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Sasuke ain’t happy with this one but Naruto thinks they both look fashionable and trendy 🍅🍥

This was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest.

I love to see the tags people use when they reblog my stuff, it makes me happy 🤍 🥺

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We’re in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm and my sister, who’s terrified of thunder and lightning, said that thunder is just dinosaurs in the sky. And now I can’t stop picturing a t-rex bending down pass some clouds and roaring as loud as possible.

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Sleep. We all bask in it’s sweet oblivion.

It and it alone is one of the few things we can say with certainty that the entirety of the human race experiences at some point or another. But across the world, from the cigarette-smoke laced streets of London, to the blaring heat of Los Angeles, we can see our young people languishing, shambling in a half-conscious state, dark bags hanging around their eyes, moving from one class or job to the other, with no solace that can be assured, no comfort can be given, and no rest until what can feel like an eternity to these pour souls.

They do not focus on their studies, nor their assigned task, and who could blame these Lethe-deprived people? For what do they do when night falls? They work, on the endless pile of homework and projects, the scale of which can seem to have no end. Or on the alternative, they party, late into the night, drinking alcohol with reckless abandon, so that when morning comes they haven’t even attempted the sweet release of REM sleep.

So it is in good faith I propose a new initiative to solve this problem plaguing our youth; local officials (or if necessary, private contractors), in conjunction with the United States Department of Education, should genetically engineer, alter, and subsequently release, live specimens of Deinonychus antirrhopus onto all school zones in the United States.

Naysayers may decry this bold initiative as ‘immoral,’ ‘insane’ or even ‘what in god’s name were you thinking?’ All of this I have heard, and I say to thee, how well can you engage in the hedonistic activities of youth when apex predators specifically designed to detect even the faintest trace of alcohol on young breath begin to stalk your home?

I say, how late could you stay up if a feathered reptilian had taken nest in your closet? Tucking you gently into your bed with a clawed hand as it waits for signs of weakness?

How many managers would assign their young, bright employees onto graveyard shifts if they knew that cold-blooded demons hunted the streets at night? If you were craving the sweet release of sleep in a cusp-of-dawn class, you would think twice about dozing off for a nap if the Teaching Assistant could bite through even the strongest of metals!

Though yes, there is, as in all things, risk. Some may be lost to the hunger of the beasts, but that will only serve to strengthen the resolve to stay awake in those who remain! All the while weeding out the weak and listless of our society.

With this program’s approval, we may begin at once to improve the overall morale and energy of our youth, so that society as a whole may be bettered.

(This proposal has been sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of Dinosaur Rights)

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Night Owl: Describe a very interesting dream that you had.

So for the past few months I’ve been having really vivid dreams:

I dreamt that I had a pet dinosaur who was about the size of a medium dog. His name was Amish (pronounced with a long a) and he had green fur and we were on a walk and both of us were sad because people were afraid of him.

Suddenly I was on the Jurassic park island with three friends of mine, one of whom was trying to control a t-rex with music. The t-rex had headphones on. No one got hurt or anything, the dinosaurs were chill.

Earlier on in the same nights sleep I dreamt that I was hit by a van halen tour bus, but the bus was only like two feet tall. It still hit with the same force of a normal size tour bus. Why van halen? No idea

Another night I dreamt that I was able to use an elevator to time travel through the lotr series. I killed Gollum and stressed over what it would do to the timeline and if the ring would still end up in the fire. Never found out.

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I actually had a lot of movies on vhs despite being a 2000 baby..

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*blows a kiss down at the ocean (for the megalodon)*

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