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#discord tag
grimgrinnr · 40 minutes ago
Hey everyone, I got the vaccine and I am all good
Tho my anxiety throughout the day zapped me of energy so uh
Oops might just be lurking all night and doing more Discord stuff
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ask-aph-angel-canada · 2 hours ago
Oh hey fair point...also I refuse to believe I have exhausted your tagging capabilities
Anon now I gotta write full tags
#alright we got onto the laptop#you see I'm fancy anon and I tested my typing speed it's 70 wpm#which I want it to get to about 100#or higher because you know how cool that would be? super swaggy#oh yeah Tumblr on my laptop looks cooler because it's in VAMPIREMODE#yeah I'm edgy#sigh of only you guys were as cool as me#you know on my laptop I have less typing errors but also on Tumblr I have an auto correct which isn't on discord or YouTube#actually now that I think about it it probably is#i don't wanna check tho because then I have to change the song#the song playing is It's been a long long time I love it :DDD#i found it via Laufey on Tiktok#gah I love her voice it's so angelic man#she sounds WONDERFUL you need to hear it#literal angel#i almost spelt angel lol but hopefully even if I did nobody would notice#oh yeah because I've been typing the correct (it's in quotes pls Tumblr doesn't like the quotes when I finish the tag) way for a year#my hands are sexy thin now#like you can see the vein#it's either concerning or cool but I like em they look cool B)#they look like those people on Tiktok and Twitter with hands that are like so veiny that one papercut would be the absolute end of them#cough cough corpse husband#just kidding but my hands aren't that veiny just more softer looking#though it looks nice :)#i was looking up corpse husband hands to make sure I'm talking abt it right and#the picture was jacksepticeye instead of like his icon#i mean if it works it works#so does this laptop want to explain why it can spell Jacksepticeye no problem and even corrects me when I spell it bad but can't spell like#idk I can't think of a word example sigh this is so sad#my sister just came up to me to show me a video about this guy
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batsinurbelfrey · 3 hours ago
Very important update from tonights Panthers game apparently
Tumblr media
Yahoo Lammikko....
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shanheling · 3 hours ago
vibe check: brain rot<3 unwell<3 but also yby care for
THANKU<3<3 yby care for u too <3<3
Tumblr media
whats my vibe...i bet its different from the 3 weeks ago me that you knew
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gatorslagoon · 12 hours ago
practicing dutch while c!fundy is just suffering bc your punaciation is so bad
ay yo its 🥺 anon
i think thats what i requested to be i cant remeber, i have a sh*t memory
hellooooo! Welcome to the soft swamp ^>^
you’re tryin so hard n he’s just. >0< NOO its (some noise you’re pretty sure you’re incapable of making) you try to mimic it n its just. bad n fundy has to put his head down jfdgdjfs
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skjc-writes · 13 hours ago
oh so this is the week a specific group of people make Ted Lasso fandom no longer fun even though we got the s2 trailer :(
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natromanovs · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
get help?!?! @riris
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technomilf · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is the best thing ive ever done. the pure pain i heard in that 'oh'
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jay-was-tested · a day ago
the server is now up!!!
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kngcrw · a day ago
so after i finished off my drafts i’m going to spend the evening writing verses, updating my blog a lil and actually making a tagging system bc if i dont do it now i will just spend my life tagging everything tbd. 
if anyone wants to plot my arms r open wide, u can find me in my IMs or on my discord
kit kat#2383
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exuberantocean · a day ago
My 5yo daughter was watching My Little Ponies yesterday. A character named Discord shows up.
Me: That's Q.
Daughter: No, that's Discord.
Me: But it's Q. Like, this is basically Q.
Daughter: No, Discord.
Me: Q.
Daughter: DISCORD!
Me: It's Q!
Me: It's Janos Bartok!
Daughter: Ahh!
Me: Late of the University of Budapest and Western Union Lab-
Daughter: *smacks me with a throw pillow* DISCORD!
Me: Q!
Daughter: Discord!
Me: *pulls out my phone, finds a Q youtube video, hits play but holds it too high for her to see it* I can prove it. Who do you think this is?
Daughter: OMG DISCORD! Discord called your phone!!!!! *completely and utterly loses her shit.*
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omg ok so i wanna share a story about a guy i met on reddit its a short story and has no ending, so its more of a vent
So i was on reddit not too long ago and I was struggling with my brain being a douche and my mom fueling the flames, so I made a vent post on an FtM sub asking for advice on what to do, and of course everyone was super supportive and calmed me down..
However, support isn't always given to me in the way that is appropriate, as shown by a guy that I'll call Tony.
Tony DMed me on Reddit and said "Hey, it'll get better." Of course, since I was going through a rough time that day, I was flattered that someone found the need to message me and comfort me.
I said thank you to Tony and told him that his message meant a lot to me, because tbh it did, and then we started talking a bit.
He told me his name, his pronouns, that he was 17, and that he was gay. In return, I did the same. "Henri, He/Him, 14, bi." Y'know.. the standard get-to-know-you message.
I don't mind talking to people older than me most of the time, but for some reason I got a weird feeling about Tony and I didn't know why.
Tony asked me if I was on HRT, and I said no because of my age. Since he found me from a trans subreddit, I assumed he was trans too and asked him the same question, to which he replied "no, I'm a cis ally :("
Now don't get me wrong, cis allies are amazing and I love them more than life itself... but it struck me as a red flag that this specific person was messaging me and trying to get to know me.
I apologized for the question because it was rude to assume someone is trans just because they are on a trans subreddit, but he said it was ok.
He asked for my Discord immediately after, even though we hadn't even been talking for 30 minutes. I was caught off guard and got a bit nervous. I did not have a good feeling about Tony and this was only making things worse.
After a couple minutes of me thinking things through, I went to my Discord, changed the settings so that every image will be scanned for explicit content no matter the sender, and then gave him my ID.
He sent me a friend request and I accepted, y'know.. as you do.. and not 2 minutes after he asked me for a selfie so he could "trust me."
I was very tempted to block him at that second, because asking a kid you literally just met online over reddit for a selfie is a bit suspicious... but I decided to give him a chance and sent him a selfie, but demanded he send one back.
Now this is where I got very nervous, because I didn't know what I was about to see. Did I make a mistake? Should I block him?
He took a couple minutes until he responded again. He started off with "wait.. you're super handsome." and sent his own selfie. He looked exactly how I imagined him. Tall, skinny, white, tbh he just looked like your average white teenage boy.
I said thanks and told him he was cool too, and then tried to change the subject.
I don't mind people complimenting me, don't get me wrong.. but once again that weird feeling I had about him was just getting worse.
We talked a bit more and he asked if I was out to anyone, to which I replied "yes, my friends and family all know I'm bi, but only my parents and grandma know I'm trans. Are you out?"
I was just trying to have a conversation, like you would when talking to someone, but he seemed a lot more interested in talking about me than holding a steady conversation.
I stopped texting so I could do some school, but about an hour later when I checked my discord again, I got a message from him asking what I was wearing.
Now I was a uncomfortable. I was wearing shorts and my binder at the time, so I was pretty exposed. I didn't tell him the truth. Instead, I said "a tshirt and basketball shorts. The usual. are you on virtual or physical school?"
He quickly responded saying "virtual" and then changed the subject back to by clothes by asking for another selfie.
I didn't respond, which (for some reason) prompted him to send more messages begging to see a picture of me again.
I told him I was uncomfortable with sending another selfie because I had my hair down which makes me dysphoric (truth) and also that I was only comfortable sharing that one picture of myself from earlier (truth)
He wouldn't take no for an answer.
Pleading, he send me message after message saying things like, "but youre so handsomeee." "youre the prettiest boy ive ever seen🥺" "come onnn I won't judge you. We're friends :)"
At this point I was thoroughly disturbed. I put my foot down and told him "Bro I'm barely 15 ://" I then asked him how he found my reddit account, because now I was getting suspicious that he may have found me from a different sub rather than the trans sub I had just posted on.
He was confused and told me the FtM sub. I apologized and told him I was paranoid.
He then told me to "show myself" and said "pleaseeee" over and over.
I said no.
At this point our "conversation" was dying out.
It was obvious that I wasn't going to bow down to him and he was beginning to see that I was not going to be his little toy by sending him pictures whenever he asks.
I'm not stupid.
Eventually he said "well just know there's no such thing as ugly. You're handsome af so don't be shy."
I said thanks and that it meant a lot to me (lie) then he stopped messaging me.
Now.. I don't know what his deal was. He was apparently 17, conveniently still a minor, cis, and lurking on trans subreddits. I checked his profile on reddit before giving him my discord and saw he never commented on anything ever, never posted, and has had his account for a couple years. That should've been a red flag, but I wanted to give him a chance.
I don't know if he was a chaser or just needed a friend, but either way I didn't want to be part of *that.*
Moral of the story? If you're in a vulnerable state of mind, don't send strangers on the internet selfies of you because they might beg you for more which will give you an anxiety attack while you are trying to write a paper on George Washington.
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dusk-in-dawn · a day ago
The title says it all! Join me and my friend now at ‘7 Kings’~! If you want to DM me, then my tag is Alphi'sOnCrack#0642! I will make a new server, if ya’ll would like. Perhaps you can join me there.
I also have a discord server of my own, one on CountryHumans. You can chat me there too! I’ll also be making one on Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, and BTS.
The link:
This expires in a week, so come on over quick! I’d love to make new friends.
A mis seguidores quien hablan espanol: Tengo un Discord, es Alphi’sOnCrack#0642. Puedes MD yo si tu quieres. Tengo un servidor en espanol de CountryHumans, y tu puedes encontrar alli. Hasta alli!
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