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Xela a female feather raptor who’s know for a clever booty.


I think this was funny and sorry for the long wait for more stuff like this! What do you think?? I hope you enjoy. ( =


Artwork MightyRaptor ©

Rick MightyRaptor ©

Xela Smart-7 ©

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Note that in this blog’s canon, Dina was the protagonist of Champions, and Tria the protagonist of Frontier. That said, Dino and Jura still exist. The former is Joe Wildwest’s son. The latter is Stryker’s second-in-command, and the person responsible for tracking down and getting intel on the Neo Black Whale. Both are perpetually exhausted. 

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hahahahahaaha!!! this made me laugh,,, dino ur supposed to be their mother😭😭 no dw i kinda get you,, bc this au is like where everyone is so nice and attractive bUT ALSO I THINK XAVIER’S LIKE HOW YOU DESCRIBES KYUHYUK he’d be like ‘yeah im a sexy model’ bUT ACTUALLY HES SO SOFT🥺

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Seventeen Performance Unit: when they are sick and you are taking care of them



Originally posted by adorablehoshi

Like Cheol, Hoshi would be a cutie pie. He’d still be his loud and energetic self despite being sick. However, his energy would be deprived easily. He’ll cuddle you, cling on to you, and would rest his head on your head. He’d hold you in bed and ask you to feed him EVERYTHING. He would act like a baby but behind your back, he takes care of you, who is working your butt off to take care of him.



Originally posted by hqsvt

Jun would definitely try to stay positive. He won’t joke as much and won’t move around alot, just sitting on the couch or laying down. He’d be a bit lazier and would literally beg for you to hug him. He won’t be super affectionate and kiss you everywhere like how he does on a daily basis but he will hug you alot and cuddle with you.



Originally posted by svthao

He wouldn’t make a fuss about being sick. He would just be like himself but not going outside. From time to time he’d get fresh air from the window but other than that, he just stays home drawing, painting, or doing something art related. He’d feel calm just by your presence. When you draw with him, he feels better. He won’t ask you to feed him but even so, you do it anyway because he looks like a baby.



Originally posted by oohzoom

Chan would always be pouting. He would become your very own baby. He’d also ask for food. I think he’d get more clingy and ask you to stay with him. Even though he’s sick he would still move around a lot. He’d have to hold your hand to sleep, he’d tug on to your leg and arms. he’s a baby.

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