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Happy Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day!


No, Jolyne, that’s not what pansexual means.

Girl, educate yourself. Snails are hermaphrodites.

Now tell me what a pansexual looks like.


Originally posted by wayward-alchemist

Omfg, dude, that’s not it either. 🤦‍♂️☝️


Originally posted by jojoposesofficial

☝️Well, that’s probably closer. They’ve got a real Team Rocket vibe. Try again.


Originally posted by seidoupuppyzawa

☝️ Ah, ok, I can see why you would think that, but that’s actually called metrosexual.

Try again.


Originally posted by longhairedanimeguyoftheday

☝️ …….no, that’s….something else entirely. Next!


Originally posted by porunareff

Very close! But I believe what we have there is a car full of old-fashioned bubble-blowing European bisexuals. Any more guesses?


Originally posted by doctor-kujo

Good job! I wish we had a less evil example, though.


Originally posted by porunareff

Same problem. ☝️ Aim for less genocidal.


Originally posted by mexicanvanillabean

💯💯…By Jove, I think she’s got it.



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Sometimes it’s interesting to think in JOJO is that everyone basically gave Dio the validation he wanted except Jonathan. Its upseting but interesting at the same time. Thing is that Dio wanted to live up to his name be a being higher above any person to be seen as something great in those that follow him or be seen as a monster be those that loathe him. 

But naw Jonathan just saw him as Dio in the end, his fucked up adopted brother who needed to be taken down. And for Dio at that point in the end with Jonathan, that Jonathan was his, his only equal which it was why in his mind taking Jonathan body was a logical step. His equal means Jona is HIS and he gets to decide what happens to him. I think Dio would have rather died than take someone like Wang Chan body but Jonathan oh hell yeah.

But after that there is no one alive during the later parts that can rebuke this image that Dio has cultivated.

Point of preceptive that Dio is basically a lord and saviour to anyone that seriously followed him. To know him was a religious experience as far as they were concerned.

For everyone else he was basically the boogie man and a monster. By monster, I mean that everyone else sees him as inhuman as possible. We went from him being Dio to being DIO emphasis just hits differently. (The asshole probably loved it that way) Keep in mind that Joseph would have only heard stories from Erina and Speedwagon, even then only Erina would have basics never the full story.

Joseph had already fought super omega vampires and a few base vampires so yeah Dio is totally a monster rank by now. Jotaro only here his weird monster took his ancestors body for a joy ride. To the point where Jotaro spent a lot of his life just looking for plots that dio came up with or was connected too. Which is funny because with Dio it was never the super powers was most dangerous thing about him, he’s charismatic fucker who is vey well read.

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I have all these ideas in my head for a Dnd Jojo AU and I have to get it out of my system so here’s part 1 of a series of who knows how many

The crusaders are all player and Dio is their shitty DM who made himself the villain. Also yes, they made a character for Iggy because Avdol wouldn’t play if his dog couldn’t play. Jotaro is Joseph’s grandkid who got embarked against his will in the game along with his bf Kakyoin.

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My jjba headcanons! (These include sexuality, gender, any mental illness or neurodivergence they might have and other things of similar nature!):

Dio: bisexual of course + he’s a narcisist

Joseph: bi as well, plus i think he has adhd

Jotaro: i personally think jotaro is aromantic and asexual, and he also has autism + suffers from ptsd

Kakyoin: either transgender male or nonbinary, has glaucoma and is basically blind + suffers from cronic pain because of the injuries he received during the fight with Dio.

Josuke: transgender male ofc!!

Koichi: i see him as ace; he also has anxiety

Bruno: i like to imagine that he suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome because of his ability (the fact that he can easily “disjoint” parts of his body with zippers made me think of EDS)

Giorno: NONBINARY!! And aroace, or pan

Jolyne: we all know that jolyne is the ceo of lesbians,,, same thing for hermes; Foo Fighters is an aroace nb

(Dont really have any headcanons for any of the part 7 characters)

Gappy: he’s autistic as well! And i also think he has dissociative identity disorder

Yasuho: bisexual demigirl!

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Supernatural Requests

The request box is open for supernatural requests for the moment as I’m in the mood for some supernatural stuff. Thank you. 


Please state if you want angst or fluff because for certain ones -such as a werewolf- I will automatically do what I think would fit. Thank you

The request box will only be open for a bit and I will let you know when it’s closed.

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