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#digital sketch

You can tell I put some effort into the first pic (the line art gives it away lol), & I said screw it w the second one. Dore’s redesign is based off Majima Goro from Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku. Sauza & Jeece are both Brench but the way it’s explained in games and such is kinda confusing. So I have this headcanon that there are twin planets which orbit each other. I got the idea from Space Battleship Yamato (a really good watch btw). Anyway, Sauza has mixed feelings about ditching his family in exchange for a secure future in the “space” yakuza lol. Gosh, I put 2 question marks? What is wrong w me?

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One day I will learn to not put all my details in the sketch layers. Especially considering what I know what will be covered by clothing in later stages. 

Anyway, this is the start of Nekuma in a new AU i have started on my side RP blog. She has never had her own alternate verse before, so this concept is a little special. Feet are going to be a pain, because this girl can’t handle having things on her feet. At least I enjoyed figuring out her legs. Well, more like I enjoyed drawing the muscle structure. 

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Here’s another glowy portrait wooop. This time it’s this wolf boy, I tried d to give him some eyeshine and I think it looks nice ;w;

I also couldn’t decide if I wanted a dark background or a light one so I made both! I think I kinda prefer the darker one but the lighter one has a more dramatic feel to it? Idk xd

Also have the sketch cus why not. But yeah I think he looks nice, I’m really liking doing this glowy portraits, they are fun.

Ah btw it’s “us” the pronoun :3

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