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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#discord link
chilljammer · an hour ago
made a server; took too long and the bots were fighting
but hey! come join! sneak peaks there and hopefully some fun too! :D
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michaelgovehateblog · 17 hours ago
when i was on twt i once got a dm from jedward saying they appreciated me after i replied to one of their tweets saying i loved them,,, absolute icons if you ask me
Tumblr media
that is true icon behaviour
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ghosttrolls-au · a day ago
im writing the adoption fic
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fanficmemes · a day ago
excuse me queen, the discord link doesn't appear to work, might you be able to post it again?
Of course monarch ✨✨
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waywardism · a day ago
hey guys, just wanted to share an invite link to a spn fanfic book club discord that i've been in for a while, it's full of amazing people, fics scheduled constantly and then talked about, or you can just pop in and chat about spn!!!
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nalanoola · a day ago
Wizard of Oz discord for all Wizard of Oz media !!!! We are lgbtq+ friendly and would LOVE to see some people join in !
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kuruhithas · a day ago
Kuruk stan group chat is live
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michaelgovehateblog · a day ago
I didn't do the minute silence yesterday because I was watching spongebob....
Also valid, I specifically went to say something to my brother, and was also listening to a specific Philip is dead playlist and chatting on the UK politics discord server, just making absolute sure to not be taking part in the silence
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candydos · 2 days ago
Hello! Sorry to bother, but will you be posting any more links to upcoming Amphibia episodes? It's ok if not I'm just curious, thanks sooo much for the link for the recent episode, I used to follow madridista-again but they got taken down and I was so worried I wouldn't be able to continue watching the show so you really helped me out today.
argh yeah, I heard Madridista got nerfed :(( glad I could help you out though!
there are some others ways you can catch the early release, which are:
join the amphibia discord! we have a watchalong that happens every Saturday @12AM EST
OR I’m not sure how fast the uploads are, but this MEGA folder updates with the releases of the S2 episodes in case you missed the stream!
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geoaether · 2 days ago
hiiii mutuals <3 is anyone up to playing jackbox in about an hour or so?
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dysfunctional05 · 2 days ago
is your bnha rp discord server still open? :0
Yeah it is! :DD
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intjxenfp-shitpost · 2 days ago
Hello!!! Uh, sorry to intrude, but it seems your discord link is invalid!!! :(
Our discord, and this blog, isn’t super active right now, but I’d be super happy to get this community up and running again. It’s been a tough few years (still ongoing) but maybe that’s more of a reason to get this started up again?
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fanficmemes · 2 days ago
So you know how some fanfic writers get a scene in their head and then have to create a whole ass beginning to get to that scene? Well I did and now I'm...I'm stuck. I had a middle, I created a beginning but how the ffff does it end!?!?
Get a stuffed animal and start talking to it about ur story and maybe get ideas then??? Or wait hold on u can join the fanficmemes discord and maybe some ppl can help on there?? Or u can send an ask w more info and maybe I can help u brainstorm!!!!
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jellyfish-neo · 3 days ago
Hell yeah! I've been using a different version of them for a roleplay. I changed their name to alethea or ally for a dnd game once, and this time I wanted to make them nb because I love to self-project, so I shortened it to theo instead!
In this rp, one of the main factors is that there are portals dropping people to from different universes and timelines into this big new york type city (it's actually metro-city from megamind), and theo came through one of those from a very normal world.
I took some inspiration from my outertale version of ory and made them an aspiring astrobotanist!
Also I have a superpower I plan on them getting that's based on their *original* original version, from a quotev rp I did back in middle school. They can summon hand-held objects with their mind, and they stay there as long as they can concentrate and keep physical contact with them.
Currently they're adjusting to life in a new universe, and I have a thread planned soon where they're gonna apply for a job at a farm with alien plants :D
Thank you so much for prompting this infodump, homie 💖
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punkspockispunkrock · 3 days ago
its dumb i know but i literally put it together in like two days and even made a little welcome bot for it skdkfkd 18 and older only please!
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coccsd · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
X-Files Rewatch Server
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goldensimisage · 3 days ago
I may still have an ask and replies on Nutski and the lewd blog, but everything here is caught up now!
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