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seraphicwept · 18 minutes ago
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@eiskatana​ inquired : Look, Tae brought a tiny, colorful plastic shovel – something you'd find in a kid's sandbox. Determined, she stands before Tseng's desk. Let's see how deep that heart of his is really buried. ( unprompted asks // always accepting ! )
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absorbed in reading of this new book he had recently learned of, the dark suit was utterly immersed. So immersed was he that a moment was needed before his attentions would have been turned to his fellow Turk, index finger raised as to request patience. He needed find how this fight, although written terribly in part, ended. Much to Tseng’s disappointment, the character for whose success he had hoped emerged not victorious after their encounter with a group of enemies. This discovery had the Turk, at last, place a bookmark between the pages, finally shutting the book. Another moment was needed before he recovered from the disappointment thus experienced. 
Upon finding Tae standing before his desk, shovel in her grasp, he snickered. The snickering, soon, was turned into laughter. It was rare that Tseng smiled, let alone laughed. Yet, how was he not to be amused? She was so thoughtful, was she not, to remember the jest according to which a shovel was needed as to dig to the level where his heart was buried? To add to the beauty of it all, her determination fit perfectly, as the missing piece a puzzle needed in order to be completed. 
“That is a bold endeavor,” Tseng noted, laughing still, “But, I see you’ve come prepared.” For a time, he contemplated resisting the impulse to take a picture on his phone, only to eventually change his mind. “Now, if only you’d give me a moment!” The Turk unlocked the device and, soon, a picture capturing Tae’s determination to find how truly deep his heart was buried was taken. “Brilliant!” With a gesture of his hand, he beckoned Tae approach him so as to show her the picture he had taken. “I am most certainly keeping this!”
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bluemagereigma · 26 minutes ago
Since discovering I'm Non-Binary
I am less irritated
I am less afraid
I am less stressed
I am less of an insomniac
I am more confident
I am more loving
I am more patient
I am more authentic
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rosalyn51 · 26 minutes ago
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Happy Earth Day! 🌱
Matthew GoodE | Burning Man (2011)
Photo: Screen Australia
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ussmemery · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
she’s duplicitous by her biology and biplicitous by her duology but neither ology has anything to do with it
she also really just like breaking rules, yeah?
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magicaltrash · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
When Disney's Animal Kingdom first opened on April 22, 1998, the central hub featuring the park's iconic Tree of Life was originally called Safari Village. However, after Walt Disney World's zoological park Discovery Island closed in 1999, this area assumed that name. // Walt Disney World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Discovery Island, Tree of Life, 2021 [Source: Jeremiah Good. Used by permission.]
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little-pisces-dreaming · 37 minutes ago
I've talked about 1B2V and Autumn Moon but I'm not sure I mentioned the other one I've written for this month. The working title is discovery wip. All in lower case. It's a much quieter piece. If I ever manage to do it justice it'll be somewhere between East Flows the River and Ghibli.
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spockswoman · an hour ago
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This came up on my Pinterest feed & I had to share. ♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰
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scuffedgrannysblog · an hour ago
The Dogs of Brownsville by Stan Weisleder
The Dogs of Brownsville by Stan Weisleder
I have enjoyed reading The Dogs of Brownsville, a book that charts the story of a group of people, mainly boys, from Brownsville in New York from their childhood together into their adult life and careers. Whilst different paths are taken, some converge again under the bright lights of Las Vegas.One thing that I will say about Stan Weisleder’s narrative is that it is well plotted, from the…
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I spent the last two nights working on this thing, and I can’t remember having more fun doing anything that didn’t require a passport. 
I haven’t really bought Lego since I was a kid, but I am so glad I got this. There’s still a little bit to do, and I might have to do a partial disassembly because of a minor construction glitch, but look at her! She’s so cool.
Space Shuttle Discovery OV-103
Discovery was the third of five fully operational orbiters built as part of the Space Shuttle program. First launched in 1984, she flew longer and further than any of her sisters before the program ended in 2011.
I’ve always been fascinated by space, but I really love the space shuttles. The program has been over for a decade, but the names Enterprise, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour, and particularly Columbia and Challenger have always inspired me and always will.
Humankind is reaching for the stars again with the Artemis program, so I’ll offer a wish of fair winds and following seas to the men and women who will take us back to the moon and beyond with two words...
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robmoro · an hour ago
Listen | Bedrooms share new single 'in yer pocket'
Listen | Bedrooms share new single ‘in yer pocket’
Dublin quartet Bedrooms return today with the second single to be taken from their debut EP, “Afterglow”. ‘”in yer pocket’ is an honest, genuine portrayal of confidence and affection, recorded with well-known songwriter and producer, Bill Ryder-Jones. Guitarist and lead vocalist Dev McGarry had this to say about the track; “‘in yer pocket’ was a…
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musicdiscoveryapp · an hour ago
(Music Videos on Music Discovery XO)
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moonwatchuniverse · 2 hours ago
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Official NASA portrait astronaut Lloyd Blaine Hammond (1984) USAF testpilot & Astronaut Lloyd Hammond was pilot for both the STS-39 and the STS-64 missions aboard space shuttle Discovery. During both spaceflight missions he accumulated 19 days 6 hours in space and wore his personal Rolex GMT Pepsi pilot wristwatch. (Photo: NASA)  
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cxffin · 2 hours ago
Hi !
Let's try 19 🖤 please
🖤 — Barbatos
19 — Gloves
The butler bit back his moans, watching with a curious sense of admiration as their arms circled his waist from behind. Held tight to their chest, thete was nowhere to go as they splayed their fingers over his thighs—showing off the new addition to their attire in the process. He was bare, stripped down the moment he arrived. 
Barbatos had found it odd when they picked his gloves up from the pile of discarded clothes. They stretched, bunched, and gapped in various places; it was clear the gloves had been tailor-made for his hands alone. Even still, he couldn't deny that he enjoyed the visual they were treating him to. Their hands slid up, tracing patterns into his skin and making his thighs feel numb, only to close one hand around his flushed cock. The wet material of the glove felt different than their skin—a certain roughness to the texture that was ruining his composure in record time. 
His voice broke free, painting the air as he stuttered up into their hand, simultaneously jutting back against their own, clothed hips when the drag of fabric becamebtoo much. The gloves would be ruined—stained and discolored by the time he was satisfied—but there had been a reason he chose the spare gloves that morning. 
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adrianoantoine · 2 hours ago
Brazilian Days (112): April 22
Brazilian Days (112): April 22
Brazilian Days 112  April 22 . DAY OF: Dia da Aviação de Caça (Combat Aircraft). Since 22 April 1943, the Brazilian Air Force (created in 1941) participated in Brazilian and foreign missions. The Brazilian Air Force also had missions above Italy during the Second World War. FAB COMBAT AIRCRAFT Dia da Aviação de Caça 2010 (BASC) Força Aérea Brasileira – Aviação de Caça Dia da Comunidade…
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tusharmahajansblog · 4 hours ago
Drug Discovery Services Market Growth, Trends, Impact of Covid-19  By 2023 | Market Research Future
Drug Discovery Services Market Research Report: By Drug Type (Small Molecule Drug, Biologics), by Type (DMPK, Pharmaceutical Services, Others), by Therapeutic Area (Oncology, Others), by Process, by Technology, and by End-User – Global Forecast Till 2027
Drug Discovery Services Market Highlights
The Drug Discovery Services Market is growing pervasively mainly due to the augmented demand and supply for the medicines.  Moreover, factors such as the increasing technological advancements and the adoption of new techniques for discoveries alongside the rising generic drugs, and the growing number of patents expiries are escalating the market on the global platform.
Acknowledging the exponential growth, the market perceives currently Market Research Future (MRFR), in its recently published study report asserts that the global drug discovery services market will garner colossal accruals by 2023, registering a CAGR of approximately 10% during the assessment period (2017 – 2023).
Additional factors that are boosting the growth of the market include the increasing research & development activities predominantly led by the government support, burgeoning healthcare sector, the rising demand for generic drugs, increasing geriatric population, and technological advancements. Furthermore, the growing number of contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) that are fostering the activities of drug discovery and the rapidly proliferating pharmaceutical industry encourage the growth of the market to an extent.
Conversely, the requirement of huge capital investment, low-profit margins, and strict FDA regulations are some of the key factors acting as a headwind that is restricting the growth of market growth. However, factors such as the increasing government assistance, rising funding & reimbursement and improving regulatory framework would support the growth of the market during the assessment period. Also, the growing geriatric population and technological advancements in the medicinal field are contributing to the growth of the market.
Request Free Sample Copy at:
Drug Discovery Services Market – Segments
For ease of understanding, the MRFR analysis has been segmented into seven key dynamics: -
By Drug Type: Biologics and Small Molecule Drug.
By Type of Services: Pharmaceutical Services, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) Services, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biological Services among others.
By Therapeutic Area: Neurology, Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Respiratory Diseases, and others.
By Process: Target Validation, Target Selection, Hit-To-Lead Identification, Candidate, and Validation Lead Optimization among others.
By Technology: Biochips, High Throughput Screening, Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacogenetics, Nanotechnology, Combinatorial Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Metabolomics, and others.
By End-user:  Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals & Clinics, Biotechnology Companies, Research Institutes, and others.
By Regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest-of-the-World.
Drug Discovery Services Market – Regional Analysis
The North American region, heading with the rising funding from government dominates the global drug discovery services market. Moreover, factor such as the spreading awareness towards cost-effective applications of drug discovery services and increasing demand for personalized medicines drive the growth of the regional market. The increasing consumption of medicines led by the prevalence of chronic diseases, well-established healthcare sector, and the growing trend of personalized medicines are some of the other key driving forces behind the market growth in the region.
Also, factors such as the high healthcare expenditures, and augmenting demand for the novel drug discoveries substantiate the growth of the drug discovery services market in the North American region.  The North America drug discovery services market is projected to grow at a substantial CAGR, creating a larger revenue pocket by 2023.
The drug discovery services market in the European region accounts for the second-largest market, globally. Factors such as financial support by the government for cancer research activities and the patent expiration of numerous blockbuster drugs are estimated to drive the regional drug discovery services market. Furthermore, the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry is a key driving force fostering the growth of the regional market and allowing it to grow at a considerable CAGR.
The Asia Pacific drug discovery services market is rapidly emerging as a promising market, globally. The availability of cost-competitive skilled labor force and raw materials are the key driving forces behind the growth of the regional market, encouraging foreign investors to shift their production bases in this rapidly growing market.
Additionally, factors such as the huge developments in the pharmaceutical sector, demand for breakthrough drug discoveries, and huge patient pool propels the growth in the regional market. The increasing demand for personalized medicine that is led by the rising prevalence of cancer and other such diseases and presence of a large number of manufacturers of personalized drugs will support the regional market to register a phenomenal CAGR throughout the forecast period.
Drug Discovery Services Market – Competitive Landscape
Widely expanded the drug discovery services market appears to be highly competitive with numerous major and small-scale players forming a competitive landscape. These players compete against each other based on pricing and an array of services.
Naturally, the competitive strength of these players is reliant on service pricing, service precision, versatility, and reliability of services. The market is forecasted to witness fierce competition with the potential extensions in innovations. Players operating in the drug discovery market strive to offer unique services with advanced features.
Focusing on rapid expansion and integration set for 2019-2019, these service providers build a company that can offer complementary services in key regions, in the emerging market.
While acquiring a company, they ensure to acquire a company with state-of-the-art capabilities, significant professional experience, and a strong history of delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals meeting customer expectations and regulatory requirements.
Major Players:
Key players leading the global drug discovery services market include Advinus Therapeutics, Agilent Technologies Ubiquigent, Abbott Laboratories Inc., AstraZeneca PLC, Albany Aurigene, Charles River Laboratories International, Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), Bayer AG, Eli Lilly and Company, ChemBridge Corporation, Covance, Evotec, Domainex, GE Healthcare, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, GenScript, GlaxoSmithKline LLC, GVK Biosciences, Jubilant Biosys, Lonza, Merck, Piramal Enterprises, Promega Corporation, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD), Shimadzu Corp., Selcia Limited, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Syngene International Ltd., SRI International, Viva Biotech, and WuXi AppTec among others.
Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:
April 08, 2019 ---- Twist Bioscience (the US), a public company providing synthetic DNA announced its collaboration with LakePharma Inc. (the US), a leading biologics service provider specializing in the antibody, protein engineering, and analysis to bolster antibody discovery and optimization for biologic drug development.
This strategic collaboration will offer customers of LakePharma with access to Twist’s antibody discovery and optimization platforms. Additionally, through the partnership Twist will be able to expedite discovery and development timelines while beginning with improved antibody therapeutics.
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About Market Research Future:        
At Market Research Future (MRFR), we enable our customers to unravel the complexity of various industries through our Cooked Research Report (CRR), Half-Cooked Research Reports (HCRR), & Consulting Services. MRFR team have supreme objective to provide the optimum quality market research and intelligence services to our clients.
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