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#digital fanart

A badass character, Grace, created by @scribbles-may-cry ! A half body prize from my Xmas giveaway!


It’s 2021! I hope the year is treating you all well. I’ve had great Christmas, taking time off and just spending time with family, even though I couldn’t see my friends but we still had a great time catching up online! New year and I’m back in business starting off with a bang! I think I’m more comfortable with portraits than last year. (Growth, can you believe that?)

New year, plenty more artworks to come :)

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aaaaaaa it’s kyanmazume again ydjsgfddsh I’m not a simp :’>

he’s just too pretty to not draw- ;-;

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¿Quien quiere un perrito caliente? XD

sep, así me imagino a Sans en su trabajo como vendedor de perritos calientes

Yep, that’s how I imagine Sans at his job as a hot dog vendor

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I see u like my AU soooo I decided to continue this stuff.

And look wow Harry wrote something for Draco and what an awkward kido🥴 . I hope next time Potter gives his watercolour sketch to Draco personally 🤭

( and look Harry just a pig like me . All my arms and everything around me maybe in colored stains when I use watercolours or smth else )

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