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Pardon the double posts but can I just say how interesting Disenchantment Part 3 is shaping up? And Bean and Mora 🥺

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My fic is coming along. It’s not high quality, certainly no where near what I could do as a teen, but it’s slowly getting written.

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Alright I’ve got it


Poor Skybert :c

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[My kingdom’s outta control, my closest allies are now my mortal enemies, you’re now my closest ally…]

[I’m flattered, sire.]

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The Wizard of Dreamland - Chapter 1 - taffee23 - Disenchantment (Cartoon 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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Big update y'all!

My computer is back!


Originally posted by cheesychester-things

I’m working on redowloading apps atm but that means that 100 Days of Disenchantment should continue again soon!!

I will warn y'all - it may not be consecutive days (as there are other art projects/fandoms i have ideas for and I’m navigating work stuff; trying to make dat $$$) but I am set on doing 100 days of art for this amazing fandom

Please feel free to request any content/characters I’d love to hear what the fandom wants to see :)

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Characters: Luci from Disenchantment, Leela from Futurama.

Pic: Luci, a one eyed demon with black fur, is in the lower left corner. He has a shit-eating grin on his face & is waving hello. Leela, a humanoid with one eye & a purple ponytail, is taking up the right half of the pic. She is unimpressed with Luci & glaring down at him. She is just standing. The background is robin egg blue with an intricate square design. The artist signature is above Leela’s ponytail. The characters are looking at each other. There is decent shading plus a filter’s shading from the top left corner.



Filter: “dawn” on my Huawei’s phone

Paintbrushes: half tone kaleidoscope, texture brush three, texture thorny, all from Autodesk Sketchbook.

Drawn & colored in Autodesk Sketchbook.

You may post this to sites like Pinterest with the correct credits.

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Human versions of Luci and Elfo in the show style.

Yes. Luci is naked.

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<div> —  Elfo </div><span>Pardon my language, but destiny is baloney!</span>
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Trying my hand at show style art

Still need to draw Luci

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