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Upload: “A friendly ghost”

By far, one of the most tender chapters of the story.

Read it people and find tissues and an eraser, because you will be hurt by how much you will end up smiling.


Originally posted by starwars-gifs

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It feels weird actually finishing this DinLuke considering I never even planned on writing it in the first place and now it’s turned into my baby plus a full blown series (well going to be).

Like damn I’m kinda sad to end this fic.

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din : i love you

luke: more than the razor crest (r.i.p.)

din : know your place

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din looked over his husband. his luke, the man that had held him for so many years, so tenderly, caressing his scars to let him know that everything was going to be okay. he remembered the soft feeling of warmth and peace that surrounded them, but in that place, the only thing he felt was terror as he looked at his husband grabbing the red saber, looking at him with dark yellow eyes and tears. luke was falling apart and he knew it. both of them knew that was the moment the young skywalker felt his soul breaking like glass against a rock.

he had seen it when he left him in yavin a little more than a month ago, feeling a complete stranger sleeping next to him.

and he still felt a complete stranger standing in front of him, with his saber pointing directly at the hallway where the rooms of his students were.

“luke… calm down, please. you don’t want to do this, i know you are such a kind and good person”, his voice was trembling and he felt a robe against his neck, burning him.

“you left me”, he said, emotionless. so emotionless even though he was hurting. din felt nauseous, “you left me here after seeing how powerful i could become. after i killed everyone who dared to insult you”

din swallowed, feeling the tears coming from his eyes warm against the beskar of his helmet, “i left you here because i didn’t wanted you to hurt the people we love the most. our children”, he walked slowly to his lover, his hand in the air as he begged desesperatly, “come with me, luke. make the pain stop”

“i suffered! all this years completely alone! why shouldn’t they?”, his voice was loud and full of raw pain but at the same time, din knew he didn’t felt anything besides this anger, “you promised me you wouldn’t leave me and you did when you saw me falling apart”

“i promised that to the son of anakin, not darth vader”, his voice was soft as silk, and his eyes were bright when his helmet hit the floor, “they don’t deserve this, the suffering. you know they don’t. you know what we have to do”, he caressed his cheek, giving him a broken smile as he softly leaned their foreheads together, “come with me, cyar’ika. we are going to make this right, together”

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din: we have a problem

luke: no, YOU have a problem. i just married the idiot that keeps getting into them

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I have 9 fanfics bookmarked to read as they update, and they are alll dinluke or reader/din. There’s nothing else going on in my brain but trying to mimic his modulated voice and lil grogu’s waddle to his dad 🥺

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(Modern AU Idea)

What about that time poor Din is picking Grogu up at daycare or school or whatever and there’s an, idk, substitute or something who thinks he’s Hooligan?

Like, idk, the night before was rough and Din was up late and when he drops Grogu off his hair is messy.

(Perhaps Luke had something to do with that, playfully ruffling his hair to wake him up because he knows Din isn’t much of a morning person, but he’s stupidly adorable like a grumpy bear cub, and anyway. Din was running late and didn’t have time to primp in the mirror or whatever.)

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it was a rainy day, and the waves against the rocks felt somehow more loud. din sighed, the thought of the sea being as stormy as his brain crossed his mind. it was a loud, cloudy evening. not because of the storm, but because of his anxiety surrounding everything around him.

almost everything, though. when he saw his husband entering the room, he felt… warm. safe. luke has always been the tenderness that he didn’t allowed to come into his life. he was the feeling of returning home after a long, long travel.

“another of those days?”, luke asked softly, sitting on the bed where they would cuddle in days like these, and kiss every single scar covering the other’s body.

“yeah, another one”, din managed quietly, letting the side of his head rest on luke’s shoulder, who just hummed softly, his hand immediately going to din’s hair, starting to caress in a soft pace.

“i’m going to stay in bed with you, then. we can cuddle and rest”, he whispered, turning his face slightly so he could kiss din’s forehead.

and din knew that he was going to be all right there, in between his husband’s arms, quietly while watching the rain wash away all his worries with every soft kiss luke left on his hair.

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a lantern in the darkness - Din Djarin/Luke Skywalker

Sneak peak of the next chapter of my dinluke fic!

The moment every has been waiting for 👀

Full work on Ao3! Link above.

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And here, right here, is the reason why, I’m writting “A spear and a couple of legs” XD!

The control of his own center that have Din, it’s amazing. He can kick the spear, make Gideon have to use a very bad defense, stumble and in between he pivotes with his hole body and use the impulse to hit the shit out of the Imperial lackey.

That is how you regain momentum in a fight and, basically, win.


Fuente: @userjen

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After a big fight.

Din: I don’t love you anymore…

Luke: Get out!

Din: You just, go, search your feelings.

Luke: Okay…

Luke: *softly smiling*

Din: What?

Luke: You’re thinking of proposing…

Din: Now open your eyes. Say yes, please cyar'ika.

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I hate to say it but I’m pretty sure Dins only thoughts towards Luke at this point are “you took my son” and “give me back my son”

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some random anti jedi: SKYWALKER IS A MENACE! He could kill people with his mind, choking them or crushing their skulls!!!! He could rise them from the floor and hold them against their will!!! Imagine what he cold do, have anyone at his complete mercy!!!! He’s too powerful to be allowed to live!!!!! 

Din: …………………………………………

Din: *dialing up luke* babe what are your thoughts on hardcorde bdsm

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