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A lot of magical knights are really only in it to get to ride a dinosaur.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ] Dinosaur Mount – You have the loyalty of a dinosaur that you use as a mount. You may choose a specific species, or invent a magical amalgamation of dinosaur elements. For each level of Dinosaur Mount, choose two from the following list:

  • Your dinosaur’s unarmed attacks deal 1 bonus damage
  • Reduce physical damage your dinosaur would take by 1, to a minimum of 1
  • Increase your dinosaur’s land speed by 30 feet per round
  • Double your dinosaur’s carrying capacity

You cannot choose the same option twice for the same level.

[ ] Primeval Lance – You possess a mystic and ancient lance made from tooth, bone, or claw. It ignores all damage reduction from any form of armour or non-druidic magic. While riding your dinosaur, it deals 2 bonus damage.

[ ][ ][ ] Feather and Scale – You can take on the physical features that grant the majesty and protection of the dinosaurs. For each level of Feather and Scale, reduce physical damage you would take by 1, to a minimum of 1, and gain a d6 bonus to rolls to impress or intimidate. You must choose at first level whether this is a permanent change or activated at will.

[ ][ | ][ | ] Dinosaura – You project the magical power of dinosaurs around you. All of your allies within 50 feet can increase their speed to match yours or your mount’s if you are mounted, and you and they gain a d6 bonus to rolls to track or follow a target. Whenever one of you damages a target, everyone else in the aura deals 1 bonus savage damage per level of Dinosaura for one round.

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It’s taken about 2 weeks, but I finished this mask! It’s about 5lbs due to the clay on the face and horns so I’m gonna have to adjust its internal parts for it to be comfy to wear again and get the jaw working correctly.

But yeah! Here’s my cardboard/paper mache mask!

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Because Pokésaur 3 is in production, I thought to ask if anyone wanted to feature any Pokémon/Dinosaur/Prehistoric art at the end of the video? If you do, please DM me with your artwork if there are any social sites you want to be included.

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“Her Body Still”

She waited quietly,

held breath.

It was almost dark;

she wasn’t frightened.

She noticed her body still,

wanting to frighten the little animal she was,

amazed that it would come.

She extended her hand, palm open;

the skin of her,

the surprising weight of 

the animal’s body pressing her down.

I could see her,

carried by the wind.

She was screaming.

”Her Body Still” by A. A. Parr. Found Erasure Poem from: Crichton, Michael. Jurassic Park. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1990. Pgs.14-15; Original photo by Alex Fu from Pexels with edits and dinosaurs by A. A. Parr. 

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