#disaster sisters my beloved
[At the store]
Luisa: Okay, mission number two: finding where the popcorn is.
Mirabel: Wait, what was mission number one?
Isabela: Fucking getting here, Mirabel.
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Tumblr media
when the mood to draw tender stuff and the mood to draw the resident altmer clown overlap
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May I please have prompt 62 with Simon Basset x female!reader?
Of course! Thank you for requesting!
Pairing: Simon Basset x Fem!Reader
Prompt: 62 (”She doesn’t belong with him” “Than who does she belong with?” “...with me.”)
Warnings: very slight angst with a happy ending. I'm sorry, but I just had to include him saying "I burn for you".
Word count: 1.7 k
Tell me if you want to join my tag list!
Tumblr media
Dearest Readers,
it has come to this author’s attention that Lady (y/n) (y/l/n) and Lord Benedict Bridgerton were seen promenading earlier this week. We all know Miss (y/l/n) to be a close friend to the Bridgertons, but will she officially become part of the family? Rest assured, if there is an engagement this author will find out.
Your’s Truly,
Lady Whistledown.
“This is absurd!” you exclaimed. “We were seen walking and now we’re to be married?”
“Calm down, (y/n). You know Whistledown is just a gossip, no one will remember this in a week.” said Benedict, putting down his sketchbook to look at you. 
As soon as you woke, your lady’s maid showed the infamous society papers and you all but ran to the Bridgerton estate. Benedict was, as always, in the drawing room sketching away. He had already read the paper, but thought nothing of it. He was calm, so calm it irritated you.
“Ben, you don’t understand! If people think I’m engaged to you, they will stop courting me and, unless you plan on marrying me, that is a disaster! I have to marry this season!” at this point Benedict stood up and caressed your arm in an attempt of calming you down. To anyone else, this scene would be scandalous and incredibly improper, but you and Ben have known eachother since infancy and were the best of friends, so there was nothing romantic about the gesture.
“(y/n), my dear, what is this rush? We are still young, you can see so many more seasons before being considered a spinster. You are beautiful, smart, accomplished and any man in the ton would be more that lucky to have you as his wife. If they don’t see it, it’s their loss. As for the rumors chasing them away, I believe it will do quite the opposite.” he said with a smirk.
“Whatever do you mean? If they believe I am to be married, how would it attract them?” you asked, incredulous.
“Well, not to brag, but I am a Bridgerton. If they think you caught my eye, they’d be curious to know what’s so special about you. So, don’t fret. All will be well.” With one last reassuring squeeze, he turned around and sat back down. “Now, are you going to Lady Danbury’s ball this evening?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at his sketch, not quite contempt with the shading.
“Of course I am, it’s the biggest ball of the season!” you exclaimed, sitting down on the sofa in front of him.
“Thank the heavens! If my mother tries to push eligible ladies my way, I’ll run in your direction.” he said, still sketching. Benedict stopped for a second and looked up at you “I heard a certain Duke will be there.” he stated with a smirk. You rolled your eyes and said “We all know he is bewitched by Daphne, it does not matter if he will be there.” 
“Of course it matters, you are in love with the man! And, to be completely honest, I don’t believe it is my sister who his heart belongs to. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, it’s the same way Colin looks at maps or Eloise looks at books.” He was leaning forward now, elbows on his knees, hands loosely clasped.
“Like I’m an object?” you said, kidding of course and dying to change the subject. You had the tendency to get your hopes up and the last thing you wanted was to believe your friend and end up with a broken heart.
“Like you hung the moon and the stars.” he had a serious expression and your heart skipped a beat with the thought that Simon would ever look at you that way, but you knew it would never happen. So you waved your hand, smiled and said “I think all the charcoal and paint is going straight to your brain, Mr. Bridgerton. I expect to see your hands all clean if you are to dance with me to trick your poor mama.” Standing up, you curtsied mockingly and said your goodbyes before walking out the door. 
Simon woke with news from Lady Whistledown. He was never one to believe in gossip, but Daphne was always talking about the society papers during their fake courting, so his curiosity got the best of him. What he did not expect was to read (y/n)'s name.
He had sworn to himself that he would never marry, but arriving at the beginning of the season he couldn't help but be smitten by you. He tried to fight it, but every time you smiled he saw himself smiling along, every time you wore his favourite colour he forgot how to breathe, and every time he saw you with Benedict Bridgerton he couldn't control his jealousy.
He confided in Daphne about it and she guaranteed (y/n) and the second Bridgerton son were just close friends, but Lady Whistledown seems to think differently. To be married? Was this true? If so, he knew it was for the best. He would be able to keep his promise to himself, but he could not help the ache in his heart as he dressed for the day.
(Y/N)'S P.O.V.
You looked at yourself in the mirror, pleased with the outcome. Your lady's maid had weaved delicate flowers in your hair, that was pulled up loosely and you wore your newest dress, long white gloves and the family diamonds. Madame Delacroix really outdid herself this time. It was your favourite colour, with princess sleeves, only slightly puffed, and had embroidered tulle at the hem and bottom part of the skirt. You looked truly beautiful.
"(y/n), it's time to-" your mother paused at the door and looked at you. She smiled softly at your reflection. "You look so beautiful, my dear... Do you think a certain Lord might like it too?" she said smiling softly.
"It is not the Lord's attention I want, mama. You know Ben is just a friend" you said, playing with the skirt of your dress.
"I know, sweetheart, I just don't want you do get hurt. All I want is for you to be happy and what better than to marry your best friend?" she hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek, still looking at your reflection.
"To marry the one you love..."
"You really have outdone yourself, Lady Danbury." Simon said, looking down at the woman who practically raised him. She was wearing a white gown, a tiara and long white gloves, radiant as always, leaning on her cane.
"I always do, my boy. Now, look at that! Your beloved has arrived." she declared with a small smirk.
"I have already spoken to Daphne" he said, nodding in the Bridgerton family direction, however his heart was beating out of his chest as he turned to look at (y/n). It seemed impossible, but she was even more beautiful than the last time he saw her. Simon looked away before he was caught staring.
"We both know I'm not speaking of the Bridgerton girl. You are not as discreet in your brooding as you like to think." he looked at you again, but you were already speaking to Benedict, who was leading you to the dance floor. "What is bothering you, boy?"
Simon stared at the pair dancing for a moment before responding. "She does not belong with him."
"Than who does she belong with?" (y/n) was laughing at something Benedict said and Simon could not bare the view anymore.
"...With me." he mumbled before heading to the gardens.
(Y/N)'S P.O.V.
The song finished and you curtsied, smiling at your best friend. The smile slowly turned into a frown as you saw Simon walking out, into the gardens.
"Go after him." Benedict whispered.
"What? We would be unchaperoned, it would be scandalous!" you answered, only loud enough for him to hear.
"I'll stand at the door and make sure no one sees. Go!" you smiled and wished you could hug you best friend. "Thank you, Ben." you said as you went into the garden after the man you love. The weather was pleasant and the garden was completely empty, with only the Duke passing back and forth close to the bushes.
"Simon?" he stopped in his tracks, looking surprised as he gazed back at you and stepped closer.
"What are you doing here, if we were to be caught unchaperoned yo-" you stopped the nervous man by saying "Benedict is at the door, no one will see."
"Of course he is." he mumbled, but you heard.
"What does that mean?" you asked, not understanding his sudden dislike for the lord.
"It means he is always around, always with you." he spat out.
"Well, he is my best friend." you could not believe what he was saying. "What do you have against him?" you questioned.
"Are you truly to be married?" he demanded, ignoring your question.
"What?" you replied, completely incredulous.
"Please don't." he murmured.
"Simon, I-" you tried to answer but he cut you off.
"Before you say anything, please listen to me. Don't marry him, please." he paused for a second, adjusting his posture. "I love you. You..." he shook his head. "You don't even know what you do to me. Ever since I can remember, I have promised myself I would never fall victim to love, would never marry, would not let my family name carry on. Then came you."
Simon took a step closer and continued to speak. "You changed my plans, awoke desires I never knew I had, you have stolen my heart and my soul... I burn for you." he took your gloved hands in his, caressing them softly. "Don't marry him, marry me." he gazed into your eyes, waiting your answer.
"Simon... It was never my plan to marry Benedict, I was completely honest when I said he is nothing but a friend." you smiled up at him before saying "you are the one I love, always have been."
Simon grinned before pulling you into a passionate kiss, one hand on your back and the other behind your neck. It was a good thing Benedict was at the door, if anyone saw this scene and the rumours reached Lady Whistledown... You didn't even want to think about the ruin it would bring upon your family.
When you and Simon finally parted you managed to mumble "We truly have been oblivious, haven't we? I thought you were in love with Daphne." he chuckled.
"And I thought you to be with Benedict. Good thing you followed me out here, my love." he said, tucking a stray hair behind your ear.
"From now on, it's all I'll ever do."
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Future Presents for the Past AU
Note 1: Thank you @zackcrazyvalentine for helping me choose the name for this AU and letting me talk about it and giving me advice. Thank you Zack 🥺🥺💝💝💕💕
Note 2: I’ve been hearing things like time loops and theories in the twisted wonderland fandom lately, so I thought this would be the perfect time to release this AU. 😁😁 
Note 3: While I may use female pronouns/titles at some points, you are free to use any you are comfortable with.
F! or any Brothers = Future Twst Boys
TW = Current Twisted Boys
YN & MC is interchangeable in this, I just use whatever I am comfortable with.  
Rules for the Event/AU:
I am very new to hosting events, so rules might change as time goes on.
For asks/requests/ideas: Please keep it to 1-2 characters at most.
I do not write nsfw at the moment.
Some characters might not be listed in the outline, but you are welcome to ask about them. 
You can ask for clarification about certain events or quotes or anything really, don't be afraid to ask. I might not always have an answer but I’ll try my best. I am also happy to hear any headcanons, suggestions, or ideas you might have as well.
More will be added as needed.
Summary of the Future Presents for the Past AU: You suddenly remembered a future that has yet taken place, and you try to prevent that future from happening. You have the help of the Twisted Wonderland boys and their...Future Selves?! This might be harder than it seems.    
·   The Future:
o   A great force caused world-wide destruction.
o   This force brought about disaster in all the lands.
o   Many countries and nations had come together to fight this force.
o   In the end, it was all for naught.
o    Many lives were lost.
o   With the magic powers of those left, a time spell was cast.
o   To stop the force from awakening and gaining power.
·  Current day Twisted Wonderland:
o   The overblots had already happened.
o   School life was running normal.
o   YN and the first-year gang were trying to finish off the rest of the school year without any more incidents.
o   One day, YN remembered the future and the events that had taken place.
o   Turns out YN was chosen as the person to help stop the future events from happening.
o   YN would use the knowledge of current and future events to find out about the great force and how to stop it.
·  Destruction of the Great Force:
o   While YN could not stop the great force from awakening.
o   YN was able to stop it with the help of friends.
o   But also
o   Due to the powers from the future, because YN was the catalyst for these powers.
o   YN had access to the Future Twisted Wonderland boys’ powers.
o   Which in turn, allowed the Force to be destroyed.
o   But that was not all, YN was also able to communicate with the Future Twisted boys.
o   YN wanted to make it so before they disappeared, these beloved boys would not have any regrets.
·   Farewell Dearly Beloveds:
o   Some ideas:
§  F! Sebek meets his past father and hugs him.
·      Apologizing for the way he treated him
·      Proud to be his son
§  F! Leona taking YN to his kingdom.
·      Having YN given the official title of sister and name on the family register
·      Brother Leona and TW Leona shenanigans.
·      YN bids Brother Leona farewell, but won’t let him leave alone. ·       Future Cheka is waiting to leave with him. “Ouji-tan, I was waiting for you.” ·      “Don’t you know Brother Leoma? Lions live in packs. And since I know you are stubborn and think you can be alone; I couldn’t let you leave by yourself. Cheka waited for you, and I know I can trust him to keep you company.”
o   Or alternatively: Jack and Ruggie leave with him.
·      TW Leona comforts YN as Brother Leona disappears.
·      Promising to protect his family.
§  F! Malleus as a brother.
§  TW Malleus introducing MC to his grandma.
·      MC is nervous.
·      Brother Malleus makes embarrassing comments
·      MC yelling at nobles and council on behalf of TW Malleus  
·      Titles of “Best friend” given to MC
§  Brother Malleus and TW Malleus vs Brother Leona and TW Leona
§  F! Deuce wants to see his mother.
§  F! Ruggie visiting his grandma and home.
§  F! Idia not staying in his room
·      Treating YN like a sibling.
·      TW characters are surprised.
·      MC has a new pet? Cerberus? Grim is forever jealous and protective.  
§  Epel wants to eat his mother’s apple pie.
§  F! Vil and MC bonding, helping them deal with stress.
·      “Dear sweet potato, out of all of us. You have suffered the most. Let us comfort you.”
·      “My dear, you deserve the world for what you have done and suffered.”
·      “Let me help you, if any of the unruly potatoes or your brothers tries to disturb you; they will answer to me.”      
§  F! Jack comforts Mc
·      In his wolf form
·      MC needs sleeps and he helps with it.
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. I know it is very bare, but that is the wonderful part of it, you can add and change things as needed. 🌸💕 
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As far as we know, Dimitri is struggling so much with his depression and past traumas that made him lost his ability to sense foods (this condition do really exist and called ageusia). But Dimitri's case isn't that severe. In Flayn's A+ support with him, Dimitri did said that her cookings was so sweet that it made his tongue go numb. His taste bud ability just diminished greatly (not entirely gone). I want to give my fav boi a little bit happiness and let him overcome it bit by bit by relieving his PTSD a bit.
It's been 3 years since the last time I draw anything. And yes, being not good with digital drawing... I drew it manually with drawing pen and coloring pencils. Please pardon my drawing 🥲
Warnings: Fluffs!
Words: 11.433
Who would know that Lindhart and Professor’s magic experiment would end up in disaster? The sleepyhead just moved into Blue Lions last week after Professor agreed to help him with his Reason and Faith magic combination experiment. Being a good House Leader, Dimitri volunteered himself to be their guinea pig and caught into this madness.
He woke up feeling limp and awful. Looking around taking in his surroundings, Dimitri realized where he was; he’s not in the Blue Lions classroom but in a well-kept and vibrant garden near his Royal Chamber in Fhirdiad Castle. But this one has way much more flowers compared to how it usually had.
A  small beautiful girl come and tug his cape softly. Her hair and eyes the same colour as Dimitri’s. How old is she? Three? Four?
Tumblr media
“Who are you? Have we ever met before, Mister? You looks familiar.”
“My name is Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd.” He bowed politely to her in polite manner.
“...Papa?? But my Papa is way much older than you, Mister!” She hold Dimitri’s hand in her small one and looking at Dimitri with her curious doe eyes.
“Papa?! But I am not...!!”
Just as he was bewildered, Dimitri could hear light footsteps coming towards them. “What are you doing in the garden, my little princess? The maids said that you are here so Mama, Rodrigue, and Glenn come to find y- ah….” She trailed off, looking at the pair, stunned to see the younger Dimitri in Officer’s Academy uniform.
“Dimitri? But...? Did you get younger? How come?”
He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was you. An older version of (Y/N), who looked absolutely stunning and radiant. But there are twin boys (that’s a few years older than the little girl) that cling to you protectively on your sides, glaring daggers at him. One of them had the same hair colour as his, and your (E/C). And the other has your (H/C) and cerulean blue eyes.
“Stay away from Mama and my little sister!” The boy with your (H/C) punch Dimitri’s leg and trying to push him away from his little sister.
“Go away!” said the other boy with blonde hair with scary, upset cute pout. He looks like a mini feral Dimitri to be.
“Rodrigue, Glenn. Don’t be disrespectful to your Father.” You admonished them gently, much to their bewilderment.
Familiar heavy, quick footsteps along coming behind you in haste.
“What happened, my beloved? Me and Lambert heard the commotion and decided to stop our training. Are you and Lydia safe? How’s the baby? Oh-- ?!”
Dimitri is utterly shocked now. Three boys and a little girl. Not to mention this is an older version of you and... there’s no mistaking it. An older version of himself in dashing blue and white armor adorned with huge fur cloak and eyepatch on his right eye. Taller and more muscular. All of them stand in front of him now. Now that he look closely, there’s paired rings on your hands. How on earth....?
It dawned on him eventually. His future self is married to you!! The girl that he held deep feelings secretly for very long that always made his heart skip a beat or two. But... how come? He feels so undeserving of you. You’re someone so bright, lovely, and amazing. He doesn’t deserve you and it’s something that he often cruelly reminds himself. But... If there’s a glimpse of hope that you reciprocate his love.... and get married eventually... can he keep his hopes up? And if his hunch is correct, then these children are...
The prince shakes his head, trying to get a hold of himself and put himself back together from this revelation. To see that his future self was married to you made his heart pound erratically. Not to mention these cute children... Lambert (that 100% looks like him when he was younger), twin angy Rodrigue and Glenn, and... and... this little angelic princess that keep on holding his hand... Lydia?
“Lambert, please take your younger siblings to eat some desserts. We will join you later.” Older Dimitri pats his eldest son’s head tenderly. He send a maid to help them. Much to his reluctance, kind Lambert ushered his upset little brothers and confused sister to the dining room and said his goodbye politely.
“Ah! Please wait, Mister! I made this flower crown for Papa but you two shared the very same name. So... this is for you!” Little Lydia run to Dimitri’s side and tug his cape softly as she present the beautiful wreath. She smiles so brightly that it almost blind Dimitri’s eyes when the prince kneels down to let her put the crown on his head. “See you later, Mister.” That moment, he knew that he her slave for all eternity. Her daughter will be the death of him in the future.
She smiled at him and he realized at that moment he would be
Older Dimitri shot him a menacing glare that is full of jealousy and atrocity. “Even if we are the same, you should stop staring at MY beloved and little angel that way. That flower crown is supposed to be MINE.”
A small laugh managed to escape your lips at older Dimitri’s adorable mixed expression, comparing it to younger Dimitri’s flustered one. He covered his burning deep crimson face in his hands as his eyes slowly looked down at the prominent baby bump on your stomach. “Six months along, almost seven. We are overjoyed over our fifth child that will be born this Summer. This child is so desired and so loved, whatever happens will be the best thing for us,” you said with sweet smile before resting your hands on your stomach lovingly as older Dimitri wrap his arms on your shoulder.
“Follow me, we shall discuss this matter over a cup of tea in our chamber.” Older Dimitri smiled and held his arm out for you to take. “Come now, my beloved.” You nodded happily and took his arm. The prince let out a sigh and followed you and your husband, having no other choice.
Everything still looks the same in the Royal Chamber. You brew some chamomile tea as Dimitri watching over a large painting of older version of him, (Y/N), and the children on the wall. Younger Dimitri feel a warmth inside his chest, seeing his own beautiful future laid bare in front of him. He tried to walk around the room and smiled when he found some children toys and stuffed lions on the floor and chairs.
You pour the tea for tea for everyone as the maid fetch a tray of a cheesecake and sweets.
“If you don’t mind me asking, are you really... the future version of me? Then how… you two… got married and.. have those children...?” He asked, his cheeks redden as he looked at the older him and (Y/N). They look like in their early 30s and love each other deeply. He wondered when they got together and... how...
“Yes, we are indeed the very same person. And.. yes, those kids... are our most precious treasures. Lambert, Rodrigue and Glenn, and my dearest little Lydia. Isn’t it our dream to have a big family? To able to fulfil it with (Y/N), the love of my life, my beloved.....” He looks at you with eyes full of adoration and sincere love.
Dimitri is really touched by all of this newfound information. He never imagined himself having a beautiful future with the one he loved dearly – you, and having a wonderful family of his own. It all felt like some foreign, faraway promise and yet here he was, witnessing everything that was to come.
“Dimitri please try these cookies and cheesecake. Our daughter helped me to bake them.”
Tumblr media
“But I can’t...”
“I knew. Just... try it. Here, open your mouth and say ‘Aaah’” You put a spoonful cheesecake to feed him, much to Dimitri’s embarrassment. You swear you can hear older Dimitri snapped his spoon when he saw you two but you just can’t help to pamper his younger self (especially with his past traumas).
“How... how come?! This... this is very tasty. It’s... been forever since the last time I can... taste something.... And the chamomile tea that you brew.... Even these lion cookies...”
“I put some light Faith magic in it. And.. am very glad to know that you really enjoy this, Dimitri.” You smile kindly when you saw the young prince touched deeply by the foods and even shed a little tear over them.
“Lydia always very fond of lions and even it turned to be a little burnt out most of the time, these cookies is my favourite snacks. She always said ‘Papa is Lydia’s big big big, lovely lion! I love Papa the MOST!!!” said older Dimitri, smiling so big it almost reaches his ears. How embarrassing. Your daughter sure had him wrapped around her little fingers.
Being the very same person, older Dimitri really understand what his younger self is thinking. Grinning down at the prince, he wanted to tease him as well.
“And.... Please allow me to let you in on one more secret. We know that she has a really nice voice, but you should hear her in bed. (Y/N) is a Goddess. She is divine and heavenly in the heat of a passion. That’s HOW we have these precious chil— Oomph!” You smacked the king’s head forcefully; the poor prince sputtered his tea and almost faint from heavy nosebleed. “But that’s the truth, my belov—mmmrrghh!!!”
“OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH!” You shriek and cover your face as you put your other hand over Dimitri’s lips. You did NOT expect him to say something like that.
The Blue Lions class leader gulped down the rest of his tea forcefully to prevent his imaginations from wandering obscenely as he dab his nosebleed politely.
“Sorry,” said Dimitri as the his face flushed crimson red. “But... You two sure love each other and look very happy together, both as parents and spouse. I... really look forward to the day when I find myself in your own shoes.” Dimitri smiled and clean his mouth as he looked over to the older version of himself bashfully.
“Yes. I love you with all of my heart, Dimitri. Both you in your Officers Academy days and my King Dimitri. There may be times when you feel sad and lonely but please don’t let your feelings bottled up. I have and will always stay by your side, even when you don’t want me to.” You smiled kindly as you take his hands on yours.
“It will be a long, bloody arduous path full of misery, regrets, and struggles. But... together with (Y/N), we will be able to overcome it.” Much to his annoyance (because you hold another man’s hand—even it was himself, duh) older Dimitri take his younger self’s other hand and grip it tightly. “As much as we are enjoying your company, you should go back to your own time. Please take care of (Y/N), your future wife to be, at all times. Ahem, no, MY beloved. And our children, when the time comes.”
You laugh at your husband’s childish behaviour against his own younger self.
“I swear to do my best to keep them safe. Lambert, Rodrigue, Glenn, Lydia, our soon-to-be the fifth child. And you, (Y/N). Thank you for everything, I’ll cherish these moments.”
“Now... Wake up from this dream. You have to go back to your time now. I have been waiting beside you...” You smiled gently at him.
Dimitri nodded as he wave his goodbye to both of you. Nice warmth engulfed him as he feel more light headed.
Tumblr media
“Ugh... my head.... (Y/N)... Lydia... ”
Dimitri woke up with a pounding, heavy dizziness in his head. Everything is hazy but he was surprised when he found some lion cookies on his hand. It was real. He smile softly but got startled when he feel nice warmth on his other hand.
“Mmmmh... Dimitri... are you awake?”
“(Y/N)?! How’s the baby? And where is Lydia? I want to tell our daughter that she made the best cookie in the world and am very proud of her!!”
“Dima? You okay?” Your soft voice breaks into the fog within his mind. Dimitri’s dizziness died off when he saw you in your Officers Academy uniform. Young (Y/N) and... he just blabbered those crazy things to his secret crush in his dreamlike stupor!!!
You inquisitively tilt your head at the blonde as he tried to sit up. The Blue Lions House Leader clears his throat, throwing together some jumbled words that you can barely make out. His cheeks resemble that of tomatoes and you swear that you can see steam coming from his face from how hot his face has become. Goddess Sothis please just kill him already.
“Lindhart’s magic failure blew our classroom’s wall so practically we have became a joint class with the Golden Deer. You were caught in the debris and got unconscious, Dimitri.  Professor Manuela said you were okay and mostly unscathed, just a little bit feverish. Professor asked me to bring you to  your quarter. I was watching over you but... got fell asleep instead. Sorry.” You apologize and brought your forehead to his, gently pressing down. “The fever is gone. Good then!”
“I know you might be hungry so I brought a Cheesy Verona Stew. Sylvain said you must be weak and famished that I need to help to feed you by myself, Dima. Here, say ‘Aaaahh’”
“No need to, (Y/N). I can eat by myself.” But the prince’s conviction falters when he saw you looks like a sad kicked puppy. “Uh.. Okay then, if you insist..... Aaah.” The dinner went away in a comforting silence between you two as (Y/N) help Dimitri to eat.
“Th-thank you very much, (Y/N). I feel much better now. It’s nice to... indulge in your kindness. Having your company is... nice.” The way he stutters and averts his eyes away from your gaze is rather cute. It seems that all of those manners and etiquette he learned flew themselves out of the window, and he’s left as such a mess.
“You’re welcome, Dima. It’s my pleasure. I really enjoy it and... might get used to it as well.”
“(Y/N).... Maybe, if y-you have the time, you can eat together with me again tomorrow? With me a-alone, I mean. And the day after tomorrow.. and... and....” his voice quivered as he trailed off and stammered with a really red face.
“Of course! It would be my pleasure.” You smiled brightly and hug him softly. “See you tomorrow in the classroom, Dimitri.”
As fast as you left his room, Dimitri fell off to his knee in disbelief and grasp the cookies softly. He was on cloud nine by the fact that you had accepted his feelings. You made things feel better, and though it would be a long time until he could call himself whole again, if he ever even could... You provided him a reprieve from finding his broken pieces. Both in his present and future.
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callingvoicemail · 29 days ago
shadowgast pride and prejudice AU except it’s just that one scene with the love confession-slash-disaster proposal in the rain from the 2005 film adaptation. below for your consideration:
The rain is now bucketing down. Caleb runs into the gazebo and sits down, heavily, on a bench.
A man approaches, across the park. He glides nearer. lt's Essek. Caleb freezes. He's hurrying towards him. Sodden, breathless, Essek comes into the gazebo, dropping from his usual levitation onto his feet. He is far too agitated to notice Caleb’s upset face.
ESSEK: Caleb Widogast, I have struggled in vain but I can bear it no longer. The past months have been a torment--
He pauses, unable to speak. Caleb stares at him in astonishment. Essek struggles on.
ESSEK: (cont'd) I came here with the single object of seeing you. l had to see you. CALEB: Me? ESSEK: l've fought against my better judgment, my den’s expectation, the inferiority of your birth, my rank and circumstance... (stumblingly) all those things... but I'm willing to put them aside and ask you to end my agony. CALEB: I don't understand-- ESSEK: (with passion) I love you. Most ardently.
Caleb stares at him.
ESSEK: (cont'd) Please do me the honour of accepting my hand.
A silence. Caleb struggles with the most painful confusion of feeling. Finally he recovers.
CALEB: (voice shaking) Herr Thelyss, I appreciate the struggle you have been through, and I am very sorry to have caused you pain. Believe me, it was unconsciously done.
A silence. Gathering Frumpkin up, Caleb gets to his feet.
ESSEK: (stares) Is this your reply? CALEB: Ja. ESSEK: Are you laughing at me? CALEB: No! ESSEK: Are you rejecting me? CALEB: (pause) I'm sure that the feelings which, as you've told me, have hindered your regard, will help you in overcoming it.
A terrible silence, as this sinks in. Neither of them can move. At last, Essek speaks. He is very pale.
ESSEK: Might I ask why, with so little endeavour at civility, I am thus repulsed? CALEB: (trembling with emotion) I might as well enquire why, with so evident a design of insulting me, you chose to tell me that you liked me against your better judgment. If I was uncivil, that was some excuse-- ESSEK: Believe me, I didn't mean-- CALEB: But I have other reasons, you know I have! ESSEK: What reasons? CALEB: Do you think that anything might tempt me to accept the man who has ruined, perhaps for ever, the happiness of a most beloved sister? Silence. Essek looks as if he's been struck across the face. CALEB: (cont'd) Do you deny it, Herr Thelyss? That you've separated a couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to the censure of the world for caprice, and my sister to its derision for disappointed hopes, and involving them both in misery of the acutest kind? ESSEK: I do not deny it. CALEB: (blurts out) How could you do it? ESSEK: Because I believed Beauregard indifferent to Yasha. CALEB: Indifferent? ESSEK: I watched them most carefully, and realized Yasha’s attachment was much deeper than hers. CALEB: That's because she's awkward! ESSEK: As is Yasha, and she was persuaded that Beauregard didn't feel strongly for her. CALEB: Because you suggested it! ESSEK: I did it for her own good. CALEB: Beauregard hardly shows her true feelings to me! (pause, takes a breath) I suppose you suspect that her fortune had same bearing on the matter? ESSEK: (sharply) No! I wouldn't do your sister the dishonour. Though it was suggested-- (stops) CALEB: What was? ESSEK: It was made perfectly clear that... an advantageous marriage... (stops) CALEB: Did my sister give that impression? ESSEK: No! An awkward pause. ESSEK: (cont'd) There was, however, I have to admit... the matter of your den. Your family. CALEB: Our want of connection? Yasha didn't vex herself about that! ESSEK: No, it was more than that. CALEB: How then, Herr Thelyss? ESSEK: (pause, very uncomfortable) It pains me to say this, but it was the lack of propriety shown by Jester and Veth--even, on occasion, by Fjord and Caduceus. Forgive me. Caleb blushes. He has hit home. Essek paces up and down. ESSEK: (cont'd) You, I must exclude from this... Essek stops. He is in turmoil. Caleb glares at him, ablaze. CALEB: (icy) And what about Herr Tealeaf? ESSEK: Tealeaf? Do you mean Mollymauk? CALEB: What excuse can you give for your behaviour to him? ESSEK: You take an eager interest in that man's concerns! CALEB: He told me of his misfortunes. ESSEK: Oh yes, his misfortunes have been very great indeed. CALEB: You have ruined his chances, and yet treat him with sarcasm? ESSEK: So this is your opinion of me! Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have been overlooked, if your pride had not been hurt-- CALEB: My pride? ESSEK: --by my honesty in admitting scruples about our relationship. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances? CALEB: And those are the words of the Shadowhand of the Kryn Dynasty? From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.
Essek recoils, as if slapped. A terrible silence.
ESSEK: Forgive me, Master Widogast, for taking up so much of your time.
He leaves, abruptly.
Caleb watches him stride away, through the rain. What has he done?
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themagiciankingsley · a month ago
Vax for the ask game?
MY BOY AAAA ok here we go
First impression: oh he is not emo?? everyone told me he was emo? i think i am in love
Impression now: love of my life, disaster bi, so full of love that he can't help it from spilling out everywhere, Too Many Emotions, so much trauma, the epitome of hope, fucking goofball
Favorite moment: so i actually haven't finished c1 yet (i know ;_;) but thus far my favorite moment is either "talk about my sister again" or the nat 1 on getting out of the fucking closet. the scale of vaxness :)
Idea for a story: sitting in the back of my mind forever (and sort of in the works?) has been modern au vax and jester have a summer fling and it's the first real relationship either of them have been in, neither of them are ready, it's kind of a mess but boy do they cover the whole fucking city in dick graffiti together
Unpopular opinion: not unpopular as in everyone dislikes it but unpopular as in no one actively likes it: pike/vax is a fucking incredible ship. oh my god. the religious overtones? healing vs masochism? Finding Your Purpose? help. also less unpopular but vax/grog my beloved
Favorite relationship: vex of course
Favorite headcanon: TRANS VAX TRANS VAX look it just fits too well
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robininthelabyrinth · a year ago
The Nie brothers time travel but something goes wrong and they end up in each other bodies. So now they have to defeat WRH, find a way to curb JGY worst tendencies, and hide (and undo) the switch before any cultivator decides they are possesed by evil spirits
“I can’t do this,” Nie Huaisang announced heavily. “I can’t. Nope. Cannot. No way.”
“You apparently found a way to time travel into the past,” his brother pointed out. He was taking this entire thing very calmly – or, rather, like he’d heard a really great joke. It wasn’t that Nie Huaisang had forgotten that his brother had a sense of humor hidden under the rage, especially in the earlier years before Jin Guangyao got at him, but he may have downplayed his memories of how annoying it was to be the target of it. “Your abilities are clearly well beyond what you’ve been leading me to believe.”
“I’m sneaky,” Nie Huaisang explained. “I can scheme and plot and play politics, sometimes, if I have to. But I cannot be a general!”
I cannot be you, he meant. He might currently be inhabiting his long-dead brother’s body – an unfortunate side effect of messing up the time travel array, he suspected, but then again experimental things were often imperfect – while his brother’s spirit had been cast out into his own former self, but he wasn’t his brother.
He could never be.
(But Nie Mingjue was alive, alive and well with bright eyes and that stupid smirk that didn’t fit right on Nie Huaisang’s smaller face except in the ways it sort of did, and that was all Nie Huaisang had ever wanted in his life, other than Jin Guangyao to pay in blood and shame for depriving him of it.)
“Why not?” his brother asked. He leaned back and stretched lazily. Nie Mingjue never did a lazy thing in his whole life, so it was deliberate. He was enjoying this. “We have a battle strategy, already decided; most of the rest of it is on-the-ground tactics, which can be done just as well from behind the lines as at the front of them. There’s a reason that no one ever settled on the best place for a war-leader to be – it comes down to temperament.”
Nie Huaisang threw his hands into the air. “I know that! I was sect leader for nearly two decades, da-ge; I assure you, I’ve heard all the sect’s philosophical musings by now. But I don’t have your temperament – there’s no way someone won’t figure out what’s happened, that we’ve switched, and that’ll be a disaster.”
“Two decades,” Nie Mingjue said thoughtfully, focusing on the entirely wrong part of the conversation.
“A decade and a half to avenge your untimely murder,” that got a flinch out of his brother and his focus back, just as Nie Huaisang had wanted, “and another five to find a way to come back and avert it entirely.”
Nie Huaisang had always been resourceful. Resourceful, and ruthless – sometimes to a degree that scared even him.
When he was younger, it was okay. After all, the only thing he used it for was sneaking treats and spoiling himself, and it didn’t really matter if he was ruthless about stuff like that. And then his brother died – was murdered – and suddenly he knew what it was like to be his brother: a young man suddenly shoved into the role of sect leader, and having to balance everything he now had to be against the overwhelming blistering hatred he bore for and the crippling weight of the vengeance he had sworn against a man who had taken away someone he loved forever for something as pointless and ephemeral as political advantage.
(He had to take a deep breath at the mere thought of it, the family rage spiking under his skin. It was a bit of a surprise, actually, to find that his brother didn’t have more of it - he’d always assumed that his rage was lesser, weaker, the way his golden core was, but no. It turned out their rage was just the same.)
“So what you’re saying,” his brother said, and he was smirking again, oh no, “is that you’re focused, efficient, and unyielding in pursuit of your goals, given the right motivation. That sounds like general material to me.”
“Not if the goal is to make sure no one knows what’s happened,” Nie Huaisang hissed. Had own face always looked so incredibly punchable? “Da-ge, it doesn’t matter what type of general I might be. What matters is that it’s not the same type of general you are – you’re always at the front line, leading the charge. I can’t do that.”
“Sure you can,” his brother said. “By the time you’re in the middle of a charge, you’re not really thinking tactics anymore. It’s all just fighting, and I know you know all the moves, no matter how much you bitch and moan about having to practice them.”
Nie Huaisang glared, crossing his arms over his chest – his brother’s arms, his brother’s chest, and this was still just too weird. He hadn’t even had time to properly weep and cry and hug his brother the way he’d expected to in the event the time travel array worked; they’d had to jump straight into explanations and strategizing because there was a pretty big battle happening in less than twenty-four hours and they needed to fix this first.
His brother rolled his eyes at him, and for the first time Nie Huaisang realized that his brother was going to have no problem at all pretending to be him – the acting problem here went only one way. “Just let Baxia handle the aggression part, okay? The rest is muscle memory, and I, at least, have done enough to build that in.”
“Letting the saber spirit in like that is dangerous, da-ge,” Nie Huaisang reminded him, eyes narrowed. His brother was also assuming that Baxia would agree to be wielded by anyone other than her beloved master, which was a stretch – she barely even agreed to be sharpened by someone else, resisting violently whenever someone tried. 
Jin Guangyao had died still bearing the scars from his attempt. 
“Well, apparently I get murdered before it becomes an issue, so why worry?” his brother cackled, and Nie Huaisang glared harder. It had no impact whatsoever: Nie Mingjue stood up and stretched again. “You know what, Huaisang, if you’re feeling the need to sit around and pity yourself, you’ve got at least a few incense sticks’ worth of time to do it in before actually doing something becomes necessary – I, on the other hand, am going to do something productive with my time.”
“Like what?”
His brother grinned at him with teeth. “Saber training. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”
Nie Huaisang picked up a teacup and hurtled it at his beloved big brother’s head. Naturally, Nie Mingjue dodged, effortlessly, and left laughing.
“At least pretend like you’re going to behave!” Nie Huaisang bellowed after him, but his brother just waved at him, and – ugh. This was vengeance for a lifetime of laziness, wasn’t it? Coming to bite him in the ass.
After a few minutes, Nie Huaisang picked up another teacup – they always had dozens of them in the Nie sect, cheaply made in bulk and specifically designed to shatter easily because of the family tendency to throw stuff around and not calm down until something was broken, and better a cheap teacup than an expensive door or table, better something designed not to hurt anyone who happened to get in the way or didn’t know how to duck faster enough – and threw it against the door again.
It shattered beautifully. NIe Huaisang had only rarely been able to get it to do that, and never so effortlessly – the advantage of his brother’s strength.
Strength, and height. Nie Huaisang was tall now.
Okay, self-pity could wait until later. Nie Huaisang was going to go patrol the camp for a little bit and enjoy looking down at all the people.
It was going to be great.
It was, too. Even talking with people wasn’t as difficult as he thought it was going to be. Perhaps he shouldn’t be so surprised at that; he had been sect leader for years, so he was accustomed to answering questions and making on-the-fly rearrangements and responding to things with leading questions that made the other person come up with the solution on their own, not to mention saying encouraging things that made people feel better about things. 
He’d had to do a lot of that, being the Head-shaker, and even more afterwards, when he’d shed his disguise like a cicada shedding its skin.
It was easier now than it had ever been before, of course. The Nie sect was still strong, under his brother’s leadership; his disciples didn’t have that discouraged look lurking in the back of their eyes, the shame of being led by the disgraceful Head-shaker. It was easy to brighten someone’s day with a nod in their direction, disciples blooming like roses at the sight of their stern sect leader looking approving, and the questions he received were far more intellectually stimulating than the usual – less about making sure he knew what he was supposed to do and more actual puzzles, things that had really tripped people up.
Nie Huaisang tried at first to keep his answers short, tried to pretend to be more stoic and stand-offish the way the famous Chifeng-zun ought to be, except when he did everyone just smiled at him the way they always had when he’d been the Head-shaker – a little indulgent, a little pitying, a little “well he’s trying his best” – and after a while Nie Huaisang started remembering things he’d long ago forgotten.
Things like how his brother was actually kind of a mess sometimes, emotionally speaking – he was the sort of person who got weepy over dramatic literature – and how he’d never quite gotten the hang of people, how he valued his friends like gold and held grudges way too long and promoted people just because they seemed decent; how he sometimes spent his entire money pouch and more on buying Nie Huaisang stupid trinkets because it seemed to make him happy, even borrowing money from their escort, which would always be doubled over laughing at how their fearsome sect leader couldn’t bring himself to say no.
Like how Nie Huaisang’s sect was his family, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, whether born in or adopted or just part of the sect. The good type of family – not always the closest, not always your friends, not always even people you really liked, but still all predisposed to take your side in a fight if it came down to it.
These were the people who supported him and stood behind him – even when he was the Head-shaker.
He’d almost forgotten.
And so, despite himself, Nie Huaisang softened a bit. He stopped trying to respond to everything with a grunt or a huff, started asking about people’s families, making suggestions, telling them they’d done a good job.
“Glad you’re out of your mood,” Nie Yongbiao, who’d been quietly trailing him, finally commented, and Nie Huaisang blinked owlishly at him. “What kicked it off this time? You usually only get that closed-mouth after having to host guests.”
And that was true, wasn’t it? It had been such a long time, and after so much trauma, that Nie Huaisang had forgotten how his brother used to shut down whenever there was a discussion conference or an important meeting – how it took him longer and longer to get better on the other side as the qi deviation drew nearer, his meridians filling with Jin Guangyao’s spiritual poison. By the end, he had barely ever been open and free, barely seemed to remember how to drop his guard and relax, to act like a regular person with a sense of humor again, be the person Nie Huaisang knew his brother to be. 
But that was then, and this was now - war had been good for Nie Mingjue, in a strange way. Here in the camps there was a lessened expectation of etiquette, a great appreciation of strength, and his brother was more free to be himself, straightforward and blunt as the off side of a saber.
(Nie Mingjue had tried so hard to be a good brother to Jin Guangyao, Nie Huaisang abruptly remembered, but he’d shut down after every visit, worse than ever before. His heart had known the truth, even if he had allowed himself to be convinced by Lan Xichen and Nie Huaisang to keep giving Jin Guangyao second chance after second chance. He should never have listened to them.)
“Argument with Huaisang,” he said, a safe answer, and Nie Yongbiao nodded wisely.
“Can you say what it was about?” he asked, rather unexpectedly – Nie Yongbiao wasn’t exactly talkative, and no one ever pried about their family affairs. Catching Nie Huaisang’s surprised look, he shrugged. “He’s obviously very upset.”
“He is?”
“He’s at the training field,” Nie Yongbiao stressed, and Nie Huaisang had to choke down a hysterical laugh. Of course Nie Yongbiao would think that something must have gone horribly wrong to get “Nie Huaisang” to go willingly to train.
Nor was Nie Yongbiao the only one, for that matter: when Nie Huaisang arrived at the training field they’d set up in the middle of the camp, he saw an entire crowd of Nie sect disciples milling around at the edge of the field, bearing a suspicious resemblance to a flock of over-anxious quail.
He reached up to his face, pretending to want to pinch the bridge of his nose but actually to smother a smile, and luckily he had regained control of his features by the time he reached the edge of the small sea of disciples because they immediately all turned to him with relieved expressions, their cries of “Sect Leader! Sect Leader!” ringing in his ears like the coos of his pet birds.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, and immediately received the full story: Nie Huaisang had come to the field looking upset – one person insisted there had been tears in his eyes – and had set himself up against a practice dummy, and he hadn’t stopped whacking at it ever since.
Clearly, the world was ending.
“We had an argument earlier,” Nie Huaisang admitted, and managed, barely, not to laugh at how they all looked at him with disapproving eyes. “I’ll talk with him.”
Approving nods all around, although they didn’t disperse.
“Sect Leader,” one of the older generation said, very hesitantly. “If it’s about – the clan matter – if there’s anything we can do to help –”
Nie Huaisang shook his head, feeling touched. When it really had been him, his brother had kept the specifics of it secret – the tombs, the inevitability, the deterioration he was so avidly trying to put off – until it was too late, and he’d had to learn about it the hard way; it was nice, though, that they apparently all worried so much on his behalf about it.
“Thank you,” he said, and meant it. “But it’s a different issue.”
Namely, the issue was that the person doing the training wasn’t Nie Huaisang at all, he thought, but when the crowd finally started breaking apart, people going back to their assigned tasks, and he finally managed to make his way to where his brother was, he was surprised to see that his brother really did appear to be upset.
He wasn’t practicing any of his normal training routines, but rather wielding Aituan in the same way a novice woodcutter would wield an axe: repetitive strikes, made wildly and with too much strength, as if hitting the practice dummy was the only thing that could vent his feelings.
“Uh, ‘Huaisang’?” Nie Huaisang asked, worrying his lip as he came closer. “Are you –”
His brother dropped Aituan to the ground – which, hey! Watch it, that was his saber! – and turned, and Nie Huaisang had only a moment to see his glassy eyes before his brother threw himself forward, wrapping his arms around him and holding him tight.
Nie Huaisang automatically responded, wrapping his arms back around and holding Nie Mingjue close – it was nice, he thought, to finally have the reach he’d always felt he should have, big and tall and enveloping in its warm the way his brother had been for him.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, his voice low enough not to carry. “Did something happen…?”
“No,” Nie Mingjue said, but his lips were pressed together to keep them from trembling. Nie Huaisang’s body had always been free with his emotions, much to his annoyance; he’d learned to cultivate it into a disguise, but he hadn’t really liked it. Tears had never been a relief for him the way they’d been for his brother. “No, it’s nothing.”
“It’s obviously not nothing,” Nie Huaisang said firmly, and carted him off back to his tent. Being as worried as he was, he did his best not to be too smug about finally being the one who was strong enough to pick his brother up, rather than the other way around – not that he needed to, what with his brother following docilely along with him – but there was, perhaps, a little bit of smugness. “Okay, we’re back, silencing talismans are back up because we apparently have the nosiest disciples. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“It’s nothing, really…”
“I left you alone,” his brother blurted out, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. “For twenty years. Whatever I did, however I got murdered – some moment of carelessness – it doesn’t matter. I failed you.”
Oh, no. No, no, no– 
“No,” he said out loud. “No, da-ge, you were tricked – it wasn’t – it wasn’t your fault.”
“I always said I would hold up the sky for you,” Nie Mingjue said bitterly. “And instead I left you with the same inheritance that I received. I never wanted that for you, Huaisang. Never.”
“Da-ge,” Nie Huaisang said helplessly. “Da-ge, you don’t understand. You were trying. You wanted – you were doing everything you could. It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t fail me. I was the one who failed you. I’ve always failed you –”
“I’m lazy, I’m selfish, I’m good-for-nothing, a head-shaker –”
“So what?” his brother said, glaring up at him. His eyes were red, but with tears, not qi deviation. “Even if it’s true, which it isn’t, because no head-shaker could have avenged me, could have found a way to come back, could have become the Nie sect leader and kept it for two decades, even if it’s true – so what? As long as you’re safe, I don’t care. As long as you have a way to defend yourself, and you so obviously must have, then nothing else matters. Nothing has ever mattered but your happiness.”
“And yours,” Nie Huaisang shot back. “You have the right to a life too, da-ge! You – you should have had my support. You should have been able to share your burdens, I should have helped you instead of anchored you down –”
“Huaisang –”
Nie Huaisang pulled him in tight again. “It’ll be different, this time,” he promised, his voice rough. “I’m older than you ever go the chance to be, da-ge. This time, I can help you with the things you’re not good at – I can do the politics, the people. We can bear the weight of the sect together.”
He felt a whisper in the back of his mind that was strange and yet familiar, approving. Baxia, he realized. Baxia, approving of him; Baxia, who would let him wield her,   and he sensed her confidence that no one would get past her iron guard, together protecting his brother in both body and soul.
“All right,” his brother said. “Together. You and me – and the others.”
“After so many years, you must know who’s trustworthy,” Nie Mingjue pointed out. Already back to being practical, even if he was wiping his eyes. “If we tell those people, they can help us keep up the impression that I’m you and you’re me for as long as we need it.”
Nie Huaisang was nodding along, because that made sense, only then his brother said the last part and it was like a sunrise had opened up in his head, the way terrible and wonderful ideas always did.
“Da-ge,” he said, tasting the words in his mouth. “Da-ge, how do you like my body?”
His brother blinked up at him. “It’s fine, I guess? You’re actually in pretty decent shape, better than I thought, and your cultivation is – well, you could do a bit more with that, honestly, but it’s not uncomfortable or anything. Why?”
Nie Huaisang smiled. He’d always been remarkably resistant to their family’s cultivation curse, and not only, as he’d pretended to Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji all those years ago, because he didn’t practice - it was his temper, or lack thereof, that softened the saber spirit’s effects on him. 
Even if his body’s cultivation increased, he was far enough behind the curve, with his mediocre talent, that it would take decades for him to reach the level that it would be dangerous to him, while his brother’s prodigious talent, coupled with his inheritance of the family temper, made him even more likely to succumb – it was that prediction which had worried him so much that he had sought out treatment even before it had become a serious problem, the same worries that had driven him into Jin Guangyao’s trap.
What do you think? he asked the brand-new whisper in his mind. Aituan would probably bitch and moan about having to actually do things, but he’d secretly enjoy getting a bit more evil-killing in; the question was Baxia. What would she think?
A purr of agreement.
“I was just thinking,” Nie Huaisang said. “Chronologically speaking, I’m older than you are. I ran the sect for years – it might be hard to let go of that habit. How about we just…stay as we are, for now?”
Nie Mingjue frowned. “Baxia –”
“I’ll use her in public, and Aituan in private,” Nie Huaisang interrupted. He’d known that would be his brother’s first concern. “And you’ll do the opposite. And when we’re settled enough, we’ll come up with some excuse to switch.”
His brother hesitated. “But…you don’t like doing things. Responsibility. That sort of thing.”
“I got over it,” Nie Huaisang assured him. “Trust me, I have a whole system – I’ll implement it once the Sunshot Campaign is done; you’ll be amazed at how much easier it makes things, and then all the things that are left over are the stuff I actually enjoy. And this way, you could…I…”
He swallowed, and put his hands on his brother’s shoulders. He didn’t want to manipulate his brother into something like this – he didn’t want to manipulate his brother at all. His brother deserved the truth and honesty he had always freely given the world, and so Nie Huaisang could only offer up the unvarnished truth.
“I want to do this for you, da-ge,” he said. “I want you to have the life you should have had. I want you to have hobbies again, to make friends, real friends that will put you first. I want you to have fun with them without thinking of how people might think about it…please, da-ge. I came back here to keep you alive, but I want more than that. I want to see you live.”
“Okay,” his brother said, and he was choking back tears again. “We’ll – we’ll discuss it later, but I’ll think about it. Okay.”
“Good,” Nie Huaisang said. “Now catch me up on the tactics we’re planning on using in tomorrow’s battle, and I’ll let you know everything I know about what happens in the future…oh, and one more thing.”
Nie Huaisang’s hand dropped to the table, parallel to Baxia; he could hear her purr in his mind whistling like the rumble of thunder. He smiled.
“Can you tell me where Meng Yao is?”
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bs-trio-does-stuff · 6 months ago
So I'm curious. I recently came to this blog and went back through old asks and saw you mention something about... a potion that swapped the nocedas personalities?? What was that about?
Oh my god i completely forgot about that. ALRIGHT LETS GO!
SO. Basically this was an idea i had after the body swap episode. It was because during the bullshit with Luz swapped into Lucia and Amelia, and LuzLucia being a mess around Amelia which was very entertaining because Lucia is usually just as much of a bastard as Amelia. And i liked the idea a lot so i decided ✨Personality Swap Potion ✨
Eda was fucking around with potions and left one out and lucia dared her sisters to drink it and now here we are, Noceda Personality Switch where they become opposites of what they usually are.
Eda: I'm going to leave this house with filled with potions and unsupervised children who are known for being reckless and have not one braincell between the three of them. I sure do hope nothing goes wrong
Lucia: I dare you to drink it
Luz: challenge accepted
Lucille: you gotta do it too
So basically: Lucille is now unbelievably hyper and crazy and trying to set everything on fire while poor Amber tries her best to get her to calm down. Amber: Lucille pls. Lucille: I'M GONNA SET IT ON F I R E. Amber's just trying to make sure Lucille doesn't hurt herself. She's usually very calm and thinks things through. All of that has been thrown out the window. Lucille is trying to climb things and set them on fire. Amber's just trying to keep up and put things out.
Luz becomes the smoothest most suave little shit you've ever met and Amity is suffering for it. Luz sitting in that one pose in front of amity with a rose in her mouth. Ah its glorious. unfortunately the potion does not make luz any smarter. that rose is poisonous. Luz is acting like she's dying and is dedicating her everything to Amity who is both very concerned and flustered.
And of course. Shy Lucia. Its exactly what it sounds like, need i say more?
Both Amity and Amber are just trying to make sure their beloved dumbass humans do not end up getting themselves killed or arrested. Meanwhile Amelias having a fucking blast. Lucia is just being very babey rn and she's absolutely in love. Where Lucia would counter every flirt Amelia throws at her she now blushes like a complete mess and is stuttering. Amelia gives her a kiss and she shuts down from so much gay panic and Amelia is having the time of her life.
Amelia: you're so pretty
Lucia: hhshhehdhwfhshfhhshfhshxhehruuw
Amelia is thriving. Lucia is a disaster. Amelia calls her a good girl and lucia fucking passes out. Theyre being soft with each other.
Meanwhile luz is playing careless whisper while getting close to amity. She is still a meme. She plays careless whisper Rose in mouth closing in on Amity who's backed against a wall. Luz passes out before Amity because oops the rose was poisonous.
Luz, poisoned on the ground: damn is this heaven because im seeing an angel~
Amity: hshdhwhhwhdhshdjjshdsh Luz P L E A S E
luz, slowly dying: i dont need to go to heaven when im already there with you
amity, looking for a fucking antidote: dhdhgfgdgdgh????
Poor amber has to deal with lucille unleashing tiny mechanical bugs into boneburoghshshhd. Amber does her best to confiscate all of Lucilles fire glyphs but she either has more or somehow starts a fire all on her own
Amber, tired from running around: Lucille p L E A S E you're going to hurt yourself
Lucille, with 4 different fire glyphs: BURN THE GOVERNMENT
Lucia who would normally be dealing with her sisters, is now too anxious to do anything and doesn't remember how to use her own strength. Where she could normally hold both her sisters she cannot even hold Lucille, She keeps worming.
Amber, tired af: Lucia please just grab her
Lucia: but I don't wanna hurt her
Lucille, screaming: FUCK THE COPS
Lucia, weakly: please dont swear-
Don't worry Amber remembered that they aren't straight. She just. grabs Lucille. and kisses her. And she immediately shuts down. Amelia just picks her up and holds her
Amelia: all right that's enough fun we're all going back to the owl house and we're staying there until this potion wears off before these idiots gets themselves killed
Lucia, at being called an idiot: :(
Amelia: not you baby you've been well behaved
Lucia: gafsgsgshshhshshdhsjh
Amber: ah, I was wondering what Lucia would be like
But don't worry the potion wears off after 24 hours. But still.
Theres too much more that i cant fit in here anymore. If you want more you know what to do. This is one of my favorite prompts me and bog did and theres a L O T more. I wrote a small drabble too.
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spooky-z · a year ago
Leaving the Mask Behind
This story contains language, OOC, Asian bamfs and moral ambiguity.
Maribat by @ozmav​
Translations for this story:
妹妹 (mèi mei) – young sister
姉貴 (aneki) – older sister
anh - elder brother / em – younger brother
混蛋 (hún dàn) – bastard
やりまん (yariman) – slu*
女武芸者 (onna-bugeisha) – female martial artist
瓢虫 (piáo chóng) – ladybug
竜 (ryū) – dragon
con khỉ - monkey
大人 (dàrén) - used for an official or a person in authority
meaning "chief" or "leader" -  رئیس (raʾīs)
さま(sama) – respectful to higher rank person
悪 霊(akuryoo) – demon / biblical type
"I don't believe that... That... Ugh!" Marinette screamed angrily at the walls of her room.
It had been almost twenty minutes since she had been walking back and forth grunting in anger and cursing Lila Rossi's existence. Marinette couldn't believe the audacity of that freaking Italian! She really did that.
“妹妹(mèi mei)! What happened this time?” Kagami invaded the nervous girl's room, without bothering to knock on the hatch door, after all, Kagami Tsurugi was part of the family.
"She did it again, 姉 貴(aneki)!" Marinette replied, throwing a paper ball into Kagami's hands. “That 混蛋(hún dàn)! If I get my hands on that Italian, I'll kill her!”
Ignoring Marinette's outbreak in the background, Kagami carefully stretched the paper, trying not to tear it. She thought it was just another bad joke that Lila had made again; like the one from the previous week, where she wrote a letter all in Italian offending Marinette and lying to the class saying it was a letter praising the girl.
Of course, not even in a million years, she expected to find the "ULTIMATE WARRIOR" in thick letters, painted in red and gold on top of the paper. Much less the words “SELECTED” and the names of Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Kagami Tsurugi and Lê Chiến Kim.
Kagami had to read and reread what was written on the paper because she was too stunned by what she was seeing. She couldn't believe that Lila had the courage to enroll them in a combat competition program.
Even more because it was no secret that the program was the extreme of the extreme. Kagami still remembered a competitor who had to be forcibly removed from the competition, for having left three teams - nine people - disabled beyond measure; one of the victims had almost lost his leg movements because he was hit hard by the guy's blade.
For God's sake! Competitors had to sign documents exempting the program from any liability in the event of a fatality.
And Lila signed them up for it. Even though she knew everything, she signed them up because she wanted to see them suffer.
“That や り ま ん(yariman)!” Kagami spat, crumpling the paper again and throwing it to the floor in anger. "Let me get my 短刀(tantō) and we can cut her throat without having to get our hands dirty with her rotten blood."
Marinette sighed in devastation.
"I knew that defending Chloe from Lila's lies would have consequences, but that?" She pointed to the paper ball on the floor. "This is sadism."
Kagami sat on the chaise, pulling the girl with her. She was still simmering with anger, but remembered that she was the oldest there, by a year, but older. So Kagami had to show maturity and comfort her younger sister.
"What she’s doing- what did she did... This is no longer about revenge, mèi mei." Kagami put her arm around the girl's shoulders in comfort. “She's doing it all just to hurt you. Even if you didn't defend Chloe, Lila would find another way to attack you.”
Marinette dropped her head on Kagami's shoulder, tired of it. Tired of Lila Rossi.
“If it were just me, that's would be fine. I would accept it because it wouldn't make a difference to me, but it involved you and anh.”
Kagami laughed. The truth and certainty in Marinette's words made her happy. Knowing that she had a person beside her like Marinette - and Kim - was a gift that she would never be able to pay her parents.
"But at least it's me and em." She answered. "Have you ever thought if she put Chloe and that girl- Rose?"
Marinette snorted, imagining that. "That would have been a colossal disaster."
The two sat on the chaise in a comfortable silence. It was normal, when the two were without Kim, for silence to be part of their day. Both Kagami and Marinette expressed their feelings better through actions.
They were both sitting for a few minutes when the sound of doors slamming and heavy footsteps running downstairs caught their attention. Both recognizing the rhino that was tap dancing around Marinette's house.
It wasn't long before a very smiling Kim's head appeared in the open hatch.
He paced the room in a familiar comfort. Kim practically lived there.
"Mèi mei, aneki!" He said excitedly. "Why do you two looks like death?"
Kagami pointed the paper ball to the floor. "Read."
The boy frowned at Kagami's tone. She hardly spoke like that when it was just the three of them, keeping her cold behavior only to people outside the family.
He picked up the crumpled paper and stretched it without care, his eyes skimming over the written words.
Kim looked up at them. His expression was unreadable.
"You who signed us up, mèi mei?"
Marinette snorted insulted, and pulled her head away from Kagami's shoulder.
“Of course not, anh. This is the work of our dear and beloved, Lila Rossi."
'Hm' came from him. The eyes going back to the paper, analytical. Probably thinking about something that Marinette and Kagami hadn't thought of yet, as they were both too angry for that.
Many believed that Kim was a silly boy. Obviously, he made a point of acting like the jester with his classmates and in a way, he was, but no one but the family knew about the real Kim.
The smart, cold, strategist and merciless Kim. Of the three, Kim was the most likely to participate in a carnage and still make it look like a trip to the mall.
"I think we should accept this opportunity, 灌(Guàn)." He said clinical.
Kagami shuddered in surprise at the boy's words. Marinette beside the girl, had the same reaction. Of the three there, Kim was the most heavily camouflaged, so for him to suggest that meant...
"... You don't intend to pretend anymore." Marinette said Kagami's thoughts aloud.
The boy sighed, looking older and more tired. The paper was still firm in his hand.
"Technically, we are not pretending, just... not being completely sincere." He pointed. "But yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.”
"But Kim-Giáp, you know that as soon as we are 'sincere', things will change." Kagami said, hope growing in her heart. She hated having to put on a mask to leave home and interact with people. "There will be no turning back."
“There is nothing else for us here. Guàn has been suffering to remain civilized in order not to attract the attention of her parents, I am tired of having to make a fool of myself for those idiots and you, Kagami, also do not like having to put on the ‘girl without friends’ mask, to keep the peace." He sat down heavily next to Marinette. "Mars, if you agree, I want to do this."
Marinette stared at the floor, lost in thought.
Kim was right, of course. None of the three could take it until they were eighteen or finished the lycée to get rid of their classmates, Bustier or Lila. But Marinette also feared, because of the three, she was the person who would have the most changes in life.
After all, the agreement was that as soon as she decided to become Cheng's head, the engagement- her engagement, would be understood as accepted. And maybe Marinette was still a little afraid to leave the comfort, because she didn't know who her promised husband was.
But then she thought about the hell that Dupont was being and how just changing schools would not solve the problems of the three. They were suffocating being something they were not.
She lifted her head and looked at the boy.
"So, you better say goodbye to that blond hair." And smiled. Kagami practically vibrated with joy beside her.
Kim rolled his eyes before shoving her with his shoulder.
"At least I won't be forced to see those awful pig tails anymore."
"He's right."
Now they just needed to finish enrolling for the program, let families know about the change in plans and what the expected consequences are.
They only had a month to settle everything and compete in the program.
For a month the trio did not appear in Dupont.
In the first week, Lila was easily the first to notice the lack of a certain girl in the classroom, internally congratulating herself for breaking another one.
Next were Max and Alix, believing that Kim was sick. They went to the boy's house only to come across a “property for sale” sign. Needless to say, they came back to school confused and sad.
The third person to notice was surprisingly, Chloe Bourgeois. The girl only realized that Dupain-Cheng and Lê Chiến were missing when Lila started spreading lies about her and Marinette was not there to act as guardian of morals.
Nino and Sabrina noticed at the same time, but neither of them paid much attention because they knew the duo and knew that sporadically, Marinette and Kim (and Kagami) would disappear for a while and then return as if nothing had happened.
The rest of the class noticed at the same time as Bustier. One Wednesday, in the middle of the third week absent, the teacher entered the classroom with heavy eyes and hunched shoulders. The word "transferred" and the names "Marinette, Kim" were all they got before Alix became a berserker.
Alya didn't even blink at the announcement. Glad that Lila was safe now that her mother managed to get rid of her daughter's bullies.
Adrien failed to maintain the perfect model expression. When he arrived at the Dupain-Cheng bakery, he was greeted with employees never seen before. No sign of Marinette or her parents.
He also realized that Kagami was strangely absent from fencing classes and that the calls went directly to voicemail. The blood ran cold in his veins.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, on a strangely sunny Monday in Gotham; a letter with a thick envelope and sealed with a ladybug coat of arms arrived at Wayne Mansion.
They were all together for breakfast when Alfred, the butler, handed the red, black wax-sealed envelope to Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's youngest son.
His father, his brothers and his almost brothers, curious about the unusual situation.
When he opened the letter and realized its contents, a deformed smile took over the face that until then, was always frowning.
Everyone was able to hear the ‘Finally’ coming from the boy, before he disappeared upstairs without exchanging a word with the family.
“Damian Al Ghul Wayne, we would like to announce that Cheng Guàn will finally be taking over the Cheng head next month. She accepted her role as head of the family and will be announcing through her participation in Ultimate Warrior, accompanied by the heads of Tsurugi and Lê.
We would like to challenge you one last time, as a demonstration that Cheng Guàn is more than able to walk and fight alongside you.
Best regards,
Cheng Hua.”
Not very traditional, but it would do.
As he read the program rules, the only thought in the boy's mind was that he and his brothers were going to have a lot of fun ending up with anyone who wasn't even minimally decent.
Marinette was just finishing tying the laces on her boot when Kim fully armored came in with the phone to the ear.
While he was finishing talking to what was probably his ‘war assistant’ - if the Vietnamese indicated anything - she watched her brother well, now that he wasn’t trying to hide under the jester mask.
Giáp had dyed his hair back to its natural color, removing the blonde once and for all. He preferred not to cut his hair completely, leaving the sides and nape shorter than the top, combed with gel to the side. Like a businessman.
His tactical military suit was identical to that of Kagami and Guàn, only further reinforced in places of impact such as fists and knees. The face had full protection to prevent accidents, only the eyes uncovered, but only because he had taken off his glasses since they were not yet in the field.
He would fight only with fists at first.
Kagami was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, meditating. Her tactical suit was a little more mixed with her kendo suit, since she was wearing her armor over her clothes. The 胴(dō) on her chest, 小 手(kote) on her wrists, 垂 れ(tare) on her waist, and the 面(men) lying comfortably on the floor beside her, along with her twin 刀(katana) with red blades and the 十 文字 槍(jūmonji yari) that she had won for her sixteenth birthday last year.
There was also a cloth mask covering her nose and mouth, and sports glasses over her eyes to keep out dust.
Guàn wore the totally pure military tactical suit. A little more pulled into an anti-riot suit, but not as bulky, because she didn't want to impair her mobility and her mask was a totally black ballistic mask.
On the table in the tiny waiting room - a tent - there were two types of rifles: A Colt M4 and an Arctic Warfare; two Glock and a Revolver with tranquilizer ammunition ready to reload. The five were airsoft guns. In addition to two training Cold Steel. The armament just for her.
It was as soon as Giáp hung up the phone and Kagami opened her eyes, that a staff appeared at the door of their tent warning that the competition would start in five minutes, saying it was time to finish getting ready because they would soon come to pick them up.
The three looked at each other with equally bloody smiles.
ULTIMATE WARRIOR is a war-type competition program.
With each team consisting of three (3) competitors, they will have to fight against each group in order to redeem the One (1) Million Euro prize. That is, the team must defeat all other teams in order to redeem the prize. Only one team leaves UW undefeated.
The competition takes place once a year and is hosted in ghost towns around the world and recorded live for TV channels. It has no minimum duration, with the maximum reached being 5h.
UW is a very prestigious event; participants are usually military or combatants of some kind.
The minimum age for participation is sixteen (16) and the maximum is thirty (30).
Non-lethal weapons are allowed.
Competitors are eliminated by voluntary withdrawal, if they are knocked out or by serious injuries.
Any type of aggression that results in fatalities or near fatalities is completely prohibited. The punishment for breaking the rule is jail.
As the UW was something really important worldwide, almost like the Olympics or the World Cup, the day was given as a holiday by all countries in the world; then everyone would sit in front of their televisions and watch the competition cheering for their favorite or those from their country.
In Paris, the city hall set up a screen under the Eiffel Tower and the population came with their families to watch with the rest of the Parisians.
That was no different that year. Mlle. Bustier’s class all together, some accompanied by their parents or siblings and others - like Lila - alone or with their bodyguards - like Adrien -.
They were sitting on the lawn having silly conversations when Mylène's voice caught everyone's attention.
“... Isn't that Adrien's friend? Kagami? I guess." The blonde raised his head to look around, but couldn't find the girl.
"I don't see anyone like her." He replied confused.
"Oh." Rose sighed. “On the screen. It's Kim.”
And everyone turned to see that it was actually Kim, Kagami and Marinette on the screen, being announced as Team B.
"What..." Alix sighed in disbelief.
"... And in team B, we have Lê Chiến Giáp, only 16 years old." The camera focused on who Kim should be - they were not sure, as the person was completely camouflaged in tactical clothing and a mask, and the hair did not appear to be blond -, standing with a broad chest and quite intimidating.
Half the screen was divided, one that filmed Kim and the other with his info and a 3x4 photo of his face.
"He will be the fists of team B. The boy knows how to throw a punch, Will!" One of the narrators continued.
"Yeah, Smith! But have you seen his teammate, Tsurugi Kagami?" The camera started to focus on Kagami, dressed as a Japanese warrior, but also totally unrecognizable. There were two swords stuck in her back - camera showing details of the armor - and in her hand, a trident-like spear. "She is 17 years old!"
Like Kim, there was a 3x4 photo of her with the written info.
“The girl is a real 女 武 芸 者(onna-bugeisha)!” The first narrator, Will, said excitedly.
"But let's not forget about 16-year-old Cheng Guàn!" The footage changed to the third person, fully dressed as a military soldier, a plain black mask that left only her blue eyes uncovered. She, Guàn, had two rifles attached to her back, a Glock attached to each thigh, a Revolver just below the Glock on her right thigh. In addition to a black knife attached to each boot.
The 3x4 photo of Marinette Dupain-Cheng appearing on the screen with the info.
"She'll be the team's sniper!" Smith announced. "This year's contestants..." And they started talking about the rest of the participants, but Mlle. Bustier’s class stopped paying attention.
They were unresponsive.
Or at least almost everyone.
"Wow, I didn't know they were going to participate." Nino commented surprised, but not shocked like the rest of the class. "Did you know that, Chloe?"
The blonde - who for some reason had accompanied them, even without being invited - looked at the boy shaking her head. "No. I was not informed that they would participate. Only that they wouldn't be available for a while.” She sighed. “Did you hear anything, ‘Brina?”
Sabrina looked up from the tablet, shrugging. "Only they'll be back in a week." She replied softly. "Mom has been getting busier and busier, but she told me that soon they would tell us."
Nino nodded, seeming to understand what Sabrina meant and Chloe leaned back in the beach chair she had taken. The conversation dying there.
"Since when are you close to Marinette or Kim?" Ivan asked confused. He never saw any of them minimally close to each other.
"And the ice queen." Alya commented acidly, eyes narrowed on Nino.
"Ah, our parents work for them." Sabrina replied disinterestedly.
"We've known each other since diapers, dude." Nino shook his head.
"What- and why I never heard about it before?” Alix asked with their disregard. "I'm Kim's best friend and he never told me about it."
"Maybe because he didn't want to tell." Chloe murmured, not loud enough for Alix to hear, but loud enough for Adrien and Lila, who were closest to her besides Sabrina and Nino.
Adrien winced at the sharp edge of the words. He didn't like that at all.
Lila, on the other hand, was excited to watch Marinette suffer live for the whole world, but was also a little irritated by the attention she was receiving.
"But I don't understand..." She sighed in delight; they were once again focused on her. “Marinette's parents are just bakers, Kagami's mother is just a fencer and Kim's... What do Kim's parents do? I don't think I've met them before.” She frowned.
She had never seen or heard of Kim's parents.
"Now that you mention it, I also never saw Kim's parents." Max said shocked. "Every time I went to his house, he was alone."
Alya looked back at the atypical trio. Chloe, Nino and Sabrina.
"You are going to tell us right now what is happening!"
Chloe raised her eyebrow, not liking Alya's demanding tone. "Or what, Césaire?"
Alya opened her mouth to reply, but Adrien was faster.
“My bad, dude. It is not something I am allowed to tell.” The boy shrugged guiltily.
"Yet." Sabrina said out of the blue and everyone looked at the girl waiting for her to elaborate, but she kept quiet.
"-Oh, it's starting." Rose pointed to the screen and the students soon calmed down, their eyes avid on the screen.
"... 竜(ryū) there are two heading your way." Guàn said in the communicator, her voice muffled by the ballistic mask.
The trained eyes on the street below her, providing cover for Kagami and Giáp to eliminate the other competitors.
"Understood." She heard Kagami respond through the headset. “Con khỉ goes on the right and I on the left. Do any of them have weapons, 瓢虫(piáo chóng)?”
She watched Giáp hide against the stone walls of the hut across the street and Kagami disappear into the hut a little further from where she and Giáp were.
“One unarmed and one with knives. I'm trying to find the third, but no sign of him." She breathed heavily. “Con khỉ the target is fast approaching. Ryū, target at ninety degrees.”
Guàn didn't need to see to know that both Giáp and Kagami had ambushed their targets, but even so, she didn't take her eyes off them.
It was always beautiful to see how gracefully Kagami handled the jūmonji yari or how Giáp did not hesitate to reach the pressure points on the enemy's body, never using too much brute force, only skill and knowledge.
That was why she was almost a little too late to notice the presence in the ruin in which she was hiding. But it was only almost.
The competitor - Team E, she read on the stripe attached to his arm, not much older than her -, didn't have time to react. She was flexible and had the knowledge. Even though he was a combatant, he was no match for her at full capacity.
Guàn was quick to take the knife out of her boot and throw it at him as a distraction. The sniper rifle forgotten in the previous post. She ran while he fumbled with the gun in his hands; she didn't think twice about kicking the back of his knee and when he fell heavily on the clay floor, she didn't hesitate to shoot twice with the Glock.
One dart in the thigh and one in the arm. Where protection was less effective, since the Kevlar did not cover and was just the fabric of the suit covering.
"The third has been neutralized." She said as she put the Glock back in her thigh holster.
"The second too." Giáp replied a little breathlessly. That mask was probably restricting his breathing. Even more because he was a heavy fighter.
"The first one gave up." Kagami said with a mocking tone. The girl hated it when she started to cheer up in a fight and then the person just gave up, for not being able to keep up with her.
“Calm down, Ryū. There are still three- “A siren sounded; the team alert cleared.
"Team E, Team A, Team C eliminated." The announcer's voice loud enough for all the competitors in the Craco ruin - Italy - to be able to hear. “We will have a ten-minute break for competitors to hydrate and replenish their energy.”
"What were you going to say?" Kagami snorted.
It hadn't even been an hour of combat and three teams had already been eliminated. They had taken team E and team A.
Team A was a bunch of filthy elitist pigs, acting contemptuously with them as if they were Asian, were worth less or were easy to beat.
Guàn loved to break the jaw of the leader of the three, Kagami may have stabbed the third a little more violently than recommended and Giáp may have broken the tibia of the second. But it wasn’t like they got a reprimand for it.
Perhaps the producers have turned a blind eye to the rules, only to see the three white supremacists having their asses delivered by three Asian teenagers.
"Okay, we have two to eliminate yet."
She expected them to be a little more challenging.
In Paris, the class was at different levels of breathing difficulties, but of all, Lila was the most affected.
She didn't know that Dupain-Cheng could be so scary.
"How can she move like this, if she can barely walk straight without falling or hitting something?!" Alya seemed personally offended by Marinette's recent acquired skill.
Chloe snorted mocking the girl.
"Are you serious, Césaire?" She crossed her arms, without patience. "You said you were the girl's best friend for almost a year and you don't know that she can knock someone out with her eyes closed and her hands tied?!"
Alya opened her mouth, but nothing came out in her defense.
"Chloe!" Nino scolded the blonde and Alya felt her heart heat up for being defended by the boy. "It is not their fault that they are ignorant about Guàn's life." And Alya's heart ached with the harsh words.
"They can't talk about it, remember Chlo?" Sabrina asked sweetly, trying to calm Chloe.
The blonde turned her face in a tantrum. There was a pout there.
"I didn't know that Kim knew how to fight." Nathaniel said softly, almost without a voice.
“There is a lot that you don't know about Kim. Or Marinette.” Sabrina said enigmatically.
Adrien was starting to think that they didn't really know anything about the two classmates and the only three who did for some reason wouldn't open their mouth at all.
But he had faith that when the two returned, everything would finally come together. And he would have a very serious conversation with Kagami about hiding things from him.
Damian was growing more and more impatient. Until that moment he had not yet found his fiancée.
Sure, he had a brief glimpse of her and the other two heads, but all three were armored to the top and he couldn't even make out what color her eyes were. Only that her hair was long and so dark that when the sunlight hit, the color changed to a deep blue.
He, Dick and Jason had eliminated two teams - C and D - with only team B missing. Her team. But somehow, they couldn't find the team anywhere in the ruins of Craco. It was as if they had evaporated with the air.
"I spotted them Demon!" Jason's voice came over the communicator. “They are at the highest point on the e-ek hill! Shit I almost got hit by a dart.”
Damian didn't think twice about leaving his post and running the streets of Craco, closer and closer to the top. On the way, he spotted Dick fighting the man of Team B.
He found Jason crouched behind a rock that was supposed to be the wall of one of the houses, trying not to be hit by the tranquilizer projectiles.
"I'm going up!" He signaled to Jason. "Cover me."
He ran to the entrance to the tower, barely avoiding the projectiles being fired at him. Jason right behind him and Dick alone fighting the other guy.
Damian barely stepped on the top floor when he had to block the yari's blade with his katana. He was fighting the Team B swordswoman and Jason going head to head with Cheng Guàn, Damian's fiancée. The two of them in a shooting contest.
The Parisian population was quiet. All barely breathing with their eyes glued to the screen. The class was not much different from them. Even Nino, Chloe and Sabrina watched the final confrontation with glazed eyes.
They watched as both Marinette and the other competitor- Jason ran out of ammunition and weapons, without thinking twice about throwing themselves into a fist fight.
They held their breath when it looked like Marinette was finally running out of stamina, Jason taking more and more of the girl's escape routes. Until-
"Piáo chóng!" Kagami screamed, distracting Jason momentarily, while throwing the trident towards Marinette before blocking the sword of the other competitor- Damian, with her own sword.
The girl was not at all surprised by the call and took the trident effortlessly, looking used to the movement. And before Jason could hit her, Marinette threw herself out the window.
"IS SHE CRAZY?!" Surprisingly it was Juleka who screamed. The shy girl was paler than normal.
But no one looked away from the screen. Everyone watching the way Marinette stuck the trident in the clay wall of the house, stopping her fall and the way she landed on the shoulders of Team F’s third competitor-Dick, strangling him with her thighs.
"DO YOU SURRENDER?!" She shouted at him, squeezing his neck even tighter.
"..." Dick was still standing, slapping his hands on her legs and trying to dislodge the girl off him, but the guy had no chance.
As soon as he managed to loosen her grip and breathe properly, three projectiles hit one on the butt, and the other two on each thigh. He fell hard to the ground, Marinette barely having time to jump out of the man. Kim standing behind them with Marinette's revolver.
“Thanks, Con khỉ-“ She didn't finish speaking before running away from Dick's body, Jason arriving like a bull. "GIÁP!"
Kim threw the revolver at Marinette and she fired at the enemy without even thinking. They blinked in time to see five projectiles lodged in his neck before Jason passed out. Avoiding Dick's body for just a few inches.
"Wow, they were a lot more trained than the others." Marinette commented to Kim, neither of them looking worried about Kagami, who was still fighting Damian inside the house.
The split screen showing Kagami's fight and the street where Kim and Marinette were.
“Well, he managed to hit me five times. That means something.” Kim replied relaxed.
"Oh really? This is surprising.” Marinette whistled, impressed.
There was an awkward silence.
"Shall we help aneki?"
“Nah. Let her have fun.”
And the two sat on the floor, watching the group of rescuers on the show take Jason and Dick away.
"I wish I had brought a book." Kim sighed in disappointment and soon Kagami and Damian's fight took over the entire screen.
What the hell?!
Tsurugi and Wayne were walking in circles, analyzing the level of danger and skill.
Kagami knew who Damian was, she knew this was Guàn's fiancé, because it was her idea to send the letter inviting him to participate in the competition. Because she wanted to make sure he was able to accompany Guàn when she demanded.
Of course, Kagami knew that it was impossible for Damian to be completely useless because he was the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul; but she wanted to personally test how good he was, because she would accept nothing but the best for Guàn.
Then she convinced Sabine Cheng-Cheng Hua to send the letter.
"I'm glad you accepted our invitation, 悪 霊(akuryoo)." She said, the tip of the katana towards the ground.
Damian tilted his head, intrigued by the way he was called.
It was not popular knowledge the way his family called him.
"I'm grateful." He nods. "It’s always good to test my skills with experienced people."
"Let's finish this."
Damian had given up.
Damian Al Ghul Wayne had given up.
After Tsurugi declared defeat, Damian lowered the katana and said 'I give up' directly to the camera, leaving the clay house with her.
That was a shock to Damian's family. But Alfred's discreet smile said that giving up had a much deeper reason than just giving up a fight.
Guàn and Giáp got off the ground as soon as they saw movements coming from the house where Kagami was fighting with the other competitor.
Guàn had the revolver hidden behind her back, cautious. Until the fireworks went off in the sky.
"Team B is the winner of Ultimate Warrior!" The announcer shouted excitedly. “For the first time since Ultimate Warrior debuted, a group of teenagers won the contest! What a day my friends, what a day!”
The announcer was speaking something, the program staff showing up from where they were hiding, Giáp was snorting with pride as he took off his mask and glasses, but Guàn was more focused on the teenager who accompanied Kagami.
In the middle of the dispute she barely had time to analyze him while running away from his teammate's punches, but at that moment, without imminent danger, Guàn's eyes were solely focused on him.
And he was not much different from her.
Guàn barely had time to pull the ballistic mask off her face before he was standing inches from her, forcing her to lift her chin so she could look him in the eye.
"It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet my fiancée." The boy took her hand to his mouth, placing a kiss on her knuckles without caring about the glove. "You were magnificent against my brother." He said as he lowered her hand.
Guàn raised an eyebrow, a charming smile taking over her expression.
“Oh? I am flattered." She replied, the words sliding sweet as honey. "Cheng Guàn, head of the Cheng." Inclining her head, as an informal bow, Guàn didn’t look away from him for a second.
"Damian Al Ghul Wayne, current Demon’s head."
Demon's head, huh.
She liked the sound of that.
Adrien was feeling strange.
Marinette's team had won and so she was fraternizing with the enemy in a very non-Marinette way.
"It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet my fiancée.” And he kissed her hand, his greedy, sticky eyes on the girl.
They still had communicators, so everyone was able to hear what they were talking about.
"Fiancée? Did I hear that right?” Max murmured.
"Oh, so this is him." Chloe said disinterestedly.
"He still looks like a serial killer." Nino said, an amused tone in his voice.
"Cheng Guàn, head of the Cheng." Marinette's voice cut through the confused murmurs.
Cheng Guàn? Cheng's head? What the hell was Marinette talking about?!
Classmates seemed increasingly lost.
"Damian Al Ghul Wayne, current Demon’s head." The boy with Marinette replied.
... they were really confused.
And Adrien strangely homicidal.
After receiving the check of one million-euro, Guàn, Kagami and Giáp were in the car driven by Bai, the driver of the Cheng family.
There was a car in the front with Cheng's bodyguards and another in the back with Tsurugi and Lê's.
After her fiancé introduced themselves, they talked for a while without tactical microphones, being formally introduced to his brothers.
The warning had been given.
Cheng's head was engaged to the demon's head and anyone who tried anything against either of them should expect retaliation from Tsurugi, Lê and Wayne. In addition of Al Ghul.
It had been a week.
A week since Ultimate Warrior, since Kagami, Marinette and Kim won the competition exhibiting skills that no one knew they had.
The situation in the classroom was a little more tense than usual.
Alya having argued with Nino because he refused to say anything about what happened and ended up breaking up with the boy, thinking he would reconsider for loving her, but he hadn't even blinked twice before leaving the girl talking to herself.
Since then, he sat in the back with Chloe and Sabrina. The three of them sitting comfortably in one seat.
Adrien had tried to extract something from Chloe, using the excuse of best friend wanting to spend time together; but the girl was not fooled by the trick, dismissing Adrien as soon as the boy opened his mouth to speak.
Lila was strangely sulky and silent. Even Alya was unable to cheer up the Italian. She was constantly having to answer mysterious phone calls that only made her more and more furious. Nobody knew how to bring it up, fearing that she would fight with them for meddling in her private affairs, so they just kept their distance.
It was on a Wednesday, exactly a month and fifteen days after they disappeared from Paris, that the class got their first glimpse of Kim, inside a luxury car accompanied by three men twice as big as him. But it had been too quick for them to be sure it was really the boy, so in the end they ignored what they saw.
But it was on Friday, a month and seventeen days, that they actually saw Marinette coming out of the Dupain-Cheng bakery.
Alya didn't think twice before running up to her, dragging the entire class along - not that they didn't want to go -. She wanted answers and she was going to get it!
"Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you're going to tell me right now what's going on-" She shouted at first, not caring how much attention she was drawing from the people around her, but the words died in her mouth. For the first time noticing what Marinette was wearing.
The girl was wearing something that Alya had only seen in the Chinese dramas that Marinette watched with her when they were still friends. She remembers the name, hanfu, when the girl explained the different types.
The top was pearly white, the neckline crossed in a 'y' shape. The pleated skirt was a light blue with embroidery of white roses on the hem, the length reaching above the foot - maxi, she remembered Marinette saying -. At the waist, the white lace of the skirt wrapped around the waistband, holding the skirt in place; the same embroidery on the hem of the skirt was also on the ends of the white fabric. Above the hanfu, a thin transparent peach tunic.
On her feet, white kitten heels and the hair, was loose reaching the middle of her back.
She looked ethereal.
"Oh, Alya." The girl sighed as if she had barely recognized Alya. "How are you?" She asks.
Besides clothing, Marinette's way of talking had changed abruptly. There was a delicacy, but also a certain kind of power. As if she were a very important person who had cleared five minutes of her busy schedule to exchange a few words with her classmates.
"Wwhy are you dressed like that, Marinette?" Rose stammered.
It wasn't a strange outfit, not really. It was very beautiful and sophisticated, but very different from what Marinette used to wear normally. Not even the familiar pig tails were in sight.
"Family business." Marinette replied without going into details.
Suddenly, a man wearing a black suit stepped out of the BMW parked on the sidewalk and approached Marinette nimbly. Not sparing even a glance at the group of teenagers around her.
“Guàn 大人(dàrén) I was informed that Al Ghul dàrén is on his way.” The man said to the girl. He put a finger to his ear, where everyone noticed a discreet phone - like those American movies about secret agents -. "Lê and Tsurugi dàrén are accompanying him."
“Thank you, Bai. I will wait inside.” She smiled softly at the man who, after a complete bow, went back inside the black BMW.
"Who is he? And why is he calling you that strange way?” Alix asked, annoyed. She was sure the man was talking about Kim.
Marinette looked back at the class, focusing on Alix.
"This is Cheng Bai, my driver and bodyguard." She responded politely. "I wish I could stay and talk, but I really have to get in." Marinette pointed to the Dupain-Cheng bakery.
The girl didn't wait for anyone to answer, before turning around so she could enter the bakery. She was totally insensitive to her classmates.
"Dàrén!" They recognized Sabrina's voice before they even saw her leaving the bakery with Chloe and Nino right behind. “I have updates from- oh! Hey guys, what are you doing here?” She changed the subject when she noticed the class frozen on the sidewalk.
"... We saw Marinette." Juleka replied blandly. She was feeling super uncomfortable with that situation.
"Oh, I understand." The redhead waved mechanically, looking just as uncomfortable.
Chloe ignored the class completely, talking quietly to Marinette and Nino just waved from a distance, showing no desire to approach, even with Adrien in the middle of his colleagues.
Alya seemed to wake up when she saw the three around Marinette. A feeling of betrayal burning in her stomach, but not knowing if it was about Marinette or Nino.
“Girl, what's going on? Why did you disappear?” She asked. "You went missing for a month with Kim, came out of nowhere on a show that I didn't even know you liked, and you were acting different!"
Marinette stopped talking to Chloe to look at Alya. The blank expression, hard as marble.
“Does this have anything to do with Lila? Is that why you are doing this?” Alya continued, not caring about anything else. “We can help you, Marinette. If you leave us, we can help you get over it!”
Chloe, Sabrina and Nino had incredulous expressions on their faces. None of the three believed in Alya's lack of awareness. The blogger seemed unable to think rationally before acting or speaking.
Perhaps that was why Lila had clawed at her so deeply.
"Why would mèi mei need your help?" Someone behind the class asked and they turned around in alarm, only to find Kim, Kagami and- was that Ultimate Warrior contestant Damian Wayne?!
There were also five men and two women in the same style as the man before, Bai, following them closely.
"What the hell is he doing here?" Adrien murmured poisonously. The look piercing Damian.
The three newcomers were wearing traditional clothing from their culture, as was Marinette.
Kim was wearing slim fit pants, probably cotton, as it didn't look rough. Over his pants, there was a - ao dai, Alix thought. Having seen Kim wear them before, but the old ones were much simpler than what he wore at that moment - which reached knee-high, with buttons on the right side of his chest - like a chef's jacket - and golden embroidery along the sleeves, hem and along the left shoulder to the end of the rib on the right side. There were two slits, one on each side of the body. Derby shined on his feet.
The entire set was black, except for the golden embroidery of ao dai.
Kagami's style was vaguely similar to Marinette's, but with very noticeable differences and a little ‘heavier’. Kimono was the name? Ivan was not sure.
The top part was made up of two layers. The first was white, visible through the collar of the second, which was black with a floral print that varied between purple, white, pink and orange. Both 'y' shaped collars. The sleeves were relatively large, with pieces falling by the side even though the girl had her arm raised between Kim's. The skirt as well as the top was in two layers. The first was a dark green, only two inches showing and the second was red. Pleated and tied right below the chest.
It was less flowing than Marinette's.
On her feet, white socks and wooden sandals.
The third- Damian Al Ghul Wayne, the demon head, was wearing a... dress? No, Nathaniel did not know the name for that outfit, but he did know that most men in the Middle East wore it.
The fabric was pure white - looking quite expensive -; in the throat there was a detail that went down to the middle of the chest, it was probably hiding a zipper or buttons; there was a discreet pocket on his right chest and long sleeves, adjusted on the wrist with the same detail that was around his neck. The hem of the garment reached to the middle of the shin, where it was possible to see centimeters of cotton trousers also white and on his feet, beige Oxford.
Finally, he had a scarf squared with red and white, wrapped around his hair.
"I’m waiting, Césaire." Kim asked again, not looking happy with the lack of response. "Why would she need help?"
Alya snorted, annoyed by the question.
"For what else, Kim?" She asked petulantly. "I'm talking about this obsession and envy that Marinette has towards Lila."
While Kim kept a blank expression, Kagami raised an eyebrow, a scornful smile opening on her lips. Damian hadn't even stopped to greet them, he just walked right past them before pulling Marinette into a tight hug.
Kagami gently tapped Kim's arm that was wrapped around hers and he let her go, while maintaining his haughty pose.
"Why would mèi mei envy Lila, when Lila is just a cockroach?" She asked, Adrien winced at the hardness of her words. “Who is Lila compared to Cheng Guàn? No one. So, I don't know why you insist on this idea of envy.”
Mlle. Bustier's students were in various degrees scandalized. They were used to Kagami's abruptness, but she was always a blunt-non-aggressive type, where words came out rude without intention.
But here she was, being rude and deliberately aggressive.
Lila was soon putting on her best victim mask. With tearful eyes and a fluttering pout.
“Wwhy would you say something like that, Kagami? I never did you any harm, so why are you being a bully?” She sniffed, her voice shrill and fake.
Alya wrapped her arms around the Italian, Rose following closely, sandwiching the girl between them.
"Kagami, don't you think you're being too harsh?" Adrien asked, a pleading gleam in his eyes. "This is just a misunderstanding, isn't it?!" He smiled hopefully, believing that Kagami, like Marinette, would let Lila through without a hitch.
"Why the hell would it be a misunderstanding?" Kagami countered, her eyes growing colder and colder. Kim beside her had a disgusted expression. "She knows pretty well that she is on a tightrope, so she shouldn't be feeding Césaire's stupidity."
And Lila stiffened between the two girls, her face going pale.
"What does that mean?" Mylène asked.
"It means that mother Rossi found out about baby Rossi's antics after she was demoted from her embassy position." Kim replied, satisfaction dripping from his words.
Alya's eyes widened, Adrien gasped in shock and the rest of the class was incredulous.
"Did you dare to conspire against Lila's mother, Marinette?!" She turned to the girl who was talking privately with Nino, Sabrina, Chloe and Damian. Alya's voice caught their attention, again. "Have you gotten so mean, to the point of destroying an honest woman's career?"
Marinette's expression hardened, her gaze sharpening in a way they had never seen before.
"Have you ever in your life stopped to think before opening your mouth?" She asked acidly. "Eventually you're going to piss off someone not as benevolent as me and the results will be disastrous for you."
"... That seemed like a threat." Ivan murmured, his eyes darting nervously over the men and women in suits and possibly armed around them.
"The Cheng don't make threats, Ivan." Marinette looked at him. The icy blue of her eyes pierced him. "They just go and do it."
"That right there! What is this about Chengs, the Demon's head? Why are you acting this way? And why did you move out?” Alix asked, already irritated by everything. Frustrated by the lack of answers.
"You were born in Paris and live here, but have never heard of the Three Families?" Damian asked skeptically. "I understand that you don't know what the Demon's Head means, but not knowing about the Three Families is at least stupid."
"Is this about that legend of France's three richest families?" Nathaniel asked confused. ‘Three Families’ was no stranger to him, but he couldn’t remember exactly where he had heard about it.
“Not exactly... The Three Families are, as the name says, three families. The three main families of the global mafia." Max replied, his eyes wide as he understood the general situation. "The Three Families are composed of Tsuruchi- or rather, Tsurugi." He looked at Kagami. "Lien-Lê," He looks at Kim. "And the Chang-Cheng." And finally, he looks at Marinette.
"Alternative names have been used to hide the real identities of families, but valid information is available to those who are really looking." Kim nodded, enjoying Max's intelligence.
"And if I'm not wrong, the Demon's Head correlates with the League of Assassins, a highly trained clan of hired assassins." The boy spoke again, his eyes flicking over Damian.
Damian smiled scarily. "This and much more." He says in response. "It’s good that there is someone with brain cells in this class."
"So, you mean you four are part of the mafia?" Rose asked shakily.
"We are not part of the mafia." Kagami replied.
"We are the mafia." Marinette completed.
"Then again, why the hell would Guàn be jealous of an Italian girl who only gets attention by lying every second she breathes?" Kim crossed his arms, demanding a response from Alya.
The girl flinched, instinctively turning away from him and Lila.
"III-" She closed her mouth, not knowing what to say. For the first time using reason before emotion.
“Well, while this little meeting has been good, Guàn, Giáp, Damian and I have a place to be. So, if you would excuse us, we’d like to go now.” Kagami said rudely, before dragging Kim and Marinette by the arms to the bakery.
Damian, Chloe, Nino and Sabrina following behind with the bodyguards.
"Ah!" Marinette stopped abruptly, turning back to the class. "Adrien?"
The model jumped, surprised to be called.
"Yes?" He asked cautiously.
"Let Gabriel know that his presence was requested at an audience with the Three Families." She said. Adrien felt like there was a glacier in his stomach. "We have some pending issues to deal with."
Marinette looked at the model waiting for confirmation that he understood what she had said and he nodded mechanically. Fear licking his bones.
She smiled at him before looking at Lila, who was strangely pale next to Rose.
"And Lila?" The girl barely looked up to face her. "Behave. You and I know that you don't want my wrath.”
The girl looked down at the floor, completely subdued and Marinette went back into the bakery without looking back. Everyone coming in soon after, just Sabrina staying behind.
“Max, you will receive an email with important documents about Mlle. Rossi.” She said to the boy. "I hope you make good use of it."
Lila saw her reign collapse like a tower of cards.
And there was no way to escape because she knew she wouldn't be safe anywhere.
"Cheng-さ ま(sama), was it really wise to expose yourself like that?" Tetsuya, one of Kagami's bodyguards, asked respectfully. "You are at risk of them opening their mouth to someone who might be really problematic."
Guàn smiled kindly at the man, finding his concern cute.
"They are not going to do that."
"How can you be so sure?"
"First because they are too scared of possible retaliation, second that they are too busy now tearing up Lila Rossi." She replied nonchalantly. "Sabrina sent a compilation of all her lies with evidence and facts to Max. They will keep themselves busy for at least until next month with this."
"The only persons we should be concerned with at the moment are Lila Rossi and Alya Césaire." Giáp said seriously. The hard line of his mouth showed how uncomfortable he was with the two girls.
"... Can't we just disappear with them?" Damian asked condescendingly. Caring nothing for the implications of his words.
"No." Kagami was succinct. "If they disappeared now, we would be the prime suspects and even if justice cannot touch us, we would be in evidence." The frown said how bitter she felt about it. "More than we already are."
Kagami would be the first person of the three to suggest getting rid of the problem, but because the three of them in evidence - for having participated in the UW -, that would not be possible.
"Why don't we leave Lila to the police to handle?" Sabrina asked uncertainly, everyone turning to look at her. "She's old enough to be judged by the justice both here and in Italy."
"Wait-" Nino looked at Sabrina in surprise. "Is Lila a criminal or are we planting evidence?"
"Oh, please!" Chloe rolled her eyes. “Rossi doesn't need us to do the dirty work. Her file is dirtier than the sewers in Paris.”
“So, we have a solution for Lila. Thanks Sabrina.” Guàn smiled at the redhead and the girl screeched, before hiding her red face behind the tablet.
Kagami and Guàn were two frighteningly charming young women and Sabrina's gay heart was too weak to withstand such direct attacks.
"Now we need something about Césaire and her gossip blog." Giáp said.
They all sat in silence pondering possible routes.
"Oh!" Nino sighed, an idea forming in his head.
"What is it, Nino?" Kagami asked.
"What is the best way to destroy a journalist?"
Everyone looked at each other in confusion until Damian smiled badly. "A journalist is destroyed by his reputation." He replied. "Spreading fake news, being a tabloid writer and things like that."
"Exactly." Nino nodded his head.
"If Alya tried to expose us, her blog would be enough for all credibility to fall apart." Damian continued. "I've seen one of my dad's associates use this to stifle any news about our... Activities, that escaped to the media."
"Not to mention that she is just a teenager." Qadira, one of Damian's bodyguards, said it out loud. She opened her eyes wide when she noticed everyone looking at her and then she lowered her head to Damian, her expression chastened. "I'm sorry for my boldness, رئیس(raʾīs)."
The sharp edges on Damian's mouth softened.
“Relax Qadira. We are among friends.” He replies and the woman straightens up, slowly nodding at him. "Now elaborate what you said to us."
She hesitated for a few seconds before speaking again.
“I meant that she is just a teenager. No adult will take her seriously, even if her blog is not brought as evidence of her inability to judge or check the facts.”
"Not to mention that she seemed to be a very troubled teenager." Oma, Damian's second bodyguard, pointed. “I don't think she is an immediate risk here. She’s too volatile to be taken seriously.” She shrugged.
"Well, it looks like everything is settled." Giáp raised his arm to check the time on his wristwatch. "Just in time for us to kick Gabriel Agreste's ass."
Marinette turned to Kagami's bodyguard, a sweet smile on her face.
"See, Tetsuya?" She said. "Nothing to worry about."
"So mèi mei is engaged to the Demon's head." Giáp said suddenly. "That means we have to find our own, aneki."
He and Kagami were sitting on the leather couch, reading some important documents about companies belonging to the Three Families.
The girl looked up from the paper in her hands, no reaction beyond that.
"... I call dibs on Sabrina and Chloe." She responded quickly.
Giáp smiled conspiratorially.
"Great, because Nino is mine."
And then the two went back to reading the documents lying on the table.
... Totally ignoring the people around them, including the three mentioned, who were at different levels of embarrassment.
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lambourngb · 4 months ago
day 6: lesser known creators and creations- the hidden gems of fandom
Belated for @roswellnewmexicocreate [last few days have been challenging!]
New creators are the lifeblood of fandom, because not everyone stays in fandom or stays inspired to write for it. While there are times I just want to re-read a classic, there really is something fun about clicking on a new name to see what they think of our beloved alien show.
We have very long hiatuses, and sometimes people pull away until the show comes back, so I thought I would also highlight some lessor known creations as well from our last hiatus. As we are blessed in the malex side of fandom, there’s a small but mighty group of fans and creators, churning out new works every day, so maybe you might have missed these works.
calamitous by @bubblesyoh (3,962) - Two times they apologize to each other and three times they are so in love they can't even fool one another. 
why i like it: most of us know bubblesyoh as being a supportive friend, reblogging and commenting so prolifically- but they are also an author! Malex have without a doubt hurt one another in canon, and there is an art to writing a good apology fic and this story does it well.
kill me tonight, darling by u1ltsa (4.867)-Alex and Michael have a memorable first meeting at a party. They keep running into each other and can't seem to get enough of one another.
why i like it: It’s a human AU where over the course of months, these two keep running into each other. Michael is so smitten in this story and can’t help chasing Alex and how Alex makes him feel. It’s sexy and kinky and ends happily ever after. My favorite meeting is still the bar scene that ends up at a hotel- wow.
next time will be the last time by kit alridge (1,715) "It's not how it's going to happen, next time. Because next time will be the last time we do the falling-back-together thing." After a close shave, Alex and Michael come close to falling back into old patterns, but have a much-needed conversation instead.
why i like it: I’m so weak for the “we survived let’s fuck to celebrate” trope, and this story explores what it means for Malex to fall into it, and how closely it mirrors some of their past, unhealthy behaviors. Anyway this hits all the notes that I pray we get in the second half of season 3, where these two finally talk and admit what they want. 
tell me what you’ll do, please by @entropychanges (3,054) So, Michael, dripping like a wet mop on the restaurant’s tile floor, stood silently as he looked between the sister of the girl whose murder he covered up only two months ago, and his lover who would rather be sent off to war than be with him. Great. He swallowed, figuring he may as well break the silence.“Sorry, I wasn’t sure if-”“The kitchen is closed,” Liz interrupted, looking him up and down before saying, “but you can stay until the storm lets up.” Or, in which Michael gets caught out in the rain while sleeping in his truck, and ends up taking shelter in the last place he wants to be.
why i like it: Sometimes I like to cry about Michael, especially Michael at 17-18, after the shed. This story serves up all the angst of what his life looked like then, along with the grief that Liz was living in and the grim determination that Alex had about his own fate. They were all such babies and they were in such pain, and ugh that breaks my heart.
I’ll take care of you by @cosmiceverafter (2,055)  When Alex stops by Michael's airstream to confess how he's feeling, he ends up taking care of the alien he loves so much instead. 
why i like it: classic hurt-comfort here, which I always eat up with a spoon. Highlights for me in this story was Michael was hurt working on a project from a natural disaster, and not anything self-inflicted, and then Alex finding that iconic picture of the two of them in the desert with guitars. Ooof so many feels!
look after you by @ravens-words  Everyone checks in on Kyle. 3x04 Coda
why i like it: well before we had it in 3x06, EJ delivered the whole found-family feels of everyone coming together to make sure Kyle is okay. As they should. Kyle holds the only brain cell. EJ has been a coda-writing machine since returning to RNM with the show, so definitely check out the whole collection for season 3, and not just the chapter I linked to because they are all so good.
honey, i’m going to love you all my life by wwwjudedotcom (3,729) Alex leaves Michael a voicemail after he loses his leg because he doesn't want to die without telling Michael that he loves him. 
why i like it: this part of a great little series of fics surrounding prompts about ‘ways to say i love you’ - I’ve probably imagined Alex’s life post-injury in Iraq a million times, I so badly want to know if he dared to call Michael, did he call out for him in his morphine daze, is that how Greg knew about Michael? And I’m unsure if the show will ever answer this question, so it’s up to fanfic writers. Anyway, I love this little AU that lets Maria know just how important Michael is to Alex right from the start and where Isobel sends them to be with Alex in Germany. Ugh what a sweet thought (probably too sweet for the angst machine that is RNM).
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greycaelum · 2 months ago
Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru X OC [Tsuchimikado Seina]
(Limitless Series)
[Note: Oct 31, I give you—]
Tumblr media
"Gojo Satoru will never come back."
I know, over the months I'm well aware my better half already departed to the land of dead. And he died alone.
I cradle the small bundle in my arms wrapped in soft baby blanket. Tiny fingers poking out to reach for me.
'Toru... Our wish came true. It's just that why did you have to go first?
"Mistress, the last barriers has been breached. Please, you have to leave this place with the Young Master." Hishamaru, my ever trusted tenko fox shikigami shield me away from the cold wind of the night.
"Soushi, it means mutual affection. Satoru and I picked that name for you, love." I stare at our baby, so delicate and precious. Even before you were born, your Father and I have long prayed for you.
"Mistress, it's not the time for that. Come, I already prepared a passage for you and the Young Master away from this place."
"To where exactly?" I look up to my familiar who's unable to provide me answer.
Shaking my head I stroke the delicate cheeks of my son, my beloved son.
"The whole of Japan is already infested with curse and continuously spreading to the nearest country. There's no more place to flee to Hishamaru."
Gojo Satoru is dead. The balance of good and evil is now in shambles.
"Mama and Papa loves you so much that all we want us for you to live a good life unlike ours, Soushi." Cradling him close, I revelled to the warmth of life flowing in him.
"Seina-san! It's dangerous here, please run!" A panting Megumi barged in my chambers.
Beckoning Hishamaru, reluctantly I extended to him the bundle with my son and stood up to put on my shrine maiden's clothes.
"Take care of him for me and Satoru." I look at Megumi, the teen who's barely a legal adult—who I raised with his sister with Satoru is now left to do the same for my son.
Satoru did his job. I must do mine as well. Our son doesn't have to carry the burden we did. My husband and I are more than enough.
"Where are you going? You just gave birth!" Hishamaru protested grabbing me back.
I've stalled more than enough. Satoru bought me and our son enough time.
"I order you, protect my son." Just as his master's commands, Hishamaru is unable to break my binding.
"Please never forget to tell Soushi how much we love him. If ever he asked why we left him, tell him we never left, and we'll meet again in the better place and better time." Megumi solemnly nod.
With one last kiss to my son's forehead and aching heart I left the estate and never look back.
I find myself in the lowest part of Jujutsu Tech—Tomb of the Stars—where all the barriers protecting Japan is based.
"Tengen..." No answer from the old friend. He's almost a curse by now and I cannot risk touching him or else I might exorcise him.
"Did the stars tell you to do this?" He raspy voice echoed to my hearing as I walk to the center platform where an altar is long prepared.
"There's a dying tiger. Will you save it or not?"
Laying down the cold stone I stare at the faint light above. All I ever wished was to live a good life with my husband and child. Satoru gave me happiness, and my son gave me strength. In that short time, my heart found peace.
"If you save it, the tiger would eat the critters in the mountain. To save one life in exchange for hundreds."
But that happiness is short-lived. Because Satoru and I have our duties.
"If you don't use kindness the right way it will hurt many. Mercy isn't saving one life. Saving hundred of lives is not mercy either. Saving everybody, that it mercy." Tengen finished and I close my eyes feeling my divine energy flowing out of me.
It will summon the Twelve Heavenly Generals to purify Japan—the root of the disaster—in exchange for me.
This is my obligation and I'm going to fulfill it.
I am not merciful, the truth is I'm selfish. I'm more than ready to throw my life if it means securing a better future for our son. The reason I'm here is to ensure Soushi would never suffer the way Satoru and I have to sacrifice our lives.
He just needs to live simply and away from all the grief of Jujutsu.
"Ahhh, I wish we could have a meal as a family even just for once." I smiled letting tears of regret fall.
Satoru... I'm coming with you. Soushi... Mama and Papa will always watch over you.
Years later...
"Six Eyes must not exist within two person at the same time."
The white haired boy frowned at the words of the gatekeeper.
"Then take my Six Eyes." The boy shrug earning a sigh from the gatekeeper who place his dried hands above the eyes of the young boy.
"Traveling across time is a taboo. I cannot guarantee you will meet the person you wish to see. Why must you go in this perilous travel?" It intrigues a timekeeper like him how this little boy found the gap between time and isn't one bit afraid at the thought of getting lost in the void of nothingness and not coming back.
"I want to meet my Mother and Father..."
Determined eyes stare to the void, knowing what he's seeking is beyond.
Tumblr media
Check out the Masterlist for more.
All rights and credits of the Jujutsu Kaisen character(s) mentioned, image(s) and song(s) used belong to their respective owner(s).
Tumblr media
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keyheartsia-dorm · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The Dorm Leaders with a S/O who Burned themselves making Microwave Food
(This is definitely not something that just happened to me like 10 minutes ago but you should definitely like and subscribe and don’t forget to hit the Bell icon Cause seriously some parts of my hand Hurt like a B...Not that I burned myself or anything)
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
• So Your feeling a Gosh dang HUNGER
• You’re too hungry to wait For Trey to bake anything So
• So Kennel Corn it is!
• In your HUNGER daze you threw the popcorn in carelessly and forget to Press the Popcorn Button and just pressed the 4 Button instead of the 3 Button like you meant to even though 3 PROBABLY would’ve Ruined Your Popcorn anyway
• You text Riddle to see if he’d wanna Share some Popcorn He said he would bring some Tarts he had just put in the oven So you waited...Thinking about Food...not noticing the disaster you were Setting into place
• Anyway you Open the Microwave Full of Hope like a Doe being born on a beautiful spring day then as soon as the black Popcorn started shooting out of your Microwave in Ramshackle you then had the same disappointment as a spring Doe who was just forced to watch Fox and the Hound Like Holy Heck that Movie gives me the Hecko Deppreso
• One Burning Kernel Hit your Cheek Just as you Wince Riddle Comes into your Kitchen With Wide eyes
• He Drags you out Picnic Basket with Tarts in Hand and Takes you to the Nurse’s Office and Asks for...whatever Burned people Need As He Patches you up you 2 Share a ~Moment~
“Riddle Honestly it’s not THAT big of a deal” You Chuckle Anxiously “Don’t be Ridiculous Y/N!” he keeps Patching you up “It Must Seriously Hurt..” He looks a little Sad and while looking sadly into your eyes he kisses your cheek where the Burn was you wince as He Quickly Spits an Apology you Chuckle “You can Kiss it better if you want~” he Looks away bright Red as you 2 Sit in the Nurse’s Office Sharing Tarts
Tumblr media
Leona King Scholar
• “I can’t Hecking Cook!!!” you found yourself Exclaiming in the Savannaclaw Kitchen Ruffling your hair
• You see Poor F-Ing Ruggie Needs a Break that’s not a secret to anyone (# Please Stop Hyena Abuse # Please Edit A Garfield Comic Where Leona is Garfield and Ruggie is John) so you said you’d make Leona his Lunch
• why the Heck you said you’d do this you Adorable stupid Hecking Idiot you but hey you did dumb dumb
• So here you are looking in the Freezer and BINGO Big ole Meat Chunk!
• So you being A fanfic protagonist Put a giant mystery meat chunk in the microwave pressed some Buttons and said..”Eh Good enough” Guess your sex god heart throb Boyfriend Is rubbing off on you ok I see how it is Y/N OK I SEE HOW IT IS
• Anyway besides my needless aggression with my words You started to look for some utensils you found A Bento Box and a Spoon thank goodness but you figured you might Need some mittens Lunch was soon and The meat was long done but no mittens
• Leona Nonchalantly Enters The scene cause Ruggie Told him you’d be making his Lunch and Lunch started like 15 Minutes ago
• He looks at the Scene before him and sighs and takes your hands like the sex god heartthrob he is and looks at your red palms almost Deadpanning
Your face a light red “Yeah...I know I massively Screwed up with your Lunch But I really wanted t-“ “I know And I appreciate it even though you are a massive screw up..But you keep trying I appreciate that about you” He starts to lick your Palms and your face Erupts into a Blush “What the Heck!?!” he looks up at you “It’s to cool your hands down but you ARE gonna go get me Food from the vending machine afterwards”
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
• you slam your Hands Dramaticly on your Kitchen Table “I CANNOT ACCEPT ANYMORE FREEBIES FROM THE MONSTRO LOUNGE” You were sure Azul Would start making you pay if not Azul Jade for sure
• So time to start making Food for yourself!! You Quickly Head to a Convience store where a Certain Chaotic Neutral Eel Notices you Buying like 10 Frozen...PIECES OF FOOD
• You Dump like all off them on your Counter and Choose to make some Weird fish
• You Slap that Sorry Sucker in the Microwave and like the other Sorry Suckers in this Scenario you will Burn yourself and beautiful Bishounen Shenanigans will ensue but we’re not there yet
• You literally just bought a piece of not even normal looking fish Of course it didn’t come with a Time Recommendation So you while staring at it for like 10 minutes (Letting it thaw quite a bit but you didn’t notice) You threw it in for 7 And figured “eh 7’s a lucky number this’ll work” Didn’t you read Leona’s Scenario? What happened when THEY said Eh
• You Dumby You Dating a Merman Boughta Eat a fish Dumbo what do you have? Ears?
• Anyway Floyd and And Azul are Chatting well it’s more like Floyd is talking At Azul while he does paper work Yeah I totally Saw them Buying a bunch a Random Frozen Weird Massively Weird Right? Anyway So Apparently They Let you Mix ALL THE slushie is Flavors”
• Azul hearing this After finishing up some more Paperwork Decides to go Visit You and to his Shock he finds you Trying to hold a Basically at this point Charcoal Fish and when you drop It on your leg Leaving a SEXY weird fish shaped burn he’s Immediately on that
He puts a Hand to his Temple and sighs For a Moment before sweeping you off your feet before you could say a word..the you did say a word a few in fact “I’m Sorry Azul I know you can’t give me freebies forever but I’m a terrible cook” He Kisses your forehead and gives you a reassuring look “You’re my Beloved you can rely on me as much as you want I’ll get you some bandages when we’re back at the monstro lounge and Jade will make you something not made of Charcoal” and you bet he carried you all the way
Tumblr media
Kalim Al Asim
• you both wanted to cook Something for Jamil...Okay this’ll go south fast.
• the road to Heck Is often Paved with Good intentions
• You Were tasked with picking out food and Kalim for Kitchen Prep
• Anyway Let’s get this poor Wreck Jamil’s gonna have to fix over with
• “I Picked out some Tofu! Smart people like tofu right?
• Kalim Tossed that And all sortsa Stuff Into the Microwave and Waved off all your concerns figuring it’ll be fine! come on Y/N you coward Your a fanfic Protag you don’t have to think Silly goose no thoughts head empty
• like 15 minutes later you 2 Hear Smoke while trying to make Pulpless Handsqueezed Orange Juice cause HECK PULP
• He Opened The Microwave and the only thing that Looked even Remotely salvageable was the tofu and because you 2 are the cutest most head empty Couple Apparently you didn’t Put a plate underneath so you braving all the danger reached into the Microwave...
“Ouch!” You teared up a little And were about to Put your finger in your mouth as you do Before Kalim put your finger in his Mouth You looked at him shell shocked after a couple seconds he started pressing light kisses on them “I’m so sorry! I should’ve thought this through more! I’ll nurse you back to health!” And For the rest of the day he essentially treated you like you were crippled he carried you he fed you everything don’t worry you slipped away for a little to clean up the mess in the kitchen before Jamil got back Kalim Babysitting is always an Experience to be Had for sure
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
• “Vil! I wanna Eat Carbs Heck you!!”
• if that’s not how Every story I do With Vil Starts I’ll be Gosh Danged
• anyway after you stopped listening to him you looked him DEAD in the eyes and Shoved that frozen Mac and Cheese in the Microwave and slammed...Some Numbers In wow what a power move
• He Gasped and Power walked away
• You Laughing Manically Triumphantly
• But after awhile you felt kinda bad and decided to make some Carb free food for Vil as an Apology for Deliberatly and spitefully trying to make him Mad
• But that was the final nail in your microwaved coffin When you took out your Luckily not entirely burned Mac and Cheesies it was real hot like
• You were trying To get it to a plate Quickly And Spilled some on your Wrist Luckily Your Sexy mean Boyfriend was Here To save the day and wow he’s holding something”
“Sweet Potato?” He peeked through the Door and saw you Holding your Wrists in Pain he immediately walked in And Held them tenderly “I’m Sorry Sweet Potato things got heated I did get you a..Low Carb Meal at Olive Garden I Hope this Makes things up to you I know I can’t Control your life it’s just kinda my nature” You Smiled at him through the pain “It’s Fine Vil I got WAY too Mad I’m sorry I made you a salad” you both Enjoyed your food him feeding you yours then later he put some lotion on your Wrists
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
• Omg it’s the best boy 🥺
• I mean I am not Partial to any character Do not worry I do not want to be in a Poly relationship with both Malleus and Idia
• So you wanted To Hang Out with your Boyfriend today he said sure but that he would be Busy doing raids with his Online friends you agreed and even said you’d bring snacks which you did
• Including Instant Ramen! My-I mean YOUR favorite
• you decided to show how reliable in the Kitchen you are to your boyfriend by making such a Delicacy for him while he doesn’t have the time to himself at the moment
• This is will work out Well
• You decide to do it in your kitchen and bring to him
• this will work out well
• You also Make it mostly towards his room before divine intervention Intervines and says That’s not the point of this fanfic idiot
• It probably mostly worked out for you cause you have the best taste tho so-
• Ortho Hears a Mighty Loud Catwerwhail (here’s hoping I spelled that right) and Comes to check whose outside the door
• “Big Sister/Brother?” He Quickly Runs some Water on your Shoulder and Bandages you Up And Leads you in Idia’s Room With the snacks in tow meanwhile he’s wondering if your Ok or not
“Idia Senpai!” You Sit next to him And he notices your Bandages “What Happened?” You look away a little Blushing a bit “I Spilled hot Instant Ramen on my shoulder Ortho parched me up though but! I brought the rest of the snacks though sor-“ Before you can apologize he Puts his Jacket on your shoulders “No I’m sorry for not noticing I would’ve...Tried to help” His sad expression turns into one of his Competitve smirks “I’ll Finish this Raid Boss so Quicker then you even Burned Yourself!” And He did cause he’s the best Gamer boy then you played Monoply With Him and Ortho cause he’s the best boy you have the best taste RAMEN TASTES SO GOOD-
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
• My Second Love I mean nothing Let’s finish this I’ve been here since like 4 it’s 7 rn
• You invited Malleus to dinner And you wanted a Good Blanced Dinner!
• Chicken From Panda Express
• McDonald’s Chocolate Milk
• Some Patties from Burger King
• Oh Yeah Veggies!
• Wait! Everything’s Closed now!!! Y/N I KEPT TELLING YOU TO STOP BEING DUM-
• Oh you have some frozen Vegetables? Okay Touché
• You Toss them in the Microwave for 6 Minutes and get ready
• You dress as Nicely as Possible in 10 Minutes cause you plan Things Horribly apparently...not that I relete having been here for like at least 2 hours
• He’s Here~ him being Also the best boy is already setting the table with Magic cause he’s just nice like that and even Enchanted the food to be set on the table and the milk in the Glasses
• But you INSISTED to present The Vegetables
• “Child of Man I really don’t min-“ “No! I got this really!!”
• Let’s see how well that turned out for you
You got the Vegetables Outta the Microwave in such a Haste you didn’t even notice how hot it was and dumped it on the plate it wasn’t horribly burnt but was Horribly Hot Malleus was Amazed though “So Man’s Growing Vegetables in Bags now?..” he Reached to touch but you smacked his hand away so fast your hand touched the food and burned you “Ouch! I’m sorry Mal But it’s really hot” He immediately Understood and Summoned some Magical Water as he do and your burn was gone “I love you Child of man even though us Fae Can’t burn you tried to shield me anyway my sweet gentle Child of man”...Did you know that I ain’t know that?
Tumblr media
I have a Masterlist it has all my X reader fics And my Oc Stuff I will be Adding this in like a day or 2 probably now if you’ll excuse me I never Wanna Look at another word again except also I’m literally probably gonna go read fanfic
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mooniyooni · 9 months ago
Dad of Destruction | KNJ
Tumblr media
Recording ran over longer than intended which meant Namjoon was a few hours late to coming home to his little family. He had let you know about his late arrival when he found out he’d be stuck there a while longer. You told him you understood and that you and your two little ones would wait up for him as long as you could. He thought about telling you not to but it was a weekend, you had no plans the next day and he was excited to see the three of you when he finally got to be home.
Walking through the front door he was met with a mess of toys (nothing new) and a homemade blanket fort built by dining room chairs and the couch cushions, that was new. Peeking inside one of the openings he swore his heart swelled to an unhealthy size. Inside were his two little loves snuggled up on either side of the woman who owned his heart, all three fast asleep.
He thought about waking you and telling you he was sorry about being late even though he knew he couldn’t have known or did anything about it. But instead he decided to let you get your rest.
Quietly he put the toys away where they belonged and went to your shared bedroom to shower and change into comfortable sleeping clothes. Laying in their too large bed he realized he didn’t like sleeping in it without tiny feet and hands pressed into his ribs while you slept so peacefully on the other side of the mattress.
Quietly he crept back into the livingroom where the harmony of your combined breathing with the little ones lulled him toward you. He spent a few minutes trying to find the entrance which was hidden by a couch cushion. Pulling it aside he tried using all his stealth to slither into the open space but being the well known God of destruction it didn’t play out well for him.
The moment he thought he was home free his back was hitting a single cushion, a very important pillar apparently because it’s unstableness caused the whole fort to come toppling down onto him and his family.
You were the first to wake up, your motherly instincts kicking in, fully prepared to protect your two daughters. It was until you saw your sweet yet clumsy husband sitting at your feet with a sheet over his head did you realize what had happened.
The older of your two daughters woke up seconds after you, running her eyes and looking around with a pout. “The fort...”
At the sound of his little girls saddened voice he was tossing the sheet off of his head to comfort her. “Daddy, you broke the fort.” She states, only being on the earth a few years now and already knowing her Fathers little curse well.
“It was an accident, I just wanted to sleep with you guys and Mommy. Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” He asks in a small voice, a big contrast from his large build. His fingers worked delicately at brushing away her messy bed head to look over her for any signs of injury.
“I’m okay. But our fort is hurt.”
“Daddy didn’t mean to honey. We can rebuild it, yeah? Build it around Daddy so he can fit well.” You suggest, checking on your younger daughter who laid beside you completely unfazed and fast asleep with her mouth wide open. “Right Daddy?”
“Right. I’ll lay right here with sister and be as still as I can so nothing can break.” He assured her, switching places with you so he could get comfortable, lifting the small girl up into the nook of his arm.
Reluctantly the tired eldest nodded and stood up, collecting the torn down sheets and assisted you in the rebuild of her beloved fort. Inside Namjoon didn’t so much as make an uneven breath, determined to keep her fort Joon-proof.
When it was finished you and your daughter entered again with ease, burrowing yourselves down beside him in the blankets. Your daughter took to Joons empty arm, copying her sister in stealing away his warmth and falling back asleep.
You played as the big spoon, holding your little girl and resting your hand on Namjoons stomach, smiling at how lucky you were to have your Princesses and destructive King.
The next morning you woke up to the sun peeking in through the gaps in the fort. Your younger daughter was awake and sitting up, playing with your husbands hair quietly, smiling sweetly when she noticed your eyes on her.
Your older child was still fast asleep, as was her Dad, both making identical snores. You sat up, carefully grabbing your smaller girl and laying her on your chest where she happily stayed, wiggling her toes and twisting her fingers in your hair, a relaxation habit of hers, putting her back to sleep shortly after.
“Can we do this more often?” Namjoons gruff morning voice speaks after a while. “I like being close to you and the girls like this.”
“I do too. Let’s get rid of our bed and make our bedroom into a giant fortress.” You laugh, dragging your nails gently up and down your baby’s back.
He let out an amused chuckle, and then his stomach let out a not so happy rumble.
“I guess that means we need to get up and make breakfast.” You announce, maneuvering the little girl from your body to curl into her sisters back.
Crawling out of the mess you realized Namjoon wasn’t behind you. “Are you coming?”
“I’m scared to move.” He admits sheepishly. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be there.”
You nodded knowing he’d have to very carefully get out in order to avoid tearing it down again. But his chaos inducing powers were inevitable because only minutes later there was a crashing notice and two little annoyed voices shouting, “Daddy!”
“I’m sorry, are you okay? Are you hurt? We can build it again, right? Honey? Y/N can you come here a minute?”
Dad!Namjoon is my new weakness. 👨 This is unedited so it’s probably a disaster.
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amedetoiles · a year ago
Tumblr media
@suibian-chenqing​ ME TOOOO!!! It is my ultimate endgame in any version of cql/mdzs. Just Lotus Pier in some way, shape, or form being the home where everyone returns to.
So please consider a universe where everyone makes better choices, has healthier conflict resolution skills à la conversations over soup, and lives happily ever after. Hear me out:
We all know that the chaotic Jiang disciples are the unsung heroes of the story, always merrily dragging their grumpy grape sect leader from danger and picking up after his dramatically discarded capes across various parts of the country.
What if after that staged fight while Jiang Cheng angrily copes with brozilla wedding planning (they hear him crying yelling multiple times at all the notebooks full of wedding ideas Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng have jotted down over the years), they decide that this is just not conducive to the happiness of their two favorite Young Masters?
Or equally important, the continuation of their beloved tradition of monthly Lotus Pier lake parties. A Jiang pool party without their resident chaos king and undisputed champion for the highest caliber splash swan dives? This Will Not Stand!
Obviously it is their Duty and their Right as the protectors and purveyors of Jiang culture for a few of them to secretly stow away while Jiang Cheng is having an epic meltdown over fabric.
“800 thread count? Are you out of your goddamn minds? My only sister, and you expect us to throw her a wedding with disgraceful eight hundred thread count fabric?! Do we Jiangs look like barbarians to you?!”
The Jiang disciples go to Yiling, rush up the Burial Mounds, and shout very convincingly, “Da-shixiong! Da-shixiong! Zongzhu, he – he –”
Wei Wuxian, war-torn, living with ten thousand ghosts, and constantly on edge, panics immediately, jumps to the absolute worst conclusion, and doesn’t even clarify before he rushes down the mountain because oh god, oh god, no, not again, didn’t he leave so his siblings would be safe, didn’t he promise to keep Jiang Cheng safe?????
Wen Qing warily agrees to come along because they clearly now have this well-established ongoing unspoken agreement to constantly save each other’s little brothers.
If the Jiang disciples have caught Jiang Cheng brooding over a pretty redwood comb wrapped in a silk handkerchief more than once, then they don’t say anything. Just share silent looks of glee when no one is watching.
By the time they reach Lotus Pier, Wei Wuxian has worked himself up into such a state of frenzy that he bursts through the doors of Lotus Pier like a black thundercloud of overprotective fury and worry, screaming, “JIANG CHENG! JIANG CHENG!”
.... Jiang Cheng is sitting on the floor of the Sword Hall, surrounded by a mountain of square fabric samples, with bits of thread stuck in his hair, totally gobsmacked at the sight of his windswept big brother.
Wei Wuxian, still panicked, falls to the floor in front of him, grabs Jiang Cheng by the arms before he can even react, and frantically checks him over. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened – I thought –”
Jiang Cheng stares at him. Wei Wuxian blinks. The Jiang disciples have all conveniently disappeared.
Behind them, Wen Qing heaves a big sigh, slow and long through pursed lips. She bows respectfully, says “I will be outside,” and gets the fuck out of there.
There is a tense silence. Wei Wuxian realizes he’s been tricked, but he is so overcome with relief after all that soul-crushing fear that he doesn’t even get mad, just sags forward with his face in Jiang Cheng’s chest as the adrenaline leaves him all at once. He pretends he’s not shaking.
Jiang Cheng doesn’t know if he wants to shove Wei Wuxian away, hug him back, or wrap him in as many blankets as he can possibly find until a-jie comes home. He does none of those, just demands, half-strangled, half-something-like-worry, “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“They said – I thought you were in trouble or – or –”
[long pause] “You – came all the way here shouting like a possessed lunatic because you thought I was in trouble?”
Wei Wuxian hunches a little defensively and starts to move away. “Of course I did.” He makes sure to add, with emphasis, “Idiot.”
It doesn’t matter if Jiang Cheng can’t make up his mind because apparently his hands can, and they grip both of Wei Wuxian’s elbows to keep his brother from pulling away. They stare at one another.
”You said you didn’t want anything to do with the Jiang sect.”
Wei Wuxian looks away, grumbling. “How else was I supposed to keep you and shijie safe? Besides, you’re the one who stabbed me.” He is very pouty about this.
Jiang Cheng, immediately incensed and indignant, shouts, “You broke my arm! I had to be in a cast for a whole month!”
An almost smile flashes over Wei Wuxian’s face. “Hey, it was only your left arm. You were still able to write.”
Jiang Cheng glares at him and shoves his shoulder. Wei Wuxian instinctively shoves him back. They stare. Wei Wuxian scrubs his face tiredly with his hands. Jiang Cheng has to push away the urge to motherhen with blankets again.
He says, “I never asked you to protect me.”
Wei Wuxian gives him a look. “I don’t need to be asked.”
Jiang Cheng grits his teeth. “I don’t want you to protect me, idiot.”
Wei Wuxian heaves a very resigned sigh. “Then what do you want?”
Several answers come up, all too serious and too revealing without the support of a-jie’s soup and copious amount of alcohol. So Jiang Cheng just throws a handful of fabric samples at Wei Wuxian’s face. “Help me pick through these until a-jie comes home. You should have fucking heard Jin Zixuan’s suggestions last week. If we let the peacock plan a-jie’s wedding, it’s going to be an absolute disaster.”
Wei Wuxian’s smile this time is real and genuine and lasts the entire afternoon of bickering over fabric squares until Jiang Yanli rushes into the pavilion with many Jiang disciples in tow and hugs both her brothers for the first time in months. They manage to not horribly cry all over each other.
Jiang Yanli insists Wen Qing has dinner with them. There’s plenty of soup after all. Jiang Cheng is awkwardly stiff and doesn’t look Wen Qing in the eye the entire time, and Wei Wuxian pokes him repeatedly with silent  what the hell is wrong with you.
They talk about growing turnips, purifying rice wine, that the scariest thing about Wen Ning is his ability to create a disturbingly large variety of dishes from turnips, and how Wei Wuxian has essentially adopted baby A-Yuan as his own.
Later, Jiang Yanli tells Wen Qing, with a smile, her eyes alight like a flame, that she will take care of it. Wen Qing has no idea what this means. Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian share a look as only little brothers with intimate knowledge of their big sister’s stubbornness could and wisely choose to remain silent.
Jiang Yanli enlists the help of both Jin Zixuan and Madam Jin and somehow does indeed take care of it.
Many back door conversations occur between Jiang, Jin, Lan, and Nie sects. Jin Zixuan is the sole Jin representative. Nie Mingjue is initially leery but comes at the behest of Huaisang and Xichen.
At some point, Wen Ning tells Wei Wuxian that if they are going to do this, then it’s best if they have no more secrets. Wei Wuxian glares and tries to pretend that he has no idea what he is talking about, but neither Jiang Yanli nor Jiang Cheng allow Wei Wuxian to run away this time.
There is an emotional golden core reveal, followed by an equally emotional I didn’t go back for their bodies, with lots of shouting, shoving, crying, and clinging. In the aftermath, the Jiang siblings form an even stronger co-dependent unit around each other.
Jiang Yanli coordinates with Lan Xichen (and a begrudgingly cooperative Jiang Cheng) to bring Lan Wangji to Lotus Pier to help Wei Wuxian control his powers. Wangxian are desperately cute, and Jiang Cheng makes pointed gagging sounds whenever he’s around them that leads to several incidents of lake shoving, an excitable gaggle of Jiang disciples swan diving into the water after them, and a very, very confused Lan.
In the end, Wei Wuxian refuses to hand over the Stygian Tiger Seal to any of the sects, but he does agree to destroy it if Wen Qing, Wen Ning, and the remaining Wens are granted clemency and allowed to live freely without persecution. Jiang, Lan, and Nie sects agree.
Jin Guangshan tries to make an uproar, but in a surprising turn of events, Jin Guangyao (grateful for Jiang Yanli’s non-judgmental kindness over the past year) reveals all of his father’s treacherous secrets, including ordering the slaughter of Wen civilians, pardoning and releasing Xue Yang, and purposefully fueling the mob against Wei Wuxian to acquire the seal for himself. Jin Guangshan is shamed, sentenced, and dies imprisoned some months later.
Jin Zixuan formally recognizes his newly renamed brother Jin Ziyao.
Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian decide that their sister is even scarier than they had believed.
The Wens leave the Burial Mounds and build a small village together in Yiling where they branch into farming non-turnip crops much to the delight of Wei Wuxian. Jiang disciples are dispatched to help with the construction of several buildings, including one extremely beautiful apothecary. Jiang Cheng is seen in Yiling fairly regularly.
Jin Zixun, the most vocal opponent against the pardons for Wei Wuxian and the Wens, tragically falls off a cliff one day. Sect Leader Yao tries to pin it on Wei Wuxian, but Jiang Cheng shuts him down with scathing ferocity.
Someone also puts a Silencing Spell on Sect Leader Yao and keeps it going. Every Lan swears it was not them and thus cannot remove the spell. It lasts for two glorious months. Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji get along disturbingly well from that point on.
Wei Wuxian is there when Jiang Yanli gets married in a magnificent splendor of red and gold. He is there to see Jin Ling born, to watch Jiang Cheng tie a purple bell to their nephew’s robes, and to gift little A-Ling a bracelet on his first month birthday. He is there to watch Jiang Cheng rebuild their sect with unending grit, respect, and loyalty. He is there to see Jin Ling and A-Yuan grow up underneath a sky he helped clear, loved and adored by all the different parts of their family. And some years after he and Lan Wangji are happily married, Wei Wuxian is there when his little brother dons red robes and bows to the heavens, to the earth, and to a woman with a redwood comb in her hair whose life became entwined with theirs so very long ago.
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lonelydiary · 9 months ago
"Kara would always choose saving others. That's just who she is."
Oh, but Alex, honey, deep down you know it's not true. At least not when it comes to Lena and the world. Because not so long ago you were witnessing exact same situation with your useless gay disaster sister, who refused to save the world, even when her beloved best friend was trying to brainwash it. Not when it comes with the price of Lena's safety.
Now it's another gay disaster, who refuses to think about the safety of the world, when her beloved best friend is not safely in her arms right this instant.
I refuse to believe that Alex is not groaning internally: "Again?! Right in front of my salad? Why I always have to witness their pining after each other first hand, jesus?!"
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anarmorofwords · 6 months ago
Irish Lightwood-Collins siblings for @foxglove-airmid 's birthday - once again, happy birthday darling!!! - and yes, it's a day late, because apparently I can't do anything on time, but I still hope you enjoy it <3
do let me know if I messed up with the Irish words, please
no tws apply
"My heart will always call you home"
“I do not know about you, Tom, but I’m positively shaking with excitement at the prospect of meeting the infamous Oliver.”
Barbara took a deep breath and placed her hands firmly on her vanity table, fighting the urge to strangle her own sister - who obviously only came to her room to torment her.
“For the last time, Genie, you've already met him.”  
Eugenia scoffed at that, and Tomás, leaning against the doorframe, brought his hand to his face to cover a smile.  
“Not officially! Not as your suitor, that is. He was but a face in the crowd back then, and now I shall examine him close enough to determine whether he’s worthy of your hand.”
“Should he hide any skeletons in the closet, we’ll get them out.” Tomás added, full-on grinning now. And here she thought at least her brother had some sense, but clearly, she was the only reasonable child in the family. A tragedy, indeed. With a sigh, she went back to pinning her hair, carefully examining herself in the mirror, with an occasional glance behind.
“Must I remind you; this is not a court trial? Oliver is coming over for dinner, and for Raziel’s sake, your foolish antics better not scare him away.”
Tomás moved from his post by the door, approaching Eugenia, who was perched on a floral armchair in the corner. “It is yet to be decided whether we will be attempting to scare him away.” He said.
Eugenia nodded solemnly, though there was no mistaking the mischievous glint in her eyes.
“I hate to admit that, but I agree with Tom. We don’t have a verdict yet, so we can make no promises. But even if he does, in fact, turn out to be a fine man, we will still need to have a few words with him, to make it clear what happens should he ever think of hurting you.”
“Genie!” Barbara protested fiercely, suddenly terrified.  
“Oh no, she’s right. I was thinking we take him to the weaponry after dinner, to emphasize the point.”  
Her siblings exchanged knowing smiles, and that was it, Barbara was certain the evening would be a tragedy. Without years of experience, could one tell the difference between these two teasing and being serious? She loved her family beyond words, but to the outsider, she feared they could be a little... too much.  
Then again, if the outsider couldn’t handle her family, maybe he wasn’t the right outsider. But for some reason, right seemed to be the exact word her mind stumbled upon whenever she thought about Oliver, so she forced herself to take a deep breath. Relax. She wouldn’t let the nerves get the best of her.  
She looked over her shoulder at her siblings, Tomás's tall figure towering over Eugenia, both of them dressed up – Tomás's waistcoat matching Eugenia’s pale lavender dress. They were quietly exchanging muttered words with smug expressions. Scheming.
“You will not say or do anything stupid to Oliver, or I swear, you’ll get to know the elder sister's wraith.”
“That shall be interesting,” Eugenia mumbled, and Barbara groaned in frustration.  
“You’re insufferable.”
“I’m your beloved sister-
“The two aren’t, unfortunately, mutually exclu-”
“Children.” Their mother’s voice came from the hall, and soon her lean figure appeared in the doorway. “I do think you should cease this bickering; we’re having a guest over in just a few minutes.”
“Mam, please save this evening from turning into a disaster - they are set on tormenting Oliver! If I lose my chance at a happy marriage thanks to these two heathens, I’m taking Genie’s dowry as compensation, to live out my poor lonely life in comfort.”
Eugenia laughed, rolling her eyes. “Abandon the dramatics, Barbs, your man is only in danger if he earns it.”
Sophie shook her head, the disapproving nature of the gesture overshadowed by the fond smile on her lips.
“The evening will go well, and you needn’t worry about a thing. Thank you, though - I feel much younger when the three of you start acting like toddlers again.”
“You are young, Mam. And toddlers are far less infuriating.”
“Oh, a stór.” Her mother approached her, and picked up the last pearl hairpin from the jewelry box. She smiled to Barbara in the mirror as she tucked it in place, and she felt as if she was ten again, carefree and naïve, ecstatic to go to a party and eat delicious pastry, and stay up way past her usual bedtime. She almost expected to see little Thomas sitting next to her on the vanity, sticking out his tongue as he concentrated on brushing Genie’s hair. The memory filled her with equal parts warmth and nervous anticipation.
“Please tell me at least Father isn’t losing his mind over this dinner.”
In the mirror, her mother winced a little. “I’m afraid that would be a lie. But remember - your father loves you very much, and only wants to make sure you’ll be safe and loved. He’ll probably never consider any man good enough for his little girl, but he trusts your choices. We both do. Besides, your father’s hardly in a position to judge a courtship too harshly.”
They all chuckled at that, the infamous story of their father’s proposal always vivid in their minds, after being repeated over and over again, at family dinners and balls and quiet evenings by the fire alike. The room erupted into chatter, about how the bar was quite low and Oliver better not take that as an example, and we’ll talk about it again once you fall in love, Tom, but Barbara’s thoughts seemed to float away suddenly.
She paused to take it all in, the way her family’s voices echoed through her room, the neatly organised vanity before her, her floral duvet and panelled beige walls she had spent hours staring at. For a moment, she was overwhelmed by melancholy at the prospect of leaving all of it behind.
But then another thought sparked to life inside her, a blurry vision of some other room not unlike this, filled with laughter, only coming from little kids with her eyes and Oliver’s smile, and her heart fluttered a little. She usually refrained from thinking too much about the future, knowing it did no good for a Shadowhunter to try and hold on to something so fragile, but right now, she couldn’t help it. Couldn’t fight a piercing realization that this was the future she had dreamed of, if a little subconsciously, for a long time.  
Her mother’s touch on her shoulder brought her back to the present moment. Their eyes met in the reflection again, and she tried to wipe the emotions from her face, but apparently, she didn’t quite manage – or perhaps a mother’s instinct saw through it, because the next moment, her mother was leaning down, and whispering:  
“If he was to give you up on the account of your siblings, he wouldn’t be worthy of you either way. But I have a feeling Oliver’s brave, and his feelings for you make him even braver. I believe he might even handle these two.” She smiled, as she always did - bright and comforting and like a sunny day, promising steady happiness. “It’ll be alright, a leanbh.”
She kissed her head then, and Barbara exhaled, feeling some of the tension leave her shoulders. She left the room with the rest of her family, heading to join their father downstairs. They were her home, and whatever happened with Oliver, she would always carry that home within her heart.
a stór - "my treasure"
a leanbh - affectionate term for a child
I will probably write a follow-up to this - the actual dinner and post-dinner Haywood conversation, but I wanted to have it posted at least not that long after your birthday, sooo
tag list (lmk to be tagged/removed): @foxglove-airmid ​ @andreils-bitch @mariflorenceisabella @chaos-and-starlight @ohcoolnice ​ @nott-the-best ​ @monalo4 @stxr-thxif ​ @shadowqueendiangelo @annabeth-clace @jennyleedream @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 ​ @clarys-heosphoros @sapphic-in @yozinha-z @pastwhereourfeetcouldtouch @wannabe-warlock @littlx-songbxrd @itsjusta-j-really @writeforjordelia @cant-think-of-anything @time-is-the-stuff-of-dreams
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cloud-ya · 6 months ago
first impression: when I saw hov for the first time I thought she's some very powerful and rare character that I missed a chance to get
impression now: she's my baby and wife and emotional support at once. I love this murder lady so much. she's also my main dps and the first valk to have her equipment completed
favourite moment: any moment she appears in story but I really liked her debut and the moment in chapter 25 when she could just talk with Kiana without throwing hands for a second
idea for a story: my beloved what-if scenario where both she and himeko survive the final lesson and are more or less forced to cooperate.
unpopular opinion: sure not fully agreeing on all that "sirin did nothing wrong" thing. and despite her torturing kiana mentally (and physically if counting the infection in chapter 17) she could be this or other way redeemed if only mihoyo used their funky little making no sense ways or plot holes to make them cooperate like veliona and seele instead of making one disappear. "we're like water and fire" my ass, kiana said they're two sides of the same coin and what dimension do you live in that a coin has only one side
favourite relationship: she and kiana would be great sisters if given chance. cecilia trying to be her mom was cute too. a huge stretch on that since she almost killed her but all that poetic gay shit she was telling mei 👌
favourite headcanon: I think she might be scared of medical objects and hospitals?? all that babylon lab stuff sure must've given her a hard PTSD with symptoms other than wanting to get rid of humans. I also saw someone saying that perhaps kiana's goofy personality was what sirin was like before the lab and becoming herrscher and I liked that idea a lot. that may or may not include being a disaster in the kitchen
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disorganizedkitten · a month ago
(All) The Potter twins are disasters, more at four
Hi yes sometimes (often) I do the thing where you go 'oh!! what if! My universe! Met THIS UNIVERSE!! Gestures at a beloved fic written by someone else' but today/yesterday it was just... crack. Bc I read a lot of serious, very good, nicely thought out fics ripe with character development and strained interpersonal relations but all I write is just... ah yes. They love each other. It's not romantic, go celebrate that elsewhere. They just. Love. The explosion. Love go brr suckers.
Anyway highlights without stealing from others' fics include:
Potter twin idiots one and two apparently don't pack their own meds, but they have e/os bc obviously they'll manage to take their own meds on time but their bro is an idiot who'll forget his.
"Your meatsuit is revolting against your bones."
H "I am many things and against murder is not one of those." C "No one in this family is against murder." H "Kenny's against murder." C "Kenny has a body count?" H "Those were an accident and we don't talk about them."
Harry opens his mouth. "Harry, I don't know what you're thinking but it's obviously cursed so please don't." Harry closes his mouth.
Connor says something obviously Galaxy brain. "Oh wow, we've been here longer than twelve hours, my meds are wearing off."
Look, Theo and Ron could be enemies. They could be rivals. They could compete. But they're both smart enough to realize that they each have one (1) idiot Potter on their hands so they teamed up instead.
Iris, the Harry from another au, (Cobra Lily) plops down beside Hades (NOPC) and Hawthorne (Hyacinth). "Well, obviously foster kids are the best kids."
C "Wait do we need to eat. How long have we been here?"
Alt: C "Oh sure, this pocket dimension gauntlet from azkaban halts all our bodily functions so we don't need water or food, but I still burn through my Adderall, screw this."
Connor and Harry making fun of the others in sign because there are too many parselmouths to make snarky comments in parseltongue
"Please understand, I am a disaster and Harry is the only reason I'm still alive."
Connor randomly zones out and when someone else asks him what's going on "I'm trying to figure out if my parasite ended up in a pocket dimension too bc Nagini and Voldemort are gossiping about their kid. Pretty sure they don't have a kid." H "No they have a kid. You've met him." C "Wut" H "He haunts his little sister, remember?" C "Wait him? "But he's not a snake?"
Casually breaking the fourth and fifth walls bc Undead Rights
Hades is a master of smiling brightly and 'oversharing' so the others keep writing him off as an idiot, meanwhile he's using his blood to burn through the floor and see if he can get them through this bs obstacle course.
For the record, Hawthorne is having the time of his life, and Iris is very excited to talk to another human horcrux. They're very rare, you know.
(Sorrel and Charlie, the respective twins, are chilling. Sorrel is still pretending he's not related to Hawthorne. Charlie is supporting his sister's dreams of becoming a dark lady.)
I'd like to again bring up that these idiots don't pack their own meds. "Mm let's see," Connor bends his knee up and starts pulling things out of his boot. "Basilisk venom, atomoxetine, a knife, a hair tie, where the heck is my adderall?" Meanwhile, Hades pulls out a bottle of adderall, snacks, a human femur, nail polish, a vial of blood, three knives, a flashlight, more snacks, etc.
Harry routinely spouts disturbing random factoids about the human body. "There's a bone in your ear, smaller than my nail, and if I steal it you'll start walking into things because it runs your sense of balance." / "Oh look, you're shedding your skin." / "Hit him hard enough there and he'll die." / "You can live without a lot of organs you know," / "Eyeballs are just nerve goo that refract light."
"What's a horcrux?" Some poor soul asks. Iris, Charlie, Hades, and Con all zone in on them. H "A cowards way to immortality." Con "Freaking Painful," I "Useful," Ch "Annoying" all, more seriously. "An abhorration to magic's nature."
(Harry, in the corner, pouting bc horcruxes are a disgrace to necromancy: djdkfls I will burn them)
Iris, Thorne, and Hades all grew up with enough muggle influence they use memes to communicate.
snorts. "Soul magic go brr"
The normal ones: :eyes:
"You have outlived kings and empires, be proud." "Harry when was there an empire that lasted less than fifteen years"
"Hiss hiss suckers."
"Wait we've been separated for two hours and you didn't adopt all your alternate selves?" eldritch head tilt
Harry, seeing something that looks lethal: Touches it. (Con: Hades no!)
Con, seeing a really sharp knife: Slaps. Is cut. Proceeds to be excited. Harry: Calls him an idiot and heals the cut b4 also celebrating
Con: We could trade lives but I'm pretty sure that would end in disaster bc there's no way you'd survive my sister. AU person: Squints. I thought you had a brother?
When reunited, they stop for a minute and stare, slowly tilting their heads further and further until they have to turn their necks and then their torsos, going upside down. Outsider: "What are you doing?" Pts: "Ensuring his identity."
Also shoutout to Harry who can just tell it's Con bc his soul is a hot mess n Harry can see souls, but goes through the identity ritual anyway bc it makes Con feel better
"Does this remind you of operation kill the bwl or if it just me?" "It's definitely just you."
"Oh sure, you get impaled one time and no one lets you live it down."
"I'm relatively sure he's died by poison so many times it addled his brains." "This coming from the boy with a maniac sharing his headspace!" "Yeah but I can block out the maniac!"
Connor: Purposefully sets Harry up to spend twenty minutes insulting horcruxes and also voldemort
(threat) "I will end our bloodline." "Harry we're both ace. Our bloodline is ending anyway. This is why adoption exists."
C: "You're why adoption exists."
H "At this point i have like, seven parents, it should be illegal to adopt me." C "Like three of those are actually ancles." H "Please tell me you did not just call the DBs ankles"
H "Sometimes family is you, your dark artifact brother, your time travelling aunt, the dead family members you wanted to keep chillin with, your muggle uncle, your wizard uncle, your mass murdering dog, the serial killer smoke, and the fifteen muggleborn families you adopted to protect from racist politics." C "I think you forgot like... seventy people."
"Yo now that there are more of us I need names. But like, don't actually give me your names, I spend way too much time with faeries for that to be safe."
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