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Witchy/Goblin giveaway!

It’s been years since I’ve done one but I’ve decided to do a giveaway! This is for followers only, which means you’ve got to be following me in irder to participate! First, some rules:

• Again, must be following me! If you’re a new follower, don’t just follow to leave afterwards. I will absolutely check!

• One reblog and one like each count as an entry. You can reblog as much as you want though, just don’t spam ya followers!

• For an extra entry, send me your favourite song.

Must be 18+ or have parents permission!

•No international shipping. I’ll do a separate one at some point for international followers.

• This will go on until the first day of fall, September 22.


What you’ll get:

•True Black Tarot

•Various crystals

•Spoon with a quartz point

• Assortment of shinies from my own hoard.

• Any kind of 8oz tea tin from (if you don’t like tea, something can be worked out)

• A pocket knife

• Various gummy candies or chocolate

• A soft blanket

More thing may be added later so make sure to keep updated. Good luck to everyone!!

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bay leaves are one of the most useful things. for one, they can be used in practical, everyday use. they can be cooked into things for health and flavor benefits, and are one of the most effective natural pest repellents.

 their usefulness only increases when looking at their magickal benefits. similarly to their physical benefit, bay leaves have a very strong cleansing energy to them. their energy isn’t neccesarily “remove the negative,” but  rather, “move on from the old, and in with the new.” As for their other characteristics,

Associated Element- Fire

Associated Chakra- Root

Associated Moon Phase- Waxing Gibbous

Associated Runes- Wunjo, Gebo

the most unique feature to the bay leaf is its ability to fulfill wishes. here’s how to do that:

purify your leaf. putting the leaf in some salt is a good way to make sure the leaf is spiritually clean, and will not taint your wish in any way. 

write your wish. write your wish on the underside of the leaf, using a medium of your choice. the more sacred the medium, the stronger the wish (graphite will not warrant the same results as, per say, blood). it can be as wordy or lengthy as you desire, as long as it is clear, and not incredibly specific

boil the leaf. in simple, low-concentration salt water, boil as many leaves as you choose. preferably done outside, on a windy day. what happens here, is the vapors travel up into the sky and the clouds, where it rains back down in the form of said wish. 

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i found a little swallowtail baby, so green so squish


they have fake yellow eyes to make them appear scary and glarey to predators, isn’t it adorable?? Oh no I’m so scared of the tiny squishy baby!!


but her actual face is that little grey smudge face-planted into the stick #mood

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