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D&D tip to be funny with players:

Drop hints your next boss battle is with a dragon, teasing your players with frightening images of a dragon, of certain death by fire or acid or what-have-you, make them plan ahead for a dragon with their best weapons and spells.

And then sic’ a f-cking dinosaur on them. Any kind. Anklyosuarus? Sure, hope you prepped for bludgeoning damage. Spinosaurus? Better watch out before you get deathrolled like a Florida crackhead. T-Rex? Classic, but approachable as a boss. Brontosaurus?


Dinosaurs. Cuz a medieval band of himbos, thieves, and chronic dumbasses won’t know the difference.

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Overheard at the School Reunion: “Hey Chet, How they- Ouch!””Sorry.” “Hey watch t will ya?” “I was- ops! My bad!” “ Did you hear about Clare and- Ow! My eye!” “Point that somewhere else or … Whoa, that was close! Spoke to soon. Some one call 911!”

Ящерицы древних морей (Lizards of the Ancient Seas) by I. Agusta and Z. Burian    1965

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White gold or yellow gold ? Which do you prefer ?


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Ankylosaurus is considered the armoured tank of the dinosaur world. This dinosaur sported bony armour, and club-like weapon on the end of its tail. The club was most likely used as a defensive weapon against predators, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Its name derived from the Greek words, which means “fused lizard”, due to the way its armor plates link together.

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Say hello to the most beautiful dinosaur figurine I’ve ever seen: Linheraptor exquisitus from the Beasts of the Mesozoic raptor line! I’ve been waiting for this figurine to arrive for quite a while now (pr-ordered her at the start of the year), and she’s finally here!! 

She is absolutely gorgeous, has a ton of poseability (26 points of articulation, including the tongue + a wire in the tail!), interchangeable toes, and three different lenght rods + two different support options for posing her on the stand – so basically, she can be crouching on the ground, standing, walking or even jumping in the air, whatever I feel like at the moment. It’s a ton of fun to play around with her and just try out all kinds of different poses!

My only gripes are that I had some real trouble getting the tail and the posing rods into their respective sockets, and the body clip that’s meant to support her keeps popping off if I’m not careful enough, but other than that she’s absolutely perfect <3 

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