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So it turns out my friend might be kicked out of her apartment even though she just paid rent. She is a disabled trans woman who has no income and has been surviving off of donations to pay rent for the past 7 months.

She is really sweet and I care about her a lot and I’m worried. Nothing is certain yet but her housemates are all irritated with her and have kicked out subletters before. Since she is not on the lease she has no legal tenant rights. She is really scared and doesn’t know the next step but donating at all would really help out in case she is soon caught in a bad situation. I’m going to make a gofundme to raise money towards a car /emergency hotel fees in case she is kicked out, but for now, you can donate below.


V*nmo @ ruby_arnone

Cash*app $charlotterose86

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when people ask how you’re doing but will never get a real answer cause you don’t wanna lie and say you’re good but you also don’t wanna tell the truth and say you’re doing shitty so you just nod and be cryptic

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Not being where you want to be in life by now is often less a sign that you failed, and more a sign that society has failed you. Toxic work environments, discrimination, unlivable wages, low access to mental health care, and so much more have failed you. You have not failed. There are a lot more social forces at work when it comes to achieving your goals than simply your own will.

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hey yall

I hope this isn’t rude to ask but…

I’m gonna do a presentation on disabilities for english class

Any disabled person wanna sugest things I could talk about?

I only have the introduction to talk tho (its a groupwork)

I can only talk about the various types of disabilities and explain them very briefly

But nontheless, give as much info as u guys can, I like to absorbe knowledge

Thank you :3

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we use it to spread awareness and charities 

they cant argue agents it without looking like assholes 

their main argument is that undeveloped fetuses are human, that makes undeveloped humans extra human 

it also seems like a better cause than anti abortion 

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ive been seeing a lot of people saying shit like ‘wow why am i complaining when x exists’ recently (particularly on inspiration porn). and here’s your (un)friendly reminder that:

just because someone else has seemingly larger problems doesn’t mean yours are worth less.

(obviously im referring to the people who feel guilty for having human emotions, not the billionaires/celebrities who throw a tantrum over minimum wage being raised or anything like that.)

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Stop bullying Autistic people because you don’t approve of their special interests

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[This is incomplete and ambiguous, but while it’s still diverse Tolkien week I have a lot of thoughts about disability* in Tolkien and am trying to put some of them together. @diversetolkien]

There is ableism; there are portrayals that I think are harmful and I wish they were not there. There are also portrayals I am grateful for. There is space for disability to exist, to be central to a character’s arc or to be an incidental occurrence. I do observe that disability usually serves to add a negative flavor to a character’s life or arc: an obstacle, even a fatal one, which in some ways is the also-unsavory inverse of a superhero/cure trope. The portrayal is not uniform nor consistent, and while some of it is confining, reductive, or demeaning, I also appreciate the visibility and acknowledgment of disabled existence in fantasy - an existence that is fundamental to these stories of strife and survival in a certainly imperfect world.

(Which is not to say that disability is an inherent defect, nor that the world would be more perfect without us! but that in many cases, what is construed as disability in a given context is a reflection of how you relate to the world you’re in as well as the traces the world leaves on you. And it is always disingenuous to create a true-feeling fantasy world without us. Disability is both a universal and a contingent experience – we have always existed; and too, the world continues to produce experiences of disability, be it through physical effect or psychological.)

There’s a vast range of human experience in Tolkien – and yet of course always an incomplete and flawed reflection. How much we find may depend on our readings, and our personal relation to the text and the characters. There’s a lot of space to fit yourself into these stories, as well as to refuse ableist sentiments that certainly crop up. I am consistently struck by how present are narratives of disability, and so varied; although a lot of it is bleak, a lot also rings true to me. And what doesn’t is free for us to remake for ourselves. Since it’s not like Tolkien from beyond the grave is going to adjust or undo anything in his works, it’s on us (as readers, artists, writers) to recognize, reject, and not reproduce the ableism therein.

*I am using ‘disability’ here veeery broadly, both because experiences or definitions of disability are highly context-dependent, and also because there is a wide range of potentially relevant story and character elements within Tolkien’s work that I think we as disabled readers can read into, identifying certain insights as well as certain biases.

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Will you award me

With the gift of company?

Exist with me as I lie in my deathbed?

As my body slips away?

The doctors won’t listen

To what is wrong

As I lose my grip on the physical world

Concern bleeds around me

I’m sorry I can’t do what you ask

My body won’t obey

Forgive me

A dying man

On my deathbed

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I feel as if

My spinal chord

Is slowly severing

My legs will feel numb

As if they are trying not to be a part of me anymore

I’m scared

That my miraculous luck

Is slowly running out

That the fate I narrowly escaped

Is waiting for the day to come after me

And take away what little I have left

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Just a heads up theres 50% off Road ID right now if you sign up for texts.

Just a good resource for other disabled folks to have a medical alert ID!

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hello everyone. i’ve been having medical issues this week. i just want to preface this with the obvious tw for medical stuff and also a tw for menstruation and if you don’t like stuff that’s too personal this also might not be for you. (update below the cut)

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in 2021 can we stop using the c slur (cr*pple) if we aren’t physically disabled? here’s some alternatives

• ruin, impair, destroy. Example: It would ruin the economy.

• DISABLED. Example: She is disabled.

• debilitating, incapacitating. Example: I have debilitating depression.

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Today I helped someone understand why autism $peaks is I hate group, despite being afraid that they could lash out at me, but they listened and learned from the info I gave them and I’m feeling really positive about it!

So please give this a read

Autism $peaks is awful.

We need acceptance not awareness.

We don’t need a group run by neurotypicals talking about how autism is a tragedy.

We don’t need a hate group, and we certainly don’t need eugenics.

ASAN is a group made by autistic people advocating for acceptance, if you ever wish to support autistic people please donate to them.

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Once I get money I want to just give myself a little treat but I can’t decide if I want a rainbow teddy bear or a victorian thimble

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Accessible arson? ✅✅✅✅✅

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The Warrior Fight Store has AWESOME helmets for disabled people with headbanging or headhitting behaviours.

Appreciate the owners and their customer service!

In solidarity,

- A

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Having one of those flares where the most strenuous thing I can do is sit upright for a few minutes and my speech has gone weird. Hopefully it’s just a minor illness impacting my glitchy nervous system. 

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Originally posted by thomas-mvller

I love fat Amy. She is so raw, so real, and so confident. I used to be like that. You could say I always had junk in my trunk, but between my attitude and shape, I would turn heads now and again. I really miss that girl. She was a part of my old life. You see in 2012 my life was pretty good. I was married, I had a family, I had a house, a job and a car, I was volunteering, and overall I was fairly happy. I loved my husband John so much. Sometimes I would wonder how I got so lucky. Then the other shoe dropped. Around 2013 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my hips, back, and right knee. At first it was just a twinge but very quickly it became very painful and my physical limitations started to develop. In 2014 I suffered some tragedies and my condition was deteriorating rapidly. I wasn’t able to be the wife and mother I was. I retreated into my head. That was where the great internal debate started.🙄🙄🙄

I loved my husband and my kids so much. My husband was much younger than I and I felt like I had become a huge burden. My income had almost become 50% of what it had been. I couldn’t take care of the house, the kids, my husband, or even myself. I wasn’t able to sleep in my own bed. It wasn’t fair. As hard as it was for me, I didn’t want my husband to be saddled with a handicapped wife. So I convinced myself that if I loved him so much, I needed to set him free. In early 2015 I decided I needed to leave. I had to build up the courage to go. In May right after our three year anniversary, I told my husband that I didn’t want to be married to him anymore. I moved out and filed for divorce. I died then. My old life ended. 😢😢😢

My divorce was final in September of 2015. I was broken, I was sad, I was alone. At first the dreams were normal. I mean I would dream about John and my old life a lot. The memories were very much at the forefront of my mind. I kept telling myself they would start to lessen, I just needed to be patient. My ex-husband moved on. He erased me, and he has had two relationships since then. I tried, but I couldn’t move on. I wrote letters to him telling him I wished him well, or expressing my anger, or whatever. I changed my name, I tried to bury myself in the new life I was stuck with. I was hopeful that the dreams would lessen. It’s 2021 and I’m still having dreams about John. Why? They are not reality. I miss him. I miss my fat Amy life. 🤐🤐🤐

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Don’t mind me, just longingly looking at foldable electric wheelchairs that cost thousands of dollars and wishing I had one

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