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this-acuteneurosis · 2 days ago
The biggest problem with Leia’s first meeting with Tarkin being at a meal is that the table is covered in knives. And other sharp implements. And blunt ones.
And of course, Leia provides her own.
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fandomgalore-blog · 7 months ago
Just a reminder that you can (and should) support “stop Asian hate” and “BLM” without demeaning either groups!
We are not each other’s enemy, white supremacy is.
I’m blocking anyone that says some ignorant/racist shit in the comments. I ain’t even gonna fight you. You don’t deserve my energy.
(Also, I’ve been blocking ppl saying shit like “Well we can’t ignore Asians have been racist towards blacks” or vice versa. Also sick of “This isn’t our problem” just because it’s not concerning your race. Like what the actual fuck is wrong with you? Reevaluate your life. Every race is gonna have bigots, but if you’re gonna claim an entire group of ppl doesn’t need our help because some of them are ignorant then fuck you.)
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theepoetrygod · a year ago
y’all saying Black Lives Matter for one situation just don’t sit right with me, it goes beyond police brutality!!!
it’s Black women dying at a higher rate during childbirth. it’s Black people being exposed to COVID-19 at a higher rate. it's about Black people like Henrietta Lacks being taken advantage of in thee medical field, but are still being denied healthcare. it's Black people being denied job opportunities due to the name on their applications. it's Black people being denied into higher institutions despite having the same qualifications as their non-Black counterparts. it's Black people having their creations and ideas stolen without being given credit simply because a good percentage of society still believes in 2021, mind you, that Black people are not creative enough or smart enough or skilled enough. it's the decrease of federal funding for schools in predominantly Black neighborhoods due to gerrymandering and redlining. it's Black people being denied housing due to laws in NUMEROUS STATES that inform realtors to refrain from selling black people those homes. it's the kidnapping and murders of Black people that don't make it on the news. it's Black trans women having a life expectancy of 23 YEARS OLD. it's Black people, especially Black trans people, being incarcerated at disproportionately high rates. it's Black people with criminal records who can't find jobs to turn their lives around because they're stuck in one spot after being released from the incarceration system. it's every single Black life that has been lost to racially motivated killings, whether it be the police or by citizens. It's about being the foundation for electing a new President of the United States.
It's about knowing that even though there is still a lot of work to do as a nation, electing someone who values the lives of people over the lives of bank accounts is a step in the right direction.
Black Lives Matter is not just about protesting against police brutality. this is deeper than that.
All Black Lives Matter. Not just the ones you specifically are a fan of. Not just in death, but in life as well.
24/7, 365. Not just during February.
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thatspookyagent · 3 months ago
Since I've been posting and reflecting about my place in the trans male community as a trans male of color, it's really growing on me just how little I hear from trans males who aren't white.
This is a serious issue. As well as whenever folks who aren't trans men or even when white trans men discuss issues within our community, trans men of color are constantly left out and never given any thought.
A good chunk of conversations revolving around the trans male community are way too white dominated, and whenever trans men are discussed, folks usually always assume our community is filled with nothing but white people, therefore the majority of discussions about how transphobia within government systems is harmful and how TERF rhetoric harms trans men, are whitewashed experiences and or talked about through a white lens.
For example, discussions about how trans men are treated by the (American) healthcare system and doctors, rarely ever talk about how trans men of color are disproportionately effected by how transphobic said system is. As a Black individual, I'm already going to be treated like I'm not human due to my race and me being trans only makes getting access to care even harder. Doctors labeling and or viewing Black trans men as Black women is really fucking dangerous, because Black folks in general especially Black women, are hurt severely by the healthcare system every day.
On top of this, the Black trans community is also effected by things such as AIDS and homelessness at significantly high rates.
This can even heavily effect Black trans folk's mental health. The thought of facing healthcare discrimination and the threat of possibly being humiliated because of your anatomy when it comes to receiving medical care, is something that trans POC have to battle on top of the possibility that we might face racism as well.
To leave trans POC out of the conversation is deadly. It can kill. Not having our voices heard and emotions known will only continue to hinder us. And the trans male community is not exempt from this. We can do better.
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kikimiyazaki · a year ago
For anyone who wanted to watch Grand Army on Netflix
Tumblr media
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Throwback to that time in kindergarten when we were making self portraits and it was time to color in our face, so the art teacher put "skin tone" crayons on the table but they were really all just that light peach color, leaving me, the only brown person in the class, feeling very alone and weird.
Throwback to the time when my parents struggled to figure out if I had a skin condition because all the pictures were based off white people.
Throwback to the rows and rows of white dolls at the store and white characters on tv - which made me think that I had to be white to be beautiful.
Throwback to the time that my mom almost died giving birth to my brother because the doctors didn't consider factors and issues that were common in my mom's heritage, but not in that of white people.
The human world is a diverse and colorful place. We need to stop assuming that whiteness is the default - it can have serious consequences.
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phoenixonwheels · 11 months ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eastern-anarchist · 2 months ago
Slavophobia - roots, causes, consequences
This will be a series of posts about a type of discrimination that you rarely hear about - Slavophobia. However, it has roots from the Middle Ages and, like many types of discrimination, crystallizes in the age of nationalism and fascism. Today we will consider a brief description of Slavophobia and the main historical moments.
- Slavophobia is a disdainful or hateful attitude towards Slavic peoples: Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Slovenes, Bulgarians etc., often - towards Romanians, Moldovans and Hungarians, as to peoples who have Slavic element. Slavophobia, due to historical circumstances, is often associated with anti-communism, considering Eastern Europeans as "uncivilized people with Soviet experience", but not always. Slavophobia is an independent discrimination.
- Slavophobia can have different manifestations: extreme xenophobia - an esoteric belief that "Slavic blood" is capable of spoiling the "pure European race"; the idea that the Slavs are "non-Europeans", the peoples that hovered between the West and the East; the portrayal of the Slavs exclusively as peasants, migrants, unskilled workers, sex workers, etc.; fetishization of Slavic women because of the perception of them as less emancipated than Western ones. - In the Middle Ages, the Slavs in the lands of Western Europe and Middle Asia were often used as slaves in the Middle Ages. There is a hypothesis that the economic growth in Western Europe in the 9-10 centuries was largely ensured by the trade of the Slavs. - In particular, the Slavophobia of the Germans towards the Poles has a long history, which is periodically renewed. In the 18th century, German "intellectuals" like Johann Georg Forster wrote openly about the "backwardness" of the Poles, and politicians encouraged this stereotype of inferiority. "Primitive Slavic culture" was contrasted with the "high German" one.
- Btw, the vision of the Slavs as "the most vicious racists" is also aren't a new phenomenon. "In the United States, the image of Polish immigrants held by their German immigrant predecessors bolstered the racist stereotype of Poles among other ethnic groups (White Men versus Polacks). The image of Poles as morons and the Pole as the worst anti-Semite was revived as the intense focus on the Holocaust arose in the 1960' s at the same time as the "Polack joke" became a major cultural phenomenon in the USA". (с) - Of course, the most noticeable phenomenon of Slavophobia in history is the time of the Third Reich and the spread of Nazi ideology. But a separate post should be devoted to this. - Although many nationalist organizations in Eastern Europe speculate on the Slavic theme, copying the concept of "race purity", Slavophobia is a real thing that should be criticized. You can hear it from the mouths of the German inhabitants, British politicians, the world press, tourists, and those who harass women in our countries.
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styrafoam-cup-blog · a month ago
If we really think about it though, being racists makes ZERO sense. Like how are you gonna hate someone because they look different from you? What does that have to do with you? Why are your feelings hurt because someone is a little darker than you or they speak a different language from you?
Humanity needs to get a damn grip. Stop justifying injustice.
If someone can give me a logical reason on why they’re racist I will Venmo you 100 dollars I swear to my life.
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k-wame · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leaving aside the bloody catalog of oppression, which we are, in one way, too familiar with already, what this does to the subjugated is to destroy his sense of reality. This means, in the case of an American negro, born in that glittering republic, and in the moment you are born, since you don't know any better, every stick and stone and every face is white, and since you have not yet seen a mirror, you suppose that you are too.  - James Baldwin at Cambridge Debate (1965)
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p4radox99 · 4 months ago
“What are you?”
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