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#diluc x you
luvajax · 17 hours ago
• Characters: Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha + Scaramouche & Zhongli
Author’s Note: Rewrote it, these are short but whatever.
Content Warnings; Mild - Nsfw + Neck Kisses
Tumblr media
Ayato, a man who would always praise you. He likes it when you kiss his neck, yet you barely experience the joy of his moans. But what gets literally addicted to your kisses is when you gently tug at his hair. You’ll find his arms and hands clinging onto you in no time.
He likes it when you kiss his neck, and he’s very vocal when you do it to. Childe always pants heavily or moans next to your ear just so you can hear him. The way you pecked his neck softly before decorating it in bruises really does make him want you more. He’d hate for you to stop.
He’s shy and always tries to cover up his moans with his hands, but always fails when you pull them down. When you’re kissing Diluc’s neck low groans escape you and he can only readjust you on his lap and pull you closer. He’ll never admit how much he likes it when you pecker his neck softly.
He always enjoys it when you kiss his neck. His grip on your ass or waist o my tightens when you kiss his neck and he lets out moans from his mouth. Especially when you leave deep bruises on him, he only feels the need to do the same. Itto adores your kisses, always does.
He loves it when you kiss his neck. You always do it when your bored and you’re sitting in between his legs. But what can piss him off is when you suddenly stop to let him finish his work, he’ll grab you again and back into his embrace. Asking why you had stopped. Kaeya loves your kisses too much for you too stop.
Kazuha tends to try and shed away his moans along with the blush on his face but it never works nor happens. He likes it when you pecker his neck softly with your soft lips. He thinks it’s a very romantic gesture he has earned from you and wouldn’t ever want you to stop.
He’s a bit mean and bratty, and would ask you not to leave deep bruises. But you gotta tease Scara anyways. Besides his moans says different and especially when he cocky his head into the other direction. You were too cute kissing his neck like that and blush splatters his face quickly.
Zhongli adores it when you kiss his neck. He always adjusts you in his lap with his hands in your waist. And the small moans and groans that leaves his voice is like music to your ears. Sometimes his moans are right by your ear and your ears would grow hot quickly. While his neck is covered in red marks.
© luvajax content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
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xyliope · 2 days ago
To The Moon, Among The Stars
diluc x gn! reader || another big brainrot drabble 👀
warnings; slight kissing( is that a warning ?)
inspired by the song “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra and the lyrics are in there so don't sue me please 💕
“Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.”
His hands clasp yours, smooth and soft meeting calloused and scarred, and one look at you cause the fiery red of his eyes to soften to a mellow flame. He leans in close, so close till you share the same breath and your foreheads touch, and spares you a close eyed smile before capturing your lips in a searing kiss, slow and gentle, yet passionate and breathtakingly sweet.
“Fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore.”
He takes your hand again when you separate, squeezing it tight. Are you ready?, it seems to say. You nod, smiling.
“In other words, please be true. In other words, in other words...”
“I do.”
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mitachurls · 8 hours ago
a confession in the rain.
summary: diluc has a crush on you - what better time to confess than before a ball?
pairing: noble!diluc x noble!gn!reader
genre: fluff. diluc is hopelessly in love .
wc: ~0.5k
a/n: based on my noble!diluc hcs here
Tumblr media
opening the door to drenched diluc before a ball in the rain isn't a sight you'd expected.
"diluc? it's pouring, what are you doing here?"
it's spearing rain outside. diluc stands at the door, huffing, with drenched hair stuck to his forehead. he holds a bouquet in one hand, and his other hand tries to pat his hair dry. you can't tell if he's blushing from embarrassment, or if he was tired from running.
"i.. havetotellyousomething" his words rush out all at once; you're not used to seeing the composed nobleman tripping on his own words, yet here he was.
his thoughts are just as confused as your own.
he might as well melt and become a puddle himself. thoughts came and went as fast as the droplets falling around him. what was he doing at your front door?
to confess, he reminds himself.
he couldn't keep it in for any longer.
with each time he ran into you at the morning markets, each time the two of you shared a polite dance at other events, each time he saw you pass by his combat practices, each small conversation you'd have in passing - the smiles shared, polite nods, small laughs and eyes meeting for a split second, he found himself falling head over heels.
just a few minutes ago, he'd looked at the bouquet of cecilias on his desk - fresh from that very morning, plucked by him because they reminded him of you - and decided on a whim that yes, tonight was the night he had confess.
but waiting until the ball was too long.
in the kingdom of mondstadt, arriving at a ball hand in hand was just a public deceleration of love.
so when he ran past his brother and his staff and his father and out the front door into the pouring rain, bouquet in hand, he only had one thought running through his mind:
what did he have to lose?
now he's at your door, drenched from the rain, a mumbling mess.
you're half dressed in ball attire, and half in the clothes you were sleeping in from your recent nap. he thinks you're the most beautiful person he's met.
he breathes in, steadying himself. his thoughts quieten, and it's almost like time's stopped. he holds out his bouquet. "these are for you,"
your heart skips a beat.
you take the bouquet, and whisper a small "thank you, diluc,"
he smiles, earnestly. "i..." he glances at the floor, before looking meeting your eyes. "will you come to the ball with me, tonight?"
"yes!" the answer leaves your lips before you know it. "i'd love to,"
diluc pauses, in shock, before he breaks into a smile. despite the cloudy weather, you swear he's glowing. he holds your hand in his, and lifts it up to his lips, planting a small kiss. he meets your eyes, and you feel heat rushing to your cheeks. he lets out a small laugh. "i'll come by with my carriage soon,"
"i'll be waiting, diluc," you say, as he turns to leave with a small wave.
you close the door behind you, and sink to the floor, processing what just happened.
you're going to the ball, with diluc?
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kaeyamylover · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
(huge mention of rape, read at ur own risk)
if you gonna excuse the fact people are romanticising literal rape fanfics because we cant separate “fiction from reality” you need to shut the fuck up. its shocking that i need to tell y’all this but rape happens in the real world 😐 who the fuck wakes up and thinks “i’m bout to romanticise rape and act like kaeya childe or anyone for that matter would rape someone”. i guarantee you i’m not the only one who thinks like this bc ain’t nobody wanna read a yandere childe raping the reader like does that sound good to y’all? fucking weirdo’s. it’s bizarre some of y’all think any fictional character is a yandere or would rape someone. DNI and fuck off if you make non con fanfics i want nothing to do with you guys
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xiaosmoon · 4 months ago
hello! can i request calling zhongli, xiao, and kaeya pretty boy? pls and thank you! have a nice day/night <3
calling him pretty boy
Tumblr media
parings: zhongli, xiao, kaeya, diluc, albedo, kazuha, thoma, childe, & itto x gn!reader
content/warnings: fluffy. i don't think kaeya's is suggestive? very minor archon quest spoiler in thoma's.
a/n: decided to add more characters hehe. i hope thoma wasn't too ooc.
Tumblr media
-> zhongli
"what was that dear?" he places down his tea cup. zhongli may be old, but not quite old enough for him to lose his hearing. at least he hopes.
you tilt your head, a soft and genuine smile forming on your face. "i said you're such a pretty boy. you have the most perfect features; i mean look at your hair!" your hand reaches out to brush his silky locks with your fingers.
zhongli never considered himself to be "pretty." it's true he decided to take this form, but it was never with the intent of being attractive. zhongli chuckles at the compliment and places a chaste kiss on your head. "thank you, y/n."
-> xiao
"hey pretty boy, about time you came home." you warmly greet him from your bed. xiao furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "a-are you talking to me?" his voice faltered a bit. there's no way that you were talking to him. xiao refuses to believe he's pretty.
"yeah, who else dummy." you hop up from the couch to get closer to him. xiao's cheeks flushed crimson. he coughed awkwardly, "i'm not pretty. don't call me such things." his voice was never this uncertain and you must admit, it was cute seeing him so flustered.
"you are pretty though. the prettiest person i have ever seen." to make his situation worse, you place a loving kiss to his heated cheeks before leaning your head on his shoulder and hugging him. xiao knew he was defeated. "you have no respect for the adepti."
"mmm i've heard that before."
-> kaeya
"hmmm? what did you call me love?" kaeya knew he was attractive. many of the towns folk would gush about how charming and handsome the calvary captain was. but no ones ever referred to him as pretty.
the seduction and velvet in kaeya's tone was heating up your body. you're the one who's suppose to make him blush, not the other way around. "pretty boy. you know it's true." refusing to let kaeya get his way, you inch closer to him, causing his back to hit his desk.
kaeya smirks at you, snaking his arms around your waist. "say it again." he whispers, eyeing your lips. oh yeah, he's got you right where he wants. "pretty boy." your voice was breathless and he hasn't even done anything. yet.
"again." he inched closer, lips merely hovering over yours. his breath was hot. you wanted to run away, knowing you knew that you heavily messed up. there's no teasing kaeya, and you should've known that.
"pretty boy." your voice was a whimper, almost inaudible. "mmm. that's what i like to hear." kaeya leaned in, placing one gentle kiss on the corner of your lips. punishment.
he placed another one on your jawline, teasing you, before finally placing a passionate one on your lips. the kiss was feverish, and longing. you wanted to keep going, kissing him forever, to feel the heat and intimacy but kaeya pulled away with wet lips and placed on last kiss on your temple.
"you should call me that more often."
-> diluc
much like xiao, diluc would become a blushing mess. as popular he is, diluc doesn't get many upright compliments; especially ones calling him pretty.
"what?" he would pretend not to hear you but in reality his heart is racing 100 mph, threatening to jump out of his chest. "i said come here pretty boy." you tilt your head and smirk. you know exactly what buttons to push when it comes to diluc. as cruel as it is, this has almost become a hobby of yours. 
diluc was standing very awkwardly, roughly 10 feet away from you. you were relaxing on the couch, innocently scheming ways to get diluc a lil riled up. diluc took slow strides to you and sat on the opposite side of the couch, staring hardly at the floor.
you crawl over to him and rest your chin on his shoulder. "what's wrong 'luc? something i said?" he was praying to the archons that you'd stop your teasing, not knowing how much more he could take.
"no, no nothing is wrong." his face was the same shade as his hair; mission accomplished! you burst out laughing, clutching onto your stomach for support. diluc looks over at your state, completely bewildered. are all s/o's like this? once you've calmed down you look back up at your lover.
"i was just teasing! i do think you're very pretty, obviously, just wanted to see how you'd react." your smile was so innocent diluc was almost convinced your actions had no bad intent. but he knew you better than that.
diluc grabs a throw pillow and (gently) chucks it at you before leaving for his study.
-> albedo
albedo wouldn't react instantly. in fact, it wouldn't really phase him. if you were expecting to get a reaction out of him, consider your plan a huge failure.
when you called him pretty boy the first time and he remained neutral, you had just assumed that he didn't hear you. so you tired again an hour later but still no reaction. throughout the day until the sun was down, you would keep referring to him as pretty boy, "hey pretty boy, how's the sample coming along?" "you're such a pretty boy albedo." "pretttyyy boyyyy why don't you come take a break with me?"
once you've accepted that he doesn't care, you give up. "albedo, do you liked being called pretty boy?"
albedo perks his head at you. "hm? i don't mind it. is it a new nickname for me?" you shyly begin to play with his hair to avoid eye contact. "well if you want it to be. i just wanted to get a reaction out of you but that clearly didn't happen."
"you're always calling me pet names, y/n. i had just assumed it was another one of them. sorry you didn't get the result you were searching for." you laugh, hiding your head into the crook of his neck.
only albedo would apologize for such a thing.
-> kazuha
"you're such a pretty boy kazuha."
when the words left your lips, kazuha turned to meet your eyes. "i think you're the pretty one here y/n. your eyes, the way your eyes glimmer in the moonlight, how your smile brightens up every room you walk in, and even the sweet honey that is your voice. you're truly pretty."
your mouth slightly parted and your cheeks were warming. you certainly weren't expecting that. you whip your head away, looking anywhere but him. "do you always have to be so romantic." you mumble.
kazuha chuckles, taking ahold of your hand. "i'm only telling the truth. even the wind believes so."
-> thoma
"uh, what? you- you think i'm pretty?" if you didn't think he was a golden retriever before, he for sure was now. thoma's eyes were puppy like with the cutest smile.
"yes, of course i think you're pretty." you grin at him. thoma happily places a sweet and loving kiss on your cheek. "anyone who can bring down a 2 million mora deal down to 600 has to be pretty to get away with it, no?" you tease.
thoma awkwardly chuckles, "you're not still mad about that dinner, right? i swear it wasn't like that. hey- wait! y/n, i said i was sorry!"
-> childe
childe is very pretty. he's quite the ladies man back in his hometown and mostly everywhere else he goes. compliments from men and women don't mean much to him. he appreciates their kindness, but he's kind of used to it.
but when you're the one calling him pretty boy, childe's brain stops functioning. "what did you say babe?" childe's eyes were twinkling, patiently waiting for you to repeat those sweet, sweet words.
"you're such a pretty boy. you're always getting attention from someone." you mindlessly repeat, staring off into the distance. it's not like you were jealous, but it was quite annoying seeing others melt around your boyfriend.
childe comes up behind you, wrapping his arms snuggly around your figure. "i don't care about other people. the only attention i need is from you. i love you, don't ever forget that."
-> itto
"huh? if i'm pretty then you must be a goddess! i mean pft, look at you! although i am pretty myself arent i." you would boost this man's ego through the roof.
itto only pretends to boast about his ego, but deep down inside he took that compliment to heart.
"of course you're pretty you dummy." you chuckle, bringing your hand up to your face to hide the obvious blush. "but i wouldn't say that for myself."
now this, this sets him off. how on celestia do you think you're not pretty?! itto thinks you're the most beautiful person he has ever laid eyes on and if you can't see that, he'll have to show you.
"trust me y/n, i've seen pretty. and you, you are the definition of pretty. now you better believe it or i will throw you into a room of mirrors until you can see it for yourself."
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beige-babyyy · a month ago
Tumblr media
“ʏᴏᴜ’ʀᴇ ᴀ ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ sʟᴜᴛ. ʏᴏᴜ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀᴛ?“
now playing: no budget, by kid ink
now reading: in charge, featuring diluc
description: after getting frustrated with your antics, diluc finally teaches you who's really in charge
contents: nsfw. rough sex. spanking. degrading. cervix fucking. unprotected sex. blowjob. afab reader. gagging. slight mention of exhibitionism. manhandling. overstimulation. cumming inside.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was not often that diluc got angry. despite his vision, hotheaded is the last thing he is.
he's calm. rational. precise.
so why is it that you have to make him mad? why do you go out of your way to tease him? why do you insist on making him lose his temper?
why do you flirt with kaeya at the bar? trailing a finger down his arm, giggling at his horrid jokes, leaning in close to whisper something in his ear.
why do you only wear a thin, oversized t-shirt around the manner? one that allows your nipples to peak through, and rides up to show your bare cunt to anyone that passes by when you bend over.
why do you insist on sucking him off under the desk of his office when he needs to finish his paperworks?
Tumblr media
a husky, shaky groan reverberated around the walls of diluc's office. momentarily, he wondered if anyone outside heard him, but those thoughts were drowned out as you ran your tounge over the tip of his cock again, eliciting yet another grunt.
you smiled as you allowed him into your mouth once more, bobbing your head up and down as your tounge worked alongside his veins.
diluc's grip in your hair tightened, his hips started to thrust up on their accord. telltale signs he was about to cum.
"y-you... you're a fucking slut. you know that?"
you pulled away from his cock to reply, bringing your hand up to stroke him as a replacement.
"i know. but i'm your slut, aren't i?"
another shuttered moan as your plush lips swallowed around him again.
he wish he could control himself around you. but you always seem to find a way to tempt him. to somehow make him do things he'd thought he never would.
diluc's hair was messy. his face red and eyes blown black. sweat dribbled down his forehead. he needed to cum inside you, not just in your mouth.
"get up here. now."
diluc removed his hands from your hair to allow to you to stand. a sly smirk still on your disgustingly pretty face. a smirk he wanted to wipe off.
you always thought you were in charge. that you could do whatever you pleased. not today.
"turn around. bend over the desk."
"oh? feeling bossy today, hm?"
archons. your voice was so condescending. dripping with arrogance and snottiness. he could feel the blood bubbling in his veins.
why couldn't you ever just obey him?
you decided to ignore his command, instead opting to crawl onto his lip and nip at his neck.
not a minute later you felt rough hands at your waist. hoisting you into the air before slamming you down onto the desk you were just under.
a whimper of shock and pain slipped through your lips.
diluc was the only thing you could see or feel. his arms caged on either side of you and his face only centimeters above yours. his warmth leaked through his clothes, and you weren't sure if it was from arousal or anger, or if he was just always this temperature and you hadn't noticed before.
"you're such a fucking brat."
had he ever spoken to you with so much disdain in his voice before?
you didn't have time to process much before you found yourself flipped over. a squeak left you as your skirt was flipped up. exposing your bare cunt to diluc and the air.
"of course you're not wearing anything under. what more should i expect from a whore like you?"
a sudden sting of pain. a loud squeal from your lips. a red handprint on your ass.
you would be lying if you said you weren't turned on. diluc had always seen so soft to you. so gentle and caring and letting. you really like this side of him, you think.
with every hit your chest rubbed against the smooth wood table and your ass stung, making you sigh and mewl at the stimulation your tits and cunt were getting. your hands coming up to grip at the edge of the table.
with every hit your pussy drooled a bit more, allowing diluc to see just how much pleasure you derived from what was supposed to be a punishment.
"w-why you stop?"
your question was quickly answered when diluc slid himself inside you.
he was big. you both knew that. that's why he always allowed you time to get used to his size. but not this time.
this time he wanted to break you. to have you sobbing his name begging him to stop.
tears prickled your eyes. the stretch stung but he allowed you no reprieve. already fucking you as hard as he could. you could feel the tip hit your cervix everytime he slid in. his hips smacking into yours audibly with every thrust.
you felt so full. you could feel him in your guts. you could feel him dragging against every inch of you. your slick walls allowing him to easily slip in and out.
moans and non-sense jumbles poured nonstop out of you.
"ohmyfuck, diluc ah~!"
"ar-archons above!"
"hah, ah, hrng!"
"we just started and i've already fucked you dumb? how pathetic. moan louder why don't you? maybe the whole bar will come to check up on you. that's what you would like, right? fucking slut."
you had barely half a mind to register his words but they still slightly stung before they were drowned out but the pleasure again. diluc's hips now angled to directly hit your soft spot each time.
the knot in your stomach snaps. sending a spurt of your juices out to soak diluc's abdomen. making your toes curl and eyebrows furrow. making you howl and mewl even louder.
"gods, you never shut the fuck up, do you?"
one of diluc's hand left their place on your waist to reach up to your face. his fingers shoving themselves inside your mouth. placing themselves on your tounge and pushing back until you gagged on them. effectively muffling your moans but making drool pool from your mouth.
his grip on your hip was still bruising, pace still brutal and making you so, so overstimulated.
"diiphlic! shlo dow!" your voice came out smothered but he still understood what you meant to say, not that he cared at all what you wanted anymore.
as much of a brat that you were he was still addicted to your cunt. tight and wet and wrapped around him so perfectly. he could fuck this cunt for the rest of his life, he thinks.
your oversensitive pussy was clamping down on his at a constant rate. trying to push him out and stop his relentless abuse. but really it only made him want to use you more.
"just a stupid cocksleeve now, aren't ya?" he felt powerful. after all the times you teased or irritated him, he could finally get his payback.
your pussy was sore. your legs were getting numb and you weren't sure how much more you could take. but gods if you weren't enjoying every single second of it. the thought of being used as nothing more than a toy made your brain go haywire. but not as much as diluc's fat cock violating your cunt did.
you came again to the thought of what the scene must have looked like. you drooling on diluc's fingers and bent over the desk. hair a mess and skirt exposing you to anyone who would be foolish enough to open the door despite the vulgar noises floating into the air. diluc ramming into you like a madman, fucking you like he fucking loathes you.
diluc released into you with a shaky stutter. hips stilling as his hot cum seeped into your womb.
deep, heavy breathes rose into the air from both of you. bodies thoroughly exhausted from the rough fucking that had just occurred.
diluc pulled out and watched as your pussy released thick globs of cum out to pool on the floor.
you shifted and sat up from your position, sitting on his desk in front of him with a satisfied hum.
"lost your temper, huh?"
"shut the fuck up."
Tumblr media
special tag: @bunbyy hope you enjoy babe<3
Tumblr media
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scaramoon · 6 months ago
calling him by the wrong name prank
Tumblr media
genre/warnings: fluff(?), a little jealousy, mentions of cheating (though it never actually happens), mild swearing in zhongli and childe’s.
notes: reblogs help me tons, pls n ty :3 ack and i apologize, kaeya’s is a bit shorter than i’d like
Tumblr media
━━ diluc;
“hey, kaeya?”
diluc lifted his head and looked around the tavern for the cryo wielder. angel’s share wasn’t open yet, so he wasn’t really sure how kaeya had gotten in.
that is until diluc noticed you were looking at him and not at kaeya.
“come again, love?”
“oh! i meant diluc, sorry.” you said, even though there were only faint traces of sincerity. “anyway, do you think that we can-”
diluc’s stare was cold and unfeeling. you supposed that he was never overly kind to anyone, but then again he looked a lot more intimidating now than he usually was. he never broke eye contact, and even when you slouched and looked down, his eyes bore into you.
“why did you call me that?”
when you looked back up at him, you found that his jaw was set and he was white-knuckling the cloth he used to clean glasses.
“diluc, it was just a prank,” you laughed. “kaeya did put me up to it though.”
“i’ll kill him.” diluc said, a soft smile reaching his lips. the tension in his shoulders visibly dissipated.
you just laughed at diluc, knowing that he was joking. he gave you a fond smile from across the counter, though you didn’t see it.
venti had walked in a few moments before diluc’s last comment, quiet in order to not interrupt the both of you. the door made a small sound as it closed, but other than that, the bard was quiet as he observed.
you knew a lot of things about diluc, probably more than most others he was close with, but yet there was still one thing you hadn’t noticed. one thing that seemingly everyone else had.
the way he looked at you whenever you weren’t looking at him was... well, venti could write thousands of limericks that could never describe the emotion held in the diluc’s eyes, paired with the seemingly unconscious smile on his lips.
venti supposes that a more diluted version of it would be “love”.
━━ kaeya;
“oh, diluc, i’ve been meaning to-”
kaeya didn’t miss a beat. just as quickly as his heart had sunk, he was speaking, “you know that i’m kaeya, right? your lover?”
you gave him a smile. it seemed innocent of course, as though you hadn’t just been the cause of the pain in his chest and the lump in his throat.
“yeah, thats-”
“your only lover, right?”
you frowned at that, and you began to regret saying it. studying his face, you found his eyebrows pinned in worry — or was it fear? — and glassy eyes.
“of course, kaeya. i was just kidding, actually it was diluc’s idea. you know that i would never do... that to you.”
he nodded and stepped towards you, then wrapped his arms around you. he held you close to his chest as he pressed a kiss to your head.
“i know. i love you.”
“i love you too, kaeya.”
“of course you do, dove. c’mon, let’s see if we can go home early tonight, how’s that?” kaeya said, smiling at you.
you smiled at him and nodded, taking his hand as you walked home.
━━ xiao;
“zhongli!” you cheered happily, making your way over to xiao. “i found... what?”
xiao normally looked tense whenever he wasn’t tucked away and hiding from humans, and sometimes even when it was just him he was on edge. but you swear you see his body freeze.
it reminded you of a dog raising it’s hackles, as though you could see xiao building his walls back up again.
you regretted your choice to play this prank on him. however, before you could explain yourself he was gone.
from the top of wangshu inn, xiao was replaying the short conversation in his mind. verr goldet had mentioned to him before about how protective he could be of you, though he couldn’t be sure if he was over reacting.
much worse thoughts were running through his mind, but tried to convince himself that it was just how much time you’d spent with zhongli lately... right? even then, could you really get your lover and your friend mixed up so easily?
you knew xiao. you knew where he would be. though tedious and painstakingly slow, you were climbing on the roof of wangshu inn.
until you weren’t.
“you’re going to get hurt like that. you’ll fall.” xiao said, his voice was stern but he wouldn’t make eye contact with you.
it took you a few moments to register that xiao was the reason you were now suddenly in the kitchen. no one was here to see him, and yet you could see how on edge he looked.
“i didn’t... it was supposed to be a prank, you know i’m not like that.” you said it as though you were testing your waters, a little unsure of yourself.
he swallowed thickly and cleared his throat. “then... you...” xiao always seemed confident when he spoke. he always used a tone that showed he was sure of himself. this time, however, he sounded lost. “are you sure?”
“of course i am, i promise. i love you, xiao.”
he narrowed his eyes as though he was trying to decipher something. “i... i love you too.”
━━ zhongli;
“oh, childe, do- I mean, zhongli, do you think i should get this?” you asked, holding some sort of elixir neither of you could identify.
childe and you had been spending more and more time with each other as of late due to something you were supposed to be investigating, but somehow you’d managed to befriend the harbinger.
and of course childe had given you the idea, telling you it would be funny to watch the archon get jealous.
you looked over to zhongli to see if he’d caught the mistake. his eyebrows knitted in confusion, but he didn’t say anything about it.
“uhm,” he cleared his throat and adverted his gaze to another curious item. “if you wish to. but don’t use it without knowing what it does, it might be a poison of some sort.”
you found that strange. a part of you wondered if he’d heard you, and another part of you wondered if he even cared... he did, right?
you got your answer later that night as you walked along the harbor. the sound of childe’s laughter filled your ears, followed by zhongli’s voice.
“this isn’t funny.” his voice was stern, frustrated even. “you expect me-”
“listen,” childe started, though it was clear from his tone that he was trying not to laugh. “i swear i don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”
“there is no reason that you need to be around them so much. i thought you to be an honorable man, but-”
so that’s what he was talking about.
“zhongli?” you asked, and his face flushed whenever he turned to look at you. “love, thats not- it was just a joke that childe told me to pull. you know i would never hurt you like that.”
zhongli’s eyes turned back to childe, who was still trying his hardest to hold back laughter. and then he was walking over to you, interlacing his own fingers with yours, and leading you away.
“i know that, love,” zhongli said softly. “but still i worry. i apologize for that, i usually have a lot more rationale.”
“i’m the one that should be apologizing, i really didn’t know you’d think about it that much.”
he squeezed your hand lightly. “it’s alright. perhaps as a bit of payback you could stay with me tomorrow, hm? i’m sure childe can manage a single day without your help.”
━━ childe;
“zhongli! look, there’s a-”
“zhongli isn’t here, y/n.” childe said, eyeing you curiously. the way his body tensed and seemed to freeze caught your attention.
a more mature side of you knew you shouldn’t do this, but childe had begun playing tricks lately and after his most recent one you decided to get him back. he’s said your name though; pet names were almost the only thing he called you by, but he’d used your name, so you could tell he was getting bothered.
“yeah, i know. i said ‘childe’.” you responded.
he huffed and rolled his eyes away from you, growing agitated. he knew that he could trust you and he was fairly sure he could trust zhongli. then again, childe had always worried about his relationship with you — his job called for him to leave with almost no warning, and he never knew how long he’d be gone.
so of course he worried about you getting bored of that, of him, but he always brushed it off. it was unfounded... wasn’t it?
“i’m not dense. it’s not the first time you’ve said it, either. if... if you really don’t want...” fuck, was he really about to cry right now of all times? “i mean, you know i don’t wanna choose between my job and my partner, but maybe i can work something out with the other-”
“no, no,” you interrupted him, feeling your heart clench. “i was just kidding, baby. thought it was payback for your prank the other day, remember?”
he pouted almost dramatically, but you could see the tension release and his expression become more relaxed. childe pulled your close to his chest, burying his face into your neck.
“alright, but no more pranks. and i won’t either, promise... seriously though, i think if i talk to-”
“shut up.” you said, playfully hitting him. “if i do something like that just because you aren’t home, you shouldn’t be with me anyway.”
you felt him smile as he pressed a kiss to your neck. “i love you.”
“i love you too.”
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paradise-creator · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
That wasn't meant to happen!
Prompt: For your safety, they never showed you on their streams before. But accidents can happen, and well, at least they don't have to hide you anymore.
Queen's notes: I was supposed to add Dainsleif and Kazuha but I'll put them in another part if I ever get ideas! This piece is for @genshin-scenarios 's collab! So please check them out.
Tumblr media
Childe, Tartaglia
➤ Childe had always mentioned he had a lover but for your safety and privacy, he never showed you on cam.
➤ He decided to do a 15 hour stream one day. And it included a variety of games
➤ Since he was tired, he didn't notice that he forgot to end his stream
➤ And well, finally his fans get to see who had captured Tartaglia's heart.
"Thanks for coming to my stream, comrade! Phew, that was quite a journey no?" Tartaglia said as he waved at the camera. A series of goodbyes and take cares were sent in the chat, signally for him to go rest. "Till next time my friends," He added. With a smile, he "ended" the stream.
With a long sigh, he rubbed his eye. An 15 hour long stream was more tiring than he thought. He didn't notice that his stream was still running. And since the notifications and chat sounds were on mute, he couldn't hear the chat at all. And with his vision slightly blurry from no rest, he couldn't see it either.
"Babe~" he whined. He pushed his chair back and turned it towards the door. He didn't want to move, he was too tired. "Babe! I'm done streaming! Come cuddle me~~" He added even louder. Footsteps can be heard and a soft chuckle too. "Now now, what's got you so clingy?" the fans heard a voice said.
And from out of the frame, they saw Tartaglia's lover. They were surprised to see his lover. They didn't really think this would be the reveal. Tartaglia smiled and pulled you on towards him. With you standing up, he squished his face against you. Nuzzling himself in your warmth. "Can we get take out later?" He asked. He looked up at you with a pout and all you could do was sigh. "Fine,"
He smiled and stood up. He then leaned in and kissed you softly. He held your waist and pulled you closer. Once he pulled away, he buried his head on your shoulder. "I'm tired~" He whined. You patted his head. "Well let's turn off your pc now," You then said. You turned to the computer and froze. Feeling your movement, he looked at you. He blinked for a few moments before turning to the computer too.
"Oh, hello!" Childe then said waving, realizing he hasn't stopped it yet. "You told me it was done!" You responded. The ginger can merely chuckle in dismay. What's done is done I suppose.
Diluc's part UTC!
Tumblr media
Diluc, Dark knight
➤ Diluc is a secretive type of streamer. He doesn't share about his life but they do know he has a lover.
➤ It was Fan games Friday when it happened. Diluc was playing a horror game suggested by his fans.
➤ The usual stoic man was a little frightened by the game itself so much so that when he flinched something fell of his car
➤ This led to you bursting into his room, checking if he is okay
Diluc was sitting on his chair nervous. He was getting ready for the jumpscare. He was playing a horror game after all. His fans enjoyed seeing the usually calm man so panicked. It was a nice change of demeanor. But as the jumpscare approached, it came out earlier than he expected. Diluc flinched, his hand hitting the table which caused his closed water bottle to topple over. But it hit one of the standby speakers and it fell, along with a few items too.
It made a huge thud! Even the fans were concerned over what fell. Suddenly, they hear a door open. Diluc turned to the open door, just making sure it wasn't a ghost. And once he saw you he calmed down. You, however;
"Oh my, are you okay?"
Your worried voice can be heard. Then they saw you check up on the red head. Making sure that he was not injured and was safe. He nuzzle into you as a sign that he's okay. Taking your hand he kissed it and smiled. "I am alright my love. My equipment, however," He then said looking at the broken speakers and items on the ground.
Diluc then turned to the camera. "I apologize for the commotion, it seems as I hit the table a little too hard," He then added pushing his chair and hinself back into place. He then started to read the chat, smiling softly at all the cute comments. He motioned for you to sit on the chair with him. Whether you are on his lap or on the chair, or heck even on another chair completely. He'll kiss your forehead and non-chanlantly continues his game.
He does occasionally bury his face on you, shielding his eyes from the screen.
Tumblr media
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yeonkiminfan · 2 months ago
Hiii! I think I traded the whole tumblr and it's sooo hard to find dom readers 😭 so I was wondering if I can ask u some shorts o hcs about Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli, Albedo and Thoma [not all together] being sub cry babies and extremely sensitive
Tumblr media
Xiao, Diluc, Zhongli, Albedo, and Thoma
Warnings: This post includes porn links that has pegging, Overstim and more pls be warned
Note: I've read a lot of them too~ Im striving for the dom only creators in the genshin fandom theyre doing gods work tbh, and these may be short so I put 3 links each character!
♤ XIAO || (link 2) (link 3) (this is in thomas section but might as well put it on Xiao too)
Omg Xiao crying? And begging for you to give him more and more pleasure? Thats so adorable!
Xiao being so sensitive that he keeps whining and whining that he cant take it anymore 😩
But we all know how he's just being overdramatic
Imagine just Xiao, looking so fucked out with his eyes crossed and drool on his chin and just moaning your name like a bitch in heat <3
♤ DILUC || (link 2) (link 3)
Diluc being so sensitive that he keeps bucking his hips to your hands and crying your name out loud.
The way you slap his cock makes him whine more and beg for more despite his whole body trembling from the pleasure.
Diluc who's crying for your touch and looking so cute being all tied up and desperate for you 😩
Pegging Diluc is adorable <3 Him whining and moaning while drool is on his chin
♤THOMA || (link 2) (link 3)
Thoma crying and whimpering because of how good it feels, His thighs shaking because youre stimulating him so much
Thoma whining "baby" all over again while he tries to pull away from the overstimulation
Have mercy on him, Thoma cant think anymore and keeps blabbing at how good it feels and how he cant take it anymore <3
♤ ZHONGLI || (link 2) (link 3)
Pegging Zhongli <3 That talkative mouth of his cant even shut up while youre fucking him with your strap.
He's moaning so loudly and its so adorable.
Zhongli being fucked dumb while you pound your fat strap in him continously wanting him to make more noises for you <3
Zhongli cleaning your strap with his tongue after you peg him <3
♤ ALBEDO || (link 2) (link 3)
You have to force Albedo's legs open sometimes, He's so adorable overstimulated and drooling <3
His hips buckling while you just play his nipples just because hes that sensitive
I would like to see Albedo looking like a mess while he blabbers your name continously at how fucked dumb he is 😩🤌
Even bucking his hips into your hand at how desperate he is to cum <3
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zomblez · 2 months ago
. ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄ Things That Make The Genshin Boys Flustered . ˚◞♡ ⃗ 🎐*ೃ༄
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Venti, Kazuha, Albedo, and more if you request them !!
when you pay that little extra attention to him
like if you’re at the bar on the barstools watching Venti preform while Diluc washes some cups and someone slips and falls and you look over at him to make sure he saw what you saw he thinks that’s so cute
or if you’re having a conversation with someone even if it’s across the room and you turn and ask about his opinion on it he finds it very endearing
he knows he can be a bit awkward to make small talk with but once he gets comfortable with you he’ll start giving you a little extra conversation too and try to make more eye contact with you ( even though that makes him kinda nervous doing it to you )
when you’re wearing little details that he loves
Kaeya is actually very observant so if he sees you wear a type of sweater or earrings when you’re very excited to go somewhere he’ll take note and get excited too when seeing you wear it again
if you have a signature outfit or something you only wear on very special occasions he will go on and on about you to everyone when you’re out wearing them
“Oh look they got their little gloves on today,,” “haha look how cute they are walking around town right now”
but of course this is only when he’s admiring you from afar, if you’re in close contact he’ll probably tease you about it
this being said however, if you wear some thigh-highs or some slightly revealing clothing he will notice immediately and will have to put everything into what he has to control himself
your laugh I stg
he loves your laugh so much and will try to do anything in his power to make you laugh all the time
sometimes if you’re laughing really hard he’ll stop his own laughing to watch you and take it all in because it’s so cute
he probably will remember your laugh at random times of the day and start smiling so much
it keeps him light hearted and he swears that your laughter could probably fix anything
if you ever apologize for your laugh being too weird or loud he would probably sit you down and lecture you until you give in
if you still refuse his sweet talking he’ll probably wrestle you till you give up lol
making eye contact tbh
if he’s a little spaced out from a long night and doesn’t even realize he’s been staring at you and you look over and give him a soft smile his heart would probably die
this probably happens a lot considering he likes to look over at you to see how you’re holding up or to see your reaction to something someone said or did
if he ever looks over and you’re already smiling at him and looking into his eyes he’ll probably turn away very quickly and scoff but his face is probably a whole new shade of red
he likes it especially if you’re talking to someone maybe in the Inn and you brag about him just a little bit and look over at him
“oh yeah for sure, Xiao is especially strong :)”
Holding on to his shirt <3
When he’s taking you through crowds or whenever you get nervous and you reach up and grab onto his sleeve or bottom of his shirt :)
It makes him feel important and he wants to protect you and be strong for you so this makes him very happy
he’ll try to play it off but he’s probably got the biggest smile and his face will be turning red
may archons have mercy if he gets out of the arranged napping spot like the Windrise tree or on a couch and you sleepily tug on the end of his shirt
he’ll get back down and watch your sleeping face so carefully thinking only the sweetest things about you
feeling your presence really close
if he’s working on something and he feels you slightly looming over his shoulder he’ll get to nervous and will make a mistake somehow
he’d try to play it off and sound composed by saying something like “Hello Y/n.” but as soon as you say “Hello Albedo.” so so close to him he’ll have to stop what he’s doing
when he feels you watching him paint and you complement him on it and sound so genuine and really try to convince him it’s the best you’ve ever seen it makes him put his face in his hands
“Albedo that’s so good. No I’m serious! It’s actually so so good!”
seeing him worked up as you’re getting to him makes you smile real big and your smile just pushes him over the edge
subtle hand contact
picking something up he dropped and placing it into his hands that are perfectly bigger than yours and feeling your fingertips brush against his hand makes him so nervous
if you’re trying to see something over a crowd or from wherever he’s looking and you put your hand on his shoulder to support you as you go on your tiptoes he’ll have to turn his head a bit away from you :,)
if you really want to make his heart explode grasp his hand in both of yours when talking about something you’re passionate about or when complementing him, this will make him have to face you >:)
if he can, he’ll try to interlock pinkies with you in moments <3
If there’s any you’d like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
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albakore · 3 months ago
Away From Home
Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Thoma/Tohma (fem!reader) (fic)
Synopsis: (office!au) Even your boss Zhongli has moments where self control goes out the window to make way for carnal desires.
Warnings: not sfw (18+) reverse harem, (an orgie?), semi public sex again, creampie, oral (giving), petnames (angel, princess, gem), squirting, umm? did i miss anything?, not proofread because im lazy if you catch any errors feel free to shoot me an ask,
A/N: This is a part two to Office Adventures but t's not necessary that you read it before this. I don't know if people were expecting a direct continuation of the last one but I took some creative liberty because I felt like that would be boring and instead created a whole new scenario, I hope you all enjoy it just the same!
⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙∘☽༓☾∘•⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅ ⊰ ⋅•⋅
The sexual tension in the office since that (ahem) eventful meeting had been nothing short of palpable, as Lisa had been ever so kind to point out. Even Jean and Eula were starting to grow frustrated with the way Childe and Kaeya made it painstakingly obvious their lust for you, and as you explained to Jean apologetically, they just wouldn't seem to take your request to tone it down seriously. Though you couldn't deny that even you often found your mind wandering as you sat alone in your office, frequently coming to remember the way you wobbled out of the meeting room that day, cunt quivering and leaking cum.
Luck seemed to be on Jean's side however, because this week you found yourself away from the office on an important regional business conference accompanied by none other than the men themselves, leaving her alone in charge of the office for a few days. The adventure of being in a new place was always exciting; there was light in your eyes as your plane touched down just outside the city, the skyline stood shimmering off in the distance. Though, as Diluc so gracefully reminded you, this was not a vacation but a business trip and most of your time would be consumed by meetings and other work-related affairs.
"(Name)!" You heard someone call from behind you. You were walking back to the hotel after another boring day of drifting in and out of meetings with people you hardly knew and topics you hardly cared about.
"Hm?" Your head turned to see three familiar figures waving at you as they approached.
"Care to join us for dinner? It'll be our treat." Childe asked once they had caught up to you, falling into step beside you.
"Where are you guys going?" You asked. You silently took in the appearance of the boys beside you. You hadn't gotten a chance to see them all day since you greeted them at the complimentary hotel breakfast bar this morning, and you had to admit they cleaned up nicely. You admired the three's formal dress, remembering the way Zhongli had specifically lectured them on the importance of appearance at an event like this. You notes Thoma's expensive looking watch and Kaeya's tailored button-up shirt that was, of course, unbuttoned halfway now that the workday was over. Childe had his suit jacket thrown over his shoulder, one hand holding the jacket the other shoved in his pocket.
"Mr. Zhongli found this fancy looking French restaurant a few blocks away, he wanted us to get there before we missed our reservation time." Thoma answered.
"Where is he?" You asked, taking note of his and Diluc's absence from the group.
"He and Diluc got caught up in some last minute business they had to attend to. It's times like these I don't envy the higher up positions of our company's cofounders." Kaeya answered you this time. "No matter how attractive the pay increase may seem, I can only handle so much overtime."
"You can say that again." Childe chuckled in agreeance, "I can't tell you how many times I've left the office only to come back in the morning and find Zhongli still hunched over some paperwork."
"Hey, guys, I think this is the place." Thoma motioned to the building you were approaching, and you immediately realized that 'fancy looking' was an understatement. "Will you be joining us, Lady (Name)?" Thoma questioned, extending his hand as an invitation to you.
"I don't see why not." You flashed him a smile before placing your hand in his, allowing him to tug you along. Kaeya opened the door for you, gesturing to allow you to step inside first. You were awestruck by the inside -- if you thought ‘fancy looking’ was an understatement for the outside, then the inside could be described as nothing short of grandiose. There were round tables covered in white cloth and fancy silverware, a fountain sat in the middle of the room behind the hostess desk and elegant trimmings lining the staircase off on the far side of the room. You quickly quelled your shocked expression as the hostess approached you.
"We have a reservation for six under the name Zhongli." Childe told her. "We'll have two more joining us later."
She checked her ledger and quickly crossed off the name. "Right this way, sir." She said to Childe with a polite smile. She led your group away from the main room, opening the door to a nicely decorated single-table room with a pleasant and romantic vibe, most likely accredited to the soft lighting.
“Thank you.” Childe told her as you four took your seats. One side of the table had booth-style seating and the other side had individual chairs. She closed the door with a click, and before you knew it you were sat in between Kaeya and Childe on the booth side, with Thoma directly across from you. You picked up a menu and began flipping through it to get a feel for what items might interest you. Before long, Childe’s hand had found its way onto your thigh. You looked down at it before looking back at him, a silent prompt for an explanation. “What?” He inquired mischievously, thumb rubbing your skin gently.
You opened your mouth to respond, but before you could your server opened the door with a brief knock. Childe’s hand stayed firmly in place as the server introduced themselves before asking if they could get you guys anything to drink. Thoma and Childe ordered regular fountain drinks, and requested two extra waters be brought out preemptively for Diluc and Zhongli whenever they should arrive.
“Ah yes may I have a glass of your finest red wine.” Kaeya asked with a smile once it came his time to order, earning a look from you. “What? It’s coming out of Diluc’s pocket not mine, might as well make good use of it.”
"And I'll have a..." You started, feeling Childe's hand inch upwards as the servers gaze remained fixed on you. "Just a r-regular glass of water please." You managed to force out while trying to ignore the growing feeling of need that Childe's attention was causing you. You smiled at the server as they stated that they'd be right back with your drinks.
Moments after the server left, Thoma's phone started buzzing. He answered it and paused for a few moments before he stepped away saying something about needing to meet Diluc and Zhongli in the lobby. That left you alone trapped in a booth with two mischievous gazes focused on you. "I must say, (Name)," Childe started, "you look absolutely stunning tonight. You really took Zhongli's 'Dress to Impress' speech to heart it seems." His flirty demeanor was predictable, earning a chuckle and an eye roll from you. His fingers were tracing patterns into the flesh of your inner thigh, head resting in his other hand as he studied you. You felt Kaeya's arm snake around your torso, hand coming to rest on your hip.
"He's right, you should wear this outfit more often." Kaeya whispered into your ear.
“You know, typically you’re supposed to wine and dine me before you-“ A knock resonated from the door, cutting you off and causing Kaeya to pull away from you but neither him nor Childe made any effort to remove their hands from where they were situated. The server entered with the table’s drinks on a tray, dishing them out to their respective spots on the table before asking if anybody was ready to order. Kaeya told them politely that we would wait for the rest of the group to join us first, and with that they turned and exited the room again.
You watched as Kaeya reached for his no doubt expensive wine, taking a sip and letting out a satisfied hum. "This wine is absolutely divine, it's not often I get the chance to indulge in such luxury. Would you like to try some, angel?" Kaeya asked you while his fingertips traced your hips.
"Sure." You hummed back, reaching out to grab the glass but Kaeya stopped your hand. You looked at him quizzically, watching as he dipped two fingers into the glass and let the crimson liquid pool at his fingertips. He brought his fingers to your lips, waiting for you to part them. You did, but only ever so slightly, letting your tongue drag along his slender fingers with a hum of delight as you maintained eye contact with him. Once upon a time you may have been flustered by his actions, but ever since the incident in the meeting room you have become no stranger to these types of occurrences. You pulled away before pressing a kiss to the pads at the tip of his finger.
"Divine indeed, captain." You added teasingly, the nickname a reference to a costume he wore to a halloween party last year that had caught on and stuck around even months after. You watched his unreadable expression closely as you awaited his response. He grabbed your face, tugging you toward him so he could plant a firm kiss on your lips while he caressed your cheek gently. You felt Childe's hand inch upward yet again further and further before finally reaching your clothed sex. Your breath hitched as Kaeya deepened the kiss, Childe rubbing you through thin material at a teasingly slow pace. You shifted your hips, trying to gain more friction from his fingers.
Kaeya pulled back from the kiss to let you catch your breath. "You know, there is one thing that would make this wine taste better." He kissed along your jaw and down your neck, breath fanning your skin as he continued. "If I could pour it over your chest and lick it off of you, slowly, inch by inch while you squirmed under my touch. That would make this experience undeniably perfect." You felt a shiver run down your spine, hand intertwining with his hair. As if working in tandem with Kaeya, Childe took this opportunity to slip his fingers past the barrier of fabric, your slick making his fingers run smoothly over your folds. Your free hand extended over to Childe's lap so you could palm him through his pants, thumb caressing the imprint of his erection. He let a breathy moan right next to your ear, fingers slipping into your heat.
"This is our reserved room, correct?" Zhongli’s voice resonated from just outside the door before the door swung open. He stepped in, followed by Diluc and Thoma. Your eyes met with Zhongli's as you tried futilely to push the lustful duo off of you. You filled with embarrassment when you thought about how sleazy you must look with Kaeya's lips attached to your neck and Childe's fingers squelching in and out of you. "Thoma, switch with (name), please. Evidently these two are incapable of practicing self control."
"W-what?" You protested, stomach sinking at the thought of disappointing your boss.
"Seriously, you two wouldn't know good timing if it hit you in the face. Your hotel rooms are literally a few yards away from each other." Diluc scoffed, tossing his suit coat over the back of his chair before pulling it out and sitting in it.
Childe pulled away from you, frowning at Diluc's words. "If I'm not mistaken, it was you who was moaning her name last night while you were alone in the shower, no?"
"And if I'm not mistaken, I'm still your boss. Watch how you talk to me." Diluc shot back immediately, crossing his arms over his chest. You scooted out of the booth, over Childe's lap, effectively pulling away from the two.
"Sorry.." You fiddled nervously with the hem of your skirt, still trying to recover from the embarrassment.
"You misunderstand me, gem, I'm not upset at you in the slightest." Zhongli smoothed over some of your hair comfortingly. "I specifically had a talk with these two about keeping things professional on this trip. This has nothing to do with you or your actions." You stared at him for a second before nodding. You took your place in between Zhongli and Diluc, directly across from where you had been previously sitting.
"How did your meetings go?" Zhongli asked you, tone much softer than the one he had just taken with Childe and Kaeya.
"They were boring for the most part, I managed to make a few connections though so that's good. What about you?" You responded, tuning out Diluc and Childe's bickering in the background.
"Stressful, I had many presentations to give, and only few bode over well."
"That's just how it goes." Thoma chimed in. "Tomorrow is a new day filled with new opportunity, I'm sure you'll do better."
"Stressful, eh? Fortunately for you, I know of the perfect way to relieve stress." Kaeya, ever the troublemaker, fixed his gaze on you pointedly for a few seconds to allow his point to get across. He just couldn't help himself when the ball was set up fo perfectly for him to spike it. You studied Zhongli's expression, his face remaining stoic as he processed Kaeya's innuendo.
"Unfortunately, the rules I set for you two apply to me as well. It would be wholly unfair to not hold myself to the same standard I hold my staff." Zhongli answered effortlessly. Seems like all these years of press conferences seemed to have really sharped his ability to form charismatic responses. Wait, 'unfortunately'?
"C'mon, Zhongli, (name)'s had eyes for us just as much as we've had eyes for them. You should see the look they get on their face when they're alone in their office." Childe laughed after ending his bickering session with Diluc. Your eyes went wide at that, having whole-heartedly believed you were being careful about when to indulge in your fantasies. "Besides, doesn't fucking them senseless sound like the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of meetings."
Zhongli seemed like he was still struggling to process his comment, resolve chipping with every second. He couldn't deny the nights he spent replaying the image of you bent over that table while he pleasured himself, and tonight was shaping up to be no different -- well, that would have been the case had he not attended this dinner. His eyes shifted over to you, inner turmoil apparent in them. Evidently, your response would be the deciding factor that pushed Zhongli to either side of the fence.
"He's not wrong." You shrugged, offering Zhongli a small smile. It was a simple sentence, only three words and yet… You watched his expression darken in that moment, his half hard erection already apparent in his pants.
"Thoma," you immediately noted the way his voice seemed to have dropped an octave. His gaze never once left yours.
"Yes boss?" Thoma responded almost instantly.
"Lock the door." Zhongli growled. Your heart skipped a beat, you felt heat rush straight to your core. The way Zhongli was looking at you made you feel bare even though not a single article of clothing had been removed from your form, at least not yet.
"The waitress is going to come back to place our order though." Diluc seemed to be the only voice of reason in this scenario. Thoma returned, scooting back into his spot in the booth, forcing Childe to be the one trapped in the middle this time. "That's gonna look awfully suspicious."
"Frankly, I can't seem to bring myself to care about that right now." Zhongli stood from his seat. He turned toward you, motioning for you to stand as well. "We'll tell them I had an important announcement that I didn't want getting interrupted or something." He lifted you at the hips and set you down on the table, placing himself in between your legs and pulling your core to meet his crotch. His lips caught yours, deep and breathtaking, as his hands roamed over your body. He tugged your shirt to untuck it until his fingers came into contact with the hem. He pulled it up, breaking the kiss to allow him to discard your shirt.
You found yourself rocking against him as his lips worked down your neck and chest. A new pair of hands hooked themselves under your bra clasp. You looked back to see Childe's arm extended. He pushed the straps off your arms, allowing the bra to fall away and expose your breasts. The cool air made your nipple perk instantly. You felt Childe's hands tug you down gently, allowing your back to lay against the cool cloth. You looked over to see Diluc's hands full of your table's drinks as he set them off to the side to avoid any accidents. Thoma eagerly took one of your nipples into his mouth while Kaeya's cold hand cupped the other.
Childe scooted the table away from him to provide him with the room to stand up. Your cheeks burned as you found yourself face to face with his still clothed erection. He chuckled at your expression, fingers caressing your cheek. He let his pointer finger trail delicately down your jaw to your chin, and then from your chin down your exposed neck. You shivered slightly at the way it tickled.
You felt someone tug down your skirt and your underwear, cool air rushing over your core. Zhongli had managed to free his member from his pants and was pumping himself outside of your field of vision. His other hand was pressed to your hip. He admired the way your chest heaved. Thoma and Kaeya littered your skin with bite marks and kisses. You watched intently as Childe followed in Zhongli's lead, freeing himself from his pants. Your lips parted slightly in anticipation, breath fanning the tip of Childe's dick with every exhale. Zhongli lined himself up with your entrance, you clenched your fists when you felt his tip push in. He sunk the rest of the way into you, a sigh of relief falling from his lips. He silently thanked Kaeya and Childe for prepping you so well before he had even arrived. Childe repeated this same process with your lips, slowly sinking into your mouth and relishing the feeling of your warm tongue wrapping around him.
The men both started thrusting at the same time but at very different paces. Childe was eager and less restrained, holding you steady while he fucked your face. He was also louder, not seeming to care if the staff or other patrons heard how good you were making him feel. Zhongli on the other hand was slower, drawing all the way out of you before slamming back into you. Though, after a few moments he seemed to compromise with himself and picked up the pace slightly, only drawing partially out of you, but still enough to let you feel his tip hit deep inside of you with each powerful thrust. You felt Diluc's familiar fingers come into contact with your clit, rubbing you in just the right way to make you clench around Zhongli and moan around Childe. Diluc left kisses all over your lower half, his long hair spilling over his shoulder and tickling your stomach.
The lewd sounds of slapping and kissing and sucking were all that could be heard in the room, along with Childe’s occasional unrestrained noises of pleasure. He moaned your name, head thrown back and mouth agape. His cheeks were flushed bright pink, and they only seemed to glow brighter the closer he got to cumming. Childe's pace became sloppy and erratic as he drew near to his own orgasm, thrusts becoming shallow as he chased euphoria. He pulled out right as he hit his high point so he could paint your chest with his cum. He moaned your name particularly loudly as he did, using his own hand to slowly lower himself down from his peak.
Kaeya pulled back and marveled at the marks he left on your skin, the imprints of his teeth visible in several spots. "My turn already?" He hummed, fingers tracing over the splotches and bruises on your skin. "A shame, I wasn't finished with my work of art yet." He stood up nonetheless as Childe fell back on the seat behind him, still trying to catch his breath. Kaeya quickly took his place, much to Thoma's disappointment. Kaeya's signature smirk hadn't left his face once while he admired the way your breasts glistened with a mixture of sweat and cum. He slowly undid the button to his pants, pushing them partially down his legs before moving to his underwear. You swear his cock bounced when it sprang free, tip flushed and absolutely beautiful. It seems this man truly didn't have an ugly bone in his body.
You felt Zhongli slowly coming undone inside you too, his cock twitching more and more every time he pushed himself into your smooth walls, even more so whenever Diluc's added stimulation made you clench around him. You felt yourself rock against his fingers, your own climax on the horizon. Zhongli gave one final thrust into you before you felt him spill his hot seed into you, his fingers digging into your hips in an attempt to ground himself. You moaned at the feeling of your walls being coated white. Kaeya took this as an opportunity to muffle you with his cock. He stuffed your mouth full of him, watching in a sort of satisfied sadistic fashion as you choked slightly on his length.
Zhongli pulled out of you after he finished cumming, panting heavily. You whined around Kaeya's cock at the loss of contact, hole clenching desperately around nothing. You squirmed your hips and mewled, hoping someone would get your wordless plea for some form of stimulation. Diluc, ever so observant, was the first one to pick up on your discomfort. "Aw, does my little princess want to be filled up again?" He asked tauntingly. "Do you want my cock inside of you?" His fingers continued to push you toward your orgasm. He chuckled at the way you jerked your hips into his touch, whines becoming louder still even with your mouth full of Kaeya's erection. As he felt your body start to tense, he withdrew his hand from your clit before you could cum. You pressed your thighs together while a groan left your lips, feeling frustrated tears well up in your eyes.
Diluc switched spots with Zhongli and unzipped his pants loud enough to get the anticipation in your stomach building rapidly. You heard fabric bunching and shuffling, and in turn took advantage of the adrenaline rush you were getting to eagerly please Kaeya. You hollowed your cheeks and allowed your tongue to work over him, lewd sucking noises escaping your lips. Kaeya groaned in response, his grip on your head tightening still as he bucked his hips into you frantically. You felt Zhongli's rough hands run over the skin of your breasts, centering on the nipples. You felt him wipe some of Childe's cum off you, and moments later the feeling of his fingers got replaced with his tongue as he sucked slightly on the soft flesh.
You sucked in a sharp breath when you felt Diluc's tip at your entrance, face contorting as you prepared for him to stretch you out just like Zhongli had. You paused as he pushed in -- not all the way, just an inch or so -- to truly revel in the feeling the he was providing you. He sunk in a little bit more to let you get used to the feeling of him in your tight sex, he was a little more girthy than Zhongli. Finally, he pushed into you until he bottomed out, filling your cunt to the brim with his member. A quiet groan escaping his lips; you would give anything to see the blissful look on his face right now.
You squirmed as he started to move. He went slowly at first, letting himself become coated in your slick to make his job easier. He took a few moments to find a good rhythm, one that was much different from Zhongli's. He was steady and consistent, pulling out an inch or two only to push back into you. He lifted one of your legs to give him a better angle, you let out a muffled moan as his tip kissed your sweet spot. Kaeya groaned again at the vibration of your voice. You felt Kaeya’s thumb press slightly against the center of your throat where he could feel himself thrusting in and out of you. You swallowed around him as he gave his last few thrusts before he was sent over the edge, cumming in spurts over your tongue. He let out a long moan that you wanted to keep on repeat forever.
You caught sight of Thoma eagerly awaiting his chance to feel your mouth around him. Kaeya pulled out slowly, stepping to the side (albeit a little bit grudgingly) to let Thoma have his turn. Thoma has already freed himself, precum leaking from the tip. He seemed a little nervous as he found himself finally aligned with your awaiting mouth. “Are you sure this is alright?” He asked, closely watching your face for signs of discomfort. His gentleness was refreshing after the way Kaeya and Childe so unceremoniously face-fucked you.
You giggled, kissing his tip causing his ears to flush red. “Mhm, of course. You’re so good for me~” His eyes went wide at your praise. You let your mouth hang open as an invitation for him to enter you, a high pitched whine escaping him almost immediately after sinking into you. He cupped your head gently, pulling out of you slowly before pushing back into you, truly appreciating the stimulation you were giving him.
Kaeya truly could never sit still with an opportunity so grand in front of him. His fingers found their way to toy with your clit, his cold fingers making you squirm under his touch. Childe, who was still on the couch, had gotten hard again and was pumping himself as he watch you slowly get your holes stuff full of cum. You moaned as Diluc’s dick hit your sweet spot again and again, Kaeya’s cold fingers causing your head to spin. You could feel your orgasm coming fast, and it felt like it was going to be an intense one. You arched your back off the table, whines becoming increasingly more frequent the more pressure built up. Diluc also seemed to be nearing his release, you could always tell by the way he moaned your name. A few more thrusts into you was all it took for you to come undone. You cried out, thighs quivering as you squirted all over Kaeya’s fingers and Diluc’s cock alike. Diluc followed a few seconds after, burying himself inside of you as he came hard, eyes intently watching the sight of you during and after your orgasm.
Thoma’s cock twitched as he watched you make a mess over Diluc’s cock, his breathy moans of your name getting louder and louder. He knew it wouldn’t take long for him to finish, not with the way your tongue traced his veins and your hand assisting him with whatever he couldn’t fit in your mouth. You felt the knot come undone and Thoma’s sweet cum flooded your mouth. He pulled out, gently wiping the spit from your face.
The room was filled with nothing but the sound of heavy breathing as everyone came down from their highs. Zhongli was even nice enough to grab your water from where Diluc had set them off to the side and offer you some as he dabbed away some of your sweat with a napkin. Diluc finally pulled his now softened member out of you, admiring the way your cum-filled hole leaked. He had to fight the urge to fuck every last drop back into you.
A knock resonated from the door, causing everyone in the room to freeze. “Um, sorry to interrupt,” the servers voice sounded meekly from outside the door, “you guys reservation time is up…” You cringed at the idea of having to walk back to your hotel room in this state, legs still wobbly and cum all over you.
“I supposed to ‘important announcement’ excuse won’t work now..” If you didn’t know any better, you’d say Zhongli sounded amused. “No need to fret, I’ll just pay them a generous tip to overlook this little.. endeavor.”
“You mean I’ll pay the tip.” Diluc cut in flatly. You all were lucky the company had the money to be avoiding scandals like this or else you’d all be done for. Maybe he could convince you to, uh, thank him for it later…
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luvajax · 16 days ago
Author’s Notes; This is just sleeping with them like actually bed time sleeping!
• Characters: Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha Kaedehara, Scaramouche, Xiao, + Zhongli
Tumblr media
It’s not often you both fall asleep at the same time. He’s usually trying to finish an experiment with Sucrose that he doesn’t want push off until tomorrow. So he’ll come and join you in bed a couple hours later. Albedo tends to make some noise when he sneaks and slips himself under the covers with you. Every time he does he always levels himself, so that he can view your face. Usually you sleep turned to him, but if you don’t he’ll hug you from behind and use you as his pillow. If you are sleeping, he’ll caress your cheek very gently, before falling asleep. On other occasions he might stare at your eyes if you’re awake.
He’s gentle, and it’s rare to be awaken by his presence when he climbs into bed with you. A majority of the time he goes to bed quickly after you, only to cuddle with you before he sleeps. He knows you get cold and prefer his embrace much more. Ayato always makes sure you’re more comfortable than he is in bed. You’ll always find yourself nuzzling your head into his chest while he fall asleep just from your warmth. Brings you both a shared amount of comfort. And his arms wrapped around you is like a cherry on top. He’s a very quiet sleeper and every once in a while, you can feel his breath on your cheek.
Tired man, despite how energetic his personality is. Childe comes in at home very late, so he has managed to gain a rookie skill of not waking or disturbing you. He always tends to sleep with a shirt off usually from battling and coming home to take a hot shower. Makes him sweat. When he joins you in bed, he always makes sure you’re in his sweaty arms somehow. It’s the only way to make him fall asleep, and he acted like a childish baby if you weren’t in his arms. He always fell asleep in your hair too.
Diluc is a cunning, gentle man. Always being careful in making too much noise. He always and successfully manages to never wake you up, whether he goes into bed after you or he wakes up before you. He’s gentle and lets you sleep on his back or chest if you wish. Doesn’t fully have you in his arms but likes it when you have your back to his chest, as he caresses your cheeks very carefully. Seeing you sleep so peacefully besides him, makes him fall asleep as well. He might snore slightly, but it never bothers you’re sleep.
Itto is a very playful guy, and without fail, always can manage to wake you. Whether you go in before him or after him. He’s an energetic man too, and tends to talk a lot. His snoring can be loud, but you’ll get used to it eventually. He likes it and prefer if you use his body as a bed. Because that way he is sere and knows that you are better off protected in his arms like that. He is a heavy sleeper and it’s hard to make him wake up in the morning. But at least he doesn’t take up most of the blankets.
He’s a sly man, and surprisingly takes up more of the blanket. He’s cold and always teases you saying you have him to use as a heater. But it’s only a mild joke. Kaeya will always want to make sure you’re more comfortable than him. He tries not to wake you up, and falls asleep much faster when you’re in his arms. He whispers endearing things into your ears watching you fall asleep to them. And he’ll end up falling asleep into the crook of your neck for comfort. Waking up is a blessing since he is always so warm and gentle in the mornings.
Kazuha is a gentle guy. He always sleeps besides you, and prefers it a bit more when you hold him sometimes. He has no problem with you using him a pillow or for more comfort and warmth. He goes to bed the same time you do, so that way he doesn’t worry about you getting hurt or anything. He adores sleeping with you, and he’ll always read you his poetry to help you fall asleep despite the fights you might have shared with him that day. He’ll always kiss your cheek right before he goes to bed and falls asleep, as well.
Scaramouche, a diffcult guy. He is very picky when it comes to sharing the blanket, and always complains if it is too cold or too hot in the room on the nights. Though he somehow manages to always seek you for comfort every time by the end of the night. Whether that is placing his head on your back or just forcing himself to squeeze himself between your arms. If he’s jealous or needy he’ll have you linger in his arms for the night. You’ll sometimes hear him swear in his sleep and it can be the cutest yet scariest thing ever.
Xiao, not a loud one to disturb you in his sleep. He likes it when you rest your head on his chest whether it’s bare or not, and he can play with the strands of your hair before falling asleep. He always likes to press kisses to your head to make you fall asleep faster. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep before you and forgot to play with your hair a bit. Other nights he might wake up during his sleep. He makes sure not to wake you up though. During the early mornings when it’s still dark outside he never bothers to move an itch if he is already awake. He’d never want his darling to wake up too, in discomfort.
Lastly, Zhongli is a man of gentle nature. He always knows what you like best for your sleep. And he tries not to be too loud while he sleeps besides you. Always offering you tea before you go to bed, and softly yet calmly whispering stories to you. Either in whispers or a soft spoken voice. He’ll make sure you fall asleep before him, and he’ll shortly fall asleep after. He has no problem with you laying your head against his chest, as it gives him a little feeling of safety, knowing that you were safe with him.
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xyliope · a day ago
Mercury, Camelopardalis with Noctua.
(is that right?)
Gaile!! I didn't have alot to work with so I'm sorry if it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to!
Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the universe?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe you were overthinking it — yea, maybe you were. You probably were. But then... what if you weren't?
Later and later would Diluc arrive home, even as late as 2a.m. in the mornings, and earlier and earlier would he leave. There was once you had gone a whole week without catching even a glimpse of him, a whole week without interacting with your husband at all. Then, even when you could talk to him — if you were lucky — his answers would be short and curt, and more and more did he become irritable at you.
You didn't mind that too much... he was merely busy, wasn't he? He had a whole industry to run.. the stress was merely getting to him, was all.
...Wasn't it?
And then you knew there were whispers.. whispers of how you weren't fit for Diluc Ragnvindr of all men. Not pretty/handsome enough, not smart enough, not rich enough. But you knew he chose you because he loved you for you, right?
You flopped onto the sofa with a frustrated sigh, trying to shut out the intrusive thoughts that were forcing themselves in through the cracks of your barricaded mind. It was an endless cycle of worrying nowadays, you weren't sure if you could take it anymore.
But then, the nearly inaudible creaking of the front door drew you back to reality, and well, speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. Though most of your worries dissipated when you noticed the state he was in, new ones arose just as quickly.
While his hair and clothing were still in pristine condition, weariness and fatigue tugged at the corners of his lips, the way his eyes used to shine with passion and determination but was now dimmed to a dull lifelessness, and the dark circles concealed under layers of makeup gave his condition away. But the moment his gaze landed on you, a small spark seemed to come back to him, and he smiled, just barely a twitch, but it was enough for the ice to shatter and for you to run into his arms.
You melted into the embrace desperately, and it seemed to be the same for him. His arms snaked around your waist and back, and he buried his head in the crook of your neck, as if trying to soak up all the comfort you could give.
“It's late,” you could hear his muffled voice. “Why are you still awake?”
You pulled back a little, causing him to look straight at you, his piercing gaze looking right into the depths of your soul.
“B'cuz I missed you.”
“... So did I.”
And he pressed his lips on your forehead, pulling you impossibly closer as he did.
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sidemariana · 3 months ago
Giving them a bl*wjob 😼
Pairings: Xiao, Diluc, Kaeya and Childe [separately] x GN!Reader
Warnings: It's pure thirsty, besties. Of course contains sexual content, read responsibly. Ignore any mistakes and just enjoy it. NSFW under the cut, my dear.
Author's note: The best part of it all was me writing this with a straight face while listening to Shadow Moses from BMTH. Part 2: Giving them a bl*wjob pt.2 😼
Xiao 🎆
His hands were gripping your hair so tightly it was almost hurting.
"Yes... Mhmm (Name)!" The yaksha's cheeks were red, as if he was ashamed of the pleasure he was feeling.
"Oh, archons" He moaned when your tongue brushed his tip, his hands guiding you in the pace.
About the portion you couldn't take in your mouth, you used your hand to jerk it off, making the boy squirm in his place.
"I came here... Ah! To visit you, not to gain a blowjob..." He gasped, as he bit his lips to not make any more noises. "Though, I'm not complaining... You're so damn good at this..."
"Ne, Xiao, don't hold back your moans. You deserve this" You spoke, just to start sucking him off again, his eyes rolling in pure bliss as his peak got closer.
Soon enough, your warm little mouth made him cum.
"I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum" He gasped just before his climax.
"Give it to me, love" With that line, his warm seed reached the back of your throat and you gulped it as you finished licking him clean.
"Such a good boy for me" You whispered, getting off your knees and kissing his lips. "Just a tiny and cute little mess right in front of me"
Diluc 🦉
Diluc was stressed out. He was trying his very best to not snap at the customers in the tavern.
"This cursed place should be closed by now" He hissed.
"Hey, 'Luc... They're drunk... Let them be, relax"
"How can I relax when I wanted to be at home but I'm stuck here?"
You knew what would give him some patience.
Getting on your knees, you touched his cock above his trousers's fabric.
"What the-"
"Shush, you don't wanna caught their attention, do you?"
He was already hard. You smiled proudly and taking his underwear from the way, you started swirling your tongue around his tip, your hands massaging his balls delicately.
"Oh gods... (Name)" He whimpered quietly, trying his best to not show he was gaining a blow job from you under the table that covered your lewd actions.
Your mouth swallowed him with some difficulty, but your will to pleasure him was bigger.
After some minutes with your stimulation he came inside your mouth, some of his cum dripping onto your lips.
He brushed his tip against your plump lips, gaining a smile from you.
"Such a naughty little one, always surprising me" He kissed your forehead when you got up from under the table with a straight face.
Kaeya ❄
The Cavalry Captain Kaeya was extremely bored in his office. That was what happened when you were the captain of something that didn't exist in the practice.
You were only helping him with some paperwork as you were getting tired of his complaints.
"(Name), amuse me, please. I'm boreeeed" He was throwing a tantrum and you weren't in the mood to bear his boredom.
Leaving your paperwork and getting on your knees right in front of him, you opened his zipper and slipped his pants until you had more space to work.
"Be quiet, Captain Kaeya" You threatened him. "You don't want Master Jean discovering you're doing such lewd things here in the KOF headquarters, right?"
He assented obediently, begging you to start.
You sucked him off in the pace you knew he liked the most and you made the little tricks he loved the most.
"Oh dear gods, just like that, love" He begged in a thin voice.
Soon enough, all your ministrations made him orgasm, his body relaxing onto his chair as you swallowed his semen.
"Are you less bored now, uh?" You cleaned your lips before getting back to your paperwork.
"I think I'm gonna get bored more often then, baby"
Tartaglia 🌊
Childe was an ass today. Dear gods, he was so clingly you just wanted to kick him in the stomach and stay alone in peace.
"Let's make a deal! I'll make you feel good and you'll leave me rest for some minutes, alright?" You spoke severely to him.
"Nah, what are you going to do? Woah~" He said surprised when you threw him against your couch and kneeled right in from of him.
"Suck you off until you make a mess in my mouth, how does that sound?" You said irritated, gaining puppy eyes from the ginger.
And so you did. You swallowed his lenght like your life depended on it, just like Ajax liked.
"Such a beautiful and delicious cock you have, Ajax... You're such a good sub like this you know? I could get used to it" You praised him, inflating his ego. (Childe does have a praising kink, change my mind)
"S-Shut up and do what you need to d- Argh! Yes! Please, just like that baby~" His moans were so cute you couldn't even imagine him like the imposing fatui harbinger he was.
His warm jolt got your mouth full, some of his cum oozing off to your chin, only to be scooped by your fingers for you to drink it all, showing your clean tongue to him afterwards.
"Can you give some minutes of peace now, Ajax?" You reprimanded him jokingly.
"Yes, master, but please, make me cum again" He whimpered, his strong hands not letting you get up again.
I'm preparing a pt. 2, my fellow sinners.
Every single day we stray further from God.
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finlikefish · 6 months ago
Hello, Zhongli, Kaeya, and Diluc when they have a bad nightmare but reader isn’t in bed with them (they’re in some other part of the house) and they panic? Comfort fluff please.
-his heart would be pounding after his horrid dream
-Zhongli would automatically reach for your side of the bed, and his panic only worsens when your spot is empty
-what happened to you? Did you leave him? Did someone take you?
-his mind goes to the worst places as he hurries through your shared home to look for you
-when he sees you in the kitchen watching the teapot for steam
-Zhongli pulled you into a tight hug
-you were shocked at first,but hugged him back
-once you noticed he was crying you started to worry
-“zhongli? What’s wrong?”
-“I had a nightmare, but it’s okay because you are with me.”
-he would awake still half asleep
-kaeya wouldn’t open his eyes but would just want to hold you close to ease his nerves
-when he found himself fumbling with empty sheets his eyes shot open
-he would glance around the room,hoping you would still be there
-Kaeya would jump out of bed scared out of his mind
-“y/n? Where are you?!”
-when you heard his call you hurried right back to him
-“Kaeya? What’s wrong?”
-he would pull you back into bed and nuzzle into your neck, not holding back tears
-“I thought you were gone...”
-as long as you cling to him the rest of the night he’ll be okay
-Diluc jerked up, his chest tight and his eyes watering
-his breathing would be rapid, but he would roll over to find your side of the bed empty
-that only scared him more
-“y/n?” He whispered as he hunted through the sheets, almost like he could find you hidden away
-Diluc would feel frozen
-for the first time he had no plan, he had no way to process
-he just hunched over and started to sob
-he would be angry at himself for loosing you and would be whispering your name as he sobbed
-when you returned to bed and saw Diluc crying you sprang into action to hug him
-when he realized that you were hugging him he would start crying even harder and just cling to you
-he just needs to let out his emotions while holding you
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xiaosmoon · 2 months ago
reacting to you wearing revealing clothes
tries really hard to keep eye contact with you, refusing to glance down: zhongli, xiao, diluc, & thoma
sneaks a peak when he thinks you aren't looking: childe, kaeya, thoma, albedo, & kazuha
makes a comment about your ravishing appearance: childe, kaeya, zhongli, & albedo
shamelessly looks & gets a little handsy: childe & kaeya
throws a/his jacket over you, claiming you'll get cold (secretly he just doesn't want anyone else to see you like this): xiao, childe, diluc, kazuha, & zhongli
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nolawritesfanfics · 4 months ago
How the Genshin boys would confess to you
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, mentions of fighting/blood, mentions of death, OOC characters
Disclaimer: I haven’t thoroughly edited these, so please let me know if there are any mistakes! Some of these are longer than others, it kinda depends on if I know how to write the character or not. [>v<]💖💖💖 (also, sorry for not posting in a while, I haven’t had many ideas for what to write (TwT))
Pairings: Childe x Gn!reader, Kaeya x Gn!reader, Diluc x Gn!reader, Zhongli x Gn!reader, Xiao x Gn!reader, Albedo x Gn!reader
Genre: Fluff, angst(?), friends to lovers
••Drunken Confession••
Tumblr media
He would be drunk when he confesses to you. After a long day working for the knights, he would head over to Angel’s Share to indulge in two of his favorite things.
Death After Noon, and you.
Much like alcohol, you calm Kaeya’s nerves and make him forget everything. His past, his duties, his relationship with his brother. But he never manages to forget the one thing that bothers him the most.
His feelings for you.
Kaeya opened the door of the tavern, a gust of warm, alcohol scented air hitting his face as he stepped inside. He scanned the room, trying to map out which people he was going to attempt to get information out of this time.
There was a group of older adventurers to his left. Not the best choice, since they only end up talking about their families, which never failed to leave him feeling bitter.
A few knights were scattered throughout the room, but they weren’t good sources either. Kaeya already saw them everyday, which made it far too easy to catch up on whatever they were gossiping about.
Finally, he found you. You managed to outshine everyone else in the tavern, and no matter who else approached him, he would always choose you. He knew this, but he couldn’t tell you. He couldn’t get you involved with him.
He couldn’t cause you pain.
But his emotions failed him, and the butterflies raging in his stomach when you noticed him from across the room only proved how hopelessly in love he was with you. A smile broke onto his face when you waved him over, and he had to clench his fists to keep from rushing over to you. He had a reputation to uphold, after all.
He didn’t know that you would be here tonight, not that he was upset about it. He just needed to get to you without seeming like a puppy following its owner. So, he took a deep breath, and sauntered over to the counter you were sitting at.
“Ah, (Y/n), a pleasure to see you!” Kaeya said. You smiled in response and patted the seat next to you. Kaeya looked down at the counter, trying to hide the blush tinting his cheeks as he sat down beside you.
“Hello Captain Kaeya! Taking a break I assume?” You mused, happy to be talking with your best friend once more. Lately, you hadn’t been given the chance to talk to Cavalry Captain lately, since both of you were incredibly busy with work. However, you never missed the chance to catch up with him whenever you could.
“Just a quick one, danger stops for no one, you know.” He joked.
The mere thought of him made you excited. Every word he spoke made your ears start to burn, and everything he did made you want to be closer to him. But you had no idea he felt the same way.
The night progressed, and after a few drinks Charles cut you off at your request. You had things to do tomorrow and couldn’t afford to have a hangover. Kaeya was still going though, even after a few warnings of being cut off as well.
You looked over to your friends, who was absolutely wasted. He was laughing at a joke that one of the other knights made, his chuckle resonating in your chest. Archons, his voice was amazing.
Even though you could’ve stayed here forever, listening to the Cavalry Captains soothing voice, dawn would come soon, and you were getting sleepy. So, you grabbed Kaeya’s sleeve and suggested taking him home. He groaned and protested, but couldn’t deny how exhausted he was. He also couldn’t deny you, even if he wanted to.
So, you bid Charles goodbye, and dragged your friend home. Kaeya leaned on you, giggling every couple minutes. You smiled at his childish actions and tugged him closer to you. Your footsteps echoed throughout the streets of Mondstadt, a cold breeze tainting your flushed cheeks.
When you arrived at Kaeya’s dimly lit doorstep, it was already early in the morning. Both of you had sobered up a bit, your sense of time coming back to haunt you. Kaeya turned to you, and held your gaze. You stared back at him, losing yourself in his ocean colored irises. A few seconds passed before he blurted out something you’d never expect to hear from him.
“(Y/n), I’m in love with you.” He whispered, slapping his hands over his hands over his mouth once he had realized the impact of what he had said. A glimmer of innocent worry sparkled in Kaeya’s eyes. You moved his hands away from his mouth and held them to your lips.
“Oh, Kaeya….” You whispered, placing a kiss on his knuckles.
“I love you too.”
♡ ☄️Zhongli☄️♡
••Timeless Confession••
Tumblr media
Zhongli would be very formal about his confession, but he can’t help but be shy when telling you of his feelings.
He would most likely ask you to meet him somewhere. If you were his close friend, he’d invite you to have tea at his house. It’s a casual setting, if things go wrong, no one will see.
But, if you act flustered around him, he may be less nervous. He would probably be able to sense how you feel about him by your actions, which would give him a confidence boost.
It was another warm day at Liyue Harbor. Despite the heat, it was quite busy. People were scattered over the streets, going about their day. You were a part of the crowds, but unlike most of tourists littering the harbor, you were only here for a friend.
You frequently visited Liyue, you even had a little place of you own near the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. And every morning, when you would leave your apartment to go and explore Teyvat, you would run into Zhongli.
Zhongli was one of the kindest people you had met since you arrived in Liyue. He would always smile at you when you looked at him, and small talk was frequent between you two. As time passed, you became more than just acquaintances.
He would invite you to have tea with him almost every day, and would always welcome you into his home. If you ever showed up at his house in critical condition, he would never fail to nurse you back to health. Soon enough, he was coming with you missions, protecting you from harm.
You wondered why he was so nice to you, but you were grateful for his help. But lately, Zhongli had been acting strange. He had been quieter than usual, and he’d been avoiding you. Every time you would try to talk to him, he would make some excuse like- “A-ah... my apologies (Y/n). It seems I’ve forgotten something for work.”
He could hardly look at you, it seemed. He was always so anxious around you now.
Did you do something wrong?
Was it something you said?
You loved the man, even if you didn’t show it much. You had a strictly platonic relationship after all, and you couldn’t just give that up for your desires of a romantic life with him.
But oh god, the way he used to smile at you. The books he would read to you, whether they were about the fascinating history of Teyvat, or the delusional ramblings of a lovesick poet, you loved them. He would always smile at your reactions, but he no longer smiled at you.
His smile was gone.
You longed to see it again. If you had to grovel to get his friendship back, you would.
Thankfully, you knew your questions would be answered when you found a note from Zhongli, telling you to meet him at his house for tea. When you arrived, the tea was already on his table, whisps of smoke rising from the liquid.
Zhongli beckoned for you to sit down across from him. You sat down and gazed at him expectantly. The archon sighed, fiddling with his sweaty hands.
“I’m guessing by the way you’re looking at me... you wish to know why I’ve been ignoring you, yes?” Zhongli said.
You nodded, concern visible in every move you made. You rested your hand on the table, the cold anxiety of rejection making you feel weak. You felt another hand rest on top of yours, causing your eyes to shoot up to look at the man in front of you.
“I... I’m not sure how to say this, (Y/n), but- I have... feelings for you.”
You took a shaky breath, and intertwined your fingers with his. You could feel the poor man’s form shaking, a blush lighting up his cheeks. Leaning over the table, you inched your face closer to his. Then, you pressed your lips onto his. Zhongli froze in place, not sure what to do.
But you knew- you hoped, that he had an idea of what you were trying to say.
This was your silent confession.
Your silent way of telling him that you would never leave.
••Chemical Confession••
Tumblr media
The chief alchemist of the knights of favonius isn’t accustomed to emotions. He’s made out of chalk after all, so there not much room for that kind of stuff.
Albedo’s confession would happen during work hours, when you two are alone in the lab. He would try to make you aware of how inexperienced he was with emotions, as a defense mechanism to hide his emotions.
The poor boy can try, but the warmth emanating from his cheeks confirms every one of his words for you.
Another day, another experiment.
Albedo was buried in work, just like usual. Different stacks of paper were scattered all over his lab tables, many of them serving as a net for various overflowing experiments. The lab smelled purely of chemicals, and anyone who entered would be sent into a coughing fit.
Amidst all of the chaos, Albedo didn’t notice a person entering the vicinity. He only noticed when he felt a hand press against his shoulder. He couldn’t tell who was behind him, but he could sense that the touch was familiar. The alchemist whipped his head around to face you, a grin spreading across his delicate lips.
“Don’t worry Albedo, it’s just me.” You said, chuckling at his actions. Your hands were covering your mouth and nose, so that you didn’t inhale too many chemicals. Albedo lead you over to his newest concoctions, listing off random details about them.
You had been helping Albedo perfect an experiment for several months now, always taking time after your daily duties to assist him. Sucrose would have helped him with this, but she had work of her own to complete, so you offered to take her place.
You may or may not have been using this as an opportunity to get closer to the infamous alchemist, but you hoped that he didn’t mind your presence too much.
Little did you know, he didn’t mind at all.
Albedo was happy you decided to join him, because he got to see you more. The only part of your assistance that he hated was how you made him lose his composure. Whenever you smiled, whenever you looked at him- whenever you did anything, he felt like he was falling apart.
But strangely, he didn’t mind that either.
You made his heart feel warm, but he had no idea why. He had never been in a relationship before, and he definitely had never felt anything like this. So, Albedo decided that he would figure out his feelings by using the only tactics he was familiar with.
Research and experiments.
Whenever he had time, Albedo would observe the couples of Mondstadt, trying to figure out what that warm feeling meant. He even went to ask Glory about her feelings for Godwin. She chuckled softly at his questions and spared him no details about what “love” felt like.
Another thing that Albedo picked up from his observations was kissing. It’s something he saw most couples doing, whether it was just a quick peck on the cheek, or a- uh- longer version of that.
The other knights also played a role in explaining different kinds of affection to him, at his request. They also told him that, if he had someone he was interested in, he should tell them before it was too late.
When he had concluded his research, he returned to Dragonspine to put his research to good use. After working up enough courage, he decided that when you showed up to help him today, he would tell you. He had no backup plan if things went wrong, but he was used to taking risks.
Albedo finished talking about the last beaker on the lab table, looking at you nervously. He knew he had to do it now, or else he may never find the strength within himself to try again.
Clearing his throat, Albedo turned to you.
“(Y/n), I have... a confession to make.”
You stared at him, brows furrowing in concern. Your friend was not the nervous type, so what was making him so wary? Was something wrong?
Despite your worries, you shook your head for him to continue.
“It’s come to my attention that I’ve been having some feelings... and I’m not sure how to describe them.” He sighed, face heating up from embarrassment. “I like you. I think- I- I’m not sure how any of this works but I thought it was better to tell you than to- mmph!”
A squeal left Albedo’s throat as soft lips pressed against his own, cutting him off. Your eyes were closed, fists balled at your sides in hopes that this was the right thing to do. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins, making your hand shake.
You pulled away as you opened your eyes. In front of you was a red-faced, wide eyed Albedo, who was frozen in place by your touch. He blinked a few times before roughly grabbing your cheeks and pulling your face to his.
Love was a chemical Albedo didn’t understand, and probably never would.
But if it meant he could have you, he didn’t mind at all.
••Risky Confession••
Tumblr media
Childe is a fighter. If you’re a friend of his, there’s no doubt that he would ask to spar with you. If you’re strong enough to fight him, it’s a given that he’d ask you to fight.
As a fighter, Childe is attracted to strength and challenges. Which means you were a perfect fit for him. Even if you didn’t like fighting, your determination never fails to impress him. So, his confession would happen during a fight, or after a fight.
The fight would be even more tense than usual, both parties nervous and scared to hurt their opponent, but both parties wanting to win as well. It’s a kind of tension that is noticeable but not mentioned.
This makes the fight escalate and become ever rougher than usual. In the end, the battle becomes forgotten after Childe surrenders his heart to you.
The Eleventh Fatui Harbinger is an uncontrollable mess. He yearns for the thrill of battle, every loss and victory adding to to his already brimming ego. But, anyone who’s fought him most likely doesn’t know what he’s like off the battlefield. In fact, most people who encounter him don’t live to see who he really is.
But you survived his attacks, and you know who he is.
Over the course of your friendship with Childe, you’ve learned that he is a kind, family oriented person. He genuinely cares about people, and his attitude towards you and his siblings had proven that.
But, if you were a mere bystander, you wouldn’t have assumed that about him at all.
At least not right now.
The radioactive sounds of elements against elements and the clanging of metal against metal echoed throughout the field. You flung your weapon towards the harbinger, releasing a blast of elemental energy.
The force of your attacks sent you flying backwards, putting you at a disadvantage. Childe took this as an opportunity to charge towards you, readying his bow.
Today was another casual sparring session. It had become a tradition for you two to fight each other, to improve both your skills and your senses. Childe was the one who proposed this idea, saying that he didn’t want to miss the chance to fight a worthy opponent.
But deep down, Childe knew that he was training with you because he didn’t want to you to get hurt when he wasn’t around. He worried about you and your involvement with him. He worried that his business with the Fatui would seep into your life, corrupting the only light he had.
That light was none other than yourself.
You were a sudden addition to his life, illuminating his bloodstained world better than any flame. As soon as he introduced himself to you, romantic feelings blossomed in his chest almost instantly.
Luckily, you felt the same way. Before you met Childe, your life was nothing short of dull. All you ever did was do work for the adventurers guild, eat, sleep, and live out the next day the exact same way.
But then, you met Childe.
His carefree personality charmed you, and his ability to fight made you want to improve your own skills. You loved him, and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your days with him. No matter how hard you tried to hide your feelings, your warm cheeks and nervous actions gave you away whenever he was mentioned.
To make things worse, both of you knew that you loved each other, but were too shy to say anything about it. The tension between you built up with every meeting, making each one of your battles even more dangerous than the last. Fear was the only thing keeping you from confessing to him.
Childe aimed his bow at you, while you leaped up and prepared another attack. You couldn’t hold him off for long, since you were running out of mental strength as well as physical strength.
How long had it been since your fight started? Time seemed nonexistent at this point, and you knew you would collapse within seconds.
So, you let your guard down. You surrendered, and opted to block his attacks instead of fighting back. But, instead of being hit by a barrage of arrows, all you heard were heavy pants leaving your friend’s mouth.
“I... I can’t do this anymore, (Y/n).” Childe wheezed out. Your body shook from exhaustion as you hummed in confusion. You rested your hands on your knees, leaning on them for support.
“I can’t fight you anymore. And that’s- haah... because I- I’m in love with you.”
Your eyes widened at his words.
He- he loved you?
Was this a dream?
Gasping for air, you stumbled over to him, knocking him to the ground. Your arms were either side of him as you leaned over his body, your face inches away from his. His words hung in the air, the atmosphere thick with tension.
Your cheeks flushed as you pecked his lips. You rested your head on the crook of his neck, the feeling of his body against yours comforting you. Grasping one of Childe’s hands, you tried to control your body.
Adrenaline had taken over your mind, forcing you to think at a million miles per hour, even if you could still think straight. Taking a deep breath, you finally muttered the words he longed for you to say.
“Ah, thank the archons... I feel the same way.”
••Quiet Confession••
Tumblr media
Given the amount of work Diluc has, his confession would take place during one of his shifts.
Being his friend, you would be worried about his stress levels, and would help him with work to try and lower them. Through this, Diluc would start to fall for you.
He keeps his feelings to himself until he can’t stand doing so any longer, even with the possible consequences of your rejection.
Business was booming at the Tavern. You spotted various familiar faces as you scanned the crowd, trying to count the amount of customers to report to Diluc. The moon was high in the sky, and the air was polluted with voices.
Tonight, you were helping Diluc out at the Tavern. You noticed how stressed Diluc looked, and offered to help him regularly, free of charge. He was hesitant to accept your help, insisting that he must provide some kind of payback for you.
But, after you ignored his protests and helped on your own accord, he saw that it was useless to fight back. No matter how many times he questioned your motives, you always said that you were just happy to help.
And that was the truth.
It was so obvious how little sleep he got, the dark circles under his eyes being proof. His office was loaded with paperwork, and the Winery was always full of panicking servants, including Diluc. You couldn’t bear to watch your friend file himself down like this, so you offered to assist him.
Your job for tonight was to help clean and serve tables. Diluc was behind the bar, washing glasses to give to Charles. He looked calm, collected, and alert. But you knew that was just a mask.
Part of why Diluc kept you around was because you could see right through him. It was a nice change for him. The feeling of telling the truth was amazing. He loved the truth your presence brought.
But really, he loved you.
Ever since he met you, he felt happier. Even the workers at Dawn Winery had noticed the change in his behavior. The small smile that would linger on his face after a conversation with you, his ability to get things done even faster than usual, and the spring in his step whenever you showed up made his feelings far too obvious.
But somehow, you never noticed. Even when he glared at whoever flirted with you from across the Tavern, you never managed to take the hint. It was no secret that you felt the same, but you thought that it was impossible for Diluc to love someone like you. He was the untouchable Darknight Hero, and you were merely an adventurer.
So, you never confessed to him, letting his and your feelings build up. Your words never failed to catch in your throat whenever you tried to confess, making everything ten times harder for you.You couldn’t go on like this, and neither could he.
So tonight, Diluc decided that he would put an end to this. His eyes followed you, watching your figure approach the bar. Your demeanor was as sharp and strong as ever, but your eyes were glazed with exhaustion. It was a busy night, and you had been working for hours.
Diluc knew that you had limits, which made him second guess whether or not he should tell you tonight. But as he gazed at you, he knew that it had to be tonight. He was sure that you were the one he had to be with, and he couldn’t lose the chance to tell you that.
Your arms were wrapped around an empty tray, one that was once littered with glasses brimming with alcohol. Diluc held his hand out and took the tray from you. But for a split second longer than usual, he let his hand linger on yours.
Heat exploded on both of your faces as you withdrew your hand. Diluc averted his eyes, and took a shaky breath.
“I… we- we need to talk.” Diluc muttered. You nodded, looking into his flaming red eyes. The fiery plumes of truth were holding the two of you in their grip, forcing you two together. You surrendered yourself to those flames, knowing that his mask had come undone.
Your dreams were all coming true.
The time had come.
Diluc led you to the Tavern’s storage room. It was dimly lit, quiet, and the perfect place to confess on a work night. Of course, Diluc hadn’t imagined his confession to be like this, but it was the best he could do on short notice.
You stood across from him, nervously glancing off to the side. Diluc stepped forward and took your hands, leading your eyes up to meet his own.
“(Y/n), I love you. I always have.” Diluc bit his lip, gently running his hands over your knuckles. “I understand if you don’t return my feelings, but I just… I needed to tell you.”
You stepped away from him, watching as his face contorted into one of fear. But, he let out a sigh of relief as your wrapped your arms around his waist. Diluc returned your embrace, burying his face into your neck. A few airy chuckles escaped his lips as the reality of situation hit him.
The truth was finally out.
You both breathed into each other's skin, reveling in the feeling of your new relationship. The emotions burning in your stomach were addictive, luring you in like a moth to a flame.
You wished you could stay like this forever, alone with the man you loved
And archons know that he would fight to the ends of Teyvat to create that future for the two of you.
••Karmic confession••
Tumblr media
I’m gonna be honest, Xiao would probably need to be put on the spot for him to confess.
He makes it so obvious that he loves you, but needs to be convinced to officially tell you how he feels.
When he finally decides to confess, Verr Goldet would help calm his nerves. He may be in love with you, but he’s also really shy about romance
There, he would confess, laying his heart at your feet.
The Wangshu Inn was quiet. Even the lightest footsteps of a mouse would wake up every resident within the Inn. No one was at the front desk, a sticky note with an explanation in place of a human.
Every room was illuminated by the light of the moon. The bright, full moon was high in the sky, a reminder of how peace wouldn’t last forever. A reminder that one day, everything would be gone.
Despite how late at night it was, two figures sat beside each other on the roof.
Leaves were scattered over the roof’s shackles. A pair of amber eyes glowed in the darkness, strands of turquoise hair flowing in the gentle breeze. The person beside him was staring back into his eyes, their gaze just as soft as his own. The atmosphere was welcoming and safe.
This was something Xiao hadn’t felt in a very, very, long time.
The Adeptus had been alone for decades, shouldering the burdens of immortality all alone. He’s watched countless innocent people die, along with hundreds of gods. The memories of their corpses haunt every second of Xiao’s existence.
Just thinking about it made him want to scream.
But over time, he found solace in the repetition of death. It was painful, but it was his only defense mechanism. It was easier to lie to himself, saying that he was fine with loss. He thought that everything would continue on like this. He thought that he would have to watch everyone die, alone.
But that was before he met you.
Your first encounter with Xiao was when you first moved in. You were talking to Verr Goldet about your daily life, and why you were staying at the Inn. You were so caught up in conversation that you hadn’t noticed the Adeptus staring at you menacingly.
He was wary of your arrival, not knowing if you were a threat or not. For all he knew, you could’ve been there to destroy him. He never actually talked to you until you proved yourself to be safe. But, he was always watching you from the shadows.
Once he finally interacted with you, he found that you were a pleasant person to be around.
He started seeking you out more often, helping you with your duties and visiting you on his own. There were many nights where you would meet up on the Inn’s rooftop to watch the moon together.
Soon enough, Xiao started developing feelings for you. Everything you did made his knees weak. The fact that you would go out of your way to spend time with him made his heart flutter.
Did he really mean that much to you?
Why would someone as amazing as you choose to waste your time on a person like him?
You were a ray of light to Xiao, your existence and voice were soothing to him. The binds of his karmic debt seemed to become more bearable whenever you were around.
In short, Xiao really loved you, but he couldn’t tell you that.
Unfortunately, he was having trouble just communicating with you in general, having accepted his feelings for you. Now, instead of staying stone faced when you talked to him, he would be sent into a flustered panic.
It was becoming a real problem, especially since you felt the same way.
Despite Xiao’s cold exterior, he never failed to be gentle with you. You noticed how his eyes softened whenever he looked at you, always making sure that he hadn’t hurt you with anything he had said.
The way his brow furrowed when he was focused or confused made butterflies explode in your stomach. He was so beautiful, so inhumanly ethereal, and you wholeheartedly believed that he was a blessing sent from the Archons.
Everything he did made you happy, but you had no idea if he felt the same way about you.
So, you kept each other at an arm's length. Neither of you wanted to risk losing your friendship, so you avoided each other, pouring your hearts out to Verr Goldet, who had been rooting for both of you from the start.
Verr had watched your relationship grow over time, and watching both of you uselessly pining for each other annoyed her. She wanted both of you to have a romantic relationship, and over her dead body would she let you two grow distant.
So, she spoke to Xiao, telling him that if he didn’t confess tonight, he may never be able to. Xiao only looked down at the ground, ashamed that he was shying away from a mortal. But in truth, he was ashamed that he was shying away from you, his best friend.
After much convincing, Xiao gave you a letter, asking for you to meet him on the roof, at nightfall. It was the same place you usually met up, and the same place you bonded the most with each other.
Time was unkind to the Adeptus, and he knew that it was better to get this off his chest now, before it was too late. Hopefully, things would go well.
As night fell, Xiao went up to the roof. He sat down on the ledge and waited for you. Shaky breaths left his lips as his anxiety grew with every passing minute. It wasn’t very long before you showed up, your footsteps alerting your friend.
Xiao whipped his head to face you. His cheeks were beet red as he took in your form. The moon shone on your skin, additionally reflecting in your eyes.
God, you looked so beautiful, he thought.
Patting the space beside him, he gestured for you to sit down. You reluctantly followed his orders, anxiety burning in your chest.
“I…” Xiao sighed, gripping the ledge of the rooftop. “(Y/n), love you. Please… spend an eternity with me.”
Suspense hung in the air as he waited for your response. Then, a soft hand gripped his own. The dam of emotions you had been holding had finally broken. Tears of joy welled in your eyes as you laughed in relief.
“Are- are you okay? Was it something I said?” Xiao began to panic, reaching his hands out to try and pat your back. You grasped his hand once more as you tried to calm him down.
“Xiao- Xiao, of course not- I’m happy, that’s all.” You said, small giggles breaking through your words. Xiao tilted his head, confusion swirling in his eyes.
“H- Huh? Why?”
You wiped your eyes, and started directly into his own.
“Because I love you too.”
You leaned forward, kissing his forehead.
“And I promise, I’ll always be here for you.”
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ikaroux · 4 months ago
"What a lovely couple you make" Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya.
Background: He's been in love with you for a while now but has never admitted it to you. But when a slightly too talkative stranger passes you in the street together, stares at you for a few moments and finally says "what a lovely couple you make", their heart is just about to burst out of their chest.
Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya
Xiao, Venti, Albedo
Note : I test the headcanons, strangely I find the exercise more complicated than a fanfic :,D
Tumblr media
You met as teenagers, a beautiful friendship developing between the two of you.
Diluc has always felt a strong attraction to you without being able to put a name to his feelings.
When you were around, his eyes were constantly on you, until someone, usually Kaeya, pointed it out to him. In denial, Diluc would quickly avert his eyes from you, his cheeks tinged a beautiful red.
When Diluc returned after several years without news, you were never put off by his change in behavior, quite the contrary. You were closer, more complicit. You were the only one he trusted, and the others could see that...
One day, while he had invited you to eat at "Au Bon Chasseur", you had met a friend that you had not seen for some time. She was accompanied by a young man who was staring at you and Diluc.
You were both sitting at the table, eating your breakfast and telling Diluc about your morning. He always listened intently, often with a faint smile on his face. He loved being able to look at you and listen to you without anyone making any comments. He took great advantage of his moments to be able to touch you, sometimes just to remove a bread crumb that had fallen on your shirt or to move a lock of your hair behind your ear.
"(y/n)! How happy I am to see you, it's been so long!"
Diluc moved away from you as the stranger approached. She was accompanied by a boy, obviously the same age as you and Diluc. You introduced him to your friend, whom you had met four years ago when Diluc had suddenly disappeared after his father's death. He greeted them with a brief nod, returning his attention to his dish while you chatted with the newcomers. Diluc couldn't help but glance over at you, thinking he could keep a low profile. It was when he felt the intense gaze of the young man accompanying your friend that Diluc quickly turned away, almost as red as his hair. The boy smiled innocently before saying:
"What a lovely couple you make."
Diluc spat the food out of his mouth, nearly choking. His lungs burned as much as his cheeks as he coughed. He didn't know what to say, did he even want to? He checked your reaction, surprised to see that you were as red as he was, which made his heart beat harder, faster. He couldn't take it anymore, so he put some moras on the table, grabbed your wrist and pulled you with him. As Diluc pulled you away from your two comrades, you tried to clarify the situation with your friend:
"We are not a... cou-couple!"
They replied with a laugh:
"Well it doesn't look like it!"
Tumblr media
Zhongli had already noticed the feelings in him for a while.
He did not hesitate to spend more time with you, inviting you at times to walk in the streets of Liyue or sometimes to have a cup of tea in his favorite restaurant.
He always laughed when you told him that you took extra moras "just in case". He was angry that you were paying the bill when he was the one who invited you.
He was courting you, or at least trying to. The ways of pleasing a woman or a man had changed so much in the last few centuries that he sometimes felt a little lost.
Although Zhongli was not a man to publicly show physical affection, his look and tone of voice left no room for doubt for an outsider to see.
As for you... well, you couldn't deny the great attraction you had for this polite and cultured man. You didn't know how to pick up on the signals he was sending you, your lack of self-confidence clouding them. How could such a man ever be romantically interested in you? You couldn't, you were so dull around him.
So when he asked you out for a walk in the city, your heart couldn't help but leap with joy. He had come straight to your house, waiting impatiently at your doorstep.
"Excuse me for waiting Zhongli!"
"It's nothing my dear, it's me apologizing for coming unexpectedly."
Every time Zhongli called you "my dear" so sweetly, you couldn't help your cheeks from heating up, which didn't escape the gaze of an elderly neighbor.
"hohoho, what a lovely couple you make."
You had dropped the keys to your apartment which hit the floor of your landing with a loud crash. You watched the old lady slowly walk away from the two of you with an embarrassed expression, the red quickly rising to your ears.
"Zhon-Zhongli I'm sorry! She's old she doesn't know what she's saying, haha~"
You fell silent as Zhongli's soft, smiling expression turned from the old lady to you.
Zhongli's heart was beating at high speed from the emotion.
"Well my dear and if we go from now on.
He affectionately placed his hand on the small of your back to direct you to the place of your walk, a soft euphoria lighting up his day
Tumblr media
Kaeya, like Zhongli, quickly realized his feelings for you.
He would not hesitate to offer you gifts or to invite you to a restaurant one night.
Kaeya is clearly hitting on you. He doesn't even understand how you can miss it.
He didn't tell you clearly how he felt about you, a part of him being afraid of rejection.
This man already has a long history, if he were to lose you because he was too impatient, he would not forgive himself.
Everyone knew that this man was a liar and a calculator, which had earned him his position as captain. But you, only with you, he wanted to be himself.
He offered to take you to Windrise one night to watch the anemo crystalline butterflies, the romantic glow of the starry night.
Your evening had gone well, he offered you a ride home.
You and Kaeya had arrived at the gates of Mondstadt. He was amused to see you so amazed by the crystal core he had grabbed for you. He took it from your hands, laughing softly at your attempts to take it back.
"Kaeya! Give it back to me please!"
"In a moment princess."
You had trusted him, which made him melt every time. He hooked the core in your hair, admiring the azure reflections it projected on you.
"You're even more beautiful this way."
You had blushed at his remark, your eyes never leaving his.
"What a lovely couple you make captain."
You gasped at the sounds. You had completely forgotten the presence of the two guards posted in front of the city gates.
"Ah! nah you're wrong, we're not... Kaeya says their!"
He laughs before wrapping his arm around your hip, pulling you closer to him and glaring at the guards.
"Isn't that right?"
ARG?! If embarrassment could kill, you certainly would be now. Kaeya laughed at your shocked expression, he kissed your forehead before pushing you out the doors. He apologized half-heartedly to you, the other being far too happy to regret it...
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yeonkiminfan · 4 months ago
can i request Dainsleif x Fem! Virgin! reader please? I love your writings hehe 🤭 have a Nice day 💝
Tumblr media
Dainsleif, Diluc, Childe, Kaeya
Warnings: Im not responsible for minors reading this, mentions of size kink, praising kink, fingering, overstimulation, edging, might have grammar and spelling errors, Bulging stomach, a hint of corruption kink, squirting
Note: thank you so much anon! Glad you like my writings <3 i also made it afab anon, Hope you dont mind it!
He is a virgin however he has a lot of knowledge about sex, Dainsleif thinks sex isn't worth of his time since he was busy.
But now that you came and told him that he could take your virginity, He kinda freezes for a moment and tells you to wait for a few days. Like Zhongli, He'll buy the necassaries for sex like lube, water, condoms, towels, etc.
Dainsleif himself isn't new to pleasure, He has jacked off a lot of times when he's free or when he's getting quite frustrated.
He will handle you very gently and will take it very slow, When you both deemed that you're ready for it his heart is basically running a marathon because of the excitement.
His cock isn't that girthy but it's long and it has a curve that can hit your sweet spot.
Naturally he's very gentle at your first time but when your cunt tighten's on his cock? It makes him want to ruin you so much.
He accidentally goes harder because of the pleasure but you don't mind at all since it didnt hurt that much after he gave you a lot of foreplay.
He's really tall aswell, so seeing your cunt try to take in his long cock makes him groan in pleasure. He just likes seeing you trying so hard to get him inside you, Dainsleif tought it was cute.
HIS MOANS ARE SO PRETTY TOO, He tends to do it near your ear making you sensitive from his breath and words. Dainsleif also tends to tease you by saying dirty words and your reactions gets him smiling
Does bathe with you and gives you little praises at how you did well and assured you that it felt great. Once you both get used to exploring your kinks, He'll get more rougher.
♤ DILUC ||
He's a virgin, Diluc may have a ton of girls wanting to be with him but he isn't that interested. He's also quite busy so having sex is at the back of his mind.
Diluc also prepares a lot of stuff for you and makes sure you're comfortable. You'll be seeing Diluc flushed when both of you are fully naked since you're just too beautiful from head to toe.
He also fingering your cunt, It's just addicting to him to see you all whiny and messy just from his fingers. His cock can't help but throb at the thought of you cummin on his own cock so he accidentally goes rough.
Diluc's cock isn't that long however his girth makes it up for it, He has some veins on the shaft.
He's kinda ackward since its his first time so when he sees you crying from the pain, He wants to back out but he just waits until you're comfortable in going in more.
Diluc says a lot of compliments while thrusting in you while you're in a missionary position. He thinks its pretty intimate and he could see your cute expressions withbevery thrust he does.
He also accidentally presses on your stomach and it made you squirm so much because you literally can feel him throbbing around your went cunt. Diluc just discovered he had a size kink by then, He loves seeing the slight bulge on your stomach.
Diluc also liked overstimulating you with his cock, even when you were tired he still kept going. He wanted to see your fucked up face while you take his fat cock like a fucking champ.
Much like Dainsleif, He prepares a bathe for both of you and says assuring words that you did so well and he loves you so much.
He's a virgin since he's really young and too busy with the Fatui. He's has pent up sexual frustration though, Childe isn't innocent at all and often jacks off by himself.
Once you said that he can take your virginity and that you were a virgin? Something just awoke in him. The urge to fuck you good and the urge to ruin that innocence your body has.
He takes it slow, however he just likes seeing you whining and begging for his cock. Childe loves edging you even if its your first time, It just awakes something in him that you're trusting him so much to take your virginity
And if you whine he's gonna be teasing you "Aw~ Is my doll, crying and begging for release? naughty, Naughty, naughty"
He cant help but tease you since you're so cute. His cock is thick and its long, And he has to put a lot of lube on his cock so he cant hurt you that much as a precaution.
Once he's in you, Childe wants you to say his real name since its more intimate. He loves the feeling of your cunt squeezing onto his cock.
Once he's almost close to cumming, He'll leave so many bite marks around your neck, stomach and etc. He's also loud too and isn't shy about whining how good your pussy feels.
Once you guys indulge into it more, Childe will introduce you to more kinks he thinks that you would like and may possibly get rough but nonetheless he always consent.
♤ KAEYA ||
He isn't virgin, Kaeya literally is over the moon when you tell him that he can take your virginity.
Like all of them he takes precautions because you're his lover and not some random ass person.
He brings lube, towels, water etc and its obvious how excited he was just by looking down to his cock.
Loves seeing you all messy and whiney just from his fingers, He loves its so much he overstimulates you again and again just so he can see your squirt from his hands. If you dont, His goal now is to make you squirt from his cock.
His cock is long and and it leaks pre-cum so much, He's really gentle at first but once he starts thrusting he can't help but go rough on you.
His grip on your waist made you have a bruise next morning, Like Childe he's really loud and will keep whining your name and about how good your pussy feels.
He also bites you a lot and LOVES calling you some cheesy name like doll, pretty boy/girl
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