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#diluc ragnivindr x reader
lunamochii · 2 days ago
“Rainy Day🌧”
Tumblr media
n — a zhongli drabble that I wrote out of nowhere and is not proofread, gotta give love to my daddy 🥰, REBLOGS ARE OKAY 👌🏻, LEAVE A FEEDBACK~
w — food play [cream] , marturbation [m], fellatio, cunnilingus, i can’t think any warnings anymore.
Just a one rainy afternoon together with Zhongli, the both of you don’t have any work and decided to stay home. You planned to watch movies with him and bake some cupcakes, that’s what you plan. For Zhongli, he planned something more bigger
Seeing your hard nipples covered with the cream you guys made while ago, his tongue licking it off and his hands spreading the cream all over your tits, letting you kneel down and telling you to fuck his cock with your tits with cream all over it
You can feel the wetness on your underwear, rubbing your thighs together so you can feel good down there. His hands grabbing a handful of your hair and starts to fuck your mouth real good, you could only let out muffled moans with his cock pushing deep inside your throat. The sweetness of the cream and the saltiness of his pre-cum are mixing and… it’s addicting
Zhongli who didn’t get enough just from fucking your tits he told you to bend down on the counter, scooping the cream with his hand, he rub it on your cunt and knelt down and immediately started licking your pussy
“Don’t get me wrong honey, I love your cupcakes but THIS….”
He gave your ass a playful slap and tongue fuck your cunt making you plead for more, how he loves hearing that noises coming from you, makes him feel good. He unzipped his pants and let his cock out as he start to jack off while licking your sweet cunt
“This pussy is far more delicious than your cupcake.”
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rainbowbeidou · a day ago
Tumblr media
| today’s fic: switch! (mostly sub lol) diluc x gn! reader
| fic genre: smut <3
| date written: 10.15.21
| warning: hair pulling, degradation, orgasm denial, humping, spanking, male ejaculation, sexy time at the tavern (it’s closed), sucking diluc off lol
| note: going all out, longer fic today… wanna make diluc cry… ahhh…
| nsfw under the cut!
Tumblr media
diluc was acting real smug today.
getting proud at the tavern, sliding his hands around your waist, whispering dirty secrets in your ear…
and now, pinning you against the wall and breathing against your neck. not something you were used to.
“now, why don’t you get on your knees and suck my cock, hm?” diluc whispered in your ear, expecting some sort of response from you, but all you did was shrug. “fine. i don’t care.” you said carelessly, catching diluc off guard as you dropped to your knees and caught the waistband of his pants in your hand, sliding them down with his underwear all in one go.
you took him into your mouth, milking a gasp out of diluc as he gripped the side of the bar counter behind him. you felt up his shirt, tracing his stomach and chest, a shiver radiating from diluc’s body.
“hah— i—“ diluc stuttered, quickly being cut off by a loud moan irrupting from his throat, his body jerking forward as the head of his dick hit the back of your throat. “god, wait, i—“ he stumbled on his words, overwhelmed by the sensation of your mouth around his cock.
“hm? i thought you wanted this.” you popped off of his dick, looking up at him with a cock of an eyebrow. “you were so high and mighty just now. why are you so whiny now?”
“i- i do want this. shut up and su— haah-“ diluc began shakily before you took him inside of your mouth again, twirling your tongue around his dick with ease. you looked so unbothered, diluc was so frustrated. he wanted you on your knees for him, but he was so close to being on his for you.
“gah— wait, i’m gonna cum.. stop, i’m-“ diluc moaned, squeezing the counter behind him and tilting his head back, panting and shaking with every lick and lap of your tongue against him. at this point, diluc was whining like a madman against your throat, jerking his hips up to find more of your warmth around his cock. he was gonna cum, he was so close.
“y/—n… y/n, i’m gonna cum!”
was all diluc could render in his brain before a loud smack and a burning sensation against his ass brought him back. you were looking up at him, squeezing the base of his throbbing dick with your hand. “wh—what? hey, wait, i didn’t cum, why didn’t you let me cum?” diluc asked, not realizing that he was getting whiny.
“i never said you could cum. if you want to cum, you’ll have to on my leg. you hear me?” you remarked, standing up and dusting yourself off. “i should have never gotten on my knees to please a whore like you.” you said, finding your way near a fireplace and sitting in one of the chairs. you sat down and began to prop yourself before patting your leg and looking over at diluc. “so? are you just going to stand there like a bitch, or will you come over here and relieve yourself?”
diluc scurried over, his face crimson with embarrassment. he perched himself atop your leg, slowly beginning to grind against you. “mgh.. y/n.. am i doing good?” he asked, looking up at you, only to see you focused on something that wasn’t him.
“hey.” diluc demanded, grinding harder against you to grab your attention. your eyes snapped back to look at him before you grabbed a handful of his velvety locks in your hand, causing a gasp and a grip of the armchair underneath you from diluc.
“why don’t you behave? you never do what i ask. you’re so filthy.” you snarled, throwing his head backwards. “‘m sorry.. just wanted you to look at me.” diluc whined, humping you even faster to try and get himself off. he leaned into the crook of your neck, gripping the chair harder, leaning into your body even more. “mmgh.. haah.. ah.. fuck.. fuck me..”
“and to think you were so confident just minutes ago. you’re so easy to submit, hm, diluc?” you cooed, pulling him away from you by his hair. diluc’s face was tinted pink, his breath leaving him in quick pants and whimpers. “yes, yeah.. don’t c-care. wanna cum.” he shivered, beginning to move harder and faster than before.
“alright, fine, you brat. i guess you’ve been okay. go ahead.” you sighed. “and to think you looked so pretty for me.”
with your words of assurance, diluc’s breathing labored as he arched his back, throwing his head back as his knuckles went white as marble— thick ropes of cum soiling his and your clothing.
diluc fell against you, panting and mumbling praises and thanks, and even a “won’t get cocky. sorry.” through it all. “you’re all dirty now, diluc. lets go get you cleaned up.” you whispered, running your fingers through his unruly high ponytail.
what a sweet boy.
Tumblr media
| author’s note: GAHHHH DOM READER MY FAVE THING TO WRITE EVER… my baby diluc needed some doing so ofc i had to write something for him!!! n e ways, hopefully this was good, it’s 11:37 pm and i have an essay due on sunday lmao!!! #hotgirlshit… uhh,, kay bye!!!!
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Tumblr media
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glxtchsanimeblog · 2 days ago
Can you do Diluc x Reader and reader recently broke up with their old S/O and they're drinking their sorrows away? I recently broke up with a toxic ex and I just want some comfort :,)
I'm sorry to hear about your toxic relationship, so I hope this piece helps you feel better and brings you some comfort! Thank you for the request and feel better soon!
Tumblr media
Diluc x Reader - Drunken Love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Diluc Slightly OOC, Alchoholism / Heavy Drinking, Mentions of a Toxic Relationship, Angst
Diluc wasn’t normally found at Angel’s Share, due to his social awkwardness and the fact he avoided any sort of contact with the Knights of Favonius’ Cavalry Captain, but today was an exception. 
You were seated at the bar, taking giant sips out of your glass to try and drown the pain and sorrow you had just escaped from. All you wanted to do now was drown your problems and worries away, not caring about the consequences of the next day. All you knew is that one second you were at your house crying and the next you were seated inside Angel’s Share, chugging Diluc’s famous dandelion wine as if you were quenched for days. 
Diluc looked at you with worry in his eyes as he cleaned another glass that was left behind by another drunkard. He sighed deeply, knowing how you felt about your now ex-partner. He knew that person was bad news, but he couldn’t do anything to stop you when you looked so happy. No matter how hard he tried to convince you, you still insisted that your ex-partner was a good person and you two were going to be a happy couple.
He saw you drink another huge sip of wine, some of it dribbling down your chin. He tilted the glass away from your face, stopping the flow of the wine from making a mess. “Don’t drink like that,” he scolded you. “It’s unhealthy for you and you’re making a mess.”
“I could care less, ‘Luc,” you said between hiccups. “I just don’t want to think about anything right now.”
“That’s what all the drunkards say,” he snapped back before regaining his calm. “Look, I don’t want to see you drinking so much and hurting yourself over someone who doesn’t deserve your-”
“I should have listened to you ‘Luc,” you slurred, ignoring his last comment. “They weren’t even a good person to begin with, what did I even see in them? I’m such an idiot.”
Diluc put the clean glass in it’s rightful spot before crossing his arms over his chest, shaking his head over your drunken state. “Don’t degrade yourself. You didn’t know they were a bad person.”
“I guess you’re right,” you hiccupped. “I didn’t know, but I was dumb enough to stay with them and allowed the relationship to progress that long.”
He sighed, “I agree that you should have listened to me, but you didn’t know.” Diluc looked at the glass in your hand, taking it from you and dumping the contents in the sink. “Instead of moping about like this, let’s take a walk instead. I don’t want you to end up like those drunkards.”
Diluc told Charles to watch over the tavern, not like he really needed to say anything. You smile at him, allowing him to help you out of your chair and letting you use him as a pillar as you two walked out of the tavern.
To be honest, Diluc was always there for you, being your pillar. Ever since you two met while he was playing “The Darknight Hero” and you were out doing a commission late at night, you two got along; starting slowly with small talk and eventually becoming close friends over the years that passed. He found all of you extremely endearing, and he couldn’t help but feel butterflies when you were around him.
He knew that your ex wasn’t a good person, and he was also driven by jealousy to try and prevent you from dating them. Diluc reasoned with himself countless times that he’s just looking out for you and he has no ulterior motives but to protect you and keep you safe, but every single time he saw you laugh and smile with that person he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes in a cold stare. 
He didn’t like that person, not one bit. They took advantage of your kind nature, basically guilt tripping you into a relationship. And, you being unable to say no directly to their face, started a relationship with a positive mindset. He couldn’t help but feel like his heart broke when you announced you were dating them. 
Despite his unrequited feelings, Diluc continued to support your relationship with them. Even if you didn’t feel the same way as him, he wanted to support you until the very end, whether he’d be with you as a lover or not.
He lead you outside the city gates, being careful while helping you walk and preventing you from tripping. Eventually, you two found a very clean patch of grass near the lake, giving you both a very beautiful view of the city. The lights of the houses in Mondstadt was so ethereal, you couldn’t help but stare at the city you grew to love. 
Diluc watched your awestruck expression, silently chuckling to himself. Hesitantly, he slowly wrapped his hand around your shoulder, gently pulling you both closer together. “Is this okay?”
You nodded, “It feels nice.”
Diluc may have sounded like the usual monotone version of him, but his face was redder than his hair. His heart was beating fast, trying to keep his mind off the fact that he finally got to side hug you. His 1000 WPM thinking was interrupted when he felt a light weight on his shoulder, seeing that you rested your head on top of it. 
He cleared his throat, making sure he can trust his voice to not crack. “Yes?”
“Am I really that gullible?”
He tensed at the question, not knowing how to answer without maybe offending you. “I think that people just take advantage of your kindness. To be fair, you are very easy to manipulate since you have a hard time saying no.”
“That’s what I thought,” you mumbled. “No wonder I had such a crappy relationship.”
Diluc sighed, “Just forget about them. They’re not worth your time, and especially not worth drinking over.”
A small tear escaped your face, which was unusual for you because you rarely cried. Diluc felt the tear drip onto his bare skin, squeezing you tighter against him as he felt more tears fall onto his skin and clothes. He didn’t mind it, in fact all that was on his mind was how he would make you feel better.
Maybe it was the call of his heart, or maybe it was just impulse, but Diluc pressed a small kiss to your forehead, a reassuring gesture to show that he will always be there for you no matter what. You muffled your sobs with one of your hands, cupping your mouth as you cried, Diluc pulling you into a warm hug.
He wasn’t good with words, and he’s not very good with communicating his feelings, but there was never a moment where Diluc never failed to comfort you.
After a little while longer of crying, he handed you a handkerchief from his pocket, allowing you to dry your tears and blow your nose. He folded it and placed it back into his pocket, making a mental note to wash it afterwards. 
“I’m sorry for crying like that out of nowhere, I think the alcohol is really getting to me.”
“Whatever you need to feel better,” he comforted you, rubbing small circles into your back and patting it. “I’ll always be here for you.”
Maybe it was the alcohol that still pulsed through your brains or your suppressed feelings for the red-haired winery owner, but you leaned towards him and placed your lips over his in a short and sweet peck.
You realized what just happened and pulled away quickly, frantically stammering apologies. Diluc touched his lips with his gloved hand, realizing what just happened and blushed. 
“I’m sorry ‘Luc, I don’t know what came over-”
He silenced your frantic apologies with his lips over yours, bringing you into a sloppy but passionate kiss. You closed your eyes, feelings yourself drowning into his touched. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist and the other cupped your cheek. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling you both closer together. 
The kiss poured all of the unsaid feelings between you two. In reality, you really did love Diluc, but you thought he wasn’t interested due to his monotone facial expressions not matching his actions. But, as you thought about it, you realized that he really did care.
He always prioritized you first, making sure you were always well-taken care of and insisting you lived with him because it was safer. He always gave you his jacket or his clothing to prevent you from being cold. He always listened to your rants and supported your career decisions as well as coming with you on commissions. 
As you both broke away from the kiss, the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was his small smile. Diluc Ragnvindr, THE DILUC RAGNVINDR, was smiling. Not a big smile, nor his monotone expression, just a small smile that made his whole features glow. He pressed another kiss to the back of your palm, gently caressing it with his thumb after. 
“Would you agree if I asked for your permission to court you?”
You nodded happily, your movements a little clumsy due to the alcohol, as you practically pounced on the red-haired man, both of you laughing loudly like teenagers on prom day. It was the best day of your lives, and many more were to come in the future. Your future with him.
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drxxmofyou · 2 days ago
rainy days with you
part of @favoniuscodex 's fall festivities event! super excited to be taking part <3
gn reader
october 15: rainy days/stormy weather
kaedehara kazuha
stormy days were never uncommon in inazuma, yet this one seemed to be worse than the rest. with every flash of lightning and bellowing sound of thunder, it was like the entire nation shook. worst of all, it was freezing too. as a result, you just sat in the living room wrapped head to toe in blankets.
"love?" kazuha called out to you. "im home!"
"im in here!" you squeak out from your blanket cocoon.
kazuha appeared from around the corner, looking at you with a soft smile.
"hi!" you peep out with a chipper tone. "how was your day?"
kazuha chuckled before sitting next to you. "wonderful, now that i've seen you."
diluc ragnvindr
you gasped. "diluc!"
in a flash, diluc was behind you, searching for what caused you to yell out his name. "love? what happened? are you okay?"
you smile and turn to him. "it's raining!" you grab his hand and drag him out of the mansion, practically glowing with joy.
diluc was confused. what's so special about rain? isn't it an inconvenience to get wet?
"dance with me!" you reach one hand out to him and the other wraps around his neck, with damp hair sticking to it due to the rain.
"my love, shouldn't we be inside?" diluc questioned.
"just dance with me diluc, enjoy the moment."
diluc accepts and wraps his arms around you, and you begin to hum and the two of you sway back and forth in a rhythm.
maybe rain isn't too bad after all.
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bumbleklee · a day ago
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
request: Helloo there! Can I request an hc of a s/o reader that doesn't know how to sing/is bad at singing but wants to sing with diluc, kaeya and zhongli? Ive seen a lot of hcs about readers good at singing but I'm personally not good at it and quite insecure abt it so yeaa. Thank youu✨✨- idk how anons work but ig ill be 🦔 anon
pairings: diluc, kaeya and zhongli x gn!reader (seperate)
You were drunk the first time Kaeya heard you sing. And Archons, was he glad you wouldn’t remember him doubling over with laughter. He loved you, adored you, but he would be lying if he said you could sing.
“Thank you to Venti the Bard for performing with me tonight,” You slurred, holding onto a chair to steady yourself. Venti was drunk himself and probably thought you sounded great with his clouded mind. The only reason Diluc hadn’t kicked you out yet was because you were extremely entertaining.
Kaeya watched in horror as you climbed on top of a table, flipping an empty wine glass around to use a microphone, and belted out another chorus to the popular tavern song. It was so horribly off key that a few patrons had to plug their ears.
“This one is dedicated to Kaeya,” You continued. Your words were mixing together and Kaeya was, still, shocked you only had a few shots. “He’s my cinnamon roll.”
Kaeya cocked his head at your pet name but didn’t have time to process it before you nearly fell off the table and made your way towards Kaeya. You wasted no time in throwing your legs over his lap and leaning into his touch, all the while singing the same song.
“We should get you to bed,” Kaeya whispered in your ear.
His words angered you and you flung yourself away from your boyfriend. “But my set isn’t done!” You cried out. You gripped the wine glass tighter and flung around, pointing to a random knight and singing directly to him. The knight burst out laughing, tears forming in his eyes from laughing so hard, but you didn’t realize what was going on.
Kaeya heaved himself up and wrapped a strong arm around you, prying the wine glass out of your hand. You hit one last high note, which made Kaeya visibly flinch, before bursting into a fit of giggles.
“I’ll be here next week!” You yelled as Kaeya dragged you out of the tavern.
Ever since he was young, Diluc liked to sing. It was a private affair, of course, but if you asked Adeline, the maid could tell you hundreds of stories about his symphonic voice. When Diluc finally showed you this secret side to him, you were amazed. And all you wanted to do was sing with him.
The only problem? Singing was not your forte. In fact, you sounded like a dying cat when you sang. So, as much as you wanted to join in when Diluc hummed to himself while washing dishes, you refrained so you didn’t burst his ear drums.
When you came home from work one day, you weren’t surprised to see Diluc singing while he cleaned the windows of the Winery. Despite having an entire team of maids, Diluc still wanted to help out.
You recognized the song immediately - it was a popular holiday tune - and hid around the corner so you could beam in secret. When Diluc saw you, a smile spread onto his face and he beckoned you near him.
“Sing with me,” He encouraged, putting down the rag.
You wrapped your arms around Diluc’s neck, “I don’t sing.”
Diluc pressed his forehead against yours, “Why?”
“Because I can’t sing.”
Your boyfriend only smiled deeper, “You don’t have to be good at something to have fun doing it.” Before you got a chance to respond, Diluc started to sing the next line. His voice trailed off at the end and, knowing what he was hinting at, you picked up.
Even the visible wince that crossed Diluc’s eyes didn’t stop you and soon you and Diluc were whirling around the living room, singing horribly off-key to the song. Diluc didn’t seem to mind your horrible singing voice, considering the fact his face was lighting up like a sky full of stars.
Singing in the shower was your safe haven. You knew you couldn’t sing well and the thought of anyone hearing you was horrifying, but in the shower you could hold a million concerts and no one could say anything about how you were tonedeaf. That is, until Zhongli came along.
When you moved in together, Zhongli took notice of your shower singing. He kept quiet about it for a while, not wanting to embarrass you, but eventually brought it to your attention.
“You know I can hear you in the shower, right?” He asked as you both got ready for bed one night. His words caused you to freeze.
“That wasn’t me,” You stammered, your face turning red.
Zhongli queried, “No? Then who do you have in the shower with you?” You said nothing and quickly got into bed, throwing your pillow over your face. You felt a hand rub your back and peeked out from underneath the cover, “It’s not a bad thing.”
“I sound like a tormented dog,” You muttered, “It is a bad thing.”
“But you have a good time, right?”
You threw the pillow away to look up at your boyfriend with confused eyes. “What are you talking about?”
Zhongli’s hand found your hair and twirled a lock of it between his fingers. He looked at you with admiration but you couldn’t seem to figure out why. “I love seeing you enjoy yourself, Darling,” He said gently, “It doesn’t matter if your singing doesn’t sound good. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.”
Your cheeks grew warm again and this time you buried your head into Zhongli’s chest, “You’re too kind.”
He chuckled, “Though I do hope you’ll sing a song to me one day, instead.”
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oceanbleu · 14 hours ago
I saw you taking requests so maybe red chrysanthemum with diluc? I don't know what the character limit is but maybe xiao too? If you only do one characters at a time, just diluc is fine !
warnings: none!!
synopsis: red chrysanthemum writing prompt with diluc and xiao
writer's note: hope you like your red chrysanthemums, i tried to go with the theme of rewarding the two with their hard work. i find them similar in that aspect of always having to protect their homeland.
content under the cut!
Tumblr media
you aren't sure how you ended up in the angel's share during the dawning hours of the night way past closing hours. much less patching up the owner's injuries in the dimly lit establishment.
it was all such a blur, since you couldn't sleep you went out for a walk to clear your head. you never expected to encounter diluc ragnvindr in his prime protecting mondstadt.
calling it his "prime" would be miswording it though, as you saw him collapse right at the back gates where any knights were barren from sight.
rushing over, you checked him head to toe for injuries and by god was he hurt. hurriedly you slung his arm over your shoulder, heart clenching from the sound of his breath hitching and trudged back to the tavern as per his strained request. now you're sitting next to him, rubbing a bandage softly on his bicep and trying not to press too hard to avoid causing discomfort.
his muscles were firm.
you felt your cheeks set ablaze at the thought and coughed, averting your gaze to his lap. diluc's eyes only followed you questioningly, brows furrowed with what seemed to be worry.
"are you okay? it's dark in here but you seem a bit red," he unconsciously leaned a bit forward, as if to check you up close. in response to this, you scooted back, heart pounding in your ears.
it was only for a brief moment but you managed to inhale his homey aroma. he smelled like a warm fireplace, of firewood and the faintest of wine and books. laughing nervously, you only put your hands up slightly as if in defense. "s-sorry 'luc, i just had uh, something in my throat! yeah, just trying to clear my throat!"
his stare only grew, eyes clouding over in what seemed to be more worry.
"your voice seems a bit strained though, are you sure?"
you couldn't help but feel your heart warm at the sound of concern ebbing at his inquiry. he's concerned for you, he's worried about your wellbeing.
he cares about you.
your head steams over and you only laugh more before faking a terrible cough, "on second thought, maybe i do have a sore throat or something-- i'm all done here anyways! i gotta get going," you stood up abruptly, backing away from him and stepping towards the door.
to your surprise, he got up just as fast as you did, only to flinch in pain before sitting back down. you yelp, striding over to him and placing your hands on his sides.
"i-i'm so sorry, are you okay? did your wounds reopen?" you mindlessly babbled, and diluc couldn't help but stare at you as obvious guilt danced in your eyes.
he's never felt so happy to see someone demonstrate such care for him like this. he clears his own throat, looking away from you. "i'm fine."
you look up at diluc at his response, only to realize how close you two were. not only that, but you can only assume diluc has acknowledged the same as he seems to be actively avoiding eye contact with you, head tilted to the side.
he looks beautiful in the atmosphere of his own bar, even under the dark lighting you found him to be nothing short of attractive. his hair seemed to glow faintly alongside his bright red vision and his vivid vermillion eyes.
you wondered if he was just as moonstruck for you as you were for him.
you smile gently, taking his hands into your own.
"hey, diluc?"
he doesn't reply, but at the touch of your hands his gaze trails back onto you, making eye contact.
your heart speeds up at the look he gives you, a gaze full of nothing but warmth and adoration.
you take this as a sign to continue, smile only growing wider. "i know you might not get this often-- or at all, but.."
you shakily sigh and bring his bandaged, calloused hands to your lips and press a soft kiss to his warm knuckles.
"thanks for protecting mondstadt, for protecting me. i'll be happy to fix you up again and again if you ever need it, free of charge." you let go of his hands and peck at his cheek, laughing at how his entire body went rigid and at his wide-eyed expression before stepping back, cracking the door open.
"don't stay up too late, you have to work a shift tomorrow!" you close the door and hum a tune as you walk away.
diluc sits by his lonesome in the tavern, hand reaching up to touch his cheek where you had boldly planted a kiss on. his face was on fire, lips drawn in a tight line.
now that he knew his feelings were reciprocated, he wouldn't hold himself back anymore.
tonight was the night, you decide.
the night where you've finally deemed your own recipe for almond tofu perfect, the night where you can proudly present it to a certain adeptus who occupies wangshuu inn with nothing but exuberance and confidence.
with a bright smile and a look of determination, you take the plate of said dessert up the stairs to where xiao himself resided.
to your luck, he was already there, sitting on the balcony. he doesn't bother sparing you a glance until you're right next to him, handing him a spoon alongside with the plate of almond tofu.
"for me?"
you nod excitingly at his question.
he's silent, eyes narrowing at you before looking down at the almond tofu then back up at you.
"what's the occasion?" he questions.
you let out a light laugh, clasping your hands together. "nothing really, just a personalized gift for your recent hard work protecting liyue," you smile at him.
his surprise is only shown for a sliver of a second, before his eyes harden and he turns away from you.
"thanks." he grumbles out after shoving spoon after spoon of the handmade treat into his mouth. his eyes light up at the taste, bringing the spoon down for more.
you teasingly hum, "is it really that good?"
he nods, eating quickly. you've never seen him eat so fast, as he usually savors every bite whenever you had your meals with him.
before you knew it, the plate was empty and you offered to take it to the sink. he hands it to you with the spoon, touch lingering in the slightest when your fingers brushed against his thumb.
he finds himself entranced by you. the moonlight highlighted your graceful features, much like your personality.
the sound of your laugh snaps him out of his daze, eyes darting up to meet your own.
"you have something on your lip," you poke at your own bottom lip with mirth shining through your eyes. he brings a hand up to rub at his lip, but you only laugh again.
you step closer to him, only mere inches away from his own face. "not there-- here, let me."
your hand cups his chin, and before he knew it he felt the soft pad of your thumb brushing his chapped bottom lip. you swipe once, then step back and lick the small amount of almond tofu.
xiao can feel the back of his neck burning.
you flash him a teasing grin before walking away, off to put the dishes in the sink.
he doesn't know nor expect that you'd be back for seconds.
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rqkuya · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
⇝ diluc x gn!reader.
⇝ drinking ; reader is of age.
Tumblr media
diluc raises a brow in your direction, glancing at the empty glass in front of you.
you roll your eyes, pouting as you shove the whiskey glass across the counter, where it almost falls right over the edge. luckily, the redhead catches it, setting it back on the counter with a heavy sigh.
" how many drinks have you had, y/n ? "
" .. i don't - "
" know. you don't know. alright, i think it's about time we send you off, y/n. "
just moments later, diluc finds himself walking you home, an arm slung around your waist. after — reluctantly — agreeing to take you home, he'd dragged you out of the bar, half expecting you to talk his ear off ; maybe laugh at him for being so complaisant.
instead, though, he hears you snoring, and a soft smile graces his lips. finally, some peace.
upon reaching your house, he glances around, before crouching down — his hold on you is strong, he can feel you nuzzle into his side — and reaching under your small ' welcome ! ' rug, where he finds a spare key.
it's no surprise that, after so many late-night visits, he has no trouble finding your room. the door is practically kicked open, and without hesitation, he lays you in your bed.
off go your shoes, then your bag, and then the sweater — his — that you'd put on before leaving the bar. once he's finished, he makes sure you're comfortable before moving to leave.
he hopes he can return to angel's share before closing.
however, he's not surprised to feel your hand around his wrist, holding him back.
he sighs, his gaze landing on your face once he looks back. there's a small smile on your face, eliciting a sigh from the redhead.
having been here so many times, diluc knows exactly what you're going to say.
" would you please .. stay a while ? "
and, for the umpteenth time that week, he thinks charles can wait.
Tumblr media
a/n : aaa tags please work </3
Tumblr media
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saltwaterylakes · a day ago
this side of paradise ; diluc
sister piece coming out soon, with kaeya!!
yes i know im biased but i wanted to do this because ideas run away sometimes and you gotta write them down before losing motivation
also i cant think of another pair besides zhongli and childe but childe is a walking wallet
❥•°❀ IN WHICH : dixught (dark) archon! y/n whose nation was destroyed along with khaenri'ah, their people turned into monsters, joining the abyss.
they wander around tevyat, roaming the lands, looking for their lost sister.
❥•°❀ trope? genre? : angst, fluff???
❥•°❀ wc : 2.4k
❥•°❀ warning! (i hope not) ooc diluc???? idfk i tried to make him as ic as possible but then again ..
probably spoilers for khaenri'ah's destruction.. or dainseifs quest.. idk
p1 | p2
kaeya version
a/n if you search up the title of this fic (excluding the diluc part) you'll probably find my inspiration for this "series"
anyway can we excuse the fact that i made two elements and an entire nation for this 🙏🙏🙏
c5 amber and c4 kaeya come home pspspspspsp pls just come home amber i refuse to main ganyu
y/n can't remember the last time they've given out a dixught vision.
many visit the ruins of y/n's beloved nation in hopes of getting a dixught vision from the god.
their attempts failed, because the god was busy looking for their counterpart, the luxight archon.
it is well-known that the two sibling's shared nation is completely gone, with no trace of the archons ever coming back.
what they don't know.. both archons are lurking around mondstadt lately.
y/n aimlessly wandering around, looking for their long lost sister.
████, sided with the traveller's sibling, lumine, longing to destroy the gods for destroying her nation, and khaenri'ah.
what both of these lost archons don't know, is that they'll soon find each other again.
y/n hummed as they crouched down to pick up sweet flowers from the grassy plains.
it was peaceful, how they liked it.
y/n had no recollection of what happened years ago, just knowing that they were separated by someone who listened, ████.
████ was a person of knowledge, but hid in the shadows to not take away the spotlight of the dendro archon.
y/n respected her for it, thinking she was one of the best archon among the others.
they smiled to themself, brushing their thoughts aside to make sweet madame.
they found out how to make sweet madames in wolvendome. (in which wolves bowed down to the archon, however, y/n did not understand this gesture.)
in mondstadt, many have seen the mysterious.. whatever y/n may be.
they were always seen outside of mondstadt, skimming along the outskirts of the city, seen when dvalin was purified, (y/n was standing atop a tower, and the few on dvalin's back saw their face, y/n's face dotted with slight pity and mysteriousness.), and seen occasionally sitting in the hands of the barbatos statue.
diluc, one of the people who helped purify dvalin, was.. intrigued by the strange person.
the fact he had seen a dixught vision laying on their hip whilst they were in the hands of the statue, and when he saw a closeup of them when riding dvalin..
he'd shutter the thought off. he could have mistaken the vision as an electro vision.
numerous times, diluc tried shaking off the thought of you welding an element lost to time.
diluc recalled a book in the library saying that the dendro archon who won the war, died for some reason, however his brain couldn't recall the reason behind the archon's death.
but surely the dixught and luxight had died, but wasn't there a new archon in their place?
but.. what about their gnosises? had they have been picked up?
he'd murmur a curse word to himself for thinking such things, these things didn't matter to him.
but as the so-called darknight hero thought to himself, were you a threat to mondstadt?
however, at starsnatch cliff, y/n sighed, holding up a very burnt chicken.
"guess this is my lunch then," you said, before chowing down on the burnt chicken.
you glanced beneath the cliff, thinking about the time where you and your sister had chatted about celestia.
you ate the last of your burnt fowl, and let your hands roam into your lap.
meanwhile in the headquarter's of the knights of favonius, jean held a meeting about the potential danger of the abyss order strongholds near the city.
not to mention what amber had said, having seen y/n several times outside of mondstadt.
even the honorary knight had came to mondstadt again, holding off his journey to fontaine.
"so, paimon heard that the abyss order and some random person are a threat to mondstadt?" paimon didn't bother to hide her stare at jean.
"well, yes. im sure it's nothing that our cutie won't be able to take care of."
paimon stared at aether, and aether stared back.
"well you know what this means, doing more grunt work!" paimon puffed.
aether glared at paimon, "hey! not like you do any of the grunt work!"
amber and kaeya shared a mutual chuckle as the two began to bicker while going out the door.
"never change, traveler." amber smiled.
aether groaned, "and i was just about to catch lynette and lyney!" paimon looked at aether, adding her input "well, paimon thinks they are suuuper smart! they probably would have escaped from the prison again."
paimon was not helping.
aether huffed, walking faster to the dawn winery.
"hey! let paimon catch up! hmph!"
"yeah, yeah paimon."
of course, aether slowed down and allowed paimon to catch up. she'd huff and huff, before taking in a deep breath.
she'd love to give an earful to the blonde, but they'd already arrived at diluc's doorstep.
paimon floated towards the door, knocking several times.
it wasn't a surprise that a maid had answered the door, "ah, honorary knight, what brings you here?" she said, before gesturing the two inside.
the two looked around the mansion in awe, having last seen the mansion when they were talking to diluc about.. a certain hero coming out at dark.
"woah! paimon forgot how big the mansion is!"
aether sighed, "yeah, yeah paimon." without hesitation, paimon floated around, gazing at the bookshelves.
and of course, diluc came around the stairs, "traveler," he said while ignoring paimon, "what brings you here?"
"well um the knights- i mean mondstadt sent us here since you know something about abyss order and suspicious people."
he'd huff, "those stupid knights, always asking you to help."
"paimon doesn't think they're that bad."
"whatever, who'd you like to go after? abyss or the suspicious person?"
paimon floated closer to aether, "paimon thinks we should go after the suspicious person, they seem easier to track down then abyss order stuff.."
paimon (of course) lied.
diluc and aether were practically trying to catch up with paimon, having being out of breath after clearing numerous hilichurl camps, several slimes, and one eye of the storm, both were very tired.
especially aether.
"paimon thinks both of you are very VERY SLOW!"
"it's not our fault we have to fight hilichurls! this suspicious person leaves elemental traces EVERYWHERE!"
diluc quietly murmurred, "not to mention, you said the elemental traces were a dark purple.."
"just keep walking.. it's only another 2 miles till we um.. stop the suspicious person?" paimon shrugged
by now, the three had reached starsnatch cliff, below a beach where aether had.. caught a paimon in the water.
paimon glanced around, seeing a peculiar figure in the distance, standing on the edge of starsnatch cliff.
"woah.. whose that?" "i guess it's our suspect." of course, paimon turned to aether, "do you know them, aether?"
"not anyone i know, that's for sure." aether grumbled, "im not fighting any more, you do it, paimon." "hey! paimon's here for emotional support, hmph!" paimon simultaneously crossed her arms and put her hands on her hips.
diluc grunted disapprovingly, before walking towards you.
"hey there, why not come with me to mondstadt? i believe we should talk."
of course, you tried your best to act as if you were charmed by him, but it was plainly obvious you were suspicious of him.
aether and paimon quietly snuck behind the two.
diluc decided to guide you to the angel's share, occasionally motioning aether to follow him.
(it was no surprise donna glared at you with hatred, you didn't notice, however.)
diluc pushed the tavern doors open, charles giving him a odd look while he was cleaning a glass.
he guided you to the second floor.
"alright diluc, you can cut out this, this weird facade. act. whatever you wanna call it. what do you want?"
"information," he said, towering slightly over you. "oh, id really prefer somewhere private, instead of a tavern." you gave him a hollow smile, "i know, i know, you've came up with the theory that i, y/n l/n, am the archon of dixught?"
"don't worry," you smiled, "it's quite obvious, isn't it diluc?"
it looked like diluc wanted to say something, but it seemed he was more interested in hearing what you had to say.
"of course, you've heard of khaenri'ah's demise? im sure you have, knowing your brother was from khaenri'ah." (murmuring to yourself, "they did deserve it, after all..")
diluc seemed keen on listening, gesturing you to continue.
"im sure, you've heard rumors of khaenri'ah's citizens turned into abyss order, correct?"
he'd nod slowly, considering the possibility of it.
you sighed, leaning back into your chair, "as i told you with me being an archon, yes, its true."
you leaned back towards him, causing a slight blush on his cheeks.
"im sure you've heard from outrider amber that, there's another archon running around these parts, no?"
you yawned, "just saying," you walked over to him, getting closer to his ear, "she's with the abyss order." you said, before promptly walking down the stairs.
aether walked over with paimon, "so their really an archon..?"
"i.. i suppose." diluc quite caught off guard, studdered.
"i guess we should go report this to the knights of favonius then." aether left with paimon, diluc soon following shortly after.
the three exited the tavern, passing by the knight stationed by the back entrance of the city.
the knight (of course) bowed down to aether and diluc, the two brushed it off, telling the knight that it was no need to bow down.
they silently walked up the rear entrance's stairs, watching the sun go down.
soon making their way to the knights of favonius headquarters, aether pushed open the door to jean's office, where 4 people waited for them, that was of course lisa, jean, kaeya, and amber.
the 3 girls murmured to each other, while kaeya huffed at the sight of his older brother.
amber started the conversation, scratching her head, "so.. master diluc, i heard you talked to the person of interest?"
"and did you get any information?" jean added. "paimon thinks its very obvious, of course he did!"
"trust in diluc!" aether added.
kaeya sighed, "well, he was the previous cavalry captain." "at least i had a cavalry to lead, kaeya."
kaeya leaned his back towards a pillar, pouting and acting as if diluc wasn't there.
jean sighed, "just ignore kaeya," she'd place her left hand on her chest. "he's being particularly pouty today," lisa added, "i would have shocked him, but jean didn't allow me to, however.."
"thank god.." amber mumbled
jean chuckled, "anyway, diluc, about this person of interest.."
he looked towards jean, "where am i supposed to start?" "anywhere, preferably what they told you in the beginning." lisa smiled.
"well," he glanced at kaeya, who took note of this, and made his way towards the traveler, "for one, their name is y/n, and they mentioned that their nation was destroyed along with khaenri'ah."
jean folded her arms, "they're, an archon?"
diluc sighed with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, "of course they are," the red hair man intended to say something else, but lisa interrupted him.
"so," she put on her usual thinking face, "archons can give out visions, but how come this, supposed archon, hasn't given out a vision?"
diluc gave a shrug, "don't know," he said, "now, if you don't mind, ill be leaving now."
the traveler and paimon moved out of his way, not before diluc giving them a wink.
eula walked through the acting grand master's door, holding klee's hand, covered in dust and soot.
eula sighed, "what happened? i saw master diluc leaving the headquarters."
████ sighed, letting her hands make contact with the tree.
just as y/n had thought to themself, ████ was a smart and calculating person, just headed towards the wrong way with the abyss order.
to ████, the time today and now was perfect.
mondstadt had little to nothing to defend themselves against the abyss order, aside from the knights and this, "darknight hero".
she and the princess planned out to destroy mondstadt, as their archon, barbatos had left them long ago, and is likely to have no power.
it wasn't like snezhnaya, a place filled with the fatui and soldiers.
████ smirked, thinking of how the knights and the citizens would plea and beg for mercy.
an abyss mage companied ████, being a hog turned into a mindless abyss mage, although being completely unable to talk, only giving nods and grunts towards the abyss heralds.
letting go of the tree, she glanced at the big windmills mondstadt had.
she hummed, thinking about which nation to go after mondstadt.
liyue? no, the adepti are too strong.
how about, fonatine? their defense has been weakened, however, the traveler was still roaming in fontaine, attempting to catch lynette and lyney.
████ perked up her ears, sensing pyro near.
"go, i sense pyro near." she'd murmur to the abyss mage, who grunted before disappearing.
she'd tucked the luxight vision away, before squinting at the brown-haired figure in the distance.
amber panted, hands on her knees, and erratic short puffs of breath, "hey," she huffed, "what are you doing outside of mondstadt, it's not very safe here. hilichurls and all."
"oh, i was just travelling from sumeru.. my carriage crashed."
amber smiled, regaining her breath, "hm, hilichurls, or slimes?" "treasure hoarders," ████ said, appearing to be frightened.
"well, no worry, ill deal with it. now, we should get you to mondstadt!"
meanwhile, kaeya leaned on the abandoned temple walls, watching the abyss mage's bodies disappear.
he noticed the abundance of abyss mages and hilichurls, even as far as an abyss herald showing up.
kaeya gripped the sunsettia, the spikes of his gloves poking holes into the sunset fruit.
he'd glance at his cryo vision, which was slightly clouded due to the number of times he used it today.
jean had sent out amber and kaeya to clear the temple of the wolf and falcon, as there were sightings of hilichurls and samachurls entering the temples.
kaeya bit into the fruit once more, thinking about the information his so-called brother gave.
"dixught archon, this, luxight archon that." he'd softly murmur.
the cryo vision holder smirked to himself, diluc was absolutely terrible at interrogation, the only thing helping with his interrogative skills was his pyro vision.
kaeya formed a plan.. and it was not a good one.
"no," you said, folding your arms.
kaeya frowned, "oh?"
you huffed, "cant hear, pretty boy? no, that is what i said." "oh, i can assure you, sweetheart, my hearing is perfectly fine."
(rosaria was drinking heavily, watching kaeya and y/n with a confused gaze. she was considering whether to interfere or not.)
you let your hands drop to your side, "then i can assure you, you wont be getting any other information."
"quite stubborn, huh?" he leaned forward, "hehe.."
you let your right hand gripped his chin lightly, "ive seen this many times kaeya, it wont work on me, i promise."
y/n let go of his chin before walking out the tavern, leaving a flustered kaeya.
as they left the tavern, diluc turned towards kaeya, motioning him closer.
kaeya walked towards the counter, giving a slight groan.
diluc muttered a few curses, as the blue-haired male sat down. "i don't understand, whats so charming about lil' ol' diluc?" he sighed, taking a bottle from diluc.
"maybe you should stop with your flirty antics," rosaria snarled.
"and now my drinking partner is against me, oh no!" he said, mimicking falling off the barstool.
"careful, kaeya, i don't need another accident in my shift."
this got too long so im splitting it into two parts..
(cause tumblr is bound to delete it)
p2 will come out after i release dendro in disguise..
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renoidnotbot · 6 hours ago
“Devil’s Share”
 Diluc Ragnvindr x fem!reader
! - slight make-out session - !
Tumblr media
     In every blue moon, Angel’s Share hosts luxurious nights where Monstadt’s most finest nobles come to gather. After all, Master Diluc was no stranger to the nobility, as he was the famous owner of the Dawn Winery. Often times, these nights were recalled as memorable only for the extravagant wine. But you, on the other hand, had a different idea on why they were unforgettable. 
You were known as the intelligent detective of The Knights of Favonius. You were a prodigy to say the least. From Liyue to Inazuma, your family name was familiar to all generations. But with great respect, comes great expectations. Like all cliche rich parents, they expect you to espouse a fine gentleman. And to your luck, you had one person mind. 
Midnight finally struck, you were anticipated for this moment. Strolling over to the now decorated tavern, you gave your hair a quick fix. Tonight, you were clothed in a red satin dress that scrunched up at the level of your hips. The rich color & aura of the fabric really reminded you of him, smooth to the touch and fierce. Once the door creaked open, you were instantly hit with the alcoholic odor. The room was eerily dark but the sound of the drunkards have calmed your senses, ironically. You walked towards the bar counter sensing that the red haired male was there, serving his customers. But to your surprise, it was Charles. You gave the male a quick nod and pointed with your index the drink you desired. Devastating, he wasn’t here. Nonetheless, you are going to enjoy your stay. 
Your drink was now on your hands. You swirled the glass, looking down with bland eyes. You did try having fun but your efforts were fruitless. Suddenly, a hand came in contact with your shoulder. With widened eyes, you turned your seat to find out that the owner of that hand was in fact him. He looked rather dashing this evening, with his red buttoned-up shirt and his dark as night tie. You both looked like you were meant to be. Diluc Ragnvindr, the man that filled your mind up to the brim. He held a calm, almost intrigued, look on his handsome face as he extended an arm to you and his hand behind his back. 
“Shall we dance, my lady?”
Incredible, he had done it again. He successfully made your heart skip a beat. Timidly, you accept his offer. You were baffled, the tavern lights gave the young man a lovely glow and the cologne he had on suited his whole look. Oh,and did I mention that you also caught Master Diluc’s eye? Truly, the jewelry that you wore adorned your already beautiful face. And the dress, Oh, the dress! It had his stomach doing flips. You were an angel in disguise and, dare he might say, an Archon. 
Walking to the dance floor, both your heels and his shoes clanked with the hard wood. As the orchestra begun their melodies, his hands have placed themselves on your waist, oddly close to your buttocks. You placed your arms on his broad shoulders, indicating the start of your dance. The male started moving his feet back-and-forth across the floor and looked at you with a small smile. Although you were new with the whole dance concept, you copied his exact moves.The whole atmosphere seemed to succumb into lavishness. The diamond-coated chandelier shone down light on the both of you, and the melody had blessed your ears with glory. It’s like in the fairy tales. You had already laid down your head on his shoulder and he did the same. After what seemed hours, you raised your head to stare down his firey red irises. 
“Let’s go somewhere private.”
You suggested quietly, as you left his arms and ushered outside. Diluc looked at your direction before following you abruptly. Now standing in cold, you were met by your lover. You looked him up and down before attacking his lips. He was surely caught off guard, but in seconds time, he joined in. He cupped your cheeks as he deepened his kiss. Both of you were fight for fighting dominance in the mere cold, but the moment was openly heated. Your hands enfolded themselves in his long hair as he slammed you against the wooden wall. Separating after hungrily kissing each other, you smiled, satisfied with the moment. 
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moontofuu · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
DILUC who rises up in dawn, certainly far earlier than you. brushing lips against the skin of your temple, letting his mouth linger for a few seconds as he closes his eyes and cherishes the moment, praying to the anemo archon to keep you safe no matter what. carefully supporting your body that leaned on his side with his right arm.
DILUC who would willingly shed his life and die for mondstat without a sign of hesitation but lives for you. DILUC who would pause amidst a pillar while scrutinizing a lone abyss mage, unconsciously scouring the field for a possible exit if things possibly go wrong.
KAEYA who can't keep his hands to himself, be it in a meeting for all the favonious captains or even more public activities. he instead diverges his growing boredom to yourself, gladly letting his hands roam around, sometimes in innocent touches on the skin such as fiddling on the hem of your clothing or not so innocent places...
KAEYA who can't help but let his eyes wander over to you as he most probably disregards another of his fellow captains. KAEYA who stares at you with a smile full of mysterious and a glint just as enigmatic as him shining in his eyes and panics for a split second, swiftly twitching his mouth up in a smirk when you turn your head to his direction.
TARTAGLIA who spoils you rotten with his never-ending wealth that he most definitely doesn't spend on himself alone, he's got to spend it otherwise unless it'll go to waste, right? TARTAGLIA who's eyes grow from cold to instantly warm, his eyes soften while his posture relaxes as he blends into the shadows and silently watches as you interact with his siblings.
TARTAGLIA who's shoulders slouches down in guilt but is brimming with warmth and appreciation when he finds you passed out in the couch, the lousy blanket barely covering your body, exposing it to the cold. he sighs and shakes his head but hoists you up in his arms, brings you close before trudging over to the bedroom with the promise if making it up to you swirling in his mind.
ZHONGLI who unknowingly peers at your lips when in a random conversation with you, his eyes constantly switches over from your eyes and to your mouth over and over again so it's hard to not notice. he apologizes softly, frankly embarrassed at being caught and shyly avoids your eyes.
ZHONGLI would sit on a comfortable chair with your head on his chest as he speaks as though he's experienced the many notable events from past decades and millennia. he wouldn't even notice that you already drifted off with his relaxing voice that is until he looks down after he's finished.
VENTI who strums his lyre and hums a song along with the melody upon the dark starry sky. quietly gazing at you with fond eyes when the song reaches the part where he mentions something about 'forever and love', then laughing softly when he spots you already fast asleep.
VENTI who loves to mess with you with sending bursts of wind, gentle to yourself but fierce to bring an object clutched into your arms high up into the air, letting it spin around violently for a few seconds before letting the wind lead it back to your annoyed self.
XIAO watches from the balcony of the inn, glancing down and observing you from above all while you happily clutch a bag of snacks, waving at the patrons before climbing up the stairs, no doubt wanting to share with him once more. how foolish, he thinks but if so then he's stupid one.
XIAO who doubts that you'll call out his name, more or less mutter it. so why does he await your voice? XIAO who hates to see you hurt, sharply scolding you for being so 'clumsy and stupid' as he leans down and inspects you for any more fatal injuries.
ALBEDO who's attention diverts to you when he picks up a trace of your voice calling out to him. ALBEDO who most likely reminds himself that a creature such as him wasn't born with the same set of feelings, organs, and emotions such as innate beings such as humans so why does he feel the strange fluttering in his chest?
ALBEDO who knows just how to charm you and is aware that you convey the same attraction and love he holds towards you. ALBEDO who suddenly pauses when in the middle of an activity, only to think about memorable moments he knows of you, his lips forming to a graceful and tender smile.
SCARAMOUCHE who criticizes you for bare minimum and is unable to hold back from bursting out a string of insults that pops in his mind in an attempt to deny that him, scaramouche, the balladeer is totally not in love! the anger in him only increases further when he sees your shocked face, not to you but to him. he screams internally, you idiot.. you hurt them! wait I don't care about their feelings--damn it, damn you for making me feel this way you witch!!..
SCARAMOUCHE who reluctantly sits beside you without as much as even uttering a word. just a silent, meaningful action, the two of you sit in a comfortable silence. basking the others presence while scaramouche holds a conflicting storm of unkept and chaotic feelings inside of him.
KAZUHA who greets you with a coy smile, pressing a kiss to the back of your palm while beidou holds back a bark of "how smooth, lover boy!". KAZUHA who's the type to brood and swiftly intervene in a conversation when he catches a crew member getting a little too close, can you blame him? a jewel such as you is something he wants to keep.
KAZUHA who just accepts his fate with open arms when you slide yourself to his side. KAZUHA who holds you close as you both watch the sun rise as the water gently rocks the ship back and forth along with you.
THOMA who never forgets to say "I love you" when going somewhere, even if he's forced by ayato to come in at komore teahouse while you wave him goodbye from the outside, sipping on your tea as he gets dragged in by the head of the yashiro commission.
THOMA who voices his want to finally be free from being cooped up in the komore teahouse for 'so long' and begs you to "please buy something for him because he misses the taste of inazuman street food". brightening up and peppering you in kisses when you agree.
Tumblr media
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z3nitsusgf · a month ago
can i get diluc w thigh fucking, cervix fucking n overstim?1?1? 💞💞 im such a slut for diluc and i cant never pass up a chance to get fucked by him 🥺 congrats to 1kay again love <33 take care and have a good day 💞💞(。ノω\。)
Warnings: cervix fucking, overstim, thigh fucking, size kink, soft dom diluc
Tags: @diamond-3
Tumblr media
Diluc only does this because he’s too big, tells you it’s because he doesn’t wanna ruin your tiny princess cunt. Strips you bare, glossy cunt on display as he pushes your thighs up, “hold them.” He commands, and makes you keep them up and squished. Slipping his cock in between your slick inner thighs, so so close to your creamy pulsing center.
It makes you cry, tears streaming down your face because you can feel his cock rutting against your puffy lips and the red leaky head catching on your pearly clit. You’re so used to it that you can cum from that alone, but you feel so empty. And you need more.
“Please luc, diluc- just put it in, I can take it,” you whine, the denial hurts so much. You know you can’t, know that the stretch is gonna ruin you - but gods you don’t care.
Thick heavy cock slipping and thrusting between your thighs, as you press them shut for Diluc. Tears lining your lash line at how close he is, your tummy throbs. And diluc is cooing, “are you sure, honey? Don’t wanna hurt you.” He murmurs, and even though he’d love nothing more than to gape you to perfection - he doesn’t want to hurt you. But you’re so whiney, sweet tears dripping down your face and honey slick coating your thighs.
You just nod, “please, I want it s-so bad,” you whimper and Diluc is smiling, “okay baby, keep your legs up for me, yeah?” And you comply, thighs up to your chest and diluc is popping the bulging mushroom head into your tight hole. You hiss at the stretch that’s already peeling your tight lips apart, and he’s shushing and cooing above you. Trying hard not slam all the way in, but it’s getting a little difficult with the way your hips are shimmying away.
Diluc grabs your waist, fingers digging into your sides as he pushes to the hilt. Your mouth drops open, let’s him see your pink tongue and wide eyes. And he almost looses his touch, he’s so fucking deep. Sits so far inside of you that he’s smushed your against your cushiony puckered cervix, and it feels so good. You’re wondering why you didn’t do this sooner, until he’s thrusting in and out of you and you’re already clamping down on him. Cumming with a cry and shakey legs as he just pummels his way farther into your precious little cunt.
You’re squeezing him so tight with slick sticky wetness coating his cock, his balls papping against your ass as he drops his chest down onto yours making you wheeze out. Pretty pink head kissing your cervix as you see pyrotechnic stars in your eyes, “look at you, so pretty with a cock too big to fit your pretty pussy.” Diluc murmurs, lapping at the pearly tears in your eyes as you just hum and cream around his hard length.
He doesn’t stop, he’s wanted this for so long it’ll take more than a spasm to make him loose it. “Diluc-! Please, please,” you warble, tongue loose and drooly as he coos at your expression. Your hands press against his tummy, thighs tensing as he fucks your cunt raw. Walls pulping around his cock as he hits every spot inside you. Diluc grabs your wrist in his grip and presses them into the mattress, leaning his weight down over you and pressing in farther, fat head pushing what feels like your guts.
“Take it so well, my pretty pretty girl.” He murmurs, gritting his teeth as he tries not to cum early. Leaning down and kissing you with a nasty tongue and a nip to your bottom lip. You don’t realize that you’ve created a monster, Diluc feels like he’s on cloud nine. Wrapped in your sweet velvety pussy for the first time, his back arches over you and gods - you’re so sweet. You’re small cries and squeaks fuel his swinging hips till he’s pumping you full.
You think he’s placated, till he snaps up into you again. And you know - he’s never gonna give up your sweet cunt ever again.
Tumblr media
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lunamochii · 2 days ago
“Traveler, you’re such a whore”
Lumine x male!reader
Tumblr media
n — so uhh…. Lumine can step on me, thank you very much. This is not proofread, REBLOGS ARE OKAY👌🏻, LEAVE A FEEDBACK PLEASEE~
w — lumine being a slut. That’s the warning.
Known for her excellent skills, kind hearted, but above all of that she’s widely known for her beauty, she would be walking down the alley and all eyes are on her. Always accompanied by a ginger head or the famous adeptus. No one dared to come closer to her
Who knew that the reknown traveler, the one who saved nations, would come knocking on your door, begging, her tiny hands gripping tightly on your clothes, begging for you to fuck her just like how you did when you guys first met
Shameless. That’s what you would always tell her as she bounces on your cock, her fingers pinching her already hardened buds. Your big hands rested on her tiny waist and snapping your hips up to meet her thrust
Lumine who’s always craving for you, your touch, your smell, your smile, your kiss, everything! After doing her commissions she would come to your house directly just to be cuddled by you, though it always ended up with her being fucked dumb by you
“Oh daddy, I just miss your cock buried deep inside me!”
“Yeah ? I thought you’re having fun with the yaksha and harbinger.”
You look at her and Lumine immediately shake her head in denial, quickly leaning down and twirl her tongue on your nipples, hands roaming around your stomach
“I coud never cheat on you! My pussy only belongs to you~”
You bit your lower lip when she started nipping on your nipples and sucking on it, you grab her hair and pulled her face towards you and crashes your lips to hers. Lumine’s lips curve into a smirk knowing already your weak spot
You sat up with your cock still inside her, Lumine snake her hands behind your neck and rub your bodies together, you pulled away from the kiss and a string of saliva can be seen
“Hold tight princess~ I will surely fuck your brains out tonight.”
Lumine is thrilled, she lick her lips and dig her nails on your back as she let herself get fuck like a dirty whore, screaming and moaning your name over and over, begging for more.
Pussy leaking with cum but still the traveler spread her legs shamelessly in front of the man she loves, using her fingers she spread her pussy open, one hand rubbing her breast as she goes completely dumb and fuck out
“Who knew you would be such a dirty little whore, my sweet Lumine?”
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yeonkiminfan · a month ago
Hiii! I think I traded the whole tumblr and it's sooo hard to find dom readers 😭 so I was wondering if I can ask u some shorts o hcs about Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli, Albedo and Thoma [not all together] being sub cry babies and extremely sensitive
Tumblr media
Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli, Albedo, and Thoma
Warnings: This post includes porn links that has pegging, Overstim and more pls be warned
Note: I've read a lot of them too~ Im striving for the dom only creators in the genshin fandom theyre doing gods work tbh, and these may be short so I put 3 links each character!
♤ XIAO || (link 2) (link 3) (this is in thomas section but might as well put it on Xiao too)
Omg Xiao crying? And begging for you to give him more and more pleasure? Thats so adorable!
Xiao being so sensitive that he keeps whining and whining that he cant take it anymore 😩
But we all know how he's just being overdramatic
Imagine just Xiao, looking so fucked out with his eyes crossed and drool on his chin and just moaning your name like a bitch in heat <3
♤ DILUC || (link 2) (link 3)
Diluc being so sensitive that he keeps bucking his hips to your hands and crying your name out loud.
The way you slap his cock makes him whine more and beg for more despite his whole body trembling from the pleasure.
Diluc who's crying for your touch and looking so cute being all tied up and desperate for you 😩
Pegging Diluc is adorable <3 Him whining and moaning while drool is on his chin
♤THOMA || (link 2) (link 3)
Thoma crying and whimpering because of how good it feels, His thighs shaking because youre stimulating him so much
Thoma whining "baby" all over again while he tries to pull away from the overstimulation
Have mercy on him, Thoma cant think anymore and keeps blabbing at how good it feels and how he cant take it anymore <3
♤ ZHONGLI || (link 2) (link 3)
Pegging Zhongli <3 That talkative mouth of his cant even shut up while youre fucking him with your strap.
He's moaning so loudly and its so adorable.
Zhongli being fucked dumb while you pound your fat strap in him continously wanting him to make more noises for you <3
Zhongli cleaning your strap with his tongue after you peg him <3
♤ ALBEDO || (link 2) (link 3)
You have to force Albedo's legs open sometimes, He's so adorable overstimulated and drooling <3
His hips buckling while you just play his nipples just because hes that sensitive
I would like to see Albedo looking like a mess while he blabbers your name continously at how fucked dumb he is 😩🤌
Even bucking his hips into your hand at how desperate he is to cum <3
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yanyanfeii · 3 months ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐟𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media
NSFW 16+
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Xiao
pt.2 will have Childe, Zhongli, Venti
Tumblr media
He loves it when you ride his face.
Diluc in general is the type to put your pleasure as his top priority during sex, so this position just makes sense.
The heat from your core covers his face as his tongue fucks your needy hole. He loves the way you whimper his name and grind deeper onto his face to the point where he doesnt know where you start and he ends.
His large veiny hands squeeze your ass, holding it to keep you steady as you continue riding his face. 
This is definitely a messy process. His spit and your slick mix as he gently nips at your clit, sending you into spirals of moans.
You scream his name your body shivering as you come onto his face. His warm tongue licks it all up, and as you pull yourself off of him you dont miss the proud smirk on his face.
He loves watching how embarrassed you get as you ride him. 
Kaeya is always a huge flirt, and his favorite thing to do is get you flustered. What a better way to get you flustered than having you ride him while he gets the best view of it all.
His hands grip your hips as you bounce yourself on his large cock, your mouth hangs open and a string of curses and moans leave your lips. Kaeya groans a smirk evident of his features as he watches how your breasts move. 
He bucks his hip watching as you grind yourself down on him, your smaller hands pushing on his chest for support. He notices how your becoming more sloppy, your previous rhyme now becoming sloppy. 
His thumbs massage your waist as you come all over his dick.
He likes having full control.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, arms snaked around his neck while he holds you up, fucking into you with god like speed.
Your cheats heaves as he plows into you hitting your sweet spot over and over. Xiao adores the look of pure bliss on your face because of him, it makes me feel on top of the world. He likes having your body so close to his, your warmth, the feeling of your breath fanning his skin, it lets him know all of this is real.
He lets out throaty groans and grunts as he ravages your insides, Xiao likes things ruff. Your tongue slips out, your eyes shut in pleasure as you feel the Adeptus’s thrusts becoming sloppy.
Moaning you come onto his dick and with few more thrusts Xiao comes aswell.
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ikaroux · 3 months ago
"What a lovely couple you make" Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya.
Background: He's been in love with you for a while now but has never admitted it to you. But when a slightly too talkative stranger passes you in the street together, stares at you for a few moments and finally says "what a lovely couple you make", their heart is just about to burst out of their chest.
Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya
Xiao, Venti, Albedo
Note : I test the headcanons, strangely I find the exercise more complicated than a fanfic :,D
Tumblr media
You met as teenagers, a beautiful friendship developing between the two of you.
Diluc has always felt a strong attraction to you without being able to put a name to his feelings.
When you were around, his eyes were constantly on you, until someone, usually Kaeya, pointed it out to him. In denial, Diluc would quickly avert his eyes from you, his cheeks tinged a beautiful red.
When Diluc returned after several years without news, you were never put off by his change in behavior, quite the contrary. You were closer, more complicit. You were the only one he trusted, and the others could see that...
One day, while he had invited you to eat at "Au Bon Chasseur", you had met a friend that you had not seen for some time. She was accompanied by a young man who was staring at you and Diluc.
You were both sitting at the table, eating your breakfast and telling Diluc about your morning. He always listened intently, often with a faint smile on his face. He loved being able to look at you and listen to you without anyone making any comments. He took great advantage of his moments to be able to touch you, sometimes just to remove a bread crumb that had fallen on your shirt or to move a lock of your hair behind your ear.
"(y/n)! How happy I am to see you, it's been so long!"
Diluc moved away from you as the stranger approached. She was accompanied by a boy, obviously the same age as you and Diluc. You introduced him to your friend, whom you had met four years ago when Diluc had suddenly disappeared after his father's death. He greeted them with a brief nod, returning his attention to his dish while you chatted with the newcomers. Diluc couldn't help but glance over at you, thinking he could keep a low profile. It was when he felt the intense gaze of the young man accompanying your friend that Diluc quickly turned away, almost as red as his hair. The boy smiled innocently before saying:
"What a lovely couple you make."
Diluc spat the food out of his mouth, nearly choking. His lungs burned as much as his cheeks as he coughed. He didn't know what to say, did he even want to? He checked your reaction, surprised to see that you were as red as he was, which made his heart beat harder, faster. He couldn't take it anymore, so he put some moras on the table, grabbed your wrist and pulled you with him. As Diluc pulled you away from your two comrades, you tried to clarify the situation with your friend:
"We are not a... cou-couple!"
They replied with a laugh:
"Well it doesn't look like it!"
Tumblr media
Zhongli had already noticed the feelings in him for a while.
He did not hesitate to spend more time with you, inviting you at times to walk in the streets of Liyue or sometimes to have a cup of tea in his favorite restaurant.
He always laughed when you told him that you took extra moras "just in case". He was angry that you were paying the bill when he was the one who invited you.
He was courting you, or at least trying to. The ways of pleasing a woman or a man had changed so much in the last few centuries that he sometimes felt a little lost.
Although Zhongli was not a man to publicly show physical affection, his look and tone of voice left no room for doubt for an outsider to see.
As for you... well, you couldn't deny the great attraction you had for this polite and cultured man. You didn't know how to pick up on the signals he was sending you, your lack of self-confidence clouding them. How could such a man ever be romantically interested in you? You couldn't, you were so dull around him.
So when he asked you out for a walk in the city, your heart couldn't help but leap with joy. He had come straight to your house, waiting impatiently at your doorstep.
"Excuse me for waiting Zhongli!"
"It's nothing my dear, it's me apologizing for coming unexpectedly."
Every time Zhongli called you "my dear" so sweetly, you couldn't help your cheeks from heating up, which didn't escape the gaze of an elderly neighbor.
"hohoho, what a lovely couple you make."
You had dropped the keys to your apartment which hit the floor of your landing with a loud crash. You watched the old lady slowly walk away from the two of you with an embarrassed expression, the red quickly rising to your ears.
"Zhon-Zhongli I'm sorry! She's old she doesn't know what she's saying, haha~"
You fell silent as Zhongli's soft, smiling expression turned from the old lady to you.
Zhongli's heart was beating at high speed from the emotion.
"Well my dear and if we go from now on.
He affectionately placed his hand on the small of your back to direct you to the place of your walk, a soft euphoria lighting up his day
Tumblr media
Kaeya, like Zhongli, quickly realized his feelings for you.
He would not hesitate to offer you gifts or to invite you to a restaurant one night.
Kaeya is clearly hitting on you. He doesn't even understand how you can miss it.
He didn't tell you clearly how he felt about you, a part of him being afraid of rejection.
This man already has a long history, if he were to lose you because he was too impatient, he would not forgive himself.
Everyone knew that this man was a liar and a calculator, which had earned him his position as captain. But you, only with you, he wanted to be himself.
He offered to take you to Windrise one night to watch the anemo crystalline butterflies, the romantic glow of the starry night.
Your evening had gone well, he offered you a ride home.
You and Kaeya had arrived at the gates of Mondstadt. He was amused to see you so amazed by the crystal core he had grabbed for you. He took it from your hands, laughing softly at your attempts to take it back.
"Kaeya! Give it back to me please!"
"In a moment princess."
You had trusted him, which made him melt every time. He hooked the core in your hair, admiring the azure reflections it projected on you.
"You're even more beautiful this way."
You had blushed at his remark, your eyes never leaving his.
"What a lovely couple you make captain."
You gasped at the sounds. You had completely forgotten the presence of the two guards posted in front of the city gates.
"Ah! nah you're wrong, we're not... Kaeya says their!"
He laughs before wrapping his arm around your hip, pulling you closer to him and glaring at the guards.
"Isn't that right?"
ARG?! If embarrassment could kill, you certainly would be now. Kaeya laughed at your shocked expression, he kissed your forehead before pushing you out the doors. He apologized half-heartedly to you, the other being far too happy to regret it...
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tartaglias-bunny · 4 months ago
Saw you were looking for asks 👀 How does childe, diluc, and kaeya feel about their so wanting to cock warm? Whether that be with their nethers or mouth? How do they feel about it calming their partner to just have their cock down their throat?
ooooh okay I SEE YOU
❀ ཻུ۪۪┊cockwarming; part 2; drabbles
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ cockwarming, oral, some degradation, light humiliation (kind of) & some light face fucking
✿ characters: 
kaeya, childe, diluc, albedo, 
Tumblr media
kaeya doesn’t mind at all, you want him to plunge his cock deep inside your folds? you don’t even need to ask him twice
the catch? you have to do it yourself
before you can sink down on his fat cock he makes you warm it up with that cute mouth of yours
he likes to play a little game with you where he’ll have you take him all the way in and just stay still and just watch as you try your best not to choke on his dick; you just look so cute with your saliva dribbling down your chin and his member lodged in between your parted lips
it takes a lot of concentration to keep yourself from choking around his dick -to stop yourself from pulling away and swallowing the excess saliva that’s accumulated in your mouth - but kaeya makes sure to pay back the favor ten fold
the second the game is over and you’ve managed to keep yourself from choking around his dick for whatever amount of time he chooses, he’ll allow you to sit down in his lap -with his cock nestled in between the juncture of your hips instead
he’ll praise you for being such an obedient little slut for him and allows you to cum all over him -rolling your swollen clit in between his thumb and forefinger with a slight bounce of his hips
in times like this kaeya really likes to edge himself because he knows you won’t be able to last long with his cock idly resting inside your cunt, the way the tip shifts around your inner walls only makes you want to squirm around in his lap even more -wanting to feel the head ram against that pleasurable spot deep inside you, to feel that same wave of euphoria that robbed you of your senses
Tumblr media
childe isn’t as sadistic as kaeya, but he’s definitely just as eager; you want him to shove his fat cock into your pretty little mouth to keep it warm for him? say less. his pants are probably down as soon as you finish your sentence 
he likes to tease you about it too, “ i didn’ t know you were so eager to have my cock inside of you ojou-chan ∼” 
“how do you think the others would feel if they found out the Honorary Knight was so hungry for a fatui harbinger’s cock?” 
i feel like childe goes both ways, he’s either really mean or he’s super sweet
if he’s not teasing or degrading you, he’s giving you words of praise for being able to fit all of him in your mouth, one of his hands will be rubbing the back of your head to either reward you for taking him in all the way or to encourage you to take him in even further 
if you want to cockwarm him with your cunt instead, he’s a little less degrading -being inside of your pussy is more intimate to him than being inside of your mouth; his hands tend to wander a lot and they’re either busy playing with your clit or toying with your breasts
his mouth is usually attached to the side of your neck, suckling at the soft flesh as he leaves his mark or playfully biting on your ear
Tumblr media
diluc i think prefers to give oral than receive it, i’m not sure why but i just feel like oral makes him flustered if he’s on the receiving end -he probably cums faster than usual and just seems like the type to prioritize your pleasure over his
he likes it when you keep his cock warm for him, the feeling of your warm wet walls clamped tightly around his semi hard erection is somewhat relaxing to him -therapeutic almost
he definitely likes to nestle his face into the side of your neck and just take in your scent, enjoying the warmth that radiates from your body whilst you do the same - just enjoying each other’s presence and being one together 
if you’re cockwarming him i think he prefers if you guys are cuddling or spooning, he just wants to be able to wrap his arms around you and keep you close
he wants to be able to feel your body against his because there’s something about your presence that makes him feel safe and secure -because in this life, you’re what matters to him the most -and you can’t help but feel the same way 
Tumblr media
albedo is normally really busy with all his experiments, so if you want to cockwarm him he prefers it if you use your pussy over your mouth because it’s just much more convenient for him (he likes to be able to use your shoulder as a chin rest while he does his work) 
he’s an alchemist so he loves to experiment with you -he definitely likes to test your patience when you’re cockwarming him, to see how long you can last before you beg him to just bend you over his desk and slam his cock in and out of you 
on the rare occasions that he lets you keep his dick warm with your mouth, he likes to see how long you can last with his cock balls deep into your throat -sometimes he gets a little impatient when it’s in your mouth because its just so wet and warm and the way your throat constricts around his cock makes it twitch in excitement -making him a little too sensitive to the warmth that envelops his erection 
cockwarming with your mouth slowly turns into face fucking, but you don’t complain, albedo’s cum always tastes sweet anyways
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ten-shika · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summer boys
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mikachuchu · a month ago
Genshin Boys with an Oblivious Crush [Headcannons]
Diluc, Xiao and Albedo (separately) x gn reader
Note: these are a lot shorter than my usual hcs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•He is so close to just giving up
•He feels like he could drop down on one knee asking for your hand in marriage with a whole damn diamond ring and you'd think it was a friendly gesture
•Aggressively wipes wine glasses
•He'd be so soft when talking to you. Literally everyone knows about his infatuation towards you and it's annoying.
•Takes time out of his busy schedule just to have some time with you <3
•Gives you free drinks at the Winery as Kaeya and Venti despair in the background.
•One day, apparently Kaeya switched his grape juice with alcohol and despite being the owner of the Winery, he seems to be a lightweight
•You noticed Diluc's situation and how he seemed intoxicated so you informed the staff and they asked you to assist Diluc to get home. You thought they were a bit neglectful towards Diluc but, even they had gotten sick of seeing Diluc frustrated and decided to help him a bit
•It was a bit of a struggle to help him up and him basically draping his body over you was not helping. 
•Once you got to his house, he started babbling. Probably the only time you saw him talk so much
•He complimented you on everything, almost tripping while stating that he adores you and other embarrassing details he would rather not remember
•You somehow got him to go to bed and finally rest.
•You'll decide whether you'll talk to him about the embarrassing events tomorrow.
Tumblr media
•Aggressively eating almond tofu noises
•He is so pouty
•He's genuinely so upset that you can't seem to figure out the signs he's been giving you
•Granted, those signs are staring at you longingly from the other side of the room and little hand touches when you hand him something
•He fears that the reason why you can't tell he's interested in you is because he isn't being genuine about his feelings
•Because of that fear, he ends up avoiding confessing or acknowledging his feelings all together. 
•It's good enough for him that he can protect you. Until one day he couldn't,
•You'd gotten very hurt before you could even have the chance of calling out his name and he was devastated. A lawachurl caught you off guard and now you're filled with injuries in an extra room at Wangshuu Inn.
• Xiao thought he was okay with simply being there for you but maybe he underestimated his emotions.
•He genuinely couldn't imagine a life without you 
•No he did not tear up when you finally woke up and he did not hug you and he did not telling you he was afraid he'd lose more of his loved onesー
•Yes, he did teleport away with a flushed face. Yes, you had to lure him him out with a bunch of almond tofu
•When he finally faces you, it's your choice to accept his semi-confession or not.
Tumblr media
•He doesn't realize that you don't realize he's trying to romance you.
•No because he thinks it's going extremely well and that you're accepting his advances but you just think he's being friendly
•Constantly indirectly asks for your attention like saying he needs help with an experiment but he just makes you sit down as he starts.  
•Like, the both of you would be so obvious about your crush on each other and you two were very affectionate in small ways but weren't actually together
•You're the only one he listens to when he's very focused on his experiments
•He gives you handmade gifts and gives you so many obvious signs yet all of it goes over your head
•The spectators aka Jean, Kaeya, Lisa and Klee eventually get sick of watching the rom-com continue so they think of a plan 
•Everyone else is gonna have to kick some sense into him by making him confess upfront and make you realize that he's been trying to romance you. And you, no, friends don't give each other matching ringsー
•Like, everyone was so tired of watching you two be so lovey dovey yet not actually be in a relationship 
•Everybody else celebrated more than the both of you cause you finally got together
Tumblr media
Taglist: @urujiako , @simplyxsinned , @starglitterz , @alberivh , @noirkkat , @chichikoi , @oreoz-unfortunately , @bookuya , @shxnosuke , @abyssheart , @almond-adeptus , @masterofbrioches , @almondto-fu , @thoqma , @tsu-simps-for-pretty-bois
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mymoira · 23 days ago
Surprising them with flowers
Pairings: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x reader (seperate)
Warning(s): hints of angst
A/n: I just love the thought of giving someone flowers, it’s something so simple and cliche yet it holds so much meaning
Tumblr media
Diluc loves to spoil you, it was his way to show his love for you so you decided to reciprocate it by giving him flowers. You contemplated what type of flower you should give. He was a man of sentiment so you wanted them to hold some special meaning. You did some research and found the perfect flower, red camellias.
“For me?” Diluc looked at the bouquet of red camellias, mouth agape. You smiled and nodded. He stood there paralysed, shifting glances between you and the flowers. Diluc was stunned, he had never received a bouquet before in his life. You never failed to shower him with affection. He started to feel the blood rush to his face. His silence made you worry, “Do you not like them?” 
“No, no, no, darling it’s not that. I’m just surprised” he chuckled sheepishly. He rushed into your embrace, hiding his flustered face. “Thank you Y/n” 
“You deserve it, my love”
Once you were gone, Diluc smiled at the flowers. Red camellias, he could almost hear you say “You’re the flame in my heart”. But the truth was it was your flame that thawed the ice around his heart and your flame that kept him warm through hardships and struggles. He called Adelinde, “Can you place these in my office and please make sure they last as long as possible”. 
Throughout his life he’s faced scarring tragedies, it makes him ecstatic to know he has you and your endearing surprises to keep him going.
You were assembling the roses you had picked while waiting for Kaeya to return home. He was having a tough week and you decided to surprise him. The sound of the front door opening sent you into panic as you scrambled to put the finishing touches. 
“My, my, what’s got you so flustered?” Kaeya chuckled while leaning on the doorframe. You shrieked and hid the flowers behind your back, praying the surprise wouldn’t get ruined. Kaeya smirked as he sauntered in your direction, and he leaned close to your face. “What are you hiding, sweetheart”. Your knees felt weak but you needed to escape this situation and to his surprise, you bolted out of the room to hide the flowers.
Now Kaeya was confused, but he chased you. You tried to jump over the couch but luck wasn’t on your side, you tripped and landed face-first on it. He swiftly took advantage and pinned you down on the couch. His smirk grew wider and his eyes twinkled when he glanced at the bouquet, “I didn’t know you were head over heels for me”, if you weren't already flustered then now you were. 
The two of you sat up, “I know you’re having a tough week and when I saw these I thought of you” you scooted closer to him and held them out. After taking them He looked at the bouquet with a smile that reached his eyes. It was a simple declaration of your love, it made a deeper love for you bloom in himself and a love that he vows to protect. “You’re so cute you know” 
You and Childe were strolling together in the outskirts of Liyue, a way to escape from the burdens of your jobs. With the pleasant weather, serenity settled in your hearts finally giving you a moment to breathe. Childe being his outgoing self was rambling about the most random of things, he had a different idea of what peace meant which made you chuckle.
While he was talking, you were sneakily picking some gladiolus you would find in your path, slowly building up a small bunch of the flowers. You then started to climb the hill where you and Childe would spend your dates and free time. It brought the both of you ease, you made many memories there. 
You were surprised he still hadn’t noticed the flowers in your hand. It seemed he had his guard down to notice them, you were pleased to know that he had some time to forget about his responsibilities. You snapped out of your reverie when he asked “What’s that in your hand?”. How ironic
“Oh these, These are for you. I was picking these while we were walking”
He grinned at you, making grabby hands, before chasing after you to the top of the hill. The sound of your and Childe’s laughter echoed. By the time he caught up to you, you reached the top.  He picked you up and spun you around then he started to pepper your face with kisses. Your laugh was so pure, he wanted to hear it over again and again for the rest of his life. “Stop being so irresistible” he pinched your cheeks before kissing them again. 
You decided you would surprise Zhongli at work since his workload was increasing throughout the week. Maybe it would relieve some of the burdens. When you arrived at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour with the bouquet, you were greeted by Hu Tao.  She was practically bouncing on her feet when she saw what you were holding. “Is that for Mr. Zhongli!?”, you nodded and smiled at her. She squealed in delight, gushing about how cute it was. 
You excused yourself and headed to his office. Before entering you brushed up your clothes, took a deep breath and knocked on his office door. “Come in”. When you opened the door you were greeted by the sight of Zhongli surrounded by paperwork with his head in his hands. 
He looked up and his gaze immediately softened and he felt his shoulders relax. “You always seem to show up when I need you the most, my dear” he chuckled before he walked towards you. “And what’s this?” he marvelled at the bouquet, his smile growing wider. “I wanted to surprise my husband, is there something wrong with that”
“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he chuckled, then kissed your forehead. “Dear, would you like to join me for lunch” 
“Of course, I would love to”
He then noticed the flowers were forget-me-nots, the sight pierced his heart. He is reminded of your limited time together. Did you think he would forget you when you brought him a silent request to not forget you? But the bright smile on your face proved otherwise, but he vows to keep your memory glow brighter than any other
You were sitting alone under a tree, with the shimmer of the moonlight illuminating the dark sky. You knew he didn't prefer crowded places so you decided to have a picnic under the night sky. The flowers were neatly tucked behind the basket. You inhaled in the cool air, closed your eyes and called his name "Xiao, my love" and your lover appeared in front of you, with a small frown on his face. 
"I thought you were in danger" 
"I won't call you only when I'm in danger" you smiled. 
He settled next to you, his gaze was trained on the glittered sky. 
"I made your favourite" 
"Mmm? Thank you" 
While you were setting the picnic, Xiao took it as an opportunity to admire you. He thought about how patient and caring you were towards him, and he felt something flourish in himself. There was no one in all of Teyvat that loved him as much as you did, and he pondered what he did to deserve you. 
He snapped out of his reverie by your voice "Xiao can you close your eyes" 
"Why?" he sounded hesitant 
"Don't worry, I just got you something. It's a surprise for you" 
"Okay, I trust you" his voice was suddenly soft and you giggled 
Once he closed his eyes, you took his hands, held them together and kissed them, you Then slipped the bouquet into them. "You can open them now" 
He looked down to see a bouquet of red tulips, and his heart swells, he couldn't tell why. "Xiao, this is my declaration of my love to you, I hope you like them" you then kissed his blushing cheek. 
He may find it hard to express his love for you, but he's willing to learn for you and he hopes one day that he can reciprocate it properly. "Thank you, Y/n" 
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading :)
Tumblr media
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ahlogic · 21 days ago
Genshin Impact
prompt: s/o who plays a sad match maker
summary: they've been with you the longest and loved how you helped people with their romantic struggle, but why is it that you always looked so lonely?
pronouns: you're pretty, closer to female.
distance: crush to lovers
attendance: kaeya, diluc, and zhongli
﹤⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹥
Tumblr media
KAEYA ALBERICH-- marked present.
dear Kaeya sees everything. first he thought you were just shocked how your plan actually worked, but then it happened again and again and again.
he loves the first instance where you're overjoyed for your friend, both of the new happy couple spouting about how they are so thankful for you. and you smile.
he watches the how the creases don't meet your eyes, how you nod when you mind appears empty.
how he just wanted to reach out to you and ask what was wrong? weren't you happy for them.
and you were! you were very happy! but this ache in your chest, you sometimes feels guilty when it takes hold of you. why can't that be you with someone to love?
kaeya would try to take you away from your nonofficial job, to help you with your struggles that you refused to open up to him about.
"just know i'm here if you ever want to pour your heart out to." he means that. you're there for him. how could a man who's romantically interested in you not allow you room to open up to him? simply not a man at all.
it's not until you're in the middle of the night with kaeya, on a hill by a tree with your head rested on kaeya's shoulder, that you finally let down your walls.
"I'm so lonely." You break the silence, dragging Kaeya from his thoughts and forcing him to look at you worried. "I'm constantly making people happy, and I love to help. Happy couples in love is my goal." You're silent after that. Kaeya thought you dropped the conversation until you picked it up, pawing at his left sleeve and he stiffened from your proximity.
"Lonely is a common stepping stone. Some people are stopped in it's miserable pass, but why are you dear?" He asked, a small smile forming on his face, stroking his hand through your hair.
"I should be happy, shouldn't I?" You ask, watching how the soft cloth of his baggy sleeve morphed in your hands.
"You can only feel as happy as you allow yourself, are you happy?"
"I'm happy here with you." You reply quietly, a small smile playing on your lips. He choked back a laugh and looked down at you, ruffling your hair.
"Oh, you always know how to make a man have a good time." You both observe the sky for some time.
Silence suffocates you both again and you drown in your thoughts once more.
"Kaeya." You voice broke and he looked down at you once more. You locked eyes with him, half-lidded eye lids with the most defeated and vulnerable sense. Your lips begin to quiver and tug down, no matter how much you fought them not to. "Why do I feel like I'm missing out on the world?" Kaeya narrowed his eye at you, suddenly taking in your words as though they were the last thing he would ever hear. Your hues suddenly began clouding with tears. "Kaeya, can I not have love?"
The moment you finish your sentence, he swoops forward and presses a hand behind your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. With shock evident on your face, you kiss back relaxing, tears falling from your eyes.
With his arms secured tightly around you, he pulled back. For a split moment, you see him vulnerable. Someone who was just like you, lonely on the sidelines. A smile graces his lips and he pulls your back into his chest and rests his head on top of yours.
"I will always be here for you. I love you. Don't ever forget it, my love." Your eyes grow wide, and then, you allow yourself to cry. You were loved. And this night will be talked about in the morning once you let out all this bundled stress.
Tumblr media
DILUC RAGNVINDR-- marked present.
Diluc knew how you would come to his tavern late at night with a new couple as they treated you to drinks and food. he couldn't help but realize the discomfort that you expressed when they showed any form of affection, how they would even so look at each.
every smile that left you was far to wide or too small to be shown as overloading happiness. perhaps Diluc was just good at reading people from his time being a tavern owner/bartender. afterwards you would come to him and talk to him to catch up. you would follow a routine of this and walk him home.
he didn't want to pry into your life since you generously hadn't pried into his. but the boy was so curious from your actions. whenever he bluntly asked about it, you would show him that disgustingly fake smile and bow. "don't worry about me! i'm fine!"
you were always made him want to strap you down and torture you for an answer but it's not as though you were doing anything bad when helping others.
did you not trust him? he tried his best to be there for you with his busy agenda. would money make you talk? just kidding..
but as you sat on the couch of his large home with him getting you tea and treating you, you asked him a sudden question.
"Diluc, do you have any romantic interest?" You ask, harmlessly. You accepted the tea from him, muttering a thank you. The red haired man flushed suddenly and he sat across from you, pulling his grape juice filled glass to his lips.
"Why ask such a strange question? ...I might." He looked away, feeling strangely coy around the subject. No matter of the doubt he had a crush on you. But as soon as he answered, he saw that expression again. The tight smiled response and widened painful eyes.
"Oh, that's good." You couldn't keep your voice steady as you did with your mutual friends. "What a lucky girl." You looked down at your lap, a thousand thoughts plaguing your mind.
You both sat in silence, drinking and mulling over your drinks. He was far too uncomfortable now to start a conversation. He didn't want to confess but, you said lucky? So he's worth being loved right? You might be interested him too, right? But you probably think he doesn't like you, he is very out of touch with is feelings, it would make sense.
"Do you think," You start out, cautiously. "that someone might love me? Th-that I can find love?" Eyes never met his rare red ones and he frowned. You're so beautiful. Of course, he's glared at multiple men who looked even a slight bit interested in you. This is for your happiness although, not theirs. Not his.
"Yes." He answers, then clears his throat. "I believe so." "Tell me about this girl..." You ask quietly, trying to drop the strange conversation. "She's insecure. And...pretty dumb." He looks away when you look up at him suddenly. A smile grew on your lips and you nod. Your smile isn't as forced as it was beforehand. You were relaxing. “I invite her on walks a lot, and try to get closer to her, but I tend to be busy. So I give her permission to my house when I'm away..."
Everything led back to you, but you simply couldn't believe such a thing. You shouldn't give yourself false hope. In response to your negative thoughts, you eyes begin to well. "(Name)," he stood up, knocking you out of your thoughts. His eyes narrowed down at you. "I love you. I want you. And I want you to want me." He lowered his ungloved hand to make you look up at him, hand wiping away a fallen tear. "Please, let me love you."
"Please." You choke out, eyes never leaving his gaze.
Tumblr media
ZHONG LI-- marked present.
he always thought humans were interesting. but also very sad creatures. he thought becoming the closest thing he could would help him in his discovery of understanding how they worked.
you were a puppeteer, a sad good puppeteer who was meant to do only want you were good at, matchmaking.
he saw what you did was clever. you brought two people together to the point of bond where they would make a contract to live their lives together.
as the nights would grow long however, he watched how your eyes dulled, when returning couples or new distressed singles would ask for help or advice, praising their love ones and giving their thanks in gifts and trinkets. why must you look so sad?
he allowed himself often breaks with you, where you would take him out to eat. he saw all of your actions as platonic, maybe a side joke about how he isn't able to take you out since he had a mora deviancy. you took him out for stress relievers, whenever you two needed it.
he would tell you tales and such and watch you fall closer and closer to him. he didn't quite understand it but he noticed himself slowly wanting to become closer and closer to you when you two parted ways.
he watches you from afar as you assist others in their feuds.
he would ask you whenever you two were alone if you were okay. mortals mental health is an upmost priority after all. but you would shake your head and put your hands up. "I'm fine. don't worry"
then why did your actions go against your words?
You picked up his menu and handed it to the waiter along with yours, smiling and thanking the man politely. Turning back to Zhong li, you watched him take a sip of his warm tea, seeing him smile in approval. "Thank you for kindly taking me out again. It's nice having these moments with you." He spoke from his heart, the heart of an immortal who lived for so long and you laughed.
"If it's you, I'd do anything." You immediately feel embarrassed from your words and looked away. The closure he felt from your words was strangely new. His golden eyes skim over your features and he takes another sip before setting his glass down. "Please, do not mind my rudeness but I have a question."
"Shoot." You answer, reaching for your ice water.
"Why must you look sad when gracing others with love?"
You freeze at his words, processing them slowly. You take a sip. "I don't." His eyes narrow, displeasure from the lie making his mouth feel bitter, sweet honey tea not helping. You fix your mistake to satisfy his observant eyes. "I do. But it isn't that I'm upset that I am good at pairing people. It's just that..." You rest your head on your hand, reverting your gaze to somewhere else. The restaurant wasn't busy, pretty mundane to the point where rowdiness wasn't appropriate at the time of night. A peaceful environment for the both of you. "love is so complicated."
"It is." You perk when he responds. "I believe I have been experiencing symptoms of it, but I don't know who to go to for assistance. I've never fallen in love before." Zhong li says this brutally, your eyes widening, staring into his glowing eyes. "I wish these feelings were only on those around me. But it seems as though I had other plans."
"Man, I wish I could find love. You're so lucky. Being as handsome as you are, you can get anyone as long as you point at them and ask. I can't imagine anyone who would ask that of me, though. Not even being able to imagine me doing that to someone." You blow a raspberry and eye the table with doubt. He thought over your response and somethings just didn't add up. His feelings completely went against yours. You were wrong.
"Why do you think that?" You make eye contact again from the astounded tone he used. He sounded as though he was upset. Quickly to attempt to ease the conversation.
"Well-- I just think no one could fall in love with me. There's nothing to fall for, y'know?" You let out a nervous laugh and shrink when he suddenly stood up.
"There is plenty to fall in love over. Your hair which is softer then a silk flower when I run my fingers through it, your bright eyes to see me easily lift my mood after a long day, same with your smile, and your voice as soft and graceful in the morning as well as it is at night brings a sense of ease to me. You make me feel as though I can breathe and look forward to what you have to throw at me. You make me feel at home which I could never feel all my life I lived." Your eyes watered and you choked back an answer while putting at hand to your mouth.
His eyes become soft and gentle as he looks down at you, bringing his hand up, he points at you, pulling you close with the other one.
"Allow me to have you, and I will allow you to have me, for I have fallen for you."
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