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#digital illustration

The Warrior
Morrigan’s wing spread over the battlefield. Her black
plumage reflected red with the pools of blood soaking
the earth beneath her. Her presence is either an
omen of incoming death or a sign of an overwhelming
bloody victory. She came to rest on the tip of a spear ran
through a soldier’s chest. A shrill cry escapes her ebony
beak, the last sound many men heard that day.

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Mello/GN!Reader — I Forgive You (Part One)

⚠️ Warnings: mentions and descriptions of bullying/abuse. Please do not continue if you are sensitive about that kind of thing or do not enjoy reading about it.

I had this idea but did not have a character to put it to yet. I chose Mello because I thought it worked best with his aggression and inferiority complex. This isn’t meant to label him and his character as a bully, I love the man and would never say that, it’s just what worked well for the story. With that out of the way, hope you enjoy the first part, second part coming soon!

When you first arrived at the spiked gates that guarded the church-like building, you had figured it was a chance at a fresh start — an opportunity to build on what you had learned and grow from that in a more stable environment than the dirty streets of town had been. You remember standing eagerly at the entrance of the orphanage, watching the children around your age kick around a soccer ball, seeming so carefree. It made you yearn for the days when you would feel that way. When you could leave your past — pickpocketing strangers in order to eat and being roughed up by thugs and privileged brats with parents who barely regarded their actions — behind you.

What the orphanage brought you, however, was the opposite. Just your luck, the very first day of your stay you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Hey everyone here is a new drawing and i like how the colors came out and how the light came out.

see you all in the next post

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Day 11 of Brett Manning’s art challenge. Today’s prompt is boggart. Nobody knows what boggarts look like. They are malevolent beings that live in houses and swamps.

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