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#dipper pines
stephreynaart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Late night man to man talk
Need to make more Stan and Dipper bonding moments
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fanonical · a day ago
dipper: so you knew about the monsters in gravity falls the whole time?
grunkle stan: kid, you can't live here more than three minutes without a zombie trying to eat your face or being proposed to by gnomes
dipper: so you were-
grunkle stan: don't wanna talk about it
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gobblewanker · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Designing these outfits is fun, even if I can't see Dipper going for something quite as flashy as Mabel.
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novelistservant · a day ago
GF - The Isosceles
Hey guys! This is a gift for the beautiful, talented, super sweet and AWESOME @gobblewanker! I can’t get enough of her ideas and art and beautiful personality! I’ve wanted to do something special for her for a very long time, and here it is! I hope you like it, sweetie!
And PLEASE so follow her and show her some love and support!
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grimm-bot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what if they were old . oh god
raz n dipper are probably about…. 16 here? but here they are! (repost my art and you die)(reblog my art and i sweetly kiss you) anyways, headcanons down below
- raz mostly wears hand-me-downs, he got the bag and boots after becoming a psychonaut, but a lot of what he wears is from his nona :)
- at first he mostly tries to avoid dressing like her. everyone already thinks he looks eerily similar, and some people see him as lucrecia. but the idea of them seeing him as maligula is worse.
- but clothes shopping is the worst, his circus duds bring up painful memories, and he’s autistic and wants something to cover his head so things dont feel weird.
- so he decides that anyone who thinks he’s too similar to his nona can get over it ^^
- dippers family is on the lower end of the economic scale, so his punk phase is his way of coping with that.
- everything he wears is either thrifted, under 10 dollars, handmade or 4+ years old.
- that vest has been his baby since he figured out being punk was a thing and he started identifying with it!
- mostly goes with the punk thing because he shares those beliefs and its sustainable, but also as a defense mechanism. it makes him look scary and he likes that.
- the boots were a gift from ford,
- the rings were from stan (they’ll have to do until hes old enough for knuckledusters)
- and he still has the pinetree hat! he just gets worried it’ll be stolen or something will happen to it, so he doesn’t wear it out that often.
- also he technically needs glasses but he broke his only pair so he just wears them when alone. theyre still broken but he taped them together its ok <3<br/>
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graboidfarmer · a day ago
After reading your chapter I want to see blushy blushy Dipper when Paz kisses his cheek please l
@mandaloriandragontrainer No thoughts head empty 😆
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lemon-teaa · a day ago
me, 2016: billdip is STUPID it doesn't make ANY SENSE did you even WATCH THE SHOW
me, 2021: okay so guess what my mind decided to pull on me out of probably not nowhere
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dibspit · a day ago
Tumblr media
this was for my friend on instagram’s dtiys bc they got 666 followers! angel!dipper/demon!dib uwu
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stephreynaart · a month ago
Sea Grunks Intro
Good god, I have been working on this for a while. What originally started out as small storyboard pro practice, ended up becoming an actual project. There was a good amount of time when I wasn’t sure I would finish it, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it!
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turquoisegirl35 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday to Mabel and Dipper!
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