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foursakens · 12 months ago
𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗖𝗢𝗥𝗗 𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗚  ♡  this isn’t the guide for formatting that i’ve mentioned,  but it is a little reference sheet for your convenience !  i tried to make the colors match discord in case you wanted to share it within your server.  you can also click the source link to view this table in a google doc.
Tumblr media
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reiseijun · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
...I have no excuse lol. I just had to.
I live for biker Marik, okay? hahaha
Anyway, inspiration behind this was because of the introduction of Turbo Duels in the discord rp. We were holding an opening ceremony event for the turbo duel stadium on duel academy island. And Marik here, was doing the opening performance, and I was sooooo excited lol.
I wanted to draw him a little more stylized, and his hair ended up being very flowy, and I kinda liked it. I also drew him wearing the turbo duel jacket I designed! This is the post that had the jacket -> link.
Above is a link to my discord server if anyone is interested :3
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sapphicrpc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
under the cut you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the very basics of discord for someone looking for a guide on how to roleplay on the app. CONTENTS:
DISCORD BASICS  (for people who are using the app for the first time)       intro to discord        formatting       server structure ROLEPLAYING ON DISCORD (for people familiar with the app but haven’t rped there)       joining a rp       changing nicknames       tupperbox       roleplay servers 
this is aimed at people who want to join a roleplay server, not set it up themselves. PART 2 will cover how to setup a 1x1 or small/casual roleplay server. PART 3 will cover bots, how to set them up and how to use them. PART 4 will be discord 201 where we talk permissions, and what you need to know before you start to admin a discord server.
click the source for all my discord guides
intro to discord
so, you just downloaded discord with the hope of joining a discord roleplay, and you’re confused. don’t worry, i’ve got your back. 
firstly, the account itself isn’t too important, you just want to set a pfp and name. these are personal, and ooc. you don’t have to worry about your icon being your faceclaim or anything, just choose something you like. you can always change it again later! the only thing you can’t change is your tag, which is those 4 numbers (it’ll look like “username#1234″). this is what allows other people to add you easily! (note: you can change the tag if you get nitro but that’s besides the point because you absolutely don’t need nitro, although personally i have it and enjoy it a lot)
then, to get yourself acquainted with how everything works, add some friends & send some messages. you add friends by going to the friends section and typing in their username and tag. 
Tumblr media
this is what it looks like on desktop, it looks similar on mobile!
discord uses markdown formatting on text so you can easily stylise your messages, here’s a quick and easy guide to markdown in discord:
Tumblr media
server structure
when you join or create a server, there’s categories, which keep everything organised, and channels, which are separate chats (either voice or text). channels go inside categories to make navigating the server easier. here’s an example so you can see what i’m talking about.
Tumblr media
other stuff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you hover over a message you’ll notice you have options to add a reaction, reply, create a thread (if you’re in a server) or more... more will have different options depending on who’s message you’re hovering over, permissions in the server/dm and how you’ve got your discord settings. 
some discord servers have custom emojis which is fun! 
pinning messages to a channel or dm is useful if it’s important and you’ll need to refer to it later
replying in a server will ensure the person you’re replying to gets a notification, even if they’ve muted the server, also if the channel is busy it just makes it clear who you’re talking to.
as previously stated, this tutorial is assuming that you’d like to join a roleplay group in the tags. i will not be covering how to setup a server in this tutorial, that will come in part 2 of this series. 
now, you’re gonna want to go through the application process for the roleplay, obviously this is different every time, make sure you read their rules! admins spend so long setting up all their pages so make sure you’ve read them all, you’ll probably find more information about the server on the pages.
joining a roleplay
when you join the server, the first thing you want to do is look for any setup checklist, info, instructions, or intro channels. these are usually the first place you want to look and they’ll give you an idea of how the server operates.
every roleplay server is setup differently, and has slightly different rules, but there are a few things that are consistent in every roleplay server i’ve ever been in at least. you should always prioritise any instructions given by the admins of the rp you joined over this guide, but in general this is what i’d expect to do when i join a new server:
join the server with the join link, take a look around & figure out the layout
change nickname (often in the layout “alias / character” but it depends on the rp)
do intro where you give pronouns and other ooc intro (often, you will not be assigned roles until after you’ve written an intro so make sure you do it straight away!)
setup a tupperbox proxy for your character 
that’s the basics! i’m gonna explain. 
changing nicknames
on desktop you just click on yourself in the sidebar then click "set server nickname" 
on mobile you click on yourself in the sidebar then > manage user > change nickname.
Tumblr media
this one is... somewhat opening a can of worms. part 3 of this guide will be fully dedicated to roleplay bots including tupperbox because there’s a lot, but for now i’ll show you the basics of how to create a proxy and use it. 
so, what is tupperbox? this bot right here is great for roleplay as it allows you to create proxies, which basically make it look like a message you sent, came from someone else (ie. your character) 
to set up your proxy (or your character profile) what you need to do is send a message in the server, normally an rp will have a channel specifically for this so you don’t get spammed with notifications. your message should say
tul!register “character name” name: text
you should upload the photograph you want as your icon with this message too, you have to save it and send it as an attachment. [ icon credit ]
Tumblr media
when you send your message, this will pop up, that means you’ve done it right. check that the brackets and name are what you’d expect (ie. like this), and get ready to rp
Tumblr media
now, when you type “name: message” tupperbox will send the message from that proxy. 
here’s an example of how it looks:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the bracket is the part of the message you type before any message, in my example i said “name:” or “lisa:” but in fact this can be pretty much anything you want, an initial, whatever you’re going to be able to easily remember. 
now that’s done, you’re ready to start roleplaying! 
roleplay servers
every server is set up differently depending on admin preferences and what is prioritised, often roleplays will have multiple servers designated to different parts of the roleplay but here’s some main things that most roleplays will have.
an admin category for announcements, events, rules, and often a server map
an ooc chat channel, an intros channel & a bot channel (i recommend muting the bot channel! you don’t want those notifications...)
social media category for in character social media. instagram, snapchat, twitter, and spotify are the ones i see most often! these channels will likely have a certain format they want you to follow, but it’s different in every rp
groupchats (depends on the rp though!)
character channels or categories. these are public so everyone can see, but only you can write in the channels, this is a place for musings, bios, thread trackers, and lots of other stuff. it’s also a great reference point to learn about other people’s characters and get inspiration.
space for threads or dms. every roleplay does this slightly differently, but good admins will usually explain how these work somewhere in the server. check the pins, check the server map and admin channels, and if you can’t figure it out it’s probably best to just ask!
that’s all you really need to know! 
if you found this guide useful please leave a like or reblog this post as it means a lot to me, and you can follow to see the next few guides i have coming up!
happy rping xoxo 
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rolescape · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Group Dashboards & Private Forums aka where we are sure lots of amazing threads will be taking place in the future. In the images above you can see how ROLESCAPEs formatting will allow creators to fully explore writing with others in a highly customizable and intuitive environment! It also showcases how customizable formatting your writing can be.  And finally within our last screenshot you can see a preview of what our highly customizable interface will allow site members to do with HTML. Please make sure to stay tuned as we have even more exciting features to showcase. 
ROLESCAPE is an accessible, aesthetically pleasing social networking website (and mobile app!) with a myriad of features that the roleplaying community, over multiple websites, have been begging for. Made FOR roleplayers, BY roleplayers, the site quite literally would not be possible without the help of the very community it’s targeted toward.
But there are still things you, the individual, and the community can do for us. Whether it’s donating to one of our sources linked on the blog, reblogging this post, joining the discord server for moral support, or joining the team. Every action counts.
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heartsconnectedrp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This is what happened, right?
(Made by a server member)
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discordhelp · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey, everyone! per request, @discordhelp​ is here to present another template, this time for multimuse discord groups. this particular layout is based on all the multimuse servers i’ve been in & kind of meshing them together. there are many channels copied over from our other group server template, but below the cut, you can read suggested usage for the categories & channels that were added!
you can access the template here or in the source link! please like or reblog this post if you plan on using the template. and of course, our inbox is always open if you have any questions or need help with anything we make.
ROLES: this template comes with two standard roles, admins & members. anyone assigned with the admin role automatically receives administrator permission & will be displayed separately from their members when online. other roles we suggest to add are as follows — bots, pronouns, timezones, character name/skeleton.
welcome: a channel where new members automatically arrive in
announcements: this can be used for admin announcements, polls, & interest checks
introductions: a space for new members to introduce themselves, typically with the following — name, age, pronoun, timezone, muse
premise: a brief summary of the roleplay can be placed here  
locations: providing a list of locations can broaden what type of interactions may happen in the roleplay, plus it adds to the lore & aesthetic if the setting is completely fictional
masterlist: given this particular layout, this channel is definitely optional. and i’d say that in order to make the best use out of it ( of course, depending on the rp ), you can split the muses up by neighborhood, coven, job, fandom, etc. otherwise, this is where you can list all the muses within the roleplay, as well as any npcs you may have
banned: a channel to list faceclaims that aren’t allowed in the roleplay
application: meant to be used for established members to apply for other muses, but alternatively, this can be used for new members to apply within the server
wanted: a place where members can submit wanted connections for their muses
established: a place where members can list / describe any current established connections
dropped: a place for announcing characters & faceclaims that have been dropped & reopened
questions: an optional channel allowing members to ask admins questions without breaking up the flow of the regular chat
rp commentary: a place where members can talk about in character interactions, which helps rp engagement
mun updates: this is a channel where members can pop in & post a brief life status update, typically used for those who can’t get to replies that day
the funnies: a channel for memes, happy things, videos, etc
ROLE CALL: under this category, you can list all the muns in the roleplay & within their respective channel, they can post their muses’ stats / small bios & pin them for easy access.
THIS REMINDED ME OF YOU: under this category, you can list all the muses in the roleplay & within their respective channel, muns can post musings, songs, & headcanons related to their muses.
FLIP THE SCRIPT: this is where all threads will go! i suggest, for organizational purposes, to have your members alphabetize the muses’ names so it looks tidy & not out of place.
ONE WORD ANSWERS: same as above, but for text messages!
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boneslikebarerootsrp · a month ago
Tumblr media
If you thought my other NPCs were questionable, wait until you get a good look at this one. Behold, The Traffic Cone Wizard! 
This is one I’ve hyped up in the server for way too long, described as my favorite throwaway NPC. I intended her to be a one off, but I think that may have been an error to say to the players, because she’s already in another roleplay thread following her introduction on my birthday. 
She is a quite large cat with a flat face, an absolutely filthy and matted ‘white’ coat, and a general aroma of cheese. She wears those miniature traffic cones (and the extra miniature ones, candycorn, as a necklace) and she ‘grants wishes.’
What would you ask TCW for? 
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discordrpguide · 20 days ago
TUPPERBOX is a bot that allows you to send messages in the server as the muse (called a TUPPER) you’ve been accepted as. think of this process as SETTING UP YOUR ACCOUNT when you’ve been accepted.
how to register a tupper with tupperbox
go to and sign in to your discord, authorize access.
Tumblr media
go to manage
Tumblr media
click the plus button with the option to add tupper
Tumblr media
at first glance, it’ll look like this but we’re only focussing on three parts: new-tupper, avatar url, and new:
Tumblr media
at the top where it says new-tupper, rename it after your character. if you’re going to use fancy symbols or text , you can do it here.
Tumblr media
where it says avatar url, copy and paste a link to the image you want as the tupper’s icon.
Tumblr media
under brackets where it says new: , make that your muse’s first name with a colon after it. make sure you remember the colon. to make your life easier, make sure you don’t use fancy text or symbols here.
Tumblr media
click save
now whenever you’re in a server with tupperbox, if you put “jackie:” before your message, it will send as jackie.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
whenever you’re in character in a server , use your tupper ! 
as always , there are other ways of doing this. but this feels the simplest imo.
tuppers are registered to your discord account , so they follow you from server to server. you don’t have to reregister them. 
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kruffles · a month ago
give me a plot where muse a is a celebrity tired of the drama, paparazzi, fake friends, and parties, so she packs her designer dresses and handbags up and flees to her grandfather’s ranch. she meets muse b, a dashing, charming cowboy, who lives on the ranch to help her grandfather out. he doesn’t know who she is, and she adores that. give me muse a wearing high heels to the horse stables, and muse b laughing at her when she sinks in the mud. give me muse b teaching her how to ride a horse at sunset. give me muse b giving muse a his cowboy hat at a bonfire. i want small town vibes! muse a isn’t a celebrity here, everyone only knows her as muse b’s little girlfriend! please! 
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sapphicrpc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this guide is intended for people who want to setup a roleplay server for them and their friend(s). i will assume a basic knowledge of using discord for this guide, so if you don’t have that you should check out my other tutorials.
PART 1 was discord 101, covering the basics of roleplaying. PART 3 will cover bots that are great for rp, how to set them up and how to use them. PART 4 will be discord 201 where we talk advanced permissions, discord limits, slash commands, and more.
click the source for all my discord guides
when you create a server, you want to "create my own” for “me and my friends”, name it whatever you want and set an icon if you have one. when you first create it, it’ll look something like this:
Tumblr media
you can add your roleplay partner(s) now or at any time by clicking the invite link
the first thing i always do is add tupperbox. it’s really simple, go to this site:
Tumblr media
click add to server. you might have to sign in, but then just select the server you’d like to add it to and you’re good to go! tupperbox is now in the server. you’ll be able to use all your proxies in any server, so if you’ve already got tuppers registered in other servers they’ll work here, and of course you can make new ones. 
if you don’t know how to create a proxy, check out part 1 of this guide where i explain how to do that. part 3 will have much more information about tupperbox and other bots that are useful for rp. you can also check the tupperbox guide which is linked in the header of the site.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you click the arrow beside the server name, this menu will pop up. here is where you can create channels and categories. 
as a refresher, channels are different chats within the server and can either be voice or text, of course in rp the channels are mostly text channels but voice channels can be really fun when you’re rping with friends. categories are ways to organise channels, it lets you make a server easier to navigate.
so, now you’re ready to choose a layout for your server. which layout you choose will depend on how you like to rp, i recommend looking through all the layout ideas and taking inspiration but making something that works for you. for example if you hate headcanons, don’t make a headcanons channel. if you love to muse through music, then you could totally add a channel for that! there’s no right or wrong way to set up an rp server.
if you’re looking for a really simple setup for 2 people playing only 2 muses you could try this:
Tumblr media
now, this is the way i always set up my servers when it comes to 1x1s, i find that having character channels to post hcs, bios & musings really boosts my muse and makes me enjoy it more. 
Tumblr media
now, on the same basic principle of the last layout, if you had a few more rp friends or you wanted to play multiple characters, here’s what i’d do. the channels in the character categories are the same as before just collapsed so i can fit everything in the screenshot.
Tumblr media
if you had more people join, and more than just a few characters you might want to split it up further to make it even more organised. with the same channels in the character & ooc categories as before
Tumblr media
you can also do a social media category like this
Tumblr media
and you can do a locations category for people to write threads in, they can put a starter in a location channel and anyone can respond!
Tumblr media
other channel ideas i can think of include:
starters or starter call
plot calls
wanted connections
plot drop/event channels
pronoun check/intro channel (depending on how well you know the people in the server this might be needed)
guide channel if your server is big and you want to make it simple for new people to navigate
characters channel where everyone puts their character basics in a simple format
it’s going to be up to personal preference but play around with it and decide what you like! there’s no reason to overcomplicate things if you prefer to keep it simple!
there are 2 main functions of roles and permissions.
1. the aesthetics. you can change the colour your messages appear in, and roles can be used to identify pronouns, characters played, etc.
2. permissions. you can change the permissions of a role for the server overall to allow some people the ability to edit things, or you can use roles to make private channels where only certain people can see certain channels. this becomes especially useful if there’s multiple muns in the server and you want to be able to have private threads.
to create a new role or edit role permissions, go to server settings > roles
Tumblr media
the default permissions or @everyone role is an easy way to give members more or less control over the server. as a server owner you can do everything by default, but you can make it so other members can edit the server too. 
if you added tupperbox you’ll see the bot creates it’s own role but to create a new role just click create role
Tumblr media
when you create a role it’ll look like this, you can change the colour, role name, and permissions as well as assign it to the mun on this page!
Tumblr media
unless you’ve got something specific in mind (like an admin role), i normally leave the permissions at the default for roles as you can get more use out of them by setting the permissions by channel or category. 
Tumblr media
roles can be used to make private channels, when you go to create a channel there’s the option to make it private, and when you do that you can then select which roles will be able to see the channel. 
Tumblr media
of course, in this little test server i made to demonstrate there aren’t many roles but, you get the idea.
i’ll do a deep dive into permissions in part 4 of this series, as there’s a lot to unpack, but play around with the settings and see what you can do!
remember you can click the source link to see all my discord guides! if you found this guide useful please leave a like or reblog this post as it means a lot to me, and you can follow to see the next few guides i have coming up! 
happy rping xoxo
Tumblr media
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sagaverse · 9 days ago
Today is a very special day, why?
Because on this day, November 25th, 2020. Exactly one year ago.
The SagaVerse roleplay was born.
It started from @revolvius and @levi-weaver roleplay in the old server that lasted for 6 months before we finally made it into a comic series. Today would mark the day of the beginning of the Saga.
Credit goes to the veterans of the server, @theia-diki @joe-san and @/Circle who's also been there since day one.
Cheers, fellas!
Tumblr media
Here is a lovely and cute Anniversary art from our Server Co-Owner and best moderator @theia-diki Well done buddy! ^^
That is all from us, have a nice day fellas!
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kndlljnnr · 3 months ago
give me the cliche - good girl falls in love with bad boy/girl/non-binary, her parents despise him and forbid her from seeing him/her/them ( all romeo & juliet style ), so the two run away to vegas and get married in a 24 hour chapel by an elvis impersonator. queue extra angst, sexual tension, cheesy honeymoon suites with heart shaped beds. yes yes yes.
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discordhelp · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey, tags! we are here to present our first server template, a setup for 1x1 rps, which you can access by clicking here or in the source link! this is a pretty basic template that contains two categories for two different kinds of rps: a plot for just two muses, and one for a mumu verse. categories & channels can be duplicated or removed as needed depending on what rp you’re looking to do.
features & usage suggestions below the cut! please like or reblog this post if you plan on using the template. our inbox is always open if you have any questions or need help with anything we make.
PLEASE NOTE: one of the features of this template is that it will automatically give everyone an administrator role upon joining the server. i’ve done this because when i do 1x1s, i find it much easier to just give both parties admin powers so we can both make channels and edit the server as we see fit. if you would like to turn this feature off, go into the server settings, and under the roles category select the default (@/everyone) permissions, then scroll all the way to the bottom to advanced permissions and turn the switch for administrator off.
this template contains channels with four distinct purposes: out of character channels for non-rp-related chatting & tupperbox setup, some out of character channels for rp-related things, and two different types of in character channels, some for ic text messaging and some for para threads.
single muse category: this category has space for a plot involving just two muses (one for each writer). the “info” channel is intended for any information you would like to share on your muses and/or the verse, for quick reference. personally i usually just put a quick little stats blurb for my muse in it, and my partner will do the same for theirs. there are two channels for para threads already in there, but you can of course add more as needed!
mumu category: this category has space for a mumu verse with up to four muses (two per writer, assuming the first writer is writing muses a and c and the second is writing muses b and d), but you can of course adjust and add channels to accommodate more muses than that! the verse info channel is intended for any info you’d like to quickly reference about the verse as a whole, and the muse info channel is intended for use similar to the “info” channel in the single muse category -- quick stats on each muse. i wasn’t able to show it all in the screenshot, but there are also channels for plotting, musings, and spaces for both texting and para threads between combinations of all four muses.
emojis in channel names: i’m a very visual person so i like to use emojis in my channel names so i can quickly identify the purpose of the channel at a glance. i’ve defaulted to some star emojis for the info channels in both categories, but personally i like to change that emoji to something i feel fits the muses or setting involved! this is of course up to your own discretion and you’re also more than welcome to get rid of the emojis altogether if you’d like. for the purposes of this template, the phone emoji indicates ic text threads, and the thread emoji indicates para threads.
special characters in channel names: we’re planning on making a whole post about this soon, but for the purposes of this template, to use special characters in your channel names such as : or / i would suggest just duplicating one of the channels that has those characters in it and editing the other parts of the channel name around it, or copy/pasting from one of the preexisting channel names. however, if you’d like to use symbols other than : or / an easy way to do it is to click here, enter the symbol you want to use, and copy/paste from the line that’s labeled fullwidth.
so that’s pretty much it! again if you have any questions or need help using the template please feel free to send us an ask!
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lemondaydream · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
C O M M I S S I O N ! another <3 Absolutely beautiful kind of bullet journal, pastel daydream. Got to use the new watermark tool in Google Docs to create the grid background.  If you’re looking to get a custom page please feel free to DM me! Commissions are open!  Thank you guys so much for your support. Kumquat is right around the corner.... hopefully releasing next week, I have four pages done. Be ready to have your socks knocked off.  (JK, out now! Check it out - KUMQUAT)
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chocohybrid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TEMPLATE: CRIMSON — a google doc roleplay muse template.
Free to use, just don’t remove the credit.
To use: click “file” > “make a copy”
— This was made with a Dead by Daylight killer in mind, hence the perk slots. Can easily be adjusted to suit other needs.
Please like or reblog if you use this!!
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khittheungkun · 2 months ago
DAISY BELL is optimised for discord roleplaying, looks better on the computer than mobile.
・file > make a copy
・replace the images with your own!
・don't remove credit, ever.
・like and reblog if using! it helps me out :)
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king-lokilaufeyson · a month ago
Yes, I've been told I'm going to Helheim for my excessive use of the word quim. I rented a skiff if any of you mewling quims need a ride. Maybe before we all ride off there, you can bask in the chaos of my server. Nearing 450 now✨
One of the original Loki servers. Affiliated with Loki’s Norway.
Are you looking for a welcoming server where you can appreciate Loki? Or where you can stay, unjudged in your appreciation for Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch et al? If you answered yes then come join my mewling quims. You’ll find people of all ages from across the globe who all have similar qualities; respect for Marvel, Dr Who, Sherlock and Anime.
What we can offer once you’ve given a small intro:
☆┊Level 3 boosted
○┊Non toxic drama free
☆┊SFW server
○┊OC creation with templates
☆┊Rp plotting
○┊Rp classifieds
☆┊Experienced rp’, authors § cosplay
○┊Fun bots
☆┊Music § vc channels
☆┊Loki, MCU news § spoilers
○┊Tom H § Crimson Peak
☆┊Sherlock, Dr Who § Hogwarts
Gif widely available from Tenor.
Tumblr media
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qwerty877241 · 25 days ago
Hey let’s roleplay!
Tumblr media
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