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colombinna · 2 days ago
Erika "Three Times d20 Veteran" Ishii asking about exits and plants because they know what scenery sounds exactly like a battlemap
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dude katja's dad not remembering her age or birthday or her friends is too real :( and "i think you're great because you stayed" genuinely made me cry whAT the FUCK
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gummyiheart · 2 days ago
Erika Ishii almost dying this episode because of the whole Penny/Laertes exchange was everything to me. The whole squad losing their shit was truly the highlight. Penny trying to feel things and process the fact her whole life was about to change and that she could lose her friends while Laertes was quite literally shitting himself was so....
Becca and Brennan are comedy geniouses I was literally crying asdfsgs
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criticalsorcery · 2 days ago
I get that Izzy and Brennan are engaged, but i’m going to have to fight him in a Denny’s for her hand in marriage cause she is a pure delight 
Ostentatia Wallace might be my favourite Dimension20 character ever
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pawthorn · 2 months ago
Aaaaargh I have THOUGHTS about Aabria Iyengar and player agency.
Not character agency. Player agency.
"I'm going to let you tell me what happens here."
What a powerful phrase. It shows trust and confidence in her players, yes, but it also shows trust and confidence in herself.
Aabria knows that, no matter what outlandish thing the players manifest, she can cope. She can make it work. So you get all these moments of players really shaping the story, even outside of their characters (like the character intros in ExU, or when Danielle helped narrate the action at the familiar shop in MisMag.) The story has more color and life because more voices are speaking into it.
Watching the way she runs a game has changed the way I think about running my own. I hope I can be brave enough to apply what I'm learning from her.
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anyways-its-erin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
god help me i uploaded this to like 5 different socials and just realized i didn’t sign it oh well!!!
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lucky-numberme · 2 months ago
I love that Erika Ishii's response to "who would be the worst person to attend Hogwarts?" was just
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
and that Aabria was like, "yeah sounds good let's do it girl"
Tumblr media
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colombinna · a day ago
okay but what if we got a few bonus the seven scenes that are just their stories during Fantasy High Freshmen Year but from their point of view. Like.
Ostentatia at her house party suddenly finding out her best friend is a bitch, or Sam. Oh my god oR SAM. And her whole thing with Johnny Spells and Penelope. And what was going through Penny's mind during the arcade fight JESUS CHRIST.
How about that huh.
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criticalsorcery · 2 days ago
Nothing was more relatable than the reactions of The Seven when Brennan said the words Masquerade Ball
they fucking FLIPPED out and it was beautiful D&D masquerade parties are the best
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