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Hi there!

Warm up sketch: Qianzhousaurus (25mins)

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Dear Gus & Baby #2,

Today was Pajama Day at Gus’s school, so he went full-on dinosaur robe. Still trying to shake off my funk, we decided to go to the UA-Little Rock basketball game after school, which is only seating to 30 percent capacity. (They usually only have about that many people when it’s not a pandemic.) Hardly anyone was there and we had a great time, even though the Trojans lost. I was proud of Gus for staying the entire game without complaining, and saying he wants to come back again sometime. So we’re hitting tomorrow’s game as well. 

Also, we recently signed up for a HelloFresh meal-prep subscription service and I made our first meal tonight, which turned out pretty good. I think we’re going to like it.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 1.15.2021. - 8.17am.

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hello people of tumblr. my family, that is. i am a poetry writer in instagram and have an old account of mine in which i had these beautiful poems that my 15yo self had written. currently i came across a certain profile in Wattpad which had the same works as mine and i realised someone had plagiarized my poems. so please help me do something about this. i don’t know who they are and i’ve been very polite while asking them to give me the credits but they have not. they insisted that those pieces were theirs and then blocked me out. please help me.

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Here we have some teeth in an #ichthyosaur jaw. Ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles that looked like dolphins and lived during the #Mesozoic era, when #dinosaurs ruled the Earth. 🌍
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Ruki is my dino candy girl who runs around causing trouble. She doesn’t mean to do any harm, she just likes to have fun! Contains a strong T Rex roar, Velociraptor speed and Triceratops durability. Her braces are a permanent thing to keep her sharp teeth from growing too far or crooked.

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Paleontologists finally have their first good look at a dinosaur butthole

For the first time ever, scientists take a closer look at the dinosaur’s cloaca that was used to expel waste and, potentially, attract a mate. 

Read more in my CNET article here.

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Knowing that at least some dinosaurs were signalling to each other gives palaeoartists exciting freedom to speculate on a whole variety of now plausible interactions during dinosaur courtship. It is a game changer!”

No doubt, other paleontologists will now be on the lookout for fossilized buttholes to try to fill this gap in our understanding of dinosaur life.

Did I just read a full article about dinosaurs buttholes, yes yes I did

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Getting back into cartoony style

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finished both of em :>

the second one is a little fluffier bc the feather texture is super fun to draw, i’m real happy with these!! i copied and pasted a lot of stuff from the first one (like the eyes and legs) bc i just. didn’t feel like making new ones lmao

i forgot to shade the teeth on the second one but i don’t really want to go back and fix it so they’re just gonna be some b r i g h t t e e t h

the second one has some brighter colours because they’re just more fun to do lmao, it’s not super realistic but whatever, who cares

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what a time to be alive

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Bendy penises may be how mighty dinosaurs were able to have sex, scientists claim

Bendy penises may be how mighty dinosaurs were able to have sex, scientists claim

Scientists are nearer discovering how dinosaurs had sex after reconstructing part of the giant beasts’ genitals.
And it is possible monsters such as the mighty T.Rex had massive bendy penises.
The breakthrough came when a museum fossil turned out to have a well-preserved cloaca, a pelvic cavity seen in birds and crocodiles.
Most birds do not have penises and mate with a brief cloacal kiss,…


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Jurassic Park (1993)
Dir. Steven Spielberg

RT: 93% During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

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I was reading Dan’s Dinosaurs FAQ page

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