whumpster-dumpster · 15 hours ago
July is Disability Pride Month. To all my fellow disabled members of the whump community:
You’re not alone
You’re not faking it
You’re not “just lazy”
Remember to eat and hydrate
Remember to take your meds
I hope your pain is manageable
I hope people around you are supportive and understanding
You deserve unconditional love
I’m proud of you
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chick-it-out · 2 hours ago
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July is Disability Pride Month!
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baiasaia · 21 hours ago
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Happy Disability Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈
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local-aro-cryptid · 12 hours ago
Happy Disability Pride Month! I know there are a lot of jokes about queer wrath month, but please do remember to support disabled folks this month (and every month!)
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daydream-gemz · 13 hours ago
I desperately need help to buy groceries/pay bills!!
Friday, July 1st: Hi everyone, I’m Gemma, a bi, mentally ill and disabled woman, who is in desperate need of help as I'm really struggling to get by due to my bank account being overdrawn, which has left me with next-to-nothing to buy groceries or my pay bills.
As many of you are already aware from my previous posts, I have been struggling financially these past few months due to my welfare benefit (Universal Credit) being under a review, which is due to my worsening mental/physical health and the UK’s controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned. And at the moment, I'm currently struggling to get by, as my application for Disability (PIP) was declined, despite recently being diagnosed with PCOS & MDD, and due to awaiting DWP assessments, my debt from overdue bills is piling up which is making it difficult for me to get by on a day-to-day basis.
And I know this is a huge ask, and I'm completely heartbroken to be asking for help again, but I desperately need some as I don't have any money to pay my bills, utilities or get groceries for the entirety of July!! I'm also incredibly unwell right now with a fever and need medicine. My goal is £150, but anything helps.
Thank you for all your help!❤
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haikyuupaladin · 4 hours ago
A reminder for disability pride month, since I’ve been seeing a lot of edits in the disability tag using the zigzag flag that if you are going to use that flag, it should be tagged with flashing lights for the safety of photosensitive people at least, but that it’s much preferred for the safer version to be used, which was designed by @capricorn-0mnikorn just like the zigzag flag but this time to equally consider both photosensitive and colorblind members of the disability community.
This is the safe version:
Tumblr media
[ID: the disability pride flag: it has a charcoal gray background with 5 diagonal stripes directly next to each other running from the top left to the bottom right of the flag. The stripes from leftmost to rightmost starting point are red, gold, white, blue, and green /end ID]
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ionlytalktodogs · 23 hours ago
Tomorrow is July 1st. July is disability pride month! So I just wanted to say…happy pride to disabled people! This community has taken me so far and this is the first July I can loudly and proudly say that I’m disabled and I’m happy!
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whumpster-dumpster · 16 hours ago
What do you think about writing or drawing about chronic conditions as whump? I've seen some people say it's inherently ableism and makes people with those conditions fell bad so now I'm conflicted about it. What's your take?
That’s a tough question. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but as someone who’s chronically ill and disabled, I personally don’t see whump content about chronic conditions as inherently ableist. I find it to be a gratifying coping mechanism that makes me feel seen, heard and represented. A lot of people are ignorant to the really hard realities of having chronic conditions. Whump content can be gritty. I’ve seen my chronic whump content serve as a wakeup call for my readers to the disabled experience. 
Now if it was content that contained ableist behavior or language directed toward a character with a chronic condition and portrayed as if that behavior was right or justified, that would be a different story. If the whump content includes ableism for the sake of plot, I’d ideally want to see the character responsible get called out/corrected/apologize for it. 
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apxlllo · 14 hours ago
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Happy Disability Pride month y'all, just a reminder to you ableds that the questions "so what's ACTUALLY wrong with you" or "do you really need that" cost $5 each and anyone who doesn't pay up gets a cane to the face
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evilwriter37 · 10 hours ago
Happy Disability Pride Month!
Mobility aids are not some kind of curse! They bring freedom to a lot of people! If I didn't have my cane, I wouldn't be able to move around anymore. I'd be stuck. My cane is freeing. A wheelchair would be freeing for me as well.
Normalize mobility aids.
Normalize positivity over mobility aids.
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cure-icy-writes · 8 hours ago
Okay, so this was probably not the original intention of the games, but the HMs and rides in Pokemon actually make perfect sense if you assume that your protagonist is disabled!
The cave puzzles? Listen, it’s not as easy as “just climb back up the ledge” if your knees are fucked. Needing a pokemon to push this heavy rock aside for you? Yeah, no shit, that thing’s gonna throw out your back otherwise. Fighting seventeen people in a row and navigating a maze just to get an HM so you can move to the next town? Listen, if you think that’s absurd, you’ve likely never applied for benefits.
And that means you get out of your small town home and meet other kids your age. Imagine you’re ten years old, and you’ve got a cane with flames and dinosaur stickers on it, and you’re encountering all sorts of new pokemon! Then you meet a girl who prefers to talk with her hands, and she also has a three headed dragon and a bike that fits in her purse. And it’s just...chill.
Basically, rethinking pokemon as a disabled power fantasy is something that can be so cool and personal.
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a-little-revolution · 2 hours ago
Dwarfism and Sexuality
c/w: sex and sexuality (18+)
As disability is clearly never thought of within sex education, I wanted to take the time to post some resources regarding sexuality as it pertains to dwarfism!
Dr. Marylou Naccarato is a clinical sexologist, and the first in her field to specialize in the sexual needs of little people. Her revised booklet "Heighten your Sensuality and Intimacy: Innovative Techniques for the LP Body" is coming soon! Sex positions for Little and abled couples Sexual enhancement and mobility products
Information regarding dwarfism and sexuality has proven for me to be very hard to find - so I hope that these few resources help my fellow little folk and their partners :)
*Notice: sexual harassment (or harassment of any kind) is not tolerated on my blog, and will not be tolerated in the comment section of this post - any degree of violence will be reported.
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happy disability pride month!!
you are enough and your enough is enough 💙
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neurodivergent-noodle · 4 hours ago
people have died from doctors acting like physical health conditions are mental health conditions… discussions about how physical and mental health are connected that ignore that fact are inherently flawed
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 20 hours ago
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• this user got made fun of their special interests when they were younger, so they're scared to talk about them now •
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googlyeye-gay · 19 hours ago
I just want to say that I am not sorry for rebloging alot of disability pride month stuff if you have a problem with it you may not take it up with me, you may leave if you so wish. I am disabled and I'm screaming to be heard so are all of my fellow disabled people some of whomst are poc so they must scream louder and some who can not scream. July is not pride month pt. 2 it's disability pride month if you take issue with this, grow up.
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disabilityhealth · 17 hours ago
ngl i really hate living on disability, it feels like a trap that makes you stay poor, i want to do volunteer work but even that is iffy because im so afraid of getting kicked off of it for being able bodied, it also completely sucks that you can't even save up much money or else you'll get kicked off of the program
I relate to this 100%. It’s not fair for us to feel like the rug is always just about to be pulled out from under us, like every little thing we do is being judged.
It makes it feel pointless to even try sometimes. I’m an artist, but every penny I make is deducted directly from my benefits. I want to be more successful, but it’s not worth the risk of losing my benefits entirely.
I am lucky enough to live in a state that lets me save money above the usual limit, though. It goes into a special savings account and can only be used for things like housing and necessities, but it might be worth it for you to look into it on the off chance your state offers something similar.
I wish I could offer more than solidarity. Just know you’re not alone, anon.
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disabled-dragoon · 10 hours ago
I want to remind everyone that though it is disability pride month, people will observe this July in different ways and we should always be respectful of that.
There will be people who do not feel comfortable enough in themselves and/or their disability to enjoy this month, and there will be people who struggle to find a reason to be "prideful" and they shouldn't be pressured to.
And there will be people who will spread as much positivity and pride as they can, and that is okay too. They should not be made to feel as if they are wrong.
Just be mindful that not everyone feels the same and that is okay. You are allowed to feel amd celebrate however you wish so long as you are not harming anyone else.
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septic-dr-schneep · 4 hours ago
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Stimboard for Disability Pride Month!
🖤💙💛 / ⚡⚡⚡ / 🤍❤️💚
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neurodivergent-noodle · 6 hours ago
mobility aids save lives. medication saves lives. paid sick leave saves lives. special considerations at school or work save lives.
anyone who tries to tell you any different is being ableist
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