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#diluc x reader
luventi · a day ago
with. diluc, childe, ayato, albedo, kazuha, zhongli.
cw. smut, creampies, lots of soft sex, finger sucking, nipple play, yes i put ayato in here, gender neutral with no specific body type
note. hello!!!! she is back from hiatus and ready to deliver (to the best of her abilities ofc) posting is going to be still relatively slow as i get back in the swing of things but so happy to be back! please make sure to leave a comment + reblog if you enjoyed! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sleepy sex with diluc is just him staring up at you with baggy eyes as you try to ride him while avoiding his bandages and various bruises on his skin + you’ll accidentally grab on to a part of his shoulder that aches really bad and he’ll groan out in pain so he has to hold your hands while you keep bouncing
sleepy sex with childe is probably late at night when he just awoke from a nap on his desk and you’re laid out on top of it amidst his papers and layered clothing, his hands are holding yours above your head and he’s begging, pleading for you to be good for him because he’s way too tired to deal with your brattiness and he just wants to cum in his love
sleepy sex with ayato is a hurricane of half ridden clothes and lustful kisses, he’s tired, stressed, but most of all he’s so hungry for your touch and the way you moan beneath him, he thinks he’s gone delirious with the lack of sleep but truly it’s the way you squeeze around his cock and urge him to fuck you faster that gets his head dizzy and his eyes hazy
sleepy sex with albedo is lazy and soft, after a week of nonstop working he’ll now take his time to kiss your fingers as you slip him inside of you, ignoring him for the most part and grinding down in search of your own pleasure, although he doesn’t mind in the slightest—seeing you use him to get off is enough to make him unload inside of you in a fit of groans, your spasming hole sucking up all his cum inside of you
sleepy sex with kazuha is passionate and quiet, the man who usually has so much to say is reduced to a tired needy boy, after all journeys leave even the best wanderers of us missing home, and for kazuha? home is the warm spongy insides of your holes welcoming him, nothing but the sound of skin on skin and the occasional whimper of each other’s names can be heard throughout his cabin, your voice muffled by his fingers in your mouth while he hits your special sweet spot each time he fucks into you
sleepy sex with zhongli is after a night out in the city, you both barely had enough sleep and now the sun’s golden rays are filtering inside your bedroom while he toys with your chest, his hair is brushing against your skin as his fingers tweak one of your nipples and his warm mouth harshly sucks on the other, wanting to bring you pleasure over and over again before he ushers his sleepy darling right back to bed with him
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zhonatxxic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠‧₊› diluc, kaeya, childe, xiao x gn reader (separately).
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲‧₊› they fall asleep/relax on your chest.
𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞‧₊› fluff scenarios.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬‧₊› suggestive (kaeya), petnames (xiao), a ton of wholesome fluff. :]
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞‧₊› a self-indulgent writing, because why not. i felt like it, and i'm proud of the result. also thank yall for +750 followers, i still don't understand how so many people read my things hshs. anyway, it means a lot to me. <3 btw my requests are open! :] hope you enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the first place, Diluc doesn't even remember how he ended up in that situation, but his fatigue after a hard day working in the tavern seemed to fade every time he heard your heartbeat, which caused his eyes to slowly close as he told you about his day with his head resting on your chest.
His words turned into barely audible murmurs until he was completely asleep, his breathing deepening and calming. He had his cheek against your chest, and one of his hands was weakly gripping your right arm.
You caressed his hair until the moment he woke up, an hour later. With a confused grunt his hand moved up your arm, giving it a little squeeze. When Diluc realized his position, the blood rushed to his cheeks, and his own body heat rose even higher.
“Oh, welcome back. Were you comfortable?” You teased him a bit when you saw how his face was flushed. His eyes widened as he pushed himself back. “I... I'm sorry, fatigue got the better of me.” he uttered nervously, and then cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure, though he still looked sleepy.
You couldn't help but giggle. “It's the cutest thing you've done so far.” You insisted. He withdrew his gaze with a slight frown. “Please, let's not talk about this again...”
But deep down, his heart wouldn't stop beating fast. And yes, Diluc did find it comfortable to sleep there. And you know what? If you offer to repeat this some other day, he will accept, but he will also try not to get used to that. After all, Diluc doesn't want to depend on you for the best quality of sleep. Just keep insisting that you will always be there for him and for whatever he needs, he fully trusts you. <3
In addition, he will also allow you to lean on his chest to sleep while he whispers sweet nothings between the threshold of sleep and the lucidity of your mind.
Tumblr media
What a beautiful feeling it is for the cavalry captain to relax with his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat and your calm breathing. There is nothing better after a day of work with all the paperwork ready for the next day to hand it over to Jean than to end up with you on bed on a cuddling session.
But this boy is not going to just stay like that, he loves to tease you a little with his hands while you are in that defenceless position. One of his gloved hands will always end up on one of your legs, touching with the bare tips of his fingers your skin, and stroking from top to bottom slowly. You always have goose bumps when Kaeya touches you like this, and he knows very well what it does to you.
“Aren't we relaxing? Why is your heart beating faster now, hm?” He cooes, snuggling his cheek against your chest. “Shut up, you know exactly what you're doing...” you reply in an irritated tone, but that doesn't mean you're not enjoying the moment. “Oh, do I? If I tried hard, right now you'd be squirming under my hands with tears rolling down your beautiful cheeks. Be thankful, y/n~” a sly smile is drawn on his face, but you cannot see it.
And so are your sessions of "relaxation and cuddling", until finally he does end up asleep in the tranquility of your chest. When Kaeya wakes up, the first thing he will do is give you a few playful taps on your knee and then sit between your legs using one of his arms as support. He'll put a quick little kiss on your lips — which always makes you blush, but he doesn't save himself from a little redness on his cheeks — and he'll say goodbye to do more of his work, already missing you the moment he stands up.
Tumblr media
It's not something Childe's proud of, but he loves to lay his head on your chest, close his eyes, and just relax after a training session, or even after a mission. The first thing the fatui will do is look for you, and only by glancing at you his body will once again recover the pleasant warmth that your presence produces to him. It's something that makes him vulnerable, but it's an intoxicating feeling. As long as it's you.
You caress his head slowly, your fingers immersed in the strands of his messy hair, the boy is so comfortable he could purr like a spoiled cat. His eyes are closed, although they immediately open when your caresses stop. He lifts his gaze, trying to meet your eyes.
“Why'd you stop?” his tone is lower than normal, and almost sounds like a whimper. A smile appears on your face at how needy he is for your loving touch. “Okay, okay. I will continue a little more.” your fingers begin with their gentle movements on his hair, this caused the boy to start to get sleepy.
But no, no way. He wasn't going to sleep, at least not before you. When your fingers stop again, this time it's because you fell asleep. Childe takes the opportunity to intertwine your fingers, caressing them with his, as if returning the favor you had done even if you weren't noticing anything.
Finally he also falls asleep, and when he wakes up you are still there, with your hands together. Childe has a slight blush that has not left him at any time since he is with you in this position, basically, this is the most wholesome thing that he can experience in his day to day, and what he looks for the most when he finishes his duty. All he wants is for moments like this to never end.
Tumblr media
Very, very difficult, almost impossible for this situation to occur, at least at the beginning of your relationship. Little by little, he will gain the confidence to try this. “Xiao, come here.” you extend your arms inviting him to settle down on your chest. The boy seems hesitant, reluctant even, but finally puts his weapon on the ground and kneels between your legs to finally lie down, his head on your chest.
The boy has reddish cheeks, quite ashamed of what he is doing. Oh archons, he is an adepti, why has he allowed himself to be handled like this? Maybe deep down, he did want to be physically closer to you. “I told you, y/n. This is totally...” the boy seems to swallow his words suddenly.
Xiao opens his eyes and partes his lips slightly, an indescribable expression on his face. What was it that he heard so closely? It was your heartbeat. But why did this sound convey so much harmony? The anxieties of a deity, mitigated by the beating of a human heart. Rather the heart of his angel, y/n.
“Do you like how it feels, love?” you whisper, trying not to disturb his quietude state too much. He doesn't respond in words, but he nods his head slightly. “I knew you would find it nice. But don't worry, we can stop whenever you want.” you put a hand on the ground with the intention of getting up, but Xiao positioned his hand on yours, stopping your action. “Hmm?”
“Wait. Let me stay like this a little longer... please.” he whispers as he snuggles against your chest and closes his eyes, simply melting into the sound of his angel's life
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bluexiao · a day ago
#call me that again
—where you are multilingual and you call them by an endearment from your native language
CHARACTERS. Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
THEMES. fluff!
NOTES. this is actually based on a request that was sent by @soft-simp-ichigo so thank you very much! i also plan on doing a oneshot with this one soon so do expect that<3 guess who it will be for? hehehehe it’s a secret for now! also, thanks so much for 3.5k aaaa you guys are the best!<333
Tumblr media
ALBEDO either was familiar with what it was or he already has knowledge about your native language because he took the time to learn it beforehand. After hearing you call him that one time, it certainly perked his attention and sensing that you haven’t realized what you did, he smiles to his own and wills to call you the same next time.
“Did I say it correctly? I just assumed it was what it meant, please tell me if I misunderstood it.”
CHILDE will probably ask you about it, which in turn became the reason why you called him with the endearment sooner than later in the relationship. He’s rather giddy whenever you call him with it, a grin curving on his lips in almost an instant, leaning to press a chaste kiss on your cheek and sending a wink at you. The audacity of this man.
“Call me that every time, yeah? Do you want me to do the same?”
DILUC wasn’t even aware you were multilingual until you told him you were. He didn’t particularly care—or more like minded, for the matter. Whatever you call him with, he’s more than pleased. However, you would not be able to miss how he stops and freezes for a couple of seconds when you explain to him what you just called him with.
With a smile, he kisses your forehead and whispers a “Thank you,” and calls you just the same.
GOROU is quite attentive, but with his busyness and things he had to do, he may not be able to give you much attention that he wanted. You had probably taken him off-guard when he got home and he was embracing you, hearing you call him such an unusual greeting that you probably saw or felt his ears twitch afterwards.
“Hm?” he pulls away slightly, looking you in the eye, “What… did you call me, honey?” he carefully inquired, still unsure if he heard you correctly or not. When you explained to him what it meant, he’ll get heavily flustered, pausing a while before he looks up with a smile and asks, “Again?”
KAEYA knows a lot of things and he probably knows a few words that you know of. He may even be the first to call you the endearment to catch you by surprise. He’ll chuckle at your embarrassed state, asking how he knew about it, to which he replies, “So my guess is correct, then? Call me with it first before I explain how.”
KAZUHA is definitely the type who had learned your native language early on and courted you with a poem with such words. That’s why when you call him with the endearment, he inwardly smiles—oh, his smiles are one of the most difficult things to figure out. And what does he do?
He pretends he doesn’t know about it.
“What did you called me, dove?” he had you on one of his knees, his eyes focused on your face as you find it hard to look him in the eye with the intense gaze he had on. After explaining to him, he simply pecks you on the cheeks and teases you briefly by calling you the same.
“Oh, you liked that? Should I start referring to you as such? I could if you would.”
SCARAMOUCHE does not know. Don’t expect him to when you don’t tell him first, so he’s one of those who are fun to prank with if you plan to call him with an endearment you wanted to call him to. He notices it immediately; brow raising, eyes darting towards your form, “What’d you call me?” his tone was harsh as usual but you can hear how it faltered despite its strong start. He may not have knowledge about it yet but he had a feeling that it was something that you have up your sleeve just to tease him.
When you explained to him about it, he scoffed but there was a small smirk on his face, pretending that he was busy with his paperworks but he felt the flutters he couldn’t stop even with his own abilities churn in his insides.
Oh the things you do to him.
THOMA, as also the people of the town, he might have hints of your language but he’s not quite sure what they meant so he’s just guessing while he accidentally let it slip out one time.
“I mean, uhm, did I use it correctly, perhaps…?” he awkwardly laughs, only to hear you giggle.
“Wait, I got it wrong, didn't I? Ugh, Ayato and the others told me about it and-Oh I was right?” he grins, “Well then, what do you say? Let’s go on a date tomorrow night, alright?”
VENTI had a hunch all this time and would definitely act like he knew it. Keyword: act.
“Of course I know what that meant!” he huffs his chest proudly; chin up, arms crossed, “It meant… an endearment, right? Just like how I call you Windblume!”
Apparently, he looked overjoyed when you revealed that he got it correctly that it was fairly obvious that he originally had no idea what it was.
“What? Where’s my congratulations kiss? I told you I got it right!”
XIAO doesn’t have a clue at all. If you attempt to call him with the special endearment, he’d only look confused and may not even question you especially if you said it in the morning. If at the evening, however, when he’s not that much busy defeating demons, he will actually pay more attention to it than the latter situation.
“You called me that earlier,” he says, “what… does it mean?”
Actually, he had a feeling what it already meant earlier but he did not want to deal such “unnecessary thoughts” even if he knew it bugged his mind most of the day. He thought that you wouldn’t tease him if he questioned you about it, only to prove that he was wrong.
“What do you mean-“ he scoffs, turning away to hide the flush on his cheeks, “I… I don’t mind it-It doesn't mean I like-I mean…” he shuts his lips and sighs, “I’m only letting you off this once.”
But let’s just say even if it was with the endearment while he’s away, he still comes in an instant when you call.
ZHONGLI is quite difficult to read. You don’t know if he actually knows what it meant or if he was pretending like he didn’t know it just to say that you had caught him off guard.
“I really didn’t have any knowledge about it, dearest,” he chuckles lightly, brushing his knuckles on your cheek when he sees the pout on your lips.
“But you didn’t look surprised at all!”
“Was I?” he pauses, “It might have been not obvious, but believe me when I say that you had caught me, love,” he says before catching your lips and pecking it softly.
He really doesn’t know about it hahahaha
Tumblr media
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@softlybeloved @rim0na @icecappa @simplyxkashi @scaraslover @beastielevi @cursedraiden @thesatanofpizza @izayanna @stellumi @coco-goat-milk @nonniechan
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sohyuki · 23 hours ago
you ask them if they love you
Tumblr media
ZHONGLI; the sudden question stuns him for a moment and whatever task he was doing is now abandoned to give you his attention. he’s sounds almost nervous when he says, “of course i do; why? do you not feel my love?” it’s only when you reassure him with a laugh, saying you just wanted to hear him say it, does the smile return to his face and he holds you close, whispering in your ear, “you have my heart.” 
DILUC; he’s caught off-guard and there’s a growing blush on his face that he desperately tries to hide by looking away. but he can’t stop himself from meeting your questioning gaze with a soft smile, “i do,” he’ll reply, intertwining your fingers with his own. 
THOMA; he doesn’t miss a beat with his reply, squishing your cheeks with his hands, “yes i do. but you’re a pain in the ass sometimes.” you can’t stop the laugh that bubbles out and it’s contagious because thoma joins in your laughter soon after, both of you beaming at each other. 
KAEYA; you’ll never catch him off-guard with a question like that. because both you and him already know the answer to the question. so kaeya is unfazed and he jokes with a smile, “no. i just mildly tolerate you everyday.” later, he’ll sling his arm around your shoulder, press a kiss to your temple and say, “you know i love you, right.” when you turn to look at him, he sneakily pecks you on the lips before sauntering off. 
CHILDE; oh-so-casually says, “of course i do; a little too much sometimes.” he’ll throw you a playful grin and wrap you in his arms, pulling you against him and pressing a kiss to the side of your temple. 
GOROU; he breaks into a smile at your question, the kind of smile where his eyes are almost closed and you think someone bottled up the sun. “obviously! what’s not to love?” he’ll list off all the things he loves about you, and when he’s counted off with all his fingers, he’ll take your hands in his and proceed to count off with your fingers, listing even more reasons why.
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lavender-composition · 23 hours ago
⭒ childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli: reader gets kidnapped hcs ⭒
request for @the-lizerd-is-here: I fell in love with all your Genshin Impact writings and may or may not stayed up well into the early morning reading them cause I couldn’t stop reading, I just really enjoy how you write, it’s all so good!
If it’s alright, could I please request headcanons for Childe, Kaeya, Diluc, and Zhongli where they come home expecting to see the reader, but all they find is a note from a particularly nasty group of bandits who say they’ve kidnapped the reader and are demanding an insanely large sum of mora. Not to mention attached to the note is a lock of the reader’s hair, a few drops of blood, and a message saying that if they don’t pay the ransom soon they’ll do much worse than just send them a lock of the reader’s hair. If possible, could there also be some sorta happy, good ending? I enjoy hurt/comfort way too much. If this request makes you uncomfortable at all it’s alright if you delete it. I hope ya have a good day!
good evening i live. this took like a week to write SKGHFOBBDJLA i swear i’m trying college just has me busy </3
HI i know we have talked a fair amount since you sent this in (thank you for your patience btw aa) but the first time i read this i couldnt stop smiling ;; you are so sweet but also do not sacrifice sleep to read my stuff >:( /lh
i hope you enjoy! hurt/comfort my beloved...
pairing: childe, kaeya, diluc, and zhongli x reader (separately)
characters: childe, kaeya alberich, diluc ragnvindr, zhongli
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 2391
warnings: brief mentions of injury/blood
⋆ he could just pay the demanded ransom, and if it came down to it, he would
⋆ but childe is far from rational when he finds you’ve been kidnapped. no, in that moment, his only instinct is to protect, and the only thought on his mind is getting you back
⋆ sure, he’ll use his resources as a fatui harbinger. but childe dives headfirst into the situation himself, too (which is kind of what he’s known for, anyway)
⋆ he grows a lot more snappy and is more easily prone to anger without you around; he begins to model what most people would assume a fatui harbinger is like—cold and ruthless
⋆ not knowing where you are and what state you’re in does something to childe. he literally does not care for anyone except you, you’re the only thing that matters til he gets you back
⋆ not only does he endlessly give out orders to his subordinates, but childe himself is out searching for you day and night. one of his agents, or maybe even another harbinger, has to force him to stop and rest and eat something before he collapses from exhaustion
⋆ he throws a fit but ultimately relents to getting a few hours of sleep, only because not doing so would probably slow him down more
⋆ but as soon as he’s up and has a little more energy, he’s back to scouring teyvat for you. he knows you’re already hurt—the blood made that pretty obvious—and he’ll be damned if he lets your condition get worse because he was too slow
⋆ childe finds your location within days, and though he informs another agent of your whereabouts, he doesn’t wait for backup
⋆ you’re being kept in a secluded corner of some abandoned ruins, but are otherwise unguarded, he discovers. it doesn’t surprise him that this is just the work of some petty thieves looking for some extra money; if he wasn’t so concerned for your safety, he would’ve laughed at the lack of expertise
⋆ regardless of the fact that the bandits are—in his eyes—amateurs, childe doesn’t show any mercy. he’s honestly glad that you’re out of sight because you don’t have to see the bloodshed he brings about (if you’re conscious, though, you don’t get the benefit of not hearing it. sorry.)
⋆ he’s done within minutes, and can finally focus on getting you back
⋆ there’s blood on his jacket, and pants, and… basically everywhere else but don’t worry! it’s not his. he’s relieved to find you mostly unharmed, save for a few cuts and bruises
⋆ the tenderness he displays with you, summoning a hydro dagger and carefully cutting away any restraints around your arms or legs, heavily contrasts with the brute force he just used on the idiots who kidnapped you
⋆ when he picks you up, he holds you close. regardless of your state of consciousness, childe whispers his relief to you, brushing his nose against your cheek as he promises to never let this happen again.
⋆ given who he is, kaeya is prepared for basically anything. he’s seen a lot, and as a knight of favonius, has certainly helped with plenty of robberies
⋆ though he never expects to come home from a late patrol to find someone has stolen you from him
⋆ at first, he thinks you’re just hiding, playing a prank on him by depriving him of your usual affections
⋆ it becomes very apparent that this isn’t “just a joke” after you respond to none of his calling, even as it grows more frantic and he practically tears your home apart.
⋆ he’d find the ransom note in what should’ve been an obvious spot. after reading it, kaeya bolts out the door and goes right back to where he just was: the knights of favonius headquarters
⋆ for once he’s thankful for jean’s terrible habit of overworking herself; she’s still in her office when he practically kicks the door down, panting with the note gripped in one hand
⋆ kaeya normally prides himself in keeping a cool and neutral attitude, even in violent situations, but he’s panicked—and even that may be an understatement
⋆ he’s near incoherent as he basically begs jean for immediate help. she really only agrees because as distraught as he is, kaeya also looks prepared to walk out of her office and find you himself
⋆ he knows it’s better to work as a group. he knows the other knights will help. but all he wants to do is run off and find the bastards that thought they could harm you
⋆ he can’t be left alone, a fact he finds rather embarrassing. kaeya understands, though; he doesn’t even trust himself to behave. if he were to find who took you while alone, he doesn’t think he’d leave any survivors.
⋆ everyone can tell he’s not okay. he’s dropped his usual charming façade, he can’t relax. kaeya does a lot of pacing, between waiting for investigation updates and searching for you himself
⋆ unlike with childe, kaeya is forced to wait to retrieve you with a team once you’re found. as much as he would like to immediately save you himself, he knows that would just put your safety even more at risk
⋆ he forces himself to wait, to plan how to best get you back with a team of knights. the goal is that no one ends up hurt (even though kaeya wants to hurt some people very, very badly)
⋆ the promise of getting you back is enough for him to return almost to normal. he’s back to having a cool exterior, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t internally freaking out quite a bit
⋆ …at least now he can focus and work with other people
⋆ while he doesn’t kill anyone on the retrieval mission, he does some lasting damage. he finds where exactly you are by doing what he does best: getting information out of someone through questionable means! (hey, he didn’t kill them, okay?)
⋆ kaeya mostly leaves the fighting and arresting of the bandits to his companions. it would be great for them to receive the punishment they deserve, but he really only cares about getting you back
⋆ while the other knights keep the bandits busy, he uses the information he has to find where they’re keeping you
⋆ as soon as he spots you, his stern expression collapses into one of relief. he falls to his knees in front of you, untying you and pulling you into his chest immediately
⋆ after holding you for several moments in silence, he busies himself with checking you over; looking for any injuries and briefly tending to any he does find, attempting to hide the shaking in his hands
⋆ when he deems you well enough, kaeya scoops you up into his arms. even if you protest and say you can walk on your own, he refuses to let you down until he’s carried you all the way home.
⋆ he’s a lot like childe, really​​. diluc could pay the stupid ransom, but if he did, he’d lose the opportunity to break a few (a lot of) bones
⋆ also he doesn’t trust that the bandits would uphold their end of the bargain. if they’re willing to stoop so low and kidnap you, they would be just as willing to change the terms of exchange to get more from him
⋆ also like childe, diluc will use all of his connections in order to track you down
⋆ however, aside from intel-gathering, diluc does everything alone
⋆ he believes others will only slow him down, and he’s not willing to risk your safety over someone else’s incompetence
⋆ there’s literally no way to make him take a break. though the entirety of his staff knows he’s out to rescue you, no one knows exactly what that means; diluc will stay up for days on end searching for you, refusing to rest or even stop to eat
⋆ he knows he should rest, but again, he’s not going to put you in danger because he took a little break
⋆ he also knows he probably won’t be in a much better condition than you when he finds you, but he doesn’t care
⋆ diluc’s lost too much already; losing you would be absolutely devastating. he doesn’t care if he destroys himself, so long as you end up safe.
⋆ he really only pauses to think things through after he’s pinpointed your location (which he did much faster than what’s normal for someone working basically alone)
⋆ it’s the only time he takes to really think things over, coming up with a half-baked plan to ensure his success. he’ll get you back no matter what, but he wants to do so in a way that, again, won’t end with you more injured than you already are
⋆ he’s merciful only in the sense that diluc doesn’t kill anyone; severely injure? sure, but he’s not going to complicate the situation by ending anyone’s life
⋆ diluc plans to attack at night. he’s used to working in the dark, and hopes that will throw the bandits off at least a little bit
⋆ they’re holed up in a cave somewhere near mondstadt’s border. he could use the darkness to sneak around undetected, but he instead uses it to launch a sneak attack
⋆ which honestly might be better because if he takes out every one of the bandits before rescuing you, he won’t have to split his attention between keeping you from harm and, well, attempting to harm others in your escape
⋆ the dark night is disturbed by bright bursts of fire as diluc quite literally tears his way through his opponents, wounding just as many as he chases off
⋆ he’s both relieved and upset at how easily they abandon you; on the one hand, less work for him. but on the other, they could have just left you alone this whole time, instead of roping you into their selfish desires
⋆ diluc is even more quiet than usual when he gets to you, but he breathes a sigh of relief upon finding you’re alive and in better condition than he originally thought you would be
⋆ he’s gentle, slipping his gloves off and discarding his weapon to remove your restraints. as soon as your hands are free, you lunge at him and tug him into a hug, one he eagerly returns
⋆ diluc slips his coat off and drapes it over your shoulders, standing and offering a hand to pull you up. when you stumble, he lets you fall against him, bearing most of your weight as you slowly make your way back to the winery.
⋆ if you think zhongli would uphold his gentlemanly persona after finding you’ve been abducted, you’d be dead wrong
⋆ remember, this man was once the god of war. and you, the love of his life, have just been taken and threatened with injury
⋆ he has no option other than saving you himself. even if he wanted to, he couldn’t pay the ransom
⋆ zhongli swore he’d move on from his ruthless ways, but… reverting back just this once isn’t a big deal, right? it’s for a good cause… right?
⋆ he (barely) manages to keep himself together long enough to form some sort of investigation team
⋆ like diluc, zhongli’s only interested in saving you himself, but he’s not unwilling to allow others to assist him in finding you initially
⋆ there’s a benefit to keeping the kind attitude for a little longer—as much as he wants to just tear your kidnappers apart—and for having such a good reputation in liyue: he can easily gather support and assistance
⋆ being a former god also helps. he has no trouble asking his fellow adepti for help. while they can cover more ground, he also takes the situation to the millelith, who offer their assistance
⋆ there are times when zhongli feels calmer about the situation, taking a moment to rest and breathe; but then he remembers the blood, the message, and how scared you must be at the moment
⋆ it’s a thought that never fails to send him to his feet again, and he continues working for hours on end to try and find you
⋆ at one point the millelith made the mistake of saying zhongli should just let them handle it, and they never suggested that again. it’s also probably the only time they ever got to see the normally so refined zhongli snap at someone
⋆ when the group of bandits, and of course you as well, are found, the millelith and adepti alike begin to create a plan to get you back; there’s only one problem, they want to wait about another day before they do anything
⋆ zhongli should be relieved, or nervous, even, but all he feels is anger. he fights the urge to direct it at those saying they should wait to rescue you; you’re alone, you’re injured, time is running out, and these idiots want him to wait?
⋆ for the benefit of everyone—himself included—zhongli agrees to the plan
⋆ but he has no intention of listening, and that night, he’s waltzing into the abandoned ruins the bandits are camped out in like he owns the place (though i guess technically he does?)
⋆ now he allows the god he used to be to take the lead. any resistance is met with brutal, unyielding force, and he fights his way to you within a matter of minutes
⋆ you’re unconscious, covered in countless bruises and cuts, and tied up in a far corner of the ruins
⋆ it makes his blood boil. though most of the bandits have either fled or been defeated by him, there’s a few foolish enough to try and stop him from leaving with you
⋆ even with you cradled in his arms, zhongli has no issue beating them back. and when the both of you are clear of the ruins, he collapses the building; as a parting gift, of sorts… 
⋆ tomorrow he’ll blame the collapse on an earthquake. he’s not sure how many people will believe him, but what will they say? he’s zhongli, respected throughout all of liyue. and he got you back, isn’t that all that matters?
⋆ he stands, watching the dust settle for a moment, before turning to look down at you in his arms. zhongli’s hardened look melts into one of fondness as he draws his thumb over your cheek. his lips pulling up in a tiny smile, he begins the walk back to liyue harbor in silence.
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localxiaokinnie · a day ago
Tumblr media
✔︎ 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛: ᴋᴀᴇʏᴀ, ᴊᴇᴀɴ, ᴅɪʟᴜᴄ, xɪᴀᴏ, ᴢʜᴏɴɢʟɪ, ʙᴇɪᴅᴏᴜ, ᴛᴏʜᴍᴀ, ᴇɪ, ᴀʟʙᴇᴅᴏ, ᴄʜɪʟᴅᴇ, ʏᴀɴғᴇɪ, ᴋᴀᴢᴜʜᴀ, ɢᴏʀᴏᴜ, ᴋᴏᴋᴏᴍɪ, ʟɪsᴀ, ᴠᴇɴᴛɪ, ɴɪɴɢɢᴜᴀɴɢ, ᴄʜᴏɴɢʏᴜɴ, ᴀʏᴀᴋᴀ, ᴀɴᴅ sᴀʀᴀ <ɢᴇɴsʜɪɴ ɪᴍᴘᴀᴄᴛ>
✔︎ 𝚃𝚢𝚙𝚎: x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ sᴄᴇɴᴀʀɪᴏs
✔︎ 𝚂𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢: ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀʀɪᴠᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ʜᴏᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜᴏʀʀɪʙʟᴇ ɪɴᴊᴜʀɪᴇs, ʙᴜᴛ ᴡᴇʀᴇɴ’ᴛ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀᴡᴀᴋᴇ ᴛʜɪs ʟᴀᴛᴇ
✔︎ 𝙴𝚡𝚝𝚛𝚊 𝙽𝚘𝚝𝚎: ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴛʜsᴇ sᴄᴇɴᴀʀɪᴏs ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ <3
❥ “ᴡʜᴏ ᴅɪᴅ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ?“
Kaeya - “My love I was so worried I.. who- who did this to you? what happened?”
Jean - “Y/N there you are! What- who’s responsible for these injuries? Let me grab my first aid kit first..”
Diluc - “Who injured like this darling? I must know immediately.”
Xiao - “Y/N.. who gave you those injuries? Why didn’t you call for me?”
Zhongli - “My dear you’ve arrived- who is the cause of your current state?”
Beidou - “Y/N you’re back! Kazuha mentioned.. wait, who- who gave these to you?”
Tohma - “Ah there you are! ..Y/N who did this to you..? Tell me please..”
Ei - “What have I said about.. who laid such injuries upon you? who hurt you my love?”
❥ *ɪᴍᴍᴇᴅɪᴀᴛᴇʟʏ ғɪxᴇs ʏᴏᴜ ᴜᴘ*
Albedo - “Darling come here please.. let me fix your wounds or they might become infected..”
Childe - “What- okay first off come with me.. let’s get you fixed up. Then you can explain what happened.”
Yanfei - “My love! I- oh no.. okay come on let’s get you patched up.”
Kazuha - “This isn’t good.. not good at all.. come along, I’m sure Beidou has medical supplies aboard.”
Gorou - “Y/N! You made it back! Oh.. you don’t look so good.. let’s get you to the medical tent baby..”
Kokomi - “How did the mission.. Y/N why haven’t you paid a visit to our medic? Come.. let’s go at once please..”
❥ “ɪ’ᴍ sᴏ sᴏʀʀʏ.. ɪ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅɴ’ᴛ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛ ʏᴏᴜ..“
Lisa - “I’m so sorry cutie.. I wish I went with you this time around.”
Venti - “I feel as though I should have been there with you.. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you when you needed it..”
Ningguang - “Please stay with me in The Jade Chamber.. so I can prevent this and help protect you.”
Chongyun - “Maybe I could have done something if I was with you.. I’m sorry I wasn’t..”
Ayaka - “I want to be of help to you.. I want to protect you from dangers.. and I’m so sorry I didn’t this time around.”
Sara - “Next time I’ll accompany you on these types of things. That way you don’t get hurt again.. with me to protect you it’ll be okay.”
ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ: HEY HI IDK WHERE YALL ARE COMING FROM BUT ILY /P. ᴀʜ ᴀɴʏᴡᴀʏs ᴍʏ ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs ᴀʀᴇ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ (ʟɪɴᴋ ɪɴ ʀᴜʟᴇs ᴘᴏsᴛ) ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴜᴛᴜᴀʟs ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ?? ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢᴇᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ!
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Sleep my love
Warning -> angst/comfort, nightmares and worries (reader comforts character)
Character X GN reader | Anthology 
Includes: Dainsleif, Diluc, Kaeya, Xiao
Tumblr media
He didn’t dream only remembered. If he found himself in the throws of sleep, the only visions he ever witnessed were memories from his past. Some forgotten and some he wished would be; eternity is forever doomed by those who must live to remember every terrible detail of the past. They say, ‘time will tell …’ what a terrible phrase 500 years passed by him and no matter how many questions he asked, time never once answered him
He stirred, head lifting from his chest as he squinted at the strain of his neck. His crossed arms did well at keeping him together as he slept against the bark of a grand tree. Its roots stretched out across the ground before dipping and weaving into the earth. He had forgotten for a moment what could have brought him to slumber under its branches until he found you passing beneath them. 
Like a spirit, you drifted through the edge of his sight before finally appearing in front of the gentle fire. Your arms were full of sticks and twigs and with a solid thud, they tumbled from your hold only to be neatly arranged in the pit. Like scaffolding, you designed it so the flames could climb their way toward a sky they’d never reach. 
“You’re supposed to be asleep.” You spoke, poking at the fire you knelt in front of. The light began to swell and he watched how the warm oranges, yellows, and golds highlighted your features. 
“It seems I’ve been awakened.” 
“It surely wasn’t me. I was extra quiet.” You glanced at him and he wondered if the wink you gave him wasn’t just a trick of the light. 
“It’s unlike me to sleep for long periods anyway. How long until sunrise?” He adjusted and stretched, though it would have been hard to notice from how little his arms and legs moved. 
“I’d say several more hours, are you looking to get an early start on the day?” 
“It’s best if we don’t stay in one place for long.” 
“Yes, yes.” You let the prodding stick rest against the rocks, your hands moving to feel the warmth of the growing fire before you dusted them off and stood. He watched how you reached toward the sky but averted his gaze when the shirt you had loosened rode up your stomach. “Why don’t you try to sleep some more?” Hesitantly, he glanced at you only to find you resting on a thick section of root, knee bent and supporting your arms that crossed over it. 
“I am well rested enough.” 
“I’m pretty sure you’ve slept for ...” You counted on your fingers before twisting your shoulders and showing him the count. “Two hours, you need more.” 
“I’m perfect -” 
“Nope, I’m in charge tonight, remember.” Again, was it a wink, or was it the light from the fire. “Sleep more.” The bend in your wrist was prominent as you pointed for him to stay seated. “You don’t need to worry.” 
“Ah, why is that.” His arms crossed as he settled back against the tree. There was no need to argue with you when you were this adamant. 
“Simple, I’ll keep the nightmares away.” He understood now, you had to have been a spirit all along for nothing in this world could sound as mystical as your laugh, nothing as devious as your ability to make him submit, nothing as powerful as your determination. 
“I shall leave it to you then.” He closed his eyes and let his head fall against the bark of the grand tree which protected the both of you. The smell of burning wood, rich nigh air, and the sound of distant singing drew him to slumber, and in the richness of his often haunting dreams, he found soft energy lead him to colors he hadn’t seen in hundreds of years. 
Nightmares were common things for him, a constant plague that rattled his brain and shook the nerves he worked hard to bind. If it wasn’t uncertainties that kept him awake, it was the failure of his past mistakes - the regret that lingered, that slipped in when least expected and dragged his disposition down into the darkness of his worries. Was he doing enough to make up for it all, was he really trying to push forward or was he still stuck holding onto emotions that would eat him up inside
It was a feeling that woke you. Something whispered in your heart and when you turned to examine the room only to find the once warm bedside was now cold to the touch, you knew what it was that spoke so strongly to the muscle in your chest.
“Diluc?” You called out into the darkness, hand moving to turn on the lamp near you when a voice stalled your action.
“I’m here.” He answered so quietly, almost like a child who didn’t want to interrupt something important but desperately needed aid. You twisted your body toward the sound and saw him sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, his feet and legs partially illuminated by the light of the moon. Carefully, you slipped from the bed and made your way to him, which he protested against. “It’s alright, stay in bed.”
“How could I do that when you aren’t with me?” You asked, stopping just before him, eyes adjusting in the low levels of blue and white light. He didn’t answer you, instead, he moved his hand to cover his face and you kneeled to get a better look. The warmth of his legs surrounded you, your hands found his thighs while your eyes stayed locked onto his face. “Was it a bad dream?” You watched him tug on his bangs and knew by the action you were right.
Warm fingers passed over his, beckoning them to let you in and when he dropped his hand back toward his hips you took up space around him. Lifting off of your knees, you wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers pushing into his loose hair, face finding his shoulder as your chest rested against his. He didn’t move for a moment but you didn’t pressure him, you simply stayed quiet and embraced him until he returned the gesture.
“Whatever you saw can’t break you, I know how strong you are.” You hummed against him and felt the tightness of his arms bring you closer to his body. “And,” You pulled back, just enough to let your head rest against his forehead, “whatever strength you’re lacking, I’ll lend you my own.” Diluc’s hands slid to your face as he pulled you into a kiss that tasted like salt. When he let you go, you stood and let your hand find his. “Come back to bed, I’ll keep the nightmares away.”
The two of you settled back into the plush mattress, the soft sheets covering your body as you eased him into your arms. His head found your chest and after a moment of adjustment, he settled comfortably there. Your fingers ran across his exposed back, every once in a while they trailed over a prominent scar before moving onto the smooth skin beside it. You pushed his hair out of the way and smiled at the weight of him on you, he was so comforting to you, you only hoped he shared that sentiment.
As the minutes passed by, the intensity of his hold began to ease and soon you felt the noticeable signs of sleep find him. Your hand moved to stroke his face, pushing his hair behind his ear and sliding across his arm until it came to rest in the fingers that draped over you. It was like magic the way he pulled you along after him because as soon as your fingers found their home in his, you remembered nothing else but the sound of birds chirping their morning hellos.
The mind likes to play tricks on us - comforting memories of times before woven into flashes of bitter truths and unspoken secrets. Would he be brave enough to do what was asked of him or will he fail those who believe in him - you are the last hope - hope for what, last will of who - this was a battle, a war, a fight that didn’t have anything to do with him. At least, that’s what he wished. Did the shackles of his duty really need to be fulfilled in order to fall from his limbs, or was there something, someone out there that could ease the weight they carried?
The hallway was cold in the darkness of the evening but you pressed on because at the end of it was sure to be the one thing that could warm you back up. “Kaeya?” You whispered, peeking around the corner as you headed to the kitchen. Even though there were no lights on, you found him easily in the light of the moon as a glint reflected off the glass he settled back onto the countertop. His hand was sprawled out over the surface, back bent toward it, and hair falling over his exposed shoulders. Perhaps he didn’t hear you call out to him, because he hardly noticed your presence even when you stood but a few inches from him. “Kaeya…” Your hands found his arm and he tensed before turning toward you.
“Hah, what are you doing up so late?” He asked as if you didn’t have the same question to ask him.
“You weren’t in bed, I got worried.”
“Oh, did my absence make you lonely?” He joked, arms crossing over his chest and hip pushing against the counter. He was showing you how okay he was but you knew it was a lie, there wasn’t the normal flash of energy behind his eyes. Perhaps he was hoping the darkness wouldn’t give him away but you knew him too well to fall for the practiced tone he was using; his honesty couldn’t hide from your love.
You moved closer to him, hand resting over his and taking in the way he reacted to the touch - tense. “Was it another one of those dreams?” You asked, gazing up at him. He avoided your gaze and tried to play it off.
“Nothing like that just came out here for some water.” He may have answered your question, but it seemed more of a pacifying answer than a real one, a placation to your curiosity. 
“Alright, well ...” You ran your thumb over the back of his hand, the softness of his skin and ripples of his veins prominent, “I’ll leave you to it then.” Turning, you began to make your way back down the hall when a hand found your arm. 
“Do you have to go?” Kaeya’s question was softer, quieter and forced you to pay attention to the pleadings of it. 
“I can stay.” 
The once cool couch began to warm from the contact both you and Kaeya gave to it, the cushions supported you better than the bed, it seemed and made it easy to settle the entangled limbs that held you both so close. You pressed into the back while Kaeya shielded your front, if you weren’t mistaken it was like he put you in this position on purpose as if he were guarding you. 
“Are you sure you didn’t have a bad dream?” You asked again, fingers running across his jaw. 
“What makes you say that, hmm?” His eyes were closed and his words all evening had been defensive, deflective but he couldn’t hide his body language. Not with the way he curled his legs through and around yours, the way his arm slid under your head and fingers dangled over your hair, or the constant movement of his body as he positioned himself closer and closer to you. Whatever lie he was willing to tell himself, you knew its face. 
“Just know, that you can tell me anything.” Your eyes fell on him, the darkness making him so hard to see but the flash of color in his eyes always illuminated themselves to you. “I’ll listen.” 
“Trying to wiggle your way into my heart huh?” The playfulness of his tone was gone and replaced with an honest one. 
“Trying? I think I’ve done that already.” You retorted, giving him a quick kiss on the nose before wrapping your arms around him and pulling him close. “Try to get some sleep oh devious captain, I’ll keep the nightmares away.” Kaeya hummed against you and the two of you listened to the sound of shared breaths, of beating hearts, and to the ticking of the clock until it all slipped into the background and kept you from sleep no more.
Does he sleep? At times, yes. You may find him resting in a treetop, though don’t trust his closed eyes for peaceful slumber, they are lying to you. You might pass by and see him sitting in the corner on the balcony of the inn, arms crossed, back pressed into the sturdy wall but remember he could vanish in the beat of a butterflies wing. You might notice his slow breath, the steady rise, and fall of his chest though it’s merely a way for him to store his energy. What is the cause of these strange and determined avoidances of sleep? Nightmares
How long had it been since he let himself succumb to the necessities of sleep? Days? Weeks? He wasn’t quite sure since time around him moved so differently than others and since he didn’t have to sleep as often as humans, he rarely noticed the days that went by without it. Though lately he had found even attempting to rest far more difficult than normal. 
Each time he closed his eyes for more than a few seconds, he found himself surrounded by the torment and darkness that seeped through the veins of the world. It didn’t matter how much he purged, how many supplements he took, how frequently he bathed in the purifying waters of the mountain springs - it all just didn’t matter. 
This damned karma, these useless memories. If they would only just leave him alone and let him be but there was no way for him to escape when he found himself constantly fighting the darkness and easing the hellish mindscapes of those who called so painfully for his name. When his duty called, he answered no matter the suffering seeping into his psyche. 
The only place that he found any reprieve was by your side, but you were equally busy and had little time to visit him. The invitation was always open for him to come to him, but he found it a weakness to rely on others, until he couldn’t handle the burden any longer. 
It was a rainy day when he practically barged his way into your home. The window was open and he road the current of the wind until it stopped in your living room. You weren’t startled, you weren’t afraid. When you saw him appear as if the wind spoke your name, you turned to it with open arms and he fell into them without hesitation. 
Thousands of years went by that he wandered from place to place on his own, endless visions of bloodshed and suffering permeated his mind like a sickness he’s never be rid of, the smile that he once knew was so hard to find and the innocence of the light he longed to touch continue to flutter just out of reach - but you were different than all of that. You were his refuge, you were the one thing that no matter where you drifted he could follow. 
“Close your eyes.” You whispered, fingers dancing around his eyes before resting over them to block out the sun. The breeze ruffled the curtains so softly, their sound a beat in the moment of this safety he found in your embrace. “Sleep my love, I’ll keep the nightmares away.” 
The comfort of your voice, the knowledge of your arms around him, fingers trailing over his back and through his hair acted like a ritual to cleanse his weary spirit and for the first time in so many days, the act of closing his eyes was welcomed rather than torturous.  
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sprayio · 2 days ago
When The Genshin Boys Discover Their Kid Has a Crush (P1)
P2 with: Venti, Xiao, Kazuha [Read Here]
P3 with: Albedo, Tohma, Gorou [TBA]
Warnings: Indication of having a child with aforementioned characters. Indication of reader being AFAB, Other than that, pure SFW fluff.
Pairings: Fem!reader x Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Zhongli (seperate)
Genre: Romantic, comedy. Bulleted head-canons
Bonus: I rate each of the boys on how obnoxious they are about it
A/N: My works are usually Gender neutral, but I've been needing a pick me up so this was more self indulgent writing for myself LOL (I identify as she/her). I hope you guys enjoy♡. Also I did NOT mean to go off on the Diluc one- the scenario was just so funny I couldn’t stop writing
Tumblr media
Isn't he practically that neighbourhood mom?
Kaeya knows all the gossip. This includes your child's love life.
"So kiddo, I heard you made a new friend~"
Wiggles his eyebrow suggestively and your son just SPITS out his water.
Angrily blushing as he squares off against his father because let's face it- anything he says will end up being turned against him.
Just imagine Kaeya and a mini Kaeya T posing each other💀
"NO I did not!!" Your son manages to choke out with the most flustered look on his face.
"Oh? You're sure? But I already invited them for dinne-"
This is where Kaeya gets scared because now he'll be in trouble with you 💀
Ends in a tickle fight as Kaeya makes his son swear secrecy.
You walk in on an all out war but dw Kaeya is getting in mega trouble 💀. You assure your kid that Kaeya is now grounded until the foreseeable future💀💀.
Your son kisses you on the cheek as thanks and walks back to his room triumphantly.
But as soon as he's out of earshot, a sly grin makes it's way onto your face
"So, Klee is still coming over for dinner, right?"
You and Kaeya share a secret, knowing smile and fist bump each other.
Mission accomplished.
Rating: 6/10 staple annoying dad. Definitely too many dad jokes when Klee comes over. Super wholesome though and wants the best for his son🥺💖.
Tumblr media
everyone at work is worried that something genuinely bad happened to him
like complete sobbing- a broken mess as he leaves work wailing. Won’t talk to anyone.
It’s still early in the morning you’re so surprised to wake up to foreign tear droplets on your face.
“Baby? What’s wrong?? Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”
You cup his face as he engulfs you into a bear hug
“*sniff* I heard- I heard”
“I heard that *hic* Anya is in love-”
“With someone other than me!!”
“Is my own daughter going leave me? Even though she promised to be with *hic* daddy forever?”
You’re patting his back out of obligation as a loving partner but with the most neutral look on your face (yep this happens a lot)
“Is she gonna get married? What if the person she likes is a complete scumbag???"
"What if they're dangerous and working with shady people?!?!"
You narrow your eyes at him but he's too busy bawling his eyes out to notice.
"What if....she wants to move out of Shneznaya?!”
"!! I can't take that!!!"
“I- I *hic* I won’t stand for this!!”
You sigh, patting his back but also trying to squeeze out of his deathgrip.
Childe- you do know Anya is only still 5.”
Rating: 10/10 super annoying about the whole thing. He has too much time on his hands. Tamaki Suoh Kinnie. Atleast it’s funny <3
Tumblr media
Out of the blue at dinner one day, your 10 year old proudly announces that she’s in love
“Mommy, Daddy, Benny, I’m gonna marry Flora!”
You and your eldest son Bennett laugh endearingly; she looks so proud of her adamant proclamation, as she stuffs more mashed potatoes into her puffy cheeks.
Diluc however, goes into a coughing fit 💀
You pat his back with urgency as Bennett runs to go grab a glass of water.
“Daddy? Are you okay?”
Lucy looks up at her father with worried, round eyes.
“I’m *ahem* fine- I’ll just- excuse myself for a moment.”
She nods, a little bit dazed. Yet slowly but surely, she re-engages in her excited chatter about how pretty Flora is and wondering what flowers to pick for her.
You humor her, admiring her adorably untamed red locks bouncing with every word.
That is until Bennett returns, concern written all over his face
“Mom, can you check on Dad? He’s in the bathroom.”
You understand immediately that something’s going on. Bennett takes over for you.
(Side note: you and Diluc adopted Bennett prior to Lucy being born. Ever since, he has been ENAMOURED with his little sister, he always wanted to be a big brother 🥺. He listens to her stories attentively, wiping the crumbs from her face with a clean napkin. Just pure love in his eyes as he nods along, smoothing out her hair.)
As you approach the bathroom, you can hear the sound of faint sniffles.
“Diluc, are you okay love?”
“I- I’m fine.”
He’s trying to hide the weakness in his voice but it’s pretty obvious mans been crying 😞
“Will you come out?”
Almost reluctantly, the door creeps open, and he staggers out and into your arms.
You wrap him into a warm hug and stroke his hair, wiping tenderly at his dewey eyes, as you hide the biggest shit eating grin froming on your face
Please don’t tease him about it he will cry more
“I’m fine, I’m just... worried.”
“Is it childish to not want her to go anywhere yet? I just think... it’s too soon.”
If you thought hiding a smile was hard before now you’re using up every last ounce of willpower to hold back laughter.
“Don’t worry so much okay? She’s just a kid and it’ll pass my love.”
The guy is acting like it’s the end of the world, when most likely your 8 year old will probably forget about having a crush in a few days
After consoling him, you drag Diluc back to the dining room to finish dinner. 
You swear you hear Bennett scamper back to his seat at the last minute, presumably eavesdropping
You and your eldest son are sat there, pursed lips the WHOLE night stifling back laughter 
It gets worse when Diluc starts coughing again when Lucy asks if he’ll walk her down the aisle 💀
Diluc later asks you two why you were so silent all of dinner. Sharing a knowing look with Bennett, you nod in solidarity. 
What Diluc doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
Rating: 8/10. Overdramatic and silly bonk him pls. But gets his shit together in front of his daughter wants to be supportive still
Tumblr media
“You have romantic feelings for someone? Well, there’s no reason to waste any time.”
Way too enthusiastic about it. Somehow his 12 year old son’s mild crush is being treated as a serious engagement  💀
Did he just forget that you two got together casually asf
Teaches him about all the intricate and lengthy courtship procedures in Liyue. And if this is Zhongli’s son, you can bet he’s taking notes. 
While you’re away at work, Zhongli has already gotten little Li Jie to write his proposal speech, wedding vows, and wedding speech 🧎‍♂️
Calls Childe for Mora advice
Shopping spree time!! Gets random expensive stuff for engagement presents.
Calls Childe again for further opinions, and gets a bit of a shock
Is probably big on the idea of marriage because it’s like the “ultimate contract”, 
so when Childe says a lot of couples live in cohabitation he has to reconsider everything.
Sitting with his son formally on either side of the table, the two of them crossing their hands and weighing up their options. 🧘‍♂️
Somehow?? Zhongli decides that they can figure it out later, after buying more expensive presents??? 
Thankfully you come home early from work and stop the two of them from ordering an exotic Inazuman Ruin sentinal as a pet 💀
Moment where you’re like I love this man but hate him so much at the same time
Needless to say, you’ll be giving the romance advice from now on in this house
Rating: 15/10 he’s so fucking annoying crying (ily peepaw)
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primofate · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2K Followers Event: Pancake and Waffle Cafe Masterlist
Banana Whip Cream Pancakes (not in a relationship but flirting) (VOLLEYBALL/HIGH SCHOOL GENSHIN AU)
Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Tartaglia, Kazuha, Xiao, Thoma and fem!reader
Warnings: not proofread, pining, it’s pretty long and fluffy
Notes: I decided to combine this with the volleyball AU (but it pretty much still reads a lot like a highschool AU) I just wanted to get the whole volleyball team over haha. @diaflower I’m sorry this took so long D: All I’ve been doing is apologizing for taking such a long time HAHA Im so sorry!
More Genshin Volleyball and Modern AU here
Check out @simplypotz beautiful rendition of the Genshin Volleyball Team (I’m still not over it btw)
#1 Zhongli (Captain/Wing Spiker/Ace)
Zhongli is that quiet class president who does things by the book. 
The type where his report card comments would read “Able to strike a good balance between academics and school activities”
Overall a good role model, though he comes off as standoffish most of the time because of his detached personality. In reality he’s just really concentrated on the things he needs to do.
You’re in the same class as him. You just didn’t interact much, mostly because you also thought he was pretty standoffish. He didn’t speak, only when spoken to.
There was one day you caught him just standing at the canteen, you separated from your friends because you wanted to buy a drink.
He stood there, looked at the menu, patted his pockets and realized he didn’t have any Mora money. He must have forgotten his wallet at home.
It was amusing to you, seeing him just stand there because he was usually always put together and knew what he needed to do. 
You came up to him and said “...I can lend you some money?” He was surprised to say the least. He knew your name though and it was your turn to be surprised. You didn’t think he paid attention to his classmates.
A week after, you found him in almost exactly the same predicament. Except this time he didn’t have ENOUGH money to buy his meal. You butt in once again and gave him the remaining amount he was missing.
He would always pay you afterwards but it had gotten you kind of concerned. “Zhongli are you...I mean, if you have trouble with money I can help you with lunch from time to time,” You deadass thought this guy was POOR. 
That was the first time you saw him laugh. He reassured you that he was fine, just that he doesn’t really have a good concept of how much things would cost and end up not bringing enough to school. 
For one reason or another you end up spending lunch with him quite often, probably three times a week. It just happened, you always tell yourself its because you’re worried the guy wouldn’t eat but your friends start to tease you about it. 
“Oh see, here he comes,” one of your friends start to giggle but grab your other friend to run away just as Zhongli walks up to you, and quizzically looks at your two friends running away. You only sigh and shrug and join Zhongli for lunch.
This was in your first year.
By the last year of high school everyone thought the two of you were dating but you were just really close to each other. Still, there was a little bit of difference in the way he treated you versus back then. 
He never forgot his wallet anymore, in fact he started to be the one to buy you lunches and he knew exactly which lunch sets you liked and which drinks you preferred. 
You spent a lot of time together, mostly doing homework and research in the library. It’s also standard for you to go to his volleyball games if he had any. For him, he always secretly looked around to see if you were there. 
Eventually one of his team members (He swears it’s Tartaglia or Kaeya) asks if you’re single and Zhongli ends up snapping at them. (The two were just playing around, they know that their captain likes you, he just needed a little more push)
It was probably there that he realized that he’s unwilling to give you away to someone else. 
The next day he’s mustered up the courage to tell you that he wants to start dating you properly. 
And that eventually leads to him introducing you to the team.
#2 Diluc (Vice Captain/Wing Spiker/Defense Specialist)
As a first year Diluc kept to himself. Kind of like you. You had a select few friends here and there, but you were mostly known as the “nerd” of the class. Real diligent and hardworking. 
Diluc is a handsome lil thing, so a lot of people considered him eye candy. He was really hard to talk to though. His gazes were sharp and he always seemed to have a frown on his face.
Despite you being the most boring girl in class (or so you thought) Diluc actually had a kind of secret admiration for you. He’s seen your notes one time, you left your notebook open on your table. It was neat and tidy and so easy to read. 
Anyhow, when the exam came round there was a particular thing that Diluc could not understand. Some type of math formula. Now, he was usually good in his studies and he hated asking people for help, but while everyone else went home as soon as the bell rang, he sometimes had the habit of staying for a while and looking over his homework. And the only other person left in the room would be you and him.
So, he decided there was no harm in asking you when it was just the two of you in the classroom. “Hey...Y/N...?” You’re so shocked that he comes up to you with his worksheet and a sort of unsure look on his face. “Do you think you could explain this one to me...?” 
Sure your other classmates asked you ALL kinds of questions about studying and things they didn’t understand but Diluc asking you was another level.
“Oh, um... sure. Here...” You ask him to sit on the chair in front of you and end up doing homework together. The sky is already orange when the two of you finish and he decides he should walk you home, to which you resist at. “It’s totally fine, my house is just nearby, and its not really dark at all!” 
You seemed insistent, so he lets it go and the two of you go your separate ways.
The next few days Diluc actively seeks you out if there’s something he doesn’t quite understand (mind you it’s not that often, possibly once a week) but he does it during recess now and your friends take note that you are possibly one of the only girls he talks to in class. 
Nothing really happens. It’s just a casual “I’ll look for you if I have any questions” type of relationship. 
It was in your second year that you interacted with him again. There was a Science project due soon and you went to your local library. The one in school wasn’t very sufficient so you had to look for your own reference materials. 
You possibly lost track of time and when you picked your head up to look outside, the sky was bordering on an orange-to-dark blue hue, indicating that it was later than you thought. 
As you were about to pack up you hear someone walk over to you, and you look up to see that it was Diluc. That was the first time you saw him in casual wear. 
You find out that you both were there to do a bit of research and that his house is just a walk away, just as yours was. He glances outside and at the sky “...I’ll walk you,” before you could protest he adds “My house is on the way anyway,” 
You couldn’t find a reason to refuse and the two of you end up walking while talking to each other a little. It’s kinda awkward, in a way that silence between two people who just met were awkward but in a sense there was a bit of nervousness there too, and you had no idea why. 
Gradually it seems as if the two of you find yourself in situations that bring you two together: being lab partners, getting paired up for reports. But these were by chance, the teacher arranged you two together.
So when there was an assignment that required pairwork and when the teacher said “You can choose your partner,” you only had to look up and see that Diluc was turned around to look straight at you. You’re not sure what compels you to nod your head but you do start to wonder if he’s only using you for your brains.
It’s a bit of a slow build up but while working on the assignment together you just randomly blurt it out “You must have chosen me cause I’m good at reports right?” You thought nothing of it, just said it with a laugh. 
Imagine your surprise when he confidently says “No, I chose you because I like you,” and he was staring straight at you, with a blank, unreadable look on his face. 
You’re probably blushing and you’re not sure what to say but you want to confirm “L-Like me? As in... Like, like?”
He’s confused. What’s the difference between “like” and “like like” he asks. 
By this point you’re flustered. “Like as in friendship like or more than friends?”
It dawns on Diluc then and his face breaks into realization, he’s also starting to turn pink around the cheeks but he doesn’t answer immediately. “...I guess, a little more than a friend? Maybe?”
And that’s how your awkward little romance started. Filled with subtle glances and quick smiles. The simple walks home and the huge amounts of courage that it takes just to hold your hand. He was a naturally secretive person, so your classmates didn’t suspect a thing, but you liked it that way as well. It was like the two of you in your own little world. 
#3 Kaeya (Middle Blocker)
Nothing about this guy is subtle at all.
You’re not even from the same class so sometimes you do wonder how it ended up this way.
It was during one of the volleyball games. You and your friends just decided to watch it and see what the fuss was about. You really didn’t think anything was going to happen. You were gunna watch it and leave. That’s all. Probably would leave halfway if you were too bored. 
But you get smacked on the face by a volleyball, your nose is bleeding.
It’d been none other than Kaeya who was messing around with his serve and effed it up so badly that it went flying into the second floor and right at your face.
It was also him (at the command of Zhongli) who went up to the second floor, checked on you and offered to take you to the clinic (actually Zhongli forced him to)
You said it was fine but Zhongli was giving him the death glare so Kaeya insisted. By this point you had half your face covered up cause you were trying to stop the bloodflow from your nose.
The nurse took care of you and Kaeya waited. When you came out your nosebleed was pretty much gone but Kaeya was struck. He thought you were cute and he couldn’t see it earlier cause you were practically covering your face.
“Sorry about that,” he says again and you wave him off. “It’s fine... It happens...”
There’s a moment of silence while he walks you back and it’s really weird cause the next thing he says is “...So uh, what’s your name, and what class are you in? Don’t think I’ve seen you around,” 
Possibly because you’re a recluse and just avoid socializing out of your own class. You tell him your name and which class you’re in and he nods. You thought that’d be the end of it.
In the next couple of days one of the guys in class keeps handing you notes “Kaeya says to give it to you,” this guy says. You’re guessing he’s friends with Kaeya or at least acquaintances. The first note he ever gives you is: “Hey! Hope you’re feeling better! :)” and there’s a tiny chocolate coin that comes with it.
It’s so childish that you laugh but you can’t help and feel amused by it. You don’t reply to any of his notes (mostly because you don’t know how to, do you just give it to him directly? You were a little too shy for that)
But one day, his note along with another chocolate coin reads: “Kinda wanna talk to you a bit more, here’s my number :) Tell me what you think about the chocolate coins...They’re not actually the best tasting ones huh? :P”
And that’s where the text messages start. Your first message to him was “Chocolate coin 6/10. It’s a little too sweet and when it arrives to me it’s already kinda soft and mushy”
The banter between you two is unreal. It’s like he says something and you say something back and the two of you just vibe real hard over it. 
“Come to my game this Friday? Promise I won’t hit you on the face again :)” and you agree.
He’s only the tiniest bit shy with his waves when he spots you on the stands and he only really meets you after the game when he’s all dressed up and freshened up, so you don’t have a proper chance to meet his team. 
You start to realize that you hadn’t missed any of his games since then and he LOVED your support, but nothing really happened. Just a lot of banter and flirting.
Up until one day, just before classes started, a familiar note was given to you and you hadn’t received one in a while. It read “The chocolate coins wouldn’t cut it, left a box under your desk.” Your hands start to search under your desk where you usually kept some of your books and you touch a rectangular box. 
It’s a box of proper chocolates, the kinds that people would give out on Valentines. You could tell it was slightly expensive, what with the wrapping and everything but the note stuck on the underside of the lid (you nearly missed it,) had you blinking in surprise. “Be my girl?” it said and someone at your classroom door cleared their throat (not a lot of students were in yet, they were just starting to file in for the day) You saw Kaeya there with a lopsided grin and an expression on his face that was a cross of uncertainty and fake confidence. 
You only grinned at him and wrote a note back “Only if you don’t smack my face with the ball again,” and shove it into his hands, turning around and retreating back to your seat before he could respond.
His laughter at the door was enough to tell you how relieved he was. 
#4 Albedo (Setter)
This guy is straightforward as all hell, and he doesn’t get flustered about it at all. He just doesn’t see anything wrong if he’s just spitting facts.
Prior to dating the two of you were just seat buddies. He always seemed to sit in front of you.
You would never catch Albedo making a mistake, not because he was a perfectionist, but mostly because he was just a very careful and calculating person. 
Because he sat right in front of you, the two of you were in the perfect position to interact whenever the teacher would say “Turn around and discuss with a partner,” 
The first time that happened was in first year, he looked at you for a bit, you looked at him for a bit, before getting down to business seriously. Actually discussing what the two of you thought about the reading.
Your class numbers are also in sequence with each other. You were always number 4 and he was always number 3. So you inevitably stuck together in PE when the teacher couldn’t be bothered and would say “Relay race today! Class number 1 to 4 in one group, 5 to 8 in one group. The rest of you count by yourselves!” 
In one of the PE games, the class was learning about volleyball. Once again you got grouped up with him. 
You didn’t really think a lot about these instances, it was just all coincidences to you and you hadn’t really noticed that you get paired up with him a lot.
But in that group volleyball game, that was probably the first time you REALLY SAW Albedo. He was an amazing setter and though you didn’t know a lot about volleyball, you saw the way your group members were able to spike the balls he set for them.
“Albedo,” you called out to him after that class. “Are you in the volleyball team? You should really try out,” In his first year, he wasn’t and he hadn’t any interest in volleyball at all. He was more of a science club person. So he brushed off your comment. 
You asked him again, probably a month later, poking at his back before class started. “Albedo, did you try out?” He raised an eyebrow at you and told you straight that he wasn’t interested in volleyball. You remember scrunching up your eyebrows at that moment, thinking what wasted talent he was. 
“You should really!” And then every single day, you would just ask him if he had tried out yet. He got tired of it. “What do I have to gain by joining a sports team? I don’t even enjoy sports...” 
“You won’t know until you try!” and then, just to shut you up. One day, he finally did. 
He got accepted.
At first he thought it was just a fluke, until the captain told him that he had remarkable sense for being a setter, and knew where to direct the ball at the right moment.
“You should’ve tried out earlier, we really could use someone like you in our team,” is what Zhongli said when Albedo was finally handed his jersey.
The next day, as he comes into the classroom, he throws the jersey on your table, and sits at the chair in front of you. 
You blink at the jersey, before picking it up and spreading it out in front of you. “Genshin High Volleyball Team” “#4″
It dawned on you that he finally tried out and got accepted. “You’re in the team!” You said but glanced at the number again. “Did you get to choose your own number?”
He was facing away from you, unpacking his school bag for the day and answered. “Yes, I chose the number,”
You quizzically looked at the number 4 and tilted your head. “Why the number 4? You know it’s bad luck?” (number 4 is bad luck in some cultures: particularly Chinese, maybe Japanese too?)
He doesn’t answer for a moment, but when he does all he says is “Class number,”
You chide him again. “But your class number is 3, Albedo,”
He finally turns, looks you straight in the eye and takes the jersey back from you. “Yes, but yours is 4,” and turns back around to continue prepping for the class.
You’re stunned and speechless. There’s some type of warmth and shock spreading through your being. 
“You got me into this, so it’s only fair if you watch my first game,”
So you do and you have no idea how but now you’re meeting him after his practice sessions, you’re watching him in his games and you send him good luck messages before each one. 
To him, you’re always going to be his very first fan. 
It almost feels natural and you’re not too shocked when he asks you one day as you meet him after practice, “So, we’re dating now, right?” 
#5 Tartaglia (Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
The love at first sight kind of guy. But you don’t take him seriously because he practically flirts with every woman alive.
“Awe come on Y/N, just let me take you out on a date,” He isn’t subtle at all, but because he’s so easy going about it, you really can’t take him seriously. You refuse every time.
“He doesn’t really flirt with other girls... It’s more like... He’s just overly friendly with them,” your friend says, discussing him one day. You roll your eyes. It’s practically the same thing. “But he hasn’t asked anyone else out except you, I think. Maybe just give him a chance?” your friend adds. 
It really doesn’t make a difference to you.
“Y/N-chan!!! Is today the day you say yes?” It’s like an every day occurrence and you’re getting annoyed. It’s not that you don’t like him at all, he’s a decent guy, it’s just that you always think it’ll go wrong with how friendly he is to other girls and you don’t deny the fact that you might be an easily jealous person. (You don’t really know but it feels like you would be)
The “harassment” is unreal and at some point you say yes just to shut him up and he is STOKED. 
He has the date all planned out, it’s out at a theme park that you’ve actually been wanting to go to for a while. It’s astounding how well prepared he was, he even knew your favourite treat and favourite flavour of cotton candy. You didn’t know that he’d already actively asked your friends for tips a long time ago. 
What surprises you most is that he actually isn’t as annoying as you thought he was. “Hey, I know I really forced you out on a date this time, but don’t think too much about it and just have fun, okay?”
He was being considerate of how you felt after all that and didn’t want to pressure you into anything. Still, at the end of that one he asked if you wanted to go on another one and you end up saying you don’t mind. 
Still, there are days when you see him in school and he’s animatedly talking to other girls and looking like he enjoys it. You can’t even be mad because it’s not like the two of you are already a thing. This is exactly what you were afraid about, but you don’t want to bring it up to him because you just didn’t want to be the type to try and change someone to mold into your expectations.
Still, you went out on that second date. That second one also surprised you. It was pretty simple this time around, but the two of you ran into a girl from school, who started to animatedly talk to him about some random thing. You stood there, thinking that you’d be ignored now, but he excused himself pretty fast from the conversation. “Ah, Rika, sorry, I’m busy right now, I’ll talk to you next time okay?” and pulls you along. 
You blink and tell him, “...You could’ve talked to her for a bit... I wouldn’t mind...” He looks back at you, surprised. “Huh? I’m not wasting my precious date time,”  
You find out he’s a pretty one-track mind person (which means that he wasn’t all that great at multi-tasking) but that meant that when he set his focus on you, he wouldn’t put it on anyone else.
Him being friendly with other girls was probably because he was a funny person and easy going, but it actually had nothing to do with how loyal he could or couldn’t be.
This was further proven when, while in class, he again was talking to another girl but he saw you outside the classroom carrying a heavy box, probably from the art room and completely abandons his conversation with that girl without warning and goes out to help you. 
He always gravitates towards you in the end. 
It’s on the third date that the two of you exchange phone numbers and get to know each other a bit more. You learn that he’s pretty passionate about volleyball and apparently that if he’s set his sight on something, he doesn’t give up easily on it.
He’s annoyed that he can’t walk to school with you though, cause you two live on completely different sides of town. But when he has time he still walks you home then takes the bus back to his place. You tell him he doesn’t have to do that since its such a hassle but he keeps saying spending extra time with you is worth it.
Before your fourth date he invites you to one of his games. He’s real energetic about it and he really has a different kind of drive. Even when their team is lagging behind he manages to keep his determination and keep pushing. That’s another different side of him you see. 
You start to feel like he’s actually not as bad as you thought he was at first.
This guy, because he’s so friendly, he ends up having a lot of girl fans but when he sees you at the stands, again, with his one-track mind, he completely doesn’t see anyone else except you (you probably earn a few glares from other girls but whatevs)
What probably nails it for you is when there’s a sudden commotion outside the classroom one day. “Don’t talk about her like that. So what if you’re pretty? You expect me to like you when you’re so foul mouthed?” Everyone is practically outside their classrooms watching as Tartaglia confronts a girl who looks shocked. It was brutal, and the girl runs away crying. 
Tartaglia walks off as well, probably to cool off but you follow him up to the school rooftop. You give him some time to cool down before approaching him and asking if he’s okay. He flashes you a smile. 
“She said some nasty stuff about you and I couldn’t control myself. I’m probably no different to her...” he sighs a little and finally you see that he was genuine in every sense, just that he gets overexcited at times.
You thank him for standing up for you and he shrugs. “It’s my fault anyway, for always entertaining them when they want to talk. I don’t want to be rude and turn them down all the time, but that gives them the wrong idea...”
You say “Well, once we become official maybe they’ll stop getting the wrong idea and stop latching on to you...” 
“Yeah...” It takes him a few seconds before he freaks out “WAIT, YOU WANT TO BE OFFICIAL?!” 
It was heading that way anyway, so you agree but boy what a handful of a boyfriend he is cause he’s on such a different high when the two of you are officially an item. He literally doesn’t even want to be apart from you even for a minute. The kind that would say “I missed you,” even when you just went to the bathroom for 5 minutes.
#6 Kazuha (Decoy/Middle Blocker/Wing Spiker)
Respectful, polite and patient. You waited a while before this guy asked you out officially.
Beforehand the two of you acted like a couple already anyway. The type that people would ask “Are you two dating?” but then both of you would deny it. 
It was more of a friendship that was in plateau. It wasn’t going past that it seemed.
You were childhood friends, your parents knew each other so you grew up around each other. Hence in the mornings the two of you would walk to school with each other. 
Even if you keep saying that the two of you aren’t dating, in your class, the two of you are pretty much seen as a couple (everyone ships you as well) Kazuha is usually nice to everybody in general, but he’s a little different with you. There’s an added sense of gentleness.
Sometimes you pack lunch for him and sometimes he packs it for you (It’s on both your mother’s requests. Your mom would go, oh tell Kazuha not to bring lunch tomorrow I made enough for him too. Type of thing)
If you were sick even the teacher would know and say “Kazuha here’s an extra worksheet for Y/N, pass it on to her,” 
There are really times where the class doubts that the two of you are just friends (can you tell that your whole class is just waiting in bated breath for the two of you to start dating?) There was one time where you got hurt in PE class, it was wholly an accident that Henry collided with you (it was a game of dodgeball) but Kazuha had a different air around him and everyone saw the glare that he directed at Henry. (It was scary because Kazuha always had a smile on his face) but then it was gone as soon as it came and everyone thought they just imagined it. 
Everyone except Henry. Henry still remembers that and he will never forget it. Poor Henry. 
Even with things like crying, Kazuha knew that side of you. When there was a time you got so frustrated because you studied really hard for a test but still failed it. You went off to the bathroom during lunch time. When you came out, all cried out and ready for class again you were suddenly pulled into a warm embrace. Kazuha had been waiting outside for you. His darn hugs makes you cry all over again.
The real change happened when he saw you getting a love letter in your locker. You opened it in front of Kazuha and read it. It was a really sweet letter and you didn’t outright reject the guy. Apparently it was a senior and you’d caught his eye. Kazuha never said anything about those letters.
One day that senior writes that he wants to meet you at the school garden after school that day. You agree and the senior confesses to you. Kazuha is round the corner listening to all of it and he’s struck by the panic that he feels. That’s it. No more walking home with you, or picking you up. No more lunches together and no more hugs to comfort you--but he heard you reject him. 
The relief he feels is what gives him the biggest sign that he didn’t want to see you with someone else. He doesn’t ask that day why you reject the senior, you came back to Kazuha with a smile anyway and you seemed pretty content with your decision. 
While walking home that day, he stops dead in his tracks and you realize seconds later that he has stopped walking. You turn back and you see an unreadable expression on his face. “...Kazuha?” 
“...Y/N... I don’t like it,” Kazuha had a hard time saying what he needed to say because this man is just not the selfish kind. “I don’t like it, when I think that you might date another person,”
Your shoulders relax, you look at his face for a bit more before smiling and walking up to him and taking his hand. “Kazuha, it’s always been you. You slowpoke,”
It’s ironic how you call him slowpoke when he probably has the fastest reaction times in his team.
#7 Xiao (Libero)
“Xiao! You have to stop putting all your time in volleyball practice! I swear your grades are going to suffer!”
That is basically the epitome of your relationship before the two of you started dating. You got on his nerves because you nagged him to no end. You were childhood friends, but the kind that loved to argue a lot. That’s just how your dynamics was. In school though, the two of you ended up in different classes, so you didn’t really see him all that much.
His grades never did suffer though, he was a decent student but he always pushed himself to do better in volleyball. Boy was obsessed with the game and he just wanted to keep on getting better.
You on the other hand, were a pretty mild person and stayed with the music club. (You didn’t know how to play any instrument though)
Xiao always acted tough in front of others but when he was younger he would cry easily when frustrated. Growing up, that crying just turned into hot-headedness. He had a temper sometimes, but you were used to it. 
Despite you always nagging him about taking breaks from volleyball from time to time you still went to his games. He really was a great libero. Quick reflexes and good receives, you admitted that you were a little jealous of how much progress he’d been making. It seemed as if he was slightly further away from you. He now had his own thing to focus on and yet you...had set your sights on nothing.
Nevertheless that made you determined to learn an instrument, and you particularly chose the flute because you remembered that Xiao liked the flute. Though, it disappointed you a little that your choice of musical instrument was dictated by Xiao. It’s like he was always on your mind. It was probably here that you realized you liked the guy more than you thought you did. 
With you focusing on music club a bit more and Xiao pouring his time into volleyball, the two of you spent less and less time together. You hadn’t really realized it until you got a text message from him one day. “Hey, you ok?”        “Yea, why?”         “Nothing, I just haven’t seen you in a while,”
You were a little surprised he noticed but you arranged to spend lunch with him the next day at school. 
Nothing really changed between the two of you, lunch was spent normally, with you berating him and him glaring at you while he ate and chewed on his food. Occasionally you would pinch his arm when you thought he wasn’t listening to you.
Xiao always looked annoyed when you berated him but in truth he couldn’t quite imagine what it would be like if you stopped doing that.  He messaged you that day because he was struck with the sudden emptiness of not hanging out with you for a while. 
“...What happened to your hand?” He asked, seeing some of your fingers bandaged up. “Oh... I’m learning to play an instrument, it gets sore when I go for hours so...” Xiao knew how that felt, his arms would get red too when he practiced receives too much. 
“....Are you going to let me hear?” “Huh?” “...You playing an instrument, are you going to let me hear?” “Oh, uh... I guess? Maybe when I’m a little better at it,”
In some senses he was glad you found something you really wanted to try but on the other hand he felt as if you were slipping away and growing up without him a little. Which was a good thing, right? It’s not like you always had to watch him grow. 
But that had hit much harder when you missed one of his games. He looked up to the stands, to the chair that you would always be on and found it empty. Ah, that’s right, the music club had an event today too. 
He called you up after that game and asked if you were done with your music club activities. You said it’ll be 15 minutes more and he said he’d wait outside for you at the auditorium.
He was surprised when the auditorium doors opened and files and files of people who were audiences walked out. He didn’t think that the event was such a big one. When he spotted you, he waved you over and said the two of you could walk home together. “You played today?” He asked you and you scratched your cheek, those bandages were still on your fingers. “Yeah, a little, not a solo though. Not a big deal, you probably wouldn’t be able to hear my flute at all!” 
“...It is a big deal,” he said as the two of you walked. You glanced at him sideways. “It’s a big deal cause you worked hard on it...You’ve always been at my back so...So invite me to the next one, I’ll come watch. I don’t care how small your part is,” 
You are SHOOK at how touched you are, you NEARLY felt like crying right then and there but you revert to your “annoying childhood friend mode” and pinch his cheek. “Hah? You’re just inviting yourself now? You got some nerve...” The rest of the walk ends up in banter.
But then you do end up inviting him to the next concert of the music club. It was at the auditorium as well, and although you and the club were supposed to play as an orchestra, your flute part was given a little bit of solo time, probably just a few precious seconds. 
It isn’t much of a shock to Xiao when he’s a little nervous for you, but you played just fine and the melody was a calming one. 
“So, how was it?” You ask when you meet him outside again. “...Good,” he was never really good at giving compliments but him showing up was a compliment enough for you. He glanced at your fingers again. “...You really should stop spending so much time practicing, your fingers are going to break,” You laugh, cause that sounded like exactly what you would say to him about volleyball. “Says you, the volleyball freak,”
“...It’s not about that, I just can’t hold them when they’re all bandaged up,” He says to you and again you’re shook. “...What do you mean?” He’s walking ahead of you and he doesn’t seem to want to meet your gaze. “I mean that I can’t hold your hand,” he mutters and you most likely blush.
“...I mean, how long have you been wanting to do that...?” You ask him as you fall in step with each other. “...For a while,” 
There’s nothing but the sound of footsteps between the two of you, before he feels the tangle of your fingers around his after a few seconds and your slight murmur. “Idiot, they’re not that fragile...”
Nothing is said between the two of you about dating, but the two of you know that it’s already happened. Maybe later on, he’ll confirm it, but for now you’re happy with this. 
#8 Thoma (Pinch Server/Middle Blocker)
You don’t go to the same school, but your school is just a few blocks away from his and you always pass it on your way home.
Aside from that, he’s actually your neighbor! And let’s face it, if you have a neighbor as handsome as him you’d probably spend a lot of time looking out your window to see if he’s out there or something. It just so happens that your bedroom window faces the front of your house, which is right next to his. 
So, for the longest time, the only thing you know about Thoma is that he is extremely helpful. He meets his mom out at the pavement when she comes back with groceries and helps her carry it. He walks his dog Taroumaru every day. You’ve even seen him helping a random granny with her groceries the other day. So in a sense, you’ve built this totally perfect image of Thoma in your mind. Without even talking to him. 
One day you just happen to go out of your house for school at the same time as him and just as you come out of the gate you see him and he’s looking at you, then he breaks into a smile. “Oh hey! You go to the school near ours? That’s their uniform right?” 
You were extremely shy to talk to him but he made it easy to converse. He was actually really funny and had some weird thoughts going on in his mind sometimes. You hadn’t even realized you were walking together until he was already at his school and waved goodbye to you. 
That was the first time you interacted with him and that was pretty much it for six months. The rest of the time was just looking out your window and sometimes seeing him there.
Until one day, you ended track and field practice late. The sky was already dark and you were just walking home, when you run into him at his school gates as well. He blinks at you and you blink at him. “Oh! Neighbor! Wow you’re out late too! Ahaha!” And again he’s so good wiith conversations that the two of you fall in step with each other. You learn that he’s in his school’s volleyball team and you tell him you’re in track and field.
It’s here that you see a different side of him. “I...don’t know...maybe I’m not cut out for volleyball, I’m new in the team and I feel like I’m not really helping all that much,” so he was a normal person with normal insecurities too. You tell him to just keep trying and that it’s probably too early to give up. He smiles and laughs “You’re totally right!”
Again, for a few months, you don’t see him at all. The next time you see him is because you forgot your keys at home and both your parents were out. It was an extremely hot summer day too, as you just sat on your porch steps. 
You weren’t really paying attention to who was passing by outside the gates. But Thoma passed by, and he back tracked when he thought he saw you just sitting there. “Hey, you okay?” You look up and explain the situation to him. “Oh... Well, come over my place while you wait for them! It’s really hot out here! I’m sure my mom won’t mind!” 
You strongly refuse, mostly because you were freakin embarrassed. “Come on, really, you’re gunna die out here,” in the end you really just wanted air conditioning so you agreed.
His mom was as nice as he was and prepared cold tea for you to drink. She did leave the two of you in the living room and went off to do her own thing. While Thoma changed out of his uniform, you did your homework on their dining table. It looked like he had the same idea since he brought his school bag down with him and sat next to you to do his. “Wow, it looks like your math is a lot harder than ours,” 
When the two of you finished, your mom messaged you saying that she and your dad was going to be a bit later than usual today because of business meetings. Thoma took that as an opportunity to offer “Wanna watch this new series together? It’s a mystery show,” and he went off on a tangent about how it was pretty popular these days. You agreed just for the heck of it, I mean you were in his house, what choice did you have? So the two of you moved to the sofa and watched it in the living room together.
Surprisingly you ended up liking it, but on the third episode, your mom called and said they were back home. “Ah that’s too bad, hey let’s watch it again next time!” 
You didn’t really expect there to be a “next time” it was just one of those things that people said to be polite. But, come Friday that week and your mom answers to a knock on the door. “Mrs.(your last name)! I was wondering if Y/N was in?” Indeed you were and you were so dumbfounded when he said the two of you can continue watching that series together and asked if you preferred to watch it at yours or at his. You didn’t mind either way so you end up watching it at his. 
So over the course of the week he ends up going to your house or you end up going to his just to watch that series together. It was naturally more fun to watch it with someone, you could share your reactions together and talk about it as well. All of this happens in the living room though, while one of your parents were around. 
It was a few weeks later that he tells you he’s going to have his first volleyball game and he was hella nervous for it. He didn’t ask you to come, he just talked about it but you took note of the date and showed up to watch him.
You honestly didn’t even know what you were doing there. I mean, he probably had other people supporting him, right? He seemed like the type to have a lot of friends and everything. Just before the game started he spotted you off to the side and he’s shocked, but he jogs towards you “You watch me?” he asks this with wide eyes. “Umm... Yeah? Since you did say you were nervous... A-Am I making it worse? I can go...”
“No!! I-It’s good! I’m happy!” He was a bit jittery but he did really look happy. Before he leaves, some of his guy friends come around and he introduces you to them, then goes off for his game. His guy friends look equally nice, but they snicker around you and one of them speaks up. “Ah, so you’re the girl Thoma has been talking about so much,” 
You’re surprised yet again. His friends basically throw him under the bus while the poor thing was nervous for his first game. His friends say that Thoma’s always excited for Friday nights cause he gets to watch the series with you and some other things that you found amusing.
Thoma’s team ends up winning and you congratulate him for a job well done, but all the things his friends said is still swimming around in your head. He meets his friends briefly, before they all leave and Thoma comes back around to you.
You just can’t hold it in. How can you keep it a secret? Plus you’ve been crushing on the guy for a while too. “Um so... your friends...they’re a little talkative...” you trail off seeing if he would get the hint. It takes him a few seconds before his face is a blushing mess. “W-Wait, did they say anything weird? D-Did they tell you a-about the stuff I say about you?”
You meekly nod your head and his face basically combusts into redness. Then he sighs... “I just... really like your company,” the both of you are just red.
“...Same,” you finally say and he takes that as a positive sign. “Th-Then, you don’t mind spending a bit more time with me, right?”
It’s a really simple start, but it was also really wholesome.
Tips are really appreciated! Or if you want something written ASAP, my commissions are open in limited amounts!
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 days ago
I have seen to many Y/N saved by their lover. So if you don't mmind, can you write for Diluc, Kaeya and other character you like getting saved instead by their lover. Like they are stuck in building that is on fire and their lover go rescue them or something. Hope this wasnt to much for your and take care!
summary: diluc, kaeya, and xiao + being saved by the reader
warnings: mentions of light violence and injury, the reader is capable of wielding a weapon (weapon not specified)
word count: 1.5k
author's note: !! anon you're so right! the genshin characters deserve to be the ones getting rescued for once >:T i took the liberty of adding xiao to this as i think he deserves to get helped once in a while and learn to rely on others 🤍you can tell hes one of my favorites to write, can't you?;;;;
Tumblr media
Diluc was regretting his actions severely. It was stupid of him to rush and try to take down some nearby Abyss Mages without thinking. Normally plans his heists out a little more, but this time he foolishly rushed into action.
He could feel the sweat running down his brow as he tried to think about what he was going to do now. He never came with backup, knowing he was strong enough to handle most of what the Abyss could currently throw at him.
That's where you came in, weapons blazing and power blinding. Diluc never would have expected you to come to his rescue, but he was ultimately grateful. You took out the enemies around him with incredible speed, carefully avoiding the area he was directly standing in while fighting them all off.
The wounded man couldn't help but be captivated by you. This wasn't the most opportune moment for this, no, but he couldn't help it. There was something so breathtaking about the way you fought His scarlet eyes were locked on you as you stole the air from his lungs.
When you had finally dealt with all the nuisances around you, you kneeled at his side, your eyes wide as you asked him how badly he was hurt. The concern in your voice dug into his heart. He wanted to be the one rescuing and protecting you, but here he was, helplessly needing someone else to come save him.
The way you tended to his injuries was tender and loving. Would anyone else have shown him such care? Diluc didn't know, but he bit back his words and rethought the whole situation.
He knew he wanted to protect you because he loved you, never wanting to lose you too. Did you protect him, come to his rescue, because you felt the same way? His eyes softened as he gazed at you again, feeling his heart thud inside of his chest.
You helped him stand, his legs still shaky and unsteady. His arm was looped around your shoulders as he put some of his weight on you, mumbling both a quiet apology and a thank you for your assistance.
The two of you returned to his home together, you helping him lay down and asking his maids to fetch some water and extra, clean bandages. When everything had calmed down, you sat beside him while he reclined on his bed, your hand holding his while you looked at him lovingly.
Diluc winced as he opened his mouth. "Thank you... for coming to my rescue," he mumbled, his eyes finally meeting yours. He never would have thought something like tonight would have happened, but after a lot of careful consideration, he had to concede that this wasn't the worst outcome. He never expected you to be the one saving him, but when you did so in such a heroic way and treated him so tenderly after, he had to admit he didn't completely hate it either.
Tumblr media
Kaeya planned everything carefully and thoroughly. It wasn't in his nature to let things get the best of him and he was incredibly skilled at adapting to whatever situation he faced. That's what made tonight such an anomaly.
Saying the mission had gone awry was an understatement. Kaeya was just lucky that you happened to be coming by when you did. Normally he could put out fires himself, an incredibly handy use for his blessed Cryo vision, but this time he was overwhelmed.
He had been sent out alone to deal with some hilichurl camps that had cropped up near the gates of Mondstadt. Usually, someone like him wouldn't have been sent out, but this time was different. These particular hilichurls had teamed up with the Abyss once again, so this mission needed someone a little more skilled.
Unfortunately for him, though, they had pulled some new trick that he wasn't anticipating and, while he was ultimately able to beat them, he got trapped within one of the hilichurl structures that had caught fire during the skirmish. He was doing his best to get out of it, but the flames always flared up again after he tried to use his vision.
Thankfully, you were nearby. When you saw the flames you came running, moving faster when you saw Kaeya trapped within. You quickly but efficiently got to trying to put out the flames, pulling him out when you were sure they were all extinguished.
He fell to his knees, gasping for breath and coughing heavily as soon as he was able to access the fresh air. In an instant, your hand was resting in between his shoulder blades, checking to make sure he wasn't too injured or hampered by the amount of smoke he inhaled.
With your help Kaeya was able to stagger up to an upright position, breathing heavily as you helped him walk to somewhere where you could care for him.
His pride wasn't injured at all, surprisingly. Kaeya was capable of recognizing that there were some times in life where he would need the help of others, but he never expected it to be like this, let alone from you.
Kaeya was lucky you came by. He never expected you to be the one saving him, used to being the one to play hero for the people of Mondstadt, but he was grateful all the same.
He thanked you, his brow wrinkled slightly as his breathing evened again. He coughed once more before looking at you properly, finally getting to see the concerned look in your eyes.
He did feel a bit bad, not wanting to be the one to worry you like this, so he deflected and tried to lighten the mood instead. He joked lightly about how you were his savior and how he would have been doomed without you, claiming that he now owes you a drink when he gets back up to par again. Kaeya felt slightly bad for changing the topic on you but he didn't want to see that level of concern in your eyes again.
Tumblr media
Xiao is a warrior. He has been for who knows how long and most likely always will. He was capable in battle and held an indomitable spirit. He never needed to depend on others, so he wasn't used to even entertaining the idea.
Something like this was never supposed to happen. He was just doing his job. Fighting to protect the mortals was the fate he was tied to and he resigned to doing it as best as he could.
Usually, he fought monsters, not machines. It wasn't rare for creatures to camp near the Inn after all, so he would often pick up his spear and head out to thin their numbers. This was his first time fighting a Ruin Hunter.
And oh boy, did it show. He held up well at first but, ultimately, it was getting the best of him. They were rare to see, so he wasn't at fault for not knowing that brute force wasn't the only thing he needed. Its ranged attacks overwhelmed him and he was quickly left injured behind a tree.
You were already a hero to Xiao. Someone who pulled him up during his darkest days and illuminated his path during the rest. You were his loving solace and his greatest supporter. You were his hero. But today, you would be his hero in a more physical sense as well.
He didn't know where you came from. You showed up one moment in a similar style to the way he tends to. You fought with grace and skill, quickly evading the machine's attacks before taking it down.
As soon as the Ruin Hunter's husk hit the ground, Xiao was back on his feet. He was hunched over, one hand gripping his gut in pain, as he leaned on his polearm like a crutch. His breathing was labored as he winced at his own slow movements.
Your arm wrapped around him before he was able to realize what you were doing. You supported his weight and assured him it was fine for him to rely on you this once.
Why were you doing this? Why did you bother? He was a monster, wasn't he? One or two good deeds here or there didn't erase the sins of his past and he didn't deserve your pity. He tried to shove you off but he was injured too badly, giving in and resting against you as you helped him back.
Several hours passed before he finally voiced his questions to you. His voice was quiet as he asked you why you stopped to help him. He should have anticipated your response, but it still caught him off guard. He was so used to being the one fighting, the one tearing apart his fellow monsters, that he never could have imagined someone coming to save him.
He didn't know how he felt about it. He was meant to be the one protecting mortals, not being saved by one. But as the sun set over the horizon, tinting the sky a warm painting of orange and pink, he thought to himself that it wasn't the worst. Maybe being saved by you wasn't a bad thing, not when you showed him such love. Not when you treated him so carefully. Not when you were willing to protect him as he was you.
Tumblr media
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ ɪꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀᴋᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇꜱ ᴀɴʏ ꜱᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ
Tumblr media
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plessieness · 23 hours ago
— genshin headcanons ; love languages
characters included ; diluc, kaeya, venti, albedo, zhongli, childe, xiao & thoma
gender neutral reader
these are my own hcs/interpretations !
— Diluc’s love language is acts of service, and he appreciates it a lot when you goes out of your way to do things for him. Whether it be breakfast in bed, helping him with his schedule, or something as simple as bringing him tea and snacks when he’s drowned in paperwork, he appreciates it and it makes him feel very loved and appreciated.
- He always makes sure to vocalize his appreciation and tells you how much he loves them after you’ve done something for him.
- After a particularly hard day, he just thinks it’s really nice to come home to a nice meal. Not only does it make him feel relaxed, but he also loves the idea that you were thinking of him even when he was away or working.
- He’s spent his whole life doing things for the vengeance of others, so it’s nice to have a partner like you that, instead, takes care of him for a change.
— Kaeya’s love language is physical touch. Small grazes of the hand, kisses, hugs, everything. He gets incredibly busy, and a little touch goes a long way for him.
- If he’s busy all day with work and you drop by to say hello, or check in on him, he typically gets a bit clingy and hesitant to let you leave again, especially if he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be working. You usually just reassure him with a kiss and he’ll have enough energy to get through the day.
- His absolute favorite affection is getting his hair played with. Feeling your fingers run through his hair is absolute bliss for him. He loves the attention and the feeling.
- He rarely holds enough trust in someone to let them be this intimate with him, so having you there and being able to trust you even when he’s vulnerable is so important to him. He’s touch starved, so when he starts dating you, his need for physical touch becomes apparent.
— Venti’s love language is gift giving. He loves gifts, no matter what they are, so as long as they’re meaningful.
- Every time you see him, you make sure to get him a gift even if it’s small. Usually you stick with Cecelias, but sometimes you’ll get him food, or pretty feathers you find. All of these are appreciated by him, and it makes his heart happy that you go out of your way to do that for his sake.
- His favorite ones, however, are always the more crafty ones that you come up with. If you take the time to weave him a flower crown, or make him food from scratch, or make him jewelry, he absolutely adores it. He loves thinking about the fact that you concentrated so carefully on a gift with his happiness in mind. It’s really special to him.
- Sure, as an archon, he can get all of these things on his own and receives offerings, but having someone so close to him put thought and effort into getting him something makes him feel loved.
— Albedo’s love language is words of affirmation. Reassurance, praise, support, he loves hearing directly from you that you’re there for him.
- When he’s deep into his experiments, he sometimes feels bad that he isn’t spending his time with you, and he can get in his head and worry that you may leave him. When you stop by and reassure him that you support him in his passions for alchemy, and that you love to see him focused and at his best, he feels a wave of relief and warmth. Frequent “I love you”’s are common place for Albedo because of this.
- He especially loves when he’s finished with an experiment and you praise him for it and reaffirm that his hard work paid off. He knows this already, of course, but he loves the acknowledgment and recognition from you specifically. He feels incredibly encouraged when you vocalize your support.
- He struggles with understanding indirect acts of love and can get in his head a lot, especially regarding him being a potential threat to Mondstadt, so having you there to support him, telling him you love him, is very important for him.
— Zhongli’s love language is quality time. Being around you makes him happy, as does having your devoted attention.
- Whether you’re in public or in private, you’re always off in your own world with Zhongli. He talks, reads to you, or just takes you on walks and you follow. He loves your presence and being accompanied by you makes his days so much better. He loves that you take time out of your schedule to spend one on one time with him.
- Sometimes, during more vulnerable moments, he’ll prefer you both to spend time together in private. He enjoys it most when you both cuddle in bed and he reads to you and you listen with your eyes set on him. It makes his heart flutter knowing that your gaze is set on him and your fully focused on what he’s saying.
- He knows that his time with you isn’t eternal, so he likes spending every moment he can with you. Having your attention and focus dedicated to him during certain hours of the day makes him feel incredibly loved.
— Childe’s love language is acts of service, he loves having things done for him, no matter what it is.
- Being a harbinger and helping take care of his siblings means that he often doesn’t have downtime to himself. Having you around to give him gentle reminders, make sure he eats, and even watch over Teucer when he can’t really solidifies to him that yeah, you love him a lot. He appreciates it more than he can express.
- He really loves when you help him train. It combines two of his favorite things, you, and getting stronger. He loves to have friendly spars with you, or when you help monitor his training progress. More often than not, you help make sure he doesn’t overwork himself, or get too in his head and stressed. You’re grounding and he enjoys that you are so willing to assist him.
- He does a lot for his family without payment, and his job is to be subservient to the Tsaritsa and ask for nothing in return. Having you there to do things for him without expecting anything but his love as payment makes him feel overjoyed. He feels that he can really be himself with you.
— Xiao’s love language is quality time. When he isn’t fighting off the evil within the world, he prefers to be spending his time with you.
- He’s lost a lot, so he was hesitant to get close to you, but you persisted and you visited the Wangshu Inn often. You took time out of your day to be there with him and you never bothered him with pointless conversation, you just provided your presence. Eventually, he let his walls down and you two became closer than ever, and he’s loved you for a while. You’re his go to when he feels his burden a little more than usual. He never needs to explain, you understand and you accompany him— whether it be on a walk, sitting together, you talking to him, or just his head in your lap.
- It’s most special to him when you set up a date for the both of you. Anything from a simple picnic, to spending the night under the stars really helps him realize how much you love him and just how much you intend on sticking around. It always helps him keep his mind off the burden he carries, and you know that, so dates are a frequent occurrence.
- Xiao doesn’t talk much, and he always worries that he comes off as distant to even you, but despite his demeanor, you still make plenty of time for you both to spend together, and that’s how he knows that you truly adore him.
— Thoma’s love language is physical touch. He adores you, especially how gentle your touch is.
- Many might think that Thoma’s love language is acts of service due to his reputation within the Kamisato Clan, however that’s always felt more like a job to him. What he really loves is curling up in your arms after a long day of negotiating, fighting, and cleaning. Feeling your warm embrace and your hands tracing shapes into his back as he rests against you is absolute bliss to him. It’s how he hopes to always finish his days.
- After his more stressful days, you can definitely tell when he is in dire need of physical comfort. He usually relaxes once in your arms and typically falls asleep to the sound of your heartbeat. It’s his favorite way to relieve any tension and stress remaining from a particularly long day. Your presence and warmth is his best form of comfort and relaxation. He loves having your fingers run through his hair, or feeling your soft kisses pepper his skin.
- He often feels homesick, so having you there to always welcome him with open arms makes him feel like he’s back home without being there. You’re his rock and where you are, that’s where home is to him.
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ahlogic · a day ago
Genshin Impact
prompt: s/o who plays a sad match maker
summary: they've been with you the longest and loved how you helped people with their romantic struggle, but why is it that you always looked so lonely?
pronouns: you're pretty, closer to female.
distance: crush to lovers
attendance: kaeya, diluc, and zhongli
﹤⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹡⊹﹡⳾ ⳾ ⳾﹥
Tumblr media
KAEYA ALBERICH-- marked present.
dear Kaeya sees everything. first he thought you were just shocked how your planning worked, but then it happened again and again and again.
he loves the first instance where you're overjoyed for your friend, both of the new happy couple spouting about how they are so thankful for you. and you smile.
he watches the how the creases don't meet your eyes, how you nod when you mind appears empty.
how he just wanted to reach out to you and ask what was wrong? weren't you happy for them.
and you were! you were very happy! but this ache in your chest, you sometimes feels guilty when it takes hold of you. why can't that be you with someone to love?
kaeya would try to take you away from your nonofficial job, to help you with your struggles that you refused to open up to him about.
"just know i'm here if you ever want to pour your heart out to." he means that. you're there for him. how could a man who's romantically interested in you not allow you room to open up to him? simply not a man at all.
it's not until you're in the middle of the night with kaeya, on a hill by a tree with your head rested on kaeya's shoulder that you finally pull down your walls.
"I'm so lonely." You break the silence, dragging Kaeya from his thoughts and forcing him to look at you worried. "I'm constantly making people happy, and I love to help. Happy couples in love is my goal." You're silent after that. Kaeya thought you dropped the conversation until you picked it up, pawing at his left sleeve and he stiffened from your toying.
"Lonely is a common stepping stone. Some people are stopped in it's miserable pass, but why are you dear?" He asked, a small smile forming on his face, stroking his hand through your hair.
"I should be happy, shouldn't I?" You ask, watching how the soft cloth of his baggy sleeve morphed in your hands.
"You can only feel as happy as you allow yourself, are you happy?"
"I'm happy here with you." You reply quietly, a small smile playing on your lips. He choked back a laugh and looked down at you, ruffling your hair.
"Oh, you always know how to make a man have a good time."
Silence suffocates you both again and you drown in your thoughts once more.
"Kaeya." You voice broke and he looked down at you once more. You locked eyes with him, half-lidded eye lids with the most defeated and vulnerable sense. Your lips begin to quiver and tug down, no matter how much you fought them not to. "Why do I feel like I'm missing out on the world?" Kaeya narrowed his eye at you, suddenly taking in your words as though they were the last thing he would ever hear. Your hues suddenly began clouding with tears. "Kaeya, can I not have love?"
The moment you finish your sentence, he swoops forward and presses a hand behind your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. With shock evident on your face, you kiss back relaxing, tears falling down your cheeks.
With his arms secured tightly around you, he pulled back. For a split moment, you see him vulnerable. Someone who was morphed just like you, lonely on the sidelines. A smile graces his lips and he pulls your back into his chest and rests his head on top of yours.
"I will always be here for you. I love you. Don't ever forget it, my love." Your eyes grow wide, and then, you allow yourself to cry. You were loved. And this night will be talked about in the morning once you let out all this bundled stress.
Tumblr media
DILUC RAGNVINDR-- marked present.
Diluc knew how you would come to his tavern late at night with a new couple as they treated you to drinks and food. he couldn't help but realize the discomfort in you expressed when they showed any form of affection, how they would even so look at each.
every smile that left you was far to wide or too small to be shown as overloading happiness. perhaps Diluc was just good at reading people from his time being a tavern owner/bartender. afterwards you would come to him and talk to him to catch up. you would follow a routine of this and walk him home.
he didn't want to pry into your life since you generously hadn't pried into his. but the boy was so curious from your actions. whenever he bluntly asked about it, you would show him that disgustingly fake smile and bow. "don't worry about me! i'm fine!"
you were always made him want to strap you down and torture you for an answer but it's not as though you were doing anything bad when helping others.
did you not trust him? he tried his best to be there for you with his busy agenda. would money make you talk? just kidding..
but as you sat on the couch of his large home with him getting you tea and treating you, you asked him a sudden question.
"Diluc, do you have any romantic interest?" You ask, harmlessly. You accepted the tea from him, muttering a thank you. The red haired man flushed suddenly and he saw across from you pulling his grape juice filled glass to his lips.
"Why ask such a strange question? ...I might." He looked away, feeling strangely coy around the subject. No matter of the doubt he had a crush on you. But as soon as he answered, he saw that expression again. The tight smiled response and widened painful eyes.
"Oh, that's good." You couldn't keep your voice steady as you did with your mutual friends. "What a lucky girl." You looked down at your lap, a thousand thoughts plaguing your mind.
You both sat in silence, drinking and mulling over your drinks. He was far too uncomfortable now to start a conversation. He didn't want to confess but, you said lucky? So he's worth being loved right? You might be interested him too, right? But you probably think he doesn't like you, he is very out of touch with is feelings, it would make sense.
"Do you think," You start out, cautiously. "that someone might love me? Th-that I can find love?" Eyes never met his rare red ones and he frowned. You're so beautiful. Of course, he's glared at multiple men who looked even a slight bit interested in you. This is for your happiness although, not theirs. Not his.
"Yes." He answers, then clears his throat. "I believe so." "Tell me about this girl..." You ask quietly, trying to drop the strange conversation. "She's insecure. And...pretty dumb." He looks away when you look up at him suddenly. A smile grew on your lips and you nod. Your smile isn't as forced as it was. "I invite her on walks a lot, and try to get closer to her, but I tend to be busy. So I give her permission to my house when I'm away..."
Everything led back to you, but you simply couldn't believe such a thing. You shouldn't give yourself false hope. In response to your negative thoughts, you eyes begin to well. "(Name)," he stood up, knocking you out of your thoughts. His eyes narrowed down at you. "I love you. I want you. And I want you to want me." He lowered his ungloved hand to make you look up at him, hand wiping away a fallen tear. "Please, let me love you."
Tumblr media
ZHONG LI-- marked present.
he always thought humans were interesting. but also very sad creatures. he thought becoming the closest thing he can could help him in his discovery of understanding how they worked.
you were a puppeteer, a sad good puppeteer who was meant to do only want you were good at, matchmaking.
he saw what you did was clever. you brought two people together to the point of bond where they would make a contract to live their lives together.
as the nights would grow long however, he watched how your eyes dulled, when returning couples or new distressed singles would ask for help or advice, praising their love ones and giving their thanks in gifts and trinkets. why must you look so sad?
he allowed himself often breaks with you, where you would take him out to eat. he saw all of your actions as platonic, maybe a side joke about how he isn't able to take you out since he had a mora deviancy. you took him out for stress relievers, whenever you two needed it.
he would tell you tales and such and watch you fall closer and closer to him. he didn't quite understand it but he noticed himself slowly wanting to become closer and closer to you when you two parted ways.
he watches you from afar as you assist others in their feuds.
he would ask you whenever you two were alone if you were okay. mortals mental health is an upmost priority after all. but you would shake your head and put your hands up. "I'm fine. don't worry"
then why did your actions go against your words?
You picked up his menu and handed it to the waiter along with yours, smiling and thanking the man politely. Turning back to Zhong li, you watched him take a sip of his warm tea, seeing him smile in approval. "Thank you for kindly taking me out again. It's nice having these moments with you." He spoke from his heart, the heart of an immortal and you laughed.
"If it's you, I'd do anything." You immediately feel embarrassed from your words and looked away. The closure he felt from your words was strangely new. His golden eyes skim over your features and he takes another sip before setting his glass down. "Please, do not mind my rudeness but I have a question."
"Shoot." You answer, reaching for your ice water.
"Why must you look sad when gracing others with love?"
You freeze at his words, processing them slowly. You take a sip. "I don't." His eyes narrow, displeasure from the lie making his mouth feel bitter, sweet honey tea not helping. You fix your mistake because of his observant eyes. "I do. But it isn't that I'm upset that I am good at pairing people. It's just that..." You rest your head on your hand, reverting your gaze to somewhere else. The restaurant wasn't busy, pretty mundane to the point where rowdiness wasn't appropriate at the time of night. A peaceful environment for the both of you. "love is so complicated."
"It is." You perk when he responds. "I believe I have been experiencing symptoms of it, but I don't know who to go to for assistance. I've never fallen in love before." Zhong li says this brutally, your eyes widening, staring into his glowing eyes. "I wish these feelings were only on those around me. But it seems as though I had unknown other plans."
"Man, I wish I could find love. You're so lucky. Being as handsome as you are, you can get anyone as long as you point at them and ask. I can't imagine anyone who would ask that of me, though. Not even imaging doing that to someone." You blow a raspberry and eye the table with doubt. He thought over your response and somethings just didn't add up. His feelings completely went against yours. You were wrong.
"Why do you think that?" You make eye contact again from the astounded tone he used.
"Well-- I just think no one could fall in love with me. There's nothing to fall for, y'know?" You let out a nervous laugh and shrink when he suddenly stand up.
"There is plenty to fall in love over. Your hair which is softer then a silk flower when I run my fingers through it, your bright eyes to see me easily lift my mood after a long day, same your smile, your voice as soft and graceful in the morning as well as it is at night brings a sense of ease to me. You make me feel as though I can breathe and look forward to what you have to throw at me. You make me feel at home which I could never feel all my life I lived." Your eyes watered and you choked back an answer while putting at hand to your mouth.
His eyes become soft and gentle as he looks down at you, bringing his hand up, he points at you, pulling you close with the other one.
"Allow me to have you, and I will allow you to have me, for I have fallen for you."
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grotesquefave · 2 days ago
cw: double penetration, soft dom!diluc, hard dom!kaeya, degradation, dumbification, dacryphilia (?), spitting, anal with no prep man, not proofread, probably not very good, the timeline of events is off
the idea of being kaeya and diluc's pathetic little fucktoy, their bodies dwarfing your frame. maybe because they’re brothers, idk. just,,, the thought of them fucking you at the same time, pressing their bodies against mine. diluc thrusting slowly into your ass, your arms wrapped around his neck while kaeya lifts your legs up onto his shoulder, prodding your cervix at a relentless pace. fucked out whines and babbles emitting from your throat.
diluc plants soft kisses on the top of your head in an attempt to console you as tears cloud your eyes, your mascara running down your cheeks. if you didn’t want to end up sandwiched between them like this, you shouldn’t have worn that dress at the bar. were you even wearing a bra? he swore he could see the faintest outline of your nipples. and when you had to bend over to pick up your ID off of the floor, he could see the thin cloth covering your cunt. he couldn’t wait to rip it off.
by the time you had walked into the door they were all over you. kaeyas hands roaming around your body before pulling up your dress and latching his mouth onto your tits. a gasp leaving your mouth. diluc kneels before kissing your clothes cunt, pressing two fingers against your clit. he finally pulls your panties down, savoring the string of slick that connected to your panties. he suddenly turns you around and lifts you up, making you squeal in surprise. kaeya quickly follows suit and grabs your legs. kaeya wastes no time pulling out his cock and pushing it inside you. he leans into your shoulder and moans as you squirm. diluc slowly inserts his cock into your ass, quieting your pained moans with a kiss.
he tells kaeya to be more gentle with you, kaeya scoffs in return. "oh please, she loves being fucked like the whore she is." your face heats up as you look away in embarrassment. kaeya grabs your face, “open your mouth. now.” you spread your lips, tongue lolling out of your mouth. you can feel his warm saliva on your tongue. “swallow.”
you close your mouth before he lets out a low groan of “fuck..” before he slaps your clit, making you jolt in pleasure. diluc nudges at your neck with his nose, moving your hair out of the way before biting your neck. you whimper softly before he grips the flesh of your ass.
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mitachurls · 2 days ago
dating teen diluc and kaeya
aka before everything went wrong </3
included: teen!diluc x noble!reader, teen!kaeya x noble!reader
genre: fluff. so much fluff. inspired by the boys' webtoon personalities.
requested by @shawtynumberone
he confesses to you the evening of a ball
it’s an in-the-moment thing - a course of action diluc wasn’t used to following
but it’s been sitting in his heart for too long; the way you smile at him and the way when the two of you share a dance his heart flutters and the way whenever he runs into you you strolling the streets of mondstadt he pretends that he was heading in the same direction as you all along just for a chance to talk to you,
he had to do it. he had to confess.
you’re half-ready for the ball, half in ball attire, and half in clothing you’d been wearing from a nap you just woke up from
the maid that tells you that someone’s waiting for you at the door didn’t try to hide her smile - and the house staff you passed on the way down to the door all giggled as you passed
you made it to the door - and there stands master diluc, in a slightly disheveled suit and patting his hair with one hand, while holding a bouquet of flowers in the other
“master diluc-”
“do you-”
you both start talking at the same time
diluc tinges pink as he looks at the cobbled floor in front of your home. you both exchange “my apologies,” “sorry,” “you were saying?” “no, you go first,” before diluc holds out his bouquet of red flowers, takes a breath in and
“would you like to go to the ball with me?”
that ball was the first of many, many more
but diluc was never tired of the exhilaration he felt as he walked into them holding your hand
shared dances are something the two of you treasure - if it’s with you, he’d ballroom dance anywhere; an open balcony, a garden in mondstadt, beside cider lake, in front of his fireplace - he doesn’t mind
the benefits to dating diluc means that kaeya now has a new member to join his teasing diluc™ crew. he's beyond excited to have someone else be able to make fun of diluc with LMAOOO
diluc doesn't really mind though. its u <3 kaeya on the other hand...
his hands, usually scarred and tough from training with the knights, would be so gentle with you. he melts into your touch and he swears all his worries disappear in your presence
sometimes, he just lays in your lap while you braid his hair, chatting to him about whatever. he listens calmly, and laughs along at the jokes you throw in and comforts you when you need it.
he sneaks out of the house at night sometimes to meet up with you, his father pretends not to hear the door close as he leaves, and he makes sure to come bearing some sort of gift
diluc is a gentleman, and someone who treasures you a lot - and he’s willing to be in a relationship with you for as long as he can
occasionally training with the knights, and attending balls has you acquainted and friends with many of the other people your age around mondstadt
and that includes.. kaeya <3
you found yourselves getting close, fast
it may have been the way you two happened to get separated from the rest of the group when you all went on walks around mondstadt, so caught up in your own antics you didn't realise before it was too late that the rest of the group was shoving their elbows at each other and winking in your direction,, as they scrambled to give you two a chance alone
kaeya noticed immediately, you see him fumble for words for a second as he tries to keep himself together
you smiled up at him. “what’s wrong, kaeya? can’t handle me alone?”
he shoved you lightly, a familiar smirk returning to his face “shouldn’t i be the one asking you that?”
you recoiled, feigning disgust. “you can’t even handle a horse alone without it throwing you on the floor in seconds, let alone me. please never become a cavalry captain,”
“oh, you take that back,” his familiar laughter rung out, as you started to run away from him
that was one of the first times kaeya realised how much you made his heart flutter
months later, that’s exactly where he confesses.
except this time its night and the two of you snuck out of a ball and are lying on the grass, watching the stars
it’s there you share your first kiss
being in a relationship with kaeya is whispered jokes and arms slung around shoulders and sneaking out together and twirling each other around under a starry sky
It’s running through the gardens of mondstadt and kicking up water from the lake at each other and it’s shared nights where you two fall asleep slumped over each other in front of the fireplace
kaeya views you as his absolute equal - his partner in crime, his other half, as someone to dance the nights away to
kaeya knows his life is bound to change in the future - but the one constant he’d fight to have in it is you.
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ohmykazuha · a day ago
Tumblr media
order: SENCHA (煎茶)
from the customer: diluc, gorou, zhongli, childe x gn!reader
warning: fluff
a/n: idk you can wear a suit/dress if you wish XD let's try to get this past 200? maybe? :"D
Tumblr media
Diluc's face was a mix of a longing sadness, yet a bittersweet happiness that he got to spend his night with you. A night of dancing, laughter, and with the person that got his hardened heart to soften – he never wanted it to end. It was truly a special night for the both of you... the uncrowned royalty of Mondstadt.
"Are you going to leave now? You can't leave, you just got here-" Diluc spluttered, his heart heavy with disappointment. You had literally just walked into the function, navy blue suit catching his eye.
"I can't stay forever, Diluc. Tonight has been fun, but I can't stay forever. See you next time, alright?" You smiled sadly, pressing the palm of your hand to his cheek and cradling it gently.
"Tomorrow. Meet me tomorrow in Mondstadt, in front of the fountain, and we will have a much better time there. Alright?" Diluc kissed the top of your forehead, holding you close to his body. You could feel the warmth of his touch, hitching your breath slightly as you huddled closer into his embrace.
"As long as you find me. I'm not Cinderella, after all," You chuckled. You didn't want this to end, but you had to go back home. All wonderful things had to come to an end. Nevertheless, you were comforted by the fact that you would see Diluc the next day, so it was going to be alright.
"I'd find you. You found me first, after all."
"Do you.. do you really have to go so soon? Time has truly flown tonight, (Y/N)..." Gorou whined softly, holding your hand.
"Tonight was amazing, Gorou. Thank you for everything." You whispered, hugging him close.
He leaned into your embrace, a comfortable, yet sad, silence passing in between you both. You would certainly miss him. People like Gorou were hard to come by nowadays – strong and resilient, and fighting for justice. Your friend, Sangonomiya Kokomi, had introduced the two of you and left you alone (much to your despair at first). However, the two of you had hit it off immediately.
"You know.. tonight doesn't have to be the last night we can see each other. We can still see each other elsewhere, alright? We can meet up, go for lunch or something... and you could help out with the Resistance. We can still see each other, if you'd like." Gorou offered, a shy smile on his face. His fluffy ears twitched in excitement.
Hearing that, you couldn't help but feel the corners of your lips turn upwards. Yes, yes, yes! Of course, why didn't it occur to you earlier? A sheer rush of glee filled you, and you almost squealed out loud. Gorou, seeing your excited face, smiled along.
"Yes! Let's do that. I can't wait, ah.." You replied, a dreamy tone filling your voice. Oh no, was that too much? Could he hear? Oh dear... but you couldn't wait!
Zhongli's hand latched around your waist, holding you close to him. The taller man looked down at you with a sweet smile, and you hated to think that it was going to be over soon. You exhaled disappointedly, laying your head on his shoulder.
"What has you all dejected, (Y/N)? Am I dancing too slow for you? I can go a little faster, if that is your wish-"
"No, it's alright. This is perfect." You replied, a gentle smile on your face. Zhongli was... perfect. You didn't want this to end, who knew when you would see him again?
"Are you upset that tonight is ending as well? It has been an amazing time with you. Thank you for tonight." He smiled back.
"I wish I could see you again, I guess... I appreciate your company a lot, Zhongli. You mean a lot to me." You replied, wistfully.
Oh, how you wished tonight would not end! Tonight was the epitome of perfect. You loved him, and there was a sense of love in the air. It was getting painfully obvious, and you couldn't help but fall for this man even more.
"It doesn't have to be our last night, (Y/N). I'll still see you around Liyue, and we'll hang out even more. I could bring you to Qingyun Peak, if you'd like. It's a wonderful spot for sightseeing." Zhongli replied, smiling gently. Yes.. yes! That was wonderful. You couldn't wait!
"That would be ideal... thank you. I'm looking forward to it." You glanced back up at him, smiling widely.
Childe laid a hand on your shoulder, a sweet smile on his face. He hugged you close, sighing gently.
"Don't be too sad, comrade! We'll see each other again soon. I promise." He grinned.
"How did you know?" You glanced up at him, a bittersweet smile on your face. He was right. You didn't want this day to end. It was perfect, after all.
"Well, who wouldn't miss me– I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Your face said it all." Childe laughed in response, you sighing, not unkindly.
"I guess.. I'm just disappointed, I guess. I want to see you again. I really do." You exhaled disappointedly.
"It doesn't have to be the last, you know. We can still see each other! I'll bring you on a picnic, we can go to Liyue, anywhere you want!" He kissed you on the forehead, smiling widely.
I... yes! That was it! Yes, you couldn't wait! Ah, how exciting romance was..
"Yes, let's do that, then. I can't wait to see you again, hm?" You giggled softly. Yeah... until next time. You would wait for him until then.
BROOOOO THIS WAS SO LONG LMAO AGHKSGHKJAGHJKS PLS APPRECIATE TuT likes and reblogs are really really appreciated, reblogs even more so!
taglist: @bookuya, @mikachuchu, @starglitterz, @cherubbic, @noirkkat, @the-gayest-sky-kid, @ajaxeology, @icecappa, @almondto-fu, @gnyuvile, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst. @simplyxsinned, @heaven-dissolution, @xiaoyksa, @yua1106, @geolatt3u, @mayple, @rim0na, @kamitoge, @abyssheart, @hushyouu
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mikachuchu · 2 days ago
Opposites Attract
Tumblr media
ーDiluc x gender neutral reader 
ーFormat: headcannons
ーRequest: Hey!! I hope you're doing great💗💗 do you mind if I request headcanons of diluc with a cheerful happy go lucky s/o I'm weak for opposite attracts 😩 thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!, by @estelle-starlight
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•Originally found you a bit annoying, you slightly reminded him of Venti but, well, less of an alcoholic
•Lowkey was a little jealous of you and your bright nature but he slowly started to warm up to you because you just wouldn't leave him be and it was immature of him to ignore you because of a petty reason 
•At first, Diluc was like "mmm they're a little cute.." as a joke. But bro,I doN'T THINK ITS A JOKE ANYMOREー
•Achievement unlocked: Crush
•I think you annoyed him so much to the point that he would be more worried if you hadn't bothered him at least once a day
•He tries really hard to keep you happy and bright because he once was like you and he doesn't want your smile to fade like his did :)
•He knows it doesn't really take a lot to make you happy but he always goes the extra mile like spoiling you a lot
•Speaking of spoiling you, regardless if you're in a relationship yet or not, his bias towards you is basically written on his forehead.
•Free drinks? Not a problem, just ignore Venti and Kaeya's complaining. Oh you rambled about something you wanted to buy? No worries. Diluc has you covered, what color do you want?
•Just a little detail I'd like to add, but I think he would like your cheeks specifically? He would squish them if you'd let him and would mentally comment on how cute they are if they're a little chubby, especially since that trait of yourself is more obvious when you smile
•Your attitude is a bit infectious and he ends up in a better mood whenever he's interacting with you, you might even get a slight smile from him if you're lucky
•You know those people who could just make the entire mood of a room so much better by simply just walking in? Diluc thinks you're that person ehe
•I feel like both of you have never actually confessed but at one point in your relationship you held hands and went "This is nice" and now little forms of affection are now exchanged between you two
•If you're the type to give people affectionate nicknames, heads up, Diluc's favorites are the typical old-school nicknames like "darling" and "love". 
•A lot of people wonder how you two got together because ??? YOU'RE SO DIFFERENT? Kaeya knew all along though and even got a few mora for winning a bet between him and Rosaria about your relationship 
•He just adores you the way that you are and wouldn't change a thing <3
Tumblr media
《General Masterlist》
Tumblr media
Taglist: @urujiako , @simplyxsinned , @starglitterz , @alberivh , @noirkkat , @chichikoi , @oreoz-unfortunately , @bookuya , @shxnosuke , @abyssheart , @almond-adeptus , @masterofbrioches , @almondto-fu , @thomaghosty , @tsu-simps-for-pretty-bois , @simplyxkashi , @spottyspatula , @icecappa , @mayple
Send an ask if you want to be added!
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ddarker-dreams · 3 hours ago
How will the Yan Genshin Impact boys react when their darling wipes their mouth after a kiss (or spits if it's a French kiss)?
Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere themes, unhealthy relationships, not SFW implications, and unwanted physical contact. Note: this idea had me absolutely ASCENDING
"Ah... the more you look at me like that, the more tempting you become. You really are made for me, aren’t you?” 
Childe won’t be perturbed by your show of defiance. If anything, it makes him want you infinitely more. You glaring coldly at him while spitting out your mixed saliva is enough to get adrenaline pumping through his system. He almost wants to pounce on you there and then. Instead of caving to his desires, he’ll verbally toy with you, trying everything he can to get more of a delicious reaction. Really, he doesn’t mind if you throw a little temper tantrum like this. He thinks it’s cute that you’re doing what you can to upset him, without knowing all you’re doing is endearing yourself to him more. That’s not to say his feelings aren’t the slightest bit hurt. He’s a man with lots of pride, y’know? So he’ll be a bit more meanspirited in his “teasing” than usual to blow off steam. Maybe he’ll apologize later if you let him pick up where he left off, who knows. His mood is fickle at times. 
"If you’re going to act so boldly... at least have the wherewithal to look me in the eyes, [First].” 
Diluc wouldn’t take kindly to your actions. He’s embarrassed enough as is for losing control and indulging in your body, for you to reject him so brazenly... it stings. The stinging sensation doesn’t last long before it morphs into genuine hurt. You can tell by the way his eyebrows furrow together and the clenching of his jaw that you’ve struck a nerve. It’s not just you that he’s upset with, it’s himself. Here he is, preaching about how he’s kept you away in his manor for your protection, only to cave into physical need like any other man. The men he explained he was keeping you away from for your own good. Whether or not you believed his reasoning, you certainly won’t now; his true selfish colors surfacing and staining your perception of him further. He’ll hold a tense staring contest with you until you break away, then storm out of the room, his mind a mess. Expect him to brood in the distance for some time afterward. 
"Awe, there’s no need to pout, sweetheart. Did I come off too strongly, perhaps? Sorry, sorry. I want to promise that I’ll be gentler next time, but well... we both know that’d be a lie, wouldn’t we?” 
Kaeya does his best to try and brush it off. If he focuses on it too much, you might get the impression that you managed to actually hurt him. That wouldn’t be good in the long run. Kaeya wants you to believe that no matter how hard you try, every form of defiance you offer is futile in the end; though he wouldn’t want you to stop being rebellious altogether. So long as it’s within reason. That being said, he wouldn’t be too happy if you continuously refused physical intimacy with him. He’s got needs that need to be met (according to him). If you’re being resistant and he’s not in the mood to play around, he might sigh, then offer you a reward of some sort for complying. Or, if he’s had a long and hard day, quiet threats murmured in a sickeningly sweet voice is his go-to. It really depends and his entirely out of your control. There’s a good chance that you do not want to deal with the latter. 
"Hm? Did I do something to upset you, [First]?” 
Zhongli wouldn’t lessen his grip on your sides while you vigorously wipe your lips. The Lord of Geo will have a frown on his otherwise unreadable face, allowing you the time to regain yourself and offer an acceptable excuse. He feels as if he’s been patient enough in handling your tumultuous feelings up until this point. Normally, he wouldn’t kiss you or otherwise get too physical if you didn’t initiate; he secretly likes being able to hold that over you. Reminding you that it could be worse, at least he’s a gentleman in that regard. So it’d be you who, for whatever reason, decides to break away and spite him. Depending on your response, he might have it within him to forgive. If you murmur you were getting anxious or feeling sick, he’ll dote on you and carry you to bed, then be on his way to brew some tea. Should you not provide adequate reasoning for yourself after getting him all excited like this, then well... he’d consider it an unspoken contract being broken. So be good and let him finish what he started. 
"Did I misjudge my timing? Or, perhaps... are you feeling too nervous? Here, let me feel your pulse. Hm... just as I thought. You need to relax. You’ll feel better that way.” 
Albedo’s initial response is to go over what he may have done wrong. Understanding the nuances of emotions is uncharted territory for him, and as such, he expected to have errors in his judgment. That’s just how it is in research until you’re able to receive more conclusive information. He ran multiple simulations of this scenario through his mind, plotting the best course for success and coming to the conclusion you’d be willing to kiss when the mood is right. Albedo told himself that he just wanted to try it, out of curiosity and nothing else, but really... he liked it more than he thought he ever would. So you putting a premature end to his satisfying experience is unappreciated. Has a blank expression as you swipe your lips against your sleeve to clean your mouth, almost as if the weight of your action hasn’t fully set in. It takes him a few moments. Then he sighs, quiet and drawn out, his once inquisitive eyes taking a sharper appearance. Might just stay there and stare at you in silence to make you uncomfortable, his arms and legs crossed. 
"... Why are you doing that?” 
Your frenzied movement doesn’t register in his brain immediately. He’s almost more upset that you managed to successfully wriggle away from his long enough, cutting him off from his previous enjoyment. If you play your cards right, you might manage to thinly avoid frustrating him further, by explaining you needed room to breathe or whatever. Should you not try to explain yourself, then he’s going to get impatient and go back in to pick up where he left off. Kissing is good, right? People seem to look happy when they do it together. So he doesn’t get what the big deal is. What’s up with all the glaring? Did you think that’d make him stop? Whatever the case, he’s determined to get his fill of kisses, and doesn’t care to stop. It wouldn’t register until later that you wiping your mouth was a show of insolence. Xiao was genuinely too caught up in the heat of the moment to give it more than a single thought. He’ll quietly sit in the same room as you, making sure you know full well that he’s ignoring you until you apologize. Will probably come crawling back to talk on like day three though. 
"What a disagreeable thing you are. Acting all high and mighty like you aren’t enjoying yourself... to alleviate the guilt, perhaps? Apologize while I’ll still listen.” 
Scaramouche covers up his humiliation over your reaction by getting haughty. His face gets redder than anyone else here, his body burning head to toe at your blatant rejection of his advances. He loathes how vulnerable he has to be around you. Weakness is a quality he can’t stand, and while he would never admit to you making him weak, he knows it’s an undeniable fact. It’s unsettling that you hold any power over a divinely created individual such as himself. Experiencing you denying him time after time again breaks what little heart he has remaining. As such, he distracts himself from the hurt by swearing to make you regret it. Any pain you inflict upon him, he promises to repay tenfold. For the rest of the day, his men know better than to approach him, as he’s absolutely seething in rage. His enemies can sense his bloodlust from miles away. Honestly, there’s a chance some Fatui agent might plead with you to just give in to stop the carnage outside. 
"Please don’t be like that, [First]. I treat you so well, don’t I? Like royalty. So just this once... let me indulge. I won’t take long.” 
Kazuha is more hurt than he lets on. He understands that well, maybe you don’t like him as much as he adores you yet, but is under the impression that you’ll change your mind. He is a huge sweetheart, isn’t he? Getting you anything you ask for (within reason), carrying you when your legs are too tired to walk, penning poem after poem dedicated to your beauty. While he does act this way because he thinks you deserve it, another part of him starts to feel entitled to your reciprocated affection. Kazuha isn’t sure what else he can do to get you to love him back and it’s deeply distressing. Just a few seconds ago, the two of you were connected; as if nothing else in the world mattered. Then you went and rudely woke him from his lovely dream. His chest feels strangely tight. Not in the pleasant way that only you can invoke either, it’s an unwanted tension that he wishes to rid himself of. To be both the sickness and remedy to his ailments at once... he muses over the tragedy of it all. 
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glazelilyy · 11 hours ago
no no you don't understand i want to smother him in kisses and love because dear god does he deserve it
just imagine: his flustered face and averting gaze, shy stutters in some and vehement denials in others. and the few who embrace it are still rosy messes bathed in adoration and littered in the remnants of the crimson lipstick marks on his skin
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bumbleklee · a day ago
labor and delivery
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | pregnancy series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: pregnancy, labor/birth, 5.2k words
a/n: congratulations, you’re a mother <3
Tumblr media
Instead of feeling anxious about your due date being days away, you felt at peace. And it felt like the world was at peace, too. The sun illuminated your kitchen, warm beams of light caressing your body. You could hear birds chirping outside and the stray cat you fed was sitting on a barrel next to the window.
You contemplated going outside to bask in the breeze but opted to stay inside. Despite your pleasant mood, you couldn’t help but feel like something was going to happen today. Your mind pondered the possibilities, skipping over the most obvious one.
Diluc was still asleep when you climbed out of bed. Some of the Knights kept him at the tavern extra late so you decided to let him rest.
You stood in front of the counter of your kitchen and reached up to pull a mug off a shelf. You had been drinking tea for the majority of your pregnancy and you couldn’t wait until you could finally have a mug of coffee again. You hummed to yourself as you filled the kettle with water and placed it on the stove.
A sudden, abrupt feeling hit your body like a ton of bricks. The feeling made your body jerk and a gasp left your lips, your hand instinctively covering your baby bump. Your other hand swept across the counter and knocked the ceramic mug onto the ground, leaving the porcelain to break into a million pieces.
Your midwife had described that leading up to the birth of the twins, you might feel braxton hicks. But something inside of you was telling you that this wasn’t just braxton hicks.
And your fears were correct when you felt something warm and wet running down your legs.
You screamed for your husband, panic rising up your throat. The comforting morning you had was thrown out the window as another contraction hit your body. “This can’t be happening,” You said to yourself. You were afraid to move, afraid to do anything, so all you could is yell for Diluc and pray that he heard you.
When Diluc finally heard you calling his name, he shot out of bed. He didn’t even bother to put proper clothes or shoes on, running down the stairs in his pajama set.
“Hey, hey,” Diluc said, shock and confusion written all over his face. “What’s going on?”
“The babies,” You breathed out, “I think they’re coming.”
You watched as the color drained from Diluc’s face. You weren’t supposed to have the twins for another few days. Nothing was set up and Diluc had even given his staff the weekend off. “Oh my god. Oh my god. What should we do? What should I do?”
Another contraction hit before you could answer, sending Diluc into another fit of hysteria. “You need to go into town and get my midwife,” You shakily said, “Like, now.”
“And leave you alone? Oh god, what if you give birth right here?”
You stepped closer to Diluc and pulled on his arms, guiding his hands to your baby bump. “I need you to focus. We can’t have both of us freaking out, okay?” Your husband nodded. “Everything is going to be fine but you need to get my midwife.”
Diluc nodded his head again, more firmly this time. His shaky hands led you to the couch where he knew you would be safe. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and bolted out the door, leaving you alone.
At the sound of the front door closing, you couldn’t stop the tears welling in your eyes. You knew Diluc would be back with your midwife and everything would be fine, like you said moments before, but you couldn’t stop the sheer terror that was creeping through your bones. Were you ready to be a mother? Could you give your babies the life they deserve? Too many questions flooded your mind and for the first time in months, you cried.
They return home within an hour and by then your tears have dried up. You were trying to focus on your breathing instead.
Diluc rushed to you, grateful that you were where he left you. “Is everything okay?” He asked quietly upon seeing your puffy eyes and red cheeks.
You forced a smile onto your lips and nodded, “Everything’s okay.”
“Where are we having this baby?” Your midwife said, interrupting the moment between you and Diluc. He stood up straight and motioned to the stairs.
“The bedroom,” He told her. Your midwife headed upstairs, pulling a rolling chest behind her, and Diluc helped you stand up. His fingers squeezed your hips, “Ready to have a baby?”
You threw your head over your shoulder, “Two babies, ‘Luc.”
For a moment, Diluc’s calm demeanor vanished and you swore you could see a spark of panic in his eyes. But your husband instead just smiled sweetly and helped you walk up the stairs.
Labor was not what you expected. You assumed that when your water broke, you would have your babies moments after but as you laid in the middle of your bed, you realized that wasn’t the case here. Contractions still hit your body every now and then but you were able to rest and even distract yourself from them.
“I’m bored,” You complained to Diluc, nuzzling closer to his warm body beside you.
“Do you want to play a card game?” Diluc asked. When you looked up to give him a deadpanned look, he put his hands up in defense. “What about a book?”
“Are you trying to make me even more bored?”
You wished you were able to leave the bed but as instructed by your midwife, you were on bed rest until the twins were born. Your midwife entered the bedroom again to check you and only gave you a sympathetic smile, “Four centimeters. We’ve got to get you up to ten.”
You groaned and threw your head back onto the pillow.
Your midwife left the room again and you sat up (as much as you could). You turned your body awkwardly so you could face Diluc, “Who do you think is going to come first?”
Diluc thought for a moment, “I think Clara will.”
You nodded in agreement, “One of the twins is super active and the other isn’t. I bet it’s Clara. She’s going to be fiery just like you.”
Around midnight your midwife checked you once more. Finally, you were almost ten centimeters dilated. Diluc moved off the bed and pulled up a chair next to it, instantly taking your hand in his. There was another twenty minutes before you felt a contraction that wracked your body. Your hand squeezed Diluc’s so hard he let out a yelp.
Your midwife sprung into action. She was at the foot of the bed in seconds, ready to guide you through the process. “Legs up, good, now just focus on me, okay? When you feel this next contraction, you’re going to push.”
Your chest was rapidly rising and falling and Diluc rubbed your thumb with his. And just like your midwife said, when the next contraction hit your body, you pushed.
The pain that ripped through your body was unlike anything you had felt before. It clouded your vision and you thought you couldn’t breathe. “You’re doing great,” Your midwife assured you, “Once the head is out, the baby will slide out like butter.”
Out of curiosity, Diluc poked his head around the corner of the bed.
And what a horrible decision that was.
“Oh my god,” Diluc mumbled, his face turning pale again. The grip around your hand became loose until his hand fully let go of yours. You heard a thump on the wooden floors and your mouth dropped.
Your midwife stared at your unconscious husband for a moment. “He can wait,” She decided, turning back to you. Your eyes squeezed shut in pain and you gripped the bedsheet beside you. “I see a head,” She smiled. “Ready again?”
You nodded your head before taking in a deep breath and pushing again. But there was no going back now and within moments of that push, you heard the little cries of a newborn baby. You wanted to stop and admire your baby but a gasp made you remember you weren’t done.
“What’s going on?” Diluc said groggily, finally standing off the floor. He was rubbing his head and froze when he saw the mess on the bed.
“Don’t pass out again,” Your midwife said sternly, “You have a daughter to clean up.”
Daughter. Clara was born first like you and Diluc said. Your vision was blurry from tears, the sight of Diluc and Clara distorted.
“Almost there,” Your midwife told you. After a few more minutes of strenuous pushing, relief flooded the lower half of your body. “And there he is.”
You tried to sit up but you were too weak. Two sets of cries could be heard and right now, that was music to your ears. Your son was placed on your chest and soon followed by your daughter. Your arms folded around them. Your midwife smiled as she cleaned up as much as she could before leaving the room to give you and Diluc some privacy.
“You did it,” Diluc said. He was in awe and couldn’t believe this was real life. The babies had tufts of red hair like himself but their nose was yours. Diluc wished he could photograph the sight in front of him. This was the start of your family.
When Kaeya woke up in the early hours of the morning, he didn’t understand why at first. The night was peaceful and the bed was more than comfortable. His eyes ghosted to the side to see you still fast asleep. The blanket was pulled up beneath your chin and silent breaths left your mouth. It was only when Kaeya shifted did he realize why he woke up.
The sheets were soaking wet, especially from your side of the bed.
Kaeya’s hands gently shook you awake and you groaned, slowly opening your eyes. “Love, I think you had an accident.”
It took you a moment to register Kaeya’s face in the dark. “What are you talking about?” You asked before feeling the wet sheets yourself. An embarrassed fluster crept onto your cheeks but before you could say anything, a pain crashed down on your body.
“What’s going on?” Kaeya asked, immediately alert to your sudden movement.
“I think my water broke,” You said quietly, rubbing your stomach to try and soothe the ache that was growing. “Kaeya, it’s starting to hurt.”
“What is?” He was on his feet now, running to the other side of the bed to help you sit up. “Is it the baby?”
“I don’t know,” You answered, “I think so. It hurts here.” You motioned to the area underneath your baby bump and frowned. Kaeya helped you get out of bed and change clothes.
“Can you walk?” You nodded. There were spouts of pain with periods of calmness and you were ready to take advantage of those. You and Kaeya weren’t sure what to do. Fortunately, you had set up the guest bedroom a week ago. Unfortunately, your midwife was out of town this week.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen until next week,” You said, your voice shaking, “I don’t want to have the baby yet.”
Kaeya chuckled, “That’s not an option.”
Still dazed from your sleep, Kaeya led you to the guest bedroom and you sat on the edge of the bed. Your husband stripped the sheets off the other bed while you rested. Slowly, the fact you were going to have a baby that day was creeping into your mind. You were ready, you knew you were, but the thought was still scary. And your midwife wasn’t around.
Kaeya came back to the bedroom and rubbed your back comfortingly. You were still sitting on the edge of the bed, stiff as a board, eyes squeezing shut and your body tensing when a contraction hit.
“Can you do it yourself?”
His words made you look up in shock. Your husband couldn’t be suggesting you give birth without a guide, right? But when Kaeya looked back at you with a serious look, you felt your stomach drop.
“Look,” Kaeya took your hand in his, “Your midwife is out of town this week and I don’t know anyone else in Mondstadt who knows how to deliver a baby. You read books on childbirth, you’ll know what to do.”
You sucked in a deep breath. He was right - you did read a lot about labor and delivery. It would be hard without anyone there to help you but if your baby was coming, your baby was coming. Kaeya continued to rub your back as you contemplated your decision.
“I’ll do it,” You said, “But I need Jean.”
“She’s my best friend. If I can’t have my midwife, then I want Jean.”
Kaeya knew it was useless to argue with you and the quicker he got Jean, the quicker you could get on with the process of labor.
“Alright, alright,” He said, defeated, “But don’t move.”
You promised him and Kaeya left to retrieve Jean. Alone in the house, you wandered the halls. Surprisingly, stretching your legs helped the pain slightly. You stopped outside of the door to your daughter’s nursery. There was a ‘C’ on the door and when you pushed the door open, you were met with a pastel pink wonderland.
There were photos of The Knights of Favonius on the walls and gifts from them littered the room. There was a stuffed rabbit from Amber and handmade clothes from Lisa. Even Diluc had gifted your baby a set of wooden blocks.
Your hand rubbed your baby bump gently, “Soon,” You said aloud. “Soon we’ll meet each other.”
The door to your house opened quickly and inside rushed Jean and Kaeya. Your husband frowned at the sight of you in the nursery and put his hands on his hips, “You promised me you wouldn’t leave the guest room.”
You only shrugged your shoulders and smiled.
Jean looked disheveled. She was wearing her pajamas and her hair was down from her usual ponytail. But she wore a look of determination on her face and you knew you needed her by your side throughout everything.
Once you were back in bed, your labor progressed quickly. The time between your contractions was becoming shorter and shorter and it was hard to catch your breath. Sharp pains were rocketing down your spine and bubbling in your abdomen and you didn’t know how you were going to survive this.
“Just breathe,” Jean said. She didn’t know anything about childbirth but when Kaeya came banging on her door in a panic, she knew you needed her.
Since you were in charge of your own delivery, you had to check yourself often. It was becoming increasingly harder to do but you knew it was important. “I'm seven centimeters,” You told your company. When they looked at you with a blank expression, you said, “It’s going to happen soon.”
Kaeya whispered affirmations in your ear, trying to distract you from the pain as you waited around. Jean brought you a cold washcloth and placed it on your forehead. You sighed in relief and leaned back against the mountain of pillows. While Jean looked at the various things scattered around the room, Kaeya leaned closer to your face.
“You’re a warrior,” He told you, his forehead almost touching yours. “We’re almost there. Just think about holding little Calla.”
You groaned as another contraction hit your body. “It just hurts so much.”
“I know, I know,” Kaeya pressed a kiss to your nose. You closed your eyes and tried to think about something relaxing. You knew you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, not with contractions wracking your body every few minutes at least.
For a while, you stayed like that. Jean and Kaeya talked quietly about work in the background, pausing to look at you when a contraction hit, and birds were beginning to chirp from outside. You imagined holding baby Calla in your arms with Kaeya beside you. He would be mesmerized by your daughter and you would be so, so in love. And maybe there would be more children down the road. A nice, big family with Kaeya sounded beautiful.
You were ripped from your daydream when a horrible contraction hit your body. It was unlike the others and your legs went numb. Kaeya was by your side in an instant, noticing the change in your reaction.
A sudden urge to push overwhelmed your body. “I can’t do it,” You cried out, your hands trying to find something to grasp onto. Tears were streaming down your face and Kaeya’s heart sank. He hated seeing you like this, especially since the cause of your sadness was from your own fears.
But instead of Kaeya speaking up, Jean rested her hands gently on yours. “Look at me,” She said softly. You sniffled and turned to face your friend, “You can do this. You’re ready and you’re strong. The pain is temporary but you’ll have your baby forever.”
You nodded your head furiously and tried to zone into yourself. You repeated what your childbirth books said, waiting to push until you felt a contraction. Jean rushed around the room and Kaeya held your hand despite you crushing it.
“Is that her head?” Kaeya asked quickly, peering over your legs. He grinned and turned back to you, “Almost there! You got this!”
You had to take a pause to take a deep breath. You felt like there was water in your lungs and you wondered how a human body could endure this much pain. When the next contraction hit, you pushed as hard as you could and squeezed down onto Kaeya’s hand.
A rush of relief washed over your body like a tsunami. You were quick to reach down and pick up your baby, mouth agape that you did that all by yourself. The room was filled with silence until it wasn’t, a tiny cry breaking the air.
Jean handed you a fluffy towel and you quickly wrapped Calla in it, wiping her eyes and nose. “Congratulations,” She said softly, “She’s beautiful.”
“Thank you.” The words tumbled from your mouth in a whisper.
Kaeya kissed your forehead, “I’m so proud of you.”
“She’s nesting,” Zhongli said matter-of-factly, “Like an animal.”
Truthfully, you were nesting. You wouldn’t call it nesting, of course, but the way you were arranging your birthing room was eerily similar. Your baby was due any day now and you were getting anxious about things being perfect. Your midwife had already come by to set up her things and now it was time to set up your things.
A photo of you and Childe sat on the end table, next to a copy of your latest ultrasound. Three of Childe’s sweaters were thrown over the back of the bed and when Childe asked why you needed three, you couldn’t give him a final answer.
After putting a candle down on the adjacent end table, you proudly rejoined the men in the living room.
“How’s the nest coming, Birdie?” Childe grinned, moving over so you could sit beside him.
You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, “It’s coming along great, thank you very much.”
Childe laughed and wrapped his arm around you. You were content, feeling calm and secure in the moment. You were ready to have your baby and you refused to let it consume you. You were lost in your thoughts when Childe shook you back to reality.
“Are you peeing on me?” He asked, a confused look on his face.
“What?” You exclaimed, looking down. Your pants were soaked from something, darkening them as well as the couch. You felt a sharp pain in your abdomen and your hand raced out to hold your baby bump, “Whoa, he just kicked me hard.”
Childe raised an eyebrow at your weird behavior. “Are you okay?”
You nodded and stood up, looking at the mess you made. “Sorry, I’ll get a towel,” You said. Zhongli paid no mind, trying to understand that you were a heavily pregnant woman, while Childe continued to tease you from down the hall.
You reached for the towel in the bathroom and were met with another pain. You rubbed your belly, “It’s okay, Nikolai.”
Heading back to the living room, you wore a frown on your face. “Is everything okay?” Childe asked, taking the towel from you. His jokes had died off and him and Zhongli were looking at you with concern.
“Um, I don’t think I peed myself,” You said quietly, “I don’t feel good.”
Childe jumped to his feet, “What’s wrong?” His hand came up to caress your cheek as he watched you, trying to see if something was physically wrong. “Are you hurting?”
You managed a nod before another contraction hit your body. You gasped and held onto the bed of the couch for support. “That really hurt.”
Thankfully Zhongli was a man with common sense. “Are you going into labor?” He asked, reaching out to hold onto your arms. “Where does it hurt?”
“Here,” You said, pointing to your stomach.
Zhongli nodded firmly, “I see. Are you expecting a midwife?”
“We are,” Childe answered, running a hand through his hair. “Zhongli, can you stay here while I run and grab her?”
Childe turned to look at you and cupped your face again, “Don’t stress, okay? Zhongli is going to be right here if anything happens. I’ll be back in no time.” Your boyfriend ran out the front door and you collapsed down onto the couch, breathing hard.
“Can I get you anything?” Zhongli asked, unsure of what to do. “Water?”
“I’m good,” You said, clenching your teeth. “Can you help me get to the bedroom?”
Zhongli nodded and you held onto his arm. You were trying to regulate your breathing but it was coming out in rough, short breaths instead. You stopped in your tracks when the pain came back, flowering itself inside of you. You groaned and leaned forward, Zhongli needed to wrap his arm around you to steady you.
He helped you in the bed and you instantly grabbed one of Childe’s sweatshirts off the bed. You hugged the fabric tightly and inhaled the comforting scent of your boyfriend. Zhongli paced the room, getting more concerned when your pain was only increasing.
But, thankfully, Childe and your midwife returned home quickly. Zhongli wished you the best and took his leave. You were still holding onto Childe’s sweatshirt.
Your midwife checked you and you were only three centimeters dilated. “I think this is going to be a slow process,” She said sympathetically, “Is there anything you want to do in the meantime?”
“Can I take a bath?” You asked, your ears perking up.
She nodded, “Just call for me if needed.”
Childe helped you out of the bed and kissed the top of your head before helping you to the bathroom. He filled the bath and stripped your clothes, helping you into the tub. Childe sat on the toilet, an excited grin on his face.
“What are you smiling about?” You asked, a smile creeping onto your lips too.
“Just thinking about how we’ll have a baby to hold tonight,” He said. “Teucer is going to be so excited when he hears.”
You hummed in response and leaned back, submerging your body fully in the water. Surprisingly, being in the water helped with your pain. You still felt contractions but they weren’t as breathtaking in the bath. You stayed in the bath for what seemed like hours.
Suddenly, something snapped inside of you. “Oh, shit,” You cried out, hunching forward. “Get the midwife, Childe!”
Your boyfriend shot off his feet to grab your midwife while you cried out again. She hurried into the bathroom and bent down to you. “I’m going to check you.” Her face paled slightly after removing her fingers, “You need to give birth now.”
“What?” You nearly screamed, “Right now?”
“The bath must have sped up the process,” Your midwife explained. You looked at Childe and panic coursed through your eyes. You tried to sit up straight, ready to get out of the bath, but your midwife stopped you. “There’s really no time to dry off and move to the bed. You’ll have to give birth here.”
Your eyes widened, “But I’m in the bath!”
“It’s safest this way,” She said. Your midwife instructed Childe to get some things and when he came back, he sat by the edge of the tub and held your hand. “You’ll need to push the next time you feel a contraction.”
A feeling of upset was bubbling in your throat, “But...but everything is in the bedroom.” You thought about the photos and the candle and the sweatshirts and felt tears welling in your eyes. You wanted to have your baby in the bedroom, not here.
Childe kissed your fingertips, catching your attention. “I’m sorry this wasn’t your plan,” He said, “But you need to listen to your midwife. You want to meet Nikolai, right?”
You nodded, a few tears falling loose. “I do,” You said.
“Then let’s have a baby.”
Childe wrapped his hand tightly around yours and interlocked your fingers. He squeezed it comfortingly and didn’t even flinch when your contraction hit and you nearly broke his fingers. You let out a string of curses, mostly towards Childe, and pushed.
“This sucks! This really sucks!” You cried out, wondering how you were going to get through this.
“You can do it!” Childe assured you.
“Almost there,” Your midwife said, “I see the head.”
It took one more contraction for your son to be born. Immediately, he was placed on your chest and you had to shake your head to focus on reality. “Oh my god,” You muttered, turning to look at Childe. He was grinning ear to ear.
Your midwife wrapped the baby in a towel, cleaning his nose and mouth, before handing him to Childe. She helped you get out of the bath and you almost fell over, your legs feeling like jelly. She wrapped a bigger towel around you and as you gazed behind her, all you could see was the beautiful way Childe looked down at your son.
“Watch out, pregnant woman coming through!”
Xinqiu and Xiangling held onto your arms as Chongyun cleared a path through the crowd. Like usual, the teenagers were being your honorary protectors while Zhongli was at work. They took you to the Wanmin Restaurant and Xiangling disappeared momentarily to bring out platters of food.
Your midwife told you that it was best for you to stay home, since your due date was at the end of the week, but you thought one last outing with the kids couldn’t hurt.
“You’re getting bigger each time you come around,” Chef Mao called through the opening of the storefront.
You laughed, “Well, I’m almost at term!”
Xiangling piled your plate high with food, “More for the baby.” Frankly, it was nice being pampered by the teenagers like this. They were selfless, especially towards your unborn baby, and everyday they surprised you.
You were shoving a dumpling in your mouth when an odd feeling struck your abdomen and water gushed onto your pants, the seat, and the ground. Based on your facial expression, the kids knew something was wrong.
“What’s happening?” Xinqiu asked.
“I think my water just broke,” You told him, groaning as a harsh pain swept over you.
“Oh, no.”
In that moment, you were reminded that despite their maturity, they were still children. Panic spread throughout the three of them and they began debating what to do with you.
“Let’s bring her to the infirmary!” Xiangling argued.
“Why would we do that? Let’s bring her home!” Xingqiu shot back.
You held back another groan, “Guys, don’t fight about this.”
But they didn’t seem to hear you. Chongyun’s eyes flickered back and forth before running a hand through his hair, “I think you should bring Y/N home and I’ll get Zhongli.”
“We need to go now,” You said. Xiangling and Xingqiu held onto your arms like before and immediately started towards your house. Chongyun took off in the opposite direction. “Fuck, this hurts,” You muttered, stopping to ride out a contraction. “Excuse my language.”
“It’s okay, we know you’re in pain,” Xiangling says.
Finally, the teenagers get you home and you sit down on the couch. You would wait to move to the bedroom when Zhongli came home. You breathed deeply and Xinqiu spoke up, “Look on the bright side, it’s only going to get worse from here. So this can’t be that bad, right?”
Xiangling glared daggers at him, “I thought you were smart.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at their banter. The pain you were experiencing was worse than anything you had ever felt in your life but with the kids nearby, the pain was bearable. They would make great siblings to your daughter.
Chongyun and Zhongli burst through the front door, startling you. Your midwife was right behind them. Your head was hanging low and you were clenching your jaw each time a contraction hit. His large hands rested on your back and he rubbed your shoulders, “Thank you, kids. I’ve got it from here.”
“Good luck!” Xiangling beamed before ushering the two boys out the door with her.
Zhongli lifted you up by your shoulders and his heart nearly broke when he saw your face. Your eyes were wet and puffy and your nose was already stuffy. Any calmness you had was gone as pure panic and pain overtook your senses.
“Can you stand?” He asked, wanting to move you to the bedroom. You shook your head and Zhongli managed to pick up your body, carrying you to the bedroom. He helped you change before you climbed into the bed, feeling dazed and scared at the same time.
Your body felt weak and you hadn’t even begun giving birth. Your midwife was talking to you but you couldn’t seem to pay attention.
“I’ll need your help,” She said to Zhongli, “You’ll need to grab her leg and hold it steady.” He nodded and did as told. Your midwife grabbed your other leg and you barely looked up. You could feel the pain and you knew what was going on, but you couldn’t comprehend it. The pain was unbearable but you did what your body was telling you.
A gasp left your mouth and Zhongli said something to you. There was pressure and pain, a lot of pain, and then suddenly it was gone. The last thing you saw before your vision went black was the blurry silhouette of your baby.
When you came to, the room was quiet. Your eyes adjusted to the light and you looked around before stopping on your husband. Zhongli sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the bedroom, holding a little bundle in your arms.
“Hey,” You said, your voice hoarse and low. Zhongli looked up and immediately came over to you. Without words, your baby was placed in your arms. “She’s so tiny.”
“I was so worried,” Zhongli said, brushing your hair back to press a kiss to your forehead. “How do you feel?”
“Sore and tired and achy.”
Zhongli slid into the bed next to you and wrapped his arms around your frame, leaning his chin on your shoulder. “She has your nose,” He whispered. Despite having a traumatic labor, it was all worth it.
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