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letoscrawls · 10 hours ago
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The next generation of Star Wars and it's all depressed people
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azertyrobaz · 15 hours ago
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Disney Gallery - The Mandalorian Season 2 - Chapter 15, “The Believer”
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to remember... 🥺
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heatherbelart · 10 hours ago
Be Grateful
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No 𝘺𝘰𝘶 paint Pedro Pascal too much 😂
I have about 15 different subjects waiting in my art queue, but then I saw this image from the Talk Easy podcast and couldn’t help myself. What a breathtaking smile!
Painted on procreate in mixed media.
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omaano · 14 hours ago
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Read some modern AU fic where Din had tattoos instead (and along the lines) of his armour, and a few months later thought "why not give it a go?"
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ujalayi · 4 hours ago
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Some Pedro Pascal/Din portrait sketches and studies to start the week :) - It’s a little difficult to capture his likeness honestly! He has a mythological beauty, very ethereal.
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din-djarins-riduur · 8 hours ago
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Today’s look 🕶
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waldos-art · 18 hours ago
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There they are! There. They. Are.
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oursubjectisntcool · 5 hours ago
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OP: @abigail_larson via Twitter
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jealous-sloth77 · 15 hours ago
"By creed, until it is of age, or reunited with its own kind, you are as its father".
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sadiebwrites · 3 hours ago
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Ok DinLukes, here’s something happy!
Tried to get this finished before my latest update, but here’s how I pictured our boys in Chapter 18 of Chasing the Dawn. 🥰 Hope you like it!
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dindjarindiaries · 8 hours ago
I saw this gentle parenting tik tok with a mom who got her kid to brush their teeth by letting them brush her teeth as well and I can totally imagine Din doing that “alright kid, here’s the deal. You let me brush your teeth and I’ll let you brush mine. That sound fair?” “Patu” “Good. Oh also by brush my teeth I do not mean shank me with the toothbrush. Don’t do that again.”
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES why am I suddenly crying on the floor
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albertasunrise · 15 hours ago
One Year Later - Part 8
Tumblr media
Summary: You and the Mandalorian had been through so much together. You’d become a mother to his foundling and a partner to him. You were in love and you didn’t think that anything could ruin that but after Din hands the child over to his kind. Things fall apart.
Pairings: Din Djarin x Reader
Warnings: Like AO3, I have chosen not to leave warnings for this chapter as I don’t want to give the plot away. Read at your own peril… unless you’re under 18… in that case, jog on! 😘
Notes: So…. soz this took so long. This chapter was particularly hard for me to write as elements of it are close to me as I've been struggling to similar issues. I hope this was worth the wait and I will try update this a little sooner than I have. A little shorter but I didn't feel like this particular chapter needed to be longer
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Tumblr media
You threw the scanner away angrily, desperately trying to keep your tears at bay so that Din wouldn't hear you. The reading it had given you was the same one it had given you for the last four months.
You weren't pregnant.
You knew these things took time but you didn't understand why you'd gotten pregnant by accident with Mae yet now you were actively trying it wasn't happening. You were so sure this time. The symptoms had all been there and you were late… over a week yet the scanner didn’t lie.
You weren’t looking forward to telling Din that you still weren’t pregnant, the disappointment in his eyes after each failed attempt was heartbreaking.
It had been six months since you’d started. Six months of hopes being dashed each time the scanner told you no. Din had been good about it all at the start. Telling you it was okay and that it would happen when the time was right but he’d also started to withdraw.
You looked up to see him limp into the home you both shared, his expression weary from a day's work in the ponds. He’d gotten to work as soon as he was able and you’d been glad of the distraction it gave him. Something to take his mind off of all this.
“Where’s Mae?” He asked as he looked around for his daughter.
“With Winta and the other kids. Omera’s keeping an eye on them.” You replied and he nodded before his eye caught sight of the scanner that you’d haphazardly thrown across the room and his shoulders slumped.
He didn’t ask but you knew he knew and your heart sank a little further as you watched him clean himself up.
“It’ll happen when it happens.” He said simply and you sighed.
“What if it never does?”
He stopped to look at you. Tears formed in his eyes as his lips started to form the words he was about to say.
“Then it wasn’t meant to be.” He replied before limping into your shared bedroom to change his clothes.
You sighed to yourself as your eyes drifted to the scanner. Your hand, absentmindedly, settled over your empty womb. You wished you could give Din the thing he now so desperately craved. You hated what this was doing to you both because the truth of the matter was it was impossible to tell why it wasn’t happening. It hadn’t helped that as each month went by, you were less intimate with each other. You knew it wasn’t something you could force but it was a vital part of what you were trying to accomplish.
After having a little cry. You composed yourself and went about preparing dinner for your family. When Din was changed and bathed he went to collect Mae, not even a glance was thrown your way as he made his way out of the hut and into the evening light. You felt a pang of anger surge through you at his behaviour towards you and you started to wonder… Does he blame you for this?
When he returned with Mae, he placed her in her seat before taking one himself as you threw down a plate of food for him before taking yours outside, not wanting to eat in his presence.
Din watched you leave. His heart ached in his chest at your coldness towards him but he supposed he deserved it. He didn’t know how to be towards you. He hated that he couldn’t give you a child and he knew in his soul that it was his fault. It was obvious to him that he was the problem. He was sure his accident was to blame for his inability to give you another child.
He watched Mae as she fed herself, unable to comprehend how far she’d come since he first laid eyes on her. She had grown so much in the short time she’d been around and he was so proud of the little person she’d grown to be. She was a kind soul, always worrying over him when he stumbled or showed any sign of discomfort. For someone so small, nothing slipped her notice.
When he put Mae down, he made his way outside where you were sitting there tearful in your chair. His heart shattered at the sight. He hated to see you cry. Hated to inflict any pain on you but this situation was hurting you both. So perhaps it was time to call quits.
“What do you want Din?” You asked, noticing him hovering just out of sight.
“I think we need to stop.” He stated and your head whipped up.
“Stop what?” You asked, your tone a little panicked.
“It’s clear to me that another baby isn’t an option for us so I think it’s best we stop trying.” He said plainly and your heart twisted “It hurts too much.”
“Okay.” You replied simply, nodding lamely before looking over at the sunset in the distance.
“Okay?” He asked, unsure of how you truly felt at that moment.
“Okay.” You repeated, shrugging your shoulders.
“You agree?” He pushed and you sighed.
“If you don't want another baby then fine. We'll stop trying.” You scoffed “You clearly aren't that bothered about it as you need to be intimate to make a child and we seldom are anymore. Then when I tell you I'm not pregnant you just tell me it’ll happen when it happens or it wasn't meant to be as.”
“I want a baby.” He choked “More than anything, you know that but it’s just not happening and I can’t bear seeing how it hurts you.”
“It hurts me more when you ice me out.” You scoffed “I’m sorry I can’t get pregnant but-“
“I don’t blame you.” He interrupted and your mouth snapped shut “It’s clear my accident is to blame for this and I’m sorry that I can’t give you another baby.” He sobbed “I wish I could but…” He trailed off, tears slipping down his cheeks and your expression softened at that.
“Maybe we should stop.” You said softly as you gave him a small nod “I don’t want this to tear us apart.”
“I don’t want that either.” He confirmed and you gave him a weak smile before gathering your crockery and getting to your feet.
“Then we’re in agreement.” You said simply before walking inside.
Din knew you. Knew you weren’t happy with this situation but he knew he couldn’t keep getting his hopes up, only for them to fall to pieces again. He still believed that if it was meant to be it would happen in time but for now… It was best to just stop trying.
A few weeks passed and you and Din didn’t broach the subject of another baby again. The two of you returned to a form of normal. You focus your energy on the family you did have. Instead of the family, you longed for… And that helped you to a degree.
Then in the blink of an eye, two months had gone by and it seemed like that pain had all but dissipated. That was until Kira in the village fell pregnant and suddenly all that hurt returned. You were happy for her of course. Recently married and was completely in love but as her pregnancy progressed, it started to get hard to be happy for her.
You started to withdraw, spending less time with her and your female friends who couldn’t help but coo over her as she started to show more and more. You felt bitterness towards her and despite knowing it was wrong, you couldn’t help it. Kira had been one of your closest friends. She’s supported you through your pregnancy and you’d be lying if you said you could have done it without her. Yet when she went through hers, you found it almost impossible to give her that same support you gave her.
Din noticed and called you upon it. Told you it was selfish how you were behaving and you knew he was right yet still you couldn’t help it. The pain you felt was just too much to bear and so you chose to close yourself off from it.
From the people, you called your friends.
Omera could see you were struggling yet still found herself angry at you. It wasn’t Kira’s fault yours and Din's attempts to get pregnant had come to nought. She didn’t deserve to suffer because you were jealous of her circumstances. So when Kira has felt the baby move for the first time and you’d just walked away, she decided enough was enough.
“You’ve been terrible to Kira!” She stated, following you into your home.
“What?” You snapped, turning on your heels to face her.
“She’s going through something so exciting and you want zero part of it.” She snapped, her eyes wide and angry “She supported you through it all. She deserves the same from you.”
“Omera I-“
“I’m sorry your attempts to get pregnant were frivolous but that doesn’t give you the right to push her away.”
“I can stand there and be happy for her when it hurts so much.” You yelled as you choked on a sob “I wanted another baby so much and then each month we came up empty and it just killed me inside.” You sobbed “It’s hard to be happy for someone who’s getting something you want so badly.”
“I understand that.” Omera sighed but you groaned.
“Din just decided to stop trying altogether.” Stated and you sighed “To the point where he doesn’t want to be physical at all.”
Omera couldn’t hide the shock that spread across her face.
“We sleep separately now.” You sobbed “He doesn’t love me anymore. I'm sure of it and I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this Omera.”
“I don’t-“
“I wish we’d never started trying.” You cried, almost frantically now “If we’d never started we wouldn’t be so broken right now.”
“These sorts of situations can be the making or breaking of relationships,” Omera confessed “You get so in your head about it that it consumes you.”
"I love him."
"I know" She replied softly "And he loves you."
You scoffed at her reply and she sighed, scraping a hand over her tired face.
"I am sure that he does." She continued after a short pause "But he is clearly not dealing with this very well." You snorted and she felt her patience wear thin at "Talk to him." She said plainly before turning to leave "Before you lose everyone."
Your jaw dropped as you watched her leave, mind whirring as you thought about her statement. You knew you'd been selfish but you couldn't help it. You felt like your life was falling apart and you had no way of stopping it.
You watched Din potter around the house, poking his head in to check on Mae before finally allowing himself to take a seat on his cot in the living area and throwing his tired face into his hands.
"What happened to us?" You asked after a few tense moments.
"What?" He asked, looking up at you as his brows knitted together.
"We were happy." You choked, eyes not wavering "Then we started trying and the longer we've gone on, unsuccessful, the more I feel like perhaps you don't love me anymore."
"What gives you that impression?" He snapped and you scoff at his obvious cluelessness.
"Well, we don't even share a bed anymore for a start." You state, letting out a sturred breath before continuing "You fuck me like once a week but there's no love in your touches anymore." You continue, unable to hide the tears now "It's not pleasurable. You don't make me cum but of course, you always do."
His face remains stoic as you speak. Not giving you any clues as to what he's thinking or how he's feeling about what it is you're saying.
"If you don't love me anymore Din then please just tell me now." You sobbed, your heart breaking as you speak "But please don't just up and leave me again. You can't just leave Mae."
"I would never-"
"You did once before." You sobbed and he let out a sigh.
"Are you seriously still holding that against me?" He snapped "I proved to you how sorry I was… I almost died proving to you how sorry I was." He growled, his own eyes now filling with tears "I lost my ability…"
He couldn't finish that sentence and you sighed.
"You can walk now Din." You stated, "You're getting stronger every day but-"
"That's not what I meant" He stated and your brows drew together.
"It can't be a coincidence that I have an accident that leaves me paralysed and then suddenly I can't get the woman I love pregnant." He choked and your heart broke for him "It's obvious that I'm the problem."
"Din… It's not your fault." You said softly, in the hope that it would bring him some semblance of comfort but it did little to calm the waters that were raging within him "These things take time… Mae was obviously a flook."
"Or I'm infertile now." He choked and your heart broke for him.
Of course, he blamed himself for this. Not you were hearing it, it seemed obvious that he'd been withdrawn because he was ashamed. Ashamed that he couldn't get you pregnant.
"Perhaps it really is for the best that we stop trying for another." You said after a few tense moments of silence, your eyes softening "It's just hurting us both and Din… I don't want to lose you again."
"I don't want to lose you either."
"Then come back to me."
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Single dad supremacy
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rook-on-bough · 9 hours ago
New series. Possums at Large. This one features Din and Boba!
Tumblr media
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jealous-sloth77 · 10 hours ago
I just love watching how much of a nerd Din is.
I was rewatching TBOBF ep 5 and it's so clear how much of a passion he has for spacecraft. He never outwardly discloses how much he loves them (he's not really that type of person) but hearing him just spout off random terms that would go over most people's heads shows how much of an interest he has. The way he talks about them is exactly how people talk about their favourite shows/hobbies etc.
When Peli is telling him to thank her for the N-1, he tells her that if she finds him a Razor Crest she can have the Starfighter back.
Now I love this for two reasons: 1) it shows how much Din loves the Razor Crest, and despite it being an old ship that most people can be a bit judgemental on, it's probably his favourite. And 2) when they finally finish the N-1, you can tell that Din actually loves it.
Seriously, he kept acting annoyed about the whole thing but you can tell he was really passionate when modifying it and the way he looks at it afterwards, you can tell he's happy. Just watching him look it over and trace his hand over the ship, you can see that spacecraft are one of the things that bring Din a little bit of pleasure in life.
Yes, seeing Din in bounty hunter mode is great, but I love this side of him. Just watching him geeking out over the Starfighter is adorable and it makes him feel more real. It's more relatable.
Tumblr media
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pagannightwitch · 8 hours ago
I wrote this for a discord friend, SapphireNova. There aren't enough AMAB (he/him is used) reader x character fics out there, and I'd really like to change that. There's plenty of gorgeous men, women, and those in-between with penises, and they all deserve to see themselves in fic. My lovely wife is trans, and I already have something in the works for her next. Y'all drop me a line and let me know how I did on this one, okay? I would like to write for trans men too, y'all are also fucking gorgeous and deserve to see your beautiful selves just as you are.
Alright y'all. This is a mature fic, there is explicit content here. No one under 18 allowed, understand?
I am choosing not to add warnings. This is fluffy man on man smut, no kinks other than Din stays armored. By reading this fic you are acknowledging the fact that the writer has chosen not to add warnings so as not to spoil anything within. Again I say, 18+ ONLY.
Here there be smut, and this smut is gay af, and if you don't like that, I honestly don't give a fuck and you can GTFO. Plenty of non-queer stuff out there for you to read.
Din gets back to the Crest after a long, fruitless hunt. He finds you in his bunk, wrapped in his old cloak…Whatever will he do with you?
Tumblr media
The Cloak
Din was exhausted. He'd tracked this godsforsaken bounty all over this kriffing rock, just to arrive in time for another hunter to load the bounty into their ship. 
He stopped just in sight of the Crest and sighed deeply, dust curling around his broad frame. Din was so ready to see his sweet boy. The thought of your smiling face spurred him on for the last stretch of the arduous trek. Din hit the button on his vambrace, stretching his tired back out as the ramp slowly lowered. He groaned when something made a sickening pop.
Din sauntered up the ramp mumbling about his old man back, then called out for you. 
He listened for a beat. 
There was no answer. He was immediately on alert. Slipping the blaster from his hip, he stalked through the seemingly deserted ship. Din dialed up the sensitivity on his helmet's scanners, and picked up some tiny noises down in the hull. He quietly followed the sounds and found himself standing before the closed door of his bunk. 
He stood and listened to the muffled grunts and soft moans, a wicked grin forming. Quietly, he slipped his blaster back into it's holster, continuing to enjoy the sounds within. He took a deep breath, adjusted himself in his pants. He growled, he was sensitive and hard already, and hit the door release. Din moaned out loud at the sight before him.
You were all spread out on his cot, your gaze met his, heart beating fast as you furiously pumped your cock. Din's heart leaped to his throat when he realized you were pumping yourself with a familiar gray fabric. 
You'd wrapped Din's cloak around your nude form, a corner of it stuffed in your mouth. He watched as your whole body tensed up, the breath caught in his chest as you clenched your teeth and moaned around the gray fabric. He began palming himself through his flight suit, watching ropes and ropes of thick cum paint your belly, chest, and his cloak. 
One you stilled, chest rising and falling with your gasps, he rested his hand on your calf.
"Sweet boy, you couldn't wait five more minutes for me?"
You chuckled at his teasing tone, and shook your head no. You shivered at the rasp in his voice,
"Look at you, mesh'la. What a mess you've made of yourself."
Your eyes grew wide as Din stepped forward, lifting his big arms to lean against the opening of the bunk. His wide frame filled up the doorway blocking out most of the light. Your semi soft length twitched when Din's helmet tilted to the side. You felt deliciously exposed, enjoying his obvious appraisal. If his pants were any tighter, you thought they may burst at the seams. 
The tingle in your belly roared back to life as you watched your Mandalorian painstakingly unbuckle his belt. You shivered hearing the zipper slowly being pulled down. Your mouth started watering as he pulled his hard cock out of his pants and languidly began pumping himself. You moved to get up and in a flash of beskar, you were pushed down into the mattress. 
You squeaked as you landed, heart racing. Your head whipped up at the sound of Din's helmet depressurising. His face was inches from your skin, you could see a whiskery smile emerge to kiss the skin on your upper thigh. A loud groan escaped your chest when his warm tongue dragged up your stomach, lapping up your mess. You fisted the sheets and cloak beneath you, hissing at the delicious sounds Din was making. His dark hair emerged as the helmet came off completely, it clinked as he tossed it aside, his mouth never leaving you.
He held your pelvis down with one big gloved hand, his other hand slowly working his own cock. He cleaned your stomach and your semi hard self, making his way slowly up your chest, pausing at each nipple to suckle and flick the sensitive buds. You gasped his name as he settled his pulsing, leaking head next to your own swelling length. The coarse hair at his base brushed against your afterglow sensitive skin.  
He leaned down, his cold beskar pressing against your fever-hot skin, gently nipped your neck, then sucked a mark right under your ear. He groaned as he bucked his hips against your spit-slick pelvis. Trembling, you bit your lip to hold back a moan. He nibbled your earlobe and rumbled a request in your ear.
"None of that, beautiful man. I want to hear you fall apart."
You sucked in a breath and only sighed half his name before Din crashed his lips to yours and growled from deep in his chest. His tongue dipped deep into your mouth, licking into you till your eyes rolled to the back of your head. 
After a few minutes of loud, wet kisses, he braced himself on one forearm, raising his other hand to your face. He broke the kiss, looked directly into your eyes, and smirked.
"Spit, mesh'la."
Your breathing hitched. He raised his eyebrows at you.
"Waiting, sweet boy."
You sat up slightly, spat into his leather clad hand, and lay back down. 
"Good boy."
You shivered from head to toe, licking your lips as Din spat into his own palm, your saliva mixing together. He reached between you, grasping both throbbing cocks and slicking them up. You bucked involuntarily, and Din chuckled.
"Desperate boy, you just came. You already want more?"
You whined, nodded, and bucked into his palm. He cursed harshly in huttese, and let you rut yourself against him and the worn leather of his glove. 
"Fucking stars, what a lucky bastard I am. Getting to come to a gorgeous thing like you fucking yourself in my bed?"
You whimpered.
"Oh gods, Din, please."
He smiled down at you, his eyes soft.
"Please what, sweetheart? What do you need from me, baby boy?"
You clenched your eyes shut, squirming under his heavy frame. You wanted Din to fucking fist your cocks together till you saw stars. Words just weren't coming out of your mouth. Your brows knit together as you struggled, and Din took pity on you.
"What is it baby? Do you need this?"
He pressed himself a little harder to you, grasping the both of you firmer, and pumping your slick lengths together. The moan you let out was utterly obscene. You grasped at his pauldrons, bucking up to meet his thrusts. He grunted, leaning down to claim your lips again. Biting your bottom lip as he quickly picked up his pace. 
All you could do is hold on for the ride. The small space was full of heavy breathing, moans, slick wet sounds, and the soft rhythmic clink clink clink of Din's belts and armor colliding on every pump of his fist. 
Your orgasm built up again quickly, and from the looks of it, Din wasn't far behind. His thrusts became erratic, and he began stuttering out praises that grew louder and louder.
"Fucking-kriff, mesh'la. Do you know how many times I thought about this during m-my hunt? Sweet, beautiful, soft, gods, so soft. Oh fuck, darling, I-I'm-mm'gonna, n'gonnaaa, KRIFF-" 
You reached up and tugged his dark locks with both hands as you cried out, spilling all over his hands, his orgasm swiftly following yours with a long, low groan. He slowly pumped you together until you hissed with oversensitivity. He leaned down to kiss you again, softly, sweetly this time.
You brushed your nose against his.
"I'm sorry I got your armor all dirty."
He playfully nipped the tip of your nose and grinned wickedly.
"Maybe you can help me clean it up, hmm?"
A heat flooded your whole body at the prospect of licking the leather and metal clean.
"Oh, Din. Lay down my big boy, and let me take care of you…"
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dindjarindiaries · 14 hours ago
I like to imagine - that when Din and Grogu reunite in TBOBF, we can see Grogu staring at his dad's helmet and smiling - he's not only smiling because of meeting Din again, but because he knows how he looks like under the helmet this time. :)
Tumblr media
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ebellaart · 14 hours ago
I do post dinluke, was present on the old server for awhile, and have been here for a long time, so I feel I should say something about the current discourse. No, I am not a big creator here in the fandom but I still want to say something. I’ve reblogged a lot of the relevant discourse on my main blog if this seems to be coming out of nowhere from me.
What people are pointing out here is real and an actual issue.
When trying to introduce folks outside of the inner dinluke circle to this pairing I have needed to give detailed warnings about how to avoid the fetishization and racist tropes if they choose to look through the tag on Tumblr or AO3.
Just because a few people have done some math, doesn’t mean that you can hold that as gospel.
As someone who is quite familiar with analyzing data, math isn’t always the tell all truth, especially with phenomena such as this that are extremely hard to quantify. Percentages mean nothing when there are testimonies of members of the affected groups stating that something has harmed them. Hurt and the lasting effects of a trope are not easily quantified, so we should just LISTEN. As someone who was present briefly on the old server I can say that it was hard for me to escape content like what people are mentioning, and it definitely contributed to me not being super active as the server died.
Promote and create better content.
Full disclosure, I have simmered out a lot in creating for dinluke because I’m afraid my stuff won’t get any attention if I don’t put Luke in a dress, make his body thin and dainty, or make Din present a certain way. If you know you know. But it has also put a fire under my ass to create MORE stuff that doesn’t contribute to harmful tropes that are legitimately pushing people away.
Let’s make this ship a place for everyone.
Properly tag
Listen to what people are saying
Be kind
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foxlace · 10 hours ago
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