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headcanonthings · 20 hours ago
Din to Luke: Would you like to stay for dinner?
Grogu, through the force: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER ?
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furiosophie · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
“So you’re getting hurt just to see me?” Luke smirks when Din’s brain refuses to come up with anything to say and it’s clearly meant as a joke, something to break the tension, but it hits him like a slap to the face.
There really isn’t any way he can answer that question without lying.
go and get your hands dirty [COMPLETE]
word count:  74k tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, ex-special forces/ preschool teacher Luke Skywalker, Bounty Hunter Din Djarin, Angst with a Happy Ending, John Wick levels of violence, idiots to lovers, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Competency Kink, Very Slight BDSM Undertones, Demisexual Din Djarin, Switch!Din, Switch!Luke, past Din/Cobb and Din/Omera, you heard of Netflix and chill now get ready for whump and fuck
artwork (in order): one | two | three | four | five | six 
playlist: listen on spotify
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honeyvamp · 2 days ago
Omera: Evidently Mando likes me the most because he was willing to leave his child in my care.
Cobb: I would have been the kid's new dad if Mando had been eaten by the krayt dragon. We're practically married.
Luke: He let me take Grogu after knowing me for a few seconds. We're clearly soulmates.
Peli: I found Mando's child alone on his ship. Anyone could've taken him, you ain't special.
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nahberrie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Din Djarin is a Jedi assigned to guard Prince Luke Naberrie. Prince Luke hates Jedi bc they expelled his father and caused great sadness to Anakin, and he thinks the whole no attachments thing is stupid. Cue the spicy (?) forbidden romance…
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sinfulskywalker · a day ago
Tumblr media
@thewriterowl Din Djarin about to bust the biggest nut
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that-squishy-robot · 2 days ago
Ok but and imperial prince Sith Luke AU, where Luke is trying really hard to win Din over romantically, but has no idea how to do it. Normally people are just into to him, you know. And he definitely doesn’t want to use the force on him. Bonus points if Din is just a bounty hunter with a magic son, who just keeps running into this really pretty but really strange dude. Obviously having no idea who he actually is.
Also Luke just bringing Din his current bounties like a cat brings its family stuff.
Luke: I brought that guy you were chasing.
Din: …. Is he still alive.
Luke: You know I haven’t checked.
Luke: I’m the Luke Skywalker, how have you not heard of me?
Din: What the fuck in a Skywalker?
Luke nearly in tears: marry me.
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thewriterowl · 2 days ago
Din: You’re telling me a shrimp fried this rice?
Luke: wow that is a talented shrimp!
Leia: Wow you both are so made for each other.
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mando-punk · a day ago
A state dinner on Mandalore that gets heated when some asshole who doesn't like Din tries to come at him and suddenly the guy has Din's blaster under his chin and also Boba's pointed at him (he's visiting), Koska has a knife in her hand poised to throw, Paz has mini rocket launchers pointed at the guy and Luke has one hand clenched in the force, the other hovering over his lightsaber.
"You wanna die by my blaster, my spear, or the dark saber?" Din asks him "Or one of my friends could kill you. Or my husband. To be honest my kid could too, but he's elbow deep in his stew right now so probably not."
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bisect-u-maul · 2 days ago
modern au in which luke is the tv weather announcer (beloved)
so he's introduced to han for the first time and he goes "hello, are you the han i've heard so much about?" and han just goes "wouldn't you like to know, weather boy" because let's be honest who else could pull off that level of snark
han aside i just think weather announcer luke would be such a great idea because
i love him
can you imagine seeing him on tv every morning <333
i feel like he'd be so good at explaining the weather in a comprehensible way for all ages like he'll say the proper terms first and then go, "...meaning we'll have a light breeze and patchs of rain coming through, bring an umbrella in case you need it." so people at all ages like him
he's a bit of a bitch irl no one can be sweet all the time and his TV persona is very naturally charming and likeable so when they meet him in private they get a bit of a whiplash because wow a tv persona has boundries?? who would have thought?! plus there's lots of unfounded presumtions and stuff because leia is a politician and no one believes luke does things by his own merit so he's a bit defensive when people discredit him for stuff, it's driving him up the wall actually but he's really good at seeming unbothered but it does bother him a lot and he needs some reassurance that they don't know him and their opinions don't matter ;w; luke as a tagalong to leia's politics (galas, dinner parties, events) experiences microaggressions every time </3
anyway dinluke modern au when??? mid story din pining over the news beacuse that's him that's luke (!!) and he has a little crush after their first one or two meetings and he just wanted to see him because he's a little soft ok ;u; what do you mean i have to write it myself hhhhhh i don't have the time
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starboundanon · 15 hours ago
TW: includes darkfic themes
Tumblr media
Hello my loves! I have had an absolutely insane week and still do not have a new phone, so I am unsure if HtD will go back to regular biweekly updates or not.
However, I would still love to make some content for you guys. Since I have never participated in Kinktober before (and it’s over halfway through October, so a little late to start now), I thought it’d be fun to just do a Sunday writing prompt event instead, where I’ve chosen 31 kinky topics I’d be willing to write a drabble for, and you guys get to select which of them gets written and with what ship.
So, send me a ship and a number, and I’ll cobble up a drabble for it sometime between now and the end of October.
I’m only going to write one drabble per number, so it’s first come, first serve.
Happy kinktober!
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lovey-dovey-and-sad · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sketch wip of dinluke fanart that actually has Din in it lol.
(Also don’t worry this is actually supposed to be a silly and cute post instead of the angsty vibe it’s giving off right now. I guess it will make sense once it’s actually done)
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zombified419 · 18 hours ago
So the tags on the thing you posted recently about fic length on ao3. Does this mean that. Somehow. The final chapter of Naberrie Blooms is gonna be like, 60k words???? Or are you adding more chapters? (I am anxiously awaiting, respectfully, your masterpiece, but also i am vibrating)
Ahhh yes, that is correct - the last chapter is over 68k right now, and I’m about….a sixth? of the way through edits, so it’ll end up over 70k for sure. That’s what’s been taking so long! 😅 and for that I do apologize, but I really hope you’ll like it.
Thanks for the ask, @still-hunting-for-turtles!
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mykingdomforasong · 2 days ago
“Is that a drawing of me?” Skymandolo :3
DinHan heavy, but skymandolo in that Luke is present, but asleep.
[fluff, smut, and angst prompts]
There was sunlight coming through the window, Din noticed, his eyes barely open. It was the dim, hazy glow of early morning that they all usually slept through and blocked out with curtains. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and rolled over to find Han's spot on the bed completely empty.
Luke was still out cold next to him on the other side. Din knew from enough months of experience that Luke would stay asleep until one of them delivered a cup of caf.
Din looked past the mattress towards the now-open window. Han was sitting at Luke's desk in front of it, no clothes except for his underwear. He wasn't using the desk for anything but a foot rest as he leaned back in his chair, which was angled to give Han good use of the light and good look at the bed.
He was writing something, Din noticed, really writing something, the old fashioned way. Din tried to remember the last time he held a real pen to real paper, let alone seeing Han do it. He didn't even know Han owned a notebook.
Din squinted towards Han, his vision a little fuzzy without the help of his helmet (Luke had suggested glasses after the last time Din had mistaken a pile of clothes for his son, but Din hadn't gone yet), trying to figure out what he was writing about. His hand was moving quickly, and not in straight lines. Han turned his head towards Din, glancing back at him. He went a little pink when his eyes met Din's gaze.
"Uh, sorry. Didn't mean to wake you," he said, burying his face back in his notebook.
"You didn't," Din said, sliding out of bed. Luke moved a little when he did, but only to take up more than his fair share of the open space.
Din stepped behind Han, wrapped his arms around his shoulders, and rested his chin on his head. Han didn't make any moves to cover up what he'd been doing. He gently held the book open for Din to look at.
"Is that a drawing of me?" Din asked. On one side of the page, he saw his torso and arms, distinctly his; his traditional Mandalorian tattoos and noticeable scars gave him away. Han had only drawn him up to his neck, though. On the other side was a drawing that had to be from memory. It was him again, his torso, arms, and legs, sitting comfortably on Han's lap mid-fuck. Din could really see every part of him here, from his knees to his hands to his dick, but not his face. Everything else though looked so real. There were details on his body he's forgotten about or didn't notice anymore - roles, stretch marks, scars, even the old faded tattoos next to the new ones.
"Wow," Din said. "I didn't know you could do this."
Han shrugged. "I don't tell most people. Anyone really. 's private," Han ran his thumb over the drawing of Din's naked body, "obviously."
He flipped the page back. Luke was on the other side. It was from yesterday. He and the students had gotten caught in a sudden rainstorm. Luke carried Grogu inside looking like the happiest drowned cat Din had ever seen, with long hair pressed down onto his forehead. Han had captured his silly grin and wet hair so perfectly Din wondered if he had a cam in that moment he hadn't seen.
"And Grogu," Han said, flipped back a few more. Two pages were filled with small drawings of his son in various poses, eating various things. "I'm working on getting his ears right."
Din hugged him a little tighter. "They're amazing," he said. He moved around towards Han's front side to kiss him properly, not caring that neither of them had brushed their teeth yet; all three of them were a little bit gross by nature.
"So what?" Din asked, when he pulled away. "Do you just not like my face?"
Han laughed. "I love your face. It's just ... you don't like people seeing it, and if anyone ever found these, I wouldn't want them to know what you looked like."
Din's chest swelled with affection, and he kissed him again. "That's sweet," he said. "But I wouldn't mind if you drew my face," he said before he thought about it much more. Han's reasoning was smart, and maybe Din should have let him just go on drawing his torso and limbs. But he wanted to see how Han would draw him, how Han saw him.
"Are you sure?" Han asked. Din nodded. Han leaned forward and kissed him again. "I've been dying to draw you," he said. "It'll take me a while to get it right," he said, "but I'll show you when I'm happy with it."
Din smiled. "Okay," he brushed some of Han's hair out of his face. "Do you want to come back to bed?"
"No, I'm up for good, but you head back to sleep if you want," Han looked past him, "if Luke left you any room."
Din looked behind him. Luke had sprawled himself out on a diagonal, cutting across Din and Han's spots, his legs flared and one arm on. The only limb that seemed to take up a reasonable amount of space was the arm curled around the bantha plush toy Din had picked up for him on Tatooine a month ago.
Din moved over to the bed, pressed his hands under Luke, and picked him up just enough to put him back in his spot. Luke barely stirred, not motivated to consciousness by the smell of caf.
"I don't think he'd ever get out of bed without us," Han said. Din slid back under the covers, another hour or two of sleep available to him. Luke snuggled up to the warm body, and Din happily accepted his new position as little spoon.
"I don't mind," Din said. He smiled at Han, and watched him turn to a new page in his sketch book as Din closed his eyes again.
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godwishesiwasdead · 3 months ago
I love and appreciate fanfic authors, but I read their notes and I have to wonder what fucked up shit they did in a past life to make god hate them so much. Like why do the worst things happen to fanfic authors and they just brush over it. I’ll be reading a fluffy fic and the notes will be “hey sorry the fic is late both my parents died, I’m in hospital right now, and my house burnt down. anyway hope u enjoy this chapter!!“ bro???? Are you okay?????
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that-squishy-robot · a day ago
Din already knowing Leia would be the best.
Leia slamming open the doors to Boba’s palace: Where the fuck is he?
-Han and Luke in a panic thinking it’s one of them.-
-Din not so subtlety trying to jump out the window, because he knows it’s him she’s after.-
Leia: Don’t you dare Djarin.
Luke: Wait, how do you two even know each other?
Leia: The counsel wanted to have a word with the current king of Mandalore, but he decided it would be best to jump out of the window.
Din: In my defense…. It was boring, and they kept trying to touch my armor. I also broke my ankle then, so that should be punishment enough.
Leia: It would have been, if you hadn’t of decided to go on a field trip with my brother instead of coming back.
Din: In my defense, I didn’t know he was your brother. You’re terrifying and he’s…. That.
Luke: Excuse me!
Han just thankful he’s not on the murder list: He’s got a point, Kid.
Din: If you kill me, you’ll be responsible for Mandalore… and my son.
Leia:… you have a kid?
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thewriterowl · 2 days ago
Din: "you can get pregnant?"
Luke: "yes?"
Din: "when?"
Owl.......I'm halfway threw this fic and I fucking scrolled down and gave kudos
I'm so glad you're liking it!!
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