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#dirt road

I have always felt that dirt roads are better for the soul. There is little more relaxing than taking a walk or drive down a dirt road. Especially since they don’t afford you the same ease of speed as paved roads. You must be vigilant for wildlife and the loose terrain requires you to slow down. Blessed are those who can see this slower pace as a chance to connect to nature and take in her beauty.

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I am so honored to be the capturer of this moment! I took this yesterday. Lately I’ve been in a state of “I have to work. That’s all i’m good for, my straight job. My music isn’t that good, my photography isn’t that good. My writing isn’t that good.” This lit a fire in me. The universe hasn’t given up on my purpose as a creator (though I have in this madness).  

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Original caption:

“On the 2nd of October 2017, 8 strangers from different backgrounds all came together coincidentally to set out on a road trip across Central Asia for 8 days through the Pamir Highway, the second-highest highway in the world. An unlikely band of strangers traveling along one of the most remote roads in the world has led me to experience one of the best trips of my life.
We started our journey from Osh, Kyrgyzstan and crossed the border to Tajikistan, and travel the mountainous region of the Pamir Mountains through Karakul, Murghab, Bulunkul, Langar, Wakhan valley, Ishkashim, Khorog, and lastly Dushanbe.

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