hewwwwkayyyy · 4 months ago
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Stargate Atlantis | Irresponsible 3x13
for @carsonsweebabyturtles to whom I sent my first SGA ask ever! 
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dobsmoneylake · 10 months ago
So Dob's dinner party with all his lady loves begins and the doorbell rings. It's his sister.
AN: Thanks for the prompt! I own nothing.
Everything was going smoothly. Dob had met Liliana at the door disguised as a chicken. Merilwen was in position, prepared to activate the chair and get him out of there if anything bad started happening. Katie, having changed her mind about leaving her fiancè alone in a room with his former crush and whatever Merilwen was, was also hiding in the room, pretending to be a lamp. Dinner was going smoothly-- they had finished the first course and were just about to start the second course when the doorbell rang.
Everyone in the room froze. Well, Dob and Liliana froze. Merilwen and Katie, who both hadn’t moved since Liliana had entered the room, stopped breathing. There was silence for a while, and when nothing exploded, everyone relaxed. Dob and Liliana went back to discussing how to destroy the party.
Just as Merilwen took her first breath, the door creaked. Again, everyone froze as Bismuth entered the room, this time with no food. She took a deep breath and looked towards Dob. “Sir,” she croaked, “You have a visitor.”
If there was a word to describe “confused, concerned, and disconcerted”, that would be the expression on Dob’s face. “Oh?” He asked, voice going high. “Well then, I supposed I should greet her,” he chuckled nervously. “I will be right back, milady,” taking Liliana’s hand, he kissed it.
As he walked into the main hall, he stopped suddenly in his tracks. Hearing the door shut, he rushed forward to hug his visitor. “Suzette!” He said in a hushed whisper. “What are you doing here?’
“I missed you, little brother,” his sister responded, eyeing him up and down. “What in the world are you wearing??”
Dob quickly explained the situation to her, watching as the expression on her face got tighter and tighter. “First of all, I cannot believe you got engaged without telling me or introducing me to her!” Suzette replied. “Second of all, I cannot believe you’re having dinner with someone who wants to kill you.”
“Oh right,” he said. “Well I’m sorry and I’m sorry?”
Suzette sighed, rubbing her forehead. “Well, as stupid as a plan this this is, you shouldn’t keep your ladies waiting. Go on, get back in there. Don’t die.”
Dob nodded eagerly before assuming the role of a half rooster man again. Suzette watched him go into the room before shaking her head.
Her little brother had clearly been busy making a mess of things. Luckily for him, she was here now to help him clean it up. Afterall, what were big sisters for?
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alaxamber · a year ago
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thesnowkonestand · 3 years ago
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made a personal Morrigan sticker for myself. I dunno if i will add it to my etsy store. Maybe i will. I wanna make a Solas one for myself as well :)
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news-hst-pakistan · a year ago
PM Imran Khan disapproves ghee price hike in Utility Stores
PM Imran Khan disapproves ghee price hike in Utility Stores
People line up outside a Utility Store. — File photo Ghee price in Utility Stores will not go up after Prime Minister Imran Khan stopped concerned authorities from hiking them, Geo News reported Wednesday, citing sources. According to the report, following the prime minister’s disapproval of the price hike, the finance minister also backed the premier’s decision. “Ghee is people’s basic…
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chemical-abcess · 24 days ago
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How not to hold bunnies ❌
How to hold bunnies ✔️
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vanityloves · 2 months ago
self shipping experience
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xxlumos · a year ago
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Leaked Season 3 Footage 
Based on this post by @sprout-fics
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anghraine · 2 months ago
I was revising and thinking about some of Anakin/Vader’s scenes with Tarkin in ANH, and I think there’s an interesting detail in there with regard to them and the Death Star.
When Tarkin threatens to destroy Alderaan, Leia appears to give up the Rebellion’s base, and Tarkin says:
“You see, Lord Vader, she can be reasonable.”
That’s a kind of weird remark, if you think about it. It might just be an empty rhetorical flourish, of course, but to me, it sounds more like a gloating “I told you so.” If that’s the case, it implies a separate conversation about holding Alderaan over Leia’s head, in which they disagreed.
Later, when it turns out that Leia lied, Tarkin is shocked!! and outraged!!! and Vader twists the knife by saying:
“I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion.”
Speaking of I-told-you-sos.
So they definitely seem to have disagreed about this. It’s not like Vader is on the side of the angels here; he ruthlessly works to recover the plans, stands by while the Death Star kills millions of people, and defends it in battle. At the same time, when you consider his earlier open contempt for what he terms “this technological terror,” it is intriguing that he finds reasons to voice opposition.
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korpikorppi · 2 months ago
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Take notes Jin Guangyao. This is the master class 😄.
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weneedtotalkaboutfic · 5 months ago
jack using his robot “i don’t get it” reputation to call out douchebags on his hockey team and in the nhl.
“why did you do a kidnapping photo? is she okay?” “oh yeah, that’s my girlfriend.” “that’s your... girlfriend? she doesn’t seem very happy.” “it’s just a joke.” “I don’t get it. why does she have duct tape on her mouth?” “well it’s written peace on earth, here.” “why?” “well, that’s the joke.” “what joke?” “you know, that women...” “yeah?” “..... they talk a lot?” “..... okay. that’s not very funny, though.”
“I’m not racist but I don’t like that he’s played by a black man. that’s not who the character originally is.” “oh, did you read the books? did you like them?” “uh, no?” “so... is he white in the books?” “well, I guess, but I haven’t read them.” “so you don’t know if he’s described as white.” “I guess he is.” “why?” “well, because, I... people at that time... they were... never mind.”
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meli--meli · a month ago
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ezurum0reservation · 11 days ago
ushijima wakatoshi is the kind of guy who doesn’t know where to put his hands when he kisses you.
picture this y’all
in my mind, he doesn’t know how to ask for a kiss either, so it’s kind of just him standing like 2 ft away staring at you expectantly, with his usual stoic expression and like blown out pupils because damn he’s so in love, walking over slowly and leaning down to ur height (or not if ur tall hmu im single )
and giving u the softest most delicate kiss ever with his hands straight by his sides, and then just gazing at u with this look of pure adoration in his pretty olive green eyes.
the first time it happened, u had no idea why he was staring at u so damn hard, with nothing about his body language giving anything away - but he keeps doing it nd after a while, whenever u notice toshi staring at you silently, you know exactly what he wants.
he has no idea what to do with his hands when he kisses you, but he knows he likes how you hold his face with ur hand placed just below his ear when you kiss him back.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 6 months ago
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quietparanoiac · 12 days ago
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Gemma Whelan as Marian Lister in Gentleman Jack (2019–), 2x06
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cloud-9x · 3 months ago
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This wasn’t intentional I swear-
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timsforeverhome · 3 months ago
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This is Tim's "Can I jump up, please?" face
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