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#dirt core

stone is so ever-present it can be easy to overlook. i always stop to smell the flowers, i pause to identify the fungi, i even lean down to take in the characteristics of the lichen on the rock, but what about the stone itself?


there is something soothing in them, with their unassuming ambiguity, yet seemingly infinite variation in detail; shape, texture, color…


what have these stones been stepped on or over by, countless times, before me? and what will stop to look at them after me?

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i have had. a very good day today. i collected rain water this morning, painted my nails red grey and black, put on a sundress, and picked a bouquet of wildflowers, which i put in a glass jar on a table in my room

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i think it’s very cool and sexy of me to complain abt my friends’ terrible sleep schedules when i too have a terrible sleep schedule. i think that makes me special and interesting.

the difference is i actually care about the health of my friends

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fuck my stupid insomnia filled bones. this is the second time this week i just Haven’t Been Able To Fall Asleep and thus pulled an all-nighter. and it’s wednesday. if this happens to me again this week i will punch my stupid brain right in its stupid brain face. this is a callout post for my own fucking mind

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so turns out i’m a trans guy n not NB- also i don’t think Knife really fits me, so i’m trying out the name Leo. pls be patient with me, y'all. idk how many times imma change my name :/

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