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#digital doodle

Thanatos Doodle ft. Hoodie 

and 2021 Colors of the year

Krita x XP-Pen Star G540

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“Mammon, what do you think i am.”

Of course i would die for you, honey! Gdhsgsjshs, this game has hooked me up. Also, why is his hair so messsy! 〒_〒It’s the hardest part for me to draw.

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30 days of doodles // march 2021

day one // a familiar character with a new hairstyle

francine moody from what i call my “night” fics (my up all night trilogy and the dead of night) and her pigtails

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“In other news, a recent report suggests that things may not be as they seem.”

i knw nothing about dsmp but do like this funky half-ender dude 

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