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bitches really be out here with xenogenders / MOGAI genders and not supporting MOGAI sexualities / attractions


how the fuck

HOW THE FUCK do you not understand how a sexuality can feel like your genders and shit

the fuck

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Everyone please block this person who’s posting aphobic shit in the main ace and aro tags. Please note that he is sixteen and thus a minor, which is why I chose to not interact and just post a screenshot instead.

Absolutely do not send hate messages or I will steal your left socks

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The complete obliviousness or arrogance of some people on this site really confounds me. Like reblogging a gifset of a couple from an url that clearly states their blog is centered around them, or one of the characters from them, just to add their unnecessary comments about how much they don’t like them. What other outcome do they expect other than being blocked, really? It confused me when someone reblogged my Shea gifset to hate on Lea when my main blog used to be called lea-dilallo-rights, it confused me when a couple of people reblogged my Sharly gifsets to hate on them or Carly when my main blog was by then called carlyleverdeservesbetter, and it confuses me now. Because it just happened again 🙄

Not only that, but the fact that this fandom is tiny and not really active at the moment, notes on sets I’ve worked really hard on are few and far between. So I REALLY don’t care for when the few reblogs I get are from people using my work to provide an unwanted commentary of the inner workings of their mind. 

Scroll past, make your own post, or feel free to just not say anything. Your chances of not being blocked will increase exponentially, I promise. I’m not saying that tumblr creators should ever be above criticism, but there’s a time and place for everything. Under a gifset is not one of them. You know, it’s basic Tumblr curtesy.

Also, um, your dislike of a healthy couple is purely subjective. So no one needs to hear it anyway.

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PSA: Block @/haha-pee and all of their affiliated blogs.

Typically I don’t believe in putting people on blast, but this individual used three separate alternative accounts to harass me after I blocked their main blog.

I had originally blocked them for violating my DNI’s and following my blog despite the fact they post incestuous content. Scrolling further down their blog also revealed they were aphobic/panphobic, which didn’t exactly make them seem any friendlier.

I had to block them five different times before they finally left me alone. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to screenshot the messages they sent to my main blog before blocking them as I panicked when I saw them somehow get past Tumblr’s blocking system. I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised by that given how rarely this website actually works.

While they were messaging me, this thirty-one year old was also messaging a minor. I’ll leave it up to said minor to decide whether or not they want to post their own screenshots. I think I’ve already posted enough to prove that:

1. This individual is a creep.

2. This individual has been harassing me, and…

3. This individual belongs on r/niceguys.

TL;DR: I am tired of being nice, and I am going to go apesh*t.

Note: I didn’t censor out the URL’s in the images above as I believe others should be made aware of this individual so they can block them. I do not condone harassment of any kind. Please do not send them any hate. Fighting fire with fire won’t solve anything.

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guys i am not reading ur responses ever to that firelord sozin was homophobic post LMFAO theyre valid but i still stand by what i said which is that it’s not invalid for atla to associate homophobia with imperialism and mention that in-universe, given the parallels of the fire nation with irl imperialism

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tumblr has this lovely little phenomenon that happens whenever someone expresses an opinion that the op is immediately a bad person for believing those things, so before i say anything, if youʼre going to attack me senseless about things iʼm about to say uh… don’t; all i want is to express my opinions, gain some constructive criticisms or othersʼ opinions, & it be over.

iʼm going to talk about something that iʼve needed to understand my own views on for a while & iʼm writing this post as a way to understand it so if none of this makes sense to you than itʼll make sense to me which is kind of what i want.

so iʼm an anti — i believe that shipping abusive, incestuous or pedophilic ships is bad. i donʼt believe that you are a bad person if you ship those sorts of things, however. i wouldnʼt personally want to associate with you for my own comfort & safety but i wouldnʼt say youʼre a bad person unless you condoned these actions in real life (which most anti-antis donʼt, but despite that some do which is gross).

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So uh first discourse but

Ace and aro people are LGBT+, I don’t understand when the shift happened where someone decided to say otherwise, but they are. They aren’t straight as they don’t feel attraction to the opposite gender whether it be sexual or not. And yes, I am aware there are some asexuals that treat people who feel sexual attraction like that’s all they do 24/7 and are incapable of any thoughts besides that. HOWEVER! That is only a small portion obviously and not all of them. In any group there’s a couple bad apples.

TDLR: Ace and Aro people are LGBT and as a lesbian I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be.

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The fucking double standard on the body positivity movement. Girlie be proud of her thin waist and people be mad at her saying she gonna make another girl insecure. Like? Fuck off??? Let girls feel good about themselves? Congrats, now you have two girls feeling bad, great job!

Everybody type can be beautiful but y'ain’t doing shit to help if your way to spread positivity to those in need is to shame the ones who already have it. Go kill a billionaire or burn the congress, dude. It’s like saying the blame for the sea pollution is the people who uses plastic straws (but y'all bought that too)

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I am SO godsdamned sick of seeing Commander Cullen fanworks that fawn over how hot he is and acknowledge absolutely nothing else about him.

Dude’s an unrepentant abuser who called for genocide, blindly followed a genocidal fuckhead, and helped oppress untold numbers of people who were ripped from their homes over something they had no choice in. He gets to pretend all that never happened and that he’s a new man now, all without actually making ANY form of recompense, and in the endings where he DOESN’T die of lyrium addiction/Harding’s knife in his throat, he sets up a halfway house for lyrium addicted Templars. Because those poor fucking Templars deserve so much more of his consideration than the people they’ve routinely abused, controlled and killed, I guess.

I thought Cullen was cute before I found all this out, don’t get me wrong. He’s got a certain woobie quality in Inquisition and his desire to fix his lyrium addiction, Chantry be damned, is admirable. But almost no one seems to acknowledge what a horrible person he’s been and instead fixate on how hot and ~tragic~ he is. It’s so fucking nauseating to see him paired with mages and/or Dalish elves, as though it’s fucking nothing, just the same as if he were with a human warrior or rogue (no shorties or ‘bulls’ need apply, apparently).

Fuck Cullen, fuck the Templars, and fuck the Chantry. Fuck everyone who let him pretend none of it ever happened. Motherfucker’s been in the series since day one pulling this shit, but it’s all cool now bc he’s willing to work with mages to prevent an apocalypse? Fuck off.

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exactly. period. there are people like you out there whos siblings TRAUMATIZED THEM. there are other, healthier ways to cope other than shipping incest (and quite frankly, idc how insensitive this sounds, but i dont buy it. i think the “some people use r/emrom to cope” excuse is a cover up to deflect criticism). i understand that this fandom tries extremely hard to be kind and accepting for everyone, which is good for the most part, but this is where the line must be drawn. certain things are unacceptable.

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not to be like that on main but… i’m kinda rly upset abt the way little space communities exclude ppl who like bdsm period. like i age regress for trauma. that is not sexual. i sub because it’s what makes me tick sexually. but they’re separate. and i can have a daddy be a dom in the same person. and it still doesn’t mean i’m sexualizing age regression?????? even if i call him daddy when we fuck too!!!! still not the same thing!!! when i’m in the headspace of a fucking four year old im not trying to have sex !!!! i’m trying to hold my stuffies n drink juice n watch kids shows okay. but if i call him daddy 24/7 it’s still not sexualizing that part of my life. it’s not. daddy as a phrase to call ur s/o isn’t even necessarily bdsm!!! shit barely a kink!!!! every guy i’ve EVER had sex with or talked to or asked about it randomly is ducking INTO THAT. it’s not about kids! it’s not about incest! it’s not about pedophilia!!! it’s a word we’ve made a title for partners !!! for years !!! but if it means one thing sometimes and something else other times like,,, fuck off honestly

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Seeing people on Twitter make fun of reddit and tumblr for being ridiculous is like seeing gasoline make fun of wood for being flammable

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that’s horrible. i’m so sorry you had to experience that.

this is why it’s more than just “yeah it’s gross, but leave them alone/ ignore them and they wont bother anyone”. that’s not true. stuff like this happens, it affects real life, you’re making people uncomfortable. there are over 50 possible sanders sides ships, cant people just avoid the one that’s literally incest? “its not technically incest” isnt a valid excuse; they behave like brothers, they call each other brothers, they consider each other brothers. theyre brothers, despite the technicalities of “oh they’re all a part of thomas so-” no. it. is. incest.

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Can anyone help tell me if i’m considered anti-mogai?

I want to clarify that i am NOT against the identities represented by the acronym.

I am against the use of the acronym as a replacement for the acronym lgbt+. I think the acronym lgbt+ not only includes lesbian, gay, bi, and trans individuals but aces, nonbinary, and the countless other identities.

Identities i do not believe should explicitly be in the acronym: queer, intersex.

Queer because it has history as a slur and mot everyone wants that to be in the acronym because people often assume it applies to the community as a whole

Intersex because not every intersex individual wants to be included in lgbt+ or thought of as inherently lgbt+. Many of them do! And thats great! But i think having the vagueness of the + allows for people to have the option of whether or not their identity is lgbt+.

Being a stim blog i encounter a lot of dni banners and don’t want to interact with posts that have dni against anti-mogai if this is considered anti-mogai.

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What can you do but laugh 😆 that callout is all -holier than though don’t like to do this but gotta protect the kids- and then has all those links to half-assedly censored drawings of ninja turtles fucking, I just love it, okay? 🍆🐢💕💕

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