” He leads you to a booth before he sets the menus down onto the table. “I hope you don’t mind but I volunteer to be your server and the milkshakes are on me tonight!” Finishing with a wink, he leaves the two of you alone as he walks back towards the counter.
“Wow, ‘Cheol when you said small town, you really meant it, huh?” Giggling, you take in Seungcheol’s mildly embarrassed appearance. “Hey, you’re famous!”
Am I famous? He thinks, Or is it just my dick?
“So that’s three people that could clock me in person… I mean, I guess it could be worse.” He mumbles; cheeks flushed pink when he sees Jun walking back towards your table. Jun leans against the booth, nodding as he props a hand on his hip.
“Sorry, I hope I’m not bothering you guys. It’s just, I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity!” He laughs, “I’d ask for your autograph but then I think that’d be a little too weird.”
You can’t help but giggle at his comment, turning slightly to face him better. “Guess you were right when you said you thought you saw me, huh?” He snaps his fingers as the memory comes back to him in an instant.
“You’re right! Fuck, I almost forgot about that. Man, I thought I was having a fever dream.”
Jun stares off to the side before he fixes his gaze onto Seungcheol; eyes wide. “Hey, I never caught your name, I don’t think?” Seungcheol gulps, hoping that Jun doesn’t connect the dots as easily as Jeongguk did.
“It’s Seungcheol.”
“Oh… okay! Well, cool, are you guys ready to order?”
He lets out a breath he doesn’t realize he was holding as you relay your order to Jun; lips falling into a shaky smile as he gives his order to Jun once you were done.
“Okay! I’ll be back in a little bit!” Jun shoots the two of you a smile before he leaves the two of you alone again.
“Well, this is an interesting Saturday if I do say so myself!” Seungcheol can’t stop the laugh that bubbles out of him; shaking his head at the way you seem to take it so easily. “I can’t believe you’re so chill about running into people that know you!”
“Like you said, ‘Cheol! It could be worse~” You pause, “This one time I was at the grocery store and this older man came up to me and said he recognized me. I was like, cool, y’know? I know my viewers are all different ages so I don’t judge. But then, two kids came up to him calling him ‘daddy’ and I literally bolted out of that place before his wife could find me!”
The two of you share a laugh before changing the topic; only stopping when Jun comes by with your orders, twenty minutes later.
“Hey, this is kinda random but it’s not so busy right now, so… Did you wanna sit with us and chat?” You offer as your eyes dance between Seungcheol and Jun. The latter’s eyes twinkle with excitement as he sets the last plate down.
“Wait, seriously? I can take my 15 if you’re being serious!” This time, you look to Seungcheol for his opinion, already noticing the way he seems more relaxed.
“Yeah, that’s cool with me.”
Jun all but runs off to tell his manager as you scoot over to give him space when he gets back. “I’m surprised you asked if he wanted to sit with us while we had dinner.”
“Why not? He seems nice! And we’re making friends!” Seungcheol nods in agreement just as he starts eating and just as Jun makes it back to the booth with a milkshake of his own.
You pat the empty spot next to you as he gasps slightly. “I feel like the second luckiest man on earth.”
He slides into the booth next to you, making sure to keep a reasonable distance. “Hey! You’ve got a show tonight so… are you two, y’know…” Seungcheol makes a conscious effort to not choke on his food as he chews slower than he usually would; eyes flitting over to you just as you set your utensils down.
“Um, yeah! We don’t really know what we’re gonna do yet but no spoilers okay~ Nobody knows what he looks like, Junnie!” You pout. Jun can only vibrate in his seat; a pink blush on his cheeks at the sudden nickname.
“Of course! My lips are sealed shut! And well, if you’re ever back in town, I’ll give you guys my employee discount if you swing by!” He grins.
The three of you talk about various topics within Jun’s fifteen minute break, thankfully none that involve camming. Jun pouts when his time is up, a sigh on his lips when he stands. “Damn, well, I guess I’ll see you later then, huh?” He wiggles his eyebrows, chuckling.
“Just wave me over if you guys need anything, okay?”
Tumblr media
The rest of dinner goes on without issue and Seungcheol finds himself in a lighter mood than when the two of you first arrived at the diner.
You make sure to leave Jun a big tip, winking at him on your way out.
“Ready to head home after a week?” Seungcheol shoots you  a sad smile as he walks you to the passenger’s side of his car. He opens the door for you and lets you in before shutting it and jogging to the driver’s side.
“I mean, it’s not like we’re not gonna see each other anymore. If anything we’re gonna be seeing each other fairly regularly since you’re gonna come over to film!”
Seungcheol nods as he sets your apartment into his GPS; pulling out of the driveway as he begins the hour drive to your place.
“Yeah, and I mean, we can figure out what schedule works better as we go. Maybe we only need to film every other week or something too, right?”
“Mmhmm! I’ll start drafting a notice for the schedule change tomorrow and then I’ll run it by you before it goes up.”
Tumblr media
The hour drive seems to go by quicker than you expect as the two of you spend the time singing along to songs on the radio; judging Seungcheol’s impeccable vocal skill when a rock song comes on.
“Wow, I--I didn’t know you had the vocal cords to do that, ‘Cheol!” He takes his eyes off of the road for a split second to shoot you a cocky grin.
“I’m pretty good at karaoke. We should go next time! Maybe invite all of our new friends.”
You snort in response, slapping his arm as he pulls into a residential part of town. “And if the person working the front desk of the karaoke place knows us?”
“Then we invite them in too!”
A slight blush paints your cheeks when you realize how much Seungcheol seemed to have relaxed in the last few days, if not hours. You knew it was never easy to get used to being recognized in person and there were still a lot of times where even you were flustered in person. 
“Hey, what’s going on over there?” Seungcheol’s concerned voice has you immediately peering through the window; eyebrows furrowed when you see the police cars parked outside of your apartment complex.
“W--wait that’s my--my apartment complex, ‘Cheol pull over!”
He parks the car a little closer to the scene; getting out of the car with you as the dread becomes more and more evident on your face. “Hey, I’m here with you, okay? Maybe it’s just nothing.” He offers; simultaneously knowing that his words were currently going in one ear and out the other.
The two of you walk hand in hand up to the front where you spot your landlord standing with a police officer. You call her name as she turns to you, gesturing for you to come closer.
“Didn’t you get my text message? Or any of my calls from the last 45 minutes?” You shake your head no in response, eyes dancing to Seungcheol who’s expression matches your own. “No--No I--I was out at dinner, I didn’t even hear my phone go off. What’s going on here?”
She sighs, arms crossed in front of her chest as the police officer clears his throat. “Well, Miss, there were a few break-ins tonight here. There’s a lot of broken glass and a lot of missing items. Thankfully nobody was injured but unfortunately we’re going to be running an investigation so it could take some time.”
“I--w--what about m-my apartment?” Your landlord sighs, “I’m sorry, honey, but your apartment was one of them, I---hey!”
You all but drag Seungcheol with you as you start making your way towards the entrance of the complex, panic and adrenaline guiding you as you all but throw the front door open. The sounds of the officer and your landlord shouting your name become fuzzy as you make your way through the halls; side stepping the stray items that were left on the floor. You make it to your hall when you notice a police officer standing at your front door that seems to have almost been ripped from the hinges.
“Miss, you can’t be in here, we’re---”
“This is my apartment, please just let me in!”
The officer standing at your apartment door notes the distress in your voice and sighs, “Show me some ID and I can let you in.” You quickly fish out your ID as he cross-references it with his documents. “Alright, go ahead. Please just don’t touch any of the hard surfaces.”
Your palm feels clammy against Seungcheol’s as you step into your apartment; shaky gasps on your lips when you notice the items strewn about. “O-oh my god…”
Seungcheol squeezes your hand tight, unsure of what to say. This was definitely the last thing he would’ve expected to happen at the end of your one week stay with him.
You can’t help the tears that threaten to spill as you look around your apartment and Seungcheol quickly notes the glassy look in your eyes when you turn to face him. Seungcheol quickly turns to the officer, voice stern. “I’m sorry to ask but can you give us a second alone, please? This is a lot for her to take in.” The officer nods as he steps back into the hallway.
“Baby? Tell me how you’re feeling, sweetheart.”
It only takes a split second before you’re sobbing into Seungcheol’s chest; his arms wrapping tightly around you.
He rubs your back gently, cooing to you softly as you let out your emotions. “Seungcheol, I, hic, wh--what am I--I, hic, g-gonna d-do? I…” You trail off as your mind goes a mile a minute. He’s unsure of how to comfort you, eyes taking in the ransacked room.
“We--we should probably talk to the officer outside? Figure out what’s going on. I--I mean, you’re definitely coming home with me. I’m not leaving you here like this and with nowhere to go.”
You pull away from his chest, tears still streaming down your face when you look up at him. Seungcheol feels his heart shatter into a thousand pieces. God please, I’d do anything to make sure she never cries like this again, he thinks.
“But my--my s-stuff, I--this--”
“I know, baby, I know. Let’s just both be thankful you weren’t here when they broke in, okay? We can replace the material stuff.” He smooths your hair down and wipes your cheeks, leaning down until he’s at eye level with you.
“I promise you, we’ll figure it out, okay? I’m not leaving you until we do.”
Nodding, you let Seungcheol take your hand as he brings you back to the front door where the officer is. “Hello? Excuse me?”
Seungcheol looks your way before clearing his throat. “We just want to know what happened to my girlfriend’s apartment.” You squeeze his hand, hiding behind him.
“Well, we can’t really know for sure. A few other apartments were broken into. For some, the locks were picked and for others, it seemed like they just used blunt force against the doors until they gave way. Unfortunately, seeing as this is a gated apartment complex, the hallways don’t have any security cameras and we have no idea how the suspects got in past the gate.” The officer pauses for a moment as he lets his words sink in. “Usually with cases like this, a lot of the material goods eventually show up in local pawn shops or even just discarded in near-by trash containers. And judging from the building history, this isn’t the first time these burglars came by. This seems to be the second time. But that’s all we know for now. I suggest you pack some of your things and hang tight in a hotel until we get more info because, unfortunately, your door is ready to fall off of the hinges and we need to get a detective in here to see if there’s any fingerprints on the surfaces.”
“Will there be someone patrolling this place all night? How are we sure they won’t come back?”
“We’ll have an officer posted at all times, young man. I promise you nobody will get back in here.”
The tears stream down your cheeks as you quietly stand behind Seungcheol; lip quivering as Seungcheol thanks the officer for the information before turning to face you again.
“‘Ch--Cheol, what’re w-we, hic, gonna d-do now?” Your voice sounds so small to him as you keep your eyes focused on the floor.
“Has your apartment been broken into before? Be honest with me.” 
“O--once, but--but it w-wasn’t this bad...” He clenches his jaw at your words. How the fuck did this happen before without anyone finding out? “Wait, so this has happened in the past? And you never said anything?” You peer up at him, eyelashes wet with tears. 
“It, hic, they--they didn’t take as much s-stuff that t-time. But--but now I’m, hic, won--wondering if they were just s-scouting...” Seungcheol’s vision goes red; knowing exactly what he wanted to do and say but unsure of the possible outcome.
Fuck, screw it.
“Here’s what we’re gonna do, sweetheart.” He pauses, exhaling deeply before he continues. “We’re gonna pack a bag, take all your important things that you can find. I don’t care if we have to fill up my entire car with your things. And you’re coming home with me. I don’t care if you have to break the lease on this place, but I can’t in good conscience know you’re living here if people are breaking into it like this.” You open your mouth to speak, brows furrowed. “But--”
“No! No buts this time. I--I can have Jeongguk help with moving. I’m sure Seokjin-hyung can take his shift at the roller rink for one day to help us move your things. And we’ll figure things out as we go.”
“The r-rent, I--”
Seungcheol shoots you a small smile as he tilts your head up to meet his soft and warm eyes. “Please, don’t worry about something like that right now. I’m just happy you’re okay. And that you weren’t here alone where I couldn’t help you.”
You nod shakily, hands covering Seungcheol’s as he holds your face in his hands. “Seungcheol, I’m so--so sorry, I--I don’t even k-know where to start, I--this is---it’s all just so much. Really I can just---just get a h-hotel and you can g-go home...” The tears threaten to spill again but Seungcheol quickly tugs you into his inviting arms. 
This was by-far not at all how he expected to end his weekend. And he could only assume you felt the same way.
“I know it’s a lot. But we’re good at figuring things out on the fly, right? You have to trust me on this one. You’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. But for right now, I think you need to hurry and post a notice that there’s no show tonight while I look for your luggage so we can grab some things and get out of here, okay?” 
He releases you from his hold, leaning down to kiss you on the forehead. 
“I’ll fix it, I promise.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🥰 face reveal!! 🥰
Since I don't really have time or ideas for a 100 follower celebration, I figured I'd do this instead! so..... hi :)
featuring: my rainbow sunglasses, the journal where i write out song ideas / lyrics, the (unfortunately bright mint green) shower curtain in the bathroom because it's the only place in the house i won't be interrupted, my favorite shirt, and my shit quality digital camera (believe it or not there's not even a filter on any of these. that's literally just the camera, sorry. and the sun going in & out lol)
tagging some ppl under the cut <3
feel free to reblog! (though i can't imagine why you'd want to skdhgskdg)
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Fast and Furious Timeline Explained (Including F9)
When the Fast and Furious franchise started in 2001, it’s doubtful anyone working on it expected they were launching a mythology so trenchant it’d still be going 20 years later in a film with the words “Fast Saga” in its full title. But here we are on the opening weekend of F9: The Fast Saga, and the series is so beloved it’s expected to resurrect the theatergoing box office once more. And you know? Thank goodness, mi familia.
Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than spending your summer situated around a grill with a couple of cold ones, reminiscing about old times with loved ones. And if we ever spent a full day at one of the Toretto clan’s barbecues, we’d likely hear a lot more exciting tales that begin with “remember that time…” After all, what other family can talk about that time they stole a literal vault out of Rio de Janeiro? Or that other time Luke Hobbs caught a torpedo with his bare hands; and Trej and Roman over there, they launched a Pontiac into space! With them in it!
There have been some crazy times with this group. Hence we’ve created this handy-dandy timeline for those who are struggling to remember when and where things went down…
* Editor’s Note: After Fast & Furious (2009), the franchise gets intentionally vague and fuzzy about the time and years between events, so exact dates are left somewhat up to interpretation.
Dominic and Jakob Toretto work as mechanics on their father Jack Toretto’s professional stock car. During the last race of the season, Jack asks Jakob to help him throw the race, but Jack is killed in the sabotaged accident. Dom thinks Jakob murdered their father. (F9)
Dom beats another pro driver named Kenny Linder near to death with a wrench, as he is at least partially responsible for the carnage of Jack’s crash. Dom is sentenced to prison for five years. (The Fast and the Furious, F9)
Dominic Toretto is released from prison after two years. The first thing he does when he gets out is challenge Jakob to a street race. If Dom wins, Jakob will leave Los Angeles and never return. He’ll also shut off all communication with Dom and their sister Mia. Jakob loses. (F9)
Dominic Toretto alongside his ride or die lover, Letty Ortiz, and childhood friend Vince form an illegal crew of big rig hijackers, stealing DVD players and digital cameras. (The Fast and the Furious)
Brian O’Conner volunteers to go undercover for the LAPD and FBI, infiltrating Toretto’s crew and the world of illegal street racing. But he soon comes to idolize Dom and fall in love with his little sister, Mia Toretto. Brian ultimately helps Dom escape the Feds. (The Fast and the Furious)
Gifted Asian American student Han Lue graduates rom petty crimes to participating with his cousin and two other friends in a cheat sheet racket at their prestigious high school. The group makes a small fortune, but after things get out of hand, they wind up murdering another student. Han’s cousin who helped in the deed kills himself, and a mourning Han drifts further into the underworld. (Better Luck Tomorrow)
Years after fleeing California and prosecution, Brian winds up in Miami where he’s still a hotshot street racer who hangs with his mechanic buddy Tej Parker. After their operation is pinched, Brian is given an offer by the FBI to go undercover again and root out a violent Argentinian drug cartel operating out of Miami. He does so alongside childhood pal Roman Pearce. (2 Fast 2 Furious)
Dom and Letty are secretly married while living as fugitives outside the U.S. (Furious 7)
Dom Toretto now runs a hijacking crew out of the Dominican Republic, alongside Letty and new bestie Han Lue. After a near death experience, they disband. Han says he’ll go to Tokyo, and Dom leaves Letty behind. (Fast & Furious)
Letty goes to Brian O’Conner, who is now an FBI agent. She attempts to clear her and Dom’s records by infiltrating a Mexican drug cartel run by Arturo Braga. Unfortunately, Arturo figures out Letty’s deception and runs her off the road, blowing up her car, which leads everyone to think she died (including Brian and Dom). In truth, she was saved from the wreckage by Gisele Yashar, a secret CIA operative who also infiltrated the Braga cartel. She takes Letty to the hospital. (Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7)
At the hospital, Letty awakens with amnesia and is recruited into a crew run by Owen Shaw, who has power over the Braga organization. (Fast & Furious 6)
Dom returns to Los Angeles with Mia to avenge Letty’s apparent murder. He buries the hatchet with Brian as they destroy Braga’s cartel. Dom is supposed to have his name cleared in the process, but the FBI betrays him and he’s sentenced to 25 years in prison. Brian and Mia hijack Dom’s prison transport, freeing him and becoming fugitives themselves. (Fast & Furious)
After freeing Dom, the trio flee to Rio Janeiro where they hope to stay incognito. Old friend Vince recruits them for a job to steal three cars, but mid-mission the threesome learn they’re stealing from the DEA, including a vehicle with a computer chip that details the financials of a Brazilian crime lord. (Fast Five)
Dom and Brian recruit an international crew to steal $100 million from the crime lord, including Roman Pearce, Trej Parker, Han Jue, and Gisele Yashar. The Family is reborn. Brian and Mia also learn they’re pregnant. The crew ultimately steals the money and even gains assistance from ruthless DSS agent Luke Hobbs after the super-cop’s team is murdered by local gangsters. (Fast Five)
Hobbs discovers Letty is still alive. (Fast Five)
Brian and Mia give birth to their son Jack. (Fast & Furious 6)
Hobbs tracks Dom down, discovering Dom is now in a serious relationship with Hobbs’ former Brazilian liaison, Elena Neves. Dom is told Letty is alive and working for British criminal mastermind Owen Shaw. (Fast & Furious 6)
Dom and the Family are able to rescue Letty from her manipulative boss, even though she still doesn’t remember who she is. Dom leaves Elena for her. In the fight to save Letty, Gisele is killed and Owen is left in a coma. Han, who was dating Gisele, decides to go to Tokyo. (Fast & Furious 6)
Elena discovers she is pregnant with Dom’s child and decides not to tell him. (The Fate of the Furious)
Elena gives birth to Dom’s son, whom Don is unaware of. (The Fate of the Furious)
Han is recruited by CIA mystery man Mr. Nobody, who reveals Gisele was a CIA agent the whole time. Han picks up where Gisele left off, ultimately saving an orphaned Japanese child named Elle, whose parents encrypted her blood with the key codes to a doomsday device called Ares. (F9)
Han continues illegal street racing in Tokyo where “drifting” is what the cool kids do. He even takes American teenager Sean Boswell under his wing after Sean is banished by his mother to live in Japan with his Army father. Han teaches Sean to drift. (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)
Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw’s older brother, breaks into Owen’s hospital and, after killing his doctors, promises to avenge little bro by getting the Toretto family! He begins by nearly killing Luke Hobbs and Elena, who is now working full-time with the big guy. (Furious 7)
Dom takes Letty to Race Wars in order to jog her memory. She gets fragments back but decides the old Letty is dead and drives off, leaving Dom. (Furious 7)
Dom returns to his family home in Los Angeles where Mia tells him that she and Brian are expecting their second child and she’s afraid to tell him because he’s addicted to an adventurous lifestyle. Dom agrees to talk to Brian. Only then does he receive an ominous phone call about… (Furious 7)
… How during Sean and Han’s exploits ,they offend the Yakuza. This leads to Sean and Han being chased by gangsters. In the chaos, Han is T-boned and seemingly killed in an explosion. The other driver is Deckard Shaw, who is here to kill Han in order to send Dom Toretto a message: he’s coming for the Family. He calls Dom to taunt him as he thinks Han burns. But in a twist on a twist, it turns out Han and Mr. Nobody knew Deckard was coming and used this as an opportunity to fake Han’s death so as to better protect Elle! (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7, F9)
After receiving Deckard’s phone call, a letter bomb goes off in the Toretto family home, nearly killing Dom and Mia. Dom and the Family are recruited by CIA weirdo Mr. Nobody into stopping Deckard from obtaining an all-powerful MacGuffin. Nobody gives them unlimited resources and also brings Letty back into the fold. She inexplicably gets her memories back after remembering she and Dom were secretly married. (Furious 7)
Sean ultimately becomes the Drift King of Tokyo (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)
The heroes save hacker Ramsey from Deckard and she joins the Family. Together they stop Deckard by causing a parking garage to literally fall on his head. Shaw goes to prison, and Dom and Letty get back together. Brian agrees to retire for the sake of his two kids but not before one last angelic ride along next to Dom. (Furious 7)
Read more
Hollywood Execs Are Crediting Fast and Furious with Growing Embrace of Diversity
By David Crow
F9 Ending Is a Game Changer
By David Crow
Dom and Letty’s overdue Cuban honeymoon is interrupted when Dom is blackmailed into working for evil genius terrorist Cipher. It turns out Cipher has kidnapped Elena and their still-an-infant son to coerce Dom into being her wheelman. (The Fate of the Furious)
Luke Hobbs approaches the family to do an illegal mission, but in the getaway Dom betrays them at Cipher’s behest, leading Luke Hobbs to be disgraced and sent to prison. He gets a cell right next to Deckard Shaw, and the two develop a frenemy banter. They’re freed by Mr. Nobody to help the CIA track Cipher. (The Fate of the Furious)
Cipher kills Elena after she lets Dom name their son (many months after his birth) Brian. During a mission to steal a nuclear submarine, Dom is freed from Cipher’s control after Deckard hijacks Cipher’s plane and saves wee little baby Brian. Dom helps the Family stop the nuclear sub. Deckard Shaw becomes part of the Family while Dom and Letty adopt baby Brian. (The Fate of the Furious)
The CIA pressures Hobbs and Shaw to join forces after MI6 agent Hattie Shaw, Deckard and Owen’s little sister, is targeted by cyber-enhanced super soldiers who want the superpower-giving virus she’s hidden in her bloodstream. Hobbs and Shaw reluctantly work together, save Hattie, and ultimately travel to Hobbs’ family home in Samoa. (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw)
Sean and buddies Twinkie and Earl Hu begin experimenting with a Pontiac Fiero that they’ll attach a rocket to with the aim of one day shooting it into space. (F9)
Dom is living peacefully with Letty and his three or four-year-old son when he’s told Cipher has resurfaced and shot down Mr. Nobody’s plane. He reluctantly joins the Family to try and rescue Mr. Nobody, and they discover Dom’s long lost little brother, Jakob (now big and swole), is involved after going rogue as a secret agent. (F9)
Letty and Mia go to Tokyo to find out what Jakob is after and discover Han is alive, reuniting him, plus his ward Elle, with the Family. (F9)
Trej and Roman work with Sean and friends on the Fiero, eventually “driving” it into space to stop Jakob (and later Cipher) from essentially taking over the world. Jakob helps Dom stop Cipher and is pseudo-redeemed. (F9)
Back from the dead, Han decides to confront Deckard Shaw… (F9)
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itcars · a year ago
Tumblr media
Porsche Museum Sets Reopening Date
The Porsche Museum will be allowed to open to visitors again on March 16, 2021. As a precautionary measure against the spread of the virus, and above all for the protection of visitors and staff, the Museum has been closed to the public in recent months. “We wanted to be able to offer our visitors an unforgettable experience right from day one, so we made the most of the time during the closure to bring forward changes that had been planned for this year. For instance, we changed some of the exhibits, undertook modernization work and installed new interactive stations,” explains Achim Stejskal, Director Heritage and Porsche Museum.
A brief look back: while nurseries and schools were closed, and many were working from home, the Museum reacted quickly with Porsche 4Kids and exciting online experiences for children on the website www.porsche4kids.com. An equally welcome change to the day-to-day routine of 2020 was provided by the digital live tours on the 43rd International Museum Day on 17 May, where two guides held tours of the exhibition. From July to November, the Porsche Museum presented the first all-electric sports car Taycan as part of the “Start to Drive Electric” exhibition series in the “DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum” in Berlin. “We always tried to make the best of the past year. We therefore reacted flexibly to current regulations and always acted in the best interests of our fans and staff. Despite all of the challenges, even during the crisis we found new opportunities, and we are delighted now about the reopening, which promises many surprises, and two special exhibitions in 2021,” says Achim Stejskal in summary.
Porsche design DNA extends across all model ranges – and that of the 911 goes all the way back to 1963. Visitors now have the opportunity to experience the design DNA interactively. The “Consistent” station features six car models on turntables, one derivative for each model line. The exhibit combines classic exhibition furniture with 3D printing methods and optical sensor technology. When a visitor approaches the interactive turntable, all cars stop their pause loop and turn to face the visitor. As soon as the turntable under the 911 moves, the other Porsche rotate in sync. Meanwhile, red illuminated lines appear on all six models, which provide a visual depiction of the Porsche design DNA, and which are explained in detail on the Multimedia Guide. Rarely has it been easier to visualize the relationships between the model ranges by means of design lines. The interactive exhibition furniture will now be an established fixture of the permanent exhibition – in addition to the 80 cars and more than 200 small exhibits.
Every visitor now has the option of using a newly designed Multimedia Guide, which contains extensive information about the individual cars in the exhibition. In addition to a new camera and the Android operating system, the device now also features a larger display with Full HD+ resolution. The Multimedia Guide 2.0 is intuitive to use, and a children’s version is also still available for young visitors. The guide reacts very quickly, which makes it fun to delve into the wide range of content and to learn all about the exhibits through dynamic storytelling. In order to ensure that the information was kept up-to-date, the team produced new audio content for 210 vehicles, since the exhibits in the permanent exhibition are changed on a regular basis. Audio commentaries in multiple languages were added to video clips and existing media. Visitors not only have access to information, audio content and video clips about the different vehicles, but also engine sounds and historic images at the touch of a button.
For those looking for a real racing driver experience, there is good news: with the Porsche Racing Simulators, Museum visitors can now experience the true feeling of motorsport. Visitors can play games and race in E-Sports competitions at all levels of difficulty according to the target group. An extremely exciting experience is guaranteed by the curved screen, which is specifically oriented towards the driver, and the steering wheel from the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. The new Porsche Racing Simulator features high-performance pedals to make the response as direct and realistic as possible. The racing seat offers exceptional lateral support during cornering, while the D-BOX Motion System moves the driver in the dimensions sideways, up and down, forwards and backwards.
One of the biggest dreams of many Porsche enthusiasts is to take a seat in an actual Porsche. For visitors to the Museum, this dream can now come true – and they can even take home a souvenir photograph. Visitors who wish to have their photo taken simply take a seat in the car provided from the current model range. The photo booth was completely revamped during the closure. For example, there are now new backgrounds that place the visitor and car in different scenery by means of image cut-out technology. The desired backdrop as well as any photo filters are chosen at the collection station. You can then take a free print home with you and have the photo emailed to you so that you can share it on your own social media channels, for example.
To ensure that the exhibition is always showcased in the perfect light, the Museum team spent the past few months modernizing the ceiling lighting. The newly installed spotlights are an exclusive new development which consume only half as much energy while doubling the light quality. Moreover, heat emission has been reduced by around 50%, and the air conditioning requirement has also decreased. With a color rendering index of up to 96 − almost as high as that of sunlight, namely 100 − the new system allows the exhibits to shine more than ever before. All 560 motorized architectural luminaires are controlled with a single tablet. For individual events, the lights can be integrated into a staged show lighting scheme by means of a lighting control console. The “grandMA3” lighting control console is also used on some of the great stages of the world.
The new Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg of March 8, 2021 requires that visitors to the Porsche Museum register in advance, depending on the current incidence rate. When the 7-day incidence is between 50 and 100, advance registration is required.
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for the win
After dealing with a lifetime of insecurities, Winnie Walker finally gets the courage to pursue her dreams, with a few bumps along the way. But that confidence may not carry over when it comes to a certain hazel-eyed football player who’s had her attention for much too long.
A/N: this was a random inspo that hit me out of nowhere a while ago and I was gonna make it an epic oneshot, but I think I’ll just break it into parts instead. So, hence, this is part one. Hopefully you like it enough for it to be even worth posting more.
warnings: none yet, other than this is def gonna be as cheesy as you think it is
Winnie Walker has always considered herself an enigma. Not in that annoying, ‘I’m so cute and quirky’ type of way, but rather in the way that made her someone who never quite fit into one defined space. The kind perfected by years of self doubt, an emotionally distant mother, and the random ebb and flow of confidences and insecurities that always helps her remember that she is, in fact, perfectly un-extraordinary: her face is too round, but she’s always been called pretty; her personality is dry enough that she finds it challenging making female friends, but she fits in well with the boys; and she has a penchant for being the last one to talk about anything she might be feeling until she puts a pen to paper and speaks through the mouths of others.
Sports and writing were her main passions, but it still took until her senior year of high school to decide that she wanted to be a sports journalist. Not just a journalist, though -- more than anything, she dreamed of stepping out into the light as a broadcaster. Shy by nature but an athlete at heart, it once again put her in that enigmatic grey space where she wasn’t sure what the hell she was thinking.
But it’s what her heart was calling for her to do. For the first time in her life, Winnie Walker felt sure about something despite everyone’s doubts -- including her own. She grew up an athlete, and some of her fondest memories as a child were caught between either being in her dad’s man cave with all of his friends, cheering on their team of choice for whatever sport was on, discussing heatedly what plays should or shouldn’t have taken place. Or, on the volleyball court. 
The full ride offer from USC that was presented but never came to fruition because of a devastating knee injury in one of her last club tournaments haunted Winnie in the months leading up to her high school graduation. 
Her mother, Dahlia, was not-so-secretly thrilled. A stage mother through and through, she had always supported her daughter as she made headway in her sport as a star player, but it was an open point of contention that Winnie planned to follow her passion for it all the way to college. She wanted her middle daughter to attend the local university, get a nice marketing degree, and settle into a high rise in downtown Dallas, where she could point at during brunch with her friends and brag about the pretty penny her kid made with her perfectly nice degree she attained in her perfectly nice hometown. 
That’s not Winnie, though, and everyone except Dahlia knew it. No one was all too surprised that she still wanted to escape to California (again, except her mother), even if they were slightly shocked about her decision for a major. The reactions from her friends and sisters and dad had her even more excited as she scanned the email of her academic acceptance into USC. It finally gave her the courage to spill the beans to her mother as well.
Dahlia Walker very much scoffed in the face of her quiet, introverted, hopeful daughter sitting across the kitchen island while she scrubbed at the dishes from dinner.
“Winona, sweetie, you refused to even speak at your sister’s wedding as the maid of honor, and you want to be on TV? With all those... men?”
Winnie cringed a little bit and rolled her eyes at the slightly far-off look on her mother’s face as she no doubt started imagining the sweaty athletes the reporters would stand next to post-game.
“You don’t think I could do it?” she asked flatly, flicking a chip of her nail polish off her finger so it flew across the otherwise spotless granite — her mom hated when she did that. 
Dahlia’s hands picked up their pace again in the suds, slowed down by whatever middle-aged fantasy was going on in her mind. She shook her head, the highlights in her perfectly styled blonde bob shifting under the recessed lights.
“The girls who do that are just so bouncy. Friendly. They curl their hair.”
Winnie bit her lip. She didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Her body felt deflated. “I knew I could count on you to be supportive.”
“Oh honey, I’m just trying to be realistic with you,” her mother said dismissively. Like she didn’t realize the pang her words caused to spread in Winnie’s chest; it should have been be all-too familiar by then, but the sting was never weakened with age or predictability. “And California? Are you really ready to be so far from home? You hardly ever even leave your room.”
It had taken everything in Winnie to hold back the open scoff she longed to throw at her mother; instead, she just stood up and left the kitchen, along with any childish hope that Dahlia might ever make an effort to really know her middle daughter.
Because anyone that knew Winona Elle Walker could predict just how much she would thrive in California. In the persistent sunshine that never quite reached the peak of being too hot for very long, unlike the nearly six months of 90 and 100-plus degree days of summer she knew so well in Texas. Within close proximity to a beach that didn’t have swamp-colored water washing ashore.
In a place well over a thousand miles away from Dahlia.
And that’s exactly how Winnie found herself in LA: thriving. She made friends easily, enjoyed life on the USC campus while she studied the exact major she had set out for the first day she sat down in her first class -- Navigating News in the Digital Age class -- and it was a relatively cheap flight home if she ever missed it too much. Winnie started feeling less like an enigma, and more like someone whose quirks were becoming more of a benefit to her success than she could have ever imagined.
Now, as a woman in her senior year, nearly 22 and set to graduate in only a few months time, she’s finally up for the most coveted position in her major: being the prime time student reporter at the biggest sporting events of the school’s entire athletic program — the Trojan football games. Reporting at football games was a job always reserved for seniors, and she had been driving her roommate — and best friend in California — Naomi crazy all summer prepping for the spot’s audition.
“Winnie, babe, you know the plays backwards and forwards. You’ve understood more about the rules of football since you were a kid than I’ll ever know as a grown woman. You have all the key players’ and coaches’ names and numbers memorized. You couldn’t be any more prepared,” she smiles, good-natured irritation clear in her eyes and behind the blinding smile that shone from her mocha-colored skin.
It softens some when Winnie stood from the couch, and Naomi reaches over and slaps her retreating ass just hard enough to make Winnie yelp and giggle. “Not to mention those squats are paying off big time, bitch. You’re gonna kill it.”
Winnie rolls her eyes and continues to make her way to the kitchen to refill her wine glass. “The camera won’t see my ass, but thanks.”
Naomi winks. “No. But Grayson Dolan might.”
Grayson Dolan — the walk-on that had stunned everyone when he was thrown into a game his freshman year after two of the starting tight ends had become injured on two consecutive plays. Now a senior himself, he’s led the team ever since in receiving yards, receptions, and TD’s, and is a clear prospect for the NFL in the coming months.
He also happens to be the player Winnie had drunkenly admitted she had a crush on during a girls night last year, and her friends have yet to let her live it down. She had felt ridiculous saying she had a crush as a 21 year-old, but that’s really all it was; he was hot, an extremely talented player, and she barely knew him beyond that one time he had spilled a drink on her at a frat party, and the rather interesting reputation that followed him around campus. There was nothing more to it.
Even if her attraction to him hasn’t died down in the passing time.
Winnie only blushes and pours herself a little extra, blaming the Maison No. 9 when Naomi throws her head back with a cackle and calls out the matching pink in her cheeks.
The morning of her audition, a mere two weeks into her fall semester, Winnie has butterflies fluttering madly in the pit of her belly. Her truer nature of being somewhat shy and timid in these situations has never left, always flaring up in moments of self-doubt and unpredictability. Undoubtedly, however, this audition deserves all the nerves; it’s a clear stepping stone into network broadcasting, and would almost guarantee her a spot as an intern at FOX Sports next semester.
She stares at herself in the mirror for a moment, silently urging herself to get her shit together, and takes a deep breath before eyeing Naomi’s curling iron plugged in by the sink adjacent to her own.
Winnie hasn’t curled her hair once in the nearly four years she’d been in LA. Not for nights out, or auditions, or even a date. A brief moment of madness overtakes her as she stands there staring at the metal device, her hand starting to reach out as words that should be long forgotten ring loud and clear in her head. For a second, the pale beige paint of her apartment bathroom turns the light blue and grey color scheme of her childhood one. Her mom had ‘surprised’ her with the the renovation one year when she decided to redecorate the house while Winnie was at volleyball camp, insisting she had chosen Winnie’s favorite colors, when in reality it simply matched the rest of the monotone suburban house that Winnie secretly couldn’t stand. It was boring, and typical, and...stuck, despite its relative newness.
With that, the fog clears as quickly as it had come, and she sets her jaw determinedly. She hasn’t let Dahlia psych her out for this long; she isn’t about to let now be the first time since she’s been out here on her own.
And maybe Naomi was right. Maybe she’d catch a certain tight end’s eye with a tight end of her own, after all.
The nausea suddenly returns as she shakes her head and reaches for her straightener instead, flicking it on before sectioning off her hair.
“No wonder you’re so fucking single, Win.”
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wolverinequeen · 5 months ago
This is a conspiracy I’m pulling out of my ass, but here goes. I feel it’s real to me from what I observed.
We already have Social Credit. 
No not like THAT. But digitally, we do. It’s here and it’s big business. How is it business? Well, you want your shit seen at the top of newsfeeds of people? You only have 20 followers on your content pages on Instagram for the last 3 months despite using tags galore and engaging with other users? You want to actually gain a following and engagement? Run a business? You want to get your shit seen above those influencers who cluster the catered feeds over you? Pay for ad revenue. There ya go, your content can pop into peoples feeds for 2-5 days or however long you’re willing to pay. But wait, if your ad doesn’t garner that much engagement or goes against policy in the slightest way, your next ads are less engaging. You can even be banned from ads on say, Facebook. Good luck if you actually rely on ads to run your business. 
Major social sites are already catering feeds to what’s most popular and/or profitable. Big name influencers get priority over your posts every single time, their shit always gets seen, which your content is lucky to get even 4 likes. It’s posted and immediately lost into the noise of social media forever within seconds. Not all your followers will even see it either. You get around with this with ad purchases and Promotion purchases (yes FB and Instagram have a pay-to-promote service). If you want your shit seen in feeds, you need to pay for it. It can cost you a lot of money to get even a decent following over time.
I remember when Instagram was pretty new, I could use couple hashtags on a low quality pic of my cat or a cheesy landscape and it would get 100′s of likes within the day and a decent amount of comments. I could even get followers a hell of a lot easier too. Now I can post a quality photo taken with a professional camera and poof, 2 likes. I’ll get that cute little button under my post though! “PROMOTE” Like ooooh that’s it. 
And let’s not forget how you can get banned entirely from ads or promoting too if they so deem it. This happened to my FB business pages and I still can’t get it reversed. I am convinced they banned me for “animal sales” because I was promoting my animal related art page! I am permanently disabled from further ads and promotion and my organic engagement is waaay down now. Crazy. Every post I’d make would have a button “Boost Post” under it and I’d have to pay for it to get engagement and clicks and views (if it was a product I was selling or promoting, example art or new pages, Id have to pay to get it seen).  
And I can post my shit on FB pages and it gets 1-2 likes. Years ago it was so easy to post content and you just, got followers organically and comments and likes abounded because you posted it. Even one of my bigger pages that used to naturally gets tons of engagement years ago, now only gets like 3-6 likes despite the fact hundreds are following the page. But that little button is always there now, “BOOST UNAVAILABLE” 
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Tumblr media
-An XA3J-1 at North American's factory during roll-out. Photo: North American Aviation
Designed as a carrier-based supersonic bomber in the 1950s, the Vigilante saw service over Vietnam as a recon plane before being retired in 1979.
Development of what became the A-5 began in 1954 when North American Aviation started a internal program. Seeking to turn around the company's fortunes after the failed XA2J Super Savage, NAA began designing a Mach 2 capable bomber which would give the Navy a nuclear strike option. The initial design, known as the North American General Purpose Attack Weapon (NAGPAW) was evaluated by the US Navy, which replied with a series of needed changes and in July 1955 an initial design contract was awarded, which included a single mockup of the plane. NAA's engineers were able to successfully address the USN's concerns about the design, and in September 1956 a contract for two flying prototypes was signed.
Tumblr media
-Orthograph of the A-5 Vigilante. | Illustration: aviastar
The plane, designated XA3J-1, was one of the largest and by far the most complex aircraft to be proposed to operate from a USN aircraft carrier. It had a high-mounted swept wing with a boundary-layer control system (blown flaps) to improve low-speed lift. There were no ailerons, roll control was provided by spoilers in conjunction with differential deflection of the all-moving tail surfaces. Power was provided by two widely spaced General Electric J79 turbojet engines (also used on the Convair B-58 and McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II), fed by variable intake ramps. A single large all-moving vertical stabilizer was paired with the all-moving horizontal stabilizers. In order to save space, the wings, tail and radome were all folding. The XA3J had a crew of two seated in tandem, a pilot and a bombardier-navigator (BN) (reconnaissance/attack navigator (RAN) on later reconnaissance versions), who had some of the most advanced equipment of the time, including an early fly-by-wire system (with electromechanical backup), a primitive HUD system, a multi-mode, radar-equipped inertial navigation system, a TV camera in the nose, and a digital computer to run it all.
In order to make the bomber as streamlined as was possible, it was designed to carry additional fuel tanks and a single B27, B28 or B43 freefall nuclear bomb in internal weapons bay, which would be jettisoned over the target as a single "stores train". Provisions were also made to carry two B43 nukes or Mark 83 or Mark 84 conventional bombs on two external hardpoints, or drop tanks to increase range. Operationally however, these hardpoints were rarely used.
Tumblr media
-Internal bomb bay and stores train of the North American A3J-1/A-5A Vigilante. | Illustration: Cobatfor
First flight of the XA3J was on 31 August 1958 from the same Columbus, OH plant that produced the F-86 and F-100s. Despite one of the prototypes crashing in 1959, the flight tests moved quickly, and by June 1961 the first A3J-1s entered service with Heavy Attack Squadron Three (VAH-3) at NAS Stanford, FL, replacing the Douglas A3D Skywarrior. The following year the plane was redesignated the A-5A under the new tri-service plan. The service life of the A-5A was fraught with issues, with numerous teething problems plaguing its advanced systems. These issues were tamed as maintenance crews became experienced with the Vig's high-tech gadgets, but the plane remained maintenance-intensive (a so-called "hangar-queen") throughout its life. A chronic issue was the stores train bomb release, which had a nasty habit of releasing during catapult shots, resulting in at least one crash. During tests, the train also tended to draft along in the aircraft's slipstream, making accurate bombing (for 1950s/60s definitions of "accurate") difficult.
Tumblr media
-Five A3J-1 Vigilantes of VAH-7 ("Peacemakers of the Fleet") on CVAN-65 USS Enterprise in 1962. | Photo: USN
Fifty-eight A-5A were completed (out of an order of 64 aircraft) when NAA switched to the upgraded A-5B model. The B model incorporated changes made in light of the Navy's requirement that the Vigilante be able to take off at max weight with zero wind over the carrier being rescinded. This change allowed North American to increase the bomber's weight, adding a dorsal hump to carry more fuel. Only 18 of the A-5B were completed before the US Navy, undergoing a shift in policy away from manned nuclear bombers, canceled the order.
Tumblr media
-North American A3J-2 Vigilante (BuNo 146699), circa 1960. This aircraft was the third production A3J-1 which was then modified to an A3J-2 (after 1962 A-5B and YA-5C) and finally to the A3J-3P (RA-5C). | Photo: US Navy
Developed from the A3J-2, the A3J-3P (later RA-5C) was a strike/reconnaissance variant of the Vigilante, incorporating the CCTV in the nose with a "canoe" fairing holding a full suite of gear including:
KA-51A/B forward-looking oblique angle film camera.
KA-50A, KA-51A, or KA-62A vertical film camera.
Passive electronics countermeasures (PECM) antenna for the AN/ALQ-61 Electronic Reconnaissance System. The AN/ALQ-61 was an "electronic intelligence (ELINT)" system that would pick up radar emissions and pin down their coordinates, frequency, and pulse pattern. The ELINT data was recorded on magnetic tape, with storage capacity for 112 minutes of continuous ELINT observations.
Various combinations of panoramic, vertical, or oblique film cameras. Camera fit included KA-58A panoramic camera for medium- to high-altitude work, or a KA-57A panoramic camera for low-altitude work. The cameras shot through prisms in the canoe that could be pivoted to permit shots straight down or from side to side.
AN/AAS-21 infrared sensor, which could provide a continuous film strip of thermal targets, such as hidden trucks, over a field of view 140 degrees wide.
Antenna for the Westinghouse AN/APD-7 "side looking airborne radar (SLAR)" system, which shot radar pulses out to the side of the aircraft and stored the return echo on a long film strip, permitting all-weather, day-night imaging.
Another PECM antenna for the AN/ALQ-21 system.
Additionally, a flash pod, powered by a ram-air turbine in its tail, could be carried under one wing to provide illumination for nighttime recon. The sensors were operated by the back-seater (also known as a "GIB": guy-in-back), formally called a "reconnaissance-attack navigator (RAN)". The bomb bay was filled with semi-permanent fuel tanks (though the plane apparently retained the ability to carry offensive weapons, this was never tested or confirmed). The remaining A-5A and A-5B aircraft were all converted to RA-5C standards, along with 33 new-build aircraft. Squadrons that had formerly flown the A-5 were transitioned to the RA-5 beginning with VAH-3 in July 1963, becoming Reconnaissance Attack Squadrons (RVAH) as they did so. Eventually ten squadrons of RA-5s were established, with the NAS Stanford RVAH-3 being joined by carrier-based RVAH-1, RVAH-5, RVAH-6, RVAH-7, RVAH-9, RVAH-11, RVAH-12, RVAH-13 and RVAH-14.
Tumblr media
-RA-5C Vigilante of Reconnaissance Heavy Attack Squadron 3 (RVAH-3) "Sea Dragons" is parked on the flight line at Naval Air Station Sanford, Florida, on 27 March 1968. - | Photo: US Navy
Starting in July 1964, the RA-5Cs saw extensive service over Vietnam, carrying out dangerous post-strike damage assessment missions. Although fast and nimble, the Vig proved vulnerable to ground fire, with 14 RA-5s lost to AAA, 3 to SAMs and one shot down by a NVA MiG-21. Nine more were lost to accidents, and as a result three dozen additional aircraft were built between 1968 and 1970. Despite providing invaluable reconnaissance data, the RA-5 began to be phased out starting in 1968, with NAS Stanford being closed and the Vigilante's parent wing, Reconnaissance Attack Wing One, being transferred to Turner AFB in Georgia, which was turned over to the Navy and renamed NAS Albany. Barely six years later, NAS Albany was closed as a result of post-Vietnam drawdowns, and the remaining RA-5s were transferred again to NAS Key West. As newer and larger aircraft like the F-14 and S-3 were introduced in the mid-70s, the Navy began disestablishment of the RA-5 squadrons, with the last leaving Key West on 20 November 1979.
At least one A3J-1 was bailed to NASA for a time while the Dryden FRC was participating in research for the US SST program. In 1962 Vigilante BuNo 147858 was given NASA tail number 858 and was flown by NASA pilot Bill Dana on 21 flights along airways around LAX to determine approach conditions for an SST landing patterns. After the conclusion of the program, the plane was returned to the Navy.
Tumblr media
-NASA's A3J-1, wearing a day-glo orange tail flash, on 19 December 1962. | Photo: NASA DFRC
The RAAF was interested in the A-5 as a possible replacement for their aging Canberra bombers, considering the Vig alongside the F-4, Dassault Mirage IVA, BAC TSR-2 and F-111. Despite the A-5 being available without the delay anticipated for the F-111, the order for three dozen Vigilantes was not issued.
At some point in the Vigilante's development, North American advanced a proposal to the Air Force for the 'Retaliator', an A-5 with a liquid rocket added to the bomb bay, as an interceptor, but the USAF showed no interest. In 1972 NAA again proposed a modified A-5, known internally as the NR-349, to the USAF as an Improved Manned Interceptor. The internal bomb bay was modified to house a third jet, and six AIM-54 Phoenix missiles would be carried under the fuselage. Again the USAF was uninterested.
Tumblr media
-Scale model of the Improved Manned Interceptor concept, in USAF markings. | Model: NAA/Rockwell
By 2004, all of the surviving RA-5s that had been retired to AMARG had been either scrapped or preserved as museum aircraft. A limited number of aircraft were still in storage at NAWS China Lake for eventual use in weapons tests. Around a dozen aircraft have been retained in museums around the US, with only one A-5A on display at NAS Pax River in Maryland, the balance being RA-5s.
Tumblr media
-BuNo 146697, the sole remaining A-5A, on display at Pax River. | Photo: Richard Lane
Tumblr media
-RA-5C Vigilante (BuNo 151629) on display at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum. It wears the markings of the fleet replacement squadron RVAH-3 Sea Dragons. | Photo: Kristian Jones
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bunny ears — yoonkook | 10
⚠️ ATTENTION : This chapter contains described smut ! If you're a minor or uncomfortable with this, please read until the cut. The story won't be compromised.
A/N: it's a little short without the smut part, I'm sorry :cc I hope you like it. It's been a while since I've really wrote something, sooo constructive criticism is well accepted!💜
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
10: 100% brat tamer
-> fic type: social media au
-> pairing: rapper!yoongi x camboy!jungkook
-> genre: crack, smut, maybe angst
-> warnings: swearing
-> plot: Yoongi uses masturbation as stress relief and he has a favorite camboy: bunnybun. Everything's fine until Hoseok mistakenly exposes him for this.
09 <- masterlist -> 11
Warnings : smut, male masturbation, non-con voyeurism? (idk,, jungkook jerks off while watching yoongi on screen), it gets pretty intense towards the end, lil angst because poor koo regrets what he has done </3
Word count : 1k more or less
Two hours earlier
“Actually… I'm going to start in a few minutes” Jungkook muttered while setting up his computer, his phone squished between his right ear and shoulder. “What? No! -he furrowed his eyebrows and scrunched up his nose- I don't want you to watch, Taehyung” he rolled his eyes.
Taehyung kept bugging him about watching his camshow; a thing he never did and a thing that Jungkook, of course, won't ever allow. It would be awkward!
While he sat on the couch he turned on the TV and kept changing channels, while Taehyung, on the other hand, kept talking and talking. There was nothing interesting today. He huffed, until he came across a programme with some boys dressed rather weirdly.
He squinted his eyes, as if he wasn't able to see at that distance, and he immediately recognized the guy in the front row. Yoongi? What was he doing there?
With a quick movement, Jungkook grabbed his phone properly and stopped Taehyung from talking “Whatever Tae… maybe next time. I have to go now, see ya” he pressed the hang up button and threw the phone on the other side of the couch. He stood there, with his mouth slightly open, trying to process what he was seeing. Glancing at the clock, he shook his head and focused on his computer, trying not to get distracted by those boys. He muted the TV and started his live. He angled the webcam so his viewers couldn't see his face, as usual.
Jungkook never showed his face anywhere, because he knew that it could compromise his working life. And because he was too fucking shy for that.
However, this timid behavior captured the viewers' attention, so he became more brave and tried to change from the normal shows he did, to please his audience. His live streams were mainly about him jerking off, but sometimes he liked to push his limits a bit further… and Jimin even helped him with that a few times, but only after a hard process of convincing the bunny boy in question. At this point he tried many things such as toys, vibrators, buttplugs, ropes and handcuffs, and pathetic costumes that made the viewers go crazy.
He waited for a few minutes, watching how the comments flew in the right part of the screen. He pinched his bottom lip with his thumb and index finger, deep in thought. Was he going to let the program play in the background while he entertained his fans? With Yoongi there dressed so nicely?
Yeah the jackets and pants were fucking ridiculous in his opinion, but Yoongi made every piece of clothing fashionable if he was the one wearing it. He tried to focus on his audience, eager to see him in his most vulnerable (and hot) state. He stretched his arms, flexing his muscles and reading all the comments, “I see y'all missed me that much huh…” he grinned, licking his lips.
A lot of comments were rushing past the screen and in that moment Jungkook decided it was time to start.
He slipped his left hand under his black shirt, stroking his chest until it felt too hot to keep that on. He quickly stripped himself, throwing away his shirt and unbuckling his belt, showing his thick thighs. His dick rested heavy against his boxers, waiting to be released.
“Even if I've been absent for some time I'm afraid I can't stay long with you tonight…” Jungkook murmured as he absent-mindedly stroked his clothed member, “I hope you didn't get too much fun without me” he pouted as he gripped his tip, a hiss came out of his mouth right away.
“Where's the maid dress you ask? I forgot to put it on” he chuckled and slowly slipped a hand under his boxers “I will use it next time, I promise…” his tone became more sultry as he started to pleasure himself.
Small waves of pleasure circulated from his head to his toes, focusing around his crotch area, causing his eyes to shut and his head to roll back. He hastily removed the last annoying piece of clothing, finally showing to his audience what they were craving for.
Comments rushed even more quickly, whining and pleading for him to keep going. Jungkook knew how to keep them glued to their screen with his power bottom energy. One thing everyone was crazy about was the fact that he seemed so tough and dominant, but after some dirty words or touches? His fake persona would vanish, only to reveal a sweet boy with a really sensitive dick. And, boy, did he like when someone played along with him.
However, this wasn't the case since he didn't have much time at the moment, and since Jimin wasn't there to help him like the other times, so he had to settle just with his virtual company.
Or maybe it was his television being so distracting that threatened to make him crumble? He tried so hard to focus on the lovely words of his viewers but everytime, with the corner of his eye, he saw it. He watched him.
His quick breathing was the only thing audible in the living room, as well as the slightly wet sound of his hand gripping his lubricated shaft. His left hand reached his chest as he started to play with one of his nipples, a quiet moan slipping out of his lips. He slowed down and started to focus on his red tip, dripping with precum, and suddenly a buzz of pleasure made him twitch. As his thumb kept circling the area to keep up with that blissful feeling, he finally gave in.
His eyes shot open and moved towards the tv. Even if he couldn't hear anything, his eyes were more than enough. Those feline, cold eyes that seemed to pierce through his soul. The way his mouth would twitch in a small smile, only for his lips to be licked soon after by his tongue. And how badly he wanted to have that wet and velvety feeling all over his body.
The thing that made Jungkook almost laugh was that he didn't even know him that much. Heck, he even was Jimin's ex! And maybe he won't even hear from him anymore after what he discovered but, God, was he so attractive. He would give him his whole body, his weak self would let Yoongi do everything to him.
At this point Jungkook was jerking off at a rapid pace, without bothering about the comments or the show anymore. His eyes were solely focused on the brown-haired man in front of him. He felt so dirty about his actions… Yoongi was so perfectly unaware of what he was doing to him, of the raw feelings he was making him feel, of how quickly Jungkook would submit to him.
Jungkook already felt near the edge as he was desperately chasing his orgasm, releasing all kinds of moans from his lips; he was so fucking shameless as he pleaded Yoongi to take him as if he was there. He was completely in his own little world. He swears he maybe even called his name while he was so lost in his pleasure. Doing this while he was just observing his beautiful face felt really intense, he never did this kind of thing; it almost seemed sinful.
The last straw was when Yoongi locked his eyes with the camera for a moment; as his pupils slowly shifted, Jungkook felt like the boy was really watching him. He suddenly felt vulnerable and hopeless. What would Yoongi think if he saw him like this?
A sudden heat exploded on his cheeks and his ears were on fire. His eyes were wide open, taken off guard. It felt like there was a connection between them and it was all it took to bring Jungkook over the edge. As a blinding pleasure pulsated from the base of his cock, his thighs clenched and his hips thrusted upwards, hot strings of white cum painted his honey glowing skin as he rapidly stroked his strained member. He tried his best not to shout that name, even if he wanted to do that so badly, covering it with loud moans. As he came down his high, for a moment he found himself staring at the ceiling, his chest moving up and down as he felt completely weared out.
With heavy breathing he read a few comments and decided to call it a day. He kindly said goodbye to his viewers and ended the livestream.
He brought one of his fingers up to his lips, sucking the digits clean, tasting himself. He glanced at the TV again and turned the volume up, a whimper escaped from his lips the moment he heard Yoongi talking.
What he did was really wrong. He felt like he wasn't capable of looking at Yoongi in the same way as before and he felt so guilty. How could he masturbate while watching a person? A person that he kinda knew?
He wasn't a thirsty fan that jerked off with the photos of his favorite singers, goddammit. He wasn't a teenager in the middle of his puberty. And most importantly, he shouldn't be aroused by his best friend's ex, who didn't even want to deal with him! And who was an Asshole, with a capital A.
He reached for some tissues to wipe the dried cum from his chest and tossed it away with a heavy sigh.
He sat there, still with his crotch exposed as he started at the black screen of his computer, shame slowly consuming him, the faint sound of the TV still going on in the room.
How was he supposed to look at Jimin now? Should he tell him? He really messed up this time.
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