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karinhart · 2 days ago
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summerween circa 2017
[ID: A flat-color digital drawing of Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. They’re older than in the show, around their late teens, and they’re wearing costumes: Mabel is dressed as Stan, with a sign hanging from her neck that reads “NO REFUNDS,” and Dipper is dressed as Ford. Mabel is holding up a phone and taking a picture of the two of them as they smile widely and pose for the camera. Mabel’s phone case is hot pink with the Sev’ral Timez logo on it, and her nails are painted yellow with one black capital letter on each finger, spelling out WHAT. Above her and Dipper is a text message log.
Mabel: check out our costumesssss (sparkle emoji) Stan: Kids these days (angry face emoji) No respect 4 their elders!!! Ford: Excellent craftsmanship! (thumbs-up emoji with six fingers) Stan: Yeah yeah you look great or whatever Mabel: (multiple sparkly heart emojis)
/end ID]
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gravityfallsrockz · a day ago
Gravity Falls is gonna be 10 years old in exactly one month
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nitsstuff · a day ago
What does a homeless beggar, who has nothing but his car and problems with major mafia groups along with the police in thirty-two states, need?
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A pet possum, a kid, and another kid, and more possums, yes, definitely, absolutely!
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I love the fact that Stanley had a pet possum. Partly, yes, because it's a parallel with Mabel, and I LOVE THE PARALLELS BETWEEN STAN AND MABEL.
Timestuck au >>>>>>>>> my life
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navy-leader · 22 hours ago
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My son. He has every disease
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fanonical · 2 days ago
grunkle stan: i'm gonna steal a helicopter!
dipper: why?
grunkle stan: simple zest for life
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transbipper · a day ago
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season 1 doodles
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seven-hrts · a day ago
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A drawing of Bipper from Gravity Falls that I did a little while ago
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meowloudly15 · 2 days ago
Dipper: [minding his own business]
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ba-ileyy · 2 days ago
Charlie: Like what Keating always says; when one door closes, choose a nearby wall and bash it in with brute force!
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gravityfallscustomplush · 2 days ago
"Status update: On blind date with sociopath!"
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"Oh, sure, bring out the phone. Classic Tambers! Hey can I get some chili fries? To go."
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"Whoa. Did your whole thing suddenly get a lot more likable?"
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"You don't seem as needy as I used to think you were."
"Hey, you wouldn't wanna maybe get outta here and, I don't know, go kiss in public a lot?"
"For some reason, I do."
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Finished Tambry! I really like how she turned out! I like how all the colors work together so nicely, so pretty 😍
I have a customer order I'm working on now so you're going to have to wait a week for the next new plush!
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sleepingdeath-light · 2 days ago
Cuddling Headcanons | Multifandom
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requested by anon
includes : amity blight, dipper pines, hunter, luz noceda & mabel pines
Amity Blight
Amity Blight
amity would definitely enjoy cuddling and loves holding you in such a way that you’re laying side by side, her chin resting on your head as you chatter quietly about your days and such. just loves holding you close for as long as possible.
Dipper Pines
isn’t really the biggest hugger, but does enjoy spooning you when you’re laying together - taking on the role of big spoon and enjoying how comfortable it is and the feeling of being your protector.
would never admit it, but he’s a very touch-starved person and loves being cuddled; in particular enjoys resting with his head on your chest, where he’s able to hear your heartbeat and know that you’re alive and safe.
Luz Noceda
luz is a massive hugger and will take any opportunity to hold you close (once she’s built up her confidence enough) - with her favourite position being where you’re sat side by side, your arms around each other as you’re covered by a shared, fluffy blanket (ideally watching one of your favourite shared shows).
Mabel Pines
mabel is the biggest cuddle fan you will meet in your life and even went so far as to make a two-person sweater to hug you at all times. and though she doesn’t mind the position as long as she can be close to you, she does tend to hug you from behind a lot because she enjoys startling you with her affection and trapping you with her love.
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dj-scratch-trax · 2 days ago
Introducing How To DJ R-R-Right, the ultimate (and probably only) Gravity Falls-themed dance mixset! Featuring 22 different songs, two dozen sound effects, and a full-length visualizer layered over clips from the show, this oddly specific experience is the perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an equally weird summer!
How To DJ R-R-Right will be dropped via Google Drive on June 18th, 2022 at 12pm Central Time. The folder will include an .mp3 file of the mixset, an .mp4 file of the visualizer, and a Google Doc containing full credits with links. (A sneak-peek containing the first two songs will be posted to YouTube at the same time.) Blast it in your car, play it at your very own Mystery Shack-themed party — or just dance along to it in your bedroom!
Please see the FAQ for more info. If you still have questions, feel free to send an ask! See you all in June!
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thisdarkhomeofghosts · 2 months ago
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hellspawnmotel · 8 months ago
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but at least the war is over
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chaos-of-the-wilds · 2 months ago
Why did no one tell me there was an official gravity falls comic?
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It’s some good extra canon-ish content
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fanonical · 19 hours ago
dipper: why do you spend all your time looking for a boyfriend? it's so stupid
mabel: you have not stopped making eyes at wendy the whole time we've been here
dipper: huh, what was that? wendy was walking by the window
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stephreynaart · 8 months ago
Sea Grunks Intro
Good god, I have been working on this for a while. What originally started out as small storyboard pro practice, ended up becoming an actual project. There was a good amount of time when I wasn’t sure I would finish it, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it!
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anushbanush · 8 months ago
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mohammadask18 · 5 months ago
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So you were saying
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eldritch-loser · 5 months ago
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hyperfixate hyperfixate hyperfixate hypERFIXATE HYPERFIXATE
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