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#digital doodle

Haven’t drawn Mizuki in a while so i give u: Crying Mizuki and possibly a bio idea for her:

The reason why she’s so affectionate and emotional to people is prolly because before she got transported to Twst. She had a fiancé who loved her with all his heart but Mizuki was aloof and distant to him; She’d never shown a interest in him so when Mizuki got a call that her Fiancé had gotten murdered, She ofc didn’t care in the first week but after a while Mizuki realized that her life was boring and cold without her Fiancé constant affection and him constantly talking her ear off. She soon fell into dispair and reluctantly cried for him day and night and soon just gave up living becos she had no one left. thus Mizuki showed more emotions to people she liked and showered people with sincere affections because Mizuki thinks that if she did what she did before, everyone is going to leave her

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Artwork of my PC Astrid (bottom) and @eternal-jinx ‘s PC Lana (top). Astrid is a half-elf shadow monk and Lana is a half-elf shadow sorcerer. Was experimenting with thicker lines on this one to see how I liked it. This is my most recent finished art. 

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