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femme-bones · a year ago
i fucking love compression clothing
torso compression is my excuse for me to get a girlfriend and have her squeeze tittie
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holly-sprocket · a year ago
Let 2020 be a new decade of accessibility
Let 2020 bring us disabled rights
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margomoment · a year ago
bro i’m gonna make a cripple punk aesthetic photo hold up
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buffjesusgooglesearch · a year ago
Looking up a disability be like:
Medical information
Inspiration porn
Medical information
Inspiration porn
Inspiration porn
A person who actually has the condition and is discussing it
Inspiration porn
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tic-loud-tic-proud · a year ago
 i hope disabled people all have a great year!
i hope d/Deaf/HoH people have a great year!
i hope blind/VI people have a great year!
i hope physically disabled people have a great year!
i hope those amputees/born with limb differences have a great year!
i hope paraplegics/quadraplegics/tetraplegics/hemiplegics have a great year!
i hope people with cerebral palsy have a great year!
i hope people with spina bifida have a great year!
i hope people with muscular dystrophy have a great year!
i hope people with facial differences, burns, and/or scars have a great year!
i hope people with dwarfism have a great year!
i hope people with down syndrome have a great year!
i hope people with epilepsy and seizure disorders have a great year!
i hope people with brain injuries have a great year!
i hope people with invisible disabilities/chronic illnesses have a great year!
i hope people with me/cfs have a great year!
i hope people with fibromyalgia have a great year!
i hope people with PoTS have a great year!
i hope people with arthritis have a great year!
i hope people with JHS/EDS have a great year!
i hope people with multiple sclerosis have a great year!
i hope people with diabetes have a great year!
i hope people with cystic fibrosis/asthma/respiritory disorders have a great year!
i hope people with migraines have a great year!
i hope people with chronic pain have a great year!
i hope autistic people have a great year!
i hope people with learning disabilities have a great year!
i hope people with tourette syndrome/ neurological disorders have a great year!
i hope people with mental illnesses have a great year!
i hope manual/power wheelchair users have a great year!
i hope forearm crutch/underarm crutch users have a great year!
i hope cane users have a great year!
i hope rollator/walker users have a great year!
i hope all disabled people have a wonderful new year!
(it would be great it y’all could add more!)
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holla-bread · a year ago
Tumblr media
Autism doodle!!
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flowerpotphil · a year ago
My body hurts
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yorit1 · a year ago
“There are two kinds of “disabled” persons: Those who dwell on what they have lost and those who concentrate on what they have left.” – Thomas S. Szasz
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round-and-round-love · a year ago
Trust, always
No post here on Sunday night.  Too busy, We talked, I sent pictures.  Listening is so important.  Getting excited, and getting ahead of myself is typical of me.  It may be a problem too.  Note to self.  Just calm down, let things happen naturally, don’t push. Don’t push. 
My trust in her gets stronger all the time. Its astonishing, the power of it all.  It feels fantastic.. but there is a part of me that has doubts.  That is just my fears talking.  Hold on to the love, hold so tight.
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femme-bones · a year ago
having to sit in a car for 7 hours be like:
god my fuckin bones hurt
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Developing Your 'Spoonie Style' as Someone With Chronic Illness
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garden-daze · a year ago
After 5 hours with a heat pack I can finally twist enough to crack my back!!!
The rest of my joints are not as cooperative
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sugar-and-spite · a year ago
does anybody else with fibro/other chronic illnesses have issues with holding things? like i'm not sure if it's just that my hands shake or what the actual problem is, but i very frequently drop my phone or spill my drink unless i'm literally standing perfectly still - and even then it happens sometimes lmao
i asked for a phone grip for christmas that i didn't get, and i used to have cups with lids that i used until my mom and sister started using them too and they all either broke or disappeared, or no longer have lids that fit. i'm honestly at a complete loss for what to do. it's honestly really upsetting to frequently end up covered in water or soda from spilling it all over myself and sometimes my bed too, and my phone is cracked and scratched to hell and back (thankfully the screen is fine, but i've cracked no less than 5 glass screen protectors in the 2 years i've had it). it feels like everything i try to do to help myself immediately gets rendered worthless by my family. i don't know what else i can do to keep this from happening, and i don't have any money to buy things that might help. :/
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modern-oedipus · a year ago
Writing about disability
So I actually really loved the blind!Ray story I wrote and I thought I could make it into a series. I wondered whether I should make Ray have his eyesight back by surgeries at the end of the series so they can have a “happy ending”. Then I was horrified by the thought because a blind person CAN get their happy ending without relying on being “fixed”. In the case of the story, Ray can be happy with Norman with or without his eyesight.
Of course, any blind person would probably be happy to get their eyesight back. But that’s not the point. It’s just that disabled people are whole and media doesn’t need to force some “disability fixed” concept as a requirement for their happiness. Of course, for this case this is just a silly fanfiction with not a large target audience but as someone who may go into business at some point, I’ll write with this on my mind.
P.S. I have actually been around disabled people for all my life due to my father’s work. Although he now converted to running business center, his job is to work with disabled kids— mental and physical impairments and also autism (note! Autism is not a disability, it is a spectrum disorder! and usually it happens after birth!) so... basically all my life I’ve befriended the students and the kids who come and go to his class, most being disabled in one way or another but guess what? They were just people like any of us. It sounds so simple when I state it like that but so many of us in society see the disabled people as “rip, they are living deads” but they literally are not? I have witnessed how amazingly they can blossom into their true selves (sometimes) by the education? (And sometimes they just can’t but that’s also okay, I found no point beating oneself over.)
So, my immediate, reflexive thought of “Oh I will make Ray see Norman in the end so they will be happy” was wrong— maybe not exactly wrong as obviously if a blind person were to see their romantic partner they’d be happy. The point is, me concluding with that would probably makenit seem like it’s just not possible to consider it a “happy ending” until disability is “fixed”. In some cases, disability can’t be fixed— I most certainly know from observing dad’s work that disability can be controlled, aided, educated, and sometimes healed, but the point is: People are people. Individuals are individuals. Disabled or not, they have their in depth characters and they deserve to be analysed wholly regardless of their situation.
Geez, why did I think so deeply in this? It is literally a random one shot fanfiction, that I came because there was “books” prompt and I thought Ray could read a book to Norman with the Braille alphabet, like, I just thought of this but then ended up questioning my beliefs because I’ve never truly written a disabled character before (excluding my teenager angsty rps like whaT iF he wAs diSabLeD, that’s not the way I see writing right now from many aspects), and wow. Wow.
Moral of story: To me, people don’t need being “fixed” as a condition to be happy even if “being fixed” brings happiness. Like, if A C B , it isn’t neccessarily B C A in math so...
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(2/3) Or that me calling it inconvenient and then just not using it and being fine means that I was “faking” or something. I know that I am disabled and that I do have chronic pain, but mine is manageable. It’s not bad. I mean, it hurts, but not enough that I can’t do things. I don’t run or rock climb very often, but I can, it just means that there’s a chance I’ll be in pain the next day, and even that pain is usually manageable.
(3/3) I also really don’t want to have to deal with the whole “people assuming you’re fine now” thing, because I’m still probably going to want to use it or my crutches on trips and things where there’s a lot of walking. I just… I’m not really sure about anything anymore.
(Part 1/3)
Honestly, the reasons you use a cane are none of anyone’s business. If you go with my foldable cane suggestion from part 1, you can just say the old cane wasn’t working for you because your condition is chronic. I’m the type of person that is willing to explain something once, like what it is to be chronically ill, maybe even twice about my disability but if people continue to question my inconsistency with cane usage, I just ignore it.
Sometimes ignoring others can be the best thing for your peace of mind. You can’t convince everyone anyway, someone will always disagree or have an Opinion. Letting it go is sometimes the only way to keep your sanity. Although I do get that family and friends can be hard to ignore. I’ve personally found having a few people understand (and I promise there are people who do understand) and not even getting into it with people who don’t understand is the path of least stress and frustration!
So focus your efforts on the ones who genuinely want to learn. For the ones that don’t, ignore or better yet make up sarcastic jokes to deflect. I’ve also found “old injury hurting again” is sufficient for a lot of people when it’s true or not sometimes it is but sometimes I need balance for other reasons. I’ll still say the same thing to people I don’t want to get into it with.
Never forget that at the end of the day, you don’t owe anyone an explanation, and you are as much a spoonie as anyone no matter how much or little your need your cane.
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