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#digital painting

A commission i finished for my friend for her friend’s birthday. the idea was to have her in a superhero costume since sh is a strong and independent young woman. also loves cats and thinks Gal Gadot is hot (who doesn’t XD). so here is the result. 

i don’t even remember the last time i drew an actual human being. AND I need to practice cats, and buildings (these are stock image), and water, and backgrounds… and everything else lol.

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another sketch for the au where I swapped Kara and Alice with Hank and Connor. At first, this was just a sketch and I wasn’t even sure I was going to color it. Then I started painting it and I really liked the background art…so…I colored this drawing…!

I think this is probably similar to the scene in the game where Alice and Kara get off the bus…? 

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Hello! I wanted to announce that I have a Pinterest where I save art reference and inspiration, character design, tutorials and more. 

If you’re an artist who uses Pinterest for inspiration like me, feel free to follow and explore my boards. I use Pinterest ever day for reference and memes.

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