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Harry Potter for Spoonies Discord is live! LINK HERE

Have a chronic illness? Love Harry Potter? Come join our Hogwarts class - it’s sick! 

(I’ll be here all night. Because I’m too tired to go out.)

@bowieisawizard and I welcome you to our friendly and fun server, where our illnesses are serious, but we’re not :)

Get support, banter to take your mind off, and live monthly (maybe more) chats included! 

We appreciate any reblogs, and let your spoonie friends know about us!


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It’s still kicking! We’re always happy to have new people join, as we’re all happy to talk theories and incorrect quotes often!

Link for the server is pinned at the top of my page!

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BNHA rp discord server available characters -

UA staff

Nemuri Kayama (midnight)

Toshinori Yagi (All might)

Sekijiro Kan (Vlad king)


Higari Maijima (Power loader)

Ken Ishiyama (cementoss)

Lunch Rush

Ryo Inui (Hound dog)


1a students

Rikido Sato

Koji Koda

Toru Hagakure

Hanta Sero

Momo Yaoyorozu

1b students

Sen Kaibara

Togaru Kamakiri

Shihai Kuroiro

Ibara Shiozaki

Jurota Shishida

Nirengeki Shoda

Pony Tsunotori

Kosei Tsuburaba

Juzo Honenuki

Kojiro Bondo

Reiko Yanagi

Hiryu Rin

Pro heros

Sorahiko Torino (Gran Torino)

Wild wild pussycats (All members available except ragdoll)

Tsunagu Hakamada (Best Jeanist)

Kugo Sakamata (Gang Orca)


Shinji Nishiya (Kamui Woods)

Shinya Kamihara (edgeshot)








Eight Bullets (all members available)

Some characters not listed above may still be available such as side characters (I.e, family members, sidekicks etc.) if interested comment below, send a ask or a dm.

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Hey Folks! I’ve decided to open up some spots for my game. It’s my own tabletop game I built from the ground up, that we play over text using discord.

If you think youd be interested in that type of game go ahead and send me a PM either on tumblr or discord, my handle is MindFang#8483. I’ll talk with you a bit and give you an invite link to the discord where me and the other GM will interview you! Feel free to ask more questions in PM if you would like as well. Best of Luck and safe journeys!

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Our esteemed Community Leader, Newt, is collecting some data to try to make sure members of the Lackadaisy Discord and readership at large are as well-served with events and fun-time things as we can manage!

If you’re a Discord member, livestream attendee or even just a casual viewer of the comic or animated film updates, we’d truly appreciate it if you’d care to fill out this short form:

Lackadaisy Community Survey

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friendly reminder that i have a discord server! it’s primarily anime-based with special channels for utapri, love live, b-project, seiyuu, and more! you can also share personal art, pictures, socials, or just come on over to just hang out and have a good time!! we also have special custom emotes featuring mostly seiyuu and yours truly~

please dm me if you’re interested!! 💕

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