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yourplayersaidwhat · 9 hours ago
Does that ever work?
First five minutes of the first session of my nephew’s first Star Wars game:
Nephew (Jedi Kid PC), loudly:  We’re on the run from the Empire.  Can we sit with you? Gambler PC: Um.. I.. uh.. go away kid.  I don’t know you. [Loudly] I’m not with him! Obvious off-duty Stormtroopers standing up at next table:  Put your hands up!  Show me some identification, now! Jedi Kid (OOC): I grab my blaster off my belt to show him the safety’s on. Gambler PC: … we’re all going to die.
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idiotstoobsereve · 2 years ago
A prince and a king
It was a long night, after all most of the crew did go on a formal expidation. Not to mention the fact that Amber needed more magic for several teleports, delaying them from a good dinner and rest. Though it has suprised Timber when her ears picked up something. Draco had given her a look several mintues before hand but she didn't think the boys would still be up. So the whole crew all silently leaned against the rocky base of Dipper's cave, listening in on their conversation.
"Do you hear this? Another robbery on main street at the bakery there. All they stole was bread! Do you hear this Felix?" Dipper had ranted on, smacking the paper several times for empathise of his outrage. The cloud king just nodded, filling out paperwork. Paying attention but finding it too hard to talk. A simple sigh had let the star child know to continue on. "And of course Mum isn't adressing it like she should. Do you know how bad it must be for them to resort to stealing food? We need more land for farms since everyone thinks we'll just kill them after a treaty." With a shake of his head he quit.
The star child had wandered over to the king, watching him fill out a bunch of papers. It ranged from new testing for feilds, adressmenr of the food shortage, all the way to what rumor was true and who had what. It seemed so impractical but he guessed it was just his way of dealing with it all. After all, Dipper mostly just asked a question or two before deciding. Maybe the mashmellow was different.
"Dip, what do you think about our recent food storage? Theres been no sign of mold, all of its just disappearing and theres also no traces of it. Could your people be accidently taking it?"
"Possibly. Aradia's been cracking down on those who aport things though so its highly unlikely. Maybe theres a little theif in your midst whos managed to hide? Maybe a shifter or another Chamelon?"
"I've done so many checks. Everything is normal so it couldn't be."
Felix had put his head into his hands, brows furrowed with a suprising frown. The whole food probablem had been stressing him out- after all what would happen if they starved? Neither the mages nor his people could supply themselves with enough food to support both. Not to mention Mr. Survival, who was currently the ambassador and prince of the kingdom, isn't to keen on just finding uninhabited islands to grow stuff on. The king sighed and leaned back, a small ow from his buddy as he accidentally crushed his hand. "Felix? I'm sure you'll figure it out. Hm can you-"
Amber accidentally kicked a rock, and now Dipper knew they were there.
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headcanons-phb · 2 years ago
Headcanon Steven Universe
Steven is a Diplomancer
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ajmtecltd-blog · 2 years ago
The top 10 tech issues for 2019
Our focus is always on what we can learn from the past and apply to today’s issues.
Today we look back at more recent history – the past 12 months, to be exact. It was a momentous year for technology, with the phrase “Techlash” commonly used to refer not just to one but several issues which gave the public pause about the role of technology and the tech sector in people’s lives. As the calendar turns to 2019, we consider what the last year will likely mean to what will surely be an important new year. Here’s our list of 10 developments to think about.
PRIVACY: Privacy protection deepens in Europe and spreads to the United States
DISINFORMATION: The controversy roils social media
PROTECTIONISM IN THE PACIFIC: Tech comes between the United States and China
DIGITAL DIPLOMACY: Multi-stakeholder efforts start addressing cyberattacks
ETHICS CHALLENGES FOR AI: New controversies abound amidst employee activism
AI AND THE ECONOMY: Concerns spread about AI and jobs
THE PEOPLE SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY: Immigration and diversity remain front and center
RURAL BROADBAND: Some progress amidst problems
SOVEREIGNTY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE CLOUD: Protecting people in a data-driven world
TECH GROWTH AND COMMUNITIES: What’s good for tech companies can challenge a community
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Bubbly Kindermage
If the world would be a better place if the people with power thought with the innocent kindness of a child, then surely those kind, childlike people had better get some power of their own.
[ ] Playful Bubbles – By working your hands, you can create harmless, colourful bubbles and manipulate them to dance and move at your will. They can glow dimly, like a night-light, or cluster to obscure something, but are mainly for entertainment purposes, and will pop if they leave a 5-foot radius of your body.
[ ][ ][ | ] Naive Tongue – Through the simple self-deceiving assumption that there should not be barriers between people, and that therefore there aren't, you can understand and be understood by anything capable of human language. At second level, you can communicate with animals and with humans who, for whatever reason, lack the capacity for language. At third level, you can communicate with any sentient being.
[ ][ | ] Bubbling Heart – The swelling kindness of your heart weaves a protective magic over you. You are selectively immune to all emotion-based effects that come from people you have been consistently kind to. This kindness must be genuine and complete, although in proportion to your relationship (every friendship has rough patches), and lip-service to kindness will brook no boon. At second level, you are also immune to damage from those people you have been kind to. You can extend this effect to your friends by making them a chain of flowers to wear.
[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ][ | ][ | | ][ | | ][ | | ] - Effervescence of Youth – You are simply a joy to talk to, preternaturally both fun and compassionate. In social rolls benefiting from your innocence and sweetness, you gain a d6 bonus per level of Effervescence of Youth.  
[ ] Bubble of Joy and Laughter – You can project an invisible bubble around you with a wave of your arms, covering a radius of 50 feet. Whenever anyone in it would be subject to an emotional effect, they may instead choose to feel overflowing and irrepressible enjoyment until they leave the bubble.
[ | ] Childish Tantrum – You have rendered yourself subject to childish emotion in its rawest form. When you are wronged or upset, you lose the ability to hold a rational conversation and compose your thoughts properly for 3d6 minutes or until you are successfully calmed down. However, during this time, you are immune to all forms of mind control or coercion, all emotion-based effects other than those relying on anger or sadness, and gain a d6 bonus to all damage dealt and to all rolls to resist anything. If the GM judges your anger to be righteous, you may choose to extend the duration of you tantrum by d6 minutes when the first duration ends.
[ ][ ][ | ][ | ][ | | ] Childlike Sympathy – The beating heart of mankind wishes to believe a great many things that children believe readily and without question. This collective wish makes the universe want to let them be true, and you know how to let the universe give in to that desire, for moments at a time. By simply willing it, you may alter the course of fate in small ways, such that the world briefly aligns with the most idealistic and naïve dreams of childhood. When you do, put a mark against Childlike Sympathy. You may not have more marks against Childlike Sympathy than its level. You may remove a mark from Childlike Sympathy whenever you inspire the inner child of an adult who had given up all such thoughts without using magic, or when fate is so arbitrarily cruel to you that the GM decides you deserve it.
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kibibarel · 2 months ago
the Aether family mansion being full of teleport pads is just the game introducing a puzzle element into the gameplay for the Rainbow Rocket section of USUM but i choose to believe the mansion is actually full of teleport pads in-universe too. Lusamine is the only one who knows how to navigate the house and she uses this as a power move when she hosts dinner parties
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thecollagecabinet · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Diplom is. (ice) Collage A4. 
Do you remember your childhood ice creams and the boards of ice creams, google up your childhood ice creams and I promise you will go a trip on memory lane. 
For me one of this brands is Diplom is, growing up partly in Norway.
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lik-fotocult · 3 months ago
Ausbildung Fotodesign
Ausbildung online oder vor Ort. Diplomlehrgang FOTODESIGN ab 22. September 2021 an der LIK Akademie für Foto und Design.
Termine Wien
Termine Graz
Termine Linz
Termine Klagenfurt
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lingnew24 · 4 months ago
Former Pakistani ambassador's daughter killed in Islamabad
Former Pakistani ambassador's daughter killed in Islamabad
Islamabad – Former Pakistani diplomat's daughter stabbed to death in Islamabad Police have arrested a friend of the girl allegedly involved in the murder. According to Islamabad police, the murder took place in a house in Sector F-7. The slain girl was identified as Noor Muqaddam, daughter of former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Muqaddam and is said to be 27 years old. According to police, the…
Tumblr media
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 days ago
The players are trying to convince the ruler of the country they’re in that they’re capable enough to fight a demon after the ruler and her father find out the rogue angered a Fae Queen.
Ruler: ...give me a reason to trust that you won’t die when you find (demon’s name).
Rogue, in character: Well... Uh... We can probably smack her to death!
(Short pause)
Me, the DM: roll persuasion with disadvantage.
Player: rolls what adds up to a 26 and a 24
Me, the DM: holy shit.
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Titanian Emissary
Those rare few who prove themselves exceptionally loyal and useful to a faerie queen may find they are granted power and left their freedom. A measure of it, at least.
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Faeroyal Majesty – You are possessed of a portion of the tremendous, incomprehensible beauty and composure of a faerie queen. You gain a d6 bonus to rolls to impress people or domineer. Against a backdrop of mystery or wilderness, increase the bonus by an additional d6.
[ ][ ] Ease of the Heart – You are practiced at working the flower of love-in-idleness into a love potion. The preparation takes mere moments in your hands, and the resultant juice, applied to the eyes of a sleeping person, will cause them to fall in love with the first person they see (similarly, application to the ears causes them to love the first thing they hear, etc.). At second level, your skill at application of the potion means the target need not be sleeping, merely unaware of what you are doing.
[ ][ ][ | ] Bosom of The Green – As an ambassador of the fae, you act as a vanguard and a settler, making ready the environment to support the Gentry. Wildflowers, berries, and herbs of magical use will flourish, wild beasts like the wolf and stag will be made bold and strong enough to drive off man's reach, and magic will begin to suffuse the area such to confuse those who tread in it thoughtlessly. At first level, you can only effect wild, wooded areas in this way, and must perform regular, small rituals of erecting circles and performing dances. At second level you can either effect any natural environment, or have the effect take root in forests after only a single ritual. At third level, you can effect civilized environments, or have the effect take root in natural environments merely from your presence.
[ ][ ][ ] Gentle Libations – By performing a ritual over a jug of the juice of wild berries and fruits, you can transmute it into faerie wine. At first level, the liquid acts simply as a very potent alcohol that simply tastes deliciously sweet and tangy. At second level, anyone who drinks it becomes even more pliable and open to suggestion than they would during normal drunkenness. At third level, you are immune to the effects of your own faerie wine.
[ | ] Queen's Pardon – By hugging a person's head to your breast, you can transmit one of the greatest mercies of the fae, granting absolute clarity from magical sways on their heart. The target will immediately be removed of all magic that would effect their emotions, leaving them only with their own true feelings.
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thewhattowatchblog · 3 months ago
13 Hours (2016) Rated R
13 Hours (2016) Rated R
The film follows the six-member security team that came to protect the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, when under attack by militants on September 11, 2012. Based on the book by Mitchell Zuckoff. Starring John Krasinski, James Badge Dale, and Pablo Schreiber. I will say that this is not one of the best films out there, but it isn’t the worst. I’m actually proud that the…
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francepittoresque · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
18 mai 1799 : mort de Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais ➽ Tour à tour horloger, professeur de musique, homme de cour, diplomate, écrivain, armateur de navires et éditeur, Beaumarchais, qui notamment imposa la reconnaissance du droit d’auteur, eut l’existence la plus agitée et la plus féconde qui soit en péripéties
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yogacoinspire · 4 months ago
Cours de SARI après 3 semaines de cours d’asanas... ça change! Haut en couleurs!! Fun! Gracieux ! • • #sari #indiandress #ceremonie #diplomes #yoga #formationdeyoga #sxm #antilles #couleurs #descouleurspourlavie #vivelavie #presquefini #dernierjour #vacances #hello (à Saint Martin)
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ham4-ham · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
HI! I’M NOT DEAD YET!! But as you can see..I was way less active past month because of my “exams”…BUT HEY I have some free time to draw this week:)) we’ve small and cute Diplomator from “My student spirit” Yeah…and I think now I’m going to draw a lot of this… . . . . . . . . . . . . #mystudentspirit #diplomator #art #drawing #drawthisinyourstyle #painting #blackandwhite #nocolor #pencildrawing #дипломатор #ДМО #духмоейобщаги #СтудияФеник #phoenixstudio #anthony #олежадушнов #fanart #artstyle #drawingweek (at 𝕞 𝕦 𝕤 𝕚 𝕔 𝕝 𝕠 𝕧 𝕖 𝕣 ツ)
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nemfrog · a year ago
Tumblr media
“America needs educated citizens.” Stories of everyday wonders. 1920. 
Internet Archive
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