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heehee lil Dimi in his big Dimi outfit
he looks so eenie weenie in it
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|| @sotshin​ || Trey & Dimitri || liked for a summer themed starter || 
Tumblr media
“You must be the new summer help. We’re glad to have you cause the place is crazy busy during these summer days.” Trey explained with a smile while welcoming Dimitri. It was still a little bit before opening hours so it was the perfect opporunity to get to know him and see what he was capable of.
“Have any experience in this field of work?” Raymond had probably asked during the interview. Working in a café wasn’t the hardest work but it was definitely rewarding and a very social experience. As they got the day started, the freshly baked treats and cakes were put in the cooled display. Meanwhile the AC was keeping the café area cool as the kitchen heated up due to the ovens.
“What made you want to spend your summer here? Need some extra cash or wanting to gain some experience?” Trey asked curiously.
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Tumblr media
[ Dimitri ]
Here’s the uncropped version of him! 
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I think it’s interesting that all of Dimitri, Edelgard, and Rhea all fall under a reluctant leader trope, but it is different in how it manifests.
I think Dimitri’s is the most straightforward of the three and but done well so it makes sense that many people find his character compelling. He doesn’t want to be a leader he wants just revenge over those who’ve harmed him and his loved ones. His arc is growing past the need for revenge to find justice so that he can do his duty as a born leader and embracing the role to prevent farther harm. With Dimitri the reluctance is both a good character trait to have (showing a humbleness that will make them a good ruler) and flaw to be overcome (being willing to look at the big picture for the good of the people). Very classic of the fantasy genre with a lot of emotional build up.
Rhea/Edelgard are so interesting because they both think they are needed for the world right now but also that the world has better to offer after them. There’s even a similarity in that neither of them were born into the position many people in line before them died for them for them to have the even have opportunity for ruling - and they didn’t just inherit it they still had to fight for it. (Not that they actually wanted to rule initially the death of loved ones is part of what sets them on the path). It’s a fun dichotomy of not really wanting to rule but still fighting for the power to do so.
They don’t want to rule but feel like they must. There’s an arrogance to them believing they are needed to develop the future first before they can let go. Unlike Dimitri both of these women were more active in their quest for leadership which I think created a subjectivity to the amount of “reluctance” people will see when it comes to their characters. Now what they working towards before they can “retire” is vastly different with Rhea believing in one person (Sothis) and Edelgard trying to create a system where a need for a ruler like her is never needed again. Based on their end goals and the state Fodlan the player has a judgement on how much of their arrogance is correct and how well they actually fit into this trope. I think it works well for the story of 3H because usually “evil” rulers are ruling for the sake of power and makes it easy to point and say that’s the bad guy, by having them both fall under the reluctant leader trope it allows for a deeper dive into their motivations, methods, and actions when analyzing them.
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Look Dimitri walked so Flynn Rider could run I don’t make the rules
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From 2020
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I miss your kidnapping fic train so bad I used to binge those. So if you're willing to can I request it again with either Dimitri or Felix? I want to relieve getting hurt THEN heal with your amazing writing of those. Or if you can't just very angst to super fluff would be very pog!
(I was gonna post both in one but then Dimitri's turned out to be 9 pages = U ='' enjoy some angst!!)
It happens in the dead of night, during one of your stays at the monastery. He didn’t want you there alone, for a myriad of reasons.
The vulnerability of it being his biggest concern. But you would assure him time and again, the only difference in security was that you weren’t sleeping beside him every night. As far as he was concerned, that was a major flaw.
Especially when he heard how it happened. The dawn had barely broken when a wyvern screeched through the courtyard. Dimitri had been training early with Dedue, as he did each day. But it all ground to a halt when Seteth dismounted, his face drawn and pale.
“Those Who Slither took Byleth!!”
It took all of his strength not to gouge Seteth then and there- how could he let this happen?! A crater formed where his heart was, filling him with panic. 
His limbs shook, the lance falling from his hands. 
He did not remember climbing onto the wyvern. But he distinctly remembered the hours-long flight; each second of breath agonizing with the realization that you were in danger.
You were in danger and he wasn’t there to protect you.
“We don’t know how it happened. They came in the dead of night, and killed the Queen’s guards without a sound. We have the most advanced protection spells on the continent- ancient ones, at that! The fact they were able to break through and reach her is…”
“It’s not the first time those bastards have slipped through the monastery’s defenses. I thought we solved that issue years ago!” Dimitri nearly bellowed, the wind screeching around him. “How could this happen?!”
“Forgive me, milord.” Seteth’s grip on the reins was white as the snow flurrying past. “We don’t know.”
The kingdoms of Fodlan were captivated with the terror of realizing their Archbishop was nowhere to be found. Everyone was panicking, frightened and confused by your sudden disappearance.
Queens and Archbishops did not simply disappear.
But Dimitri…none were as horrified as Dimitri. No one dared comfort the king, nor speak to him unless spoken to.
He quickly, violently regressing into the wild creature he had been during the war.
The voices were coming back, tormenting him ten-fold. How could he let you be taken? Be harmed? Or worse yet, killed?
How could he be such a failure of a man, as a husband and a king, to let his Beloved be stolen from his arms?
What a fool he was. A bumbling, cowardly, worthless, filthy dastard. 
He had ripped apart wooden dummies on the training grounds, and smashed furniture (accidentally) in his quarters.
Your room had been virtually destroyed; meaning you put up a fight. All were forbidden entry save for the investigators. 
In the destruction, they would surely be able to find some sort of clue. The Archbishop would not have let them take her without some assurance she could be found.
That’s what they hoped.
“It’s been days…” Annette whispered to Felix, the two of them watching Dimitri pace back and forth. 
They had gathered in the war room, poring over maps in search of a potential lookout or a distance traveled.
“We’re losing valuable time, waiting around like this. And he’s only going to get worse.” He mumbled back without letting his gaze slip from his work. 
The Blue Lions had never been so anxious, before. Between the rotting sanity of their king, and the dubious status of their queen…it was horrific.
“Should we let him continue like this? Can’t someone help him?” She looked to him with pleading eyes, but Felix shook his head.
“None of us should go near him, like this. We don’t know what he’s seeing…or thinking. If he hurts you by mistake, I’d never forgive myself. Least of all, him.”
“His wife is missing. Byleth is missing.”
“Then we just have to find her.” He sighed, taking up another piece of parchment. “We must have hope.”
Within a week, they find a hint where you were taken. An abandoned manor far into the Adrestian territory, which likely had plenty of basement space for whatever horrible things they planned to do to you.
Dimitri all but ripped out of the council room in a frenzy when they confirmed that was the best possible location to find you.
It took the efforts of Seteth and Dedue both to subdue him, long enough to get the man properly armed and convinced to take a mount.
The only downside was, even if they used enchantments to hasten travel, it would still take them far too long to get to you. At minimum, nine days.
Dimitri pushed the hardest of them all. As the king, he could order them to go day and night, non-stop to rush as quickly as they possibly could. He would not wait for an option other than reaching you immediately.
He smashed through the territory in a frenzy. The Lions did not dare stop him, until they absolutely had to. Forcing him to let them rest, lest the horses and wyverns die of exhaustion.
At the very least, they could credit his panicked rush with, was the time taken to get to you was lessened by three entire days.
In less than a week, they’d crossed the territory and closed in on the target.
Within that instant….it was an absolute slaughter.
Dimitri led the charge, unforgiving in his attempt to shut down the insurrection of Those Who Slither, who would dare steal his wife. The Queen would not allow mercy, nor would he. Not for the monsters that had tormented them for so long.
Even now, they were still trying to ruin all of your lives.
He would only ever allow small moments of reprieve, long enough to point the lance at a mage’s throat and demand your location. 
The three that divulged you were locked away in the basement below, at least, were only slashed at their knees and taken into custody.
The rest? Razed.
Eventually they located the doors. Seteth and Dedue were tasked with breaking the doors down. A long corridor stretched before them; an irrelevant challenge.
His bellow all but shook the stone floors. He raced down the hall, seeking his wife among the smell of antiseptic and the sights of ruined medical supplies everywhere.
It made his stomach twist; had they used those vile tools on you?
Spell books and objects for incantations were kicked away with every fierce step. Everyone was shouting for you, but had yet to receive a response.
The breakthrough was Flayn’s cry.
“Oh my gods!!”
Immediately they veered to her voice, rushing to find her. 
Her wail was founded. 
“BYLETH!!” His roar jolted through the Lions when Dimitri burst through them. You were unconscious atop a stone table. Blood, dried and wet, surrounded your form. 
You were too pale. Pain etched into your body, which had been broken. 
He was at your side in an instant, his hands on your face. You had not opened your eyes. 
“Byleth?! Byleth, please, look at me. Wake up. Wake up!!” He did not dare look away from you, checking for some sort of shallow breathing. The clerics bolted around you, trying desperately to reach you (or at the very least, drag you back into consciousness).
“This is serious…milord, we must take her from here, quickly!” Seteth informed him with deep worry, “She needs treatment in a proper facility, or else she may not make it.”
It was all he needed to hear.
Dimitri snapped the restraints chafing into your skin with his bare hands. No reaction. He took you up as delicately as he could, pulling you into his chest.
He would be damned if he let it all end, here. 
“Beloved…hold on…!!”
The neighboring village was mercifully only a few miles down the road. Dimitri all but broke down the door to the village clinic, his own healers flooding in behind him. No one questioned it, or tried to stop him. 
He was their king; and they knew it well.
Their arrival happened merely an hour prior, and a swarm of excitement had followed since. Dimitri was relegated to pacing outside, his comrades waiting with baited breath to hear some sort of news.
Any word of your recovery would not come until late in the night. Those not close to her or Dimitri were ordered to set up camp and try and busy themselves from worrying over their queen’s health.
Dedue waited dutifully with his king, but knew better than to attempt words of comfort. Dimitri was on the verge of a breakdown. 
Because he wasn't there to protect you from this nightmare. 
Married, and powerful, but it was all meaningless if he could not protect his wife.
Someone capable of overpowering his queen was someone he was unsure he could even handle, himself. And that was something that bothered him deeply.
He should not have to struggle so with this reality. He should be able to take care of you when you could not take care of yourself.
He should have wiped out those rats by razing Adrestia and starting over with the fields of dirt and stone.
Only then could he have been sure you were safe.
The voices were starting to return, just slightly…enough to criticize him, berate him for his shortcomings. His shoulders were drawn up, tight and wound like the rest of him, which was ready to snap.
Word of your status would finally come when the sky turned gray with early morning light. Seteth stepped out of the clinic, looking gaunt and tense.
“What has become of my wife?” The question was out before he even reached the minister.
He sighed deeply, hands clasped behind him. “She is stablilized, and conscious. But she is not out of the woods yet, milord. “
It stayed his hopes you were all right, but….at least your eyes were open.
“She was hexed with more curses than should ever be used on a  single person. The physical damage she sustained, as well as the corrupted mana that’s coursing through her veins, it’s….it’s far too much to heal overnight. It may take weeks for her to fully recover.”
“But she will recover?” Dimitri pressed.
“If all goes well…but we cannot be sure for at least a few more days. We will have to keep her here until she has the strength to handle the journey.”
“I see...” He confirmed quietly. It was not a no, at the very least. But it was not quite what he wished to hear, either.
“Can I…please go to her?” 
Seteth glanced back, “I…do not know if I would recommend it, milord. She is delicate, and I worry if you saw her how she is now...”
“My feelings matter little- she was the one tortured; I need to see her. To know that her husband did not abandon her.”
Eventually, reluctantly, Seteth agreed. He had a strong feeling a blade would have been drawn before no would be taken as an answer.
He led Dimitri in, taking him to the room you were given. It was no better seeing you lying pale on the bed than it was on that damn table, but….at least your eyes were open.
And you were looking at him.
“Beloved…!” The air flew from his lungs, finding the cracked smile incapable of fully forming on your lips. 
The cleric tending you quickly drew away, before being run over by your husband that strode to your side.
“Byleth…Byleth, my beloved wife…my darling…!!” His voice was hoarse, thick with emotion. He took you hand up, clasping it tightly as he crumpled to the floor beside the bed.
You were attempting to squeeze back. 
“I am here. I came for you. I only wish that I had come sooner. What they did to you…what they did to my queen….I will never forgive myself for letting such harm befall you!”
You shook your head, gazing up at your sweetest prince. The tears gathering in his eye were all but spilling over, drawing your sweet attentions to the man desperately in need of comfort.
You tilted your chin up to him, inviting him to come as close as possible. He leaned down, touching his forehead to yours, cradling your head with his other hand that wasn’t trembling over your own.
“It is not your fault.” You whispered weakly, “Y-you…came for me. You saved me…it is all that matters.”
“It is my fault. I should have been there.” He shook his head, “I had reservations about spending our early marriage apart. I know you are not defenseless, let alone at the monastery. But not being by your side, i-it…it filled me with terrible uneasiness. That feeling was proven after what happened to you. If I had been with you, I could have protected you. At the very least…fought to the death to keep you safe.”
“Dima, no.” You shook your head, “I w-wouldn’t let you die for me. L-let alone after everything we’ve been through.”
“What about what you went through? What you suffered because you were alone?! If I could have protected you from that…that Hell…!!”
“That place was destroyed.” You reminded him gingerly, your lips brushing tenderly over his. It did little to assuage his tears. “I’m here, now. With you.”
“Yes…” He nodded quietly, kissing your forehead. “And you will be with me for your recovery. I will take you home, to Faerghus. At least then I can oversee your wellbeing, and protect you personally. The mountain air will aid in your healing as well, Beloved. It is brisk, but it is pure.”
“I would like that.” You whispered, “I’ll get to share my bed with you again…it’s been far too long since I’ve had a good night’s s-sleep with you.”
“Should I stay the night with you here?” He offered tenderly, stroking your hair. You pursed your lips, looking at the meager offerings that was space in that bed.
“I…think we would break the cot if you tried to fit on it with me.” You whispered, disappointed. They were not meant for multiple patients, after all.
“No matter. If it is your wish that I stay beside you, then I can go nowhere else.” 
You did miss such sweet words outside of his letters. Having him here now, telling you that while he drew up a pitiful chair to hunch over beside you….it did make you smile so happily.
“Seteth told me you may not recover for  a while yet, and so I am afraid we will have to stay here until you have enough strength to manage the trek back home. But as soon as we get there, I will ensure you recover fully. The best will tend to you.”
“I look forward to it.” You whispered, clinging to him as tight as you could with your sorry excuse for frail little hands.
You hated causing him such worry. Feeling so powerless and weak was a horrific matter, on top of that.
It was all you could do to focus on your Dima. 
“Thank you…f-for coming after me.” Your words were met with a scoff, though you assumed it was meant as a laugh choked out by his bitter relief.
“I would have turned over every stone in Fodlan before I stopped coming after you. Do not thank me for  coming to your aid. It is what any good husband would do.”
“You are my good husband…” 
“I have a long way to go before I am worthy of such a title. Seeing you back on your feet will be the first step.” He blushed, unable to deny that he did feel some sense of pride to know you felt so fondly of him.
He squeezed your hand, “You should rest, my love. The clerics will need to check on you again, and I do not wish for you to stay awake when you should be resting.”
“Will you stay here?” You asked so hopefully, like the answer could even possibly be anything other than a yes.
“I will be here when you wake, and every moment after.” He promised, kissing your knuckles. “Please, rest. I wish to see you recovered as soon as possible.”
“Thank you, love.” You hummed quietly. He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and kissed you softly. “I’ll…see you soon?”
“Sleep well. I will be here.” He assured you, brushing his fingers along your cheek. 
He did not want to let you go so soon, after longing to meet your gaze for as long as he had. What mattered now was your recovery.
For a few days you remained in the clinic, a rotation of Faerghus healers, Seteth and Flayn and a number of village clerics came in and out to care for you.
Dimitri was naturally in charge of feeding you, ensuring you were given only the best and heartiest food until you were ready to leave.
It would not take long before you were finally given the go-ahead. A carriage was quickly procured for the trip home, which Dimitri made sure he was inside of rather than riding beside you. 
There were plenty of Lions to guard every inch of the wooden thing; he’d much rather have your head in his lap, soothing your travels than be anywhere else.
 All that mattered was making a full recovery, with Dimitri by your side every step of the way.
And of course, the first night home, you were wrapped up in Dimitri’s strong embrace…with no intention of ever letting you go.
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a younger Dimi on an expedition! so adorable... 🥰
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Azure Gleam is fucking gross
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Everyone in Azure Gleam: "DIMITRI GO TO FUCKING SLEEP!"
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alice in wonderland au :·3
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Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, former house leader of the Blue Lions. Current king of Faerghus 🦁
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the three house leaders
painted dimitri in 2019 and didn’t get around to doing them all till now
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Dimitri’s information chart
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