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Val blushes at being in Tor’s lap but snuggles right in against his chest and wraps her arms around him tightly. Placing a tiny kiss right over his heart.

Puck wraps himself around Dis on the giant beanbag in his little apartment’s living area. Breathing in the scent of her hair like it’s a lifeline.

Jazz leans her head on Tesni’s as she paints on a watercolor canvas. Some dark scene from memories she gets in flashes in the night. There’s a little cupcake on the table with a candle guttering in the breeze wafting in the window.

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“Ack!” he was caught off guard a little by Dis suddenly pushing him up against the wall. His exclamation more of surprise than pain. Though a moment there his red brows where furrowed as if concerned by something, and his blue pupils pinnioned with some stirring of a deep rooted emotion. One he pushed down in favor of the bemusement that curved up a corner of his lips.

Because this was Dis, and she was just hugging him.

“Gettin a wee bit rough with our affection, are we Dove?” he wrapped his arms around her too.

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I hope the character pitch for Saru was “okay so he looks exactly like Slenderman but instead of being scary, HE’S the one who’s scared.”

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I really love the episode of Discovery when they go back to Saru’s planet, because it’s such a great example of how the Prime Directive doesn’t fucking make sense. Saru literally isn’t allowed to tell his OWN species, his OWN family that

  • Aliens are real and he works for them
  • That they are being killed off and kept technologically inferior by the Ba'ul because
  • The vahar'ai actually doesn’t kill kelpiens, it makes them stronger

His OWN species and he can’t tell them. Which is even more crazy because his planet IS warp-capable, his species isn’t! The Ba'ul have a warp drive but withold their technology from the Kelpiens in order to dominate them. Starfleet is allowed to say “oh hey we’re aliens, want to share some stuff?” to the Ba'ul but not to the other sentient race sharing the planet???? Like!!! GOD.

Anyway I’m glad they just say fuck it and violate the Prime Directive in that episode without consequences, the way God intended.

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Puck is blushing but he’s got a little bit of a grin on his face.

“Well if we’re talkin ‘bout this then I guess… well this one that’s been hangin ‘roun me head a while… well it involves a bit of a swim. I take ye tae this little sandbar I know about in the evenin’… nice place tae watch the sunset.  An we lay things out fer us. Big beach towel, bit a food, everythin. We have a nice time and I lean over tae kiss ye. An I’m kissin ye….leadin intae more an more till I’ve got yer legs over me shoulders eatin ye out tae yer hearts content a’fore movin ontae the rest of it.”  

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