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#din djaren

Leia: Maybe you should try a serious relationship for once.

Luke: I know but it’s not like I can just say “I wish I had my soulmate”

Din: *walks in*




Luke: *whispering to Leia* I think it worked

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Summary: Din notices changes in you, and fights to show you how special you really are.

Pairing: Din Djarin x plus size F!Reader (no Y/N)

Rating:  NC-17 (Read Part 1)

Words: 2956

Warnings: Gratuitous SMUT, do not read if you don’t want that!! Some soft!Din, lots of dirty talk, eating shame/disordered eating, body worshipping, breeding/pregnancy talk, unprotected piv, oral (F receiving), fingering, slight cumplay

Notes: Mando’a translations at the end for phrases not explained in the story (but mostly common phrases)! First smut on here…go easy on me 😬

You finished the meal pack quickly, suddenly realizing just how hungry you were. Looking at the empty wrapper, you felt a twinge of guilt, unsure if it was from Din’s reaction to your lack of eating or the action of eating itself. You quickly balled the metallic wrapper in your hand and threw it in the trash compactor, trying to focus on better things. You heard Din and Grogu giggling and cooing in the child’s room, and were tempted to go take a look, but you had strict orders. So you walked to your quarters, sitting on the cot and swinging your legs underneath you when you arrived.

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hot take (possibly):

if bo-katan and Paz threw hands, Paz would win, no questions asked

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<div> Din trying to reach Grogu </div>
Din Djarin (on the transmitter)
Hello, may I speak to Luke Skywalker? Yes, I'll hold.
Hold Music
🎶Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
Din Djarin
(😢 weeps under his helmet)
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Me: *sees the relationship between Din and Grogu as one of a father and his son* Thats a cute family you have there.

Me: :) It would be a shame if something happened to it.

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I just realized something while aimlessly scrolling through mandalorian posts for hours on end.

We have seen Din without his helmet, before seeing him out of armor.

And I don’t mean him changing into some other armor, but like, in a normal looking shirt or, you know, without his gloves. Something like that.

The helmet was the one thing that weren’t meant to be removed, and yet we haven’t seen anything else of him than his face. Not unless you count the time he got a cut on his arm in s1e2.

(feel freeto correct me if I’m remembering it all wrong. It’s literally 3:30am and I’m dead inside.)

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shitty pictures of shitty mandos

a segment by: me


inspired by the way @toasty-cowboy draws din in the small speech bubbles to indicate he’s talking

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I’m thinking about getting me some Dinluke pins, would anyone be insterested on getting some too? I think the minimum for an order is 50, so let me know, maybe I can put them on my store or something

also gimme ideas to make into pins ty

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This GIF. this GIF. Love it so much!

How bright his smile is that it literally lights up the whole place. His smile lights up his eyes, which lights up his body, which lights up anyone who see that damn smile.

And that hair! You KNOW he didn’t style it like that. Which in the interview you can tell cuz he plays with it so much. But he has NO IDEA how freaking amazing he looks.

So humble and so clueless and so bright!🥰

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Luke: You know that feeling where your heart skips a beat?

Din: That’s called arrhythmia

Luke: I get that feeling every time I see y-

Din, very concerned: You can die from it!

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Din (the mandalorian)x Reader


Originally posted by boardboxes


Originally posted by captainamerighost


Originally posted by cloverjean

“LET GO OF THE GIRL AND THE BABY” Din roared in pain at the stromtrooper who held you by the hands and the other grabbed grogu. Din lay on the floor unable to stand, he was hurt badly. Broken bones, cuts all over his body trying hard to get up but he couldn’t, he felt helpless.

You yourself weren’t in the best shape to fight back but you kept pulling, kicking your legs desperate for them to let the hell of you! One of the stromtrooper kicked din in back “NO” it was your turn to scream as much as your voice let you to “leave h-him alone. Take m-me and let the mandalorian go! I said let him go!” You roared at the stromtrooper, he punched you hard, you fell on the ground. “I’LL KILL YOU” din screamed.

Grugo let out a cry, you felt your heart tightened not being able to keep your eyes open “..g-gr-grogu” you whispered reaching out your weak hands for the child. You knew you were way too weak to save the child and din, but that didn’t stop you from trying to your last breath. The stromtrooper kicked you on the side making you roll over to your back, a cough left your mouth following with blood. Your vision blurred, you could hear din screaming, suddenly you heard an explosion on the main gate, you slowly turned your head to meet your eyes over people dressed in black running towards you and then you passed out.


“BATU” Grogus voice echoed in your mind, it was darkness. You couldn’t see anything but you were sure you heard grogu giggling. Your eyes shot up and you stood where you were laying. It was a white room, you were dressed in some sort of white baggy yet soft hoodie and a white pants. On your left you saw a droid starring at you in confusions “Where I’m I? Where din? GROGU OH NO NO NO” you panicked pulling the needles of your hand, you winched at the pain on your left side. “You must stay here” the droid spoke, “where’s grogu?” You pushed pass the droid and exist the room. It was a long white hallway, a few people were there looking at you like they saw a ghost, I mean sure you had some cuts on your cheeks and lips but why they staring at you and who are they. You rushed down the hallway “DIN? GROGU?” you yelled “WHERE IS GROGU?” you screamed at the people, tears filling your eyes as you tingle your hands in your wavy black hair, you turn and walked further only to bump into a man

“y/n? You’re awake!” He spoke. How did he know my name? You thought to yourself. “I-I- gr-grogu. My ch- I mean the child he-he where is he?” You stutter in panic “they took him? They took grogu we have to save him!” You told the man as he held you still “mand- the-the mandalorian h-he will help us, come on help me. Where is he? Din- I mean the mandalorian. I know he was hurt he was hurt badly I-I want to see him I have to see din” a tear fell to your bruised cheek. The man looked at you and that when you noticed he had a lot of cute on his face too “Where’s d-din I.. ” you said, the man shushed you “shhh calm down calm down it’s alright” he smiled “it’s me”.

You looked at him confused and he repeated himself “it’s me din, y/n it’s me”. “Din?” You whispered, touched his face “it’s you din! Oh l- grogu-” Why he didn’t have his mask on? Did you both failed to save grogu? What happened? You were confused.

He smiled “yes it’s me. And grogu is fine”, your eyes widened with a small smile on your lips “take me to grogu I want to see him p-please”. He nodded taking you to an open hall where you saw grogu playing around with some kids. You smiled, grogu turned to face you and chuckled, you fell to the floor with arms open and he rushed to you “oh my baby” you wrapped your arms around him and laughed in joy “I thought I lost you” you whispered “BUTO” he chuckled. You stayed like this for minutes until you felt hand on yours. It was din, it felt like home looking in his eyes for the first time without the helmet. He hugged you both. Grogu giggled causing both if you to giggle with him.

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