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it’s no longer 1 am meta time because i fell the fuck asleep but you know i’m always down to talk about my favorite chocolate bastard

What I love about them: zac oyama playing a character who is sharp-witted, clever, and a bastard for once is such a joy to watch (especially compared to ricky and gorgug, both of whom i still also love!) 
What I hate about them: that he doesn’t get more screentime :( RIP king miss you every day :(
Favorite Moment/Quote: “where’s your bulb now” is the obvious low-hanging fruit but i also love “what a large goon you are.” and every instance of “we are going to die.” love to see that positive attitude king <3
What I would like to see more focus on: i would love to see/know more about his life and work leading up to canon balancing his positions as a bulbian clergyman and a warlock of the sugarplum fairy
What I would like to see less focus on: nothing! i just want more of my bunny :(
Favorite pairing with: …none? i don’t ship this rabbit
Favorite friendship: i think he and theo have a really fun dynamic and i would have loved to see it develop further in canon if lapin had survived longer
NOTP: none really? i don’t know who ships this dude and with whom
Favorite headcanon: okay this one isn’t very fun but i was thinking about it a LOT last night – when keradin kills lapin, brennan says that chocolate “splatters” against the window, but i actually imagine he shatters instead and those pieces go flying. real chocolate rabbits are brittle and snap under force like that, and it’s because they’re tempered. and i can’t imagine that lapin, who spent his whole life keeping secrets and walking tightropes to get to his positions of power, hasn’t learned how to keep a level head in stressful situations yet. he is tempered. 

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it’s fabian friday today sailors

What I love about them: the character arc/growth from insufferable rich jock kid to caring and nuanced friend!
What I hate about them: the comphet Favorite Moment/Quote: im a big fan of every time lou is laughing so hard to be be intelligible like his reaction to aguefort in episode 2 and him trying to explain his disastrous first fight against wicklaw to the rest of the bad kids
What I would like to see more focus on: more boys’ night-style tomfoolery! also him building his relationships with his mother and that side of his family
What I would like to see less focus on: i think fandom-wise i’m less into fabriz as a ship and don’t care for all the content there is of that but canon-wise i think fabian is pretty well presented as-is
Favorite pairing with: i don’t really ship this boy much? wait a few years and grow up a little before you start dating king it’s not worth it 
Favorite friendship: with riz and with aelwyn
NOTP: again i don’t really ship him much. i guess i should say him and aelwyn but that’s just because i see them as a disaster for like a month of a “romantic” relationship before they realize it’s Bad and settle for being friends
Favorite headcanon: love language is gift giving <3 i also think post-sophomore year he helps teach adaine how to use that cool new sword of hers

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i cannot believe that i wasnt the only person in my tutorial who when asked to prepare two examples of classics in pop culture decided on 1) Ulysses Dies at Dawn and 2) a dnd actualplay show

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If The Unsleeping City was a Netflix show

You can see my hardcore fan casts of Cecily Strong as Sofia Lee and Elliot Fletcher as Pete Conlan. Also don’t look too close my editing is bad.

(Let me know if you wanna see my full fan cast of unsleeping city or fantasy high)

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Some days I like to imagine the initiative order had been different and Lapin gets to Liam before Keradin appears, grabs him, says “I tricked and betrayed the Rocks family by following the sweetening path, the bulb is a false idol,” and then Thundersteps out of the fucking church. Like, truly a fantasy world in which that’s how the dice rolled and Zac got to pull that off

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some episode 11 art! cody, pete and sophia all sleeping in pete’s bed & pete confronting null in dream

✨ kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous ✨

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my favorite moment of the dice really conforming to what’s realistic is when murph was rolling for the cops to show up during prompocalypse and they literally didn’t show up until everything was over and immediately made everything worse. like yeah 😌

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mr. march calendar shoot montage has the exact same energy as the viral shrimp party

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brennan: cody you don’t have a bed at your apartment

me: oh my god they were roommates

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Truly, Brennan mentioned the Nightmare King in episode two of Fantasy High which is insane world building

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me: how can brennan come up with a big bad more insane than the american dream? it’ll probably be hard for him to think of somthing more threatening for this season

brennan: you fool. you absolute idiot. here is the manifestation of the literal nothingness that existed before time itself. they’re gonna fight that. how’s that for raising the stakes motherfucker

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