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age-of-farore · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
commissioned source
Link (A Link Between Worlds, Triforce Heroes) has been accepted at Age of Farore!
The Age of Farore is a cross-universe Legend of Zelda roleplay group on discord that takes place after the events of Breath of the Wild.
✦ 18+ server, made with tired adults who like to roleplay in mind.
✦ Aggressively pro-LGBT+
✦ Apply as a canon or original character from any of the main Legend of Zelda games to write in Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule! A hero, a villain, a bystander, a monster–you’re only limited by your creativity and the general framework of the pre-existing lore.
✦ Guided by a progressively unfolding narrative to drive the story along, but also meant to enable a fun setting for more casual roleplay.
✦ Optional quests, character development incentives, activity rewards, and roleplay events will continuously be added to enhance your experience.
✦ Expansive masterlist always looking for new canon and original characters. The group currently has 30 canon characters, 8 Original characters, and 26 wanted characters. ✦ We look forward to having you!
premise l rules l masterlist l join
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therichestfool · 20 days ago
hi guys its me again
i've never actually drunken chamomile tea but i heard it's good - anyways, i have a new doc to showcase ! this one took a while because i kept leaving it and coming back, and also changing everything so ... i apologize for the wait & the lack or originality because all my docs are starting to look a little too similar to each other this doc features everything my previous docs have! a table of contents, with room for a profile ( & a record ), an appearance section, personality, backstory & extra section, and a connections page! <3 i focused on somewhat of a sage green aesthetic this time, & there is also a shit ton of pictures ... won't be apologizing for that but, on the first page, those little green leaves are also images, so you might wanna replace those if you prefer another aesthetic or color ! i think that's all idk
oh wait
*if you're feeling kind, please reblog or like!
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horizonremainsrp · a month ago
Tumblr media
H☀️rizon Remains
…an 18+ Warrior Cats fan clan discord roleplay..
It seemed the war and Gracklestar’s betrayal were not the end of the troubles for CliffClan and CaveClan. Not long after they established The Gatherings did chaos strike again; this time in the form of an outside threat. Mountain lions, led by a banished warrior of CliffClan, invaded their camp and left them at the mercy of CaveClan. And surprisingly, Gracklestar relented to make way for peace. But their plan to rid of the creatures would turn south, and their fire would ravage the territory and claim valuable clan lives.
Time would pass, and burns would heal. The clans would find a peace between each other that they had not felt since the elders were kits themselves. But as their focus on protection turns to the outer walls of their territory, as they watch for the return of The Coati, every cat has to wonder…
…what could possibly come next?
Horizon Remains is a warrior cats roleplay set in a fictional desert, based off the deserts in the Southwest United States (primarily the Sonoran Desert), but with no exact location.
CliffClan, lead by Newtstar, stake their claim on the surface. All they need is sunlight and fresh air. These cats are large, sturdy, and fearless in their day-to-day lives. They work in teams of 1 guard and 2 hunters, called squads, assigned by their leader. They are a clan made of warriors unafraid to break tradition, but perhaps a little too ready to challenge everything else. These cats face the dangers of everyday life in the desert head-on, and shun the thought of hiding away in the dark.
CaveClan’s territory begins in the heart of CliffClan territory, through a great cavernous lake opened to the sky called Moonshine Lake. Down in the dark, wet depths is where CaveClan make their home. Lead by a she-cat named Gracklestar, these cats have had a harder time letting go of traditions outdated, but they have made a home in a territory never thought to be a livable space before. CaveClan excel in stealth and memory. Despite their very small, usually overtly skinny builds, these cats thrive in the safety of the tunnels, and in fact are empowered by their desire to explore places unknown.
The Coati are a mysterious group of coatimundi who have always tended to keep to themselves. However, recently, it seems that they have taken up an interest in the cats. A female by the name of Charge is their leader, introduced to the cats by a Fellow of the Coati, Noggin, who has learned to speak cat. The cats do not yet know their motives in making contact with them after all these seasons, but perhaps Noggin may be a helpful ally, as they do not only speak cat, but apparently also bear. Non-playable, but significant NPCs!
Arc 3 will begin in a few months time! We are currently on a short break between major plots to give both our mod/admin team and the members a breather! We are opening during this time to give newbies a chance to settle in before our next arc comes into play and the events start kicking off. Of course, though major plots are paused, we will still be hosting quests and other small events!
- We are LGBTQIA+ friendly!
- We are a community of adults, 18 and up, that have come together to enjoy the fandom we love in an environment that feels safe and much more appropriate to us and our age group. We can enjoy creating cute cat art and world building, while also talking about fun adult taxes!
- We allow both art-based and written submissions to count towards rewards and rank-ups.
- Each clan has a separate quest sign-up, where members can join in on exclusive quests and gain exclusive rewards like accessories or combat boosters!
- HR is PLOT-BASED and and has an actively running storyline that members can help to control via their character’s actions.
- HR uses a simplified version of dnd dice rolls for things like combat and hunting.
- Highly active discord community, with active roleplay and chat threads being posted in every day. Currently 42 members strong! Not including bots.
- An activity check once per 3 months. Requiring only 2 acts of activity done in between these activity checks! We do not require high amounts of activity within our members, but we do like at least a little activity now and then, considering how active our chats are!
- Members now have the ability to join BOTH clans! New members will have a brief cool-down period between joining the other clan, but this option is now available!
- Many available family adoptables in-chat, for those who want a fun and active in-group family!
- And even more exclusive, exciting features that we cannot mention just yet- coming soon 😘
We hope to see you soon!
(artwork above by our wonderful admin @blossompuppy 💛)
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reconnect-re-union · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Some faults are just a little bit bigger than others.
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magisofmitakihara · a month ago
Tumblr media
Have you heard? Has anybody told you about the server  “Magis of Mitakihara”?
Huh, it's not just a rumor?  No, no,  look here. Magi's of Mitakihara is a Fan-Character, Madoka Magica / Magia Record roleplay for anyone new and old to the franchise! Make new friends and fight alongside one another against the wicked witches of the night in this Magical roleplay, featuring its very own soft TTRPG system, alongside a while small but friendly community!
We'd love to have you!
Join Here!
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strawbeariecake · 4 months ago
♡ Intro ♡
Hiya! I'm Dee! I am currently in search of roleplay partners
I'm 19nb please be 18-25 if you are interested in roleplaying with me :>
I do all sorts of pairings, such as mxm, fxf, mxf, nbxnb, nbxm, nbxf, etc.
NSFW/smut is fine with me! I actually encourage it, as I am trying to get better at it anyway. I'm not the best but I'm trying to improve haha.
^^ I can play a character for any position/role, but my characters generally do have their preferences.
Kinks are welcome, but I draw the line at certain things (bathroom play, age play, c*nnib*lism, n*crophilia, b*stiality, body mod (kn*fe play doesn't count and I am okay with it)).
I'm not really sure how I would describe my writing style, but I guess I would say semi-lit to lit, depending on mood.
I write in past-tense, 3rd person, so I would prefer it if you did too
Mainly looking to do fandomless roleplays
I do not use real life face claims for my characters. I simply draw them myself.
I don't have any triggers that would affect the roleplay.
Discord is in my bio!
♡ Plot Related Stuff ♡
I'm generally open to any sort of plot, but I most like plots involving supernatural, dystopian, or sci-fi elements. Of course, slice of life is fine too!
I'm a huge sucker for an enemies-to-lovers trope
Darker themes are fine, such as yandere/kidnapping plots
I'm really open for various plots, so if you have an idea in mind, let me know!
Otherwise, I prefer to come up with a plot with my partner, so I don't typically have one prepared in advance
Let's have our characters go on an adventure! They can scale mountains, explore damp caves, braving the elements!
Or maybe they're more about that fluffy, domestic life, where they can lay in bed all day with hot cocoa and their loved one while it storms outside <3
♡ Extra ♡
I'd love for us to be friends outside of roleplay!
My characters are my children and I love to gush about them, so I'd like to talk to you about them and hear about yours :'D
Please don't spam me if I take a bit to respond! I offer the same courtesy and would like it returned. I do have my limits for time between responses, unless discussed beforehand, but I am really patient and lenient.
I'm a bit socially awkward and ND, so apologies in advance if I get annoying to talk to sometimes :''D
We can also totally talk about interests and such OOC
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sugarburnn · a month ago
One day someone will let me write out the vague desire I have for a rich asshole muse/oc.
Like I'm talking - A shady, cold, uncaring bastard of a man. No serious relationships. Sleeps with women as flings. CEO of his family's company. Money is nothing to him, he will throw it at his problems.
Give me a girl who won't put up with his shit and makes him work for something once in his life.
((𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘭𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘴𝘱.#0854 is my discord))
Dynamics I'd be down for with him: sugar daddy/sugar baby or just a standard, rich guy with a poor girl. All the drama that comes with that and judgement from others etc.
Any sort of fake dating/engagement or even a arranged marriage/one of convenience etc.
Any sort of Slow-burn.
A payback against a heart-breaker. Basically, a you-always-break-other-people's-hearts-so-I'll-make-you-fall-in-love-with-me-then-break-yours type of deal.
I am open to any other suggestions or ideas
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shinobimagpie · 5 days ago
Hi everybody!
So I've been rather quiet the last while and it's because I have been building up a new fandom project. I've been pulled back into the lovely hobby that is RP and am bringing my years of experience on forums, dms and livejournal to running a Naruto roleplaying server on Discord. So if you have Discord and like Naruto and also roleplay, please consider...
Hidden In The Fanon ~ A Naruto Roleplaying Group with a Rotating AU Setting
The idea of this RP is just to reset into a new AU every once in a while and explore the many versions of our characters meeting and bonding anew in every universe.
Every few months we will vote from a few options suggested by players and/or curated by lead mod Zippy and spend a while playing around in a particular AU setting. The intended minimum 'AU length' will be at least 4 weeks and we will keep the AU open long as people vote to stay with it, depending on interest and what we want to accomplish plot-wise.
Mods will try to set up an overarching mini plot or an event of some kind being built up to/going on during each AU (like a holiday or a school dance) and other plots planned by players can take place intersecting with or around this 'mod plot' as players like.
We also have an often-used Holodeck category where we post plot ideas and scene prompts and people can start a thread to play out any kind of one-shot scene or story their heart desires. And of course we have a robust set of OOC channels for all your shenanigan and planning needs.
Most of our players have full time work/school so our game is not intended to be played super swiftly - you don't need to be online or able to write/play every single day. We want players to take their time, have fun, and focus on writing the things they want to write and having quality interactions with other players.
We aren't an adult-content focused server, but we do allow adult topics and roleplay so we ask that all applying members be 18+.
Whether you have never done writing roleplay before like some of our players, or are a veteran from the LJ wars on a pandemic-spurred nostalgia trip like myself, we would love to have you join us and see what we are all about.
We are currently running a short Halloween themed Summer Camp with Murderer AU until Oct 31st, and we will shortly be voting on our next, longer, AU, so this seems like an ideal time to add new players!
Applications won't have a deadline, but we will only be adding **four** new players at most at this time, so that we don't end up with more new people than we can properly give our attention, help, and time to as they settle into the game and make friends. :) 
Characters We Are Looking For
More Uchihas (we only have Shisui and Madara so far)
The missing members of our Konoha 12 teams: Sasuke, Kiba, Shino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Kankuro, Gaara, and Neji.
Asuma, Kurenai, Original InoShikaCho, and any other 'adult' characters (we have Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Yamato, Rin and Tsunade)
Anybody from Founders Era (our Madara is too fab to be this lonely! Esp Hashirama or Tobirama)
Orochimaru or Any Hidden Sound Nin (we have a Kabuto and a Tayuya)
Akatsuki Members, especially Hidan!
We also allow up to two Original Characters per player, so you can also app an OC if you like, just tell us a bit about them in your application.
If you're interested in knowing more about the game please DM me, and if you already like the sound of things and want to apply, click here!
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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foolsongs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄  𝐋𝐄𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐃  𝐎𝐅  𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐄  𝐈𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐓  —  𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕  𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒄𝒌  .
           a  new  treasure-hunting  rivalry  /  adventure  discord  roleplay  taking  place  in  the  florida  keys  and  drawing  inspiration  from  media  such  as  :  outer  banks,  uncharted,  jungle  cruise,  indiana jones,  etc.  muns  18+,  muses 21+.
graphic  by  the  very  talented  @wearyhands  .
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age-of-farore · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It's been one year since the events of the Calamity were finally brought to an end. The Blood Moon no longer rises, but a hundred years of destruction are not surmounted in a day. Clans pay respect to their long dead champions while regaling those responsible for victory. Monster numbers have stagnated, allowing for the start of a flourishing trade economy. A new order of knights is training to create a safer realm for all.
While many are working to rebuild Hyrule, other forces are at play behind the scenes in light of Ganon's suppression looking to resow seeds of chaos. Some of these seeds transcend space and time--heroes from the past find themselves ripped from their homes only to awaken in the Era of the Wild. What's more, new evils are beginning to emerge wearing old and familiar faces.
Enter the Land of the Wild, in the Age of Farore--an age where the courage to rebuild and heal the scars of time is more necessary than ever.
The Age of Farore is set to open for roleplay June 11th, but is currently taking reserves and applications!
- 18+ server - Aggressively pro LGBT+ - Apply as a canon or original character from any of the main Legend of Zelda games! A hero, a villain, a bystander, a monster--you're only limited by your creativity and the general framework of the pre-existing lore. - Guided by a progressively unfolding narrative to drive the story along, but also meant to enable a fun setting for more casual roleplay. - No activity checks in place, as other measures exist to dissuade hoarding and encourage interactions. - Optional currency bot, dice bot, cooking bot, and farming bot to enhance your roleplay experience. - Mini events are planned! Cute town festivals, collection quests, and bigger boss fights that will at times contribute to a larger story arc. - We look forward to having you! premise l rules l masterlist l join
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wccoastalchaos-rp · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
  The World is a different place here. The lands are shifted, the earth creaks below. The gods have blessed this land for our paws to wander freely. Here are six lands, six clans divided. 
  No clan has known peace since the great wars took place. The war may have passed but now each clan struggles to survive on their own.
Which clan will you choose?
The Brave Brineclan?
The Mysterious Mireclan?
The Frigid Frostclan?
The Spirited Songclan?
The Manipulative Meadowclan? 
The Lonesome Leafclan?
Choose carefully, for the fate of the clans may rest on your paws...
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adriarjonawrites · 22 days ago
okay so, it's late where i am but i wanted to ask the winterwitch fandom a question before i go to sleep. do you guys know any good fanfics for winterwitch? it can be on here or on ao3. i don't have a preference, really. i just need to read something to fill my winterwitch heart 🥺. anyways, if you do, send me an ask or an im, and i will love you forever ♡ pls send me some or you can send me headcanons about them. idc, i just need my dopamine and serotonin for them bc i love winterwitch so much. it's not even funny. or we can write some winterwitch threads over discord (i preferably like to write as wanda since i have more experience with her and i base her on the mcu and headcanons). so, if you're interested then send me an im or an ask and we can discuss some plots we can come up with
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norahrps · a month ago
hey! you! yes!! you!
i’m norah and i’m looking for some more rp partners to write with over on discord.  i’m into a wide variety of plots, and i’m more than willing to go through your tags and find some of your most wanted plots/fcs but to sum it up, here are some of my ideas:
arranged marriage (fantasy or modern)
baby plots 
fantasy plots in general
paranormal plots
scifi plots
dystopian/post apocalyptic plots
If any of those sound up your alley, message me OR like this and I’ll come to you  ♡
PLEASE BE 21+  I don’t really write smut. sorry!
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glittersparks · a month ago
helloo, 21+ here and searching for people for a 1x1 roleplay over discord based off tv shows/movies, but also I’m very much down for a slice of life kinda’ thing, always. I’ve been out of the roleplaying game for a while now, however, now it’s getting back to the colder months I have that old craving back to get into the swing of things once again!  considering I’ve been out of the game for so long, I may be a little rusty but my style is usually semi - fully lit, and third person. I tend to write at least two paragraphs. I also prefer mxf, and I tend to play the males mostly just because that’s my comfort zone. alas, I’m down to differ if you’d like to write for the male counterpart. 
some shows/movies I watched, and would enjoy an ocxcanon or canonxcanon based roleplay off are as followed; [ brackets are the characters I’d like to play as from there ]
euphoria - [ nate jacobs, rue bennett, fezco, chris mckay ] stranger things - [ billy hargrove ] ginny & georgia - [ marcus baker ] elite ( I’ve only watched the first three seasons however ) - [ christian, sam, guzman, nano ] after - [ hardin scott, zed ]
but also, I’ve very much down for anything greek row based or high school based when it comes to oc roleplays - I’m a sucker for those kind of plots. so, if you’re interested don’t hesitate to interact with this post or slide me a direct message and we can get to talking!
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daisyfreshdisaster · 2 months ago
Guess who’s out here, once again shamelessly seeking a 1x1 mlm age-gap relationship plot ?? this bitch !! will gladly play the older dominant muse to somebody’s younger submissive, just please be open to unconventionality and kink/taboo/smut. not the biggest fan of slice of life simplicity, but i’m always down for romance with a hint of angst, sci-fi, supernatural elements, time period/fantasy settings and/or good old fashioned messy drama! bonus points if your muse is poc, trans/nb or some variation of both ~ but def not required, i guess. anyways, feel free to like this post or im me if you’re interested ♡
Tumblr media
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otherworldlyrps · a month ago
alright y’all who is going to let me play j balvin against them in a m e s s y obsessive possessive toxic but irresistible mxf plot
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stormtoof · a month ago
Really into Musicals again atm! If anyone wants to do any musical rps, just shoot me a message!
I can do:
- Hamilton (Alexander, John, Philip)
- Be More Chill (Jeremy, Michael, Rich, Squip)
- Dear Evan Hansen (Evan)
- Book of Mormon (Elder Price)
- Falsettos (Whizzer)
- In the Heights (Usnavi)
- Les Mis (Enjolras)
- Heathers (Veronica, JD, Heather M)
- Little shop of horrors (Seymour)
- The Lightning Thief (Percy)
- Moulin Rouge (Christian)
- Newsies (Jack)
I'm open to pretty much any ship, crossovers and OCs!
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sclar-power · 6 months ago
roleplay partner search!!
hey! i’ve been DYING to write with someone! please be okay with me going crazy over our muses- sending songs that remind me of our plot and characters, headcanons, making pin boards at 3 a.m. i write for the following fandoms!
stranger things
killing eve
outer banks
the wilds
fear street
im totally cool with oc x canon or canon x canon and even doubling ! please be 18+, nsfw is not required whatsoever! i just ask we do matching lengths,, and please be okay with me not responding all the time or sometimes taking breaks- my mental health is not only shit,, but classes? literal hell. and trust me, i am super understanding of you also going missing and such. please like this post and i’ll try to text you asap! please remember i only write on discord! 
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deanarino · 16 days ago
Hey there y'all! Here is an update chart for all you cool cats! Want to join a fun dbd 18+ roleplaying server? Well look no further than the Entity's Graveyard! Look below for more info!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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