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wispycecilia · 2 days ago
hi(gh school) ! i love you !
genshin characters as high school crushes you’d have
various! genshin impact x reader. (albedo, childe, diluc, ganyu, jean, itto, kaeya, kazuha, keqing, scaramouche, zhongli, xiao.) - 3015 words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: what type of high school crush would genshin characters be like to you, a hopeless romantic? will it be tragic, or straight out of a romance novel?
notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. unedited. not proofread. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. arranged in alphabetical order.
a/n: i got so, so, SOOOO carried away LMFAOOO i hope people enjoy these, i’m pretty proud of them :) tell me which one is your favourite!
ur so seggsy when u reblog aha <3
Tumblr media
   • the school’s famous, attractive scientist. he’d often be seen slaving away within one of the spare lab rooms, doing weird experiments with his friend, sucrose. they never separated from each other, and since he seemed like the type to dislike social interactions, you never dared to approach him.
   • though, one fateful day, you two met outside of school. at a daycare. you were trying to make your way to a café a friend had suggested, but with your lack of directional skills you failed miserably.
   • he noticed you, surprisingly. you were so confused because?? THE albedo actually knew your name??
   • albedo sheepishly explained that he was here to pick up his little sister, klee, and questioned why you were there as well. how were you going to explain to him about your embarrassing failure?
   • you were forced to fess up when you saw the face of his adorable little sister, and she mentioned the name of the café you were planning to head to. albedo invites you to come with them – he absolutely loves the parfaits from there - and the rest is history :)
   • nowadays, albedo invites you over to his to babysit klee (which results in sleepovers… the lil girl loves you).   
   • while your crush on him is over now, you fail to notice the stare he gives you whenever he’s making hot chocolate. it might just be enough for your feelings to reignite all over again.
   • the notorious bad boy of the school. he was known for goofing around in class a bit too much, and hanging out with the wrong crew after school. you knew better than to interact with the likes of him, and yet, you two got along so well?? you were literally best friends??
   • this caused rumors to stir about you. about how you were secretly part of a gang, how you mentioned to a classmate that you would smash all the classroom windows with a bat.
   • you were drowning in embarrassment. you hid away from absolutely everyone, including all your friends that you’ve made throughout the year, in fear that they too would get the harsh treatment of others.
   • though, while you were sneaking out of an empty classroom to head to your next period, you saw childe beating up a group of boys - a handful of girls looking in fear.
   • you were quick to drag him away and berate childe for his behaviour, tearing up as you bandaged his battered knuckles. you asked him why he did all this, because he was undoubtedly going to get expelled, but he wouldn’t fess up.
   • you later found out that he went through that crazy stunt to come to your defence. that those people you saw behind the school with him one day were the one who caused the rumors.
   • now, you attend the same university and you’re like his personal babysitter. you made a promise to teucer and his other siblings that you would work hard to make childe change his ways.
   • the aloof son of a rich ceo. he’s super popular with the girls and?? you were just so confused?? the man is all uptight and boring. though, you couldn’t deny, he was handsome. and he’s rich too?? okay. okay, maybe you can see why women gravitate towards him...
   • he never really cared about you, and neither did you. that was, until you saw him alone in a classroom with a ‘what do you want to be when you’re older?’ questionnaire on his desk. you’ve never seen the boy so conflicted in your life.
   • in a burst of courage, you wrote ‘i will be (y/n)’s husband!’ on his fourm. he looked at you like you were absolutely insane, but it shifted into an amused laugh right after. you didn’t know it back then, but that was the first – and only – time he’d ever been remotely happy in the hell-hole that was your school.
   • you two never did interact that much afterwards, but he would give you a slight nod of acknowledgement as you passed each other in the hallways. you knew he would be right by your side if you just asked. 
   • the smart girl at the front of your class; she lent you her eraser once when you two were paired up for a group project. you were always secretly jealous of her, she was perfect in absolutely every way, but she was one of the sweetest people in the school. no way could you hate her, ever.
   • during a history group project, all of the other members bailed. to say you were frustrated would be an understatement. you felt like giving up, but as soon as ganyu offered to do all the work so her gpa doesn’t go down, you refused. 
   • her eyes were so tired, and for once, you saw behind the ‘little miss perfect’ persona she built up for herself. you just saw an overworked girl who deserved better. you two hit it off after that encounter.
   • you two were totally into each other. everyone could see it. but she had a bright future ahead of her; she was accepted into a prestigious university abroad. 
   • the social divide between you two was strong, and unfortunately it just wouldn’t work out. ganyu would give you longing stares occasionally, thoughts of ‘what if’ wandering in her mind.
   • when graduation came around, you two agreed to go out for coffee if you ever met each other again. she wasn’t the type to use social media or anything of the sorts, so you pray every night that fate will take its course :)
   • the one that got away. you first noticed her at the hospital that your grandmother was stationed at, and that was when you realised that she (the vice-president of your school) was sick. deathly sick.
   • during one of your visits, you met her younger sister, barbara. jean would smile softly as her two favourite people would interact so carefreely, forgetting about her situation for just a moment.
   • on accident, you overheard barbara mentioning how you two looked so cute together, while you were getting water for jean. you felt guilty about it, but never mentioned it at all. though, this was the confidence boost you needed.
   • you asked her out the day, but she declined. the heartbreak you felt was like none other, and you were too devastated to gather the confidence and meet her after that again. (this ends up being one of your biggest regrets of all time.)
   • barbara came to you in tears after she passed. she gave you a letter that was addressed to you, and it was jean’s confession that she loved you too, but couldn’t bare to hold you back by being with her, especially when there were so many other people that were the right fit for you.
   • with encouragement and permission given by barbara, you attended her funeral as her lover nonetheless. sometimes, you can feel her ghost hugging you from behind.
   •  the school’s boxing celebrity. he was never at school. like ever. everyone thought of him to just be a muscle man with no brains.
   •  you were the type to usually never agree with the crowd, but when you saw him with the latest math test with a big 21% written on it?? oh, you felt bad, but the rumors seemed to be true...
   •  (when you two got closer, he did offer to let you touch his abs in exchange for homework answers, by the way. he was so clueless about why you turned bashful too.)
   •  however, you caught him playing with the stray kittens one day. and although it was wrong, you had the strong urge to protect him, even if he was 95% muscle himself and absolutely did not need to be protected at all.
   •  you two would bond over the strays, taking turns in feeding them. you made sure they were in good health whenever he was travelling the world for his boxing festivities. when a miraculous time did come and he was present at your usual meeting spot, you were just beyond elated to see him that you let your feelings slip.
   •  though, he just responded with a ‘i like you too, you’re my best friend!’ and oh. oh my god??? the embarrassment you felt?? never again. you wanted to smack yourself for forgetting about his denseness.
   •  nowadays, he sends you dumb selfies of him mocking his manager, sara. it never fails to make your heart flutter, but still, after that day in your youth, you never risked to take the chance ever again.
   • the popular boy of the school. he’s always seen smiling or laughing. women, men, heck, even the faculty loved him! kaeya was more beloved than his brother because of his seemingly cheerful and outgoing attitude.
   • you never saw him without a smile on his face, therefore he must always be happy, right?
   • well, that’s what you thought, until you saw kaeya by himself underneath the stairway during the school festival with an unusually empty and sad look in his eyes. you never saw him like this in your life, ever.
   • he vented to you about all his demons that he kept in the dark, and you gave him a shoulder to lean on, hugs, and ensuring you kept your attention on his wellbeing, not daring to let this moment slip away.
   • you saw him in a different light afterwards. study sessions are common, with him poking fun at you most of the time. occasionally, you two would have a meaningful conversation and just bask in each other's presence.
   • the wallflower. you fell in love with him because of how, in comparison to everyone else around you, was normal. kazuha was a breath of fresh air. just what you needed within the elite school you attended.
   • kazuha would recite poems he wrote to you as you two would chill out in the literature club room – you two were the only members unfortunately. (or luckily?) seems like nobody appreciates classical languages these days, huh?
   • one day, he let it slip that he was the son of one of the most acclaimed lawyers there ever was. he hid himself behind a different last name and faked normalcy to just experience an average life for once, and not have people befriend him for the status he held. he feared that this would scare you off forever, but that just made you confused. why would you ever think of him differently??
   • you two appreciated one another’s presence greatly; you grounded each other. you confided to him about how out of place you felt within this school, but kazuha assured you that you were just as special.
   • ‘being the normal one in a group of unique people makes you equally as special. don’t forget that.’
   • that was the moment that you realised that your crush towards him may not be one of the usual fleeting ones either. the wallflower might have been the protagonist this whole time.
   • the prized student council president of the school. everyone was scared of her because of her strict attitude. so when you were appointed as the vice president to fill in for jean, you shit your pants because?? hello?? you would be working alongside a domineering lady??
   • soon, you realised, keqing was just a softie at heart who had problems with expressing herself. you and her would spend recess together, playing chess or just talking about how the latest fashion trends were stupid. one of the moments that stuck with you was when she opened up and admitted she was insecure, in particular, about how jean would’ve had the president spot if she hadn’t moved to the hospital.
   • her insecurities were exposed before school started, and you gave her the warmest hug you could muster. in the spur of the moment, she gave you a kiss, right on the lips, before proceeding to run away. keqing avoided you for the entire day.
   • whenever you try to mention this to her, keqing would blush furiously and change the subject. though, deep down, you know she regrets what she’s done; keqing thinks that she totally ruined your friendship.
   • for her dignity, you choose to avoid it entirely, but you know that you’ll have to have a proper conversation later. for now, you just choose to appreciate how the sunlight frames her face whenever you two are on a break from filling out papers.
   • the idol of the school. scaramouche was famed for his youthfully good looks, and was often the photography club’s muse. you thought he was a generally nice guy, considering he turned down all of your classmates so carefully.
   • that was. until you caught him dumping out all of the confessions he received with a sour look on his face. he spat out so many profanities that it put even your lousy uncle to shame.
    • you met each other face to face, and you came to the realisation that everyone’s beloved magazine model was just a massive, two-faced jerk.
   • he made you swear to never expose this side of him to anyone. what could you do? you had no choice to agree. scaramouche had a whole fanbase and a shit ton of influence.
   •  he’d act all sweet to you in public, before proceeding to torment you whenever you two were alone. it was a nightmare having him around.
   •  of course, his dreaded fangirls took notice of his sudden interest in you. you never really paid attention to their jealousy, but as soon as you got soaked with a girl’s vegan green juice when scaramouche was chatting to you??
   •  his good boy façade was broken in an instant. no one had seen him get that angry. ever.
   •  ‘i’m the only one who's allowed to treat them this way!’ …yeah, okay big guy, keep acting like you don’t care…
   •  still a massive bully to you. the torment never stopped. but ever since that incident, he’s been super protective of you, keeping you away from the media when his fame hit an all time high after graduation.
   •  the foreign transfer student who spoke so eloquently he dug his way into your heart. right away from his arrival, he was the biggest crush you ever had. trust me, zhongli’s good looks automatically made everyone drawn to him, but the tangents he went on just made all of them back off from him :’)
   •  ...besides you of course. you were so deeply in love it was embarrassing. you stuck to zhongli like glue, and even let him go off about his rants of classic chinese literature that would last for hours.
   •  you debated introducing him to kazuha, but you wanted to be a little bit selfish and keep him to yourself. he was like your little secret.
   •  you two would spend hours chatting away about the cultural differences between this place and his hometown. zhongli would laugh so attractively as you introduced him to your corny romance novels.
   •  the day he left was the absolute worst. you cried your heart out like no tomorrow, not because you would miss him – that was a given – but because he never even said a proper goodbye to you.
   •  your love confession was left unsaid. yet, you had a feeling that he was more than aware of what you felt. zhongli had always been really perceptive, after all.
   •  you found out through a university friend that he was now engaged to a rich woman in the glimmering cities of his country, and was now climbing up the ranks as one of the most influential authors in the world.
   •  out of curiosity, you bought one of his books, and your jaw dropped to the floor as you saw your name mentioned in the dedication page. he left a hole in your heart, and this was his way of trying to mend it. 
   •  ‘to (y/n), my first love. would you care to tell me how you’re doing now?’
   •  zhongli was blissfully unaware that this just opened up previously-healed wounds all over again.
    • the quiet kid at the back of your music class. he’d always have this angry look on his face that just made people steer away from him and admire from afar.
   • you thought xiao was awesome. i mean, who wouldn’t? his hair was dyed so beautifully you couldn’t look away. he was strikingly beautiful, and even in a school full of pretty people like yours, he stood out.
   • your matchmaker of a music teacher paired you up together one day, and you could faintly hear the tunes of a rock band coming out of his headphones. scratch that. it wasn’t any usual band, it was your favourite band. you were in awe about how you didn’t notice it earlier??? he was humming the tune of their best hit song earlier you fool!!
   • you immediately asked xiao about his song choices and chatted away about all your favourite tunes, completely forgetting about the project at hand. you thought he disliked your rambling because his face was cold as ever, but your worries were eased as soon as he gave you an eager wave of his hand to keep going.
   •  he single handedly got the project done, and while you were wallowing in your guilt for not contributing, xiao shyly explained that he did it just so you could talk about music for the remaining project time.
   • wasn’t limited to just the time allocated in your group task, though. soon, it spread to lunch-times and even class time. it was a miracle that you passed the class with him at all because all you talked about was rock bands.
   • nowadays, he sends you spotify playlists that he made for you through messenger. you still keep in touch <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deescade · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact (NSFW: husbando + Who's Your Daddy? ver.)
warnings: flashing images, NSFW/explicit sexual themes -> daddy kink
characters included: arataki itto, thoma, zhongli, childe/tartaglia, kaeya, diluc, baizhu, xiao, albedo, dainsleif
op's notes: y'all knew I just had to add itto as soon as I could to the husbando lineup, especially with the "daddy" theme. how fitting ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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xiaosmoon · 2 days ago
𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐨𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐝
Tumblr media
pairings: xiao, albedo, diluc, & thoma x gn!afab!reader
warnings/content: fluff
note: this was a request! :)
Tumblr media
-> xiao
xiao isn't all too familiar with the idea of periods. after all, it's not like adeptus' bleed every month
so when he first saw blood leaking from your lower half, he swooped you into his arms and rushed you over to bubu pharmacy without letting you have a chance to explain
but after that incident (which xiao is still embarrassed about) he's taken on the liberty of helping you through these painful times
xiao would get you all of your favorite foods! whatever you were craving — even if it was from the other side of the world — xiao would have it ready for you
he would play with your hair to help distract you from the pain. letting his bare fingers weave in and out of your hair was a euphoric feeling you would never be able to let go of
xiao's karmic debt leaves him in constant pain, so he knows what it's like dealing with it all the time. having that knowledge somehow comforts you
-> albedo
the alchemist is surprisingly quite knowledgeable in the topic of menstrual cycles!
so when he started dating you, it was only natural for him to learn how to help you during your period
these times were some of the only days he would leave his little camp in dragonspine to come be with you. if you couldn't walk from the pain, no worries! albedo will bring you anything you need
if you happen to get too emotional, albedo will bring klee around who always seems to put you in a wonderful mood
after months of work, albedo has perfected the perfect pain killer. not only does it eliminate your pain for 24 hours, it tastes like sweet flowers.
albedo is definitely one of the most qualified to care for you <3
-> diluc
poor diluc wouldn't have a clue what to do. you would have to help inform him on exactly what happens during your period and what typically happens to your body in specific
you tend to get a little more clingy during these times which is 100% okay with diluc. it just means more time to spend with you! <3
he'll hold you gently and snuggly at night, keeping your body warm with his
diluc would rub your lower abdomen with his hands, emitting heat thanks to his vision
he'll pepper kissed onto your forehead, whispering how beautiful you are!
he would definitely had to ask his maids on how to comfort you because this man had no idea. shout out to them!
the bathroom would always be stocked with whatever sanitary items you would need!
he would run you a bath but you'd have to remind him it would turn into a pool of blood in less than 5 minutes
-> thoma
oh, this man knows what he's doing
your period always goes by smoothly with thoma around. the way he takes special care of you never fails to make you feel loved
he has a calendar to help him know when your period is so he can prepare for you!
he'll buy you chocolate, change the sheets to a darker color, and make sure you have pads and tampons!
thoma will wash all of your clothes for you so they smell like lavender and even buy you a few candles!
whenever you're feeling worse than most days, he'll hold you close and rub your back in comfort, muttering the sweetest words of encouragement and comfort
not to mention, you'll always wake up to the yummiest breakfast ever!
you don't know what you would do if thoma wasn't by your side
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dainsdoormat · 2 days ago
giving physical affection +.* Kaeya, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli, Dainsleif, Albedo + GN Reader +.*
Comforting THEM. sfw fluffies for you *kiss kiss*
Tumblr media
It's weird, doing something like this with no goal in mind
He's always worried if he relaxes too much, he'll do something wrong and you'll experience even the slightest bit of discomfort
sadly, it ends up being the very thing that feels weird; he concentrates so much on staying still, it's like hugging a dead body
while it's obvious he's had previous partners, most of their relationships were evidently sexual, he's lacks experience in anything that isn't sex and flirting
so when you sit in his lap one day, in the office, facing him; he stops moving like always, but you ease his head into the crook of your neck
his breathing tickles your skin gently, and you slip off his hairtie and run your fingers through the navy locks
this man melts like putty in your hands, suddenly he's no longer scared, or tense. he's just yours. and that's enough
after that day, he always welcomes you into the office regardless of how often Jean or Lisa wander in during the cuddle session
Lisa's teasing is always light, and Jean doesn't mind since he gets work done better; besides, neither of them can talk when they do the same thing in the library
Tumblr media
you were both working on paperwork for the winery in the office, when the maid brought in a tea tray
he had waved off the cup you offered him after she left, and had been massaging his temples when he felt you grasp his other hand
peeking out at you, he jumped and almost pulled his hand back when you gently kissed his fingertip
"What are you doi-" You shushed him, continuing to kiss each of his fingers while he watching with a reddening face
pressing a hand to his cheek, you met his eyes with a smile. "Feel better yet?"
he forgot all about his exhaustion, so apparently he did
now it's basically a break time ritual, and you'll do it whenever he's tired too
he seems to let you do it begrudgingly, but it's all a facade; barbatos forbid you forget to do it, he'll grumble and sigh, and if that doesn't catch your attention, he'll put his hand in yours or tap your lip with a finger and an expectant expression
even if he has loads of papers to do and hasn't slept in days, it always works like a charm
Tumblr media
Xiao likes lying down in high places, but dislikes it when you are up there alone.
so when he finds you on the roof of the Wangshu Inn, of course he can't just leave you there!
he sits next to you awkwardly for a bit, before wordlessly leaning into your lap, pointedly avoiding your eyes- I mean, it was obviously for your safety and nothing else at all
you haven't held someone like this before, and are unsure to how to react; perhaps petting him like you do the cats?
it works, and he's slightly tilting his head against your hands as you run your fingers through his hair
it's adorable how similar he is to cats, he even particularly likes it when you rub the spot behind his ears
stifle any noises and laughter while doing this, otherwise he'll quickly pick his head up
every now and then (not super often since he tries to avoid it) he'll show up covered in blood with an apologetic expression; you ignore it, or try your best to, at least
clothes can be washed, he's tired and needs love
sometimes Venti plays near one of the high places you frequent
Xiao seems to love his music, so you started leaving bottles of wine and apples for the little bard as thanks
Xiao started accompanying you to leave the gifts, even when you weren't stopping to sit there; he wanted to show thanks too
you never sit around cliffs with him anymore, after he almost passed out watching you hop off a high one to glide back to town
Tumblr media
Zhongli is quite protective, so having as much of you near him is best
Naturally, the most of you that's possible is, well, all of you
It was a surprise when you were reading next to him on the bed and he tugged you close, spooning you silently
You were actually worried the first time, jumping up to press a hand to his forehead and check for fever
He chuckled quietly, "I just want to hold you... if that's ok?" He would never do something you didn't like, but you didn't mind
It was quite comfy, actually, thanks to the mild climate in Liyue
In the bitter winters, it was incredibly welcome; He was built like a heater
Rarely a small spoon since he prefers to have you under his protection rather than vice versa... but sometimes he feels vulnerable
When those times come, you will be there. It consoles him to know this.
Tumblr media
Dainsleif had been nothing but cold when you first met, and even after getting to know you and going out with you, he was never the clingy type
but when you give him the grabby hands
he is weak to you and only you, as he tells you often
it's incredibly obvious when he needs some cuddles or a hug, his shoulders get tense and he gets restless, pacing or tapping his fingers until you motion for him
melts into hugs, once overdid it and sen both of you toppling to the ground since he's quite a bit larger than you
^you laughed while on the ground, ruffling his hair as he apologized profusely
sometimes, when you take a break from traveling, he'll ask you to lie on his chest; direct eye contact and slow breathing
you were nervous at first, not because you didn't want to but you were worried he'd be uncomfortable or that you were too heavy
he actually likes the constant weight of your body, and now you lie there and braid flower crowns for him while he naps under the shade of a cluster of trees by the sea
Tumblr media
Albedo's tummy...
it has definitely caused more than a few misunderstandings when you get walked in on
but once you helped him experiment on himself, and he found he gets enjoyment from you rubbing his tum
didn't admit it, but the influx of experiments needing his shirt off and your hands on his stomach was evidence enough
"Albedo... can I rub your tummy?"
he agreed too quickly to brush it off, and his pale skin reddens as he pads over to you
you decide not to comment on this^ fact for his sake, of course, since you ARE a caring s/o
it did little for his pride when Sucrose walked in on the two of you...
It's the weirdest thing, he especially looks for it whenever he's stressed. It helps him calm down after too many failures as well.
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childe-dni · a day ago
where they like to be touched by you
diluc, xiao and childe
word count: 248
genre: fluff hcs
warnings: none
a/n; just a short little thing because my brain wouldn't let the thought go + I wanted to force myself to post something after my short break before I accidentally abandoned this blog lol
Tumblr media
diluc - hair
hates it when anyone touches his hair
probably only adelinde is allowed to
(i hc, she styled/took care of/taught him how to take care of his hair as he grew up lol)
but you're different
he likes when you massage his scalp and run your fingers through his hair and when you braid his hair
he finds your touch relaxing – often dozes off while you massage his scalp
it's a symbol of how much he trusts you and is able to let his guard down around you
Tumblr media
xiao - face
likes when you cup his face and he can just melt into your touch
he feels so calm and safe and grounded
you hold him with a gentleness that, before you, he couldn't imagine experiencing again in his lifetime
he almost feels undeserving of such tenderness but you've taught him that he's deserving of such gentleness and is allowed to be selfish sometimes so he allows himself to indulge
Tumblr media
childe - arms
whether you're clinging to his arm or his arm is around your shoulder
he just enjoys the feeling of showing you off
tends to flex his arms when u grab his biceps
likes when you cling to his arm for whatever reason – whether you’re excited or scared or upset
he enjoys knowing you find security and safety in him
he feels reassured having you by his side when you touch his arms – after all (though not often) he can be pretty rash sometimes so having you with him keeps him in check.
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cheppo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- terrible genshin tape -
genshin impact stamp washi tape, available in my shop: (limited numbers will be available at AnimeNYC booth A20!)
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sohcah-toa · 2 days ago
Hey there!
Ur writing is amazing!
Feel free to decline.
Can i request a lactation kink w/ Diluc. Pretty please🥺.
Again, ignore if you want to ヾ(^-^)ノ.
Thank you!
Me Too | toa
thank you so much! i was excited to try something new so thank you for this idea! ☆ srry i got busy making genshin high!
cw: NSFW (18+), needy!diluc x reader, lactation kink, breastfeeding, slight cussing
— ღ
You gave birth weeks ago and ever since then you've been really focused on your new baby. Diluc has been helping you a lot but most of the time he just watches while you feed the baby, curious about how.
"What are you staring at honey?" You asked with a giggle, you were breastfeeding the baby again and Diluc's doing what he always does: observing. The baby was so peaceful.
Tumblr media
Diluc sighed "Honey, can I--" he trailed off, he was about to say something bus stopped and thought about it carefully "N-Nevermind"
He hugged you and the baby then kissed you on your forehead "I love you"
"I love you more" You smiled at him
The baby was finally fast asleep, it was night. You were washing milk bottles, you were going to try and feed the baby from the bottle from now on using store bought milk formula.
"Hey" Diluc whispered in your ear as he hugs you from behind "I'll do that honey"
"Oh it's fine, you can go rest up" You said. He placed his head on the nook of your shoulder, wrapping his arms on your chest, slowly groping it. You don't have a bra under your shirt.
"But I want you" He whispered "Please?"
You tried so hard not to show him that you were feeling good. It's been a while since you both did it, but you were both so busy.
"A-After this.." You breathed heavily, he leaned in closer to your body, letting you feel his erect crotch. He started playing with your breasts "H-honey.. I'm sensitive there"
"I can't - wait that long" He grunted, you feel his cock on your ass grow bigger than before. He started playing with your nipples from above your shirt and it started to leak milk a little bit "It's wet. Honey, that's not the only thing getting wet tonight" he chuckled a little
"Don't — hon— Diluc" You stop washing the bottles and pushed your butt up on his dick, he moaned almost immediately
The more the milk leaks on your breasts, the more he plays with it "S-shit, I really want to make love with you right now"
This was unlike Diluc, he was usually calm and gentle but this needy side of him is so cute that it turns you on even more.
"Then do it" You grind your ass on his cock "Fuck me" he thrusted his hips forward, dry humping you while still playing with your nipples. Your shirt got wet already from all the milk that's leaking.
"Ah— why did you have to tease me honey? Now I really want to fuck you" he whispered, he turned your whole body around. You were surprised so you grab a hold of his shoulders, the soap getting on his shirt "I've been holding it for the baby because he needs this milk"
He kissed your neck while letting his hands roam everywhere on your body. He was feeling every inch of you. He missed you so much. He took your shirt off then started kissing you roughly.
You were moaning softly under his lips as he starts to remove your shorts and underwear. He didn't have a minute to spare. He wants you naked in front of him.
Your body was slightly wet from all the milk that leaked before. Diluc bent a little then started licking from your stomach to your breasts.
"I-I'm sensitive there I told you" You were trying to tell him to stop but your body says otherwise. You stroked his red locks and pulled his head deeper in your breasts.
He was breathing hard while sucking on your nipples. With every suck he would swallow the milk that comes out. He used his hand to play with your other breast, letting all the milk out.
"N-no wonder the baby liked this so much" Diluc grunted a little bit. He was slightly bent while sucking on your erect buds so you feel his dick twitch on your leg. You start removing his clothes while he continues what he was doing, refusing to stop.
As soon as you have completely removed his clothes, he carried you above the counter, spreading your legs. He started pinching your nipple using his both hands, all the milk came out letting it splash on his mouth. You were supporting yourself by warpping your hands around his neck.
"H-Honey.. my body's so wet already" You muttered as he inserts his free finger on your pussy hole. You let out a loud moan and pulled him closer to you.
"Sorry honey, it's been a while and I—" He grunted in your ear as he positions himself in your entrance "You're still so sexy and hot" he gave you a smile before inserting his big erect cock.
"W-w-hy're you so big — Honey" You moaned, his cock felt so big inside of you, he was rougher and much more hungrier.
His grunts and moans echoed in your ear as you hug him. His hands still pushing all the milk out of your breasts.
"This is all mine now" He moaned as he thrusted faster inside you making you scream in pleasure. You try holding it in to not wake the baby that was sleeping.
He backed a little just so he could see your face while he rails you. He liked looking at your face, liked the idea of making you go crazy. These are the little things that turns him on ever more.
He pinched your erect buds, the milk squirting out of you as he thrusts faster and deeper.
"I-I'm close — ahg" He grunted, putting your soft and supple buds in his mouth, sucking the milk again with closed eyes. He seemed to really enjoy getting it out of you.
You moan louder with each thrust he makes, his breaths getting heavier and heavier, a signal that he's about to cum.
He used his other free hand to rub your clit. "Cum with me honey" he went in circles and rubbed it rapidly while thrusting deeper. You moaned, clawing his muscled back.
"F-fuck! I'm cumming —!!" You were a little too late in saying that, you already came. Your juiced flowing down to your legs but that doesn't stop Diluc. In fact, he went even faster than before pinching your buds.
The milk from your nipples flowing down to his dick as he moves in and out out of you. He leaned in on the nook of your shoulder and thrusted one last time. He stops and you feel his heavy breaths on your neck.
"You still feel so good honey" he whispered, rubbing your body that was wet from the milk. His cum and yours drips to the floor. He came a lot given that this was the first time in weeks that you had sex.
You were breathing heavily too, you let him rest on top of you "Y-you're so rough today"
"Sorry, don't you like it? It's just that— it's been weeks and I really missed you" he sighed as he kissed your neck softly
Tumblr media
"No, honey, I love you no matter what, I enjoyed this" You giggled a little "Surprising at first but quite exciting"
You feel him chuckle on your neck "Want a round two?" he started touching your breasts again "While the baby's asleep. I'm not done with you yet"
— End ღ
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hazelsinteyvat · a day ago
The evening droned on but work needed to be done. The never ending contracts, orders, shipments, and letters from desperate businesses begging to taste the wine made by within these cellar walls. For every explanation or negotiation he turned down five more took it's place.
He was waiting for the clock to reach a timeout; unfortunately, for every stroke his pen made in the paper time flew by him without pause.
There was a sudden crash that caught his attention and in seconds he was pushing open the door at the sound of your startled cry.
"Y/N?" He called out, voice strained as he tried to hide the concern. It was a shatter, explosion but without seeing it he wasn't able to discern what really happened.
"In here... Ah, dang it." Diluc pushed the door to the kitchen open, his hand resting in the wood as he noted the absence of those normally wandering about. Of course, it was late in the evening they wouldn't be here, and normally you wouldn't be either.
"What happe-"
"Ah! Be careful! I ... Well ..." Glancing down at the ground, he noticed there was broken glass glistening in the light. It spread out under the tables and against the countertop all the way to your ... barefeet.
His heart dropped at the sight, the way you stood on your toes and leaned against the counter for support. The way you bent down and reached out to the glass.
"Don't move, let me ..."
"It's fine. It was my mistake, I didn't look where my arm was and - hey! Don't walk -ah- the glass!"
The shards cracked under his feet, your nervous warnings filled his ears as you stood to dissuade him from approaching but he didn't stop. It wasn't safe.
"What were you even doing down here?" He asked, arms adjusting as he held you in them. Your feet kicked out and fingers dug into his broad shoulders while your hand pressed against his chest. He felt relieved at the lack of cuts on your feet and ankles.
"... I couldn't sleep and I knew you were up so ... Well, wanted to make us something nice to drink."
He looked at the kindness in your eyes even if it was hidden behind your embarrassment.
"I made more work though, if you let me I'll ..."
"I can do it."
"Diluc ..."
"I told you, I'll make sure you are safe." He put his head against yours and relished the way you sighed from the action, nearly swooned at the way you tightened your hand around his tie.
"Okay then, carry me to safety my brave knight." You giggled and even though he wasn't a knight, he wasnt a hero, he accepted the title if it was given by you.
Easily, he maneuvered through the destruction but even when he had made it through the kitchen door, even when he climbed the creaking step, even when he brought you to where he wanted you to be, he didn't want to let you go.
"Stay here, I'll go clean up." Placing a quick kiss on your head he headed back down the steps. It took him no time at all to clean up the mess, and less time to brew something warm and soothing but, when he found his way back to your side only to see you asleep on the couch, he simply took in the sight.
Carefully, he laid his jacket over you. His fingers brushed your hair softly just enough so he could kiss your forehead. "Sleep well." He whispered before making his way back to his work feeling energized and ready to answer a few more letters.
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dilucsshinybangs · 2 days ago
Traveler: ningguang is probably one of the most hardworking people i know
Diluc: i can lift two-hundred pounds at once
Traveler: yeah but can you pay your parents’ bills?
Diluc: i don’t have parents
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glxtchsanimeblog · 2 days ago
Can you do Diluc x Reader and reader recently broke up with their old S/O and they're drinking their sorrows away? I recently broke up with a toxic ex and I just want some comfort :,)
I'm sorry to hear about your toxic relationship, so I hope this piece helps you feel better and brings you some comfort! Thank you for the request and feel better soon!
Tumblr media
Diluc x Reader - Drunken Love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Diluc Slightly OOC, Alchoholism / Heavy Drinking, Mentions of a Toxic Relationship, Angst
Diluc wasn’t normally found at Angel’s Share, due to his social awkwardness and the fact he avoided any sort of contact with the Knights of Favonius’ Cavalry Captain, but today was an exception. 
You were seated at the bar, taking giant sips out of your glass to try and drown the pain and sorrow you had just escaped from. All you wanted to do now was drown your problems and worries away, not caring about the consequences of the next day. All you knew is that one second you were at your house crying and the next you were seated inside Angel’s Share, chugging Diluc’s famous dandelion wine as if you were quenched for days. 
Diluc looked at you with worry in his eyes as he cleaned another glass that was left behind by another drunkard. He sighed deeply, knowing how you felt about your now ex-partner. He knew that person was bad news, but he couldn’t do anything to stop you when you looked so happy. No matter how hard he tried to convince you, you still insisted that your ex-partner was a good person and you two were going to be a happy couple.
He saw you drink another huge sip of wine, some of it dribbling down your chin. He tilted the glass away from your face, stopping the flow of the wine from making a mess. “Don’t drink like that,” he scolded you. “It’s unhealthy for you and you’re making a mess.”
“I could care less, ‘Luc,” you said between hiccups. “I just don’t want to think about anything right now.”
“That’s what all the drunkards say,” he snapped back before regaining his calm. “Look, I don’t want to see you drinking so much and hurting yourself over someone who doesn’t deserve your-”
“I should have listened to you ‘Luc,” you slurred, ignoring his last comment. “They weren’t even a good person to begin with, what did I even see in them? I’m such an idiot.”
Diluc put the clean glass in it’s rightful spot before crossing his arms over his chest, shaking his head over your drunken state. “Don’t degrade yourself. You didn’t know they were a bad person.”
“I guess you’re right,” you hiccupped. “I didn’t know, but I was dumb enough to stay with them and allowed the relationship to progress that long.”
He sighed, “I agree that you should have listened to me, but you didn’t know.” Diluc looked at the glass in your hand, taking it from you and dumping the contents in the sink. “Instead of moping about like this, let’s take a walk instead. I don’t want you to end up like those drunkards.”
Diluc told Charles to watch over the tavern, not like he really needed to say anything. You smile at him, allowing him to help you out of your chair and letting you use him as a pillar as you two walked out of the tavern.
To be honest, Diluc was always there for you, being your pillar. Ever since you two met while he was playing “The Darknight Hero” and you were out doing a commission late at night, you two got along; starting slowly with small talk and eventually becoming close friends over the years that passed. He found all of you extremely endearing, and he couldn’t help but feel butterflies when you were around him.
He knew that your ex wasn’t a good person, and he was also driven by jealousy to try and prevent you from dating them. Diluc reasoned with himself countless times that he’s just looking out for you and he has no ulterior motives but to protect you and keep you safe, but every single time he saw you laugh and smile with that person he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes in a cold stare. 
He didn’t like that person, not one bit. They took advantage of your kind nature, basically guilt tripping you into a relationship. And, you being unable to say no directly to their face, started a relationship with a positive mindset. He couldn’t help but feel like his heart broke when you announced you were dating them. 
Despite his unrequited feelings, Diluc continued to support your relationship with them. Even if you didn’t feel the same way as him, he wanted to support you until the very end, whether he’d be with you as a lover or not.
He lead you outside the city gates, being careful while helping you walk and preventing you from tripping. Eventually, you two found a very clean patch of grass near the lake, giving you both a very beautiful view of the city. The lights of the houses in Mondstadt was so ethereal, you couldn’t help but stare at the city you grew to love. 
Diluc watched your awestruck expression, silently chuckling to himself. Hesitantly, he slowly wrapped his hand around your shoulder, gently pulling you both closer together. “Is this okay?”
You nodded, “It feels nice.”
Diluc may have sounded like the usual monotone version of him, but his face was redder than his hair. His heart was beating fast, trying to keep his mind off the fact that he finally got to side hug you. His 1000 WPM thinking was interrupted when he felt a light weight on his shoulder, seeing that you rested your head on top of it. 
He cleared his throat, making sure he can trust his voice to not crack. “Yes?”
“Am I really that gullible?”
He tensed at the question, not knowing how to answer without maybe offending you. “I think that people just take advantage of your kindness. To be fair, you are very easy to manipulate since you have a hard time saying no.”
“That’s what I thought,” you mumbled. “No wonder I had such a crappy relationship.”
Diluc sighed, “Just forget about them. They’re not worth your time, and especially not worth drinking over.”
A small tear escaped your face, which was unusual for you because you rarely cried. Diluc felt the tear drip onto his bare skin, squeezing you tighter against him as he felt more tears fall onto his skin and clothes. He didn’t mind it, in fact all that was on his mind was how he would make you feel better.
Maybe it was the call of his heart, or maybe it was just impulse, but Diluc pressed a small kiss to your forehead, a reassuring gesture to show that he will always be there for you no matter what. You muffled your sobs with one of your hands, cupping your mouth as you cried, Diluc pulling you into a warm hug.
He wasn’t good with words, and he’s not very good with communicating his feelings, but there was never a moment where Diluc never failed to comfort you.
After a little while longer of crying, he handed you a handkerchief from his pocket, allowing you to dry your tears and blow your nose. He folded it and placed it back into his pocket, making a mental note to wash it afterwards. 
“I’m sorry for crying like that out of nowhere, I think the alcohol is really getting to me.”
“Whatever you need to feel better,” he comforted you, rubbing small circles into your back and patting it. “I’ll always be here for you.”
Maybe it was the alcohol that still pulsed through your brains or your suppressed feelings for the red-haired winery owner, but you leaned towards him and placed your lips over his in a short and sweet peck.
You realized what just happened and pulled away quickly, frantically stammering apologies. Diluc touched his lips with his gloved hand, realizing what just happened and blushed. 
“I’m sorry ‘Luc, I don’t know what came over-”
He silenced your frantic apologies with his lips over yours, bringing you into a sloppy but passionate kiss. You closed your eyes, feelings yourself drowning into his touched. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist and the other cupped your cheek. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling you both closer together. 
The kiss poured all of the unsaid feelings between you two. In reality, you really did love Diluc, but you thought he wasn’t interested due to his monotone facial expressions not matching his actions. But, as you thought about it, you realized that he really did care.
He always prioritized you first, making sure you were always well-taken care of and insisting you lived with him because it was safer. He always gave you his jacket or his clothing to prevent you from being cold. He always listened to your rants and supported your career decisions as well as coming with you on commissions. 
As you both broke away from the kiss, the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was his small smile. Diluc Ragnvindr, THE DILUC RAGNVINDR, was smiling. Not a big smile, nor his monotone expression, just a small smile that made his whole features glow. He pressed another kiss to the back of your palm, gently caressing it with his thumb after. 
“Would you agree if I asked for your permission to court you?”
You nodded happily, your movements a little clumsy due to the alcohol, as you practically pounced on the red-haired man, both of you laughing loudly like teenagers on prom day. It was the best day of your lives, and many more were to come in the future. Your future with him.
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wispycecilia · a day ago
chat with me !
genshin characters as online friends (and/or love interests) you’d have 
various! genshin impact x reader. (childe, diluc, gorou, kazuha, scaramouche, thoma, venti, xiao, zhongli.) - 2441 words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: genshin characters as your online friends. well. for now. how will love bloom between you and the boys? will it be sweet, bitter, or a mix of both?
notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. sibling used in childe’s one. notorious combo of edited & semi-proofread FOR ONCE!! this is a plea for help, i need a beta-reader. arranged in alphabetical order.
a/n: i sneaked some romance into all of these while writing by accident... i couldn’t help it… but then i had to change everything so it made sense so like 💀💀  jokes on me i guess. also, the ‘messenger app’ i went with for these hcs is discord LMFAO
might turn some of these into one-shots if there’s enough love?
Tumblr media
   • your sibling’s online best friend, who, by some sheer coincidence, became yours too. you would joke that he’s entangled with your family; he could never escape the chaos of your household if he kept meeting them online.
   • childe loved video calls. he would claim that he liked to see your face and throw an incessant amount of compliments at you, though, it never seemed like he meant it... childe’s siblings would often send you cute messages too, and your heart would swell whenever teucer would refer to you as his big sister.
   • but it wasn’t long until you realised childe was crushing on your sibling hard, and was just trying to make them jealous. even though the pain was unbearable, you sucked it up and endured it. you cherished his friendship above all else.
   • childe did end up asking your sibling out, however. and although it was selfish, you secretly wished they would break up so he could be yours. childe was your first love - it was hard to get over him.
   • but by some unfortunate miracle, their relationship stayed strong for many years, and your sibling even moved to childe’s country so they could move into an apartment together. the pain was increased trifold when childe came to you, asking for proposal ideas.
   • you were sent an invitation to their wedding a few months later. and although witnessing their union would be a tear-jerking sight for all, it would cause you to cry for a different reason. childe was ready to start a family, but it wasn’t with you.
   • a sheltered kid who snuck onto his father’s laptop as a way to escape. he told you that he wasn’t allowed any social media at all. but his cunning step-brother, kaeya, showed him the digital world, and he was now hooked.
   • sharing memes and stupid gifs was a common pastime between you two. he would send you those cute virtual hug pictures whenever you vented about your teen angst.
   • he was genuinely your best friend, maybe even more, but it was a shame that his parents didn’t believe in online relationships. it could’ve been something special, maybe even the teenage romance that everyone dreamt of.
   • one day, kaeya snuck into his account and video-called you during a meteor shower. the blissful moment was interrupted when he informed you about their father’s death, and even offered to fly you over to their country. diluc needed comfort from someone he trusts dearly - it could only be given by you.
   • but you had exams in three days. would you really put your future at risk for a boy you met online? the answer was crystal clear to you. your ancestors were surely shaking their heads, upset that the sacrifices they made were being wasted as you made your way to the airport, carrying nothing besides a small suitcase and a heavy heart.
   • to this day, he remains as one of your closest friends... for now. the support you gave diluc when he was at his worst was something that stuck with him forever. while he was stone-faced with others, diluc was loving with you. now, outside your apartment complex, he stands, his mother’s ring hidden snug within his chest pocket.
   • the cosplayer that you thought had the coolest style ever. gorou managed to style his wigs so realistically that you just had to dm him for tips on the best costume websites to purchase from.
   • you then found out you two were in the same fandoms and proceeded to talk for hours. like, abnormally long hours. you would call each other until he fell asleep, and even then, you wouldn’t dare to hang up. one time you two stayed on the phone for 700 hours!?!?!? what????
   • watching him try to sneak his phone in class and make sure you were still there was the funniest shit you’d seen in a while. gorou’s voice would crack as he’s trying to convince the teacher that ‘no, miss, i don’t have my phone underneath the table. you’re delusional!’
   • it was a miracle that the teacher fell for it because you damn well knew that all his classmates saw the massive ass ‘ongoing call’ on his phone. though, your situation wasn’t any better. gorou would laugh as you risked it all just so he can watch your class do stupid shit while he was eating lunch.
   • he lived all the way across the world, and as life got busier, you two drifted. it wasn’t a melancholic thing at all; it was even expected. you look back on the times you had with gorou with a grin. it was the pinnacle of your youth.
   • but then?? what the hell?? why is someone with the exact same hairstyle and talking mannerisms as gorou talking to you at a convention centre?? why does his eyes gleam with a look of nostalgia and relief??
   • the fleeting online friend. you stupidly decided to join a language lovers’ server for god knows what reason?? (you look back at your past self and just. cringe. like who does that??) you could’ve joined your school’s club, but instead here you sit, inside one of the calls, as the participants argue about the oxford comma.
   • meeting kazuha made the embarrassment worth it. he was funny, albeit in the non-traditional way. he’d make smart puns about literature that made you proud for knowing them. kazuha always wrote these poems that made your heart flutter, and he extruded a confidence that you never saw in someone else before.
   • when he was travelling to your country for a debate competition, you two agreed to meet up in real life, but. oh my god. it was so awkward the tension was unbearable. you were both teenagers that had little interpersonal skills, and the poor man was more confident online rather than irl… you lowkey regretted the interaction; talking to him was more magical through a screen.
   • even though you’ve long since abandoned the account you used to chat with him on, he still keeps it. as a memory. he rereads your conversations during the bleary mornings and coffee-laced air – it never fails to put a smile on his face. 
   • he hopes to meet you again one day; he’s less awkward now than during his teenage years, he hopes. but who knows? the email from his boss, notifying him that there’s a new worker at the bookshop he works at, might just be the answer.
   • the one who started stupid twitter discourse online for no reason at all. he made an extremely uncalled-for remark, and was proud of it?? like... literally all you could think was: ‘what the fuck is wrong with him??’
   • the amount of hate that he received was almost impressive. although one could argue that he did it to himself and this was karma’s way of biting scaramouche in the ass, you still felt bad and slid into his private messages in secret.
   • the man literally told you to leave him alone when all you did was give a simple greeting… who hurt this man; why does he have so much pent up anger? and yet, you stupidly decided to pursue your one-sided friendship with him.
   • soon, you no longer perceived his insults as condescending, and instead one filled with misunderstood passion. well, that’s what you thought anyways, as you confessed your feelings to him through dms. though, he did nothing beside throwing your carefully constructed message into the void that was the internet.
   • he screenshotted your conversation and posted it on his account for the whole world to see. ‘lovesick idiot confesses through dms!’ was trending for literal days. the friendship might’ve been non-existent since the beginning, but did he really not have an ounce of human decency? how could he do something like this?
   • you regret it now. your relationship was built up through insulting each other; he didn’t even know what you looked like. so why did you get your hopes up so high? when you think of scaramouche, you think of the person who you laid out all your cards to, only for him to swipe them away into a burning fire.
   • but the boy had no remorse for his actions. if scaramouche was asked to describe his biggest regret in one word, he would say your name. though, it would only be to save face. there’s no meaning in any of the apologies he offers.
   • your simp. he hyped you up whenever you posted a selfie of yourself, and always eased your insecurities. thoma was so down bad for you and absolutely everyone knew it, but back then you had a boyfriend. you couldn’t do anything; he was distraught. you were faithfully devoted to your current lover.
   • so when your boyfriend dumped you and called things quit, thoma suggested fake dating. to which you responded with the most shocked ‘what :smiley_face:’ because… has the man never read a book in his life?? this never turns out well?? but thoma just had such a way with words that you had literally zero room to say no. sucks to be you, you’re stuck with him now!!
   • you and thoma played the role almost too perfectly. the ‘good morning!’ texts you sent him were just adorable, and it was getting harder and harder to convince himself that this was fake. thoma had to remind himself that he was just supporting you to get your happily ever after.
   • whenever other people in the server complimented you, he would get so jealous. but what could he do? you were never his to begin with. he, as always, was just the reliable helper of the group. the one that everyone could fall back on if they’re in a rough spot.
   • the devious plan of his worked without a hitch. your ex wanted you back in no time, but suddenly you don’t feel like going back to your ex?? you don’t get the warm feeling in your stomach with them anymore; you felt at home when you had 3am calls with thoma instead.
   • you met while he was screaming and making fun of little kids. you assumed venti was young, and told him to knock it off because like. a 12 yr old had no rights to say that 8 yr olds were walking foetuses when he was one himself? and then venti told you he was older than you; that his voice was just high-pitched… ohhhh yikes.
   • despite the rocky beginning, you and venti bonded like no other. he slid straight into your dm’s and caps-lock was not turned off once during your conversations. a chaotic duo that could not be interfered with. you just vibed that well together <3
   • …though, there was one time venti turned off the caps, and it was after he sent you a ‘that was fun, i’ll see you tomorrow!’ after you two attempted calling with face-cams on for the first time.
   • he proceeded to never respond to you again; leaving you ghosted for several years, yet you stayed hopeful. he gave your life the spark no one else ever could. venti came in like a whirlwind, leaving a mess of you behind in his wake.
   • you check twitch on one curious afternoon and find out that venti was now a full-time content creator, living out his aspirations and dreams. meanwhile, you were still stuck in the past, clinging onto him and the adventures you shared together.
   • gone were the days that you would act older than you really were. it was time to move on now.
   • you two met through the aforementioned stupid twitter discourse. you bonded by talking behind the original poster’s back, and he would tag you in the posts that had witty comments and mocked the drama.
   • xiao had the best insults ever. he talked with full grammar and punctuation, but he was like a sorcerer. he wouldn’t opt for verbal abuse much, but when he did, the victim would be left so hurt they’d be grieving for days.
   • his presence was felt long after you’d leave the screen. it was like he was everywhere you went. xiao would mention how someone scribbled on the billboards of one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, and then you’d see the same exact one a few days later??
   • your suspicions were confirmed when you two were video-calling, and noticed that he was literally right there. in front of you. on the train. yeah. this is awkward… you two lived in the same city the whole time? why did you never think to bring it up in conversation??
   • it’s something you laugh about now, though. and as he grunts in disapproval, opening his apartment door that you were loudly banging on, xiao secretly thanks fate for leading you to him; for having you in his life. call out his name, and he’d be there to pick you back up.
   • lost and confused on the internet. you had no clue how zhongli even managed to download the messaging app of how bad he was with technology... heck, you even thought he was a grandpa at first because he was asking you how to send pictures into the chat and it was just. chaos.
   • poor guy didn’t know how to turn off caps too so you thought zhongli was angrily screaming at you for not helping him properly (you tried to give the clearest instructions possible..) this misunderstanding was cleared eventually though <3
   • even though communication was hard for the first few months, he later became incredibly proficient with technology, even finding a way to host netflix through the messenger app you used. zhongli loved to watch corny soap operas with you!!
   • when you two were talking about the flaws of the latest tv-show, he sent you a picture of himself by accident and the air got knocked out of your chest because?? holy shit this is the dude you’d been fangirling over with your friends for the longest time??
   • it was harder to act normal around him after that, and you could tell he was put off by your behaviour. you apologised to zhongli when he didn’t respond to your message in weeks, but you could tell it was too late. he’d drifted away from you already.
   • sometimes, you sit and stare outside your window, wondering what would’ve happened if you just acted like he was a normal person - not an idol. If you didn’t put him on a pedestal, would still be by your side today?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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moontofuu · 2 days ago
❥ ‑‑‑‑ ‑ 𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐕𝐄 !
Tumblr media
synopsis;; reader as the twins mother. (quite old writing)
[ reunited;; as the twins venture to say their farewells in liyue, they stumble in an uncanny encounter with their mother.
[ braiding;; the family takes a small break in the field, to which aether gets caught up in their mysterious endeavors that include his hair.
[ back to a city of freedom;; the twins eventually decide to stay in tevyat a little longer and travel together as a family once more, the first stop is mondtsadt.
[ memories of golden shadow;; when paimon slips up about the duel with the 11th harbinger, you and lumine are found in a fit of rage.
[ a life to yearn for;; headcanons of the family, but make it in a modern universe.
[ girls love girls;; the twins mother's romance being intertwined with another. (beidou x fem!reader), (baal x fem!reader)
[ surprising relevation;; travelers mother dating dainsleif. (dainsleif x fem!reader)
[ twins have common interests;; ( kamisato ayaka x twins)
[ adult mondstadt characters holding your drink in a party;; (venti, diluc, kaeya, albedo, rosaria, eula, jean, lisa, mona, sucrose)
[ dating headcanons;; (chongyun, kaeya, dansleif x gn!reader)
[ my three words to you;; you say you love them for the first time (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche x gn!reader)
[ a love worth noticing;; gestures or habits they do that are actions of love. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, dansleif x gn!reader)
[ a kiss from your one true love;; how they kiss you. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, lumine x gn!reader)
[ a product of love;; moments with your family that they cherish. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, la signora x gn!reader)
[ news;; you're pregnant and you finally tell them. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha x gn!reader)
[ maid shenanigans;; you've lost a bet and is now wearing unfortunate clothing. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha x gn!reader)
[ headpats;; you pat them on the head. :3 (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ genshin characters who;; click to find out ;). (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ random boyfreind things;; (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ relationship headcanons;; (tartaglia x devilhunter!reader)
[ a siblings love;; (qiqi x gn!reader) PLATONIC
[ teasing;; (kazuha x short m!reader)
[ how dansleif loves;; (dansleif x gn!reader)
[ a reincarnation of a lover;; (venti, zhongli, ei x gn!reader)
[ comfort;; a death haunts you. (diluc x gn!reader)
[ ballroom;; diluc asks for your hand for a dance graciously, who were you to decline a lovers invitation? (diluc x hintedfemale!reader)
[ a friend to remember;; kaeya finds his friend who he'd thought had passed away. (kaeya x gn!reader)
[ a librarians interest;; lisa finds you intriguing and flirts with you throughout your extended stay in the library. (lisa x fem!reader)
[ mornings;; (zhongli x gn!reader)
[ zhongli x god/goddess reader short drabble;;
[ elevator;; you get stuck in an elevator with your co-worker who is miraculously your crush. (kazuha x gn!reader)
[ taking his privileges;; (thoma x gn!reader)
[ wounds;; guaritrice is a head of a medical unit within the fatui. you receive a visit from him. (tartaglia x fem!reader)
[ not into you;; (tartaglia x fem!reader) songfic(?)
[ run;; after disappearing and being assumed dead, you run into your lover that you left behind. (tartaglia x gn!reader)
[ dance of denial;; scaramouche realizes his feelings for his newly appointed assistant. (scaramouche x fem!reader)
[ console;; he attempts to comfort you. (scaramouche x gn!reader)
Tumblr media
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sanzusgrl · 8 hours ago
diluc wasn’t the type to make breakfast in the morning for his sleeping s/o, that you were sure about it.
so, why did you smell pancakes and eggs and newly brewed coffee as soon as you opened your eyes?
the place next to yours was empty and cold, a sign that diluc must've had woken up really early. right now it was 9:30am of a sunday morning.
you slowly got up from the bed, slightly hissing at the change of temperature in the room, much lower that under your blanket and made your way to the restroom to get a bit freshened up, before walking your way to the kitchen.
your heart beat with curiousness filling it all.
what is he doing?, you were wondering as your slippers slid against the wooden pavement.
you stopped at the entrance, leaning against the door frame, and fixed your eyes on the only moving subject in the room. your eyes were probably glittering with excitement and unconditional affection.
you admired your lover as he skillfully flipped a pancake before adding it to the pile of perfectly cooked ones. a sight that made your stomach grumble.
his red hair was shimmering under the bright sunlight that seeped from the windows, the skin of his face gleaming with devotion and contentement.
"[name], did you sleep well?" he surprised you with the sudden attention. you'd thought he hadn't seen you, after all he had his back turned at you.
did i make too much noise? no hun his senses are just too sharp.
he turned and finally faced your sleepy face. his eyes were glimmering with happiness as he motioned you to sit while he put a plate with a pile of pancakes swimming in maple syrup and a cup of hot coffee next to it to match the cold day.
“is this for me?” you widened your eyes, hearing your stomach grumble.
he nodded, flipping yet another pancake.
you walked past the table and stopped just in front of him, wrapoing your arms around his body and drowning your hear in his familiar scent as he emptied his hands before reciprocating the hug.
he left a loving kiss on your forehead, and another one on both of your cheeks, before playfully pushing you to the chair and sitting right in front of you.
“i almost forgot, good morning love,” he hummed, pecking your lips with a grin displayed on his face.
your cheek reddened and you turned your head downwards, hoping he wouldn’t see the pink dust on your face caused by his actions.
he can be romantic, when he wants.
Tumblr media
a/n: istg this writer’s block is getting to me to the bone akdbskhsjs
© sanzusgrl / do not plagiarize, reblogs are very appreciated <3
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ikaroux · a day ago
I finally got my new iPad for drawing. I'm doing lots of little tests on Diluc❤️
Tumblr media
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cheppo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
check out my terrible little guys! genshin doodle charms PRE-ORDER now open through this weekend:  ships mid/end November! I will be closing my store at the end of November. charms will also be at AnimeNYC booth A20!
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alberivh · 2 days ago
Hati Yang Berjarak
known as ‘a long distance heart’ ; a tale of a long distance relationship between two internet acquaintances that weren’t (always) and never meant to be with one another. even if death was the consequences, it’s still hard to pretend that we were better off alone.
diluc x gn!reader
MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, slight unrequited love, mutual pining, fluff to angst, heavy angst, sad ending, comfort/hurt (mostly hurt), anxiety, implied terminal ilness.
a/n ; been a while since i had the motivation to write angst like this, it’s a pretty short one indeed because i don’t have enough time to write a full oneshot. I hope you all like this though. Listen to “i love you so” for the second to the last part or “rises the moon” for the first part (reblogs and comments are very much appreciated)
Tumblr media
Moonlight flash through the open windows, leaving a flash off nights and beauty. Scarred stars seek it’s true nature, standing beyond the darkest night the universe serve. Silence passionately await your words, breath as heavy as a feverish dream. They begun to drop it’s beat, into a freshly made lullaby to cover your excitement. To greet a friend, they said. But it seem more likely to be a wish upon the planets of the milky ways…that you could be his…or he could be yours. The far distance between each other was merely a fate, it’s more likely to be a destiny. After all, both of you are more than friends..and are more likely to be in each other benefits. So maybe those are the reason why, you both aren’t (really) meant to be..
The phone immediately rang the second you left your last message to a person you’re directly involved with. Not a single chance that your heartbreat drops into a miles of butterflies..excitement, and thoughtful dreams. The smile in your face were drawn into a vivid colorization. To a detailed prescriptions of happiness. So you pick it up, not refusing the chance to answer his phone calls. It was already a great pleasure to know him, but being a selfish bastard you are to enjoy his soothing voice..was something you wanted to feel, in every moment of your life. Because once you feel couldn’t let go of it’s warm. If he was here from the beginning, i’ll be the most selfish brat in the whole world.
he greets, silently. His camera was off..that’s quiet odd. The room he’s in was pretty sorrow you guessed, there are some voice you could recognize as well…like, his brother argues which was audible and his father, crepus, raspy yet…anxious voice. Those voice were so unfamiliar, yet the person who spoke it are some-what meant something for you. Hoarse and hints of dehydration lingers through your ears as soon as he spoke out his words; making a question that never swift from your soft tongue; Leaving mind in questioning marks, rather than an answer to keep your mind in company. You were confused, indeed..Diluc never called me when he was outside, where is he?
“my apology for the noises, i just moved to another place, father says theres no use for me to stay inside his mansion…so he decided to put me into a new place…” , diluc’s breath could be heard across of your empty room, leaving a soft whisper to the wind. different from the nature he’s in, he could barely even heard his own breath, it was pretty suffocating to describe. the hoarseness from his talk was indescribable, yet the warm within the articulation he ought, never failed to soothe your mind.
so you did like you always do, ignoring the difference between both of your condition. Trying to begin the earlier disturbed-conversation by teasing him, you began to realized how relaxing it is to listen to his rambles…well, generally him. Just him.
“oh? That’s quiet new..i thought you’re a young lad who always follow his father ground rules around, no? Haha”
“Pfft, that’s quiet a statement you got there, not now though, i got something that i should take care, tell me about your day first and i tell you mine, as always (name).” Replying your teases with another chuckle and sigh, he greeted your ears with a well connected feeling. Butterflies. Like a gentleman he is, he always and will never forgot about asking your days. Diluc never forgot his manner, even if he would, maybe that would only be a dream…because diluc was perfect and would never failed the society expectation.
“go ahead, i’ll listen. Not that i would fall asleep just like that, would i?” , assuring the atmosphere once more, diluc put the volume in a higher state. So he could hear you, so he could listen to your rambles..talks..or just ideas. he wants to make this a safe place for you. He wants to listen, time is precious after all..and maybe you’re one of the things he wants to adore.
“…i guess this wouldn’t hurt, hm? then…would you mind if i rant several things to you?”
“go ahead”
exchanging a few moments of breath, before continuing your words. The atmosphere was quiet divine, especially when diluc is around. He’s always been so…gentle and understanding, it made you fall for him. Even if it was an unrequited tale, loving someone from afar didn’t hurt a bit..well, yeah, it is. But who are you to be against it? Aren’t you a selfless bastard who only wants him to be happy?
Stuttering at the first sentence; not being able to stay collectedly calm for some-reason. He assures you once more with a whisper of ‘take your time’.
“the diagnosis card has been sent, i-i don’t know what to do in this poin…my breathing sucks, life is hell..but all i wanted was to live as a normal being.”
“diluc, what if we couldn’t meet as we promised before? Just..w-what if when we met i’ve already die? I don’t like that, fuck. No no fuck, i’m sorry i shouldn’t be so emotional, i’m sorry..i—“
“..why are you apologizing?” He sigh. It’s a gentle sigh, to relaxed a certain situation, they said. Diluc never been so harsh, even if he was harsh, maybe that’s just show how blunt he was at a certain statements and you like that nature of his, he’s truthful and realistic but sometimes, you feel as if he was hiding something.
“(name) dear, live for whatever the reason it is and as long as you want to, let’s just promised to stay connected alright? We could always talk like this every now and then, and Obviously we could meet, totally, well-no, positively. That’s my promise…always have been. Send me your location and i’ll send mine too, we’ll meet at anywhere you want too and then we c—“
“ promise you wouldn’t leave me…? Even in this state?”
“well? Why wouldn’t i? And to continue, then we c—“
“Then let’s meet each other at your new place! I’ll be grateful to see you and your now new place hehe, just promised me that we will have the nicest hugs and and…uhh yeah! We could have hot chocolate milks together..and we could also have a cooking session and movie marathon!” Cutting his talks, diluc seems more willing to listen to your plans. After-all, in this meant he has suceed to make you feel a bit..well, convenient. He likes that, but never in the second that pass he has ever swift his tongue out. Even if it meant for him to forget that confession exist, and that his bluntness aren’t always harsh…it sometimes better to keep all of this feeling to his own self. So you, from all of the person he keep as a probability to adore…would at least be safe. He scoffs out a laugh at the end, leaving you an only question. are you really happy now, diluc?
“…thank you for being here (name)”
— and i never could have say i love you nor i like you, to the point i couldn’t define what emotion am i feeling. This feels like an unrequited love, even if i knew what do you feel about me. Because once i confess, you were no longer in my reach. I wanted to be with you,
“you’re being so sappy, diluc.. pfft”
— thus i thought i could say i love you for staying and listening to me. Never that i thought you would know how is it feels, but this unrequited and backlashed of honesty, makes me sick, but i’m still willing to stay. Because once i get over the fact i’m in love, i’ll probably die out of bore. And maybe that’s the best, for us to realized; We were not meant to be.
Tumblr media
“diluc when are you free?”
“…w-why did you ask?” Voice gone hoarse and more of in edged, replacing the warm with thousand of crumbles behind it. You seek his gentle nature, but for once…it have slowly disappear to thin dusked of stars. Leaving you once again in wary. What happened diluc? Don’t you like the place? Did anything happened between you and your father? All of those things you wanted to ask, like a friend should. It’s been almost 3 weeks ever since he moved to a new different place, though ever since he moved..those voices that lingers became more unfamiliar and more…sorrow? Kaeya’s drowning voice was audible yet, the words that were said kept your nights insanely deprived and doubtful. A surgery…huh? What does that even mean? Is kaeya sick?
“i have a ticket to monstadt at april…so maybe i could visit you at that time, what’d you say?”
“oh? Hmm..i-i don’t know either, but you may visit me if that’s necessary…i’m fine with it”
“huh?…alright then..” — is he alright? Why his voice sounds so weak now? I mean yeah, it’s technically 1am now..but he rarely sleep at these time…so i guess, this might be a drastic change? Especially now, the strange noise beside him sounded more like a heartrate machine? What happened, Diluc? Why won’t you tell me?
silence befall upon you both as soon as you ordered the ticket. It was quiet awkward for both of you to fall silently just like this in the middle of a call. But nonetheless, you do whatever it takes to make the conversation flow as before.
“diluc are you o—“ , the murmuring consciousness and the snores. Oh god, he fall asleep in our call for the sixth time this week..
today was the same day like before, how he fall asleep suddenly and would never woke up until he realized you ended the call…how he would never realized he fall asleep and make you more worried. The stars were so bright tonight, the husky whisper of thin air prevent you from asking the question through an unconscious mind in your phone. Such A beautiful momentary distraction, indeed. Though the concern that covered your internal thoughts couldn’t be recovered any longer. You stayed with his adoring lies, knowing it wouldn’t last long for you to finally knew what was happening.
why won’t you tell me what’s happening in the beggining if i knew how harsh it is to feel this way..?
Tumblr media
[name] 10.45 pm , April 270th
diluc! Wanna have a phonecall? I’m free at the moment and i would like it if we could have sometimes off together hehe :)
[dilucragnvindr] 10.50 pm , April 20th
i’m sorry i have something coming up…would you mind to just text me then? i promised i’ll reply, just be patient for a while alright?
[name] 10.51pm , April 20th
ah is that so? well that’s alright! You may answer this later hehe, just tell me if you need anything diluc, i’ll be happy to help! ^_^
diluc, what happened? you recently avoided me for wanting to spend time with you by phone calls. Nor have you told me about your days as if i were an observant brat who would know what are you hiding. Last time we’re calling one another, the machine i guess was louder..and your grasp of breath are pressured…what happened? Diluc, i know this isn’t much but please, why are you so selfless? It wouldn’t hurt for me to know what’s happening because…if i were to lose track, that would hurt the most. So please for once, why can’t you be honest about your condition when you’re here while i needed your the most. That’s unfair.
[name] 10.53pm , April 20th
I was thinking about buying you gifts when i’m visiting you later, do you have any interest in mind…or uh, do you want cookies? Or maybe embroidery? Or how about fontaine specialty? I have many things i would like to share with you but i don’t know if it would fit on my bags hehe
oh! And i was thinking about going to monstadt at 25th, are you free?
ah and how about the 30th? You’re free right?
oh wait nevermind, i have doctor’s appointment at 1st so my last day at monstadt would be at…the 30th…so i guess i’ll just go there at the 25th! I hope you’re okay with that!
[dilucragnvindr] 11.08 pm , April 20th
that wouldn’t be inconvenient…yeah, feel free to visit me anytime, i hope i’m free though, so we could spend our time as we promised before. :D
should i ask him then…?
[name] 11.12pm , April 20th > sent
diluc, are you okay? You seems so exhausted sometimes at our phonecalls, do you have any moments to take a break or such?
diluc? > ✖︎ message couldn’t be sent to dilucragnvindr
Fuck. Just like yesterday. He never talks about himself, nor that if he wanted to talk about it. Such a selfless bastard, why did you care so much about me when all i knew you were in a state of nothing? Diluc why did you took me as a foolish brat? I want you to be alright, just once i wanted you to be honest with you and your stability. even if the one who make me suffered from unrequited love was to break. I rather be dead.
Tumblr media
[name] 11.30pm , April 24th > sent
I’m on my way to the airport, kind of excited indeed…but i’m pretty scared..i hope my breathing ventilator doesn’t broke in the middle of overseas haha
i also hope you would like my treats! Well, fontaine snack and treats are very popular after all hehe, and oh..yes! Muffins! I heard you like chocolate muffins so i made one for you..
[name] 11.33pm , April 24th. > sent
anyways diluc, have a great night! Till we met again (irl HAHAHHA), alright? See you!
dilucragnvindr ; last seen at April 24th , 09.32am
Tumblr media
[name] 03.21am , April 25th. > sent
FINALLY ARRIVED AT MONSTADT WOO FUCKING HOO, oh god why is it so hot in here
compared to fontaine..this place is indeed more..friendly? Uh i don’t know how to explain but i might enjoy this trip very much
[name] 03.27am , April 25th. > sent
especially on meeting you luc, pfft
[name] 03.29am , April 25th. > sent
fuck, gotta go luc, see you soon at, hm..the 30th i guess!
dilucragnvindr ; last seen at April 24th , 09.32am
Tumblr media
[name] 09.12am , April 28th. > sent
i lost the fucking connection for about 3 days now…sigh
Monstadt is amazing…i love it so so much??? Is this the reason why you stayed?
[name] 09.12am , April 28th. > sent
I’ve been exploring a lot and woah, it never failed to impress me…i love your neighborhood so much!
dilucragnvindr ; last seen at April 24th , 09.32am — and will never reply to chat any longer.
Tumblr media
the grooveling sounds of footsteps melted your exhausted limb. The sharp wind glaze upon your skin, leaving your eyes awoken in pressures. It was 2am in the morning..and probably too early for someone to found a stranger sitting in front of their terrace. you were waiting for diluc to come and called out your name, but it was too late to let him know your sudden upcoming, so you fell to the dream realm, laying your head in the stone near the wide garden. worried past when you heard diluc’s scream at the edge of your dream, like a paralyzation crawling to your neck just to scream another nightmare.
blanket tucked onto your body, warm and fresh; like a caramel scent…you found yourself in a center sight of a gentleman in front of you. All you ever knew was how you were so exhausted that you fall asleep in their terrace. You could see the glances and spot of some familiar eyes and well…a similarity with a friend your search for.
Swiping off the lingering felt of the blanket, you reach out the edge of it’s soft clothing. “you’re finally awake, (name)” , was the sound that greeted your bland body. the sound that disrupted your moment with him. The sound that kept you awake from falling to another dream…too familiar…it must be a dream. It must be. Theres no way such a thing would be so close to home.
“….who are you?”
“diluc’s brother, kaeya alberich.” — that’s quiet the news, isn’t it? Knowing we both were shocked by the fact you’re here…just to see him, correct?
“pfft..the blue hair boy that push his phone to the bathtub, why are you in here...i don’t recall anything as fancy as this couch what happened?”, you asked. Nearly your voice was audible to kaeya’s was weak…in fact it was too quiet to be count as a voice.
staying beside the counter of the couch, kaeya began to prepare some snacks for you. A guest snacks, a special one in fact. There are some letters behind the counter of the coffee table, it was all managed terribly. Even your vision couldn’t recall the writing at all. It was probably too early to even ask anything related to him; but nonetheless…you have no other option but to make everything as fast as you could. Excitement and anxiety was a pain to be presumptuous.
“kaeya…where’s diluc..?” — and here i thought you would ask if you were dying..such a dumb question for these lovers to please. what did they even think about about one another while the other was alive? Death or being able to confess? Fools.
kaeya strokes the hair beside your face, putting his hands to covered your cold palm. Relaxing the gaze upon your so-called lively eyes. He’s there to witness something you can’t, he’s there to comfort his own self but not theirs, but his mouth couldn’t say anything more than a simple word to end all of your curiosity. He was too scared to explain, he witness death…but not to the extent where he would predict what will they felt…numbness, sorrow, grief? Or just a simple denial? Archons…kaeya was clueless. He can’t explain anything.. he saw someone lose their ownself over words and it makes him mad. What if he done the same to his brother’s treasure?
After all of these thoughts and anxiety…Kaeya broke his own thought. leaving a necessary yet, cruel words. One that simply exist but should have been denied, same as how he predict, he has no single thoughts left; he gone numb and missing. He knew what to do, avoid the consequences for ruining a sincere expectation. Where to ran? Was his last thought.
“dead, he died a few days ago.” — oh, as what we predicted. He died. ; brother…you put so much burden to every each one of us with your kindness…why are you so determined to make us happy, when all you did was to leave us at the end? That’s unnecessary…don’t you know how these letters you wrote meant nothing? Why are you so selfless? It’s stupid. If you could just be honest. Love them already. Why didn’t you confess your situation, your health, your everything just like a helpless person should?
Tears never flow, eyes grew red, cheeks gone pale..lips dried out in faint. Many promises fell and so do you. You’re unable to confess your own feelings, that’s the first thing you realized. You’re unable to love another, that’s for sure. Lastly, you finally realized that all of this happened, because he adores you. He’s willing to live and to love you.
‘You do know your time is short, obviously. So why won’t you just love them already?’
‘confess to them, love them. These letters meant nothing. You’re not here diluc, how can you not listen to the future you and your ownself predicted..? ‘
It was all a bullshit at the end. He died and he was nowhere in your reach. And he will never be yours. Tears never flow once more, tears never drop into droplets of grief. Limb gone missing and numb. And There would be no second time.
diluc…what are you dreaming of when you were asleep? Do you dream of the stars? Or the eternal happy ending you deserved? Or do you dream about
“can i confess now?”
“for sure, (name)”
“i love him”
“he loves you too”
“how did you know?”
“he think of you as the star, you know that?”
“how can i know? He’s dead”
“not when he promises you that he’ll live, eternally”
“a dead person couldn’t live eternally, that’s bullshit” denial never pass, the grief kaeya predict have never been found. anger was something you feel…at first sight. He lied to me, he doesn’t want me to know…and yet, i told him every single thing about me that are meant to be shut. Why didn’t he told me…why didn’t he just tell me what he wants, what he’s feeling, and how many times he had left. The stroking branches of numbness fade to a thousand of tears. It crawls to your cheekbones, ears, and the coldest part of your face…the drying dead lips.…what’s happening again? Why am i crying? I thought i promise i wouldn’t cry over another death… and my confession is late…my fucking confession is late.
He must be waiting for me to confess and i never listen to those flags. He was waiting for me to say i love you and i was waiting for him to say the same, but time was out and i have no seconds to range our space. Am i this foolish? He died in questions and i’m alive in grief. oh archons, may i love him again? May i apologize? May i tell him how much he meant to me? May i tell him just how much precious he is….?
do i owe the privilege for loving him?
Tumblr media
standing beneath the birch tree near the wilderness of dawn winery. You exhale upon the breath of earth, the wisdom you seek, the loneliness you despises. All of it was mixture upon the leaves that falls to your eyelids, leaving no tears to dry or memories to pass. It’s been almost 5 years and here you are, unmovingly attached to his loyalty.
Preparing the muffins you used to make…warm embroidery and flowers, your eyes went to the marks of the stone. A beautiful name that was once dreamt to be yours.
to the memories of, Diluc Ragnvindr.
it took you a while to proceed this momentum. His gravestone was the peace you were looking for, yet the uncomfortable atmosphere of grief always surrounded you. Haven’t been able to confess, letting him die out of a late confession, that was a not so honored death, correct? Smoke out the thin lines of cigarettes, murmuring things that happened at the last past weeks. Your thoughts radicle to his smile. If he was here, what will he do? Stealing my muffin and kiss me? Ah, but he’s dead…then, so be it..
“happy birthday, diluc”
you clapped out a small token of appreciation and a whisper of i love you’s. His gravestone was just a remembrance, his love was neatly drawn onto your cracking puddle of anxiety and deprivation. It’s been 5 years and still, You’re waiting for him. To confess, to love, to reach out the space that were never meant to be yours.
reading the same crooked letters over and over, leaving the cigarettes burn the small edge of the paper. All Scent like memories, but not once you found the gentle affection within it. The calligraphic letters, the beautiful arranged words. What’s a confession for diluc? then it’ll be a form of goodbye, narrator.
“i wish i could reach you, diluc”
a sentences to show that they’ll never accept a goodbye.
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Tumblr media
We are busy preparing behind the scenes while Xinyan is getting ready to start the Rock n' Roll! 🎵🎸
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