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The Mand'alor's Palace becomes traditionally haunted, with shit getting moved, things flicking on and off, droids and animals interacting with unseen presences. It scares the crap out of visitors, and most of the younger guards are perpetually terrified.
In reality it's just Anakin's force ghost messing with the state of the art display system Din had installed for Luke.
"Kiddo, look at the graphics on this thing! I don't even think the wrinkly old bag had something so nice! Your husband has great taste."
"Thanks Dad, but could you stop playing with the tech in front of guests? You're freaking people out."
"You didn't say anything about Obi-Wan redecorating the welcome hall!"
"I did actually, but it's not my fault his interior design is on point. Also, could you stop harassing the droids and garden animals?"
"Hey, that's not even me, the green troll chases 'em around and threatens to hit them with his stick. Don't know why he still has the damn thing."
"Could still whoop you, I could, young Skywalker, hm."
(Din: You know, when I realized all my in laws were dead, I didn't think this was going to be a problem
Luke: *gazing fondly at his father and Uncle Obi Wan playing with Grogu. In the distance a cat can be seen running from a glowing blue stick* I don't know what to tell you, Sweetie. You married into space wizards.
Anakin: Fucking sucker.
Obi Wan: Anakin! Don't listen to him, dear, your husband is lovely.
Din: ...Be honest with me, can they use their ghost magic to curse me? You're my husband, you have to tell me.)
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"I’m Luke S-Skywalker. I am going to take care of you.”
Ughh I can't express how much this fic "How the Blooms Yearn" by @thewriterowl is wrecking my heart in just the best way. Seriously couldn't get this scene out of my head, I felt it for days after. So here is my humble attempt at showing it.
Seriously. Read it. And cry.
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Upon seeing Luke wearing something like this:
Han: Why do you have to be so innocent yet so accidentally sexy, kid?
Vader: You take off that thing immediately kid! And you are grounded.
Leia: Is that my shirt?
Din: *Silently wraps Luke with his own cape.
Padme: *Proudly nods from afar.
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Din and Luke being cute with Grogu <3
Check out my Instagram (tommiethedreamer) for daily art, links and commission info
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Based on this post by @headcanonthings ৻( •̀ ᗜ •́ ৻)
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thewriterowl · 2 days ago
Din comes to take Grogu back to himself.
Luke: He wants to stay with me!
Din: .......
Din: ok
*takes Luke and throws him over his shoulder, and puts a joyful Grogu on the other shoulder*
Luke: what are you doing? let me go!
Din: you yourself said that Grogu should be with you, respectively, I need to take you too, to be with Grogu, though I don’t know what I will do with you, but we will figure something out))
Later, Luke really didn’t understand how it happened that he was lying naked on someone else’s bed, and a large Mandalorian man lay on him and shamelessly deprived him of his virginity))
Luke, panting, staring up at the ceiling with Din dozing off on top of him, "Uh...s-so...uh...n-now what?"
Din, nearly falling asleep from being so content from so many rounds, "We'll get married tomorrow. Too tired tonight."
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My Dinluke Masterlist
Interview with the Sith - Darth Du Lac, former Jedi and rebellion hero Luke Skywalker, spends his days at his Emperor's service and struggling to cope with his new Sith's life. His struggle aggravates after capturing Din Djarin, a mysterious Mandalorian who represents the only obstacle between the Galactic Empire and a little force-sensitive creature.
Explicit, Dark Content, Dubious Consent. 7 Chapters.
Stand by me - Din Djarin, a young introvert Mandalorian, meets the golden boy Luke Skywalker on Naboo the last year of high school. He's about to learn that love's not easy when you are not willing to embrace your feelings. Or 5 times Din comforts Luke after a break up, and 1 time Din shows him that he's a keeper.
Explicit, Slow Burn, Angst, 5+1 Things. 6 Chapters.
The Red Thread of Fate - Luke Skywalker, Prince of Tatooine, helps Prince Din Djarin of Mandalore to kill the Greater Krayt Dragon and escape the labyrinth in exchange for a ride to Yavin 4 in order to reunite with his sweetheart. But a red thread will lead him to his true love. Loosely based on The Myth of Ariadne and Theseus and Ariadne's Story.
Mature, Fluff, Soulmate AU. 4 Chapters.
Clan of Warriors - While rebuilding Mandalore, Mand'alor Din Djarin is questioned by his people because of his believes and origins. In the dawn of a civil war, the council resolves that The Mand'alor must join in marriage with someone close to Bo-Katan Kryze. He's forced to marry Koska Reeves and accept a loveless union. In the meantime, Din is having a secret relationship with his son's Master, Jedi Luke Skywalker, his dream of having his own clan of warriors is about to fade away.
Explicit, Canon Compliant, Slow Burn. 20/? Chapters.
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Anakin has his priorities straight and also keeps being the annoying big brother even as a force ghost
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shoutout to mark hamill and pedro pascal for aggressively saying gay
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The Book of Boba Fett | Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger
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... you know that post? The one about the fatal flaw of lightsabers?
Tumblr media
You ever just... stumble across a post like this at 1 minute past midnight and get fucking slammed in the face by an Idea? Anyway I had 3 hours of sleep and I don't give a fuck, I got my weekly doodle in and boy howdy is it a doodle.
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Boba: it’s fine, we can totally do this gang war another day, please continue to steal my show
TBOBF episode 7 predictions
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I’m being serious.
In the Prequels Anakin and Obi-Wan always look at each other with so much intense emotions, be it fondness or disappointment or hatred.
But all of them come from love, however you interpret it.
And in the OT, Han and Luke always look at each other with so much pure awe and lingering fondness and self-control.
It’s also another kind of innocent love.
And let’s be honest, you just can’t really find the same strong emotional expressions between two male characters in the Star Wars movies/series come after.
I mean of course for example I like Dinluke and I strongly believe people are entitled to ship whoever they like despite the canon, and myself is an expert in shipping people who have never even met in canon, but let’s face it, the gayness of the original George Lucas movies is just unmatchable.
I feel so blessed for once in my life the canon ships what I ship……
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materassassino · 2 months ago
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Based on this fucking masterpiece of a tiktok. 
I’m just glad Max Rebo managed to get a new gig after surviving his second cantina explosion. A true legend.
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lil-ace-of-spades · 2 days ago
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I have risen from the confines of my own self-seclusion to share some of my DinLuke doodles for the occasion (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡
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I got a prompt thing for you that just came into my head!
“I’m yours, treat me like it”
Whether you make is angsty or sexy is up to you! Xoxo
Oh man, with something like that? Hmm...I would be split...but in a new way, but I think I would twist it around and base on a Tumblr post on how self-hate can be accidentally cruel to others and how we have no control over those who love us and the fact they love us.
I think i would make Din say that to Luke.
Which startles Luke a lot since Din is, by far, more possessive of them in the relationship.
"I...don't understand. Have...have I been cruel to you?" Luke would ask in worry, panic crawling up his throat.
Din would come over and grasp Luke's hands in his, pressing their foreheads together to keep a firm stare on those blue eyes, "You have been cruel to yourself, cyra'ika. Do you know what that does to me? Any time you think less of yourself, think you are unworthy, question why I am with you...it hurts me. When you think I am going to find someone better, that you cannot be of value to me, that you do what you can to get yourself hurt because you cannot fathom doing anything else...it crushes me, love."
With his eyes growing tight, Luke would croak out, "I-I'm sorry. I...I don't mean--"
"I know." Din would hush. "But when you are cruel to yourself you are being cruel to those who love you. You have me. I'm yours just as you are mine. Treat yourself like it and you will treat me well too."
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kiwifruit67 · 10 months ago
I love and appreciate fanfic authors, but I read their notes and I have to wonder what fucked up shit they did in a past life to make god hate them so much. Like why do the worst things happen to fanfic authors and they just brush over it. I’ll be reading a fluffy fic and the notes will be “hey sorry the fic is late both my parents died, I’m in hospital right now, and my house burnt down. anyway hope u enjoy this chapter!!“ bro???? Are you okay?????
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Space family of this tweet:
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