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04.12.2020 // a lot to do, but somehow happy

I’ve been working on mindmaps for foundations of international management 1 the entire morning (featured in the first picture). The exam is next week, but it will be a report. That’s why I decided to just get a very general overview over the topics with a mindmap and did not even try to learn everything by heart.

There is so much work to do, but somehow I manage to stay calm and don’t stress to much. Of course I could work harder and prepare better, but I decided to take some time for myself and this is what really makes me happy!

I had two amazing video calls this week, one with friends from school and one with people I met during my semester abroad last year. And honestly, I’m so incredibly lucky and greatful to have them in my life. 💕

Second picture: my not so artsy bujo with a star paperclip from my advent calendar, which makes me happy - it’s the small things in life!

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When you see something beautiful/amazing/Good in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them, it could last their whole life!


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Hello everyone!! I hope ya’ll are staying safe, and healthy since ya know 2020 been a complete shit show adsfghjhdkf

Anyways with exams being around the corner (and finally some free time on my hand) I decided to make some free printable sheets for ya’ll! I hope you’ll find them useful, and yes you can print them out! They’re PDF files so if digital notetaking is more up your ally they can be used on any app that can take in PDF documents! 


Any feedback/comments are always appreciated! You are also more than welcome to tag me on any of my social medias of you using my designs! It keeps me motivated and happy to see other people enjoy the stuff I make °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  ( insta+tik tok: jolly.psd )


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out!

Please REBLOG/LIKE if you download it

Stay happy everyone ♡

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(NOTES 9/6/2020)

Today someone asked me. Why did you choose to befriend someone who said bad things about you? I stoped and looked at him and simply answered. It’s my choice not to hurt them back. It’s always a choice. 🙂


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Facing yourself

Yesterday I was talking to a new friend who I shared with how often what we really need is NOT another encouraging video to pump ourselves up, but the humility to be honest with ourselves.

I’ve had to eat plenty of humble pie in my day and I’ll still have to as time goes on. Nice words can do wonders, that’s why I speak so positively! But giving yourself a kick in the ass does so too.

You’re your own worst enemy, but you can be a great encourager too, let’s take a look at the person in the mirror. 💙


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Black Friday SALE!! + BONUS page templates for GoodNotes

find it in my shop :

Lovely Digital Christmas stickers and lists to plan you wonderful Christmas

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  • decorations
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Sale ends on 6th December

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